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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Thorpe Achurch St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Thorpe Achurch, simply Achurch on today's Ordnance Survey mapping, lies in eastern Northamptonshire no too far from its border with neighbouring Huntingdonshire. Thorpe Achurch is located roughly 4 miles north of the small market town of Thrapston and sits about a mile west of the A605 road which links Thrapston with Oundle & Peterborough. There is very little to modern day's Achurch, a hamlet on the southern banks of the River Nene with a few farms and cottages lining a dead-end lane leading to the church, the route continues as a footpath across the Nene to Wadenhoe, part of the local Nene Valley Way local hiking trail. Like most small parishes in this area of the county Thorpe Achurch would have primarily earned its income from arable farming, although the proximity of the Nene and its floodplain would have granted some pastures too. Modern developments have come and gone from the parish, the branch railway line linking Peterborough & Wellingborough having been built and closed, it skirts the southern edges of Thorpe Achurch parish. The Nene drains the parish northeastwards, continuing onward to reach the North Sea through The Wash. Thorpe Achurch is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in gentle terrain, land rises steadily away from the river to local high spots of just over 70 metres. Thorpe Achurch parish was typically sized for its area, covering just under 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners. Thorpe Achurch was also a typical rural holding for Peterborough Abbey, offering just 8 ploughs together with the usual meadows & woodland.

The Church

St John's church sits at the western end of the dead-end lane that heads northwest from the lane coming from Thorpe Waterville, beyond the church it becomes a footpath. In medieval times St John was transeptal church these being later removed. Remains of that medieval origin are scant but present having not been totally obliterated by later changes. The earliest remaining fabric identified by Pevsner dates to c1200 and refers to the eastern respond of the former transept, also from this late 13th century date is the attractive steeple of the western tower and the windows of what remains of the southern transept. Much else dates from the work of the Victorians, two campaigns of 1862/3 & 1874, the first being the major work, largely rebuilt the remainder of the church such that Pevsner remarks that it "externally is an almost totally Victorian appearance". Further work in 1912 added a Perpendicular style clerestory as the final major piece of structural work. As the lane is very narrow it is recommended that parking be done where one can turn as otherwise you are faced with a long reverse. The lane terminates at the lychgate which has wooden gates within for entry. Sadly mature trees take away the favoured southeastern aspects making the church a challenging one to acquire, especially on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
5th August 1755 - 8th October 1812
Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 320P/04
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
Poor handwriting at times in this register may lead to one or two misreads
2 6th January 1813 - 17th April 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 320P/05 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wadenhoe St Michael
Lilford St Peter
Lilford St Peter
Aldwincle St Peter
Aldwincle All Saints
Clapton St Peter
Aldwincle All Saints
Titchmarsh St Mary
Clapton St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/08/1755 Henry WRIGHT
Irtlingborough Alice LEE

2 19/10/1756 Mathew BLOWFIELD
Bythorn, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth CHEW Single
3 28/10/1756 Joseph BASS
Wistow, Huntingdonshire Sarah ABBOT Single
4 07/08/1757 John STEVENS
Great Catworth, Huntingdonshire Mary QUINCEY Single
5 14/11/1757 Robert HOPKINS

Ann HOLWICH Single
6 14/11/1757 Anthony ADAMS

Elisabeth WILSON Single
7 20/11/1757 Adam CHAPMAN
Slipton Mary GORROM Single
8 05/11/1759 John JIMSON
Caldecott, Rutland Elizabeth CARTER Single
9 13/04/1760 Thomas PHEASANT

Alice STREATTON Single
10 31/07/1760 Robert BIRD

Sarah CHANDLER Widow
11 09/03/1761 William HILL Single Thorney, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth BLOFIELD

12 12/03/1761 Jonas WRIGHT

Mary DOLBY Single
13 07/11/1762 Joseph CHEW Single
Mary SMITH Single
14 08/11/1762 James WHITEHEAD Single
Susanna EILE Single
15 07/03/1763 William ALLEN Single
Sarah GIMBER Single
16 03/04/1763 William HEIGHTON Widower
Anne LENTON Single
17 21/02/1764 John LEE Widower
Mary COLLIER Widow
18 11/03/1764 Edward ANDREWS Single
19 20/11/1764 John STRATTON Single
Elizabeth SPRIGGS Single
25/06/1765 John SMALL Single
Elizabeth QUINCEY Single
12/10/1766 Thomas WISE Single
Mary TEA Single
21/10/1767 Thomas NUNNELEY
Kettering Mary WELLS Single
09/04/1769 Richard WILSON


14/05/1769 Adam SHARP


02/07/1769 Francis GOOD


04/06/1770 John BRUDENELL
Aldwincle Elizabeth BRIGGS Single
06/10/1770 Samuel COALMAN

Rebeccah WILSON Single
17/06/1771 John Bullimer TIBBS
Titchmarsh Mary HOWKINS Single
11/10/1771 Edward HICKS


