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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barton Seagrave St Botolph


The Parish

The parish of Barton Seagrave sits in central Northamptonshire about 2 miles southeast of the large market town of Kettering. Barton Seagrave, whilst once a separate village, has now almost been absorbed into the town of Kettering of which it forms a southeastern suburb. Barton Seagrave formerly sat of the route of the A6 road which connected Kettering with Rushden, this road now bypasses both Barton Seagrave and Kettering in tandem with the busy A14 road which connects eastern England through to the motorway network. Prior to its 20th century expansion Barton Seagrave was a small agricultural settlement on the eastern banks of the River Ise. The Ise drains the parish southwards reaching the Nene at Wellingborough before heading for the North Sea through The Wash. Barton Seagrave is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside. Barton Seagrave parish was of a fairly typical size for a Northamptonshire parish, it covered just under 1,800 acres and would have supported around 200 parishioners. IN Domesday times Barton Seagrave was held by the Bishop of Coutances, it could offer 10 ploughs, some meadows and woodland and 2 mills.

The Church

St Botolph's church sits at the heart of the former centre of the village. The church is certainly an ancient one with many features from the Norman period so much so that Pevsner was moved to call it an "impressive Norman church" indicative of its largely preserved features from the 11th/12th centuries. Following a truncated version of the cruciform pattern (there being no transepts) with nave chancel and central tower this church is different from many in the county. There are later features, of course, the tower top is Perpendicular and there was a significant restoration in 1878 but much else is Norman or Early English in style and date. The church sits at the southern end of the "V" shaped St Botolph's Road in a slightly elevated position. A neat local stone wall surrounds and a paved pathway leads to the church, there are few impediments to photography within the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th May 1754 - 28th May 1809 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 029P/05 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The final 10 years are subject to a caveat as to the quality of handwriting leading to a possibility of a few misreads
2 1st May 1811 - 25th October 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 029P/06 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads Just 4 entries
3 4th March 1813 - 8th May 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 029P/07 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting throughout may lead to a few misreads

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Kettering St Peter & St Paul
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Burton Latimer St Mary
Burton Latimer St Mary
Cranford St John

