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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sibbertoft St Helen


The Parish

The parish of Sibbertoft lies in northwestern Northamptonshire forming a short stretch of the border with neighbouring Leicestershire. Sibbertoft is located roughly 5 miles southwest of the Leicestershire market town of Market Harborough and sits almost 3 miles south of the A4034 road which connects Market Harborough with Lutterworth. Sibbertoft is a nucleated settlement, compact and grouped around a triangular intersection of narrow lanes. The countryside hereabouts is what would be termed "hunting country" a rolling landscape of mixed farming with small fields divided by tall hedges. Sibbertoft has a distinct heritage regarding drainage, the long length of the River Welland begins its course in the western section of the village, making its way northwest and then turning east to make its way through Stamford and Spalding to The Wash. Given its position at the headwaters it is not surprising that Sibbertoft sits almost at the highest grounds around, standing at 170 metres above the sea land rarely rises significantly higher for many miles. Sibbertoft parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering almost exactly 2,000 acres it would have supported a population of just under 450 parishioners. In Domesday times Sibbertoft was a relatively small place, one of the many holdings of Count Robert of Mortain it could muster just 4 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Helen's church sits on the northern edge of the villahe on the west side of the lane leading towards Theddingworth. This is a church which received a major rebuild in Victorian times such that much would be unrecognisable to the participants of this transcript. Traces of the medieval remain only in a few places, Pevsner sites the chancel as originally of c1300 (e.g. Decorated in style) whilst the northern chapel retains its Perpendicular style. All else is as a result of a substantial rebuild in the early 1860s which largely replaced the original church with today's building. The lane is narrow but in places wide enough verges allow safe parking, entrance is at the southern edges of the site and the churchyard is open and uncluttered with few obstacles for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
11th October 1754 - 30th November 1812
Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 289P/046
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 16th August 1813 - 19th February 1837 Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 289P/031 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Husbands Bosworth All Saints, Leicestershire
Theddingworth All Saints, Leicestershire
Marston Trussell St Nicholas
Husbands Bosworth All Saints, Leicestershire
Clipston All Saints
Welford St Mary
Naseby All Saints
Clipston All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
29/01/1754 John GOODRICH
Church Langton, Leicestershire Elizabeth TOMLIN

1 11/10/1754 William LUMMIS Single
Frances CUMBERLEDGE Single
2 13/01/1755 Joseph VARNAM Single
Mary WATTS Single
3 07/11/1756 John YORKE Single
Jane WIMANT Single
5 05/12/1757 Edward CHOWN Single
Elizabeth JARMIN Single
4 24/09/1758 Richard GIBSON Single
Alice BALE Single
6 22/10/1759 John SHARMAN Single
Mary IRESON Single
7 12/11/1759 John HARROLD
Lutterworth, Leicestershire Mary PLATT

8 01/02/1760 William HILL
Theddingworth, Leicestershire Anne GILBERT

9 02/02/1760 William DUNKLEY
Market Harborough, Leicestershire Mary TAYLOR

10 21/10/1760 Joseph BASSET


11 02/11/1760 Jacob HOLMES
Market Harborough, Leicestershire Elizabeth YORK

12 27/04/1761 Micah YORK


13 31/01/1763 Henry LAMBLY Single
Caroline VARNHAM Single
14 30/06/1763 Daniel BASSETT Single
Elizabeth HUSSEE Single
15 01/12/1763 John DICKINS Single
Mary PERKINS Single
16 05/01/1764 Richard ELLIS Single Clipston Martha GILBERT Single
17 21/04/1764 Matthew PATCH
Welford Hannah WAPLES

18 11/12/1765 John ADERSON

Elizabeth MEADOWS

19 19/02/1767 Francis BARKER Single Podington, Bedfordshire Stephana GILBERT Single
20 25/05/1767 Henry LAMBLY


