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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Witchingham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Great Witchingham lies in east central Norfolk about 2 miles south of the small market town of Reepham. Great Witchingham sits, in lanes, about a mile north of the A1067 road which connects the city of Norwich with Fakenham. There is not much to present day Great Witchingham, no village as such unless one counts the former hamlet of Lenwade sitting astride the A1067. Great Witchingham is renowned within Norfolk, today, as the headquarters of the Bernard Matthews turkey empire based in Great Witchingham Hall, a 19th century piece of Victorian interpretation of the Elizabethan style. Great Witchingham is largely a scatter of farms and cottages across a wide area of rich arable farmland sitting above both the River Wensum and a small tributary which runs in from the north. The Wensum drains the parish southeastwards through the city of Norwich to join the Yare and thence the North Sea through the port of Great Yarmouth. Great Witchingham is sited at between 10 and 30 metres above the sea, St Mary's church sits on one of the higher elevations; the land around is of the same gentling undulating nature. Norfolk parishes are normally quite small and Great Witchingham is no exception, it covered just over 2,100 acres and would have supported a population of just over 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Witchingham (together with its neighbour Little Witchingham) was shared by, no fewer, than 6 landholders including the King himself. It boasted an impressive 31 ploughs as well as meadows, woodland and 5 mills making it a wealthy place indeed.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on a road junction almost 2 miles northwest of Great Witchingham Hall with just a farm and cottages for company. Heath Lane runs northwards from the A1067 across the Wensum and the church is on its western side at its end. The church's age can be quite reliably dated from both architectural styles and also documentary evidence in the form of bequests. The earliest part of the building is the chancel which Pevsner dates as late 13th century. From the 14th century (and in the Decorated style) comes the western tower, many nave features and the four-bay arcades. Later and in the Perpendicular style is the southern porch and the clerestory windows. We should be grateful to the Victorians for not removing this detail in restoration which was minimal in this case. The church is screened from the south (Heath Lane) by the farm and cottages and also from the north by the tree-lined Church Farm Lane. On the junction a pair of metal gates grants access to the churchyard which is slightly restricted to its southern side but otherwise presents no photographic challenges.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th October 1754 - 8th October 1811 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/91/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 29th June 1813 - 11th June 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/91/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Whitwell St Michael & All Angels
Whitwell St Michael & All Angels
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Alderford St John the Baptist
Sparham St Mary
Lyng St Margaret
Weston Longville All Saints
