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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cotterstock St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Cotterstock lies in northeastern Northamptonshire just a mile north of the market town of Oundle and just west of the A606 road which connects Oundle to the city of Peterborough. Cotterstock is a linear village built beside a narrow lane which leads to a crossing of the River Nene where there is a mill. Cotterstock was always a parish with a small population with around 200 parishioners living in an area of just under 700 acres. The area is largely arable surrounding the village with cereal production dominating on a series of rolling low hills, the parish lies about 20 metres above the sea despite being well inland from the nearest sea. Cotterstock has been around for quite a while and receives a compact mention in Domesday Book which mentions 5 ploughs and the land belonging to "The Men of Peterborough Abbey".

The Church

St Andrew's church lies at the eastern end of the village close to the mill and river. The church is set behind houses accessed by a narrow unsurfaced lane. The church has architecture of many differing dates from a Norman doorway, a Decorated style chancel (described by Pevsner as "sensational"), to a largely Perpendicular style tower. For Pevsner to describe the church as "thrilling" indicates that it is a special building which graces the village.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th August 1754 - 3rd October 1790 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 083P/01 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th May 1791 - 12th October 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 083P/03 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 25th October 1813 - 15th May 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 083P/04 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Southwick St Mary
Southwick St Mary
Tansor St Mary
Glapthorn St Leonard
Tansor St Mary
Glapthorn St Leonard
Glapthorn St Leonard
Oundle St Peter
Tansor St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 12/02/1754 Thomas DREW   Stanion Elizabeth BEATON   Polebrook
2 13/03/1754 John BROWN   Glapthorn Susannah PAINE   Glapthorn
3 27/10/1754 George GARRET     Mary GREGORY    
4 03/11/1754 John KIRBY   Polebrook Susannah RANDLE    
5 20/05/1755 John HAMMOND     Anne CHAPMAN    
6 25/10/1756 William LADDS     Katherine FREEMAN    
7 29/03/1757 John BRADNELL     Anne WARD    
8 14/11/1757 John FREEMAN     Mary PENDRICK   Warmington
9 13/09/1758 Joseph BELLAMY   Tansor Mary BINGHAM    
10 23/10/1759 William SMITH   Brampton, Huntingdonshire Mary HENSON    
31/10/1763 John BROWN Single   Mary CROSEN Single  
11 10/09/1764 James SMITH   Oundle Mary ELDERKIN    
12 11/10/1765 David WOODS   Southwick Ann ELDERKIN    
13 02/10/1767 Thomas SMITH     Mary CUNNINGTON    
14 03/07/1768 John IVES     Susanna CROSON    
15 04/07/1768 David WOODS     Mary BURDIT    
02/10/1769 Thomas SMYTH Single Fotheringhay Mary COMMINGTON Single  
26/02/1770 William MOLES   Wood Newton Sarah CROSEN    
16 05/08/1770 Thomas LEWIS     Mary AINSBY    
04/10/1772 William PALMER     Catherine BALL    
17 07/11/1772 William GIDDINGS     Mary PINDER    
18 16/11/1773 Henry BAXTER     Alice LADDS    
19 09/10/1775 Robert CORWELL     Lydia INGRAM    
20 18/04/1776 Adam YORK   Southwick Sarah HAMMOND    
21 16/07/1776 Thomas MEAD   Glapthorn Elizabeth SHELTON    
22 16/12/1776 Thomas HENSON   Warmington Elizabeth LEASON    
17/10/1785 William FRANKLING Single   Elizabeth HARRATT Single Oundle
23 16/10/1786 Benjamin WRIGHT Single   Phoebe HALL    
24 18/12/1786 William BAILEY Single Barnwell St Andrew Mary KNIGHTON    
25 26/08/1788 Samuel WARD Single   Charity PEACH Single  
26 18/11/1788 Thomas WARD Single   Susannah TODD Single  