21 07/01/1768 Samuel JORNS


22 19/04/1768 Jeremiah BATES Single
Hannah BURDETT Single
23 26/10/1768 John BURDETT Single
Dorothy LEGO Single
24 09/07/1769 Thomas BURDETT Single
Mary WELLS Single
25 06/11/1769 William HAYNES Single Naseby Lydia GOODMAN Single
26 04/06/1770 John LAMBLY Widower
Ann DEACON Single
27 21/05/1771 John BOYER Single
Jane WELLS Widow East Farndon
28 12/06/1771 Jonathan GLOVER Single Foxton, Leicestershire Mary SMEETON Single
29 25/11/1771 Joseph SIMPKIN
Braybrooke Mary HARRIS

30 26/01/1772 John MARTIN
Market Harborough, Leicestershire Ann KNIGHT

31 08/06/1772 William OAR


32 09/11/1772 George JACKSON
Naseby Elizabeth LAMBLEY

33 27/12/1772 John POOLEY
Brigstock Elizabeth HOPPER

34 30/04/1773 John PETO
Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Ann SMITH

35 23/06/1773 William CHENEY

Catherine COX

36 28/09/1773 William LUCAS
Welford Ann GROOCOCK

37 14/02/1774 Henry GRIFFIN


38 08/07/1774 Joseph ASHBY Single
Jane SIMSON Single
39 12/01/1775 John RIDDINGTON Widower
Dorothy ILIFF Single
40 28/12/1775 Thomas WARD
Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Elizabeth TOMLIN

41 17/01/1776 John CLEAVER

Abigail HARRIS

42 08/04/1776 James COOKE
Welford Elizabeth BURDETT

43 09/05/1776 Jonah PUTT
Marston Trussell Mary REYNOLDS

44 18/05/1776 John MUTTON
Kelmarsh Sarah EATON

45 00/10/1776 John CLEAVER
Yelvertoft Dorcas SMEATON

46 14/10/1776 Thomas BRAY
Brixworth Elizabeth HOPKINS

47 15/10/1776 Robert BURDETT


48 10/02/1777 John WALKER Widower Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Mary SHARMAN Widow
10/03/1777 George HARRIS
Laughton, Leicestershire Ann HANNAL

14 30/03/1777 Roger MARTIN

Elizabeth MOORE

15 02/11/1777 Thomas GIBSON

Elizabeth MADOCK

16 28/11/1777 William GRANT


53 19/04/1778 Francis TYLER Single
Alice LAMBLEY Single
54 13/09/1778 William TEEAR Single
Martha PLATT Single
55 27/09/1778 John BOSWORTH Single Welford Mary GIBSON Single
56 20/10/1778 Joseph LEE Single
Elizabeth BURDETT Single
57 03/12/1778 Matthew RANDELL Single Marston Trussell Ann SMART Single
58 11/07/1779 Robert BUTTERWORTH Single Market Harborough, Leicestershire Sarah HARRIS Single
59 21/10/1780 Thomas WALDEN Widower
Hannah BULL Single
60 11/12/1780 Henry MOORE

Eleanor ASHBY

61 07/02/1781 Daniel HARRIS Single
Elizabeth BROOKS Single
62 15/04/1781 Henry HARRIS Single
Ann LIFE Single
63 17/06/1781 William PAGE Single
Susanna LOCKTON Single
64 24/09/1781 William GAMMAGE

