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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chipping Warden St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Chipping Warden lies in the extreme southwest of Northamptonshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire and is not too far away from neighbouring Warwickshire either. Chipping Warden lies about 7 miles northeast of the Oxfordshire market town of Banbury and sits astride the A361 road which connects Banbury with Daventry. Chipping Warden is a compact village, the A361 performs an "S" shape through the village and most housing is along that route or to its south. The village sits just north of the River Cherwell which is headed southwards towards the Thames ultimately which it meets just east of Oxford. Chipping Warden sits in a largely arable farming area, this would have been much more mixed prior to modern machinery. The village sits at about 130 metres above sea level with valleys to both east and west which meet south of the village. The parish is fairly typically sized for a southern parish and supported around 500 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Chipping Warden (separate from it being the name of the local hundred) in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits just south of the A361 at a broad crossroads in the heart of the village. This is a very open site from the north and the church has a good prospect from that direction. The building is large as you would expect from the number of parishioners and built in a mixture of the Decorated and Perpendicular styles. The basic nave, chancel and western tower design is enhanced by both north and south aisles. Pevsner places the church around the cusp of 13th and 14th centuries although like many churches it has been added to over the years. The site is a corner one on the junction of Mill Lane and Hogg End, the church sits behind a mid-height brick wall and access is at the southern end of the site where it buts up rather abruptly against 1950s housing. The churchyard has few trees and photographic opportunities are good provided an early or late visit is made, the views being restricted from the south.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th April 1755 - 9th December 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 066P/05 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd may 1813 - 16th February 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 066P/06 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Aston Le Walls St Leonard
Aston Le Walls St Leonard
Woodford Halse St Mary
Cropredy St Mary, Oxfordshire
Wardington St Mary Magdalene, Oxfordshire
Eydon St Nicholas
Wardington St Mary Magdalene, Oxfordshire
Edgcote St James
Culworth St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 25/04/1755 William RICHARDSON   Pitsford Elizabeth WINKLES    
2 01/07/1755 Thomas BERDMORE   Aston Le Walls Sarah SPENCER    
3 17/10/1755 Robert JONES     Elizabeth CROSSLEY    
4 18/12/1755 James FARMER     Elizabeth GULLIVER    
1 07/01/1756 William HITCHCOCK     Elizabeth DIXON Single Edgcote
2 26/01/1756 John MALIN     Ann GARRET Single  
3 26/02/1756 William WILSON   Wardington, Oxfordshire Jane OXEN Widow  
1 11/04/1757 Thomas LAMBERT     Elizabeth STOCKLEY Single  
