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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cranford St John


The Parish

The parish of Cranford St John, Cranford being made up of the twin villages of Cranford St John & Cranford St Andrew, lies in eastern central Northamptonshire roughly 4 miles east of the large market town of Kettering. Cranford St John once sat on the main road from Kettering to Thrapston but has now been bypassed by the construction of the major east to west route of the A14 which runs immediately to its south. Most properties in Cranford St John either lined the old main road or sat upon a looping lane, Church Lane which swept around to the north, the whole village makes excellently picturesque use of the abundant local limestone. Extraction of that limestone for building would have supplemented the normal arable farming expected in this part of the country varying the economy somewhat. Cranford St John is drained eastward by a small stream that eventually reaches the Rive Nene at Thrapston, turning northeastwards to eventually reach the North Sea through The Wash. Cranford St John is sited at around 70 metres above the sea in gently rolling terrain where land rises to close to 100 metres towards Irthlingborough to the south. By Northamptonshire standards Cranford St John was one of the smaller parishes, covering just over 1,100 acres it would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday Book the twin parishes were recorded together as held by 3 landholders with the majority share with Peterborough Abbey, collectively their assets totalled 13 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland and there was a mill.

The Church

St John's church sits upon the looping lane of Church Lane which heads out and back to the north of the old main road. The earliest parts of the church are 12th century and Norman Romanesque in style yet they present something of a puzzle as the western arch is clearly older in style than the 12th century pieces that surround it, Pevsner speculates an earlier piece reused in later build. Moving forward in time the western tower dates from the Early English Gothic period of the 13th century with lancet windows present as confirmation. The chancel follows but from the latter part of the 13th century when styles were transitioning into the Decorated period. That period saw a new top to that western tower and the current arch to the nave. The major restoration in Victorian times fell in the 1840s when the southern aisle being rebuilt was the major piece of work along with the usual general refresh of the building. Church Lane allows street parking outside the churchyard which is surrounded by a low local stone wall with a metal archway sitting over the un-gated entrance.  Whilst the churchyard is relatively free of obstacles, the favoured southeastern aspect is removed by substantial trees flanking the Duck End side of the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th June 1754 - 10th January 1812 Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 088P/005 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st October 1813 - 26th December 1836 Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 088P/006 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads A very challenging and difficult style of handwriting makes for the likelihood of some misreads

