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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hexham St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Hexham lies in southwestern Northumberland, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring County Durham. Hexham is a large market town and one of the major centres of population of the Upper Tyne valley. Hexham sits on a bluff overlooking the River Tyne which runs to its north. It sits at a significant crossing point over the Tyne where a bridge carries the A695 road, which has followed the southern side of the valley from Gateshead, across to join the A69 road which leads from Carlisle to Newcastle upon Tyne and closely follows the line of Hadrian's Wall. Hexham's origins probably date back to Roman times, it probably served as a rest & recuperation centre behind the immediate boundary line of The Wall. It grew steadily to become the market town for the area supporting a hinterland which is dominated by pastoral farming and, nowadays, forestry. At Hexham's heart grew up the Abbey of St Andrew (the Abbey church becoming in time the parish church), which held most of the land and economic activity in the area. The River Tyne, which skirts the town to its north, is headed eastwards through Newcastle upon Tyne to the North Sea. Hexham is sited some 20 metres above the river at about 50 metres above sea level but lands rises to the west into the Pennine range where local heights top 40 metres on Hexhamshire Common. Hexham parish, typically of an upland parish in northern England was extensive, at over 4,600 acres (much was termed waste) it would have supported almost 6,000 parishioners. The parish also included within it the chapelry of Whitley which carries its own page in this project. There is no mention of Hexham in Domesday book, the Normans failing to colonise this area of northern England.

The Church

The Abbey church of St Andrew dominates the heart of Hexham, its eastern end looming over Hexham's market place. A church has occupied this site since the 7th century although nothing of that building remains above ground - the crypt does remain and is largely intact. The main church building has a cruciform structure with a central crossing tower. Other than the crypt the chancel (excluding it eastern end), the tower and transepts are the earliest portions remaining. These structures are datable to 12th and 13th centuries as is the southern wall of the nave and the cloisters. The northern wall and eastern end were renewed by the Victorians and there work has a mixed impact on Pevsner, he describes the east front as "disappointing". The church stands in an open site and is open to the pavements surrounding it. Given its immense size and urban setting it is tricky to get adequate views to photograph the structure well.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th April 1754 - 23rd December 1776 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/184/19 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd January 1777 - 15th November 1791 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/184/20 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 15th November 1791 - 26th December 1812 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/184/21 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 2nd January 1813 - 11th November 1832 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/184/22 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
