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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rushall St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Rushall lies in the extreme south of Norfolk quite close to its border with neighbouring Suffolk. Rushall lies in lanes about 3 miles west of the market town of Harleston. Rushall is a small settlement with no distinct village as such, merely a scatter of farms and cottages grouped loosely around church & hall. Rushall is located about 2 miles east of the A140 road which connects Norwich with Ipswich and east of the large village of Dickleburgh The area would have largely been used for arable farming at the time of this transcript and little has changed today. Rushall is drained by numerous brooks and manmade channels which are headed westwards and then south to reach the River Waveney, thence eastwards to the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Rushall is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, the broad valley of the waveney starts to form just south of the parish. The parish was relatively small even by Norfolk standards, it covered barely 1,000 acres and supported about 260 parishioners. In Domesday times Rushall was shared three ways, the King & one Ranulf Peverel held the major shares whilst a small portion was in the hands of one Robert son of Corbucion, Rushall was still a small place offering 7 ploughs as well as woodland and meadows with a string of counted animals of various kinds.

The Church

St Mary's church sits just south of the main lane from Dickleburgh to Harleston on the western side of Langmere Road. The church carries a round western tower which is normally indicative of an early if not Saxon building. Here Pevsner is hesitant granting it as Saxon with a question mark. The building is still old for Norfolk in having a chancel in the early English style of the early 13th century but much else is Perpendicular and 15th century including the polygonal top portion of the tower. The church would appear to have largely escaped the attentions of the Victorian restorers. There is a large parking area at the entrance from Langmere Road and a shaded wooden gate grants access to the hedged churchyard. There are quite a few trees but they are largely not interfering with photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th July 1755 - 19th September 1810 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/151/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 10th October 1814 - 1st November 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/151/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Pulham St Mary the Virgin
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Pulham St Mary the Virgin
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Brockdish St Peter & St Paul
Needham St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 15/07/1755 Thomas MULLENGER Single   Mary COLE Single  
2 09/12/1755 Robert PAKE Single Pulham Elizabeth BRITING Single  
3 01/11/1756 John JAMES Single   Mary EMMERY Single  
4 28/06/1757 Robert SMYTH Single Oakley, Suffolk Mary FOULGER Single  
5 13/10/1760 Edmund MILLS Single   Rebecca PALMER Single  
6 26/10/1760 John ELLIS   Starston Ann BRITON    
7 27/04/1761 John MARJORAM   Starston Martha PARTRIDGE    
8 28/07/1762 William HAMLING     Mary MILLS    
9 11/10/1762 Robert NUN     Hannah JULER    
10 13/03/1764 James SAGSBY   Levington, Suffolk Mary CLARKE    
11 15/10/1764 Thomas CATON Single   Ruth SAWEN Single  
12 02/11/1764 William TAYLOR Single Eye, Suffolk Susanna HOLMES Single  
