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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Marston St Lawrence


The Parish

The parish of Marston St Lawrence lies in southwestern Northamptonshire very close to the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire. Marston St Lawrence is located about 4 miles northwest of the market town of Brackley and 5 east of the Oxfordshire town of Banbury, it sits, in lanes, just under 2 miles north of the A422 road which connects those two places. Marston St Lawrence is a rather dispersed village covering almost a half mile from north to south in an oblong of lanes north of the hall and its estate. Marston St Lawrence would have been largely a pastoral farming community, a small-scale quarrying activity for road stone and some lace making added some diversity. Marston St Lawrence sits on the low watershed between the headwaters of the Cherwell and those of the Great Ouse, the former heading south to join the Thames, the latter heading northeast to reach the North Sea, one by the Thames Estuary the other by The Wash. Marston St Lawrence is sited at around 130 metres above the sea in gently rolling countryside which rises to the northwest to reach local heights of 184 metres on nearby Thenford Hill. This is an area of neat and compact small parishes and Marston St Lawrence is a typical representative, covering just under 1,900 acres it would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Marston St Lawrence was held by one Earl Hugh of Chester and could offer 10 ploughs, a small meadow but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits towards the southern edge of Marston St Lawrence close to the hall and clearly once an estate church being set in an almost parkland setting. The church consists of a range of features covering the 13th through to late 14th centuries and displaying the styles of early English Gothic, Decorated and Perpendicular in turn. The southern arcade is the oldest portion and 13th century, whilst the aisle and western tower are Perpendicular and late 14th, the remainder shows the interim style of the Decorated and span a period from early to mid 14th century. The church sits close to the junction of the main north to south running lane with the lane leading to Brackley, a broad verge allows parking immediately outside of the gates. The churchyard is relatively open, only a few trees close to the western tower mar what would otherwise be a simple photographic exercise.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th October 1754 - 16th June 1812 Northamptonshire Archives Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The marriage register for this period was so badly damaged by a fire in 1918 as to be unusable, the BTs were the usual complex of good and bad quality, it should also be noted that for many years marriages were not recorded within the BTs so although yearly returns were kept there are substantial volumes of marriages lost to history
2 29th January 1814 - 14th February 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 205P/503 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register, too, was damaged by the fire but is, at least, usable if supplemented by the extant BTs, quality issues do still result in a major caveat as to accuracy

Thorpe Mandeville St John the Baptist
Thorpe Mandeville St John the Baptist
Sulgrave St James
Thenford St Mary
Helmdon St Mary Magdalene
Greatworth St Peter
Thenford St Mary
Farthinghoe St Michael
Greatworth St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/01/1754 Richard SIMONS     Ann TAYLER    
25/10/1754 John BARRETT     Mary SPIRES    
17/12/1754 Benjamin SHEPARD   Greatworth Mary CHERRY    
25/07/1756 John STANTON   Newbottle Mary GOLDBY    
16/12/1756 Charles CHERRY     Anne WHITTON    
04/05/1759 William TAYLOR     Martha CHESTER    
15/02/1760 Robert CHAMBERLAIN     Elizabeth WARD   Middleton Cheney
07/04/1760 Thomas EDWARDS   Banbury, Oxfordshire Elisabeth STACY    