1 06/02/1758 Richard LOVELL   Edgcote Mary LAMPREY Single  
2 06/07/1758 William SPRINGAL   Edgcote Mary HAWKS Single  
3 23/10/1758 John FARMER     Alice CATON Single Middleton Cheney
4 24/12/1758 Thomas DOUGLAS     Elizabeth WIGSON Single  
1 28/02/1759 Robert HARTWELL   Adderbury, Oxfordshire Sarah BESSENT Single  
2 27/04/1759 John STOCKLEY     Anne BATEMAN    
3 08/12/1759 Hugh DRAKE   Greatworth Anne DOUGLAS    
1 28/06/1761 Thomas CLEAVER     Elizabeth HARROD    
2 22/07/1761 Samuel MILLER     Mary WRIGHT    
3 17/11/1761 Thomas WHITE Widower Thorpe Mandeville Alice VAUGHAN Widow  
4 27/12/1761 Henry SMITH     Jane JEFFS    
1 11/02/1762 Thomas MARSHALL     Sarah WILLSON    
2 12/10/1762 John LOVELL     Ann WAYNE    
3 29/11/1762 William KEIGHTLY   Kings Sutton Susanna JONES    
1 06/04/1763 William CLEAVER     Mary BENT   Aston Le Walls
2 25/12/1763 William PHILIPS     Mary BATEMAN Single  
1 26/02/1764 William WATTS   Cropredy, Oxfordshire Sarah LOVEL    
1 22/01/1765 William RICHARDSON   Pitsford Mary FRIEND    
2 30/06/1765 John KEY     Elizabeth MARRET   Newnham
3 22/12/1765 Richard SABIN   Wardington, Oxfordshire Frances GARRET    
17/05/1766 Jonathan STACY     Ann GARDNER Widow  
1 21/04/1767 Richard FIFIELD   Boddington Mary BULL    
1 22/03/1768 Edward MORGAN Single Marston Mary GARDNER Single  
2 11/10/1768 George TIMMS     Esther SHEERSBY    
3 14/10/1768 Thomas SOUTHAM   Turweston, Buckinghamshire Silence LINES    
1 31/01/1769 George WATERS     Mary PARGETER    
2 27/03/1769 Thomas LOVEL     Ann WATERS    
12/03/1770 John WIGSON     Elizabeth KEY Single  
1 19/01/1771 Samuel WESTLEY Single Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Anne CHARLES Single  
2 26/07/1771 Thomas DANCER     Esther AYNGE    
1 12/10/1772 George WATERS     Elizabeth KELCHER    
08/12/1772 William GILLET   Burton Bradstock, Dorset Alice WATERS    
08/01/1773 Daniel HAZELWOOD   Wolston, Warwickshire Jane LINES    
04/07/1773 William WIMBUSH     Ann FARMER    
12/10/1773 Michael HITCHCOCK     Alice LAWRENCE Single Byfield
03/02/1774 John MARSHALL     Elizabeth DOUGLAS    
04/05/1774 Joseph WILSON     Sarah HARRALL   Rugby, Warwickshire
06/11/1774 John WATERS     Lois LAWRENCE   Middleton Cheney
30/04/1775 Samuel ALLEN     Susannah LINES    
23/10/1775 William WILLSON     Mary MAUNDERS   Culworth
11/12/1775 Henry BROWN   Leamington Priors, Warwickshire Martha IVENS    
25/12/1775 Edward MANDER     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
07/04/1776 John SMITH     Sarah LINES    
10/04/1776 Thomas GARROT     Elizabeth WRITON    
15/09/1776 George TIMS     Elizabeth LINES    
22/09/1776 Thomas HAWTIN     Martha CRICKNELL    
01/10/1776 William LINES     Sarah TOMPSON   Edgcote
30/11/1776 Richard GARROT     Hannah WILLSON    
25/02/1777 William VAGG     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
28/10/1777 Thomas WARD     Elizabeth MANSELL    
23/11/1777 George ANCOCK     Ann WATERS    
15/10/1778 John LINES     Mary WILLSON    
28/12/1778 William SMALLBONE     Alice JONES    
22/05/1779 Thomas TURNER     Ann LOVELL    
03/04/1780 John WILLSON     Elizabeth BURDEN   Wardington, Oxfordshire
26/06/1780 William ARCHER     Mary WILLOUGHBY    
26/07/1780 William DOUGLAS     Sarah BATEMAN    