Weston Longville All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 16/03/1754 Aron HOWARD     Judith MIDDAL    
1 20/10/1754 Thomas QUARLES Single Foulsham Martha MATLIS Single  
4 00/00/1755 John MENDHAM Single Foxley Elizabeth HOBART Single  
3 16/10/1755 Charles DACK Single   Elizabeth HEMLING Single  
5 17/02/1756 Anthony AUFRERE Single St Peter, Hoveton Anna NORRIS Single  
6 04/08/1756 Benjamin BARBER Single   Elizabeth SHERMAN Single  
7 25/10/1756 Ralph DAWSON Single   Elizabeth HASE Single  
8 23/11/1756 Benjamin BRADFIELD   Whitwell Frances RAYNER Widow  
8 01/05/1757 John BLITHE Widower   Mary ENGLAND Widow  
9 15/08/1758 John CORY   Cranworth Frances SENDAL Single  
10 05/10/1758 Stephen SHINKIN Single Brandiston Mary GOOCH Single  
11 10/10/1758 William WILLSON Single   Lydia BREESE Single  
12 06/12/1758 Robert MARTIN Single   Anna SENDAL Single  
13 10/02/1759 John MORLEY Single   Mary EDWARDS Single Bungay, Suffolk
14 19/04/1759 Daniel GRIFFIN Single   Mary BLYTHE Single  
15 14/01/1760 John WARNS Single   Anne SYMONDS Single  
16 16/03/1760 William ROWSE Single   Anne PARKER Single  
17 12/11/1761 George ENGLAND Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
19 19/10/1762 Thomas SAKEY Single   Mary LEMMON Single  
20 21/06/1763 John BATES Single   Mary DUNNELL Single  
21 07/11/1763 William GEORGE Single Whitwell Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
22 12/06/1764 Alexander KENNEDY Single   Mary LAWSON Single  
23 13/10/1766 William NEALE Widower Hackford By Reepham Mary SMITH Single  
24 16/10/1766 Benjamin BUNNELL Single Lyng Bridget BALES Single  
25 27/10/1766 Luke COE Single Booton Anne BALES Single  
26 10/11/1766 John LILLYSTONE Widower   Mary TAYLOR Single  
27 01/06/1767 Thomas SMYTH Single Hackford By Reepham Elizabeth PLANE Single  
28 30/06/1767 William BONES Single Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire Amy PETERSON Single  
29 20/07/1767 James MEAL Single   Elizabeth BANES Single  
30 21/07/1767 Joseph BATES Single   Elizabeth FIELDS Single  
18 30/01/1770 William ROUT Single   Mary BROWN Single  
31 04/08/1770 Joseph DYBALL Single   Susanna GIBS Single  
32 21/04/1772 John TIMBY Single   Mary LILLYSTONE Single  
33 17/12/1772 John KERR Single East Tuddenham Martha PETERSON Single  
34 16/02/1773 James PLEASANTS Single   Mary KNIGHTS Single  
35 13/04/1773 Joseph PALMER Single   Frances ARNOLD Single  
36 28/11/1774 John SPINKS Single   Ann BRAMBLE Single  
37 14/05/1776 John LAWS Single   Ann BOWLES Single  
38 22/10/1776 Stephen LAWS Single   Martha DIXON Single  
39 07/06/1779 John KENDALL Single   Ann KIDDALL Single  
40 01/11/1779 George TURNER Single Ringland Alice EGLINTON Single  
41 05/01/1780 Robert WILLSON Single   Martha NEAL    
42 12/10/1780 George SPINK Single   Amy TOOMS Single  
43 10/10/1781 William WALES Widower Hunstanton Elizabeth NEWHAM Single  
44 10/10/1781 Robert HASTINGS Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
45 01/10/1782 John ELMER Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
46 03/11/1782 Matthew BANES Single   Mary SPRINGALL Single  
47 29/12/1782 Peter COLTSEY Single   Sarah LILLYSTONE Single  
48 06/01/1783 Henry BAKER Single   Ann HOWARD Single  
49 05/07/1783 Robert MENDHAM Single Taverham Susanna RUSSELS Single  
50 12/10/1784 Thomas CALVER Single Postwick Elizabeth GRAY Single  
51 03/11/1784 William FICKLING Single   Martha BARRETT Single  
