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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sparham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Sparham is located in central Norfolk about 3 miles southwest of the market town of Reepham. Sparham is located adjacent to the main A1067 road which connects the city of Norwich with the market town of Fakenham, the main part of the village is sited along a narrow lane which loops off to the north of the main road. Sparham is sited on a narrow ridge of higher ground which the A1067 follows having crossed the River Wensum a couple of miles to the east. The Wensum lies to the south and a feeder stream to north and east, the land being rather undulating for notoriously flat Norfolk. This is arable farming land with large fields of cereal and oil seed dominating under the big Norfolk skies. Sparham parish is quite a small one for a lowland parish but not atypical for the densely populated county (in mediaeval times) of Norfolk, the parish covered just over 1,700 acres and supported just over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by one Osbert and supported 4 plough but held assets such as meadows and woodland as well as a shared mill (with Lyng across the Wensum).

The Church

St Mary's church stands adjacent to Well Lane, the narrow looping lane which traverses the main village centre, sitting to the north side. The church appears fairly typical for a Norfolk church being dominated by flint and with an imposing western tower. Pevsner, however, indicates that the church was probably around 50 years earlier being commenced during the early 14th century and then finished in typically Perpendicular style. This is rather a big church considering Sparham's small size today and in addition to the normal nave and chancel there are both northern and southern aisles which is more a tribute to the population size in the 15th century. The graveyard is enclosed by a mid-height brick wall and access is through metal gates. There are mature trees around the main access gates but overall the site is fairly open allowing good views of the building from most angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th October 1755 - 4th August 1783 & 7th August 1798 - 25th December 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/17/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th November 1783 - 1st December 1795 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/17/4 Plain, unruled book, a usage of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th March 1813 - 5th December 1836 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/17/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bawdeswell All Saints
Hackford by Reepham All Saints
Hackford by Reepham All Saints
Bawdeswell All Saints
Bylaugh St Mary the Virgin
Great Witchingham St Mary
Bylaugh St Mary the Virgin
Elsing St Mary the Virgin
Lyng St Margaret
Lyng St Margaret

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10/03/1754 Benjamin CAPPS     Aminy CHESTER    
1 05/10/1755 Drury LAYTE   Great Witchingham Ann SILLITOE    
2 14/12/1755 John GANT Single   Sarah ARMS Single  
3 25/01/1756 John PYE Single   Elizabeth FLOOD Single  
4 08/08/1756 Thomas WRIGHT Single   Mary WORPOLE Single  
5 11/11/1756 John GOLDSMITH Single   Mary Ann CLARK Single  
6 02/01/1757 William EMERSON Single   Lucy JARVIS Single  
7 15/11/1757 William BUTLER Widower   Hannah CARTER Single  
8 22/11/1757 Richard SUFFIELD Single   Mary BAKER Single  
