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Lilford St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Lilford lies in eastern Northamptonshire separated from neighbouring Huntingdonshire by a short stretch of Clapton parish. Lilford is located roughly 3 miles south of the market town of Oundle and sits about a mile west of the A605 road which links Oundle with Thrapston and the A14 expressway. Lilford is an estate parish, a closed parish where all land was held by a single landholder, the residents of Lilford Hall, and inbound migration discouraged, hence there is no formal village to the parish. Indeed such is the size of Lilford that even its parish status has disappeared with parishioners being obliged to move to Thorpe Achurch for their worship and Lilford church demolished. The Lilford Hall estate dominates the parish owned in succession by the Browne and then, by marriage, the Elmes who built the initial phases of today's hall in 1635. The economy of the parish would have been totally dictated by the needs of the estate, arable farming was in the ascendancy but the parish included water-meadows of the Nene, on which it stands, to vary the activity. The Nene drains the parish northeastwards passing through the city of Peterborough to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Situated on a gentle slope Lilford lies between 30 & 40 metres above the sea, away from the Nene's valley land rises to local heights of just over 70 metres in gently undulating terrain. Lilford parish, when such existed, was fairly typically sized for its area, covering around 1,800 acres it would have supported a population of a little over 100 parishioners. A measure of the impact of the Hall's estate on the parish is illustrated by its entry in Domesday Book where it is sufficiently large to be amongst the largest 20% of settlements recorded in that book, held by Countess Judith it could muster an impressive 15 ploughs, a small meadow and also held a mill.

The Church

St Peter's church no longer exists having been demolished in 1777, as around half of these marriages post-date that demolition it is clear that they physically were solumnised at Thorpe Achurch merely in the name of Lilford parish. The church stood within the estate close to the Nene. The only surviving fabric of the church is a piece of medieval arcade which was placed as a "folly" and landscape feature close to the Nene and within the estate. A cursory web search failed to locate any imagery to illustrate how the church once looked and even early gazetteers are silent as to its nature.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd April 1755 - 19th December 1803 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 194P/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th February 1813 - 31st October 1835 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 194P/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Pilton St Mary & All Saints
Stoke Doyle St Rumbald
Barnwell St Andrew
Barnwell All Saints
Wadenhoe St Andrew
Thorpe Achurch St John the Baptist
Barnwell All Saints
Thorpe Achurch St John the Baptist
Clapton St Peter
Clapton St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/04/1755 Robert BLESSET


2 12/05/1755 John FORD

3 29/02/1756 Joseph BEWS
Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire Piercy BEEBY

4 14/11/1756 William JOHNSON
Titchmarsh Elizabeth BEEBY

5 27/12/1756 James PRIDMORE
Laxton Susanna BEEBY

6 17/04/1757 William CHANDLER


7 14/05/1758 Thomas SMALL


8 28/12/1758 John RIDDLE
Lutton Mary LYNNELL

9 25/01/1759 Matthew HEAPS
Titchmarsh Margaret BLESSED

10 22/02/1759 Robert BAUMFORD
Titchmarsh Elizabeth LAIN

11 15/04/1759 William WYNT

Elizabeth TOMLIN

12 11/04/1762 Thomas WILCOX


13 08/06/1762 Isaac REDDISH
All Saints, Barnwell Anne LENTON

14 29/06/1762 Laurence BEETON Single Thorpe Achurch Elizabeth WHITE Single
16 16/02/1764 Augustin FOSTER
Marholm Susanna BLESSET

18 21/10/1765 Thomas TOWNSLEY
Warmington Mary CARNAL Single
19 13/08/1769 Thomas WILCOX

Sarah BLESSED Widow Stoke Doyle
20 16/10/1769 William WARD

Rebecca WHITE

21 05/05/1771 Thomas EADES
Yelden, Bedfordshire Margaret WHITE

22 27/02/1772 John TEBBUTT Single
Elizabeth BOWDLER Single
23 29/06/1774 Thomas SMITH Single
24 06/11/1775 John HIGHT Single Brigstock Hannah ABBOT Single
25 14/01/1776 Nathaniel BLOODWORTH

Elizabeth TRUMP

26 19/02/1776 John BLAND Single Thrapston Jane TOMBLIN Single
27 08/03/1776 Thomas ADAMS
Molesworth, Huntingdonshire Mary HEADLAND Single
28 12/02/1778 John HUSTWAIT


30 26/11/1789 William STIMPSON Single St Peter, Aldwincle Sarah FERRIMAN Single
31 18/12/1797 John SPENSER

Elizabeth HUBBORD

32 03/12/1798 John HILL
Cotterstock Catherine QUINEY

12/07/1799 William STRATTON
St Peter, Aldwincle Judith AGER

06/10/1799 Thomas MARSHALL

Elizabeth KING

27/10/1799 William COALMAN

Hannah JASON

31/03/1800 George ROYCE
Oundle Mary WEED

19/08/1800 Thomas BENSON


13/10/1800 Thomas CHAMBERS
St Peter, Aldwincle Mary JULYAN

10/11/1800 Richard Bruce STOPFORD
Barton Seagrave Eleanor POWYS

25/12/1800 Matthew COALMAN


30/11/1801 Samuel BEEZLEY
All Saints, Aldwincle Mary PARKERSON

19/12/1803 Daniel BEWS
Oundle Mary HARLOCK

1 08/02/1813 Thomas BLADES
Pilton Elizabeth ROWLEDGE

2 22/03/1813 John WATKINS
Oundle Elizabeth TOMLIN

3 15/03/1814 Joseph SCAMPTON Single Oundle Susanna WOOLEY Single
4 17/10/1814 James BUCKBY Single
Mary FRENCH Single
7 16/05/1815 William HOW Single
Anne BROWN Single
8 12/10/1815 William WRIGHT Single
Elizabeth ALLEN Single
10 28/11/1816 Henry BELL Single Stanion Anne HILL Single
11 07/11/1817 Thomas SANSON Single Luddington Ann HIGGINS Single
12 12/05/1818 William BALL Single Castor Anne COALMAN Single
13 15/02/1819 Matthew COALMAN Widower
Elizabeth NEWTON Single Elton, Huntingdonshire
14 02/10/1820 Joseph NEVET Single
Anne PAGE Single
15 12/02/1821 Thomas FRENCH Single
Hephzibah FRENCH Single
16 17/04/1827 William WRIGHT Single
Mary MEADOW Single
17 18/09/1828 William SLATER Single Preston, Rutland Maria WARRINGTON Single
18 26/12/1829 Thomas BROWN Single St Andrew, Barnwell Elizabeth COOPER Single
19 00/00/1830 Joseph CHAPMAN Single
Eliza BOLTON Single Thorpe Achurch
20 19/07/1830 John MILAND Single Oundle Anne WARRINGTON Single
21 19/01/1831 George FRENCH Single St Peter, Aldwincle Mary SMITH

22 02/04/1834 David WARRINGTON Single
Lucy MILAND Single
23 31/10/1835 Richard WYMONT Single Gretton Elizabeth SMITH Single

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