52 03/12/1784 Aaron HILL Widower   Mary LEAK Widow  
53 26/04/1785 John CURTIS Single Lowestoft, Suffolk Mary ALLSEBROOK Single  
54 21/11/1785 William BARKER Single   Frances DUNNELL Single  
55 24/01/1786 Cornelius BADCOCK Single   Elizabeth BREESE Single  
56 02/02/1786 John RICHES Single   Charlotte ENGLAND Single  
57 10/06/1786 James STANNARD Widower   Margaret MOLL Widow  
58 15/05/1787 James BEESTON Single   Sarah GAGE Single  
59 10/06/1788 Richard ARMS Single   Priscilla ANDREWS Single  
60 25/12/1788 William SMITH Single Reepham Ann ANDREWS Single  
61 09/06/1789 John BARNARD Widower St Augustine, Norwich Alice DAWSON Widow  
62 09/10/1790 John JOLLY Single Little Fransham Sarah HAVERS Single  
63 13/10/1790 Francis PITCHER Single Maldon, Essex Mary REEVE    
64 04/11/1790 William HAWES Widower   Frances RAYNER Single  
65 04/11/1790 Daniel BARWICK Single Alderford Ann GUNTON Single  
66 04/04/1791 Edmund BROWN Single   Rachel DRORY Single  
67 12/04/1791 William EDWARDS Single Booton Frances WISEMAN Single  
68 21/02/1792 Thomas ROPER Single   Alice TAYLOR Single  
69 29/05/1792 Harvey HARVEY Single   Susanna STANNARD Widow  
70 07/07/1793 Spooner WRIGHT Single   Mary LEAK Single  
70 07/07/1793 Spooner NASH Single   Mary LEAK Single  
71 08/10/1793 Thomas SKELT Widower Bawdeswell Elizabeth GREY Single  
72 11/11/1793 Thomas GAGE Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single  
72 11/11/1793 Thomas GAGE Single   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
73 25/11/1793 Barnabas DUNNELL Single   Sarah SENDALL Single  
74 10/10/1794 Samuel BISHOP Single   Ann BUNCKLE Single  
75 13/10/1795 Henry THORN Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
76 24/12/1795 Samuel CROME Single Horsford Mildred HOWLETT Single  
77 05/04/1796 William COOPER Single   Martha NEAL Single  
78 07/12/1797 Robert CROW Single   Jane WHIDBY Single  
79 24/04/1798 Abraham DAINES Single Brandiston Ann LEAK Single  
80 24/09/1798 George WOODS Single   Amy PEAS Single  
81 15/10/1798 William SOUTHGATE Widower   Ann BROWNE Widow  
82 22/10/1798 Stephen BILLUM Single   Ann SMYTH Widow  
83 15/11/1798 John HOWLETT Single   Susan CROME Single  
84 27/11/1799 William DANN Single   Susan FOX    
85 12/12/1799 John RAM Single   Elizabeth STANNARD    
86 12/01/1800 Henry LEAKEY Widower   Mary WOOLMER Single  
87 03/03/1800 William LEAKEY Single   Anne FIRMAGE Single  
88 01/09/1801 John CRASKE Single Lyng Elizabeth LEAK Single  
89 22/12/1801 William PITTS Single Fakenham Sarah WARD Single  
90 13/01/1802 John WALPOLE Single   Esther EACHER Single  
91 22/02/1802 Robert CLARK   Sparham Sarah BATES    
92 01/04/1802 Thomas BROWN Single   Mary ANDREWS Single  
93 27/04/1802 Robert WOODS Single Cawston Hannah PALMER Single  
94 19/07/1802 James RODDAM Single Whitwell Frances SEWELL Single  
95 11/10/1802 Reuben DAINS Single   Sarah LAKE Single  
96 23/11/1802 William DIGBY Single   Judith KENDAL Single  
97 02/12/1802 Swift MOYCE Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Elizabeth ENGLAND Single  
98 25/07/1803 Robert MEDLAR Single   Sophia WHITBY Single Lyng
99 03/04/1804 Robert PALMER Single Bergh Apton Elizabeth BLAZER Single  
100 10/10/1804 Charles HARPLEY Single   Ann FISH Single  
101 15/10/1804 Joseph PRATT Single   Ann NORTON Single  
102 11/12/1804 William WRIGHT Single Rougham Henrietta Anna Eliza Le Neve FOSTER    
