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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Clipston All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Clipston lies in northern Northamptonshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Leicestershire, indeed it forms part of the border with that county against the shared parish of Little Bowden. Clipston is located about 4 miles south of the Leicestershire market town of Market Harborough. Clipston is a medium sized village situated in lanes about 2 miles north of the busy A14 road (Huntingdon to the M6) and about the same west of the A508 which connects Market Harborough with Northampton. Clipston is sited on oolitic limestones and the sandy but fertile soils, mixed with lias in the valleys, led to a mixed farming regime; nowadays the area has become much more arable with the advent of heavy machinery. The parish is drained to the east by the River Ise, this joins the Nene at Wellingborough and thence the North Sea through The Wash. Clipston is sited at around 140 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside, the hedged fields and frequent pastures are archetypal hunting country. Clipston parish was of a fairly typical size for a Northamptonshire parish, it covered around 2,900 acres and would have supported a population of around 850 parishioners. In Domesday times Clipston was shared 4 ways (William Peverel, Bishop Geoffrey of Coutances, the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds & the King, himself); collectively the parish could offer 11 ploughs.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of Clipston, appropriately enough in Church Lane which connects the village with the A508. The church has its origins in the early 13th century, the arcades being representative of that period. From the following century there is much that is in the Decorated style, notably the western tower (albeit rebuilt) and the southern aisle. From the 15th century comes the roof and clerestory. The building was much restored during the 1880s and much of the exterior was replaced at that time. The church makes extensive use of the local amber iron rich limestone making for an attractive building especially in evening light. A low flag-topped limestone wall surrounds much of the churchyard and entrance is by a metal gateway at the southeastern corner of the site. Once inside there are a few trees but they do not unduly restrict photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 17th October 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 070P/005 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Variously there are faded entries and also other entries with poor or extremely small writing leading to a possibility of a few misreads
2 7th February 1813 - 5th March 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 0070P/006 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Again poor and small handwriting may lead to a few misreads

Marston Trussell St Nicholas
East Farndon St John the Baptist
Little Bowden St Nicholas, Leicestershire
Sibbertoft St Helen
Great Oxendon St Helen
Kelmarsh St Dionysius
Naseby All Saints
Naseby All Saints
Kelmarsh St Dionysius

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/04/1754 Hames HALFORD     Hannah SWINGLER    
2 29/04/1754 Richard WARD   Arthingworth Rebecca DEXTER    
3 29/12/1754 George ASHBY   Lutton Elizabeth WALPOOLE    
01/01/1755 Edward FAULKNER     Ester HUMPHREY    
13/01/1755 William DEACON     Ann TAYLOR    
