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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Plumstead St Gervase & St Protase


The Parish

The parish of Little Plumstead lies in eastern Norfolk about 6 miles east of the city of Norwich. Little Plumstead is a medium sized, much expanded in recent times, village which lies about 2 1/2 miles north of the A47 road which connects Norwich with the port of Great Yarmouth. Little Plumstead would have been a small arable farming community at the time of this transcript, sitting on the southern edge of the heathland of Mousehold which then ran many miles to east of Norwich on a belt of poor stone & sandy soils. Today Little Plumstead is mainly a commuter settlement for the nearby city with many modern homes built to accommodate the growing population. Little Plumstead is drained southeastwards by small streams heading for the nearby River Yare and thence to the North Sea through Great Yarmouth. Little plumstead is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in rather flat countryside with local heights rising to barely 30 metres as one heads towards Norwich. Little Plumstead parish is fairly typically sized for Norfolk's Broadland covering around 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of almost 350 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Little Plumstead in Domesday book.

The Church

St Gervase & St Protase's church lies in the former grounds of Little Plumstead Hall, a mental health hospital from 1929 but destroyed by fire in 2016. The dedication is said to be unique in England and refers to early 2nd century Christian martyrs who are patron saints of Milan and also of haymakers, rather appropriate for the arable area of Norfolk. The presence of a round tower immediately alerts to an early church and this is no exception, Pevsner states the tower as being Norman and 12th century albeit the top was rebuilt in the 19th century. Also Norman he highlights the inner arch of the northern doorway, the hood-mould above the southern doorway and many parts of the masonry for the nave. He tentatively dates the nave to 1120 & the tower to 1150. Much else was changed and probably rebuilt during mid-Victorian restorations of 1851 including most of the windows. The church sits to the south of Hospital Road accessed through modern mock-Tudor housing, a large car-park awaits. Whilst a substantial evergreen masks much of the western tower views are not otherwise impeded for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th December 1755 - 3rd August 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/452/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading at times in this register may result in one or two misreads
2 26th April 1813 - 26th March 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/452/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Rackheath All Saints
Salhouse All Saints
Woodbastwick St Fabian & St Sebastian
Rackheath All Saints
Great Plumstead St Mary
Blofield St Andrew
Great Plumstead St Mary
Great Plumstead St Mary
Blofield St Andrew
Witton by Norwich St Margaret