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/05/1754 Andrew MORER     Mary BUTTERWORTH   Gretton
2 26/10/1755 John SERGEANT   Great Oakley Mary HARDING    
3 26/12/1755 Thomas CHATER     Anne COLESON   Burton Latimer
4 29/09/1757 Jacob FRANCIS   St John, Westminster, Middlesex Susannah BRETT    
5 09/06/1758 Newton BARTON   Old Windsor, Berkshire Elizabeth EKINS    
6 30/07/1759 Mortlock GREEN     Alice TEETON    
7 02/09/1759 Thomas BALL   Burton Latimer Mary PERKINS    
8 02/02/1761 Arthur DEATH     Elizabeth HUMPHREY    
9 08/07/1762 Thomas BEWSE     Mary WADSWORTH    
10 03/09/1763 John LANGLEY   Little Harrowden Sarah PEACH Widow  
11 14/05/1764 William HAWTHORNE   Kettering Sarah BENNET    
12 21/05/1764 James BRITCHFORD     Alice DAINTY    
13 31/03/1766 James BROUGHTON     Mary MOORE    
14 07/04/1766 William BURROWS     Ann SMITH    
15 03/05/1766 Lovel WARREN   Irthlingborough Hannah DEAN    
16 19/05/1766 John HUGHES   Burton Latimer Elizabeth BENNINGTON    
17 18/10/1768 John LILLIMAN   Cransley Elizabeth BURGIS    
18 30/03/1769 Tebbut William WARREN   Finedon Mary JUDKINS    
19 03/05/1769 Samuel RICHARDSON Single Kettering Mary BAKER Single  
20 11/10/1769 Mark POWEL     Martha DICKENS    
21 24/10/1770 William HEARD   Warkton Ann GASCOIGNE    
22 07/05/1771 James BENNETT Widower   Mary GILL Single  
23 20/10/1772 John ASKEW   Cranford St Andrew Susannah GLOVER    
24 04/07/1774 Abraham HEIGHTON   Wadenhoe Jane GASCOIGNE    
25 01/05/1775 Thomas BURNABY Single Burton Latimer Mary WHEEDON Single  
26 27/07/1775 John HEDDON Single   Elizabeth HOW    
27 13/10/1775 William CALCOTT Single All Saints, Northampton Ann CHAPMAN Single  
28 09/08/1776 Thomas MABBOT Widower   Elizabeth WILLIS Single Burton Latimer
29 11/02/1777 William LADY Single Burton Latimer Sarah JUDKINS Single  
30 11/10/1778 George HOUGHTON Single Grafton Underwood Elizabeth NEWHAM Single  
31 02/11/1778 John BLAND Single Kettering Catherine FERRYMAN Single  
32 05/04/1779 John PARSONS Widower Burton Latimer Ann THOMPSON Single  
34 13/08/1780 William NUNNELLEY Single   Elizabeth HARLEY Single  
33 22/08/1780 Thomas LYON Single Cranford St Andrew Sarah SHARP Single  
35 11/02/1781 Thomas CHATER Widower   Sarah TURNER Widow  
36 11/02/1782 John MARSTON Single   Elizabeth FALKENER Single  
37 28/09/1783 George DUNMORE Single Cransley Mary POOLE Single  
38 27/10/1783 Robert INGRAM Single Cottingham Sarah PACK Single  
39 11/04/1785 Abraham AMBLER Single   Hannah GINNS Single  
40 18/05/1785 Thomas MEADOWS Single Warkton Judith COX Single  
41 12/10/1785 Abraham FREEMAN Single Grafton Underwood Ann DAINTY Single  
42 07/06/1787 Jonathan PLESTED Single   Ann MANSER Single  
43 05/11/1787 John DARNELL Single Wellingborough Martha DRAPER Single  
44 21/04/1788 William WELLS Single Burton Latimer Ann DRAPER Single  
45 28/05/1789 Samuel ROBINSON Single Wellingborough Mary WALLIS Single  
46 11/10/1789 John RICHARDSON     Mary CATTELL    
47 28/10/1792 Samuel WYKES Single   Mary SEAL Single  
48 09/03/1795 Thomas SCOTT Single   Elizabeth BRAINS Single  
49 11/10/1795 William LAXON Single   Mary COLWELL Single  
50 04/12/1796 Richard MANTON Single   Elizabeth BEWS    
51 12/12/1796 Matthew RODGERS Single   Susanna SHUTCLIFF Single  
52 26/12/1797 Joseph JONES Single Kettering Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
53 19/02/1798 Thomas WARREN Single   Mary SCOTT Single Cranford St Andrew
54 27/02/1798 John CRADDOCK Single   Hannah MEADOWS Single  
55 22/10/1798 Stephen BUTLER Single   Catherine FIELD Single  
56 28/02/1799 Robert JUDKINS Single   Penelope JONES Single  
57 13/05/1799 William PAGE   Irchester Mary POWELL Single  
58 04/06/1799 John NEWSON Single Essendon, Hertfordshire Anne EYTE Single  
59 30/06/1800 John PARTRIDGE   Grafton Underwood Mary MEACOCK    
60 27/10/1800 John SAMAN     Anne HOUGHTON    
63 08/02/1801 Edward NEAL   Watford Elizabeth POWEL    
61 10/02/1801 George PRINCE   Beaulieu, Hampshire Elizabeth BEWSE    
62 12/10/1801 William WITRIN     Silas EADY    
64 30/02/1803 John CLAYSON     Martha EATON    
65 13/10/1803 William WEBB   Pytchley Anne FOX    
66 25/02/1805 Thomas CASTERTON   Kettering Sarah BOULTON    
67 15/09/1805 Robert DUCKLEY     Mary LAKE    
68 14/10/1805 Nathaniel LILLY   Broughton Eunice CHATER    
69 25/02/1806 William WARNER     Elizabeth BULLIN    
