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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wilby St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Wilby lies in southeastern Northamptonshire close to the substantial market town of Wellingborough. Wilby is a compact village, which has stretched in recent times with growth towards its larger neighbour, lying on the A4500 road which links Wellingborough to Northampton, it is about two miles southwest of Wellingborough. With the dual-carriageway A45 close by the A4500 is now a much quieter road and Wilby with it. Most of Wilby is built around the junction of the A4500 and the lane which heads northeastwards towards Mears Ashby although as said there is now a linear strip which is joining Wilby to the rapidly expanding town along the A4500 itself. The village was noted for being involved in the manufacture of parchment, there are also limestone quarries to give an alternative to agriculture. Wilby is built along the valley of a small tributary of the River Nene, this tributary meets the River Ise at Wellingborough before joining the Nene to ultimately leave via The Wash. Wilby is sited at about 75 metres above the sea in the valley, land rises to above 100 metres above the sea to both north and south. The parish is a relatively small one covering around 1,100 acres and it would have supported about 430 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by one Countess Judith and supported 7 ploughs.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the end, appropriately enough, of Church Lane a narrow lane which leads northwards off the A4500 and bends round to meet the Mears Ashby lane. This church is really all about the western tower which Pevsner describes as "remarkable and which he describes in great detail. To build a spire on top of an octagon on top of a square, all supplemented with flying buttresses and pinnacles is quite unique and a formidable design and build. The rest of the church is not without merit, much also is in the Decorated style although the chancel was rebuilt in 1853. The church sits in a fairly open site behind a low wall of local limestone, a pair of metal gates at the western corner gives access and there are few restriction to photography other than some manicured yews.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th October 1754 - 12th October 1812 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 366P/003 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd February 1813 - 25th June 1837 Northamptonshire Archives - Reference - 366P/004 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Mears Ashby All Saints
Wellingborough All Hallows
Wellingborough All Hallows
Mears Ashby All Saints
Wellingborough All Hallows
Great Doddington St Nicholas
Mears Ashby All Saints
Earls Barton All Saints
Great Doddington St Nicholas

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/10/1754 William SKEVINGTON     Elizabeth COLES    
2 10/11/1754 Richard GARRETT     Elizabeth COCKS Single  
3 09/05/1755 William GRANT     Martha FOX   Wellingborough
4 29/05/1757 Benjamin ASHBY   Old Elizabeth SIMMONS    
5 11/10/1757 John TELFOR     Anne MORDEN    
6 26/12/1757 Thomas BARKER   Desborough Abi LORD Single  
7 24/12/1759 Thomas KNIGHT     Sarah BRADSHAW    
8 11/02/1760 Jonah BELCHER   Mears Ashby Elizabeth MARSHAM    
9 09/10/1760 Samuel BUGBY     Elizabeth LORD    
10 16/10/1761 Edward LILLY   Irthlingborough Mary GROVE    
11 15/04/1762 William KNIGHT     Mary ROBINSON Single Burton Latimer
12 24/10/1762 William PALMER     Mary KING    
13 30/11/1762 Thomas BOSWELL   Bedfordshire Elizabeth MASON Single  
14 14/10/1764 Benjamin PAGE     Elizabeth KNIGHT    
15 11/08/1765 Samuel PETTIT   Wollaston Mary KNIGHT    
16 15/10/1765 Richard BATES     Elizabeth ROBINS    
18 03/11/1765 Joseph ILY   Rushden Hannah BELCHER    
19 25/11/1765 Robert WAPLES Single   Ann KNIGHT Single  