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/12/1755 John HIGH Single   Elizabeth HIGH Single  
2 22/02/1756 James TOMPSON Widower   Mary CHAPMAN Widow  
3 20/04/1756 Robert HIGH Widower   Jemima LARKMAN Single  
4 14/11/1756 Richard FROSDICK Single   Phillis BULLOCK Single  
5 11/10/1757 William HIGH Single Witton By Norwich Ann BUNN Single  
6 26/01/1761 William FENN Single   Frances BUSSEY Single  
7 05/04/1761 John PALMER Single   Sarah MEEK Single  
8 17/01/1762 William PRIOR Single South Walsham Barbara BULLEY Single  
9 25/11/1762 William JARY Single Reedham Mary SAUL Single  
10 18/04/1763 Henry HIGH Single   Elizabeth RISEBROOK Single  
11 17/10/1763 John CROWE Single   Ann BURSEY Single  
12 14/11/1763 Daniel JERMYN Single   Quartinea RISEBROOK Single  
13 20/11/1763 Samuel BOST Single   Sarah TUNMER Single  
14 28/09/1766 John MOY Single   Ann NUMAN Single  
15 08/05/1767 John MEEK Single   Mary MEEK Single  
16 13/10/1767 Robert MOSS Single   Susan HIGH Single  
17 20/06/1768 Thomas WIGG Single   Jane PEART Widow  
18 04/12/1768 Jonathan STANFORD Single Woodbastwick Sarah DORLING Single  
19 28/11/1770 Thomas HOULDRING Single   Elizabeth HIGH Widow  
20 12/08/1772 Edward PAGE Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
21 13/01/1775 Benjamin JARMY Single South Walsham Ann THOMPSON Single  
22 17/01/1775 Joseph WITHERS Single Blofield Judith SAUL Single  
23 05/02/1776 William HIGH Single   Ann IRONS Single  
24 19/11/1776 William SEMONS Single   Elizabeth SAY Single  
25 17/04/1777 William BOAST Single   Mary LEGGETT Single  
26 06/07/1777 Thomas BUSSEY Single Sprowston Mary MELVIN Single  
27 21/10/1777 John BOAST Widower Great Plumstead Sarah JARMYN Single  
28 22/02/1779 Daniel HAYTON Single   Elizabeth SAUL Widow  
29 29/04/1779 William HIGH Widower   Ann SHEARING Single  
30 07/09/1780 John BOST Single Postwick Elizabeth MEEK Single  
31 08/11/1780 Charles BULLEY Single   Anne FANE Single  
32 04/03/1783 John BROWNE Single   Mary MALLET Widow  
33 29/01/1784 Augustus BUSSEY Single   Margaret GAGEN Widow  
34 01/03/1784 Samuel BRISTOW Single   Sarah SEAMANS Single  
35 11/01/1785 Joseph GREEN Single   Ann HEALDE Single  
36 11/04/1785 John CHAPMAN Single Drayton Elizabeth RUME Single  
37 01/11/1785 Richard PEART Single   Elizabeth CROWE Single  
38 20/03/1786 John LEMAN Widower   Ann CROWE Widow  
39 20/12/1787 Robert SAYLE Widower   Mary FESTON Widow  
40 30/10/1788 Thomas BOWER Single   Mary RICHMAN Single  
41 26/10/1789 Henry HIGH Single   Anne HIGH Single  
42 05/04/1790 John ANNISON Single   Sarah READ Single  
43 13/06/1791 James ECCLESTONE Single   Honor BUSSEY Single  
44 26/09/1791 Richard SAUL Single   Sarah BAKER Single Thorpe St Andrew
45 01/11/1791 Edward HOLMES Single   Tabitha BUSSEY Single  
46 01/11/1791 Henry SHREEVE Single   Phoebe BOWMAN Single  
47 08/11/1791 John BROTHERS Single   Elizabeth HIGH Single  
48 12/04/1792 John CROWE Single   Elizabeth MINNS Single  
49 11/02/1793 William BIRD Single   Ester SPOONER Single  
50 23/05/1793 William MARSHALL Single   Susanna MOSS Single  
51 10/10/1794 Thomas DOVE Single   Sarah ABLE Widow  
52 27/07/1795 James GEORGE Single   Elizabeth JERMYN Single  
53 12/10/1795 Fitt NICHOLLS Single   Mary MOSS Single  
54 22/05/1796 John HIGH Widower   Elizabeth DEAN Single  
55 11/10/1796 Brett BARNES Single   Ann MARSHALL Single  
56 27/01/1797 Benjamin BUSSEY Single   Elizabeth BROTHERS Single  
57 22/01/1798 James MAYOR Widower   Esther JERMYN Single  
58 03/12/1799 Samuel SCOT Single   Charlotte GOOCH Single  
59 21/10/1800 Robert MOSS Single   Ann FEATHER Single  
60 08/01/1801 Richard BRITON Single Mettingham, Suffolk Mary SCARLETT Single  
61 30/12/1802 Samuel BARRETT Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
62 22/03/1803 William HUBBARD Single   Thomasine BUSSEY Single  