Barton Seagrave St Botolph
Cranford St Andrew
Twywell St Nicholas
Burton Latimer St Mary
Woodford by Thrapston St Mary
Burton Latimer St Mary
Burton Latimer St Mary
Woodford by Thrapston St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 17/06/1754 James GUTTERIDGE Gretton Mary FARROW Single
2 28/07/1755 John WEST Burton Latimer Hannah LUCAS Single
3 26/12/1755 Francis KILSBY Orlingbury Ann HOIT Single
4 27/01/1756 John MEADOWS Kettering Elizabeth PULVER Single
6 13/05/1757 Simon EARLE Constant GARRAT Single
7 17/10/1758 Richard SKILLET Elizabeth LOW Single
8 27/12/1758 William PATRICK Susanna STEVENS Single
9 28/01/1759 Robert ANDREW Elizabeth CHESTER Single
10 16/09/1759 John BRAMPTON Mary LUMMIS Single
11 09/06/1760 John SMITH Eliza WHEELWRIGHT Single
12 30/06/1761 John ABBOT Cranford St Andrew Mary SMITH
13 06/12/1763 William OKELY Mary SYMONS
14 02/07/1764 Samuel WALLIS Burton Latimer Mary WOOD
15 17/08/1764 Thomas BENFORD Kettering Elinor WOOD
16 24/09/1764 John BELLAMY Single Brigstock Sarah WALLIS Single
17 02/12/1764 Oliver LOWSON Single Hannah LONG Single Warkton
18 06/08/1765 Nathaniel NEWMAN Elizabeth PELL Single
19 18/10/1765 Robert Allen ARNOLD Widower All Saints, Leicester, Leicestershire Rachel HARGRAVES Widow
20 28/01/1766 Thomas LONG Alice SLAWSON
21 17/08/1766 Edmund EADY Burton Latimer Ruth GOODE Single
22 07/10/1766 Samuel ALLEN Twywell Mary ANNIS Widow
23 12/10/1766 Edward AULT Eleanor LYON Single
24 29/06/1767 Samuel ORPIN Burton Latimer Mary WEAVER
25 09/11/1767 Oliver PAINE Single Ann OZAM Single Barton Seagrave
26 12/10/1768 John WELLS Single Elizabeth WEAVER Single
27 30/06/1769 Jeffery MACKENIS Sarah SKELHORN Single
28 24/06/1770 John NOBLES Single Mary WEEKLY Single
29 23/10/1770 William TOWNSEND Hannah SIVES
30 05/11/1770 Joseph SADDINGTON Mary ELMER Single
31 23/12/1770 John AUSTIN Single Burton Latimer Sarah SMITH Single
32 10/02/1771 Thomas PEACH Single Sarah WATSON Single
33 25/08/1771 William RENNAL Susannah MAYCOCK Single
34 21/04/1772 Abraham SMITH Single Thomasin CHAMBERLAIN Single
35 03/10/1772 John WAKELIN Single Sarah SANSBURY Spratton
36 12/10/1772 John PULVER Single Elizabeth ABBOT Single
37 26/10/1772 Thomas WELLS Burton Latimer Rebeccah MASON
38 16/08/1773 Robert JAYS Moulton Sarah LANESBOROUGH
40 11/10/1773 John BURNABY Burton Latimer Elizabeth SAUNDERS
41 26/10/1773 John DAVIS Ecton Lucy SHARP
42 02/02/1774 John HODSON Sarah YORKE
43 18/10/1774 John SHARP Single Elizabeth PARSONS Cranford St Andrew
44 06/04/1775 Thomas JONES Geddington Joyce NEAL
45 23/11/1775 George JUDKINS Barton Seagrave Anne PULVER Single
46 13/10/1778 Edward GRAY Rebecca WEAKLEY Single
47 03/01/1779 John PATRICK Philadelphia SYMONDS
48 17/05/1779 William FARRIN Cranford St Andrew Ann PAYNE
49 06/10/1779 Daniel WELLS Elizabeth PERSIVAL
50 30/10/1780 Henry MANNING Denford Mary RICHARDSON
51 13/11/1780 Simon DYNES Elizabeth HODSON
52 27/11/1780 William GUN Mary ANDREWS
53 10/12/1780 Thomas SHIPLEY Burton Latimer Sarah FAYSEY
54 27/06/1784 William CHAPMAN Ann BELL
55 11/10/1784 John WITHEY Burton Latimer Hannah HOBBS
56 26/09/1785 William DICKS Little Addington Ann SMITH
57 08/11/1787 Edward EYEL Kettering Ann GRAY
58 17/02/1789 Thomas SIMPSON Cranford St Andrew Sarah WEAVER
59 12/10/1789 Thomas CRADDOCK Ann HIGHT Pytchley
60 03/05/1790 Anthony CHAPMAN Eady WHITNEY
61 10/06/1791 John WILLIS Ann BATES
62 27/06/1791 John SAWFORD Twywell Elenour LOW
63 10/06/1792 Benjamin SHARP Cranford St Andrew Catherine HARLOCK
64 02/07/1792 Benjamin GRAY Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire Mary HART