9 28/03/1758 Edmund CODENHAM Widower   Mary PARTRIDGE Single  
10 24/05/1759 John BOWS Widower Lyng Frances SMITH Single  
11 11/10/1759 John HALOCK Single   Eunice BRIDGES Single  
12 13/10/1760 William SPOONER Single Foxley Susanna TOOLEY Single  
13 04/12/1760 William JARVIS Single   Mary ALLISON Single  
14 25/05/1761 William HARDINGHAM Single   Mary CASEY Single  
15 27/09/1761 John PEACHMENT Single   Jane GRANT Single  
16 02/11/1761 Charles TOWLEY Widower   Amy LAKE Single  
17 27/11/1761 John GALLENT Single East Dereham Martha WELLS Single  
18 01/11/1763 William WALPOLE Single   Sarah BRIGHTON Single  
19 31/07/1764 Henry GARDENER Single   Elizabeth HEATH Single  
20 22/10/1765 John CAUSEY Single   Ann LEGGETT Single  
21 30/08/1766 William HUNT Single   Margaret WHITBY Single  
22 14/10/1766 John BEABETER Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
23 16/12/1766 Charles DAPLEY Widower   Eunice HAYLOCK Widow  
24 06/03/1767 Thomas ROSE Single   Catherine WHITBY Single  
25 13/09/1767 John GEYMER Single   Elizabeth MONEY Single  
26 03/08/1768 Thomas POINTER Widower Fransham Sarah HUDSON Single  
27 21/11/1768 Edmund WALLER Single   Mary JARVIS Single  
28 18/12/1769 James GEORGE Single   Mary CHURCH Single  
29 12/10/1770 William BURCHAM Single   Mary CARR Single  
30 22/10/1770 Edmund SINCLAIR Single   Elizabeth SPRINGAL Single  
31 09/03/1772 Michael DAWSON Single   Susanna GRIMES Widow  
22 16/03/1773 Robert LEEDS Single Whitwell Elizabeth FISHER Single  
33 30/04/1773 William BRETT Single   Ann LOCKETT Single  
34 30/07/1773 Samuel PLUMMER Single   Lydia PHILIPPS Single  
35 13/11/1773 Stephen HUDSON Single   Abaigail BURROWS Single Lyng
36 22/02/1774 Henry RODHAM Single Whitwell Mary MASON Single  
37 31/10/1774 John HARRISON Single   Jemima HOWELL Single  
38 24/01/1775 John BURROWS Single   Mary DAWSON Single  
39 26/10/1775 Robert CLARKE Single   Mary TAIGHT Single  
40 07/11/1775 George HAZEL Single   Ann PLUMMER Single  
41 02/04/1776 John PINCHEN Single   Sarah HOWARD Single  
42 11/12/1777 Francis GOOCH     Eleanor BRETT    
43 22/10/1778 Robert BUSH Single   Hannah PERKINS Single  
44 28/12/1779 John SIGGIN Single   Prissa HUTTSON Single  
45 19/07/1783 John WESTON Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
46 04/08/1783 Thomas OTTEY Single   Sarah SPRINGALL Single  
1 16/11/1783 Thomas WELLS Single   Mary PARTRIDGE Single  
2 04/11/1784 John TUCK Single West Lexham Sarah LOCKETT Single  
3 25/10/1785 Benjamin HELSDEN Single   Ann HUTSON Single  
4 19/02/1787 William BUXTON Single   Emma CAPPS Single  
5 16/04/1787 Edward ATTHILL   Great Yarmouth Mary TURNER    
6 29/04/1788 George GOWARD     Elizabeth WALPOLE    
7 23/10/1788 James NELSON Single Bawdeswell Anna FISHER Single  
8 17/11/1788 James ENGLAND Single Hackford By Reepham Martha PARTRIDGE Single  
9 05/10/1789 John FREEMAN Single Swanton Morley Esther WHITEMAN Single  
10 07/02/1791 William DURRANT Single   Comfort GAYWOOD    
11 05/04/1791 James PATTERSON Single Bintree Elizabeth GUYMER    
12 11/12/1791 George BALEY Single   Mary CAPPS    
13 30/07/1792 Thomas FORBY Single   Anne ELSDON Widow  
14 26/06/1793 John FISH Single Bawdeswell Hannah CAPPS Single  
15 15/10/1793 John BLYTH Single Reepham Mary EMERSON Single  
16 09/06/1794 William MASON Single   Elizabeth JACOB Single  
17 16/02/1795 Thomas SPRINGALL Single   Lydia WEST Single  
18 05/04/1795 Jonathan FENN Single Bawdeswell Ann ROSE Single  
14/10/1795 Thomas BURTON Single Whitwell Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
