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Canons Ashby St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Canons Ashby lies in southwestern Northamptonshire not too far from its borders with neighbouring Oxfordshire & Warwickshire. Canons Ashby is located about 8 miles west of the market town of Towcester. Canons Ashby sits in a very rural area, several miles from any significant main road, about 4 miles east of the A361 road which connects Daventry with the Oxfordshire market town of Banbury. There is rather little to Canons Ashby, just a collection of farms and cottages on a bend in a lane The hamlet is dominated by the former site of the Augustinian priory which is now in the hands of the National Trust. The area, at the time of this transcript, would have made its income from a mixed farming regime, arable on the drier parts but pastures in the valley bottoms. Canons Ashby is drained westwards by a small tributary of the River Cherwell, which it joins just east of Chipping Warden, this makes its way southwards to join the Thames and thence the North Sea through the Thames Estuary. Canons Ashby is sited at around 160 metres above sea level and sits some 30 metres above its stream, local heights rise a further 20 metres in gently rolling countryside. Canons Ashby parish included the chapelry of Adstone and was quite large for the area, it covered just over 3,000 acres and would have jointly supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Canons Ashby was held by one Hugh of Flanders and was a small place indeed offering just 4 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary's church sits flush to Canons Ashby's main lane sitting less than 10 feet from the traffic and separated by just a fence of thin poles. The church was much bigger when it was part of the Augustinian priory, just 2 bays of the nave and the northern aisle remain from what must have been an extensive building prior to the dissolution. The priory was founded around 1150 and the church is confidently dated by Pevsner to 80-90 years later, the large northwestern tower he states was added a further century later. The remnant nave is just a small portion of the former nave, claimed at 96 feet long with aisle-less chancel beyond this must have been an impressive sight indeed. There is parking for a few cars to the left of the tower and access to the site is at the southern end but it is not required to obtain adequate photographs to enter the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th October 1755 - 31st May 1835 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 057P/01 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements and also Rose's Acts Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads An unusual sequence of records running from 1780 to 1835 followed by backwards from 1780 to 1755

Woodford Halse St Mary
Preston Capes St Peter
Adstone All Saints
Woodford Halse St Mary
Eydon St Nicholas
Adstone All Saints
Moreton Pinkney St Mary
Moreton Pinkney St Mary
Moreton Pinkney St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
12/10/1755 Edward PAIN   Maidford Margaret WRIGHT    
16/10/1755 John PHILLIPS   Blakesley Mary CARVEL    
28/10/1755 John KEYNES     Ann HORTEN   Byfield
12/11/1756 John WELCH   Adstone Mary LEESON   Adstone
02/11/1757 John BATCHELOR   Adstone Mary TURVEY   Adstone
10/09/1758 William KING     Elizabeth BATES    
12/10/1762 Thomas NEWTON   Adstone Elizabeth GRANTHAM   Adstone
30/04/1767 William PAGE     Mary KING    
21/05/1767 Richard SHAW   Byfield Mary MALSBURY    
18/04/1768 William SUMERS   Kettering Alice MALSBURY    
07/07/1769 Oliver St John COOPER   Podington, Bedfordshire Elizabeth PICKERING   Adstone
07/02/1771 William GUBBINS   Helmdon Hannah FOSTER    
30/07/1771 Thomas WOODFIELD     Betty FOSTER    
06/07/1772 Richard GILDER     Elizabeth SHORT    
01/10/1772 William EAGLES   Brackley Jane KING    
06/10/1773 John BOLTON     Elizabeth CLEMMON    
04/07/1774 William RAWLINS     Elizabeth HEMMINGS   Priors Marston, Warwickshire
05/01/1775 John BATCHELOR     Mary KELCHAR    
18/11/1776 Francis BOOT     Mary GUBBINS    
12/08/1777 William GUBBINS     Elizabeth HINKS   Adstone
11/10/1777 Martin HUDSON     Mary ARIS    
07/11/1777 Richard IRONS   Greatworth Mary POWELL   Adstone
19/02/1778 James MUMFORD     Hannah ASHBY   Moreton Pinkney
05/11/1778 John ADDERSON   Eydon Mary RUSSELL    
20/05/1781 William WARD     Alice ASHBY    
