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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Glapthorn St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Glapthorn lies in eastern Northamptonshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Huntingdonshire. Glapthorn is located about 2 miles north of the market town of Oundle. Glapthorn is a small village built largely around a triangle of lanes sitting about a mile north of the A427 road which connects Oundle with the New Town of Corby. The area around Glapthorn would largely have been used for arable farming at the time of this transcript and today little has changed with cereals, beet and oil seed predominant. A small brook drains Glapthorn eastwards to join the nearby River Nene which makes its way to the North Sea to reach it through The Wash. Glapthorn is sited, in its little valley, at around 30 metres above the sea, the landscape around gently undulates from that height to around 60 metres or so. Glapthorn parish was relatively small by Northamptonshire standards it covered roughly 1,400 acres and would have supported a population of just over 400 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Glapthorn in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits on the southern side of the triangle of roads that forms the village, it sits amongst cottages alongside that lane. St Leonard's is rather a rarity in being a church almost entirely from a single period in time and that date in this case is the 13th century which makes the building relatively early for this county. This century saw the evolution of styles from the Early English Gothic to the Decorated period and this is illustrated by the early and later parts of this church. The chancel which Pevsner dates to the late 13th century illustrates the latter whilst most of the building is in the Early English style. The church follows the standard layout of nave, chancel and western tower augmented by aisles to north and south. The church sits behind a low local stone wall and an arched metal gateway at the eastern end of the site grants access to the churchyard. The site is relatively open to the north of the church but there are many trees to its south which rather restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd June 1754 - 13th October 1775 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 134P/011 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th July 1776 - 21st August 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 134P/016 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 7th June 1813 - 6th June 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 134P/017 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Southwick St Mary
Southwick St Mary
Cotterstock St Andrew
Cotterstock St Andrew
Benefield St Mary
Cotterstock St Andrew
Oundle St Peter
Benefield St Mary
Oundle St Peter
Oundle St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/06/1754 Joseph CAUTHORN     Anne HILLAM    
14/10/1754 Austin COBLEY     Mary GREGORY    
14/01/1755 Benjamin PAINE     Elizabeth DOBBS    
27/07/1755 Thomas WARD     Mary RIPPING    
24/11/1755 Richard FREEMAN   Nassington Elizabeth WADE    
11/12/1755 William GLETHERO     Mary ROWELL    
06/01/1757 Henry CULPIN     Mary STANION    
18/01/1757 James BAKER     Mary SOUTHWELL    
08/08/1757 John BAKER Widower   Alice COLES Widow  
14/11/1758 William HUTSON     Hannah PAIN    
12/10/1759 Samuel BURGES     Mary RUTKIN    
11/02/1760 John VENTERS     Eleanor TAYLOR   Deene
06/01/1761 John BROOM   Kingscliffe Elizabeth ROWELL    
14/12/1762 John DOBS     Mary HORSTEAD    
16/12/1762 Thomas PEAK     Katharine TAYLOR    
02/01/1764 James FLEMING     Elizabeth TURNER   Geddington
23/03/1764 William GLITHEROW     Elizabeth KING    