5 15th November 1832 - 18th June 1837 Northumberland Archives - Reference - EP/184/23 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Warden St Michael
Newbrough St Peter
Warden St Michael
St John Lee St John of Beverley
Corbridge St Andrew
Allendale St Cuthbert
Corbridge St Andrew
Slaley St Mary
Blanchland St Mary the Virgin
Allendale St Cuthbert
Hunstanworth St James, Durham
Hunstanworth St James, Durham

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
01/01/1754 Robert VAZIE     Phebe VAZIE    
26/01/1754 Thomas ATKINSON     Sarah NIXON    
04/02/1754 James LAMBERT     Margaret STEWART    
12/02/1754 James DODD     Ann NICHOLSON    
30/04/1754 Robert ATKINSON     Jane DICKINSON    
14/05/1754 John HINDMARCH     Jane THIRLWELL    
14/05/1754 William BATES     Ann TAYLOR    
18/05/1754 Richard NICHOLS     Jane HEATHERINGTON    
21/05/1754 John WATSON   Newbrough Hannah BELL    
23/05/1754 John TAYLOR   Haltwhistle Sarah PATTINSON    
27/05/1754 George THOMPSON     Ann WIMPRAY    
09/06/1754 David PETHERSTON     Ann BRIERLY    
10/06/1754 Richard WALTON   Penshaw, Durham Jane DAGLISH    
13/06/1754 Joseph DOBSON   Bywell St Andrew Ann DODD    
30/06/1754 Andrew BELL     Jane STOKOE    
02/07/1754 William FAIRLAMB     Jane AYNSLEY    
08/07/1754 John READ     Jane DUNN    
31/07/1754 Thomas OLLIVER     Elizabeth FORBISS    
05/08/1754 Thomas SPITE     Ellinor JOHNSTON    
05/08/1754 James HART     Jane LOWRY    
05/09/1754 John FISHER     Mary NICHOLS    
10/09/1754 William ORD     Sarah CARR    
16/09/1754 William BELL     Sarah MAKEPEACE    
17/09/1754 Andrew SMITH     Isabell TULLOCH    
17/09/1754 Henry KEAY     Margaret ALBIN    
19/09/1754 John BEARPARK     Ellinor FAIRLAMB    
23/10/1754 John SPARK   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne Ann JOHNSON    
06/11/1754 Henry HEATHERINGTON     Ann SHARP    
12/11/1754 Anthony BROWN     Mary COOK    
17/11/1754 George ANDERSON     Dorothy MADGON    
02/12/1754 Thomas RUSSEL     Jane USHER    
17/12/1754 John HILL     Mary ROBSON    
26/12/1754 Thomas RIDLEY     Margaret DAWSON    
27/12/1754 Robert HUDSON     Hannah BAMBROW    
10/01/1755 Joseph MAUGHON     Hannah WATSON   Allendale
21/01/1755 Archibald TURNER   Shotley Jane CLEMISON    
10/02/1755 James CUMING     Isabel MUSE    
17/03/1755 George ROWLAND     Ann FORSTER    
01/04/1755 Robert AITKEN     Elizabeth MILLER    
07/04/1755 Richard WILLIAMS     Jane HOGG    
13/04/1755 George FAIRLAMB     Margaret COOKE    
12/05/1755 John MACKRIGHT     Margaret HOGGART    
13/05/1755 John WINTER   Slaley Hannah TRUMBLE    
13/05/1755 Michael COYL     Mary SHAFTOE    
13/05/1755 Richard SMITH     Dorothy STEPHENSON    
14/05/1755 Samuel HEDLEY     Elizabeth THOMSON    
27/05/1755 John WINSHIP   Bywell St Peter Mary BELL    
10/06/1755 Thomas HUNTER     Ann BELLEY    
15/06/1755 George HENDERSON     Jane KIRSOPP    
15/06/1755 Thomas MOOR     Thomasin PEIL    
16/06/1755 Thomas HOGGART     Ellinor STOBS    
10/07/1755 William ROBSON     Alice ROBERTS    
10/08/1755 Andrew ROBSON     Elizabeth WOOD    
26/08/1755 Robert KELL     Ann WHITE    
02/09/1755 William WHITE     Ann SIMPSON    
25/09/1755 William CURREY   Allendale Margaret NATTRAS    
16/11/1755 William WIGHAM     Hannah WALKER    
14/12/1755 George CLOUGH   Simonburn Isabel BEWLEY    
16/02/1756 Anthony BURN   Haltwhistle Isabel FORSTER    
23/02/1756 John STERLING     Ann COULSON    