Susanna HANNAL

65 24/09/1781 John YORK Single
Rebecca GIBSON Single
66 21/12/1781 George VARNHAM Widower
Elizabeth HARRIS Single
67 15/02/1784 John LAMBERT Single
Elizabeth MARTIN Single
69 15/09/1784 Thomas MASTIN Single
Elizabeth WYATT Single Shearsby, Leicestershire
70 20/10/1784 John LIFE Single
Sarah YORK Single
71 25/10/1784 Robert BURDITT Widower
Susannah IRESON Single
72 02/12/1784 Thomas VARNHAM Single
Ann MAWSON Single
73 27/12/1784 William SHARP Single
Catherine CROWSON Single
74 01/05/1785 Samuel HOPKINS Single
Elizabeth HOPKINS Single
75 17/04/1786 Matthew RANDALL Widower
Mary ASHLEY Single
76 20/10/1786 George VARNHAM Widower
Mary HARRETT Single
77 09/04/1787 George GRANT Single
Mercy HARRIS Single
23/10/1787 Henry MOORE Single
Elizabeth LEAGO Single
13/07/1788 Thomas CHOWN Single
Elizabeth POOLY Widow
80 21/09/1788 George YORKE Single Clipston Elizabeth HOWIS Widow
81 16/11/1788 William HOLMAN Single
Ann BROWN Single
82 23/11/1788 Richard HALL Single Watford Mary HARRIS Single
83 24/11/1788 Thomas BUTTLER Single
Ann GIBSON Single
84 27/11/1788 Micah YORK Single
Ann MOTT Single
85 11/02/1789 William TAYLOR Single North Kilworth, Leicestershire Sarah CRADDOCK Widow
86 22/02/1789 Isaac GRIFFIN Widower
Hannah WALLDEN Widow
87 22/02/1789 Peter BURDITT Single
Mary BASSETT Single
88 22/02/1789 James HALFORD Single Clipston Joyce CHOWN Single
89 31/05/1789 William WEBB Single Gumley, Leicestershire Sarah LIFE Widow
90 10/08/1789 Thomas HERBERT Single St Nicholas, Leicester, Leicestershire Hannah BURDETT Widow
91 30/11/1789 William SPENCER Single Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire Alice DICKINS Single
92 30/11/1789 George BARTLETT Single
Martha TEEAR Widow
93 16/02/1790 Thomas ARCHER Single
Catherina HOPKINS Single
94 22/05/1791 Edward CHOWN Single
Ann EMERY Single
95 24/07/1791 Joseph BASSETT Single
Ann HOPKINS Single
96 20/11/1791 John DIMBLEY Single
Grace LAMBLEY Single
97 27/05/1792 Thomas WILLIAMSON Single
Jane GRANT Single
98 25/12/1793 William BURGOYNE Single Great Glen, Leicestershire Elizabeth MEDBORN Single
99 05/07/1794 Aaron DEVEREUX Widower Lubenham, Leicestershire Mary VARNHAM Widow
100 13/07/1794 William TAYLOR Widower
Elizabeth CAVE Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
101 29/07/1794 Robert BURDETT Single
Ruth LIFE Single
102 07/10/1794 Thomas PERRIN Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Sarah MANTON Single
103 24/12/1794 Job JACSON Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Mary DICKINS Single
104 25/12/1794 Benjamin BROWN Single
Elizabeth DICKINS Single
105 18/02/1795 Robert LEAGO Single
Hannah ORE Single
106 27/12/1795 Thomas HILL Single Dunchurch, Warwickshire Kezia BURDETT Single
107 15/05/1796 William YORK Single
Elizabeth RAN Single
108 06/06/1796 John GAMBLE Single
Ann IORNS Single
109 16/04/1797 Jubal BURDETT Single
Sarah LAMBLEY Single
110 26/09/1797 Thomas BURDETT Widower
Elizabeth VIOLS Single
111 05/11/1797 Thomas WILLIAMS Widower
Elizabeth Eleanor WHINCOAT Single
112 02/07/1798 Henry LAMBLEY Widower
Sarah HARROT Widow
113 05/11/1798 John BAGSHAW Single Little Harrowden Hannah GILBERT Single
114 13/11/1798 Joseph CLARKE
Piddington Elizabeth ADDERSON

115 01/10/1801 Stephen COSBY

Elizabeth YORK

116 19/04/1802 George YORK

Katherine SHARP

117 21/10/1802 John ALLIBON Single
Martha BARTLET Widow
119 04/03/1803 James BLACK Single St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Anne BLACK

120 06/11/1803 Thomas ALLEN Single Maidwell Susannah BASSET Widow
121 11/11/1803 Obed BROWN Single Clipston Sarah LAMBLEY Single
122 25/10/1804 Thomas ORTON Single
Elizabeth STAFFORD Single North Kilworth, Leicestershire
123 18/07/1805 John ORE