63 02/05/1803 John OLLET Single   Martha BERRY Single  
64 12/06/1804 John KIDD Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
65 21/08/1804 George MARSHALL Single   Mary CROW Single  
66 04/10/1804 Edward BAILEY Single   Ann NEWMAN Single  
67 11/02/1805 John RAYNER Single   Lavinia HIGH Single  
68 21/04/1807 William WILLIAMS Single   Frances SOWTER Single  
69 07/07/1807 Thomas HARRIES Widower   Mary MARSHALL Single  
70 22/10/1807 William FOX Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
71 23/12/1807 Samuel BRISTER Single   Sarah TATNALL Single  
72 26/07/1808 Thomas BUSSEY Single   Judith RICHES Single  
73 23/05/1809 James THATFER Single   Mary GEORGE Single  
74 06/02/1810 Henry HOULDREN Single   Hannah GOOCH Single Blofield
75 27/08/1810 William DOBSON Single   Elizabeth ATWOOD Single Great Plumstead
76 29/10/1811 Edward LEMAN Single   Susanna CRANE Single  
77 12/11/1811 John THACKER Single   Mary NEWMAN Single  
78 03/02/1812 James BANHAM Single   Elizabeth CROWE Single  
79 21/03/1812 Edmund FOX Single   Sarah ANNISON Single  
80 16/06/1812 Henry WATTS Single   Esther RAYNER Single  
81 03/08/1812 Charles GEORGE Single   Ann GEORGE Single  
1 26/04/1813 Covey LITTLEWOOD     Elizabeth WALL    
2 19/10/1813 Richard JEX Single   Hannah BOST Single  
3 31/10/1814 John HANANT Single   Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
4 02/05/1815 James NEWMAN Single   Ann STOUT Single  
5 15/10/1817 Samuel JONES Single   Lydia PUMP Single  
6 22/10/1817 Richard WEBB Single   Rebecca WEBB Single  
7 02/12/1817 Charles COOPER Widower Ormesby St Michael Margaret MARSHALL Single  
8 15/06/1818 James BUTLER Single   Mary Ann GOOCH Single  
9 26/12/1820 William HUBBARD Widower   Mary AYERS Single  
10 05/06/1821 Robert CRANE Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
11 12/11/1822 John RUSHBROOKE     Judith SAUL   Felmingham
12 07/01/1823 Daniel JERMYN     Mary Ann GEORGE   Southwood
13 25/02/1823 John POWLS Single Salhouse Quartina RUSHBROOK Single St Andrew, Norwich
14 25/02/1823 Bernard POWLS Single Salhouse Mary BOULTON Single  
15 16/03/1824 Mark PLATTEN Single   Elizabeth BOULTON Single  
16 26/10/1824 John JEX Single   Sarah BOAST Single  
17 30/05/1825 Stephen WITTARD Single   Maria CAMP Single Salhouse
18 12/10/1825 William SPARROW Single   Mary BIRD Single St Mary In The Marsh, Norwich
19 13/02/1826 John JONES Single   Mary HUBBARD Single  
20 21/08/1826 Robert CROWE Single   Sarah WILKINS Single Acle
21 14/11/1826 John BOAST Single   Mary Ann BRASTER    
22 13/11/1827 Philip SONES Single   Martha GOWARD Single  
23 22/01/1828 William GOTESON Single   Charlotte BOUTON Single  
24 07/03/1828 Charles AINSLIE Single   Sarah CROWE Single  
25 30/09/1828 Thomas LACY Single   Sarah Ann FILBY Single St Gregory, Norwich
26 17/11/1829 Richard THAXTER Single   Tabitha HUBARD    
27 17/12/1829 William JONES Single Thorpe St Andrew Margaret ANDREWS Single Geldeston
28 29/12/1831 Robert COOPER Single   Mary NICHOLS Single  
29 09/04/1832 Robert CURTIS Single Camberwell, Surrey Elizabeth FILBY Single  
30 23/10/1833 John WEBB Single   Clarissa RUSHBROOK Single  
31 23/10/1833 Robert RUSHBROOKE Single   Charlotte GEORGE Single  
32 20/02/1834 William RUSHBROOK Single   Maria Esther NORGATE Single  
33 26/05/1834 John GUYMER Single   Mary Ann GEORGE Single  
34 17/11/1834 John COOPER Single   Susanna HARDISTY Single  
35 26/05/1835 Robert FENN Single   Amelia BUSSEY Single  
36 04/11/1835 John WATERS Single   Ann CROWE Single  
37 28/02/1836 Charles FENN Single   Rachel BUSSEY Single  
38 27/10/1836 William LITTLEWOOD Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
39 08/11/1836 Henry NORGATE Single   Jane LIDLE Single  
40 26/03/1837 Edward FENN Single   Sarah JEX Single  

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