103 30/01/1805 Samuel FREESTONE Single   Sarah HASTINGS Single  
104 06/08/1805 John LILYSTONE Widower   Sarah ARMES Single  
105 08/09/1805 George CHAPMAN Single Weston Longville Elizabeth GASKIN    
106 07/01/1806 William BEESTON Single   Susanna HART Single  
107 08/01/1806 James DUFFEL Single   Charlotte FOX Single  
108 28/12/1806 James BREWSTER Single   Mary BUDREY Single  
109 30/08/1807 Isaac TEMPLE   Weston Longville Elizabeth VINSON    
110 29/02/1808 William PALMER Single   Anne SMITH Single  
111 12/10/1808 Thomas GASKINS     Sarah NORRIS    
112 17/10/1808 James CHAPMAN Single St Martin At Oak, Norwich Mary RAM Single  
113 26/12/1808 John KINDLE Widower   Sarah DREW Single  
114 08/05/1809 James PALMER Single   Phebe CHAMBERS Single  
115 23/05/1809 Richard TAYLOR Single   Sarah BARKER Single  
116 28/09/1809 Edward BLYTHE Single   Mary CAMPLING Single  
117 17/10/1809 John GASCOYNE Single   Elizabeth LITTLE Single  
118 29/06/1810 William LEAKY Widower   Maria STANNARD Single  
119 08/10/1811 Henry DUNHILL Single   Elizabeth DENNIS    
1 29/06/1813 Edmund RUDD Single   Mary ARMS Single  
2 16/08/1813 George GOWARD Single Sparham Ann Maria NORRIS Single  
3 28/02/1814 George NASH Single   Ann CANN Single  
4 15/10/1814 George FICKLING Single   Jemima RUDD Single  
5 15/12/1814 William NORRIS Single   Mary OTTEY Single  
6 21/12/1814 Edward BOWLEY Single Loughborough, Leicestershire Catherine SANDYS Single  
7 04/06/1816 Robert FARMAN Single   Martha BADCOCK Single  
8 11/07/1816 John SAYER Single   Sarah WATLING Single  
9 26/06/1817 Thomas BUDRY Single   Phylis SMITH Single  
10 07/07/1817 Christopher RAM Single   Hannah DRIVER Single  
11 15/07/1817 Edward JARVIS Single   Margaret TWIDNEY Single  
12 13/10/1817 John STARLING Single Morton On The Hill Winifrid BUDREY Single  
13 05/01/1818 John BROWN Single   Mary BROWN Single  
14 13/03/1819 Henry NELSON Single   Mary WORTON Single  
15 24/05/1819 Samuel SLY Single   Frances Littlewood WILLIAMS Single  
16 26/09/1819 Isaac CUSHIN Single   Sarah HOOD Single  
17 11/11/1819 Thomas WESTON Single   Susannah HILL Single  
18 06/03/1820 Charles COOPER Single Gateley Margaret FROST Single  
19 14/03/1820 Thomas PUMMELL Single   Jemima FICKLING Widow  
20 22/05/1820 John JOHNSON Single   Ann SHORTEN Single  
21 14/08/1820 James DUNNELL Single   Mary RIX Single  
22 10/10/1820 John SPINKS Single Swannington Mary REYNOLDS Single  
23 15/10/1820 George PULL Single Hackford By Reepham Susanna FARROW Single  
24 05/12/1820 Edmund COX Single   Harriet NASH Single  
25 14/05/1821 Harvey HARVEY Widower   Elizabeth BADCOCK Widow  
26 26/05/1821 Robert FICKLING Single   Mary CUSTANCE Single  
27 13/08/1821 John LEVERIDGE Single   Sophia CAMPLING Single  
28 14/10/1821 John BARRETT Single   Sarah TUCK Single  
29 16/10/1821 Thomas BATES Single   Susannah SHEPHERD Single  
30 24/06/1822 Henry GAYFORD Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
31 10/09/1822 Benjamin WOOD Single Alderford Emma Margeretta OSORIO Single  
32 16/09/1822 William ADCOCK Single   Mary DANN Single  
33 01/05/1823 William REYNOLDS Widower   Amelia SCOTT Widow  
34 12/05/1823 Robert CHAPMAN Single   Amelia LILLYSTONE Single  
35 24/06/1823 John PERRY Single   Martha LATTEN Single  
36 03/11/1823 Benjamin COE Single   Mary RUDD Single  
37 24/12/1823 Thomas BROWNE Single   Susannah ANDREWS Single  
38 29/02/1824 Barrington BOYCE Single   Mary PALMER    