13 16/10/1765 John GOWING Single Dickleburgh Ann CUNNINGHAM Single  
14 17/11/1765 Thomas DAINS Widower   Susan GOLDSMITH Widow  
15 01/10/1766 John GOOCH Single   Mary LEMON Single  
16 20/12/1767 James MILLS Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
17 10/10/1768 Samuel PEARSE Single   Ann MILLS Single  
18 06/11/1768 John MAYOR Single   Elizabeth MILLS Single  
19 21/01/1769 John CUNNINGHAM Single   Diana YOWEL Single  
20 24/04/1769 Benjamin BUXTON Single   Jemima SADD Single Redenhall
21 25/09/1769 John JAMES Single   Sarah GRYCE Single  
22 29/11/1769 Stephen ALDING Single Great Yarmouth Ann GOOCH Single  
23 17/04/1770 William DEAL Single   Mary RIVETT Single  
24 08/04/1771 Charles ANNIS Single East Harling Sarah LEMON Single  
25 10/10/1771 Isaac CLARKE Widower   Ruth HINES Single  
26 24/03/1772 Christopher COLLS Single   Mary GOLDSPINK Single  
27 14/07/1772 Thomas JOHNSON Widower   Mary GOOCH Single  
28 01/12/1772 Thomas BRADY Single   Tabitha JOHNSON Single  
29 10/11/1774 John BROOKES Single   Elizabeth BRIGHTING Single  
30 23/01/1775 Joseph EASTO Single   Mary CUNNINGHAM Single  
31 30/09/1775 Peter EMMS Widower   Mary SCARNELL Single  
32 19/11/1776 Edward PALMER Single   Susanna PALMER Single  
33 31/01/1777 Jonas SHIBLEY Single   Sarah MULLENGER Single  
34 11/02/1777 Timothy HOWES Widower Pulham Rebecca RANT Widow  
35 22/04/1777 Isaac YOUELL Single   Mary MILLS Single  
36 21/10/1777 James BRADY Single   Ann GARDINER Single  
37 23/06/1778 Richard VALIANT Single   Susana GOLDSPINK Single  
38 19/11/1778 James BRITAIN Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
39 24/11/1778 William FLESBUND Single   Lydia MILLS Single  
40 02/12/1782 Edmund THROWER Single   Sarah SAXBY Single  
41 21/04/1783 Joseph CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth MOYSE Widow  
42 28/03/1784 John SHEPPARD Widower   Ann BRADY Single  
43 11/04/1786 Pettit ALDOUS Single   Phoebe JOHNSON Single  
44 18/04/1786 John CULHAM Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
45 11/05/1786 Samuel CHILVERS Single Thorpe Abbotts Dorcas LEMMON Single  
46 02/08/1786 Richard SAXBY Widower   Martha MARGRUM Widow  
47 29/06/1789 Daniel MORLEY Widower   Priscilla STAFF Single  
48 14/10/1793 Thomas HOWES Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
49 23/06/1794 John NUNN Single   Susanna SPARKS Single  
50 01/12/1794 John CULHAM Widower   Susan BLOIS Single  
51 22/01/1796 James CATCHPOLE Single   Sarah COB Single  
52 02/12/1796 Thomas MILLS Single   Lucy EMMES Single  
53 29/09/1797 Stephen JAMES Single   Ann BATLEY Single  
54 24/07/1798 Thomas SMITH Single   Dinah CUNNINGHAM Widow  
55 06/09/1798 Christopher BUSH Single   Mary BATLEY Single  
56 07/03/1799 James LONG Widower   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
57 21/03/1799 Joseph SMITH Single   Elizabeth BRADY Single  
58 07/05/1799 Michael PAKE Single   Leah KNIGHTS Single  
59 07/05/1799 George PAKE Single   Elizabeth SAWEN Single  
60 15/10/1799 Charles PAKE Single   Mary BARKER Single  
61 08/05/1800 James MULLENGER Single   Abigail PALMER Single  
62 25/05/1801 William PEARCE Single   Sarah SHIBLEY Single  
63 08/10/1801 Edmund WOOLTORTON Widower Howe Jeronima BROWN Single  
64 22/12/1801 Benjamin NUNN Single   Anne PERSS Single  
65 30/09/1802 Thomas MILLS Widower   Sarah PUNT Single  
67 02/12/1802 William BARKER Single   Susan GOOCH Single  
68 06/01/1803 John PALMER Single   Hannah BARKER Single  
69 15/02/1803 Francis HUGMAN Single   Elizabeth LEIST Single  
