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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Tottington St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Tottington is located in western Norfolk, the parish is now inaccessible to the general public as it lies sequestered in the STANTA battle area managed by the the British Army. During World War II the area including the village of Tottington was commandeered as part of the war effort as a tank training area, the villages were cleared and resettled apart from a few farmers required to manage the land. Tottington was only small village, with only just over 300 parishioners, and what remains is now only available to visit on escorted (and few) visits. The site of the village lies about a mile west of Norfolk's long distance trail "Peddars Way" and is classic Breckland, a land of sandy soils and heathlands set at about 30 metres above sea level. The parish covered just over 2,000 acres much of which was used to farm rabbits in warrenries or left to grazing, there was some arable but the soils were prone to wind-blow. Tottington receives two very detailed references (down to counts of animals) in Domesday Book where it supported 6 ploughs.

The Church

St Andrew's church is sited just west of the former road which once crossed between Croxton and Watton, now exclusively used by the military. It sits, as described by Pevsner as "forlorn" behind a chain-link fence. The roof has been recovered with thick steel plates to protect against accidental ordnance strikes, they resemble giant pantiles. The church follows a fairly standard pattern of western tower, nave & chancel but a tribute to the greater population size at one time is the presence of 4-bay arcades. Pevsner is unsure of the date of the church placing it on the cusp between Decorated and Perpendicular periods but as that was a somewhat variable date he settles for the document derived date in the mid 15th century. As is usual there was some Victorian restoration which also added a clerestory. The church behind its fence sits otherwise in rather open heathland in a graveyard which has been maintained, indeed some stones are still in receipt of the occasional flowered offering from descendants who were granted visits.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th October 1754 - 26th October 1812 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/157/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th January 1813 - 26th February 1837 Norfolk Record Office - Reference - PD/157/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Stow Bedon St Botolph
Stanford All Saints
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East Wretham St Ethelbert
East Wretham St Ethelbert

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/10/1754 William GRAY Single   Sarah MORLEY Single  
2 07/10/1756 Matthew LUSHER Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
3 16/12/1756 George SALMON Widower   Elizabeth GALLANT Widow  
4 03/10/1758 William BRIGGS Single   Catherine MAKEHAM Single  
5 23/03/1759 John DURRANT Widower St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Sarah GALLANT Widow  
6 08/04/1760 Thomas BURROUGHS Single   Elizabeth MACUM Single  
7 10/10/1760 Jonathan EASTGATE Single   Hannah RUDLAND Single  
8 14/10/1760 Thomas ADAMS Single   Jane JESSOP Single  
9 13/06/1761 John HOWLETT Single Stanford Sarah VINCE Single  