20 14/04/1767 John WATTS Single Old Elizabeth WORLEDGE Single  
24 01/05/1768 Samuel ROBINS Widower   Ann SIMONDS Single  
25 13/06/1768 Collier SHORT Single   Sarah GREY Single  
26 29/12/1768 William BRADSHAW Widower   Mary COLES Single  
27 22/12/1769 Josias BELCHER Widower   Ann HENSON Single Ecton
28 02/02/1770 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Elizabeth MASH Single  
29 30/09/1770 John HODGES Single   Ann LAMBERT Single Bulwick
30 11/11/1770 Richard TOMSON Single   Mary RAPET Single  
31 18/03/1771 William HAWKINS Single Yardley Hastings Martha CLARKE Single  
32 01/07/1771 Thomas ABBOT Single   Mary GILFORD Single  
34 03/12/1772 John KNIGHT Single   Ann LAMBERT Single  
36 11/08/1773 Joseph COLES Widower   Mary PARTRIDGE Single  
37 18/10/1773 William HALL Single   Sarah COLES Single  
40 14/10/1774 John SMART Single Orlingbury Priscilla KNIGHT Single  
41 25/12/1774 John BREALY Single   Elizabeth BRADSHAW Single  
44 29/10/1775 William GERY     Sarah KNIGHT    
45 12/11/1775 John WALTERS     Alice HEWET    
46 24/06/1776 William CHALLONER Single Great Doddington Ann KNIGHT Widow  
47 29/01/1777 Samuel STANNARD Single Wappenham Christian RYLEY Single  
48 24/06/1777 William ROBINSON     Rebecca HILLYARD   Wellingborough
49 17/08/1777 William ARBER     Ann SOMERLY    
50 02/06/1778 John JOHNSON Single Kingsthorpe Elizabeth WATTS Widow  
51 11/10/1778 John GOODMAN Single   Hannah KNIGHT Single  
52 08/04/1779 Nathaniel GRAY     Elizabeth LAMBERT Single  
54 11/09/1780 Thomas KING Widower   Elizabeth COX Single  
55 18/04/1781 John ROBINSON Single Great Doddington Rebecca KNIGHT Single  
57 28/10/1782 Robert COLES Single   Hannah PETTIT Single  
62 18/09/1783 Peter CLAYSON Single   Elizabeth LILLEY Single  
64 17/04/1784 James ROBBINS Single Irchester Mary TELFORD Single  
65 27/06/1785 John BEETS     Elizabeth WEED    
66 17/10/1785 William LOVEL Single   Ann COLES Single  
67 11/10/1786 Samuel SMITH Single   Elizabeth BATES Single  
68 05/11/1786 Philip BAILEY Single   Sarah BELCHER Single  
71 08/04/1787 William BUTLIN   Orlingbury Abi KNIGHT Single  
72 07/10/1787 John PETIT   Great Doddington Mary YORK    
73 09/10/1787 William VINCENT   Wellingborough Hannah TELFOR    
74 01/07/1788 Robert MAYNARD Single   Mary BRADSHAW Single  
75 01/12/1788 William BUTLIN   Orlingbury Mary SUMERLY    
76 29/03/1789 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth COLES    
77 29/03/1789 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary SILSBY    
78 18/01/1790 William BUGBY   Old Sarah TELFORD    
81 26/01/1791 Robert COLES     Martha GARRAT    
82 30/07/1792 William BAYES   Irchester Rebecca COLES    
83 12/11/1792 Jonathan LOVELL   Mears Ashby Ann MUNDON    
11/10/1793 Samuel ROBINSON     Mary FISHER    
16/10/1793 William SAVAGE   Mears Ashby Sarah SHARMAN    
20/12/1793 William GIBSON   Old Rebecka TELFORD    
24/04/1794 John SOAMES   Wollaston Elizabeth COLES    
84 24/07/1794 Thomas PAYNE Widower Irthlingborough Mary KNIGHT Single  
85 15/09/1794 John WELLS     Phillis BARKER    
86 22/10/1794 Samuel ACHURCH   Rushden Hannah BARKER    
87 24/11/1794 Thomas WARDEN   Wellingborough Susannah SCOTT    
18/12/1794 Thomas MALLARD     Elizabeth SUMMERLY Single  
17/01/1795 Thomas THOMPSON     Mary BROOKES    
16/03/1795 Robert SHORT   Wellingborough Mary SMITH Single  
22/10/1795 Anthony CHILDS Single Ecton Mary KNIGHT Single  
19/11/1795 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Temperance WHITWORTH Single Earls Barton
30/03/1796 John RIBBIT     Hannah BATES    
09/12/1796 William THOMPSON     Eleanor MARRIOTT    
16/10/1797 William WRIGHT   Great Billing Esther LILLY    
16/10/1797 Joseph DRIVER     Ann LILLY    
27/11/1797 John BLUNT     Elizabeth HALL    
13/09/1798 John CLAYSON     Phillis WELLS    
15/04/1799 Edward PETTITT Widower   Elizabeth FREEMAN    
18/04/1799 Henry RICHARDS     Susannah SPENCER    