31/03/1755 Joseph BROWN     Elizabeth GUNNEL    
4 22/05/1755 Robert ELLIS     Ann BROWN    
5 23/05/1755 Benjamin COLLIS   West Haddon Joice GULLIVER    
6 26/09/1755 James LANGLEY   Scaldwell Hannah LANHAM    
7 15/08/1756 William BUSSWELL     Hannah YORK    
8 16/08/1756 Benjamin TURNER     Mary SMITH    
10 08/11/1756 Thomas DOULTON     Ann CATTEL    
9 08/11/1756 William PELL     Sarah WYMANT    
11 15/04/1757 John LANGLEY     Sarah OXLEY    
12 21/06/1757 William WAGSTAFF     Elizabeth MOTT    
13 25/09/1757 Henry SMITH   Cottesmore, Rutland Elizabeth TAYLOR    
14 23/10/1757 Charles NORMAN     Elizabeth BAUMFORD    
15 10/11/1757 Edward WALDEN     Sarah COLLIS    
16 06/02/1758 Walter SAMSON   South Kilworth, Leicestershire Ann DEACON    
17 18/07/1758 John NEWCOMB     Ann LAUGHTON    
18 02/11/1758 Ephraim BUSSWELL     Elizabeth LINNET    
19 09/11/1758 Arthur FIDGIN   Great Oxendon Catharine GREEN    
20 28/11/1758 William PALMER     Alice ILIFF    
21 26/02/1759 Thomas WALTON   Brixworth Elizabeth SWINGLER    
22 05/06/1759 William MOTT     Hannah NORMAN    
23 05/08/1759 John DEACON     Sarah BRANSON   Haselbeech
24 25/10/1759 Richard FOOD   Welford Elizabeth PAIN    
25 30/12/1759 Robert DEXTER     Mary LANGLEY    
26 29/01/1760 John MOTT     Mary PERKINS    
27 04/02/1760 Donald EMES     Sarah HANES    
28 08/06/1760 George HALDEN     Ann BUSSWELL    
29 17/06/1760 William SPRIG     Mary BROWN    
30 08/09/1760 Thomas WILFORD     Hannah MOOR    
31 05/10/1760 Richard TIMSON     Mary BRIAN    
32 06/10/1760 John PADMORE     Mary GOODMAN   East Farndon
33 03/11/1760 John VIALES     Elizabeth BUSSWELL    
34 09/03/1761 Robert WOODCOCK     Elisabeth ILIFF    
35 19/05/1761 Benjamin DRAGE   Holcot Alice ALLEN    
20/10/1761 William NORMAN Single   Jane MOORE Single  
37 08/11/1761 Richard HALL   Watford Ann BROWN    
09/11/1761 John POPE     Hannah SMITH   Great Oxendon
38 09/11/1761 William HADDEN   Naseby Sarah LANGLEY    
08/02/1762 John JERMAN     Ann WARD    
10/04/1762 William BURBAGE   Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Elizabeth POOLE    
26/08/1762 Thomas BUSWELL Widower   Hannah CATTLE Widow  
22/10/1762 John POCHIN     Anne NEWCOMB    
02/02/1763 Richard STEPHENS   Sibbertoft Elizabeth BROWN    
07/11/1763 Thomas WYMANT Widower   Elizabeth MYLES Widow  
13/02/1764 William DODSON   Marston Trussell Dorothy WADDINGTON    
30/04/1764 Samuel DAVES     Ann BUSWELL    
17/06/1764 David WALDEN     Ann CRISP    
22/10/1764 Richard PAYNE     Ann ADDERSON    
04/11/1764 John GULLIVER   Great Oxendon Anna LANGLEY    
03/12/1764 Gyles NORMAN     Hannah MYLES    
22/10/1765 James BURNHAM     Sarah JARMAN    
04/11/1765 John GARMAREY   Wellingborough Jane CURTICE    
06/11/1765 James HALFORD     Ann ALOTT    
09/01/1766 John HUMPHERYS     Jane BUSWELL    
15/06/1766 William ILIFFE   Marston Trussell Mary STURGES    
29/09/1766 John CURTIS Single Watford Mary LAWRENCE    
05/12/1766 John SMITH Widower Church Langton, Leicestershire Ann SWINGLER Widow  
22/04/1767 Thomas CAVE     Grace LANGTON    
24/06/1767 Samuel DEXTER     Mary MILES    
11/10/1767 John COBLEY     Ann WALDEN    
08/11/1767 George YORK   Sibbertoft Elizabeth LANGTON    
08/11/1767 William HARDING     Elizabeth BUSWELL    
09/11/1767 Robert POLLARD   Weston By Welland Mary GERMAN    
16/11/1767 Thomas WELFORD     Ann FARBROUGH    
25/09/1768 Aaron DESARAX     Elizabeth WYMENT    
14/10/1768 Samuel PADMORE     Jane NUTT    
20/10/1768 Edward DODSON   Arthingworth Grace WETSTONE    