10 11/10/1763 Martin SUMMERS Single   Anne MACUM Single  
10 09/07/1764 John ROBERSON Widower   Elizabeth WADE Single  
11 05/11/1764 William LAKE Single   Elizabeth SALMON Single  
12 30/07/1765 John RULE Widower   Susannah BAREFOOT Single  
13 03/12/1765 John NEALE Single   Catherine SAY Single Swaffham
14 03/11/1766 William FROST Single Threxton Mary Anne STOCKINGS Single  
15 09/02/1767 Samuel FROST Single Stow Bedon Elizabeth COUSINGS Single  
16 20/04/1767 William BROWNING Single   Mary OAKLEY Single  
17 12/08/1767 Benjamin WHITETHREAD Single   Anne PLUMMER Single  
18 14/10/1767 George CORNISH Single   Anne ROUTE Single  
19 21/03/1768 William GRAY Widower   Alice LIST Single  
20 19/12/1768 Richard SEAR Single Stanford Sarah RICKWOOD Single  
21 31/08/1769 Isaac BLOMFIELD Single   Sarah HUBBARD Single Thompson
22 12/10/1769 Henry BLACKBONE Single   Elizabeth PARMER Single  
23 21/11/1769 William LAKE Widower   Elizabeth DUCKLING Single  
24 10/04/1770 John THROWER Single Little Cressingham Elizabeth BARFOOT Single  
25 31/05/1770 Samuel COBBEL Single   Elizabeth FISHPOOL Widow  
26 04/01/1773 John RICHES Single   Sarah KNOPWOOD Single  
27 22/11/1773 Henry CLARKE Single Illington Mary WITTERICK Single  
28 11/04/1774 William COOPER Single   Jane DENNYS Single  
29 04/07/1774 William WARBY Single   Elizabeth OLDFIELD Single  
30 19/09/1774 Isaac WEAST Single   Mary BARTON Single  
31 05/10/1774 Robert KEYMER Widower Plumstead Elizabeth KEYMER Single  
32 27/02/1775 John BARFOOT Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
33 05/06/1775 James BEALES Single   Jane LEGGETT Single  
34 04/03/1776 John BUNTON Single   Rachel ALLATON Single  
35 19/05/1776 William GRAY Widower   Elizabeth DAY Widow  
36 14/12/1776 John STIMPSON Single   Hannah WATSON Single  
37 20/01/1777 James BEALES Widower   Mary KEYMER Single  
38 02/10/1777 Benjamin WARNER Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
40 11/02/1779 William CROWE Single St Giles, Norwich Jane KNOPWOOD Single  
41 09/03/1779 John LOCKHART Single   Jane FISHPOLE Single  
42 26/04/1779 Edmund FROST Single   Mary SHEPPARD Single  
43 12/12/1779 John HERRING Widower   Mary WICKS Widow  
44 15/06/1780 William WATSON Single   Mary PLEASANCE Single  
45 08/03/1782 William ADAMS Widower Stanford Virtue WARD Single Stanford
46 21/10/1782 Israel BUCKLE Single   Elizabeth CADGE Single Saham Toney
47 03/12/1782 Stephen WINTER Single   Hannah FINCHAM Single  
48 18/09/1783 John RUDD Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
49 08/11/1783 William GEORGE Single   Jane SMITH Single  
50 28/06/1784 John HERRING Widower   Jane LOCKHART Widow  
51 26/05/1785 William ALLGATE Widower   Mary ROWNING Widow  
52 27/09/1785 Martin SUMMERS Widower   Susannah RUDD Widow  
53 07/02/1786 Samuel CALVER Single   Ann GUTTERIDGE Single  
54 21/02/1786 William COCKS Single   Elizabeth MACKROW Single  
55 25/04/1786 William HALL Single West Lexham Sarah GARLAND Single  
56 05/07/1786 George WILLIAMS Single   Hannah ROUT Single  
57 16/05/1787 John WILLIAMS Single   Mary MASH Single  
58 16/05/1787 John LEGGETT Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow  
59 03/10/1787 William HOLMES Widower   Elizabeth CARLOW Single  
60 01/07/1788 Isaac CHESNUT Widower   Elizabeth COOK Single  
61 16/09/1788 George SECKER Single   Ann WHITETHREAD Single  