30/04/1799 Joseph SMITH   Higham Ferrers Elizabeth WAPLES    
14/10/1799 John JOLLY   Earls Barton Elizabeth MANNING    
30/10/1799 Richard COLES   Wellingborough Abi BARKER    
27/01/1800 William MAULE     Anne LAMBERT    
15/10/1800 William COLES     Ann WAPLES    
14/11/1800 William LANGLEY   Ecton Elizabeth KNIGHT    
05/07/1801 John FAULKNER     Ann ALLEN    
28/05/1802 Charles SMITH     Sarah KNIGHT    
23/06/1802 Samuel NORTHEN   Burton Latimer Anne WADDEN    
19/10/1802 Samuel JAQUES     Anne GEARY    
23/12/1803 William CHALONER     Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE    
30/12/1803 John WILKINS   Wellingborough Rebecca KNIGHT    
03/02/1804 John SHORT     Ann THOMPSON    
31/01/1805 John HERBERT Widower   Abi COLES Widow  
20/06/1805 James GANDERN   Kingsthorpe Sarah WAPLES   Ecton
25/12/1805 William MANNING     Sarah BAILY    
17/07/1806 John LORIMER     Martha PARBURY    
10/09/1806 William SMITH   Wellingborough Sarah SUMMERLY    
29/09/1806 Jonathan SHARP     Elizabeth BURDETT    
01/06/1807 Robert KNIGHT   Wellingborough Elizabeth GRANT    
08/09/1807 John PARROT     Elizabeth GEARY    
19/10/1807 Thomas WATERS     Elizabeth GOODMAN    
22/11/1807 Samuel PRATT     Phoebe COLES    
24/12/1807 John CLAYSON     Sarah KNIGHT    
17/10/1808 William GOODMAN     Charlotte CLAYSON    
29/12/1808 William PEACH     Ann GAFFERTT    
13/02/1809 Samuel KNIGHT     Sarah MARRIOTT   Carlton, Bedfordshire
16/05/1809 George ABBOT     Mary JONES    
25/12/1809 James WATTS   Wellingborough Rebecca WAPLES    
11/01/1810 Samuel LOVELL     Elizabeth CORBY    
08/02/1810 John SMITH     Ann KNIGHT    
07/08/1810 James HERBERT   Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire Hannah ALLEN    
16/08/1810 George BAILY     Ann WATERS    
19/02/1811 Josiah BAILY     Sarah LUCAS    
13/04/1811 John REMSHEAD   Irchester Mary SUMMERLY    
19/12/1811 Benjamin CHETTLE   Rushden Elizabeth FOVALL    
20/05/1812 John SMITH     Phoebe KNIGHT    
19/07/1812 Peter CLAYSON     Elizabeth BELSHER    
21/07/1812 Moses WHEATLY     Elizabeth BATES    
12/10/1812 Francis TURRELL     Ann BRIGGS    
1 02/02/1813 William BROWNE Widower Earls Barton Ann HARRISON Single  
2 18/10/1813 Samuel MARRIOT   Great Doddington Ann SUMMERLY    
3 27/12/1813 John SMITH Single Wellingborough Mary FOVELL Single  
4 14/01/1814 John COLES     Elizabeth MARRIOT Single  
5 13/05/1814 Joseph ROGERS     Dinah WAPLES    
6 01/08/1814 Joseph EDEN Single   Sarah HARBAGE Single  
9 19/08/1814 John BLACKWELL   Higham Ferrers Ruth CLARK    
7 14/10/1814 James CUNNINGTON Single Rushden Mary ALLEN Single  
8 17/10/1814 Thomas STARSMAN Single   Mary TYRRELL Single  
10 19/04/1815 David MILLER Single   Frances WARD Single  
11 04/05/1815 John SCRIVINER Widower   Hannah CLARKE Single  
12 16/05/1815 William REMSHEAD   Irchester Charlotte SUMMERLY    
13 16/10/1815 John PYCRAFT Single Walgrave Elizabeth COLES Single  
14 16/05/1816 William POLLARD Single Strixton Frances CLARK Single  
15 23/06/1816 Robert SMITH   Earls Barton Sarah GOODMAN    
16 05/09/1816 William CLAYTON Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Sally WEST Single  
19 17/01/1817 Samuel ADAMS   Hardingstone Mary HIRN    
20 19/08/1817 John BLACKWELL   Higham Ferrers Ruth CLARK    
21 26/10/1817 John WATERS     Hannah ALICK    
22 11/11/1817 David GRIFFITHS     Elizabeth SMART    
23 12/12/1817 James SWEET     Elizabeth PRIVIT    
25 08/06/1818 Jonathan SHARP     Mary GRAY   Finedon
26 06/12/1818 William GOODMAN     Charlotte FOVELL    
27 12/04/1819 George Samuel MANNING     Mary MUNNS    
28 04/05/1819 Benjamin WEST     Elizabeth CHALONER    
29 23/07/1819 Thomas OSBORNE   Hanslope, Buckinghamshire Martha ROBINSON    
30 28/07/1819 Joseph WHITWORTH   Earls Barton Mary ROBINSON    
31 05/08/1819 Thomas CHALONER     Mary PARROT   Kingsthorpe
32 07/09/1819 Joseph COOPER   Holy Sepulchre, Northampton Elizabeth JONES    