14/12/1780 Benjamin MESSENGER   Aston Le Walls Mary THORNTON    
06/07/1781 Robert LEDBROOK   Priors Hardwick, Warwickshire Mary STOCKLEY    
13/10/1781 William LIVELY   Thornton, Buckinghamshire Hannah FRIEND    
13/01/1782 William GUBBINS     Mary MAUDS   Edgcote
07/02/1782 John SMYTH     Mary WHITE    
11/10/1782 James LOVELL     Elizabeth HERBERT    
04/11/1782 John DAVENPORT   Priors Hardwick, Warwickshire Judith WHITE    
26/05/1783 William COLE   Wardington, Oxfordshire Mary DOUGLAS    
21/01/1784 John SABIN     Sarah HIRONS    
17/04/1784 Richard SYMATH     Ann WILLSON    
16/09/1784 John STOCKLEY     Mary LOVELL    
30/12/1784 Joseph MARRIOT   Sulgrave Mary MARSHALL    
04/05/1785 Thomas BERRY     Sarah FARMER    
04/10/1785 John DANVERS   Wardington, Oxfordshire Sarah WRIGHTON    
09/02/1786 William STOCKLEY   Wardington, Oxfordshire Bridget LOVELL    
25/02/1786 Henry KITCHINGMAN   Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire Sarah KNOWLER    
29/05/1786 Thomas GARRET     Susannah WARD    
13/10/1788 William MASTERS   Whitnash, Warwickshire Martha ARCHER    
16/10/1788 Thomas TURNER   Edgcote Elizabeth PARKER    
09/10/1789 Thomas GOLBY Widower Middleton Cheney Elizabeth LOVEL Single  
30/11/1789 Richard WATTS   Middleton Cheney Elizabeth TIMMS    
05/06/1790 Samuel TIMS     Frances MALIN    
26/03/1791 Charles LOVELL Single   Mary BLAIR   Wardington, Oxfordshire
21/09/1791 John HAZELWOOD Single   Ann BERRY Single  
09/04/1792 William KYTELEY Single   Alice PARKER Single  
18/11/1792 Joseph GARRET Single   Elizabeth FARMER Single  
17/10/1793 Richard PARKINS Single   Sarah HICKSON    
17/02/1794 Thomas MINNALL   Brackley Mary KEY    
22/09/1794 Thomas WILSON Single   Mary READ Single  
14/02/1795 George ARCHER Single   Ann MASON Single  
14/05/1795 Joseph BASELEY   Mollington, Oxfordshire Hannah KEY    
10/10/1795 Thomas LOVELL Widower   Sarah WILSON Widow  
19/10/1795 Thomas ISHAM Single   Hannah FARMER Single  
22/10/1795 Stephen MALIN Single   Ann LOVELL Single  
29/01/1796 Richard KIRTON Single Edgcote Mary HITCHCOX Single  
10/11/1796 Thomas COWLEY Single   Mary BONHAM Single  
19/12/1796 William COX Single   Ann LOVELL Single  
16/11/1797 Charles JOHNSON Single Aston Le Walls Mary DOUGLAS Single  
08/04/1798 Charles LINES Single   Hannah WILLABY Single  
28/05/1798 William ISHAM Widower   Anne WILSON Widow  
11/10/1798 William ADAMS   Chacombe Margaret ARCHER    
18/10/1798 John AMISS     Ann GARDNER    
27/01/1799 John ALLEN     Ann BUSH    
17/10/1799 John LOVELL     Mary NIBS    
07/11/1799 William SMITH   Ecton Mary ALLET    
12/01/1800 John HARRIS   Canons Ashby Mary LYNNES    
29/10/1800 Thomas HARRES     Ann BASSET    
21/01/1803 Samuel SOLE   Aston Le Walls Ann HORTIN    
25/03/1803 Joseph WILSON     Elizabeth ROSAMOND    
07/04/1803 Thomas LYNES     Elizabeth ABBOT   Sulgrave
24/05/1803 John BERRY     Elizabeth DANIEL    
21/07/1803 William COWPER   Boddington Elizabeth STOCKLEY    
24/07/1803 Nathan LYNNES     Catharine HIGHAM    
14/10/1803 Benjamin LYNES     Sarah ASKEY   Woodford By Thrapston
24/10/1803 Benjamin LINES     Elizabeth WARWICK   Marston
15/11/1803 William PERKINS     Alice AMOS Single  
08/04/1804 William KING     Mary FARCEY    
29/04/1804 William LINES     Elizabeth MURCHEY    