14/10/1771 Samuel QUINCEY

21/10/1771 John WELLS
Kettering Damaris HOWKINS

12/10/1772 William SPRIGGS

Sarah GUNN

03/03/1773 John HILLS


21/03/1773 Thomas SYKES


21/10/1773 Edward WARD


24/10/1773 John COLLINS
Oundle Alice TOYN

22/11/1773 Thomas BRAWN
Brington, Huntingdonshire Mary LEE

07/03/1774 David GREEN
Sawtry, Huntingdonshire Ann MUNTON

30/05/1774 Joseph BATSON
Oakham, Rutland Mary WEED

12/03/1775 Richard KNOWLES

Elizabeth ALDERMAN Single
09/07/1775 John HARLOCK
Alconbury, Huntingdonshire Mary HIPPY

31/07/1775 William HISCOCK

Esther CURTIS Single
04/09/1775 Henry EATON


08/07/1776 William ALLEN

27/10/1776 William DAY

Hannah DAY

16/02/1777 William BROWN
All Saints, Aldwincle Mary STACEY

27/07/1777 Charles CHANDLER

31/10/1777 John COATON Single
Frances LOVEDEN Single
12/12/1777 John TEBBUT Single Oundle Sarah HAFFORT Single
16/07/1778 Charles PLOWRIGHT

Isabel QUINCEY Single
31/07/1778 John TOMPKINS Single
Alice BINDER Single
11/10/1778 William SAFFORD Single All Saints, Aldwincle Jane LEE Single
30/07/1779 Robert HOPKINS Widower
Elizabeth ADAMS Widow
02/08/1779 Daniel BRIGGS Single
Elizabeth ADAMS Single
06/12/1779 Thomas SMITH


12/12/1779 Moses EARES Single
Hephzibah FRENCH Single
11/10/1780 John WRIGHT Single
Mary BUR Single
26/10/1780 Thomas JACKSON Single
Sarah SEMPSON Single
06/11/1780 John WILSON Single
Mary WILLS Single
13/11/1781 John FRENCH

Stamford Baron
10/07/1782 William GRAY
Wadenhoe Mary BRAWN

07/08/1782 Daniel TOMLYN


28/08/1782 Thomas FERRYMAN Single
Susanna PHEASANT Single
28/10/1782 William WILSON


20/02/1783 William PIERSON Widower Keyston, Huntingdonshire Susannah TEBBUT Single
23/02/1783 John RANDS Single
Ann WELLS Widow Brigstock
06/04/1783 John ANDREW
Benefield Mary CUNNINGTON Widow
10/07/1783 William TODD
Polebrook Ann CHANDLER

12/10/1783 John BUSWELL

Elizabeth CLARK

20/10/1783 William PHEASANT Single
Mary JACKS Single
31/05/1784 William FOSCUTT Widower
Jane GILLEY Single
12/06/1784 John GREEN Single Ringstead Jane MEADOWS Single
20/03/1785 Adam SHARP Widower
Mary SALMON Widow Titchmarsh
27/07/1785 John COALES Single St Peter, Aldwincle Elizabeth CHEW Single
04/09/1786 John MADERSON
Thurning, Huntingdonshire Mary HOPKINS

26/12/1786 Edward BLACKWELL
Thrapston Jane SMALL

22/03/1787 John TEBBOT


31/03/1788 Benjamin FREEMAN Single Orton Waterville, Huntingdonshire Anne MILLS Single
07/08/1788 William CHAPMAN


09/09/1788 William CLAYDON

13/10/1788 John LETHERLAND
Woodford By Thrapston Elizabeth WILSON

13/08/1789 Christopher NEVILE Widower Wellingore, Lincolnshire Mary MANN Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
09/11/1789 George DEXTER Single Wadenhoe Martha SMALL Single
18/11/1789 John WOOLLEY Single Clapton Susanna STRETTON Single
25/04/1790 John PARKINSON Single Sileby, Leicestershire Elizabeth FERTIMAN Single
24/05/1790 John HIGGINS Widower
Elizabeth ROGERS Widow
27/09/1790 William FRENCH Single
Mary BEATON Single
12/10/1790 Thomas WRIGHT Single
Anne ABBOTT Single
11/05/1791 Hugh NORTON Single
Sarah STIMSON Widow
29/05/1791 Mathew SOUTHWELL
Fotheringay Sarah SMITH

26/07/1791 Robert BELL Single Benefield Rachael FRENCH Single
25/12/1791 John SWANN

Susanna BARRAN
05/01/1792 Richard HILLS


29/02/1792 William HILL Single St Andrew, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire Ann CHEW

14/10/1792 Adam SHARP

Eleanor SUTTON
25/10/1792 Henry WILSON

Elizabeth CHANDLER

21/10/1793 Thomas MARTIN
Titchmarsh Elizabeth ANDREW

30/12/1793 William FREEMAN
Orton Waterville, Huntingdonshire Elizabeth DESBOROUGH