08/06/1794 John BRANSON Single Grafton Underwood Elizabeth SHARP Widow
13/10/1794 Thomas HOUGHTON Elizabeth SHEPLEY
03/01/1795 William BEWES Widower Little Harrowden Ann PULVER Single
17/02/1795 William MACKMAN Single Burton Latimer Thomasin SMITH Single
12/10/1795 John STANYON Elizabeth BAMFORD
23/12/1795 Joseph SADINGTON Ann HUGHS
05/07/1796 John MONK Burton Latimer Elizabeth SHARP
31/10/1796 Thomas LAKE Mary SADINGTON
27/11/1799 David BROWN Single Finedon Anne HARLOCK Single
10/11/1800 John PELL Mary MANNING
04/01/1801 William JOHNSON Eleanor TYE
23/12/1801 Richard MITCHEL Sarah SMITH
18/10/1802 Joseph LOSEBY Sarah HARE
01/11/1802 Edward GRAY Ann PAGE
14/04/1804 Samuel DAISY Elizabeth BROWNE
08/08/1805 John THORY Denford Mary LYON
30/12/1805 John CURCHIN Kettering Sarah SHARP
10/03/1807 John AMEY Single Sarah LYON Single
21/11/1808 Joseph SADINTON Widower Sarah HOLLAND Widow
28/09/1809 John WILLIS Widower Hannah WELLS Single
23/04/1810 William HOBBS Single Letitia GUNN Single
09/12/1810 John HUGHES Single Twywell Sarah LYON Single
09/01/1812 John ABBOTT Single Cranford St Andrew Mary Ann WRIGHT Single
10/01/1812 John LYON Single Mary CHARD Single
1 01/10/1813 William GARTON Single Martha HOBBS Single
2 09/02/1814 Joseph CATON Widower Barton Seagrave Sophia WRIGHT Single
3 06/11/1814 Joseph SADDINGTON Single Mary CAVE Single
4 03/01/1815 Edward BURTON Single Lutton Ann BARKER Single
5 04/06/1815 John ABBOTT Single Cranford St Andrew Maria SHARP Single
6 02/01/1817 Thomas PACKWOOD Single Rushden Elizabeth HOBBS Single
7 04/05/1817 Thomas HOLLAND Single Judith JOHNSON Single
8 29/06/1817 William BELL Single Stanion Mary ABBOTT Single
9 13/09/1819 John HOUGHTON Single Sarah BURNHAM Single
10 13/10/1819 John CARTER Single Sarah CRADDOCK Single
11 01/11/1819 Michael CRADDOCK Widower Ann GRAY Widow
12 15/11/1819 William HODSON Single Ann TOWNSEND Single
13 18/11/1819 Joseph CRADDOCK Single Eleanor JOHNSON Widow
14 28/05/1820 Charles IVENS Single Mary Ann ABBOTT Widow
15 01/04/1821 William BAILEY Single Susannah HOLLIS Single
16 06/08/1821 John NEWTON Single Cranford St Andrew Ann SMITH Single
17 11/03/1822 William SMITH Widower Mary COLSON Widow
18 03/09/1822 William HART Single Sarah DUNKLEY Single
19 24/07/1823 Joseph GRAY Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
20 26/01/1824 Jacob MUTTON Single Kelmarsh Mary ABBOTS Single
21 10/08/1824 John CRADOCK Frances WHITELARK
22 13/10/1824 Richard DEAN Single Pytchley Mary Anne SAVIGE Single
23 26/06/1826 George ROBINS Single Mary HOUGHTON Single
24 25/05/1827 John DANIELS Single Elizabeth WILLIS Single
25 26/11/1827 William HOWELL Single Stanground, Huntingdonshire Mary WILLCED Single
26 24/12/1827 Reuben SWAN Single Lowick Mary FORD Single
27 25/12/1827 John PONTELOW Cranford St Andrew Charlotte CHARD
28 07/02/1828 Robert COLYER Cranford St Andrew Mary STURNDON
29 11/05/1829 Joseph SHARP Hannah MITCHELL
30 31/07/1832 Josiah BUTLER Pytchley Elizabeth FREEMAN Single
31 14/10/1833 John GROOM Denford Mary Anne SCOLDINGTON
32 17/10/1833 William BLACKWELL Ann PETERS
33 08/11/1833 Joseph ROBINS Lucy HART
34 14/12/1833 John ROBINS Mary MITCHELL
35 01/04/1834 William BLOFIEALD Elizabeth NEWBERY
36 30/06/1834 George BLOFIEALD Sarah NEWBERRY
37 26/11/1834 James SMITH Single Mary CLAYSON Single
38 13/10/1835 William BUCKBY Ann NEWBURY
39 27/06/1836 Alfred NEWMAN Frances CRADOCK
40 27/11/1836 George ROWLETT Mary LYON
41 26/12/1836 William HOLLAND Rebecca COLLYER

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