01/11/1804 William MARSHALL     Mary HAZELWOOD    
12/11/1804 Samuel BERRY     Penelope BUCKLEY    
25/02/1805 Charles STOCKLEY     Ann LOVELL    
01/01/1806 John HITCHCOCK     Elizabeth GARRETT    
21/04/1806 Thomas COY     Phoebe WILSON    
21/04/1806 Thomas CASE     Sophia TARREY    
15/06/1806 William LOVERIDGE   Chacombe Elizabeth BERRY    
14/07/1806 William GARRETT   Banbury, Oxfordshire Elizabeth FAIRY    
03/05/1807 William BORTON   All Saints, Northampton Elizabeth DOUGLASS    
14/10/1807 Moses BURDON   Harbury, Warwickshire Elizabeth STANTON    
08/05/1808 William ADDAMS     Elizabeth SMALLBONES    
20/10/1808 Thomas WARD     Hannah BROOKS    
28/09/1809 William ELLSON Single South Kilworth, Leicestershire Rachel Douglas MARSHALL Single  
12/10/1809 James MALIN   Napton On The Hill, Warwickshire Hannah HALLOWAY    
26/11/1809 William HITCHCOCK Widower   Ann STOCKLEY Single  
28/11/1809 Jacob PRINT Single Bloxham, Oxfordshire Phebe MALING Single  
08/11/1810 William GARDNER   Middleton Cheney Maria WILSON    
08/11/1810 John BATCHELOR     Hannah GARRETT    
06/02/1811 James NEWMAN Single   Maria MARSHALL Single  
27/10/1811 Daniel HAYNES Single   Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY Single  
30/04/1812 Edward HAWKES Single   Elizabeth GARRETT Single  
22/11/1812 Richard EVINS Single Wappenham Mary PALMER    
09/12/1812 George HITCHCOCK     Sarah ALLCOCK   Fenny Compton, Warwickshire
1 02/05/1813 William HAWKES Single   Sarah LINES Single  
2 12/08/1813 Josiah Drake HINTON Single   Elizabeth STAFFORD Single  
3 20/12/1813 John GEE Single   Martha GARRATT Single  
4 03/07/1814 Moses CHEEKLEY Single   Martha MILLER Single Edgcote
5 04/09/1814 Thomas WATERS Widower   Mary HODGKINS Single  
6 29/09/1814 Richard HAWKES Widower   Sarah GARRAT    
7 05/07/1815 George BLISS     Mary MARSHALL    
8 08/08/1815 Daniel HUTCHINGS     Elizabeth GUBBINS    
9 02/10/1815 Joseph LINES     Ann GUBBINS    
10 12/10/1815 George ARCHER   Aston Le Walls Margaret DOUGLAS    
11 13/11/1815 Thomas PARKER   Wappenbury, Warwickshire Sarah HUNT    
12 07/12/1815 William GUBBINS     Sarah GUBBINS    
13 17/06/1816 Thomas LOVELL     Susanna KIGHTLEY    
14 02/09/1816 John BERRY     Maria GARRATT    
15 26/12/1816 Edward WHITHEAD     Ann FARMER    
16 13/07/1817 Henry NIBS     Bett LINES    
17 13/10/1817 William EDEN   Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire Sarah HALL    
18 04/01/1818 John GARRET     Marcey LINES    
19 15/10/1818 Richard HARTLEY     Mary HEMMINGS    
20 15/10/1818 William ARCHER     Mary TAYLOR    
21 22/10/1818 John MARCHANT   Brackley Elizabeth LINES    
22 20/05/1819 Thomas DOUGLAS     Elizabeth ELDRIDGE    
23 28/09/1819 Richard BORTON Single   Catherine EARL   Weedon Lois
24 21/10/1819 Richard BUTLER Single Launton, Oxfordshire Ann CASTLE    
25 07/01/1821 Richard COLE Single   Rachael DOUGLAS Single  
26 15/02/1821 James FARMER     Elizabeth HODGKINS   Wardington, Oxfordshire
27 22/10/1821 William KIBBLE   Towcester Mary LINES    
28 22/10/1821 Richard BUCKLEY     Ann GARRETT    
29 10/12/1821 George DOUGLAS     Catharine JOHNSON    
30 29/04/1822 John KING   Boddington Hannah WARD    
31 16/09/1822 George KNIBB   Wroxton, Oxfordshire Hannah GARRETT    
32 28/10/1822 Joseph QUINEY     Susannah ARCHER    