62 28/10/1788 John SMITH Single   Mary Ann FROST Single  
63 13/10/1789 John MACKROW Single   Ann BURROWS Single  
64 19/11/1789 John AVIS Single Stanford Sarah BURTON Single Stanford
65 08/03/1791 Thomas QUANTRELL Single Stanford Margarett TOWLER Single  
66 27/07/1791 Jacob MACKROW Single   Elizabeth GOSS Single  
67 17/10/1791 Thomas HINES Single Swaffham Mary LOCK Single  
68 26/10/1791 James DANIELS Single East Wretham Abigail SUMMERS Single  
69 12/11/1792 Thomas LEGGATE Single   Martha TAYLOR Single  
70 27/11/1792 James HAZEL Widower Thompson Mary Ann FROST Widow  
71 14/01/1793 William BOUGHEN Single   Frances MOSS Single  
72 23/09/1794 John MACROW Widower Stanford Mary MACROW Single Stanford
73 20/11/1794 William LAKE Single   Rebecca CHAPEL Single  
74 26/05/1795 Joseph OSBORN Single Hockham Sarah RULE Single  
75 28/03/1797 William MACKROW Single Stanford Elizabeth BLACKMAN Single  
76 26/06/1797 William BOWDEN Single   Jane KID Single  
77 16/01/1798 Thomas GOSS Single   Hannah BURROUGHS Single  
78 22/02/1798 John PAIN Single   Tabitha TASH Single Threxton
79 28/05/1798 Robert HOBS Single Watton Maria BURTON Single Stanford
80 07/10/1798 James HOWES Single Thompson Anne FROST Single  
81 18/12/1798 John CHILVERS Single   Karenhappuch KENNEDY Single  
82 03/03/1800 William WARBY Single   Elizabeth BARRETT Widow  
83 25/05/1801 George ALGATE Single Hockham Elizabeth WARD Single  
84 08/08/1802 James DALTON Widower Watton Susanna MARSH Single Stanford
85 12/10/1802 John OLDFIELD Single   Hannah LAKE Single  
86 28/02/1803 John BLACKMAN Single   Mary STUBBINGS Widow  
87 03/05/1803 Matthew DICKASON Single   Hannah CHILVERS Single  
88 21/06/1803 Thomas MALLOWS   Stanford Mary BLACKMAN Single  
89 16/09/1803 James MARSH Single Stanford Ann BRAME Single Stanford
90 23/04/1804 William HOLMES Widower   Mary RANSOM Widow  
91 02/12/1804 Greenwood CHILVERS Widower   Mary RULE Single  
92 26/03/1805 William CALTON Single Little Cressingham Ann BURTON Single  
93 22/07/1805 Thomas NAPTHEN Single   Susan KNIGHTS Single  
94 09/05/1807 Robert TOWLER Single   Hannah CAVILLE Single  
95 15/11/1808 William COCKS Single   Elizabeth WOLSEY Single  
96 05/12/1808 Joseph FISH Widower Stanford Sarah BRUNTON Widow Stanford
97 18/09/1809 Henry EDWARDS Widower Hockham Rebecca BLYE Single  
98 13/10/1809 Thomas BUNN Single Stanford Elizabeth FULLER Single Stanford
99 16/10/1809 John KIRBY Single   Anne Julia LATHAM Single  
100 05/03/1810 William CHILVERS Single   Charlotte BALLS Single  
101 05/11/1810 William HERRING Single   Susannah WATSON Single  
102 03/04/1812 Thomas SHARLING Single   Susanna GEORGE Single  
26/10/1812 Thomas NUNN Single   Hannah WATSON Single  
1 06/01/1813 John WARREN Single   Elizabeth CHILVERS Single  
2 12/10/1813 William MARKWELL     Jane HERRING    
3 12/10/1813 George LETTLE     Elizabeth COCKS    
4 26/10/1813 James WARBY     Margaret BARRETT    
5 02/11/1813 John WATSON Single   Elizabeth MAYHEW    
6 02/11/1813 John STYMPSON     Jane DALTON    
7 26/02/1815 James BILLING   Emneth Sarah JOHNSON   Outwell
8 21/11/1815 William HERRING Widower   Mary CROOK Single  
9 19/02/1816 William BALY Single   Elizabeth ASHMAN Single  
10 01/04/1817 Robert CHILVERS Single   Amy LARGE Single  
11 09/12/1817 George OLDFIELD Single   Elizabeth WARBY Single  
12 12/01/1818 Edmund BENNETT Single   Mary COX Single  