70 13/07/1806 John CHATER     Mary GORNALL    
71 26/09/1806 George GOOD     Sarah BURNABY    
72 12/10/1806 Samuel ROBINSON     Sarah SMITH    
73 15/06/1807 Thomas CHATER     Elizabeth ROW    
74 24/09/1807 Henry RICHARDSON     Elizabeth MANTON Widow  
75 18/01/1808 John LEVERET     Sarah HARTER    
77 27/06/1808 James FARREN   St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Ann Maria BALES    
79 07/08/1808 John RUSSEL     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
80 27/10/1808 William WAPLES Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Frances BLUNSOME Single  
81 01/11/1808 Robert PRENTICE   St Peter, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Frances BOLTON    
82 02/01/1809 William NUTT   Burton Latimer Margaret MAYCOCK    
83 28/05/1809 Thomas RYE   Irthlingborough Lucy DALE    
1 01/05/1811 Joseph EATON Single   Elizabeth CHILD Single  
2 17/10/1811 William WALDEN Single Walgrave Mary WAPPLES Single  
3 05/12/1811 William SHRIVE Single Isham Mary KEW Single  
4 25/10/1812 Robert WINGELL Single   Ann STRATFORD Single Finedon
1 04/03/1813 James EILES Single Bidford, Warwickshire Anne WAGSTAFFE Single  
2 04/03/1813 Jonathan PANTER Single Lilford Anne HEMMINGTON Single  
4 04/09/1815 Samuel ROW Single Woodford By Thrapston Ann ROW Single  
5 24/12/1815 Elial TURTON Single   Frances COE Single  
6 19/02/1816 John BALL Widower Burton Latimer Elizabeth BUTLIN Widow  
7 02/12/1818 William GARRATT Widower Kettering Ann JOHNSON Single  
8 22/06/1819 George CROWDER Single   Elizabeth IRONS    
9 12/10/1819 Joseph SADDINGTON   Cranford St Andrew Ann PIERCEFULL    
10 31/08/1820 John AYRES Widower Finedon Ann BRADLEY Widow  
11 09/10/1820 William BELL Single Sudborough Anne BRAMPTON Single  
12 12/10/1820 Simon WINDSOR Single Geddington Dinah MEADOWS Single  
13 24/12/1820 Thomas WRIGHT Single Burton Latimer Mary BETTS Single  
15 00/00/1821 John GIBBINS Single Kettering Anne ROGERS Single  
14 30/04/1821 Luke DENTON Single Kettering Mary DANIELS Single  
16 16/10/1821 Henry SHARMAN Single Kettering Martha PANTHER Single  
17 19/10/1821 Thomas WILLS Single Weekley Elizabeth DANIELS    
18 26/11/1821 John CROXEN Single Geddington Mary BEASLEY Single  
19 10/06/1822 Daniel MARCH Widower Lowick Ann Maria FARREN Widow  
20 04/11/1822 Samuel MACKINNESS Single Wymington, Bedfordshire Martha BARNES Single  
21 13/11/1823 John HIGHT Single Broughton Elizabeth BRAINS Single  
22 10/12/1823 John AFFLECK Single   Mary SMITH Single  
25 27/02/1824 John BAILEY Single Burton Latimer Rachel NEWHAM Single  
28 27/02/1825 John HENSON Single Kettering Lucy LOOSBY Single  
29 13/10/1825 William PARTRIDGE Single   Frances TAYLOR    
3 26/06/1826 John MILLER Single Burton Latimer Anne OLIVER Single  
32 07/09/1826 Lewis WELLS Single   Susannah LINNETT Single Cranford St Andrew
34 18/02/1828 John GARRATT Single Kettering Mary MUTTON Single Warkton
35 19/11/1828 John WILLIAMS Widower Wilbarston Sarah SEALES Single  
37 18/05/1829 James TAYLOR Single   Lucy MAYCOCK Single  
38 10/08/1829 William RUNNELL Single Cranford St Andrew Sarah WILSON Single  
39 11/11/1830 John SHRIVES   Pytchley Elizabeth MAYCOCK    
40 15/07/1831 John SUMPTER   Broughton Jane BRAINS    
41 23/11/1831 John SEALES     Mary SLOW    
42 26/07/1832 Ambrose ISTED Single Ecton Eleanor Elizabeth STAFFORD Single  
43 19/11/1832 William RANDALL   Finedon Elizabeth ROBINSON    
45 24/10/1833 Joseph SHARMAN     Susanna LINNETT    
49 23/02/1834 George GUESS   Lowick Rebecca WINGELL    
50 11/05/1834 Henry CHAMBERLAIN     Mary Ann WALLINGTON   Wellingborough
51 12/05/1834 William ROW     Ann SEALES    
52 16/05/1834 Joseph BAILEY     Ann RIDGLEY   Great Easton, Leicestershire
53 13/10/1834 William STOW     Harriet FURNE    
54 25/12/1834 Thomas SMITH   Titchmarsh Mary CHAMBERLAIN    
55 02/03/1835 John JOHNSON     Elizabeth ISSIT    
56 20/04/1835 Thomas MAYCOCK     Rachel EYRES    
57 23/04/1835 William SHRIVE   Kettering Charlotte SMITH    
59 00/00/1836 Henry HULL Single St Mary, Leicester, Leicestershire Susan HOBSON Single  
58 28/01/1836 Henry ROBINSON   Burton Latimer Elizabeth COLSON    
61 02/01/1837 William ROBINSON   Kettering Charlotte HOBSON    
62 08/05/1837 Joseph JUDGE   Little Linford, Buckinghamshire Harriet SEALES    

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