33 06/07/1823 Richard BROOKS     Mary WARD    
34 13/07/1823 Daniel Bateman DOUGLAS     Ann DOUGLAS    
35 27/07/1823 William WILSON     Caroline MARSHALL    
36 21/09/1823 Edward ISHAM     Phebe GARRET    
37 26/01/1824 Richard TARRY     Hannah MATHEWS   Thorpe Mandeville
38 14/03/1824 William LINES     Rachael BROWN    
39 04/07/1824 George SMITH   Boddington Ann SMITH    
40 16/08/1824 William WILSON Widower Wardington, Oxfordshire Grace LINES    
41 07/08/1825 William QUINEY Single Mollington, Oxfordshire Maria GARRETT Single  
42 17/10/1825 William LINES   Newbold On Avon, Warwickshire Ann FOY    
43 03/11/1825 Richard LAMBERT     Maria WILSON    
44 14/11/1825 Thomas ARCHER     Elizabeth MORTON    
45 12/01/1826 Robert MILLER Single Balscote, Oxfordshire Ann MARSHALL Single  
46 02/03/1826 James MARSHALL     Sarah WILSON    
47 02/04/1826 William WILSON     Sarah THORNLOE    
48 16/04/1826 John REYNOLDS Single Woodford By Thrapston Hannah ROGERS Single  
49 16/10/1826 William SMITH     Jemima EAGLES    
50 24/10/1826 John COLTON Single   Mary DOUGLASS Single  
51 25/04/1827 Thomas RUSSELL   Marston Mary DODD    
52 19/11/1827 Job WILLIAMS     Mary ARCHER    
53 06/07/1828 Henry LOVELL     Alice LOVELL    
54 05/10/1828 Thomas GILKS Single   Rachel FARMER Single  
55 20/10/1828 James WALKER     Charlotte PARGETER    
56 09/11/1828 William GUBBINS     Sarah LINES    
57 09/09/1829 Samuel LINES     Eliza LINES    
58 27/09/1829 William LINES     Mary PATSTONE    
59 18/10/1829 Daniel LINES     Rebecca CARTER    
60 11/04/1830 George LINES     Charlotte LINES    
61 15/11/1830 Thomas BEACHY   Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Jane ALLEN    
62 14/12/1830 William ROBINSON Single   Mary AMOS Single  
63 09/06/1831 Edward LORD   Broadwell, Oxfordshire Mary ROOT    
64 07/08/1831 William LINES Widower   Jane SMITH    
65 14/10/1831 George JEFFERY     Mary ANSTEY    
66 23/11/1831 George WEED Single Thorpe Mandeville Susannah KITELEY Single  
67 05/12/1831 Thomas THACKER   Aston Le Walls Rachael GARRATT    
68 28/02/1832 Daniel DOUGLAS     Elizabeth PARKER    
69 03/03/1832 Samuel HILL   Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Charlotte BOSWELL    
70 04/03/1832 William LINES     Susanna JERRAMS    
71 05/11/1832 John PRATT Single Byfield Lucy LINES Single  
72 04/08/1833 Joshua Thomas LINES Widower   Elizabeth ARCHER Single  
73 14/10/1833 William LOVELL Single   Ann COOKNELL Single  
74 25/12/1833 John MARSHALL     Ann BASSET    
75 16/10/1834 Thomas LINES     Elizabeth THACKER Single Syresham
76 10/11/1834 William CHESTER Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Charlotte GARRETT Single  
77 11/12/1834 John LINES Single   Mary GUBBINS Single  
78 02/02/1835 Henry BAKER Single Croughton Mary Ann MARSHALL Single  
79 30/04/1835 James LINES Single   Mary Ann COWLEY Single  
80 22/10/1835 Thomas HAWKES Single   Ann ISHAM Single  
81 15/11/1835 Thomas REEVES Single Sulgrave Alice GARRETT Single  
82 12/09/1836 Thomas ARCHER Single   Elizabeth NEWMAN Single  
83 13/10/1836 George COGGINS Single Wolston, Warwickshire Mary WOOLEFF Single  
84 16/02/1837 Richard MARSHALL Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  

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