33 04/12/1819 Samuel CHALONER     Sarah MEADOWS    
34 15/10/1820 Thomas GOODMAN     Sarah BLUNT    
37 08/02/1821 Joseph PARK   Wollaston Ann MARRIOT    
38 05/07/1821 Scott WATERS Single   Sarah NORTON Widow  
39 19/07/1821 Charles SMITH   St Giles, Northampton Elizabeth WEST    
40 15/10/1821 John BEEBY   Wellingborough Sarah DIXON    
41 29/10/1821 Joseph WATERS     Mary ALICK    
42 26/05/1822 John COLES     Mary MARRIOTT    
43 26/08/1822 William TEBBUTT     Elizabeth COLES    
44 12/11/1822 John THOMPSON     Elizabeth CLAYSON    
45 27/01/1823 Joseph GAYTON     Ann RIVETT    
46 30/03/1823 John MOULTON Single Wellingborough Ann KNIGHT Widow  
47 18/05/1823 John CARTER Single Great Doddington Ann CLAYSON Single  
48 09/06/1823 Richard BARKER Single Mears Ashby Charlotte MAULE Single  
49 28/10/1823 Samuel BERRILL Single Mears Ashby Elizabeth DRIVER Single  
50 31/10/1823 John SPENCER Single Wellingborough Hephzibah CLARK Single  
51 23/05/1824 James CLAYSON Single   Hannah BLUNT Single  
52 27/09/1824 Charles FREEMAN Single Wellingborough Elizabeth PRATT Single  
53 17/11/1824 John WILLIS Single   Lucy KNIGHT Single  
54 26/12/1824 John WATERS Widower   Jane GOODMAN Single  
55 26/12/1824 John BEEBY Single Wellingborough Sarah RIVETT Single  
56 01/01/1826 Samuel SMITH   Hannington Phoebe MAULE    
57 23/02/1826 Henry THOMPSON Single   Sophia GEARY Single  
58 08/06/1826 William ALLEBONE Single   Frances JOHNSON Single  
59 28/08/1826 Thomas ROBINSON Single Bozeat Ann WYKES Single  
60 15/10/1826 William SHORT Single   Sarah WHEATLY Single  
61 25/12/1826 George JONES Single Great Doddington Harriet MAULE Single  
62 11/01/1827 Edmund Wallis COOK Single Pytchley Phoebe SMITH Single  
63 15/10/1827 Charles JOHNSON Single   Frances JEFFERY Single  
64 13/10/1828 Joseph SURRIGE Single   Mary Ann JONES Single  
65 30/10/1828 John BUTLIN   Orlingbury Diana MUNNS Single  
66 04/01/1829 John DARKER Single Sywell Mary Ann GRIFFIN Single  
67 03/07/1829 Samuel SHORT Single   Mary RIVIT Single  
68 02/08/1829 John KNIGHT Widower Earls Barton Sarah COLES Single  
69 29/11/1829 Spencer SPENCER Single   Mary BRAYBROOK Single  
70 04/12/1829 Garratt COLES Single   Jane KNIGHT Single  
71 06/04/1830 James WEST Single Irthlingborough Charlotte COLES Single  
72 12/04/1830 William DISHER Single   Charlotte GOODEY Single  
73 27/06/1830 Charles JOHNSON Single   Maria MAULE Single  
74 18/10/1830 John SMART Single   Rebecca HOWELL Single  
75 12/02/1832 George SMITH Single   Eunice BLUNT Single  
76 10/06/1832 Theodore GOODEY Single   Hannah MOLTON Single  
77 14/06/1832 Silby CLAYSON Single   Sarah WATERS Single  
78 14/06/1832 Joseph JOHNSON Single   Sarah PEACH Single  
79 15/10/1832 Joseph MOLSHER Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
80 16/01/1833 Thomas GUTTERIDGE Single Overstone Ann KNIGHT Single  
81 26/05/1833 Joseph JAMES Single Earls Barton Mary Ann GAFFERTH Single  
82 31/03/1834 Thomas HORN Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
83 13/10/1834 Thomas DUNN Single   Martha SMITH Single  
84 20/10/1834 Charles THOMPSON Single   Ann KITELY Single  
85 12/06/1835 Luke Pennington JOHNSON Single   Charlotte CLAYSON Single  
86 23/07/1835 Richard LEWIS Single   Eliza JOHNSON Single  
87 21/09/1835 Thomas LAWTON Single   Sarah THOMPSON Single  
88 18/10/1835 Jeremiah BLUNT Single   Jane WHETLY Single  
89 19/10/1835 George MAULE Single   Sarah SMART Single  
90 11/02/1836 Charles YOUNG Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
91 10/05/1836 William KNIGHT Single   Frances JOHNSON Widow  
92 13/09/1836 Robert HUGHES Single   Sarah MONK Single  
93 25/10/1836 Francis Benjamin WOODS Single Holy Sepulchre, Northampton Maria HOLLIS Single  
94 15/04/1837 Daniel HEMSHAW Single Market Harborough, Leicestershire Maria LOVELL Single  
95 25/06/1837 Henry MAULE Single   Eleanor STARSMORE Single  

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