06/11/1768 Robert GULLIVER     Ann LANGLEY    
06/11/1768 Henry WYMANT     Mary NUTT    
05/01/1769 George BUSWELL     Ann BUSWELL    
16/05/1769 John NORMAN Single   Elizabeth WAGSTAFFE    
16/05/1769 John UNDERWOOD     Sarah WALKER    
18/05/1769 George SEAMAN     Ann BUSWELL    
09/10/1769 John BULLIVANT     Elizabeth ARNOLD Widow  
19/10/1769 Thomas NETHERCOAT     Jane SIMSON    
26/10/1769 Thomas WEIGHT     Sarah BIDDLE    
06/11/1769 John BELTON     Mary ILIFF    
11/02/1770 John CARTER     Ann BUTLER    
04/06/1770 John GREEN     Lydia BUSWELL    
04/06/1770 Henry JERMON     Ann ILIFF    
19/10/1770 Thomas BURDIT Widower   Ann WALDEN Widow  
22/10/1770 George ILIFF     Ann BODFISH    
25/10/1770 Samuel SMITH   Naseby Mary SUTTON    
28/04/1771 Richard FORSTER   Market Harborough, Leicestershire Alice SWINGLER    
20/05/1771 Charles BROWN     Elisabeth JERMAN    
04/11/1771 Joseph BROOKSBY   Great Glen, Leicestershire Dorothy BUSWELL    
06/11/1771 Roger HAINS     Elizabeth COLLIES    
02/03/1772 Thomas COOPER   Foxton, Leicestershire Mary BURDET Single  
16/05/1772 John ROBINSON     Ann GARMAIN Single  
15/06/1772 Edward JERMAN     Mary BUSWELL Single  
08/11/1772 Joseph GAMBLE     Hannah BUSWELL    
13/04/1773 Thomas MILES     Elizabeth JARMAN    
31/05/1773 John BUSWELL     Mary BUSWELL    
05/09/1773 Joseph BROWN     Sarah GIBSON    
11/09/1773 William HINDS   Luton, Bedfordshire Ann BUSWELL    
14/10/1773 Stephen KENDALL     Mary SWINGLER    
21/04/1774 Thomas WYMANT   Naseby Ann BURDET    
20/10/1775 Thomas JERMAN     Alice BUSWELL    
05/11/1775 William BURBIDGE     Ann ASHBY    
06/11/1775 Thomas GREEN     Elizabeth BROWN    
09/11/1775 John ROCH     Dorothy BROWN    
12/01/1776 Thomas LETTS Single   Sarah LANGTON Single  
12/04/1776 Francis ESSAM   Rushton Sarah HUMPHERYS    
08/09/1776 Vincent BAILEY     Sarah BUSWELL    
27/10/1776 Nathaniel NUTT     Jane HIAM    
31/10/1776 John DEACON     Mary BROWN    
04/11/1776 Richard GREEN     Ann HOLT    
04/11/1776 William BARWELL     Elizabeth BUSWELL    
31/03/1777 William STURGES     Ann COX    
06/04/1777 Thomas PAYLBY   East Farndon Bridget SMITH    
10/04/1777 Joseph SHARMAN     Elizabeth FALKNER    
03/10/1777 John WELDONE     Sarah BUSWELL    
24/11/1777 John WHEATLEY     Elizabeth WORDEN    
20/04/1778 Josiah ILIFF     Ann GREEN    
29/04/1778 Edward BUSWELL     Sarah KNAP    
15/07/1778 John ROGGER     Hannah BROWN    
02/09/1778 John BROWN     Sarah WEST    
20/10/1778 David BUSWELL     Susannah SMITH    
20/03/1779 William PALMER     Ann GOODMAN    
28/04/1779 William BOON     Mary SWINGLER    
18/05/1779 John BROWN     Elizabeth GIBSON    
24/05/1779 Nathaniel NUTT Widower   Susannah KENDALL Single  
06/11/1779 Pearce MOOLEY     Alice WHEATLEY    
17/05/1780 John ROGGER     Elizabeth ASHBY    
23/06/1780 John BROWN     Ann STANLEY    
24/06/1780 William JERMAN     Elizabeth POOL    
12/07/1780 Abraham WILKINSON   St Stephen Coleman St, City Of London Catherine PEPPIN    
21/09/1780 Thomas BURDET     Hannah UNDERWOOD    
27/10/1780 Charles BROWN     Elizabeth ADKINS    
17/12/1780 John YORK     Sarah SMITH    
10/01/1781 Samuel VIALS   Kelmarsh Dorothy BROOKSBY    
21/02/1781 Thomas NUTT     Priscilla BROOKS    
30/05/1781 Thomas MURBY     Susannah HALE    
26/06/1781 James NICHOLS     Elizabeth HALFORD   Arthingworth
07/11/1781 Thomas TURLAND   Bugbrooke Jenny ELLIS    
16/12/1781 Thomas ILIFF     Elizabeth THURBOROUGH    
17/02/1782 Thomas SOUSBY     Mary VIALS    
