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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Knapton St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Knapton sits in northeastern Norfolk quite close to its North Sea Coast. Knapton is located about 3 miles northeast of the market town of North Walsham. Knapton is a small and relatively compact village which is largely built just to the east of the B1145 road which links North Walsham to the coast at Mundesley, the B1145 performs a right-angled bend at the notional centre of Knapton village. The area around Knapton is almost totally devoted to arable farming on a light and sandy soil derived from glacially deposited beds. The parish is drained by small tributaries of the River Ant, strangely they head off southwestwards before eventually reaching the sea through the port of Great Yarmouth, this despite Knapton being no more than a mile and a half from the sea to its northeast. Knapton is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and commands good views across to the wide expanses close by. Knapton parish was of a fairly typical size for an east Norfolk parish, it covered almost 1,500 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Knapton was held by one William of Warenne and could offer just 7 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits just to the east of the right-angles bend of the B1145 and on the northern side of The Street. The church, at least externally, is a fairly typical Norfolk Perpendicular church with much use of the local flint in its construction. The building is unusual in having a partially offset northwestern tower rather than in the normal western position, this rather skinny tower is certainly distinctive. Most of the fenestration is quoted to the Perpendicular style by Pevsner although the restoration of the late 19th century may well have altered this somewhat. It is internally, however, that St Peter & St Paul reveals its outstanding feature. The double-hammerbeam roof of the nave with its 160 wingspread angels is quite a sight indeed. The church sits in a slightly elevated position above the level of The Street and a small flight of steps with handrails rises from street level to a wooden gateway in the brick-topped flint wall surrounding the churchyard. The site is almost totally obstacle free as regards photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th April 1755 - 21st December 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/265/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th January 1813 - 15th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/265/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Mundesley All Saints
Paston St Margaret
Trunch St Botolph
Swafield St Nicholas
Paston St Margaret
North Walsham St Lawrence
North Walsham St Lawrence
Paston St Margaret

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 06/04/1755 Matthew STARR Single   Mary HAMMOND Single  
2 03/05/1756 John MARR Single Paston Mary RICHARDSON Single  
3 28/06/1756 Robert PRATT Single Antingham Elizabeth MASON Single  
4 16/11/1756 John FORROW Single   Rebecca GREYS Single  
9 10/10/1757 Thomas LOWGAR Widower   Anne GOODINGS Single  
5 24/10/1757 John BAKER Single   Mary Anne BATES Single  
6 15/01/1758 Stephen STARR Single   Sarah MILLER Single  
7 27/01/1758 Jonathan HENNANT Widower Salthouse Alice BOWEN Single  
