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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Harrowden All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Great Harrowden lies in eastern central Northamptonshire roughly 2 miles north of the market town of Wellingborough. Great Harrowden sits on the A509 road which connects Wellingborough with Kettering and is a crossroads small village with most properties sitting both east & west of that road. Great Harrowden is a rather small place, ironically smaller then its near neighbour Little Harrowden, it was an estate village with most land owned by Earl Fitzwilliam a state which discouraged inbound migration and the formation of a substantial village. The parish was dominated by the 17th century hall and its formal gardens. Like most estate villages the economy was underpinned by the requirements of the estate, here arable farming was the main source of revenue. Modern developments have come to Great Harrowden with the railway line connecting Wellingborough with Kettering running to its east without granting Great Harrowden a station. From the village a little brook heads east to meet the River Ise which runs south to meet the Nene to the east of Wellingborough, the Nene eventually reaches the North Sea through The Wash. Great Harrowden is sited at around 90 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside, land rises gently westwards to almost reach 140 metres at nearby Hardwick Wood. Great Harrowden parish was fairly typically sized at close to 1,400 acres within which it would have supported a population of around 150 parishioners. Great Harrowden is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

All Saints' church sits immediately east of the A509 set into the lane running eastwards, The Slips. Whilst the church has ancient origins very little remains of those earliest periods following much change over the centuries. In the western wall of the nave is the earliest fabric, 12th century Norman Romanesque  styling in the remains of a window, the responds of the tower arch are similarly dated. The remainder of the main body carries dating of the late 13th and 14th centuries, the southern arcade is probably the earliest with Pevsner suggesting a very late 13th century date which would place it within the short-lived Transitional Era. Of a similar date Pevsner places the vestry which stands to the northeast. Moving into the early 14th century, the chancel is a good example of the Decorated style that flourished for a half-century, strangely the chancel is blocked internally from the nave and no longer used for worship. The western tower, of ashlar rather than the ironstone used elsewhere, dates from a rebuilding of the early 1820s, it once bore a spire but the 18th century had seen that fall and it was never replaced. Further rebuilding, much more major than a mere restoration, took place in 1840 and a further restoration of 1896 added further changes to the medieval hotch-potch. The Slips is of sufficient width as to allow street parking outside the churchyard. Wooden gates grant entry to the churchyard through a local stone wall which surrounds, the churchyard has a few trees which gather in clusters around both western & eastern ends of the church and do somewhat restrict the angles available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
7th November 1754 - 27th August 1804
Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 157P/003
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 11th September 1804 - 11th June 1812 Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The pages are so badly faded to the right hand edges that dating detail has been lost for many entries
3 14th October 1813 - 18th May 1837 Northamptonshire Archives & Heritage - Reference - 157P/004 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Little Harrowden St Mary
Little Harrowden St Mary
Finedon St Mary
Hardwick St Leonard
Finedon St Mary
Wellingborough All Hallows
Wellingborough All Hallows
Finedon St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 07/11/1754 Robert LEE Single
Mary SMITH Single
2 04/11/1755 William LILLEMAN Single
Mary PINDER Single
3 06/01/1757 Robert OXLEY Single
Selinah BULL Single
4 03/01/1758 William WARNER Single Irthlingborough Sarah LEE Single
5 01/06/1761 Lewis DILLINGHAM Single Old Weston, Huntingdonshire Ann HARRIS Single
6 13/09/1761 Richard BULL Single Isham Elizabeth FAREY Single
7 18/10/1761 John HOTON Single
Jane WHITE Single
8 09/06/1763 Thomas BILLINGS Single Carlton, Leicestershire Susannah FRANCIS Widow
9 01/08/1763 John JOYCE
Burton Latimer Hannah PATRICK

10 27/05/1766 Henry WIDOWSON Single
Rose SANDERS Single
11 17/10/1767 Thomas HAREIS

Little Harrowden
12 15/11/1767 Joseph RAWSON
Brigstock Mary JOHNSON

13 29/12/1767 John CALLIS Single Whiston Mary HARRIS Single
14 23/01/1768 Robert STANLEY Single Weekley Jane GREEN Single
15 15/02/1768 James BARFIELD


16 18/04/1768 Edward MACKANESS


17 07/06/1769 William CRADDOCK

Hannah LOWSON Widow
18 23/10/1769 Cornelius COLEMAN Single
Elizabeth SMITH Single
19 14/11/1769 Kilsbey SAUNDERS
Higham Ferrers Sarah GATELY Single
20 04/12/1769 William SMITH


21 24/07/1770 William SAUNDERS Single Higham Ferrers Mary AUSTIN Single
22 16/10/1770 William BRAYBROOKE


23 22/11/1770 Samuel CHAPMAN


24 15/10/1771 William VYE

Elizabeth WOOLSTON

25 03/03/1772 Thomas YARROW
Little Harrowden Hannah JENNINGS

26 22/02/1773 John BURROUGHS


27 18/05/1773 John HALFORD

Elizabeth MILLER

28 22/11/1773 George YORK
Little Harrowden Elizabeth EAGLE

29 07/07/1774 John BARRET
Skeffington, Leicestershire Sarah LUMMIS

30 20/09/1775 Richard BULLEN Single
31 13/10/1775 William BUTLER

32 03/05/1776 William HARDWICK Single Wellingborough Ann GARRET Single
33 28/07/1776 William PETTIT
Ringstead Susannah FAIRY