22/02/1782 James NUTT     Ann EANES    
05/08/1782 William PALMER     Ann BROWN    
21/10/1782 Samuel MOTT     Mary WHEATLEY    
04/11/1782 Job SMEETON   Sibbertoft Mary UNDERWOOD    
07/11/1782 Richard ELLIS     Esther FALKNER    
26/12/1782 William PERKINS     Elizabeth NEWCOMB    
26/12/1782 William MOTT     Elizabeth BUSWELL    
02/03/1783 Thomas BROWN     Ruth PROWETT    
04/03/1783 James WHEATLEY     Sarah BURDET    
11/06/1783 Joseph BUSWELL Single   Alice TILLEY Single  
06/07/1783 William GAMBLE     Hannah NORMAN    
29/08/1783 Robert ADDERSON     Jane MOTT    
09/04/1784 Thomas WOOD     Elizabeth WARD Single Arthingworth
22/05/1784 Thomas MOTT     Ann BURDETT   Shearsby, Leicestershire
31/05/1784 George DAY     Ann POPE    
04/07/1784 Joseph LANGTON     Dorothy SWINGLER    
29/08/1784 Samuel WILLCOCK     Elizabeth DUCKIN    
29/08/1784 Thomas JARMAN     Ann BURDETT    
13/09/1784 Thomas MILLAR Single   Rebekah HOBEY    
22/10/1784 Edward DEXTER     Elizabeth BREERES    
05/11/1784 John EAMES     Anne WAGSTAFFE    
27/03/1785 Joseph BUSWELL     Mary BURDETT    
28/03/1785 William SPRAGGS     Hannah NORMAN    
24/07/1785 Ephraim BUSWELL     Ann GOODMAN    
01/08/1785 Thomas LEES   Glooston, Leicestershire Ann KNAPP    
07/09/1785 Benjamin BROWN Widower   Elizabeth JARMAN Widow  
03/01/1786 John BROWN     Alice JARMAN    
12/02/1786 William BRAMPTON   Kettering Ann SWINGLER    
04/06/1786 Samuel VIALS Single   Ann EAMES Single  
29/06/1786 William WARD Single Arthingworth Sarah BUSWELL Single  
13/08/1786 William BARSBY Single   Elizabeth PERKINS Widow  
27/08/1786 John JARMAN     Mary SPRIGG    
29/07/1787 William SWINGLER Single   Hephzibah PANTER Single  
20/09/1787 John SHARMAN Single   Jane HUMPHERYS Single  
20/09/1787 John HUMPHERYS Widower   Elizabeth WADDINGTON Single  
04/11/1787 Thomas ILIFFE Widower   Amelia THOMSON Widow  
14/01/1788 John FRENCH Single   Elizabeth GOODMAN Single  
25/02/1788 Timothy MOTT Single   Mary CLIPSHAM Single  
19/03/1788 William LANSBURY Single   Anna GULLIVER Single  
23/03/1788 William GULLIVER Single   Jane EAMES    
26/03/1788 William WOOD Single   Mary SHARMAN Single  
25/12/1788 Thomas WHYMENT Widower   Lydia GREEN Widow  
27/01/1789 George WALDEN Widower   Sarah WEBB Widow  
17/05/1789 George WALKER Single   Elizabeth SPRIGGS Single  
01/10/1789 George BURNHAM Single   Alice NICHOLLS Single  
20/10/1789 Joseph PERKINS Single   Sarah WHEATLEY Single  
09/11/1789 Clement POPE Single   Ann COLEMAN Single  
09/11/1789 Joseph POPE Single   Elizabeth WHYMENT Single  
24/12/1789 Hannancel TOLTON Single   Ann GREEN Widow  
10/02/1790 William SHARMAN Single   Mary COOK Single  
04/07/1790 John MARTIN     Mary NORMAN    
22/09/1790 Thomas STURGES     Ann JARMAN Widow  
20/10/1790 John NORMAN     Mary PAINE    
13/01/1791 John EAMES     Mary BUTLIN   Welford
16/01/1791 Joseph POPE     Sarah ADDERSON    
21/02/1791 Samuel JONES   Monks Kirby, Warwickshire Ann WHEATLEY    
08/03/1791 Joseph TRUEMAN Single Draughton Lydia VICE Single  
12/10/1791 Thomas HENTSMAN Single   Mary JARMAN Single  
04/12/1791 William WILFORD Single   Mary BROOKESBY Single  
10/01/1792 William JARMAN     Elizabeth POOL    
25/03/1792 John PLUMER   Church Langton, Leicestershire Mary CURTIS    
23/09/1792 Henry SPRIGGS Single   Hannah ATKINS Single  
04/11/1792 John POPE     Elizabeth MILES    
05/11/1792 William DUNKLEY Single West Haddon Mary SWINGLER Single  
04/02/1793 William GAMBLE Single   Alice JARMAN Single  