02/11/1795 James LYNN Single   Susannah SPOONER Single  
01/12/1795 Richard COLEBY Single   Elizabeth FOWLENGER Single  
47 07/08/1798 William DURRANT Widower   Mary PARKER Widow  
48 23/10/1798 William BRETT Single   Sarah NEVE Single  
49 19/11/1798 Edward SPRINGALL Single   Rebecca STONE Single  
50 20/11/1798 Thomas LEVETT Single   Mary GROOM Single  
51 26/02/1799 Richard LLOYD Single   Sarah Harriot ELWIN Single Norwich
52 12/08/1799 George GUYMER Single   Elizabeth DEWING Single  
20/10/1799 Francis JACOB Widower   Elizabeth HOLMAN    
24/11/1799 Theophilus SUGGATE Single   Mary BLYTH Single  
10/06/1800 William FAWSSETT Single Grimston Mary Ann STOUGHTON Single  
07/11/1800 John BACHELOR Single   Anne SOUTHGATE Single  
25/01/1802 Benjamin FOX Single   Elizabeth BRETT Single  
07/06/1802 Charles ALLEN Single Whitwell Mary BARBER Single  
28/06/1802 Thomas BARBER Single   Kezia BROWNE Single  
22/07/1805 Charles DACK Single   Hannah HAWES Single  
24/02/1806 Edmund WILSON Single   Martha COSSEY Single  
29/05/1806 James STOUGHTON Single   Diana LLOYD Single  
21/07/1806 John TAYLOR Single Great Witchingham Elizabeth REEVE Single  
10/11/1806 James HAZEL Single   Elizabeth RAN Single  
10/08/1807 Daniel MCK Widower Elsing Sarah MAIL Widow  
10/11/1807 Samuel CLARKE Single   Elizabeth FLOOD Single  
15/11/1807 George GAYWOOD Widower   Mary ALLEN Widow  
29/02/1808 Thomas KING Single Whitwell Frances BUXTON Single  
29/03/1808 Coulsey BAKER Single   Frances PINCHIN Single  
10/04/1809 James HUNT Single Great Yarmouth Elizabeth HIPKIN Single  
13/11/1809 Robert HAZEL Single   Susannah CLARK Single  
14/11/1809 Thomas NEAL Single   Elizabeth BRICK Single  
28/05/1810 Britton BAKER   Whitwell Phoebe SMITH    
07/04/1811 Joseph BAKER Single   Mary LEVELL Widow  
28/08/1811 Henry JUBA   Hackford Sarah FLOOD    
23/10/1811 William DREW Single   Anne FRANCH Single  
19/02/1812 William PORRETT Single Welborne Susannah CLARK Single  
19/10/1812 William SIMMONS Single   Charlotte SPRINGALL Single  
26/10/1812 Abel HOWARD Single   Tabitha REEVE Single  
25/12/1812 William TAYLOR Single Great Witchingham Mary CLARKE Single  
1 16/03/1813 Stephen GROOM Single   Lydia JACOB Single  
2 10/10/1813 George WATSON Single   Thomasin BLOOMFIELD Single  
3 24/10/1813 Peter COULSEY Single Great Witchingham Mary CLARKE Single  
4 15/11/1813 John WILSON Single Tittleshall Mary SHORE Single  
5 24/11/1813 James SPURN Single   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
6 29/03/1814 Thomas WILKINSON Single Watton Anne BATEMAN Single  
7 05/04/1814 John DAYNES Single Swanton Morley Mary Ann FISH Single  
8 11/04/1814 John HUNTER Single   Frances BURTON Single  
9 31/10/1814 Samuel CLABBURN Single   Sarah HEWETT Single  
10 10/11/1814 Robert FREEMAN Single Swanton Morley Catherine BLOOMFIELD Single  
11 03/01/1815 George GOWARD Widower   Mary MOULTON Single  
12 16/11/1815 Charles Rich NELSON Single   Mary Anna NELSON Single  
13 05/05/1816 Thomas REYNOLDS Single Lammas Mary BLOMFIELD Single  
14 24/12/1816 John BILLHAM Single   Sarah PINCHIN Single  
15 02/07/1817 Richard BEALES Single Guestwick Susannah BLOMEFIELD Single  
16 15/09/1817 James SAW Single   Rebecca BAKER Single  
17 20/10/1817 Samuel HOWARD Single   Elizabeth BEEVOR Single  
18 09/12/1817 Barnaby THWAITES Single   Ellen BURTON Single  
19 04/12/1818 William SCOTT Single   Ann WHITESIDES Single  
20 05/10/1819 William CAMPLING Single Great Witchingham Mary LYNN Single  
21 25/10/1819 Thomas WHITESIDES Single   Charlotte BUXTON Single  