Susanna ASHBY

124 26/12/1805 Charles ORE


20/01/1806 William HUBBARD


21/01/1807 John BURDITT Single
Ann WATSON Single
13/08/1807 Richard ELLIS Single
Martha BATES Single
31/08/1807 Jonathan GLOVER Single Arnesby, Leicestershire Mary LEE Single
29/09/1808 Richard CLEAVER Single
Eleanor BRAY Single
24/10/1808 John SIMON Single
Rachel YORK Single
30/11/1808 Johnathan SWINGLER Single
Ann MOTT Single
23/01/1809 William SWINGLER Single
Mary ORE Single
03/04/1809 Nathaniel HAMMOND Single Whetstone, Leicestershire Anne CLEAVER Single
23/05/1809 John BROOKS Single Horton Mary MANTON Single
27/11/1809 Thomas TANSLEY Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Hannah HOPKINS Single
09/11/1810 Thomas CAVE Widower
Alice CARVEL Single
29/11/1810 Edward FELLOWS Single
Hannah CHENEY Single
29/11/1810 John GLOVER Single Lubenham, Leicestershire Barbara MANTON Single
30/11/1812 Samuel GRANT Widower
Elizabeth CHENEY Single
1 16/08/1813 Thomas ORE Single
Mary LAMBERT Single
2 16/09/1813 Thomas WARD Widower Pitsford Ann LAMBLEY Single
3 11/11/1813 William YORK Single
Ann HALFORD Single
4 13/06/1814 John GULLIVER Widower Clipston Grace EATON Single
5 20/04/1815 Thomas CAVE Single
Martha PAGE Single
6 29/04/1815 David WILFORD Single
Elizabeth YORKE Single
7 20/06/1815 Jonathan NETHERCOAT Single Theddingworth, Leicestershire Anne Elizabeth HERBERT Single
8 01/02/1816 William SHARMAN Single Clipston Joanna GRIFFIN Single
9 24/03/1816 William MATTOCK Single
Ann ILIFF Single
10 06/05/1816 Samuel VARNHAM Single
Mary Ann DEXTER Single
11 24/11/1817 John OLIVER Single

12 10/02/1818 William BARLEY Single Upwell, Norfolk Sarah GIBBS Single
13 19/10/1818 John WARD Single Maidwell Rebecca ARCHER Single
14 30/11/1818 John LEAGO Single
Jane CALDWELL Single
15 30/11/1818 Moses HAMMONDS Single Kilsby Elizabeth PAGE Single
16 28/02/1819 William LOOMES Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire Sarah HERBERT Single
17 17/05/1819 John CARTER Single Haselbeech Mary Ann SMEETON Single
18 31/05/1819 John IRESON Single North Kilworth, Leicestershire Sarah SHENEAL Widow
19 19/11/1820 Richard HALL Single
Charlotte WATTS Single
20 21/12/1820 Joseph TOWNSHEND Single Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire Mary CLAY Single
21 21/10/1821 William EALES Single
Charlotte SHARMAN Single Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
22 13/11/1821 Thomas GRANT Single
Catharine RANDELL Single Shearsby, Leicestershire
23 26/03/1822 Samuel VARNHAM Widower
Ann JELLY Widow
24 25/11/1822 William YORKE Single
Hannah LEE Single
25 19/05/1823 John INGRAM Single Stoke Albany Catharine ARCHER Single
26 03/02/1824 Samuel WATKINS Widower Theddingworth, Leicestershire Phebe SILCOCK Single
27 19/02/1824 Thomas GRIFFIN Single
Mary TYLER Single
28 19/09/1824 John BARRAND Single
Elizabeth HOLMAN Single
29 14/10/1824 Edward WIMONT Single
Ann CAVE Single Loddington
30 21/10/1824 Ferdinando BURDITT Single
Hannah SADDINGTON Single
31 21/10/1824 William PAGE Single
Ann HEWITT Single
32 08/11/1824 David ARCHER Single
Mary BOLLANS Single
33 12/10/1825 David POLLARD Single
Elizabeth NORMAN Single
34 28/11/1825 Thomas MANTON Single
Mary PERKINS Single
35 02/02/1826 John ALLIBON Widower
Elizabeth KENDALL Single
36 15/05/1826 Samuel VARNHAM Widower
Elizabeth JAMES Single Lutterworth, Leicestershire
37 31/07/1826 Benjamin RYMAN Single
Mary WILSON Single
38 18/12/1826 Thomas CHOWN Widower
Sarah BROWN Widow
39 19/02/1827 Samuel MOORE Single Kilby, Leicestershire Ann CHENEY Single
40 24/05/1827 David BROWN Single Clipston Elizabeth CLEAVER Single
41 04/07/1827 John GROOCOCK Single
Elizabeth IRESON Single
42 08/11/1827 John VERNAM


