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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Aston Le Walls St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Aston le Walls lies in southwestern Northamptonshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire and is close to neighbouring Warwickshire too. Aston le Walls is a compact nucleated village and is located about 8 miles northeast of the Oxfordshire market town of Banbury. Aston le Walls sits just to the west of the A361 road which connects Banbury with Daventry. On the northeastern edge of Aston le Walls runs the evocatively named "Welsh Road", now a lane this was an ancient droveway taking animals from the Welsh hills to London. The area around Aston le Walls is largely used for arable farming although there was some quarrying of the oolitic limestone so characteristic of the area. Aston le Walls is drained by small tributaries of the River Cherwell, these head southwards, through Banbury before joining the Thames to the northwest of Oxford thence to the North Sea. Aston le Walls is sited on a ridge at around 140 metres above sea level, some 30 metres above the stream level, land is gently undulating rather than deeply incised. South Northamptonshire parishes are much of a size and Aston le Walls is no exception, it covered just over 1,500 acres and supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Aston le Walls was held by one Geoffrey de Mandeville and boasted just 9 ploughs and some meadow.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits at the heart of the village where the two main lanes which branch off the Welsh Road meet at a junction. The church is largely 13th century and makes extensive use of the local limestones. Pevsner also picks out details that indicate an earlier Norman origin, notably round-headed arches on doorways and windows around the tower. The later western porch, quite an unusual feature and very much a "bolt-on" hides much of the detail from the exterior. Otherwise the church follows the traditional design of chancel, nave and western tower with additional arcades. The church sits on a corner site, the main entrance being from Main Street where a metal gate grants access. There is one particularly dominating tree which restricts angles somewhat but without preventing adequate photography of the building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th June 1754 - 20th July 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 019P/05 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th October 1814 - 24th November 1836 Northampton Archives - Reference - 019P/04/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/06/1754 Thomas COLLINS     Mary SAULL    
3 20/10/1755 John MORRIS     Mary DUNN    
2 07/12/1755 William CATCH     Mary COLE    
4 13/10/1756 William PLUMER     Anne WELLS   Chipping Warden
1 04/12/1758 John SMITH   Woodford Halse Anne MAUNDER    
4 16/04/1759 William ALLET   Chipping Warden Mary WALKER    
1 21/11/1759 Thomas HOUSE   Woodford Halse Mary ALLET    
2 28/01/1760 William BIRCH     Sarah WILKINS    
4 18/11/1762 Henry WILKINS     Mary TAYLOR   Claydon, Oxfordshire
2 16/11/1763 Francis HIGHAM     Anne HERBERT    
3 10/01/1766 Richard DOD   Byfield Sarah DAWKINS    
4 04/09/1766 John WARD   Burton Dassett, Warwickshire Mary WESTON    
1 03/11/1766 Richard TAYLOR     Martha GREEN    
2 01/09/1768 Thomas RICKETT     Hannah HADLAND    
3 04/12/1769 Samuel FRENCH     Sarah TURNER    