08/01/1765 John OLIVE     Susannah STRETTON    
19/03/1765 Richard GUNN     Rebeccah GLITHERO    
27/05/1765 Thomas BAKER     Elizabeth HUDSON    
25/12/1766 Clement CUNNINGTON   Bulwick Elizabeth PALMER    
05/09/1767 John BRADSHAW     Mary GLITHERO    
17/11/1767 Henry FLEMING     Mary TURNER    
29/12/1767 John CORNWELL     Dorothy RUDKIN    
11/04/1768 John BLINKINSOPE     Ann HACKET    
05/07/1768 John HART     Sarah FOWKES    
16/10/1768 George MANNING     Elizabeth RUDKIN    
26/09/1769 Robert COALES     Mary PRIDMORE    
30/01/1770 John PALMER     Anne PRIDMORE    
19/08/1770 Amos MACE     Catherine FOREMAN    
07/10/1770 William INGRAM     Mary ADAMS   Wood Newton
13/11/1770 John HOLLEY     Ann STANYON    
24/07/1771 Joseph SOPS     Ann GARHAM    
06/10/1771 William BRADSHAW     Ann ROWEL    
07/10/1771 William UNDERWOOD     Ruth STANYON Single  
04/12/1771 William HICKS Single   Elizabeth PAIN Widow  
16/07/1772 John EDWARDS   Tilney All Saints, Norfolk Mary GROMWELL    
12/04/1773 William BEAL   Teversham, Cambridgeshire Sarah SOUTHWELL    
11/10/1773 Robert GIN     Dorothy PINDER    
12/10/1774 Edward RICRAFT   Elton, Huntingdonshire Mary HACKET    
17/10/1774 Thomas PHILLIPS     Sarah STAINS   Keyston, Huntingdonshire
16/05/1775 John KILBORN   Cottingham Sarah ROWELL    
17/07/1775 William DIXON Single   Mary KING Single  
09/10/1775 Matthew PRIDMORE Single   Elizabeth HEET Single  
13/10/1775 Robert PINDER Single   Mary SEWELL Single  
1 11/07/1776 Henry PLOWRIGHT Single   Anne SYKES Single Orton Waterville, Huntingdonshire
2 14/01/1777 Thomas PARKER Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single Oundle
3 15/04/1777 William HORSTED Single   Ann ABBESS Single  
4 08/05/1777 Thomas PALMER Single   Jane WAPLES Single  
5 13/05/1777 Robert PALMER Single   Ann MEADOWS Single  
6 21/04/1778 Thomas EDY Single   Jane HUTTON Single  
6 23/06/1778 Evans PRIDMORE Single   Sarah HAYNES Single  
7 05/10/1778 Thomas WALLDING Single   Mary MOULD Single  
8 17/02/1779 John TAYLOR Single   Ann WEST Single  
9 06/04/1779 John GIMBER Single Warmington Priscilla MEADOWS Single  
10 17/07/1779 George MANNING Widower   Mary WARD Widow  
11 02/11/1779 Thomas SUMMERS Widower Deene Mary ALWINKLE Single  
12 08/02/1780 John BROOM Widower   Elizabeth JOYCE Single  
13 05/04/1780 Thomas HORSTED Single   Elizabeth PEAK Single  
14 10/10/1780 Richard SHORT Single   Ann HORSTED Single  
15 21/05/1781 James ANNIS Single   Elizabeth SOUTHWELL Single  
16 28/06/1781 James FLEMING Widower   Catherine MACE Widow  
17 11/10/1781 John OLIVER Single   Mary CORE Single  
18 18/02/1782 Nathaniel PALMER Single St Andrew, Barnwell Elizabeth CULPIN Single  
19 22/04/1782 Thomas ROGERS Widower   Elizabeth FALKNER Single  
20 18/10/1782 Richard WALDING Single   Mary WARD Single  
21 04/11/1782 John WHEATLY Single   Mary SOPPS Single  
21 23/12/1782 Robert PINDAR Widower   Pearce GUTTRIDGE Single  
22 27/01/1783 William WRIGHT Widower Cotterstock Anne TAYLOR Widow  
23 22/04/1783 Henry RUTKIN Single   Elizabeth SPENCER Single Warmington
25 10/10/1783 James INGRAM Single   Anne LAMBSON Single Oundle
24 02/02/1784 Matthew SOPPS Single   Jemima ROWELL Single  
26 13/04/1784 Thomas FLEMMING Widower   Ann PAIN Single  
27 05/10/1784 Benjamin HECTOR Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
28 15/11/1784 William BROWN Single   Elizabeth CONSTABLE Single  
29 07/12/1784 John DOBBS Single   Jane DUKE Single  
30 01/02/1785 Thomas HILLAM Single   Mary CAWTHORN Single  
31 08/03/1785 Robert SOUTHWELL Widower   Mary WIGGINTON Single  
32 13/06/1785 William WHITEHEAD Single St Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth WIGGINTON Single  
33 01/11/1785 Jeremiah BROWN Single   Elizabeth ALLWINCKLE Single  