8 03/07/1758 William BREEZE Single Swafield Mary BULLOCK Single  
10 03/09/1758 Thomas HALL Single   Sarah BARRY Single  
11 28/03/1759 Benjamin WOLSEY Single North Walsham Mary SHIN Single  
12 03/08/1759 Robert ARCHER Single   Sarah LOVE    
13 12/08/1759 Charles COLEBY Single Paston Rebeccah PYE Single  
14 14/10/1759 James RISEBROW Single   Mary MEANS Single Matlaske
15 09/10/1760 Joseph SIMPSON Widower   Hannah MARLER    
16 03/10/1762 Robert THIRST Single   Elizabeth SMYTH Single  
17 29/11/1762 William GOODINGS Single   Mary FRANCES Widow  
18 28/11/1763 John FARROW Widower   Elizabeth THOMSON Widow  
19 16/01/1764 Joseph ALLISON Widower   Susanna BATEMAN Single  
20 06/02/1764 John BARTRAM Widower   Elizabeth CIRBY Single  
21 18/12/1764 Thomas ALLISON Single   Sarah ABBS Single  
22 06/02/1766 James CRANE Single   Ann ELDON Single  
23 10/03/1766 Robert PILCH Single   Mary WATERS Single  
24 08/05/1766 Thomas CRANE Single   Elizabeth CARR Single  
25 12/11/1766 William MACK Single   Judith COLLINS Single  
26 26/10/1768 William MILLER     Susanna BREESE    
27 15/11/1768 John COLLINS     Mary PEED    
28 23/11/1768 William DENNIS     Ann COLEMAN    
28 29/05/1769 Philip POSTLE Single   Elizabeth COLMAN Single  
29 01/07/1769 James ALLCOCK Single   Ann CLAXTON Single  
30 01/08/1769 William BROUGHTON Single Mundesley Ann SMITH Single  
31 10/10/1769 Robert COLLINS Single   Hannah MILLER Single  
32 17/10/1770 Samuel WARNER Single   Elizabeth LONG Single  
33 27/05/1771 Jonathan DANIELS Single   Elizabeth SCOUTTEN Single  
34 17/02/1772 Thomas DUNHAM Single   Mary GREEN Single  
35 30/09/1772 William BREEZE Widower   Mary OSBORN    
36 07/01/1773 John THURSTON Single Castle Rising Diana DALTON Single  
37 03/05/1773 Robert WARD Single Swafield Mary SOFLY Single  
38 30/05/1773 Edmund LAWES Widower   Ann HEWIT Widow North Walsham
39 27/04/1774 Edmund ELSEY Single Beeston St Lawrence Rose WOODHOUSE Single  
40 10/10/1775 Thomas PALMER Single   Jane BUTCHER Single  
41 07/06/1776 David LONG Single   Mary BAIN Single  
42 16/10/1776 Robinson CORNISH Single   Mary STARR Single  
43 08/11/1776 John WALPOLE Single   Elizabeth HENNANT Single  
44 31/01/1777 John COLMAN Single   Sarah BOND Single  
45 07/04/1778 Henry TAGG Single St John Maddermarket, Norwich Ann ROBERTS Single  
46 05/11/1779 Joseph ALLISON Single   Ann PLUMBLY Single  
47 03/05/1780 John KNIGHTS Single Paston Elizabeth KIDDEL Single  
48 20/10/1780 William LEE Widower   Ann PILGRIM Single  
49 04/02/1781 John WOLLWARD Single East Dereham Hannah STOLIDAY Single  
50 31/10/1781 James EATON Single Brampton Sarah ROBERTS Single  
51 09/06/1783 Thomas PURDY Single Dilham Sarah FRANCIS Single  
52 30/12/1783 George IVES Single   Anne CLAXTON Single  
53 18/02/1785 Robert COCKMAN Single   Hannah STARR Single  
54 05/06/1786 William BEACON Single   Mary GOODWIN Single  
55 07/06/1786 Thomas GREGORY Widower   Frances MILLS Single  
56 12/10/1786 John BOND Single Mundesley Diana HANNENT Single  
57 25/10/1786 Thomas MOORE Single   Ann THORN Single  
58 22/02/1787 Charles BURRELL Single   Mary GRANT Single  
59 30/10/1787 Thomas ROBERTS Single Paston Sarah GIBBONS Single  
60 21/09/1789 Thomas GREGORY Widower   Elizabeth WILSON Single  
61 28/09/1789 Robert COPEMAN Widower   Anne Phillis THURTLE Single  
62 10/10/1790 William DUCKER Single   Hannah GAZE Single  
63 25/04/1791 John DOUGHTY Single   Susanna HOWE Single  