27 30/06/1790 Thomas HUBBARD     Mary STANGION    
28 21/05/1791 William SELS   Ufford Mary VENDRIS    
29 11/10/1792 John JORDAN   Warmington Elizabeth STOKES    
30 13/11/1796 Arthur TIBBIT     Ann BRUDNALL    
31 03/02/1797 Samuel RICHARDS     Sally HOSMER    
32 11/10/1797 William CROWSON     Elizabeth STIMSON    
33 28/11/1797 James RICKETT     Sarah SELBY    
34 02/11/1798 Leonard WILMOT     Sarah PALMER    
35 24/12/1799 Samuel BAXTER     Jane HUTTON    
36 12/05/1803 William LEAKE   Woodhouse, Leicestershire Clarissa CHAPMAN    
37 10/08/1803 Richard GANN   Oundle Susannah KING    
38 11/10/1803 Samuel BATES     Elizabeth FRIER    
39 17/10/1803 Thomas HARPER     Frances COCKRILL    
40 09/11/1803 John RUST     Elizabeth LEWIS    
41 18/09/1804 Francis Hill GREGORY   Belper, Derbyshire Susannah CHAPMAN    
42 29/04/1807 John HUNT   Polebrook Mary BUCKNELL    
43 29/02/1808 Richard LINNEL   Leighton Bromswold, Huntingdonshire Sarah FRANKLIN    
44 12/10/1809 Edward LANGLEY     Susannah WRIGHT    
45 22/06/1811 James BUCKNELL Widower   Sarah WILSON   Nassington
46 27/02/1812 William ROBINSON   Spaldwick, Huntingdonshire Ann BISHOP    
47 23/08/1812 John HART   Warmington Hannah GOODMAN    
1 16/12/1813 John BROWN Single Barnwell St Andrew Eliza CHAPMAN Single  
2 10/02/1814 Mark COSTON Single Oundle Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
3 12/12/1815 Francis SUTTON Widower   Melicent LEATON Single Oundle
4 20/05/1817 John BRADY Single Oundle Hannah DAWS Single  
5 19/01/1818 Robert MANLY     Susannah CORNWALL    
6 04/02/1818 John WOODEN     Ann ENFIELD    
7 12/05/1818 John BRADWELL Widower Titchmarsh Mary BAREFIELD Widow  
8 12/10/1818 James LOVELL     Elizabeth QUINCY   Tansor
9 15/10/1818 William BERRIDGE     Sarah Laetitia RICHARDS    
10 31/05/1819 John JACKSON Single Uppingham, Rutland Mary BERRIDGE Single  
11 15/11/1819 Charles BERRIDGE     Sarah CROWSON    
13 11/06/1821 John QUINCEY   Stamford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth SNEATH    
12 14/02/1822 William RAWLINGS   St John Baptist, Peterborough Mary Ann WESTON    
16 30/09/1822 John SHELTON Single Wood Newton Susan CROWSON Single  
19 13/10/1824 Thomas BREAM Single   Ann COMPTON Single  
20 14/06/1825 Henry GOOD Single   Anna Maria BERKELEY Single  
21 29/08/1825 James KING Single   Ann COOPER Single  
22 12/10/1825 Samuel WARD Single Glapthorn Elizabeth AUSTIN Single  
23 24/10/1825 William SHARP Single   Sarah Ann SMITH Single  
25 12/10/1826 Joseph BALES Single Barnwell All Saints Mellicent PEARSON Single  
26 23/10/1826 William GARNER Single   Mary BOYERS Single  
28 27/05/1827 James GREEN Single   Ann ROBINSON Single  
29 12/10/1827 Thomas NIX Single   Catherine WARREN Single Oundle
30 18/11/1827 Sanders QUINCEY Single   Dorothy GASCOYNE Single  
31 14/05/1828 Thomas Mark ALLEN Single Elton, Huntingdonshire Lucy HARPER Single  
32 06/01/1829 Thomas GREGORY Widower St Peter, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Frances CHAPMAN Single  
33 19/05/1829 William GROOM Single Castor Catherine HAYNES Single  
34 02/01/1831 Richard STOKES Single   Mary Jane PINDER Single  
35 01/08/1831 Jonas JONES Single Oundle Susanna HARPER Single  
36 05/11/1832 Leonard WILMOT Single   Rebecca WHITEMAN Single  
37 14/01/1833 Thomas BROUGHTON Single Oundle Sarah STEVENS Single  
38 12/10/1833 Henry GEAR Single   Sarah Anne HUNT Single  
39 29/04/1835 John STAMMERS Single Fotheringhay Elizabeth PARKER Single  
40 06/12/1835 Josiah BALL Single Colne, Huntingdonshire Charlotte Maria BREAM Single  
41 03/03/1836 William TITMAN Single Clapton Fanny SANDERS Single  
43 27/00/1837 William JACOB Single Wood Newton Mary BUCKNELL Single  
42 13/03/1837 Thomas Smith HARRISON Single Oundle Mary Ann WARREN Widow  

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