13/02/1793 Thomas BURNHAM Single   Ann SMITH    
05/06/1793 William HOLLOWAY Single   Hannah WADDINGTON Single  
12/09/1793 Andrew BLAXLEY Single Walgrave Elizabeth JARMAN Single  
04/11/1793 Thomas SCOTT Single East Farndon Elizabeth BUSWELL Single  
27/05/1794 Robert ASKEW Single   Ann PALMER Single  
22/06/1794 Joseph CARTER Single   Martha PERKINS Widow  
30/06/1794 Samuel SCOTT   East Farndon Mary WALDEN Single  
29/09/1794 Edward HUBBARD     Mary IRESON    
06/04/1795 John TOWERS   Catthorpe, Leicestershire Elizabeth SLEATH Single  
03/05/1795 Joseph BUSWELL Single   Ann GAMBLE Single  
01/07/1795 John GREEN Single   Dinah NEWCOMB Single  
20/10/1795 John HUMPHREYS Single   Elizabeth MURDEN Single  
06/04/1796 Thomas JOSLAND Single Lubenham, Leicestershire Ann SPRIGGS Single  
20/10/1796 Richard WHEATLEY Single Naseby Elizabeth PAGE    
12/06/1797 John MARTIN Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
25/09/1797 Thomas SPRIGGS Single   Sarah PAGE    
06/11/1797 Samuel JARMAN     Susannah ROBINSON    
26/11/1797 William MOORE Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Jane WHEATLEY Single  
18/02/1798 John CARTER Widower   Hannah GAMBLE Widow  
14/05/1798 David EAMES     Hannah HENTSMAN    
02/07/1798 William EAMES Single   Ann COLEMAN    
22/09/1798 John GULLIVER Single   Ruth BROWN Widow  
05/11/1798 Thomas NEWCOMB Single   Mary BUSWELL Single  
21/10/1799 John TOLTON Single   Martha CORBY   Naseby
21/10/1799 Thomas WYMENT     Mary KENDALE    
22/01/1800 Thomas PRATT Widower Mears Ashby Elizabeth SHARMAN Widow  
13/04/1800 John BOTTRELL Single   Elizabeth WEST Single  
06/11/1800 John DEACON     Mary WALDEN    
25/12/1800 Thomas BUSWELL Single   Mary MARTIN Widow  
23/02/1801 William WYMENT     Hannah ADNELT    
09/03/1801 William WALDEN Single Guilsborough Elizabeth ILIFFE Single  
12/11/1801 John BROWN     Mary KENDALL    
25/12/1801 John ROACH Single   Elizabeth LOSEBY Single  
01/01/1802 James ILIFF Widower   Sarah ILIFF    
08/03/1802 John WILFORD     Sarah MOTT    
16/05/1802 Samuel JARMAN     Ann WALDEN    
20/10/1802 Charles BARTLETT   Peatling Magna, Leicestershire Elizabeth LINER    
09/12/1802 John BALE   Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Ann MOOR    
27/06/1803 John JARMAN     Hannah MADOCKS    
07/11/1803 John ROGERS     Hannah ILIFFE    
07/11/1803 Francis PALMER     Keziah MILES    
15/03/1804 Samuel LANGLEY Single   Mary WRIGHT    
20/05/1804 William JARMAN     Ann JARMAN    
20/05/1804 William JARMAN     Ann JARMAN    
23/07/1804 John JOHNSON Widower   Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Single  
17/08/1804 Thomas CROXTON Single Humberstone, Leicestershire Hannah BUSWELL Widow  
07/10/1804 Robert BURNHAM Single   Alice WHITE Single  
21/10/1804 Thomas NICHOLS Single   Patience FOX    
22/10/1804 Thomas BEASLEY     Elizabeth SEWELL    
22/10/1804 Henry WYMENT Single   Ann PLATT Single  
05/11/1804 Richard SWINGLER     Mary BROWN    
20/12/1804 John GARLAND   Maidwell Elizabeth HUMPHREYS    
25/12/1804 William PALMER Single   Hannah GAMBLE Single  
04/11/1805 Thomas SWINGLER Single   Ann BROWN Single  
24/02/1806 Philip WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth COLSON Single  
03/11/1806 William CLIPSHAM Single Kettering Mary GOTCH Single  
30/12/1806 Joseph JARMAN     Mary SMITH    
23/01/1807 George VICKERS Widower Kettering Esther ELLIS Single  
28/01/1807 Thomas GULLIVER   Stoke Albany Ann GOODMAN    
25/05/1807 Charles PRICE Single Bristol, Gloucestershire Eliza READ    