22 21/07/1820 William BAKER Widower   Margaret WOODHOUSE Single  
23 07/12/1820 Robert Bell WATTS Single Bintree Elizabeth BLOMFIELD Single  
24 08/12/1820 Thomas TOPPING Single   Mary HOWELL Single  
25 15/04/1821 John HOWELL Single   Susannah FISH Single  
26 11/10/1821 William CUSHING Single Lakenham Anne CLARKE Single  
27 28/10/1821 Robert LAVENDER Single   Frances DEWING Single  
28 24/11/1822 Charles BISHOP Single   Willoughby BUXTON Single  
29 01/04/1823 John FOX Single   Anne SAPEY Single  
30 09/04/1823 William GEAGAN Single Burnham Market Mary FORBY Single  
31 01/09/1823 Robert GYMER Single   Sarah SPRINGAL Single  
32 12/02/1824 John CLARKE Single Bawdeswell Elizabeth WHITESIDES Single  
33 14/12/1824 John BUSHELL Single Kensington, Middlesex Elizabeth LEVELL Single  
34 28/02/1825 William PATTERSON Single   Mary Anne WISEMAN Single  
35 10/03/1825 Charles RAMM Single Field Dalling Mary FLOOD Single  
36 20/06/1825 Thomas DURRANT Single   Hannah FLOOD Single  
37 06/05/1826 George WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth CARRINGTON Single  
38 19/06/1826 Benjamin BUXTON Single Swannington Hannah COCKERELL Single  
39 30/10/1826 William BUXTON Widower   Mary LITTLEBOYS Single  
40 18/01/1827 Charles TROWSE Single   Elizabeth COLBY Single  
41 05/02/1827 George GOWARD Widower   Matilda BREWSTER Single  
42 29/06/1827 Charles HARRIS Single   Catherine FOUNTAIN Single  
43 12/10/1827 John WALKER Single   Mary GROOM Single  
44 21/10/1827 Samuel PATTERSON Single   Hannah HUTSON Single  
45 11/09/1828 George EDWARDS Single Eye, Suffolk Frances Fisher NELSON Single  
46 26/12/1828 Thomas SPRINGALL Single   Hannah JARVIS Single Hackford Next Reepham
47 10/03/1829 James WATLING Single   Diana LARKE Single  
48 03/04/1829 James OVERTON Single   Susanna SPRINGALL Single  
49 12/04/1829 William HUBBARD Single   Elizabeth COLE Single  
50 13/10/1829 James WARNES Single   Sarah DREW Single  
51 19/10/1829 James BEANS Single   Sarah PIGG Single  
52 28/04/1830 Henry CLARKE Single   Susanna HALL Single  
53 18/11/1830 Thomas SAWYER Single Foulsham Susanna LING Single  
54 01/02/1831 Edward SEALES Single   Rebecca HOWELL Single  
55 23/05/1831 John HUDSON Single Lyng Sophia WHITESIDES Single  
56 26/10/1831 Henry RUDD Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
57 29/10/1831 Jeremiah BLAKE Single   Frances BALLARD Single  
58 21/02/1832 William HALL Single   Mary PRIOR Single  
59 15/03/1832 James CLARKE Single   Frances FISH Single  
60 01/05/1832 James RIX Single   Sarah DURRANT Single  
61 06/11/1832 Matthew WILKIN Single   Anne GOWARD Single  
62 31/12/1832 James COLBY Single   Anne SKERRY Single  
63 04/03/1833 John PATTERSON Single   Mary BLYTH Single  
64 02/08/1833 John WEST Single   Sarah COULSEY Single  
65 16/10/1833 Philip BROWNE Single Bawdeswell Mary WALLER Single  
66 17/10/1833 John DURRANT Single   Emmaretta SYMONDS Single  
67 24/12/1833 Edward LEE Single   Mary Ann YOUNGS Single  
68 07/03/1834 George FOX Single   Mary NELSON Single  
69 21/07/1834 George OVERTON Single   Ann FOX Widow  
70 23/10/1835 Thomas PATTERSON Single   Charlotte BRIDGES Single  
71 25/10/1835 Samuel GASCOIGNE Single   Sarah PUMMEL Widow  
72 20/11/1835 Edmund ANTHONY Single   Amelia TAYLOR Single  
73 19/04/1836 John BULWAR Single Swanton Morley Harriet HALL Single  
74 25/07/1836 James GARWOOD Single   Mary Anne FRANKLING Single  
75 05/12/1836 William DREW Single   Harriott BUDRY Single  

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