23/04/1760 Richard ROODNIGHT     Mary HANDS   Thorpe Mandeville
10/03/1761 John BLENCOWE Single   Judith CHESTER Widow  
30/08/1761 Thomas MOULDE     Anne GULLIVER    
24/09/1761 William GOLDSBY     Hester GOLDSBY    
03/11/1761 Richard EDWARDS   Newbottle Mary BARRET    
01/11/1762 John MEACOCK Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single  
05/11/1762 William WRIGHT Single Middleton Cheney Ann WARD Single  
12/05/1763 Richard JEFFS     Mary BANNARD    
09/01/1764 Joseph JEFFS     Alice WELLS    
12/10/1764 Thomas BRADLEY     Sarah BROOKS    
15/10/1764 John RUSSEL     Elizabeth HORRIT    
07/04/1765 Robert FENN     Judith WILLIS   Warkworth
26/09/1765 Richard TAYLOR     Catharine WALTON    
12/10/1765 John SLADFORD     Hannah PAGE    
10/02/1766 Charles SPENCER   Warkworth Ann FENN   Middleton Cheney
08/05/1766 John BRANSON   Helmdon Elizabeth SPIRES    
04/08/1766 William LOVELL     Elizabeth GOLSBY    
14/10/1766 Richard HARDWELL   Banbury, Oxfordshire Sarah BARRETT    
26/11/1766 William JEFFS   Middleton Cheney Ann GRIMSHAW   Warkworth
15/10/1767 Thomas GEE     Elizabeth SIMONS    
18/10/1767 Thomas WEBB     Sarah HANDS    
04/09/1768 Giles PRATT   Greatworth Martha WHETTON    
26/11/1769 William FORD   Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Mary WALTON    
28/01/1771 Edward CAPEL Single   Ann TURNER Single  
10/02/1771 Thomas MORRICE Single Radstone Ann MAYO Single  
01/04/1771 Thomas CHARLES Single   Christian BANNARD    
02/07/1771 Samuel GEE     Elizabeth BATEMAN    
05/11/1771 William WATSON     Ann GOLSBY    
31/07/1772 William FENN Single Middleton Cheney Hannah GARRETT Single  
19/09/1772 Nicholas YOUNG   Warkworth Eleanor EDWARDS    
25/10/1772 Owen BUCKINGHAM     Martha WISE    
06/11/1772 Richard GARRET     Mary LOVEL   Middleton Cheney
03/12/1772 Nathaniel LINFORD   Whitfield Martha JACKSON    
24/12/1772 John WISE     Mary EYRE   Helmdon
23/01/1773 Samuel HARTWELL   Middleton Cheney Sarah TIMMS    
04/02/1773 William CHERRY     Frances CHESTER    
27/07/1773 Thomas STENT Single Middleton Cheney Elizabeth CHERRY    
23/12/1773 William WALTON     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
15/05/1774 William BROWNSEL     Mary CHERRY    
14/08/1774 George BUTLER     Martha GARDINER    
17/08/1774 Thomas WHITTON     Susannah CHESTER    
03/10/1774 Thomas PEN   Middleton Cheney Mary GEE    
09/10/1774 Richard JUDD   Warkworth Lidia PETTIFER    
15/12/1774 John JERVIS     Elizabeth CURTIS   Greatworth
09/05/1775 William HUGHES   Warkworth Ester ROBERTS    
30/06/1776 William BINSON     Ann BROUNSEL    
03/10/1776 Joseph THOMPSON     Mary MILLER    
05/11/1776 William NEWMAN     Mary WEBSTER    
10/02/1777 George KING     Dolly SHARRACK    
04/08/1777 Thomas BRADLEY     Hephzibah JENKINS    
15/08/1777 John HUMFREYS     Mary WEST    
12/10/1777 John MOBBS     Mary BROTHERS    
27/12/1777 James MILLER     Mary ARMISTEAD    
14/04/1778 John TRENTHAM     Sarah TURNER    
20/04/1778 John STANTON     Ann ISEHAM    
24/05/1778 John CURTIS     Mary MOBBS    
04/10/1778 John GARDINER     Ann GOLSBY    
26/10/1778 Charles CLEMENTS     Elizabeth GOLSBY    
28/10/1778 Richard GARRAT     Elizabeth EVANS    
24/05/1779 Robert WILSDON     Ruth ROSE   Chacombe
11/01/1780 Charles TIMMS   Turweston, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth CHERRY    
28/01/1780 Samuel TREFAS   Middleton Cheney Ann PENN    
19/06/1783 John TAYLOR     Mary CHERRY    
04/08/1784 John MAKEPEACE   Covent Garden, Middlesex Mary GOLDBY    
11/10/1784 John BUTTLE     Sarah WELLS    
23/11/1784 Thomas BARRETT     Elizabeth BROWNSELL    
14/12/1784 William SOUTHAM   Radstone Elizabeth WHITTON    
28/03/1785 William CHERRY     Ann HOWES    
01/05/1785 Richard MILLER   Weedon Lois Susannah CHERRY    
12/05/1785 Richard MILLER   Weston By Welland Susannah CHERRY    
30/09/1785 Thomas LAMB     Mary BLENCOWE    
17/10/1785 Robert HITCHCOX   Adderbury, Oxfordshire Sarah ROBERTS    
14/11/1785 Thomas ARCHER   Mollington, Oxfordshire Sarah BRAIN    