70 25/07/1803 Robert HALES Widower   Eleanor MARGRUM Single  
71 13/10/1803 James YOUELL Single   Anne TAYLOR Single  
73 09/01/1804 Zachery DIXON Single Dickleburgh Mary BRIGHTON Single  
74 17/01/1805 Benjamin NUNN Widower   Sarah SHARMAN Single  
75 14/10/1805 Robert SELF Widower Tivetshall St Mary Jane HUBBARD Widow  
76 05/08/1806 John COLLS Single   Sarah Anne LEIST Single  
77 19/12/1807 George PEAKE Widower   Charlotte ALDRED Single  
78 19/12/1807 John MILLS Single   Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
79 19/05/1808 James MATHEWS Single Needham Rebecca RUDDOCK Single  
80 11/10/1808 Jonathan FERRIATT Single   Elizabeth YEWELL Single  
81 20/10/1808 John BUXTON Single   Susan COLLS Single  
82 07/11/1809 James MULLINGER Widower   Elizabeth SELF Widow  
83 14/05/1810 John SHANKS Single   Mary SAXBY Single  
84 19/09/1810 Richard MEEN Single   Sarah CHAMBERLIN Single  
1 10/10/1814 Benjamin BUXTON Widower   Sarah BARNES Widow  
2 08/08/1815 Thomas HOWS Single   Elizabeth BARTON Single  
3 18/05/1816 Joshua HOWES Single   Emily PAKE Single  
4 17/01/1817 Samuel MICKLEBURGH Single Dickleburgh Mary DIXON Widow  
5 10/06/1817 Ragan RUDDOCK Single   Mary HUBBARD Single  
6 14/10/1817 William WOODS Single   Amelia BARTRAM Single  
7 18/11/1817 Saul JENNINGS Single   Elizabeth LEIST Single  
8 30/12/1817 Robert LEIST Single   Amelia ADCOCK Single Pulham
9 12/10/1820 William BARBER Single   Sarah HOWES Single  
10 05/03/1821 Henry COLLET Single Great Glemham, Suffolk Elizabeth COLLS Single  
11 05/07/1821 William PAKE Single   Elizabeth BATLEY Single  
12 28/03/1822 Edmund BARHAM Widower Redenhall Jemima LEIST Single  
13 28/03/1822 Thomas DYE Single Dickleburgh Hannah CATCHPOLE Single  
14 24/09/1822 George COPPING Single Hardwick Barbara BREESE Single  
15 15/10/1822 Amos HARPUR Single   Elizabeth RUMSBY Single Redenhall
16 15/04/1823 Samuel PEARCE Single   Sarah DAVIS Single Redenhall
17 24/10/1824 Henry BENNET Single Lakenham Sarah CATCHPOLE Single  
18 24/10/1824 James NEWBY Single   Lucy CATCHPOLE Single  
19 21/04/1825 Jonathan MOUSER Widower   Anne GIRLING Single Needham
20 23/05/1825 John PEARCE Single   Mary Anne DIXON Single  
21 05/07/1825 William LEIST Single   Lydia ALDIS Single  
22 24/01/1826 Robert NUNN Single   Lydia CLARKE Single  
23 27/04/1826 James BREESE Single   Elizabeth SAUNDERS   Dickleburgh
24 18/05/1827 George BARBER Single Starston Mary Ann BARBER Single  
25 21/04/1829 Philip KNIGHTS Single St Peter, South Elmham, Suffolk Mary READ Single  
26 20/10/1829 Joseph CATCHPOLE Single   Charlotte SMITH Single  
26 20/10/1829 Joseph CATCHPOLE Single   Charlotte BULLOCK Single  
27 21/05/1830 Thomas SOANES Single   Emma SHEPHERD Single  
28 14/02/1831 James NUNN Single   Mary PEAKE Single  
29 04/08/1832 Francis PAGE Single   Mary LAWES Single  
30 19/09/1832 James LAWES Single   Susan PAKE Single  
31 04/01/1833 Jonathan RUMSBY Single   Dinah BARKER Single  
32 18/09/1833 Samuel SELF Single   Amelia COLE Single  
33 31/10/1833 William FISHER Single   Lydia PEARCE Single  
34 07/01/1834 John KEELY Single Starston Susan OAKES Single  
35 15/05/1834 David VIPOND Single   Mary Anne GOODERHAM Single  
36 07/11/1834 John PAKE Single   Susan GODDARD Single  
37 04/12/1834 Henry OAKS Single   Mary SHIBLY Single  
38 29/04/1835 James Mullinger SELF Single   Elizabeth ADCOCK Single  
39 30/06/1835 William REEVE Single   Mary HOWES Single  
40 27/07/1835 James CATCHPOLE Single   Mary PEARCE Single  
41 01/11/1836 James GILLINGS Single   Harriet TOWELL Single  

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