04/07/1781 Richard SUMMERS   Sulgrave Ann SMITH    
28/07/1782 Thomas NEEDLE     Anne EARL    
13/10/1782 George BARNS     Hannah JORNS    
09/02/1783 William HEMMINGS Single Moreton Pinkney Sophia WARD    
01/10/1784 Samuel BASELEY     Martha GIBBINS    
04/03/1797 William PLOMER Widower Aston Le Walls Mary HORTON Single  
06/04/1797 Charles BARRETT     Sarah BLISS   Adstone
02/05/1797 John SMITH   Adstone Ann GUBBINS   Blakesley
18/05/1797 William BLUNT     Elizabeth BOOT    
28/08/1797 Henry BROCK     Alice SMITH    
11/09/1797 Thomas JAKEMAN     Elizabeth WEBSTER    
16/10/1797 William SMITH     Jane NEWBURY    
13/11/1797 James ORSBORN     Susannah WELCH    
03/07/1798 William HARRIS Single Blakesley Ann COOKE Single Adstone
13/09/1798 William COOK   Adstone Elizabeth ASHBY   Adstone
21/10/1798 William SAUNDERS   Blakesley Mary PRESTIDGE   Adstone
25/10/1798 Thomas PEACOCK   Preston Capes Elizabeth COOK   Adstone
05/11/1798 John BATES     Mary TALBOT    
31/10/1799 William GOSTELOW   Adstone Elizabeth BURBIDGE   East Farndon
26/02/1800 James ARGUTTAR     Mary WILKS    
25/09/1800 Henry SPENCER   Blakesley Mary BLISS    
13/03/1801 William BLISS Widower Adstone Mary MAUD Single Fenny Compton, Warwickshire
12/10/1801 William FARMER   Adstone Christian GILBARD   Adstone
12/07/1802 John COOPER Widower Blakesley Ann WELCH   Adstone
12/10/1802 Richard MITCHELL   Stowe Nine Churches Mary WEST   Adstone
15/10/1804 Joshua TOWERS   Daventry Frances BILLING    
21/10/1804 William HUMPHREY   Moreton Pinkney Elizabeth UNDERWOOD    
17/12/1804 James WELCH     Ann JENNINGS    
20/06/1805 William GIBBINS Single Adstone Mary GOSTELOW Single  
21/08/1806 Philip HAYNES   Adstone Sarah CLARK   Blakesley
27/03/1807 Samuel JUDKINS     Hannah WEBB    
11/06/1807 Daniel UNDERWOOD Single Adstone Elizabeth HAYNES Single Adstone
12/10/1807 Joseph JACQUES   Moreton Pinkney Mary JEFFERY   Adstone
28/12/1807 Benjamin BUTTON   Adstone Emma CHAMBERS   Daventry
11/10/1808 John ADAMS Single Adstone Mary HAYNES   Adstone
21/09/1809 John HINTON Single   Elizabeth CAPELL    
11/06/1810 Thomas UNDERWOOD   Adstone Hannah MURCOT   Adstone
18/07/1810 William UNDERWOOD   Adstone Mary BRITCHFORD   Irthlingborough
04/04/1811 John JENNINGS   Blakesley Diana TARREY   Adstone
30/06/1811 Richard PARISH   Adstone Elizabeth HIAM   Adstone
02/12/1811 William ELKINGTON   Moreton Pinkney Mary GIBBARD   Adstone
02/03/1812 John SMITH   Adstone Susannah UNDERWOOD Widow Adstone
26/10/1812 Samuel BARNES Single Adstone Jane CLEAVER Single Adstone
30/08/1813 Richard SEWELL Single Woodford Halse Mary WARD Single  
05/04/1814 William PARISH   Everdon Mary KING   Adstone
28/04/1814 John GARDNER   Wardington, Oxfordshire Anne WARD    
15/11/1814 Thomas GIBBARD Single Adstone Anne CARVEL Single Everdon
27/03/1815 Jesse Richard Checkley SHARP Single   Anna Maria BOOT Single  
26/12/1815 William GILKS Single Moreton Pinkney Elizabeth MURCOTT Single Adstone
25/06/1816 Thomas CHERRY Single Marston St Lawrence Sarah UNDERWOOD Single Adstone
18/11/1817 Thomas ANDERSON   Adstone Hannah JAKEMAN   Adstone
24/06/1819 John COOK   Woodford Halse Mary BULL   Adstone
08/09/1819 James HARTLY Single Bugbrooke Rebecca LINNELL Single  
07/12/1819 Samuel WARD Single   Alice MOUNTFORT Single Woodford Halse
21/08/1820 James SMITH     Sarah HENDERSON   Adstone
18/12/1820 John JEFFERY   Daventry Jane KING   Adstone
31/12/1821 William TURNER   Adstone Anne WARWICK   Adstone
29/05/1823 John YEATES   Syresham Elizabeth SHAKESPEARE   Adstone
07/07/1823 John BAZELEY   Greatworth Elizabeth HORTON   Adstone
21/10/1824 Richard GIBBARD Single Adstone Jane MILLS Single Maidford
28/10/1824 John BAILEY Single Preston Capes Eleanor SHAKESPEARE    
07/01/1826 William HORTON Single Adstone Hannah EDEN   Woodford Halse
12/02/1827 John MILLER   Culworth Mary CROSS    
28/05/1827 John RADWELL   Adstone Ann HORTON   Adstone
11/11/1827 Charles UNDERWOOD   Adstone Hannah COOK   Adstone
05/02/1828 William WEBB     Mary WALDON   Wigginton, Oxfordshire
13/07/1828 Thomas WARWICK   Adstone Rachael REYNOLDS    
15/10/1828 John JELLEY     Mary KILBY    
15/07/1830 Matthias BLISS Single Adstone Mary MIDDLETON Single Abthorpe
14/10/1830 Henry INNS     Anne BASON   Eydon
28/11/1831 Thomas BROWN   Adstone Anne WARR   Adstone
13/04/1833 John MOWSE Single   Deborah BISHOP Single Whichford, Warwickshire
31/05/1835 Edward IRONS   Dodford Alice WYKES    

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