15/11/1785 Thomas HEYDEN   Mixbury, Oxfordshire Maria WYATT    
11/10/1786 Joseph FRY     Hannah HERBERT    
29/10/1786 William BANNARD     Elizabeth CHERRY    
04/01/1787 John WILCOX   Stoke Bruerne Elizabeth BARRETT    
22/04/1788 Matthew CHERRY Single   Ann SPIERS Single  
08/06/1788 Richard TATHERS   Kings Sutton Elizabeth JUDGE    
07/07/1788 William BULL     Mary HORN    
25/08/1788 Henry UNDERWOOD   Helmdon Susannah WEBB    
12/10/1788 Henry EAST   Aynho Elizabeth BLENCOWE    
30/04/1793 William CROSS     Mary GOODWIN    
09/05/1793 George TAYLOR     Mary GUTTRIDGE    
03/06/1793 Edmund POTTER     Ann WILLIAMS    
08/06/1793 William TUCKEY     Mary STANLEY    
10/06/1793 William STANLEY     Mary FRENCH    
16/10/1793 Benjamin JEROMS     Rhoda PRATT    
21/10/1793 William GAYTON     Elizabeth PIKE    
23/10/1794 Samuel CARPENTER     Elizabeth HUNT    
06/04/1795 Charles CHERRY     Charlotte BATCH    
14/11/1808 Thomas DEALEY     Martha BANNARD    
15/06/1809 John Barnard KNIGHT     Sarah PRATT    
13/10/1809 Thomas PARISH     Mary HARLING    
05/11/1809 Thomas CRASTLEY     Hannah CHILTON    
09/11/1809 William RUTLAND     Hannah GIBBS    
01/03/1810 John BAZELY   Farthinghoe Mary BLENCOWE    
27/09/1810 Daniel GARDINER   Shotteswell, Warwickshire Elizabeth GARDINER    
15/10/1811 John BUTLER Widower   Mary MAYS Single  
31/10/1811 Corbet BURWELL   Adderbury, Oxfordshire Joanna BONNER Single  
09/12/1811 George SAVIN   Cottisford, Oxfordshire Mary PURTLAND    
16/06/1812 Samuel BALDWIN   Farthinghoe Jane MORGAN    
1 29/01/1814 John PRATT     Fanny CHERRY    
2 12/10/1814 John NEAL Single Thorpe Mandeville Sarah WILCOX Single  
3 15/10/1814 Richard FRANKLIN Single   Mary MEADS Single  
4 31/10/1814 James GIBBS Single Warkworth Mary PITTAM Single Warkworth
5 01/12/1814 John COY Widower   Susanna GILES Single  
6 12/12/1814 Thomas CARPENTER Single   Mary RICHARDS Single  
7 27/03/1815 William NEAL Single Warkworth Maria CHERRY Single  
8 10/08/1815 John CHERRY Single Greatworth Mary TAYLOR Single  
9 19/08/1815 William CHERRY Widower   Joanna ELLIMAN Single  
10 24/12/1815 Edmund MITCHELL Single Somerton, Oxfordshire Anne ARIS Single  
11 11/01/1816 William ADKINS Single Warkworth Mary STANLEY Single Warkworth
12 16/04/1816 Joseph BARBER Single Edgcote Anne BARBER Single  
13 01/07/1816 William HENSON Single   Hannah PRUE Single  
14 06/09/1816 John BROWNSILL Single   Nancy BRYAN Single  
15 16/12/1816 William CLIFTON Single Hinton In The Hedges Mary ISOM Single  
16 24/03/1817 John GULLIVER Single   Anne PRATT Single  
17 24/11/1817 William PENN Single Deddington, Oxfordshire Sarah BRYAN Single  
18 26/11/1817 Robert AUSTIN Single   Sarah BODFISH Single Tadmarton, Oxfordshire
19 26/07/1818 Richard BLOXHAM Widower Chacombe Lydia ARCHER Single  
20 11/04/1819 John FAULKNER Single Turweston, Buckinghamshire Elizabeth GAYTON Single  
21 18/05/1819 William YERROW Single Burton Dassett, Warwickshire Susan JEFFS Single  
22 13/06/1820 Thomas LOVELL Single Farthinghoe Jane HAWTIN Single  
23 03/07/1820 William COY Single Weston By Welland Mary PRATT Single  
24 12/10/1820 William WOOTTON Single Sulgrave Sarah TAYLOR Single  
25 24/11/1820 William TAYLOR Widower   Hannah SHELLARD Single Sulgrave
26 01/12/1820 Robert DUMBLETON Widower Middleton Cheney Sarah CLARIDGE Single  
27 29/04/1821 Benjamin HARDING Single Warkworth Latitia CASTLE Single Warkworth
28 27/09/1821 John SMITH Single   Susannah GODSON Single  
29 01/01/1822 Robert CROOME Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Martha WISE Single  
30 18/04/1822 William KING Widower   Peace GREY Widow  
31 30/05/1822 Samuel IZZARD Single   Hannah DUMBLETON Single  
32 24/06/1822 John PENN Single Ambrosden, Oxfordshire Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
33 10/02/1823 Thomas WYATT Single   Mary BLENCOWE Single  
34 18/12/1823 William BARBER Single   Mary LOVELL Single  
35 29/02/1824 Philip CHERRY Widower   Esther TAYLOR Single  
36 29/04/1824 Thomas RUSSELL Single   Elizabeth ODELL Single  