34 21/10/1776 Thomas COLEMAN
Pytchley Elizabeth HALLES

35 03/11/1777 Samuel CHAPMAN

Jemima HOMAN

36 03/08/1778 John HALFORD Widower

37 08/02/1779 Francis DIXON Single Wellingborough Eleanor FREESTONE Single
38 21/10/1780 Benjamin SANSON

39 02/06/1781 John COLPMAN

Elizabeth GARRET Single
40 17/11/1785 John BOWERS Single
Mary WARREN Single Little Harrowden
41 12/01/1786 James TOASLAND
Irchester Mary LION

42 07/05/1787 Thomas WRIGHT Single Geddington Mary SUMMERS Single
43 09/08/1787 John WARREN
Little Harrowden Hannah WIDDOWSON Single
44 15/10/1788 Joseph HEART Single
Catherine GAMBLE Single
45 30/07/1789 Thomas MAULE Single City Of London Elizabeth SPONG Single
46 26/05/1791 Constantine BRIGGS Single
Ann ACHURCH Single Woodford By Thrapston
47 30/07/1792 Robert SANDERS Single
48 23/09/1792 Samuel AUSTIN Widower Earls Barton Frances BRADSHAW Single
49 18/12/1792 John BRAWN Single
Hannah LAROME Single Little Harrowden
50 30/06/1794 Joseph DAY


51 11/10/1796 William HASLEDINE Widower Finedon Sarah WINDSOR Single
52 04/05/1797 James SOAMES Single Little Harrowden Eleanor FREESTONE Single
53 25/08/1797 Edward BARSBY Widower

54 12/10/1797 John CLARKE Single
Rebecca WARRIN Single
55 17/11/1797 Thomas BRAYBROOK Single
Martha MILLER Single
56 11/06/1798 Samuel MEACOCK Single
Sarah WILSON Widow
57 26/01/1801 William BRAYBROOK Single
Sarah SHAW Single
58 08/11/1803 John RATLEY Single
Hannah MURDEN Single
59 27/08/1804 Samuel FREET


11/09/1804 Benjamin CURTIS

Catherine RATLEY

00/04/1805 John SMART
Wollaston Ruth ROBERTS

00/03/1807 William COLLINS Single Mears Ashby Mary TRILBY Single
00/04/1807 Thomas BARREN Widower Kettering Rebecca CLARKE Widow
00/00/1808 Robert PAGE Single Little Harrowden Mary HALFORD Single
11/06/1812 Matthias EVANS Widower
Selina BULL Single
1 14/10/1813 William WALTON Single
Elizabeth CROFTS Single
2 18/05/1815 John LATTIMER Single
Elizabeth OAKDEN Single
3 27/08/1815 Hensman STANLEY Single Little Harrowden Elizabeth CRADOCK Single
4 07/11/1815 Thomas MARLOW Single Elton, Huntingdonshire Ann HALFORD Single
5 25/12/1815 George FELLOWS Single Slipton Sarah LEE Single
6 07/03/1816 Samuel NEGUS Single Wellingborough Ann HALFORD Widow
7 10/06/1816 Thomas WHITBY Single Wellingborough Sally RIVETT Single
8 28/07/1816 William CORBETT
Isham Charlotte HUNT

9 19/10/1818 Thomas RINGROSE
Walgrave Sarah WILSON

10 09/11/1818 Eusebius HOBBS
Little Harrowden Sarah EVANS

11 23/03/1821 Humphry COOPER
Easton Maudit Jane BRAWN

12 18/05/1821 John CHAMBERLIN

Henrietta RIVETT

13 04/02/1822 Isaac HALFORD


14 04/02/1822 Jesse HALFORD

Turvey, Bedfordshire
15 03/09/1822 Joseph MUNN
Wellingborough Susanna SHORT

16 24/10/1822 Thomas SMITH
Irthlingborough Martha SMITH

17 06/11/1822 John WINDSOR
Isham Sarah WILLIS

18 14/11/1822 Thomas WALKER Single Orlingbury Elizabeth SANDERS Single
19 07/01/1823 William MABBOT
Orlingbury Mary CHAPLIN

20 23/09/1824 John TURNELL
Stanwick Ann WIDDOWSON

21 28/10/1824 Richard ARCHER


22 24/02/1825 William WILLIS


23 07/04/1825 John SHRIVES

Comfort WILLIS

24 04/08/1825 Richard GARRATT
Market Harborough, Leicestershire Mary BILLINGS

25 23/02/1826 John RIVETT


26 20/07/1826 Peter RICHARDSON


27 29/12/1826 James BETTLES
Ecton Elizabeth PARTRIDGE

28 22/06/1828 Daniel EDWARDS

Elizabeth RATE

29 17/03/1829 James WILLIS

30 14/10/1830 William TEBBUT


31 03/02/1831 Francis WALLIS


32 27/12/1831 Joseph CHAPLIN


33 08/11/1832 John WALKER
Orlingbury Jane SANDERS

34 26/05/1834 John ELLSON Widower Finedon Ann CHAPMAN Single
35 09/06/1835 William CLARK
Rushden Sarah CURTIS

36 28/01/1836 George WALLIS
Orlingbury Mary CHAMBERLIN

37 13/10/1836 Richard CHAMBERLIN

38 20/10/1836 Robert BOULTON
Burton Latimer Elizabeth MARLOW

39 18/05/1837 William SCOTT


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