4 10/10/1770 William THACKER     Anne CAPEL    
1 30/10/1770 William REYNOLDS     Sarah YOUNG    
2 06/11/1770 William BENCH     Mary RANDLE    
3 25/10/1771 William WESTON     Elizabeth ALLIT Single  
4 10/11/1771 James YOUNG     Lydia GRIFFIN Single  
1 08/10/1772 Samuel FRENCH     Anne WAD    
2 23/02/1775 Job AXALL   Byfield Ann TURNER    
3 13/06/1775 William MARSHALL   Denton, Oxfordshire Ann ARIS    
4 13/11/1775 Stephen GEE     Penelope PAINTER    
1 19/10/1776 John TAYLOR   Warmington Elizabeth GREEN    
2 05/11/1776 Thomas GREEN     Ann SAUL    
3 25/12/1776 William GARRETT   Cropredy, Oxfordshire Mary ARIS    
4 16/11/1777 John TOMKINS     Ann NEAL    
1 27/12/1777 John GARRETT   Gloucestershire Ann THACKER    
2 04/01/1781 John HEDGES     Mary NEWTON    
3 22/01/1781 Thomas HOWES   Woodford Halse Mary PLUMMER    
4 05/09/1782 William ARIS     Ann MILLS   Hanwell, Oxfordshire
1 14/10/1782 Anthony BUTTLER     Ann HEINS    
2 24/11/1782 George WELCH   Boddington Elizabeth ARCHER    
3 14/01/1783 Richard ARCHER     Mary BRAIN    
4 12/05/1783 William BLAKEMORE   Cropredy, Oxfordshire Susannah LINNELL    
1 19/10/1783 William BODFISH   Litchborough Hannah BATCHELOR    
2 13/01/1784 Thomas LAMB     Sarah PLUMBER    
3 30/05/1785 John WILKINS     Elizabeth WAR    
4 05/12/1785 Thomas CLEAVER   Charwelton Elizabeth HIRONS    
1 16/03/1786 John WATSON   Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire Ann LINNELL Single  
2 31/03/1786 John GARROLD   Cropredy, Oxfordshire Elizabeth WILKINS    
3 01/05/1786 Thomas COLY     Hannah CUCKNILL    
4 29/01/1787 William SMYTH     Mary BERRY   Chipping Warden
1 12/11/1787 Samuel GOODWIN     Mary BODFISH    
2 07/10/1789 John NEWMAN     Ester BROWN    
06/06/1790 William PLUMMER     Catharine WILLOUGHBY    
02/10/1790 John CARPENTER   Chipping Warden Elizabeth SMITH    
16/10/1791 Samuel PLUMMER     Elizabeth GUBBINS    
21/02/1792 Martin IVENS   Eydon Elizabeth STALEY    
13/04/1792 Thomas TAYLOR   Byfield Rebecca LINNELL    
07/05/1792 James COLING     Mary BIRCH    
04/10/1793 Abraham LINNELL   Canons Ashby Ann WATSON    
14/10/1793 John WORREL     Mary DRY    
10/11/1793 John BOOT     Elizabeth BRANCH    
11/11/1793 James BINCH     Lucy TURTLAND    
29/11/1793 John YOUNG     Ann SALIN    
24/02/1794 Moses SMITH     Lucretia SMITH    
12/10/1794 Thomas BULL   Boddington Mary FRENCH    
16/10/1794 Charles GOLSBY   Thorpe Mandeville Dorothy BRAIN    
07/01/1795 John PLUMMER     Hannah CURTIS   Alcester, Warwickshire
11/10/1796 Valentine HARRISON     Elizabeth GARRETT    
17/04/1797 Joseph LETTS     Mary TALBOT    
24/04/1800 Edward CHATER   Fenny Compton, Warwickshire Ann NEEDLE    
25/10/1800 James YOUNG     Mary ASKEW    
02/11/1800 Richard GULLIVER     Mary TULL    
18/05/1801 Charles SAVIN     Hannah KIMREL    
15/10/1801 Thomas INNS   Charwelton Hannah WOODWARD    
18/10/1802 William ASKAYS     Mary EDGINGTON    
11/11/1802 John DANSER     Anne BODFISH    
15/05/1803 Thomas GREGORY   Daventry Elizabeth GEE    
15/09/1803 William LINES   Eydon Elizabeth KIRBY    
01/12/1803 Francis JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth BURCH Single  
12/10/1804 Joseph MESSENGER Single   Ann SERVER Single  
14/10/1805 Benjamin SHEPHERD   Woodford Halse Mary COX    
22/10/1805 Richard FRENCH     Ann CHECKLEY   Souldern, Oxfordshire
15/07/1806 William CROFT   Wardington, Oxfordshire Sarah BROWN    
21/10/1806 Edward IRONS     Sarah NUTON Single  
02/11/1806 Jonas LINES     Mary JURRY    
09/11/1806 Benjamin BRANSON     Ann LOCKTON    