39 26/07/1824 John WALKENS Single   Elizabeth NASH    
40 09/11/1824 Christopher ARMS Single   Ann BURREL Single  
41 21/11/1824 Abraham NASH Single   Hannah WOODS Single  
42 01/12/1824 Benjamin BROWN Single   Sarah DUNNEL Single  
43 09/01/1825 James KNIGHTS Single   Mary COPEMAN Single  
44 12/04/1825 Benjamin BAYLEY Single   Hester ROBERSON Single  
45 23/07/1825 William PALMER Single Thuxton Ann REYNOLDS Single  
46 20/10/1825 John BILHAM Single   Sarah BUNN Single  
47 25/10/1825 Stephen PORRETT Single   Sarah REYNOLDS Single  
48 06/11/1825 Henry BRIGHAM Single   Sarah BADCOCK Single  
49 31/03/1826 William BRIGHAM Single   Elizabeth BADCOCK Single  
50 07/01/1827 Cornelius BADCOCK Single   Sarah HUDSON Single  
51 25/02/1827 John DUNNEL Single   Martha COOPER Single  
52 14/03/1827 John BARWICK Single   Sarah FICKLING Single  
53 10/07/1827 Robert COE Single   Elizabeth DUNT Single  
54 24/07/1827 James LOADS Single   Charlotte TAYLOR Single  
55 06/09/1827 Robert CHAPLIN Single   Frances ARMS Single  
56 30/09/1827 William CHAPLIN Widower   Anne NASH Widow  
57 07/10/1827 Charles DIGBY Single   Maria PYE Single  
58 08/10/1827 John Peter HUNT Single East Dereham Sarah FARRER Single  
59 16/10/1827 John CLEMENTS Widower Edgefield Elizabeth BUDDERY Single  
60 28/11/1827 William SNELLING Single   Martha CURSONS Single  
61 07/01/1828 George CHAPMAN Single   Ann BROWNE Single  
62 01/07/1828 John NEALE Single   Mary FISHER Single  
63 25/08/1828 John WOODS Widower St Giles, Norwich Frances PAGE Single  
64 06/12/1828 Robert CUNNINGHAM Single Woodton Ruth REYNOLDS Single  
65 30/12/1828 Robert SPRAGG Single Lyng Harriett PALMER Single  
66 25/01/1829 William SIGGINS Single   Diana GREEN Single  
67 04/11/1829 Cornelius BADCOCK Widower   Susan KING Single  
68 05/10/1830 Henry RUDD Single   Jane BRETT Single  
69 27/09/1831 William BUTTELL Single   Elizabeth FICKLING Single  
70 13/10/1831 James CUNNINGHAM Single   Lucy REYNOLDS Single  
71 04/11/1831 Henry RIX Single Sparham Ann DUNNEL Single  
72 18/11/1831 James GASKINS Single   Susan LEE Single  
73 03/04/1832 James YALLOP Single Lyng Maria RIX Single  
74 14/10/1832 Thomas NORMAN Single   Elizabeth KING Single Booton
75 25/10/1832 Robert TILNEY Single   Margaret JONES Widow  
76 14/01/1833 Thomas SMITH Single Watton Sophia DUNT Single  
77 30/06/1833 Richard RIDER Widower Taverham Mary FULCHER Widow  
78 15/08/1833 David HASE Widower   Susan BROWNE Single  
79 15/09/1833 William WOODS Single   Mary RUDD Single  
80 24/10/1833 Thomas NEAL Single   Amy DANN Single  
81 26/11/1833 John FRANKLIN Single   Sarah LYLLESTONE Single  
82 03/01/1834 Briton RICHES Single Little Witchingham Mary WATERS Single  
83 07/01/1834 Charles HOLLOWAY Single St George Tombland, Norwich Catarine Susanna TOMPSON Single  
84 27/02/1834 James KENDALL Single   Maria BEESLEY Single  
85 23/03/1834 George DIGBY Single   Fanny LUCKER Single  
86 02/10/1834 George PALMER Single   Sarah WATERS Single  
87 14/10/1835 George BLANCH Single   Mary SMITH Single  
88 27/12/1835 Daniel FICKLING Single   Susanna SIGGENS Single  
89 04/02/1836 Charles FULLER Single   Maria GASKINS Single  
90 28/07/1836 Benjamin Phineas NUNES Single Camberwell, Surrey Bella Le Neve FOSTER Single  
91 09/04/1837 George KNIGHTS Widower   Charlotte ATMORE Single  
92 11/06/1837 Robert BARRET Single   Esther BULLOCK Single  

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