64 10/10/1791 John SUMMERS Single Happisburgh Hannah TOMPSON Single  
65 04/01/1792 William WOODHOUSE Single   Hannah TODD Single  
66 07/10/1793 Thomas COLMAN Single   Mary WALDEN Single  
67 23/09/1795 Francis CRIMER Single   Susanna COLK Single  
68 23/10/1797 William DANIELS Widower   Sarah COLEBY Single  
69 11/07/1798 Joseph ALLISON Single St Clement, Ipswich, Suffolk Elizabeth SKIPPER Single  
70 23/07/1799 William SYLVA Single   Susan MACK Single  
71 13/10/1799 Christopher MONEY Single Westwick Mary REYNOLDS Single  
72 17/12/1800 Joseph CLARKE Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single Alby
73 14/04/1801 Francis GIBBS Widower Great Walsingham Elizabeth ALLISON Single  
74 10/06/1801 Thomas BUSHALL Single   Elizabeth FRARY Single  
75 01/12/1801 Robert GRAVES Single   Sarah MACK Single  
76 21/02/1802 Robert LARTER Single Bacton Ann CORNISH Single  
77 02/05/1802 Thomas COOKE Single   Frances STEWARD Single  
78 12/10/1802 Francis GRAY Single   Sarah NAVE Single  
79 03/12/1804 Thomas FRANCIS Single   Sarah STEWARD Single  
80 20/02/1805 Samuel COCKMAN Widower Southrepps Sarah TOPPS Single  
81 14/01/1806 Timothy FLINT Single   Susanna KEELER Single  
82 28/09/1806 James BANE Single   Sarah SEXTON Single  
83 26/12/1806 John RUST Single Trunch Maria CORNISH Single  
84 19/05/1807 William FLINT Single   Hannah GIBBONS Single  
85 23/06/1807 David LONG Single   Ann CLAXTON Single  
86 07/10/1807 Robert COBB Widower East Ruston Amy RICE Widow  
87 11/11/1808 John SEWELL Single Felmingham Lora COOPER Single  
88 28/11/1808 James STEWARD Single   Mary GEE Single  
89 30/12/1808 William FRARY Single   Sarah TODD Single  
90 02/04/1809 Richard ROYALL Single   Sarah DANIELS Single  
100 23/05/1809 John MACK Single   Hannah GAZELEY Single  
101 02/11/1809 Robert HOLMES Single North Walsham Ann COOPER Single  
102 26/12/1809 John RICHES Single   Ann BURRELL Single  
103 12/06/1810 William WEBB Single Brome, Suffolk Elizabeth GREEN   Hainford
104 06/11/1810 Thomas SWANN Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
105 18/06/1811 Brown PARSON Single Trimingham Ann ARMS Single  
106 08/09/1811 William ARMS Single   Christiana MARSHALL Single  
107 08/09/1811 Benjamin LACK Single Gimingham Rachel BURRELL Single  
108 27/11/1811 James LUBBOCK Single Mundesley Susan HEWIT Single  
109 24/12/1811 Numan SCOTTER Single   Jemima SWAN Single  
110 07/09/1812 John Hutchinson WALWYN Widower   Anne HUNTER    
111 09/10/1812 William DURRANT     Zipporah WARD Single  
112 02/12/1812 Thomas PALMER Widower   Martha BUTCHER Widow  
113 21/12/1812 Alexander WATTS     Mary PYE    
1 13/01/1813 Henry STEARMAN     Dinah HOLMES    
2 05/11/1813 William DUING     Martha BENSLEY    
3 21/11/1813 Henry HALL Single   Mary WATTS Single  
4 18/01/1814 Joseph REYNOLDS     Elizabeth PIGG    
5 24/01/1814 John SIMS Widower Hempstead By Holt Susan CROSSER Single  
6 21/07/1814 William LAWSON     Jane SEAGOE   Bacton
7 28/11/1814 Mark POOLEY Single   Rebecca ROYALL Single  
8 22/03/1815 Robert SEXTON Widower   Mary CLAXTON Single  
9 13/08/1815 Edmund CLAXTON     Lydia PULEY    
10 07/10/1815 Charles PIKINS Single Roughton Mary READ Single  
11 12/10/1815 Reba BACON Single Walcott Maria BARTRAM Single  
12 13/11/1815 Thomas GRAY   Mundesley Maria DOUGHTY    
13 17/11/1815 John Peed COLLINGS Widower   Hannah ALLISON Single  
14 24/11/1815 James HIPPER Single   Ann SWAN Single  