25/06/1807 William BILSON Single Welford Ann LANGLEY Single  
18/09/1807 Thomas GREEN Widower   Ann GOTCH Single  
04/02/1808 John HANBURY Single West Haddon Elizabeth GOODMAN Single  
16/10/1808 John GREEN Widower   Elizabeth CRANFIELD Single  
25/11/1808 William WHEATLEY Single   Ann ROUCH Single  
02/01/1809 Thomas BOLLARD Single All Saints, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Hannah JARMAN    
10/01/1809 Ralph OLDACRES   Arnesby, Leicestershire Sarah WARD    
06/11/1809 William BROWN Single   Mary GREEN Single  
06/11/1809 John BILSON Single Welford Sarah GOODMAN Single  
22/01/1810 Richard CAVE Single   Martha GREEN    
29/01/1810 Caleb BUSWELL Single   Mary WYMENT Single  
29/04/1810 William PERKINS     Elizabeth BUSHEL    
05/05/1810 William SEAL   Great Bowden, Leicestershire Elizabeth CAVE    
26/08/1810 Mark NORMAN     Hannah WALDEN    
28/10/1810 George ILIFFE Widower   Ann STURGESS Widow  
15/07/1811 Titus BOSWORTH Single   Ann BUSWELL    
15/09/1811 Michael LAWSON   Northampton Ann UNDERWOOD    
20/10/1811 William LAMBLEY Single Sibbertoft Mary COXE    
04/11/1811 Thomas LETTS Single   Mary TIBBETTS Single  
04/11/1811 John WYMENT     Patience BROWN    
04/11/1811 Thomas LEE   Thurcaston, Leicestershire Catharine GREEN    
17/11/1811 George BUSWELL     Ann HOLLOWAY    
25/11/1811 John LOSEBY     Mary BOOTHBY    
11/03/1812 George TURLAND   Brixworth Ann WATKIN    
16/10/1812 William MOTT     Elizabeth LOUNT    
16/10/1812 Francis BROWN     Ann MOTT    
17/10/1812 William HAROD Widower Market Harborough, Leicestershire Jane SPRIGGS Single  
1 07/02/1813 John MADOX Single   Elizabeth PERKINS Single  
2 28/02/1813 John HAINES Single Brixworth Keziah NUTT Single  
3 14/06/1813 Joseph MARCH   Rothwell Elizabeth WHEATLEY    
4 01/08/1813 David BUSWELL     Ann BROWN    
5 02/08/1813 James SUMPTER Single   Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN    
6 19/09/1813 Thomas POOL Widower   Ann LOSEBY    
7 18/11/1813 Thomas BUSWELL Single   Hephzibah GREEN Single  
8 06/05/1814 James COOK   Brixworth Elizabeth BAILEY    
9 02/06/1814 Thomas BIRD Single   Hannah PALMER    
10 22/07/1814 John DEXTER Widower   Mary FOX    
11 28/08/1814 William BONSOR     Jane VIALS    
12 07/11/1814 Thomas GREEN Single   Hannah ROACH Single  
13 13/03/1815 Maddison PALMER   Royston, Hertfordshire Hannah BROWN    
14 20/04/1815 John SMITH Single Weedon Bec Priscilla NUTT Single  
15 14/05/1815 Benjamin BROWN Widower Sibbertoft Mary CAVE Single  
16 06/06/1815 John MACK     Mary ELLIS    
17 17/12/1815 Benjamin HADDON Single Naseby Ann BROWN Single  
18 01/01/1816 John MARGATS Single Theddingworth, Leicestershire Elizabeth BAUSBY Single  
19 14/07/1816 Jonathan BASSETT Single   Elizabeth BOSWORTH Single  
20 22/10/1816 John GOTCH Single   Emma MILES Single  
21 05/11/1816 William GREEN Single   Sarah CRANFIELD   Bow Brickhill, Buckinghamshire
22 06/11/1816 Nathaniel BUSWELL Single   Sophia BUSWELL    
23 09/01/1817 John HADDON Single Naseby Ruth BROWN Single  
24 14/04/1817 Edward HUMFRIES Single Leicestershire Hannah WILFORD Single  
25 23/10/1817 Eli PAGE Single Kettering Esther BURNHAM Single  
26 05/02/1818 Thomas GOODMAN Single   Catharine SATCHELL Single  
27 08/06/1818 William BUSWELL     Mary PALMER    
28 03/08/1818 William ASHBY Single Guilsborough Sarah HUBBARD Single  
29 08/11/1818 John VIALS Single   Elizabeth HUSSER Single  
30 21/07/1819 Charles SHARMAN Single   Hannah NORMAN Single  
31 15/09/1819 Thomas ROACH Single   Ann JARMAN    