13 26/02/1818 James QUANTRELL Single Stanford Sarah LOCKWOOD Single  
14 10/11/1818 Henry STUBBINGS Single Stanford Mary Ann NUNN Single  
15 16/11/1818 James MACROW Single Stanford Susannah WARBY Single  
16 02/04/1821 John OSBORNE Single   Ann COX Single  
17 05/11/1821 Robert EASTER Single   Mary RUDD Single  
18 07/12/1821 George MUNNINGS Single   Ann WYARD Single  
19 29/01/1822 James BUSH Single   Rebecca SWATMAN Single  
20 19/02/1822 Samuel HOWLING Single   Mary Ann BARRETT Single  
21 04/11/1822 Henry MACROW Single Stanford Maria PEARSE Single Stanford
22 13/01/1823 Robert QUANTRELL Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
23 29/04/1823 Robert BYE Single   Sarah HERRING Single  
24 06/05/1823 Simon WATSON Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
25 03/11/1823 Thomas MACROW Single   Jane PARKER Single  
26 07/06/1824 Robert COX Single   Ellen CROMPTON Single  
27 02/11/1824 Richard STUBBINGS Single Stanford Sarah MACROW   Stanford
28 14/02/1825 John WARBY Single   Hannah OLDFIELD Single  
29 07/03/1825 John RUDD Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single  
30 25/07/1825 William MACROW Single   Mary WALKER Single Stanford
31 09/10/1825 Thomas MACROW Single   Harriot THOMPSON Single  
32 11/10/1825 Robert BARRET Single   Mary Anne SHIP Single  
33 13/03/1826 Joseph OSBORNE Widower   Alice WARREN Single  
34 15/09/1826 Jacob HUNT Single Thompson Jane BALLS Single  
35 16/11/1827 Edmund THURSTON Single   Susan MUNNINGS Single  
36 07/12/1827 Thomas HAYLOCK Single West Tofts Sarah NALLS Single  
37 05/01/1828 Robert CHESTON Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
38 10/01/1828 Henry OVERTON Single   Elizabeth RUDD Single  
39 15/02/1828 Christmas HUNT Single   Elizabeth WORBY Single  
40 31/07/1830 Robert FISHER Single Thompson Mary BOUGHEN Single  
41 24/12/1830 William CUNNINGHAM Widower Stanford Anne WATERS Widow Stanford
42 24/07/1831 John BOUGHEN Single   Honor WHITEHAND Widow  
43 12/09/1831 John NETTLESHIP Single   Susan Louisa BOUGHEN Single Watton
44 12/10/1831 James CHINNERY Single   Mary Ann HOWLING Single  
45 30/12/1831 Jacob MACROW Single   Kerenhappuch CHILVERS Single  
46 07/04/1832 William RENELLS Single   Elizabeth LITTLE Widow  
47 20/04/1832 Robert WALKER Single Stanford Ellen COCKS Widow Stanford
48 12/06/1832 Henry BARRETT Single Beachamwell Elizabeth BROOKS Single  
49 10/12/1832 John SWETMAN Single   Anne MACROW Single  
50 21/04/1833 James BUSH Single   Sarah CHILVERS Single  
51 16/07/1833 Edmund CROWE Single Hockham Sarah BYE Widow  
52 23/08/1834 Joseph STURGIN   Stanford Harriot BAKER    
53 26/08/1834 Ambrose WILLIAMS Single   Sarah WATERS Single  
54 28/10/1834 John BLACKBONE Single   Mary QUARDLING Single  
55 01/12/1834 Michael WALKER Single   Sarah GOSS Single  
56 07/07/1835 James MACROW Single   Mary Ann LITTLE Single  
57 19/09/1835 Henry HERRING Single   Ann MACROW Widow  
58 14/01/1836 Francis BARKER Single   Sarah STAR Single  
59 15/10/1836 Cooper MACROW Single Stanford Susannah BOWERS Single  
60 04/11/1836 James OLDFIELD Single   Hannah STURGEON Single  
61 09/11/1836 Joseph FROST Single   Maria BLACKBONE Single  
62 01/01/1837 Robert MATTLESS Single Watton Jemima PARKER Single  
63 18/02/1837 Isaac BROWNE Single Hockham Sarah Anne BOWERS Single  
64 26/02/1837 Thomas GOSS Single   Martha JOHNSON Single  

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