15 28/11/1815 Henry COSTERTON Single Great Yarmouth Josepha HUNTER Single  
16 18/01/1816 Henry KERRISON Single   Hannah GUNTON Single  
17 13/10/1816 John GREEN     Hannah SEXTON    
18 08/12/1816 Richard COX Single   Sarah DOUGHTY Single  
19 05/05/1817 Robert AMIS Single Swafield Hannah FULLER Single  
20 16/05/1817 Robert HOWLETT Single   Elizabeth SEXTON Single  
21 18/08/1817 Zenar BEARE     Ann GEE    
22 28/10/1817 Charles LINES Single   Esther LAXON Single  
24 04/12/1817 Joseph BREEZE Single   Elizabeth HALL    
25 22/07/1818 Robert Rae HOUSTON Single   Margaret Eliza HUNTER Single  
26 02/11/1819 Peter HALL Single   Eleanor WATTS Single  
27 15/11/1819 James WILSON Single   Ann STARR Single  
28 21/12/1819 Ireland WATTS Single   Susan SILVA Single  
30 17/10/1820 John HALL Single   Abigail LYNN Single  
31 28/07/1821 Rice CLACTON Single   Rachel SWAN Single  
32 12/01/1822 Joseph LOADS   Mundesley Ann HONES    
33 16/05/1822 Robert WATTS Single   Mary FARE Single Swanton Abbott
34 19/04/1823 William Amos STEWARD Single Swanton Abbott Sarah ALLEN Single  
35 19/10/1823 James MORTON Single   Mary TOWL Single  
36 06/11/1823 Robert HOWLETT Widower   Susan CORNISH Single  
37 21/11/1823 Thomas PALMER Single   Ann ALLISON Single  
38 13/04/1824 Charles CARVER Single   Mary COOPER Single  
39 26/05/1824 Benjamin LEACOCK Single   Mary BENCELEY Single  
40 21/07/1824 William NEAL Single   Susanna FLINT Widow  
41 27/10/1824 Jonas SILVA Single   Marian PALMER Single  
42 19/11/1824 Martin PALMER Widower   Rachael FROST Widow North Walsham
43 01/12/1824 Robert Gazely MACK Single   Lucy Sapphira LAXON Single  
44 11/01/1825 Robert WEGG Single   Elizabeth Ann LAXON Single  
45 28/03/1825 John STEWARD Widower   Ann CARRASON Single  
46 06/06/1825 Robert CLAXTON Single   Ann OAKLEY Single  
47 14/06/1825 John CROCKET Single   Elizabeth PRIER Single  
48 30/08/1825 Miles HOLMES Single   Frances HALL Single  
49 28/10/1826 Henry BANYER Single   Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
50 06/08/1827 Robert BLOOM Single   Frances HOLMES Single  
51 19/08/1827 James MASON Single   Elizabeth CLIPPERTON Single  
52 12/11/1827 Isaac NEWMAN Single   Mary BENSLEY Widow  
53 11/06/1828 William STEWARD Widower   Susan SILVEY Single  
54 14/08/1828 William HERRING Single St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich Maria Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
55 05/02/1829 William FOX Single Worstead Elizabeth CLAXON Single  
56 18/05/1829 Robert DOUGHTY Single   Esther LINES Widow  
57 18/05/1829 Thomas HENDRY Single   Susanna CLAXON Single  
58 23/06/1830 Armine HERRING Single Snettisham Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
59 22/03/1831 William KERRISON Single   Mary PILE Single  
60 15/04/1831 Robert STEWARD Single   Emma BARTIGANS Single  
61 24/05/1831 Mark PEWLEY Widower   Marian FOX Single  
62 24/06/1831 John WEEDS Single Paston Jane WARD Single  
63 22/10/1831 Joseph FORROW Widower   Ann BLACKBOURN Single  
64 22/05/1832 Edward PARR Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah COLLINGS Single  
65 03/12/1833 Charles TURNER Single   Mary Ann HOLMES Single  
66 25/01/1835 Thomas WATTS Single   Ann BIRD Single  
67 03/11/1835 Robert BEAN Single   Ann BIRD Single  
68 25/01/1836 John LINCOLN Single   Mary CLAXTON Single  
69 15/12/1836 Robert FOULGER Single Southrepps Mary Ann STAR Single  

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