14/11/1794 John PEARSON
Keyston, Huntingdonshire Frances HURSTWAITE

21/01/1796 Thomas JOYCE Single
Ann EDWARDS Single
28/01/1796 Robert HOPKINS Widower
Elizabeth STRETTON Widow
07/03/1796 Benjamin TINEY Single Woodford By Thrapston Anne SMALL Single
11/10/1796 George GOODMAN Single
Sarah ABBOTT Single
24/10/1796 Samuel BATES Single All Saints, Barnwell Delia CRANE Single
24/04/1797 William BELLAMY Single Polebrook Rebecca CHEW Single
23/06/1797 Joseph HALE
Leighton Bromswold, Huntingdonshire Sarah ALLEN

02/07/1797 Richard THOMPSON

Elizabeth BELLAMY

30/10/1797 William COTTINGHAM
Wadenhoe Mary WRIGHT

18/06/1804 James WRIGHT


24/10/1804 Thomas WHITEHEAD Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Sarah TOMPKINS Single
22/01/1805 William HITCHCOCK

Frances COATON

19/08/1805 Samuel WILSON
Brington, Huntingdonshire Rachel HUBBARD

06/04/1806 William NIPPIN


15/06/1806 Mark WILSON

14/07/1806 Josiah WILSON


20/10/1806 Thomas COWPER

Catharine GOODE

01/01/1807 John TEESDALE


11/01/1808 William JINKS

Mary Anne NOBLES

22/02/1808 John BROWN
Grafton Underwood Sarah SPIERS

05/03/1808 William SMITHEY
Hartford, Huntingdonshire Ann WARD

07/03/1808 Thomas STAINES
Broughton Elizabeth PERCIVAL

07/11/1809 William WILSON

Frances BEEBY

19/02/1810 William BLACKWELL


06/03/1810 John HUSHER

Sarah TEE

26/02/1811 Henry BEEBY
Brigstock Mary BRETT

20/06/1811 William PALMER
Thrapston Mary HUBBARD

14/08/1811 Charles HOLDITCH Single St Peter, Aldwincle Mary COALS Single
30/10/1811 Richard RAGSDALE Single Oundle Elizabeth COALES Single
02/01/1812 William SELBY Single
Susanna GEORGE Single
18/05/1812 John CARPENTER
Barnwell Mary CHAPMAN

25/08/1812 William PATRICK
St Andrew, Barnwell Anne TOMPKYNS

08/10/1812 Bright BEESLEY
All Saints, Aldwincle Anne STIMPSON

1 06/01/1813 Mark ROE Single St Peter, Aldwincle Ann COALES Single
4 28/08/1814 John WIMPOS Single Elton, Huntingdonshire Jane COALMAN Single
7 14/10/1816 Charles HANKINS Single Stoke Doyle Jane MAYES Single
9 23/03/1818 Jonathan BURDET Single
Anne SMITH Widow
10 22/09/1818 William HILL Widower St Peter, Aldwincle Elizabeth GOODRICH Widow
11 31/03/1819 Charles BROWN Single Wadenhoe Lucy COALES Single
12 12/10/1819 Joseph SHELFORD Single Brampton, Huntingdonshire Joanna PHEASANT Single
13 18/10/1819 Samuel QUINCY Single Hemington Rebecca DRAGE Single
14 11/10/1820 George MAYES Single All Saints, Aldwincle Jane CHAPMAN Single
15 12/10/1820 John WRIGHT Single
Anne QUINCY Single
16 15/10/1821 George BIRD Single Titchmarsh Sophia ROE Single
17 18/11/1822 John HARLOCK Single
Kezia DIXY Single
18 02/12/1822 John WILSON Single
Sarah HARBOUR Single
19 24/02/1823 Edmund IRELAND Single Haddon, Huntingdonshire Mary LANE Widow
20 13/10/1823 Abraham BULL Single
Anne WRIGHT Single
21 10/08/1824 James ROUSE Single
Elizabeth WARD Widow
22 27/10/1824 James MURRELL Single Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen, Norfolk Lucy BROWN Widow
23 22/11/1824 Robert TITMAN Single
Elizabeth CURTIS Single
24 04/07/1825 Josiah WILSON Widower
Phoebe CHAPMAN Single
25 15/03/1826 Henry SMITH Single St Peter, Aldwincle Catharine COALES Single
26 23/04/1829 Charles ANDREWS


27 15/07/1829 Thomas BIRD Widower
Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
28 27/01/1830 Edmund FRENCH Single
Anne TEBBUT Single Oundle
29 29/03/1830 Henry ANDREW Single
Mary BRIGHT Widow
30 23/02/1832 John SMITH Single
Ann WARD Widow
31 20/09/1832 Beeton FRENCH Single
Sarah MAYS Single
32 19/11/1832 George GILLINGS Single Polebrook Elizabeth HAILES Single
33 10/02/1834 James NEVITT Single
Lucy ROBERTS Single
35 30/09/1835 Matthew MYLAND Single Pilton Elizabeth TURNER Single
36 14/04/1836 John MAYES Single
Ann ROBERTS Single
37 18/08/1836 Frederic Brooksbank BICKNELL


38 30/12/1836 Thomas GARTON
All Saints, Sawtry, Huntingdonshire Anne FRENCH

39 08/04/1837 Esau WRIGHT

Rebecca COALS

40 17/04/1837 Thomas BURKETT
St Andrew, Barnwell Catherine FRENCH

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