32 24/09/1819 John BROWN Widower   Sarah POPE Widow  
33 13/01/1820 David PATRICK Single   Ann JARMAN Single  
34 24/06/1820 John HOLLOWELL Widower Ravensthorpe Susannah PACKWOOD Widow  
35 30/07/1820 John KENDALE Single Desborough Hannah PALMER Single  
36 02/10/1820 William VIALS Single   Ann HUSSER Single  
37 15/11/1820 George DAWKINS   Desborough Alice PALMER Single  
38 21/11/1820 Robert JARMAN     Elizabeth MARTIN   Rothwell
39 18/01/1821 John HOMAN Single   Martha STOREY Single Little Bowden, Leicestershire
40 15/05/1821 Joseph JARMAN     Elizabeth HEMMINGS    
41 21/05/1821 John TAYLOR Single   Mary JONES Single  
42 15/10/1821 Reuben LANGTON     Elizabeth WYMENT    
43 21/10/1821 Jacob WARD Single   Ann WILFORD Single  
44 05/11/1821 John BONSER     Mary NUTT    
45 07/11/1821 James HUSSER Single   Elizabeth GAMBLE   Rushden
46 28/12/1821 William FAWCETT Single Bath, Somerset Christian Anne KNOX Widow  
47 10/03/1822 John SMITH Widower   Ann MOTT Single  
48 10/06/1822 Joseph NEWCOMB Single   Avery BASEBY Single  
49 23/09/1822 Thomas RAYNOR     Ann BUSWELL Widow  
50 28/10/1822 Sanders CHEW Single   Ann HADDON Widow  
52 03/11/1822 John SPRIGG Single   Elizabeth CRAFT Single  
51 04/11/1822 Jesse BUSWELL Single   Rebecca LESTER    
53 11/11/1822 Robert DEXTER Single   Elizabeth STURGESS Single Great Oxendon
54 10/02/1823 William ROBINSON   Maidwell Ann EAMES    
55 30/06/1823 Job SMITH   Theddingworth, Leicestershire Rebecca BERRY    
56 19/01/1824 John BURNHAM Single   Hannah ILIFFE Single  
57 08/06/1824 George ROLESON Single   Alice BUSWELL Single  
58 24/08/1824 Thomas ROACH Widower   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
59 13/09/1824 John NUTT Widower Shawell, Leicestershire Ann WOOD Single  
60 27/09/1824 Samuel MAYES Single   Hannah NICHOLS Single  
61 11/10/1824 Thomas DEACON Single   Esther JARMAN Single  
62 21/10/1824 George JARMAN Single   Sarah TOULTON Single  
63 20/12/1824 Thomas SPENCER Single   Mary BURNHAM Single  
64 28/11/1825 Joseph WILFORD Single   Mary GRIFFIN Single  
65 05/12/1825 Robert BUSWELL Single   Elizabeth WILFORD Single  
66 05/12/1825 William WILLIAMS Single Market Harborough, Leicestershire Esther WILFORD    
67 15/06/1826 James ATTENBOROUGH Single Braybrooke Mary Ann SAWYER Single  
68 06/11/1826 William BODFISH Single Naseby Mary JARMAN Single  
69 24/11/1826 William ILIFFE Single   Mary GLOVER Single  
70 12/02/1827 Joseph SHARMAN Widower Arthingworth Mary LOOMES Single  
71 16/04/1827 Joseph SMITH Single   Lucy HENSMAN Single  
72 10/05/1827 Jesse PALMER Single   Lucy WILFORD Single  
73 11/10/1827 David PALMER Single   Mary SHARMAN Single  
74 27/10/1827 Mark NOBLES Widower Maidwell Elizabeth WHITE Widow  
75 08/11/1827 John HENSON Single Brixworth Eleanor SHARMAN Single  
76 10/01/1828 Jesse JERMAN Single   Elizabeth NORMAN Single  
77 26/02/1828 Francis EATON Single Titchmarsh Mary SAWYER    
78 03/04/1828 John EATON Single   Ruth HADDON Widow Naseby
79 14/08/1828 Matthew WARD Widower   Bett FLOYD Widow  
80 13/10/1828 John HEALEY Single Southam, Warwickshire Elizabeth BULL Single  
81 03/11/1828 William TEE Single   Hannah VIALS Single  
82 01/12/1828 Elias BLAND Single   Elizabeth BRUCE Single  
83 09/11/1829 John COX Single Desborough Alice CAVE    
84 12/11/1829 James WATKINS Single Haselbeech Ann STURGISS Single  
85 30/11/1829 William HODGE Widower Kelmarsh Rebecca NEWCOME Single  
86 15/02/1830 John BURNHAM Widower   Ruth NEWCOME Single  
87 11/05/1830 Robert LUCAS Single Walton On The Wolds, Leicestershire Ann WARTNABY Single  