37 11/10/1824 Robert STANTON Single   Jane ISOM Single  
38 12/10/1824 George BACHELOR Single Evenley Sarah MULLAS Single  
39 15/10/1824 William CHERRY Single   Sarah ARIS Single  
40 10/02/1825 Thomas MOORE Widower   Mary BODILY Widow  
41 15/03/1825 William WHEELER Single   Mary WALLIN Single  
42 30/08/1825 John TYRRELL Single Sulgrave Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
43 09/10/1825 John HUGHES Single Thenford Elizabeth MAYO Single  
44 12/06/1826 Thomas CHESTER Widower   Charlotte BAKER Single Mollington, Oxfordshire
45 06/11/1826 James LORD Single Culworth Ann TATHERS Single  
46 13/11/1826 John MAYO Single   Sarah Anne PARKINS Single Hinton In The Hedges
47 13/11/1826 Matthew STANTON Single   Anne DOD Single Chipping Warden
48 31/01/1827 William WATTS Single Frankton, Warwickshire Mary SAVIN Widow  
49 05/02/1827 William EVERETT Single Greatworth Lucy STANTON Single  
50 19/02/1827 Robert PRATT Single   Ann RUTLAND Single  
51 22/02/1827 Thomas COLES Single   Sarah RAWLEY Single  
52 10/09/1827 Robert BUTLER Single   Love WILLIAMS Single Farthinghoe
53 03/06/1828 Henry PRATT Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Sarah KIRBY Single  
54 15/10/1828 John HUMPHREYS Single   Mary STANTON Single  
55 21/10/1828 William PRATT Single   Anne GOLSBY Single Farthinghoe
56 17/11/1828 Thomas BARBER Single   Susannah KILBY Single Sulgrave
57 12/03/1829 Francis GOTTWALTZ Single Coughton, Warwickshire Louiza Anne BLENCOWE Single  
58 29/09/1829 Richard ISHAM Widower   Anne ADAMS Single  
59 14/10/1829 Edmund GAYTON Single   Hannah COLEMAN Single  
60 26/10/1829 Charles MOLD Single Middleton Cheney Mary BARBER Single  
61 17/12/1829 John RUSSELL Single   Elizabeth WARD Single Brackley
62 02/03/1830 George AUSTIN Single Byfield Sarah LINES Single  
63 31/03/1830 George COTTAM Single Banbury, Oxfordshire Charlotte CHERRY Single  
64 14/10/1830 Benjamin BARBER Single   Mary RUSSELL Single Sulgrave
65 18/10/1830 Thomas ISHAM Widower Greatworth Elizabeth CARPENTER Single  
66 19/10/1830 James RUSSELL Single Thorpe Mandeville Elizabeth MAYO Single  
67 23/10/1830 William FOLL Single   Charlotte BRUM Single Chacombe
67 23/10/1830 William Foll HUGHES Single   Charlotte BRUM Single Chacombe
68 15/11/1830 William GEE Single   Sarah CHERRY Widow  
69 07/12/1830 Lionel LAPPER Single Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire Elizabeth WALLIN Single  
70 13/12/1830 Thomas STANTON Single   Mary MOBLEY Single Sulgrave
71 21/02/1831 Frederick BANNING Single Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire Esther GOLSBY Single  
72 10/06/1831 Thomas Blencowe WARWICK Single   Isabella HILL Single Wappenham
73 13/10/1831 John CHESTER Single   Esther BARRETT Single Greatworth
74 13/10/1831 William GULLIVER Single   Anne LOVERIDGE Single  
75 01/11/1831 John TURNER Single Wardington, Oxfordshire Mary GOLSBY Single  
76 15/12/1831 Richard PARGETER Single Weston By Welland Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
77 24/02/1832 James HUMPHREYS Single   Sarah CHESTER Single  
78 09/08/1832 Richard GREEN Widower Chacombe Mary CLEMENTS Single  
79 10/12/1832 Henry GOLDING Single Pattishall Anne MAWLE Single Warkworth
80 31/03/1834 Thomas HERITAGE Widower   Mary HANDS Single  
81 05/08/1834 John STOCKLEY Single Helmdon Hannah ADAMS Single  
82 14/10/1834 Mark PEACOCK   Hockcliffe, Bedfordshire Maria GOLSBY    
83 01/02/1835 Robert JEACOCK Widower Hethe, Oxfordshire Sarah PRATT Single  
84 18/01/1836 James BAKER Widower Boddington Mary NEAL Widow  
85 15/08/1836 John CARPENTER Single   Lydia MAYOR Single  
86 26/12/1836 John SPENCER Single Napton On The Hill, Warwickshire Mary RUSSELL Single  
87 26/12/1836 Henry GREEN Single Turweston, Buckinghamshire Anne PRATT Single  
88 17/01/1837 John OSBORN Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
89 18/01/1837 Thomas MAYO Single   Anne COLES Single  
90 14/02/1837 Edmund MAYO Single   Anne STANTON Single  

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