43 08/11/1827 William HEWITT
Newbold On Avon, Warwickshire Elizabeth STAINS

44 26/11/1827 Peter DIMBLEBY


45 28/04/1828 Robert COLDWELL Single
Elizabeth IORNES Single
46 14/10/1828 Thomas WILKINSON Widower Kilby, Leicestershire Hannah GRIFFIN Single
47 26/10/1828 Moses REEVE


48 03/11/1828 William BOTT
Naseby Anne BURDETT

49 10/11/1828 Benjamin BIRD
Everdon Martha IRESON

50 02/02/1829 Benjamin BROADWELL
Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire Amelia JOHNSON

51 12/03/1829 John MARTON Widower
Maria STRETTON Widow
52 19/10/1829 Thomas CAVE Single Shearsby, Leicestershire Mary MANE Single
53 29/06/1830 John LAY Single St Peter, Northampton Mary HEWITT Single
54 29/11/1830 William BURDIT Single
Mary BASSETT Single
55 29/11/1830 Peter BASSETT Single
Elizabeth HILL Single Haselbeech
56 29/11/1830 Samuel YORK Widower
Elizabeth BURDITT Single
57 03/03/1831 Samuel LANTSBURY Single All Saints, Northampton Martha SMEETON Single
58 28/11/1831 Charles TEE
Maidwell Ann PAGE

59 01/02/1832 John HOLMAN

Elizabeth EATON

60 26/05/1832 John MEADOWS Single Kettering Louisa SMEETON Single
61 02/07/1832 Amos TAYLOR Single
Elizabeth JACKSON Single
62 15/10/1832 John FOX Single
Ann WELLS Single
63 05/11/1832 John HALL Single
Harriet HUBBARD Single
64 12/11/1832 Richard PARSONS Widower
Frances BURDITT Single
65 26/11/1832 John TEBBETT
Cold Ashby Alice IRESON

66 08/04/1833 Thomas BRAY Widower
Mary HALL Single
67 20/10/1833 William IRESON Widower
Mary LEAGO Single
68 24/10/1833 James LEWIS
Swinford, Leicestershire Eleanor JONES

69 13/04/1834 William TURNER
St Martin, Leicester, Leicestershire Mary SWINGLER

70 30/06/1834 Joseph YORK

Elizabeth FELLOWS
71 23/11/1834 John FORD
Welford Sarah LAMBLEY

72 30/12/1834 William ADDERSON


73 01/01/1835 Andrew BARKER


74 24/09/1835 Robert SMITH Single All Saints, Northampton Sarah LONGSTAFF Single
75 01/11/1835 William SIMONS Single
Sarah ABBOT Single
76 04/04/1836 Stephen CAPEL Single
77 20/04/1836 Joseph CLEAVER Single
Mary DIMBLEBY Single
78 20/04/1836 Thomas LETTS Single Cold Ashby Sarah DIMBLEBY Single
79 28/11/1836 James Sharples PERKINS Single
Ann HOPKINS Single
80 25/12/1836 William TAYLOR Widower
Mary HEWITT Widow
81 29/12/1836 Isaac BERRIDGE Single Brixworth Elizabeth BATES Single
82 19/02/1837 Jonathan SWINGLER Widower
Mary BROWN Widow

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