34 02/11/1785 William WHITE Single   Susannah HORSTEAD Single  
35 14/11/1785 Samuel WEB Single   Mary COTTINGHAM Single  
36 05/06/1786 Edward HORSTEAD Single   Agnes CULPIN Single  
37 22/11/1786 John PALMER Single   Jane CANNAM Single  
26 19/11/1788 Thomas WARD Single   Susannah TODD Single  
38 15/06/1789 Lynn THOMPSON Widower Ringstead Luce MOVERSBY Single  
39 20/10/1789 Mathew HORSTEAD Single   Elizabeth ROWLAT Single  
40 26/10/1789 William NEAL   Little Stukeley, Huntingdonshire Mary SOUTHWELL    
41 10/11/1789 William MIDDLETON     Sarah BROWN    
42 24/12/1789 William PALMER Widower   Elizabeth FLEMING Single  
43 29/12/1789 Richard HALE     Mary ROWELL Single  
44 22/12/1790 Philip BROWN     Jane EDEY    
45 07/11/1791 William HUDSON     Ann ALWINCKLE    
46 26/12/1791 John REDHEAD     Rebecca BURGESS    
47 11/01/1792 George BOOKER     Charlotte IRESON    
48 02/02/1792 Robert BERRIDGE     Mary BAKER    
49 20/05/1793 John WARD     Ann CUNNINGTON    
50 17/06/1793 Samuel WEBB     Sarah IRESON    
51 13/08/1793 William IVES     Ann RYCRAFT    
52 08/10/1793 Thomas PEAK     Frances CAWTHORN    
53 11/11/1793 David COTTINGHAM   Stilton, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth CAWTHORN    
54 12/02/1794 Thomas HUDSON     Mary PALMER    
55 09/06/1794 George BAKER     Mary STRETTON    
56 20/05/1795 Abel NORTON     Mary DAMMS    
57 16/03/1796 John BAKER     Mary HORSTEAD    
58 10/10/1796 John ALLWINKLE     Elizabeth SOPPS    
59 06/12/1796 Richard SLATCHER   Polebrook Elizabeth PALMER    
60 12/10/1797 William PALMER     Sarah ROWELL    
61 09/04/1798 John COTTINGHAM     Sarah TEE    
62 28/05/1798 Thomas WARD     Ann CANNAM    
63 15/11/1798 John Sanderson CHAPMAN   Harringworth Elizabeth SANDERSON    
64 28/08/1799 John PENTELOW   Oundle Elizabeth HORSTEAD    
65 11/10/1800 John FEVERS     Ann BURGESS    
66 30/12/1801 Lenton John CLOSE   Helpston Mary RYCRAFT    
67 30/06/1802 Thomas DAY   Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire Sarah SANDERSON    
68 11/04/1803 Francis DAWES   Polebrook Mary PALMER    
69 30/05/1803 Thomas PRIDMORE     Mary ROGERS    
70 11/10/1803 Thomas INGRAM     Frances LAUNDON    
71 12/11/1803 James LOVELL   Tansor Anne PRIDMORE    
72 17/11/1803 Samuel BELLAMY   Denton, Huntingdonshire Mary LORNTON    
73 13/12/1804 John BELL     Ann CHARITY    
74 09/01/1805 William BATES   Cotterstock Alice STRETTON    
75 17/05/1805 Henry FLEMING     Ann HOLLEY    
76 04/11/1805 John LEWIS     Sarah GIN    
77 07/01/1806 John MEADOWS     Ann WHEATLY    
78 07/05/1806 John BURBIDGE   Cotterstock Ann PALMER    
79 27/05/1806 Thomas STRETTON     Kitty BROCKWELL    
80 11/07/1806 William TRIGG   Alwalton, Huntingdonshire Mary PINDER    
81 25/11/1806 Benjamin PALMER     Elizabeth CUMBERLAND    
82 02/06/1807 Bartholomew BELLAMY     Elizabeth WHEATLEY    
83 16/07/1807 Thomas PEAK     Alice CULPIN    
84 13/10/1807 Thomas ALWINKLE     Catharine PEAK    
85 14/10/1808 Isaac HUBBARD   Thorpe Achurch Mary ALWINKLE    
86 02/11/1808 Thomas SAWFORD   Tansor Elizabeth WELLS    
87 30/11/1808 William ALWINKLE     Ann KING    
88 01/12/1808 Thomas PANTER   Twywell Eleanor SOPPS    
89 27/12/1808 William BALL   Oundle Elizabeth COTTINGHAM    
90 22/10/1810 Robert PALMER Widower   Susannah MEADOWS Widow  
91 30/10/1810 Henry GIN     Elizabeth PALMER    
92 18/12/1810 George BAKER Widower   Elizabeth HORSTEAD Widow  
93 12/11/1811 Benjamin PALMER     Kitty BROWN    
94 28/01/1812 Thomas NUTT   Kingscliffe Susannah PALMER    
95 06/04/1812 John INGRAM Widower Elton, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth LANDON    
96 16/06/1812 Samuel PRIDMORE Single   Mary KING Single  
97 21/08/1812 George PRIDMORE     Elizabeth BURRIDGE    