15/02/1808 Thomas BERRY     Hannah FARMER   Chipping Warden
19/06/1808 William WADDOPS     Hannah MILLER   Boddington
21/06/1808 William TOMKINS   Middleton Cheney Elizabeth KING    
19/12/1808 John GARDNER   Edgcote Ann BROMLEY    
17/01/1809 William FRENCH     Elizabeth YARRETT   Wardington, Oxfordshire
05/10/1809 William HORWOOD Single Thorpe Mandeville Frances PAGE Single  
16/10/1809 Thomas MEANWOOD     Elizabeth DURHAM   Cropredy, Oxfordshire
13/11/1809 Thomas LOCKTON Widower   Ann ARIS Widow  
01/05/1810 Joseph GARDNER   Long Itchington, Warwickshire Mary YOUNG Single  
04/06/1810 John WILKINS Single   Sarah TREDWELL Single  
22/10/1810 John PARISH     Mary BEATS    
24/12/1810 William STANTON   Kings Sutton Sarah GEE    
14/10/1811 Thomas WALTON Single   Mary BROMLEY Single  
20/07/1812 Joseph BUTLER Widower Wardington, Oxfordshire Mary PLUMMER Widow  
4 13/10/1814 George WADDOP     Elizabeth IRONS    
5 01/04/1815 Thomas WILLIFER Single Wardington, Oxfordshire Mary PAGE Single  
6 21/08/1815 Timothy SEDGLEY Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Catharine KIRBY Single  
7 02/10/1815 James PAGE Single   Dorothy KIRBY Single  
8 07/10/1815 William EVANS Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
9 19/02/1816 George NICHOLS Single   Ann DEAN Single  
10 06/05/1816 Thomas MUNDEN Single Fawsley Mary Ann MATTINGLEY Single  
11 17/10/1816 Thomas WHORLEY Single   Jane PALMER Single  
12 27/10/1817 William MILLER     Hannah CUCKNELL    
13 27/11/1817 John DOUGLASS   Sulgrave Elizabeth COWPER Single  
14 12/11/1818 James BORTON   Hanwell, Oxfordshire Rebecca BERRY    
16 12/10/1820 John STOWE Single   Elizabeth HAWTON Single  
17 18/10/1821 Joseph WARD     Ann MORRIS    
18 30/09/1822 William COCKNELL     Jane MARSHALL   Chipping Warden
19 12/10/1822 Daniel DEAN     Jane MANN    
20 16/02/1823 James THACKER     Ann PLOMER    
21 22/10/1823 Samuel WADOPS Single   Ann BREWER Single  
22 29/12/1823 James WHEELER   Brill, Buckinghamshire Jane BERRY    
23 30/09/1824 John BRIGHTWELL Single Byfield Jane MATTINGLEY Single  
24 25/04/1825 Thomas ELAMEN Single Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire Frances BENCH Single  
25 01/06/1826 Thomas MATTINGLEY Single   Mary Ann JOHNSON Single  
26 13/11/1826 James TINES Single Wardington, Oxfordshire Rebecca YOUNG Single  
27 13/11/1826 Thomas WILKINS Single   Mary GREGORY Single  
29 17/01/1827 Thomas CUCKNEL Single   Mary Archer SABIN Single  
30 16/10/1827 Benjamin ARIS Single   Sarah HOLLOWAY Single  
31 26/12/1827 Thomas DUCKET   Claydon, Oxfordshire Ann THACKER    
32 11/08/1828 Richard CUCKNEL     Mary WATERS   Middleton Cheney
33 22/03/1829 Robert KITELY     Harriet BERRY    
34 16/10/1829 John YOUNG Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
35 02/03/1830 Samuel CUCKNEL     Rebecca RUSSELL   Boddington
36 08/11/1830 Nathan LINES Single Chipping Warden Hannah IRONS Single  
37 21/03/1831 James WALKER   Banbury, Oxfordshire Caroline ASKEW    
38 14/10/1831 Charles MARSHALL   Chipping Warden Mary BROMLEY    
39 26/06/1832 John HEARN   Banbury, Oxfordshire Mary BENCH    
40 27/11/1832 John HARRIS     Ann ATKINS   Long Itchington, Warwickshire
41 22/10/1834 William MARRIATT   Boddington Ann ASKEW    
42 06/08/1835 Charles MASTERS   Braunston Martha WILLIAMS   Moreton Pinkney
43 20/11/1835 Richard ROGERS     Martha GARRETT    
44 24/11/1836 Michael PHILLIPS   Banbury, Oxfordshire Elizabeth ASKEW    

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