88 13/05/1830 William WILFORD Single   Alice KENDALL Single  
89 07/06/1830 David VIALS Single   Ann JAY Single  
90 08/11/1830 David BUSWELL Single   Mary WALLIS Single  
91 22/11/1830 George HILSTON Single Sawtry All Saints, Huntingdonshire Sarah JARMAN Single  
92 13/12/1830 Richard ROBINSON Single Braybrooke Elizabeth MADDOCK    
93 04/04/1831 George SPRIGGS Single   Ann ROGERS Single  
94 04/04/1831 John ROACH Single   Elizabeth EAMES Single  
95 11/04/1831 Joseph JARMAN Single   Ann JARMAN Single  
96 14/11/1831 John COOK Single Misterton, Leicestershire Ann JENKINSON Single  
97 12/01/1832 John BROWN Single   Hannah EAMES Single  
98 17/01/1832 Nehemiah ROBINSON Widower Crick Elizabeth HADDON Widow  
99 19/02/1832 Martin BROMWICH Single Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth JARMAN Single  
100 23/02/1832 John FOSTER Widower   Alice BURNHAM    
101 23/05/1832 Samuel MADDOCK Single   Esther BURNHAM Single  
102 07/06/1832 James PERKINS Single   Hannah DEXTER Single  
103 22/07/1832 John HALL Single St Mary, Leicester, Leicestershire Ann BONSOR Single  
104 26/08/1832 Joseph EAMES Single   Ann JACKSON Single  
105 14/10/1832 Clement POPE Single   Maria PALMER Single  
106 05/11/1832 Job WARD Single   Elizabeth ROACH Single  
107 31/12/1832 Phineas CANNON Single Kelmarsh Ann SUMPTER Single  
108 15/05/1833 Nathaniel BUSWELL Widower   Martha Julia ELLIS Single  
109 30/10/1833 William PERKINS Single   Ann HUMPHREY Widow  
110 25/12/1833 John WHITWELL Single Braybrooke Ann PALMER Single  
111 03/06/1834 Samuel BERRIDGE Single St Mary, Leicester, Leicestershire Elizabeth PELL Single  
112 28/08/1834 Francis GLADING Single Brighton, Sussex Ann SKEFFINGTON Single  
113 01/09/1834 Joseph EMERY Widower Whilton Mary PALMER Widow  
114 09/09/1834 William BOSWORTH Single Great Creaton Elizabeth BONSOR Single  
115 24/10/1834 John PALMER Single   Mary WOOD Single  
116 30/10/1834 Stephen KENDALL Single   Ann PALMER Single  
117 03/11/1834 Thomas PALMER Single Holcot Esther WHYMANT Single  
118 17/11/1834 John FAULKNER Widower   Frances HOLTON Single  
119 04/12/1834 Thomas WATTS Single Naseby Elizabeth WOOD Single  
120 07/05/1835 William BONSOR Single   Lucy HACKNEY Single  
121 29/07/1835 George TURLAND Widower   Esther DEACON Widow  
122 06/08/1835 John TARRY Single Naseby Mary Ann BONSOR Single  
123 30/09/1835 David ELLIS Single   Maria BUSWELL Single  
124 09/11/1835 Samuel WILFORD Single   Elizabeth LOSEBY Single  
125 09/11/1835 Samuel HOLT Single Great Creaton Jane NORMAN Single  
126 09/11/1835 William BOSWORTH Single Cold Ashby Ann JARMAN Single  
127 25/12/1835 William SCOTT Single   Matilda WHYMANT Widow  
128 31/12/1835 William AMSTED Single Great Oxendon Ann ILIFFE Single  
129 02/02/1836 Charles CAVE Single   Ann BURNHAM Single  
130 27/03/1836 Thomas TYE Single Rothwell Jane DEXTER    
131 24/05/1836 Jesse WHYMENT Single Yelvertoft Mary WHYMENT Single  
132 07/06/1836 Charles LONGHURST   Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire Sarah Jane OLDACRES    
133 27/12/1836 James PERKINS Widower   Ann PERKINS Single  
134 28/12/1836 Thomas ILIFFE Single   Ann DEACON Single Medbourne, Leicestershire
135 14/01/1837 James Robert CAMPBELL Single St George The Martyr, Middlesex Lily Anne Maria FLOYER Widow  
136 02/03/1837 John LANDSBURY Single Ravensthorpe Ann HADDON Single  
137 05/03/1837 Thomas ROACH Single   Maria RODGERS Single  

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