1 07/06/1813 John BRIGSTOCK Widower All Saints, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire Mary PRIDMORE    
2 07/07/1813 Robert SOUTHWELL     Ann CARNEL    
3 04/05/1814 Stephen FULLER     Sarah BARROT    
4 23/06/1814 Matthew SOPPS     Susannah MEADOWS   Oundle
5 13/10/1814 Thomas NEAL   Beeby, Leicestershire Elizabeth WARD    
7 11/02/1816 George TOWNLY   Warmington Elizabeth PINDER    
8 14/05/1816 David PALMER     Mary NEAL    
9 04/06/1816 George PALMER     Mary PALMER    
10 16/04/1817 John WHEATLY     Elizabeth DOLBY    
11 27/05/1817 Robert PALMER     Mary LEVERETT    
12 03/06/1817 Thomas SLUTCHER   Polebrook Ann PALMER    
13 23/12/1817 William DALBY     Hannah HUDSON    
16 24/02/1818 John KNIGHTON     Mary WARD    
17 23/03/1818 Thomas PALMER     Charlotte PAIN    
19 01/06/1819 Thomas PALMER     Jane BURBIDGE    
20 12/10/1819 James MILLS   Kingscliffe Mary PALMER    
21 13/10/1819 William SOUTHWELL     Elizabeth WADE    
22 13/10/1819 Thomas PALMER     Elizabeth BROWN    
23 30/11/1819 John BAKER     Elizabeth BARRETT   Fotheringay
24 15/02/1820 John Curzon GAMBLE Single   Alice WOOLSTON Single  
25 11/05/1820 James BAKER Single   Elianor MOLES Single  
26 21/09/1820 Thomas WADDINGTON Widower St Andrew, Barnwell Frances PALMER Single  
27 26/12/1820 William MILLER   Burton Latimer Jane BAKER    
28 02/01/1821 John HANDCOCK     Elizabeth PRIDMORE   Oundle
29 16/07/1821 James BETTLES   Wood Newton Rhoda LEVERETT    
31 13/03/1822 John REDHEAD     Alice DOLBY    
32 03/12/1823 Daniel PALMER Single   Rainey SMITH Single  
33 13/01/1824 Philip BROWN Single   Mary INGRAM Single  
34 17/05/1824 Thomas FREER Single   Alice BROUGHTON    
37 04/01/1825 Daniel DRIVER Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
40 27/02/1827 James JOHNSON Single Bulwick Ann LEVERET    
41 21/11/1827 Thomas JOHNSON Single Bulwick Elizabeth INGRAM Single  
43 02/06/1828 Edward SMITH Single Peterborough Elizabeth HUDSON Single  
44 22/09/1828 Jude KIRBY Single   Mary BAKER Single  
45 06/10/1828 Daniel WEBB Single   Ann PEAKE Single  
46 07/11/1828 Robert SMITH Single   Rhoda SMITH Single  
47 07/12/1829 James BAKER Single   Eleanor COTTINGHAM Single  
48 18/10/1830 Thomas HORSTEAD Single   Catherine WELLS    
49 18/01/1831 William SEWELL Single Southwick Frances PAIN Single  
50 10/03/1831 Thomas TODD Widower   Ann COLWELL Single  
51 06/11/1831 William WELLS Widower   Ann SAILOR Single  
52 23/11/1831 Charles GALES Single Tansor Keziah HICKS Single  
53 24/07/1832 Robert UPEX Single   Mary GIN Single  
54 07/10/1832 William CUNNINGTON Single Blatherwycke Sarah PALMER Single  
55 19/11/1832 Thomas PEAK Single   Frances WEBB Single  
56 28/01/1833 James SANDERS Single Cotterstock Elizabeth HICKS Single  
57 19/02/1833 Robert TAYLOR Single Colsterworth, Lincolnshire Mary BARWELL Single  
58 07/03/1833 William PALMER Single   Mary ASH Widow  
59 06/05/1833 Thomas PRYER Single Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire Hannah BARNET Single  
60 25/11/1833 Samuel SAWFOT Single Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire Elizabeth LOVELL Single  
61 24/12/1833 Daniel WEBB Widower   Maria CHAMBERS Single  
62 15/04/1834 Charles LEVERETT Single   Anne PALMER Single  
63 19/05/1834 John COTTINGHAM Single   Anne PRIDMORE Single  
64 26/01/1835 John PRIDMORE Single   Martha LEVERETT Single  
65 26/10/1835 William PAINE Widower   Ann ODAM Single  
66 02/11/1835 William MEADOWS Single   Lucy COTTINGHAM Single  
67 23/11/1835 James COTTINGHAM Single   Hannah BEESLEY Single  
68 23/11/1835 Samuel NORMAN Single Bulwick Ann GREEN Single  
69 08/06/1836 Henry BELL Single   Eliza BARRETT Single Southwick
70 06/06/1837 William HADWELL Single Southwick Mary PRIDMORE Single  

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