01/03/1756 William LADLOW     Margaret MOORE    
08/05/1756 William HUBBUCK     Mary JOBLIN    
11/05/1756 John KIRBY     Ann LITTLE    
18/05/1756 John JORDAN   Allendale Elizabeth MAKEPEACE    
19/05/1756 Robert JOHNSTON     Mary HETHERINGTON    
22/05/1756 Thomas RICHARDSON   Gosforth Sarah ARMSTRONG    
27/05/1756 Joseph BELL     Margaret HARDY    
01/06/1756 Edward WIGHTMAN     Ann PORTOUSE    
05/06/1756 Thomas THIRLWELL     Barbara DIXON    
17/06/1756 Henry SHOTTON     Elizabeth HUNTER    
20/06/1756 Thomas LEONARD     Dorothy SMITH    
22/06/1756 George TURNBULL     Mary ROBINSON    
30/06/1756 Francis MIDFORD     Jane GRAHAM    
14/08/1756 Thomas USHER     Mary SAUNDERSON   Haydon Bridge
01/09/1756 Robert ELLIS     Margaret BAXTER    
13/10/1756 Thomas CORBET     Jane OXLEY    
27/10/1756 Thomas KELL     Mary HUNTER    
24/11/1756 John WREN     Jane AYNESLEY    
08/12/1756 John DENT     Jane CARR    
14/12/1756 John ERRINGTON     Hannah MAUGHON    
26/12/1756 John ERRINGTON     Mary ORD    
06/01/1757 James RICHARDSON     Margaret HARDY    
08/01/1757 William HUTCHINSON     Margaret REED    
17/01/1757 James BROWN     Elionor ADAMSON    
07/02/1757 John PATTISON     Christian HOOLY    
07/02/1757 John BOWSTON     Hannah WOOLER    
14/02/1757 Thomas ROOTER     Elizabeth LATHAM    
14/02/1757 Edward HILLS     Margaret BELL    
17/02/1757 William HARBOTTLE     Mary LEE    
03/03/1757 Nicholas LEE     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
01/05/1757 Anthony HENDERSON     Mary REED    
02/05/1757 William STOKOE     Jane DEARAM    
17/05/1757 John SPITE   Corbridge Jane NICHOLS    
23/05/1757 William SALKELD     Jane THOMPSON    
31/05/1757 John COULSON     Elizabeth BELL    
31/05/1757 James KELL     Elizabeth HALL    
06/06/1757 William BELL   Newburn Elizabeth HALL    
08/06/1757 James ROBSON     Ann DODD    
13/06/1757 James DONALDSON     Jane TOWERS    
14/06/1757 James CHICKEN     Jane HUDSPETH   Warden
16/06/1757 Thomas DENNING     Mary FENWICK    
16/06/1757 Edward WILKINSON     Elizabeth MOW    
09/08/1757 Robert HILL     Elizabeth BOYDE    
30/08/1757 Thomas LAVERICK     Elizabeth BENSON    
08/10/1757 Charles MILBOURNE     Elizabeth PARKER    
09/10/1757 Edward HOGGART     Hannah PEARSON    
18/10/1757 James HOGGART   Corbridge Isable CRANSTON    
27/10/1757 Thomas KIRSOP   Simonburn Elizabeth CARR    
14/11/1757 John BRADDOCK   Allendale Isabel COTESWORTH    
15/11/1757 Thomas GRAHAM     Jane BUCHANAN   Warden
29/11/1757 James MARTINSON     Mary STOKOE    
30/11/1757 Thomas GARLAND     Ann CHISOM    
01/12/1757 Henry NEWBEGGIN     Ann KELL    
04/12/1757 John STOBART     Mary ROUTLEDGE    
04/12/1757 John GRIEVE     Jane HIMERS    
20/12/1757 William ARMSTRONG   Corbridge Jane GREENWELL    
29/12/1757 Edward FENWICK     Mary WILSON    
03/01/1758 Matthew BELL   Corbridge Hannah MARTENSON    
05/01/1758 George FENWICK     Barbara THOMPSON    
12/01/1758 John RAMSAY     Elizabeth GRAHAM    
16/01/1758 John ENGLISH   Morpeth Jane ROBSON    
16/01/1758 William WATSON     Isabel HEMLEY    
31/01/1758 Joseph WILSON     Alice BAPTIST    
06/02/1758 Henry BELL     Jane HESLOP    
14/02/1758 Adam PORTOUS     Ann MARTINSON    
11/04/1758 Robert NESBET     Ann BELL    
26/04/1758 John HEWE     Mary FRAZER    
27/04/1758 William LEE     Jane SCOTT    
09/05/1758 Matthew THOMPSON   Corbridge Ann ATKINSON    
13/05/1758 William BELL     Margaret JOBLIN    
14/05/1758 Ralph THOMPSON     Elizabeth USHER    
27/05/1758 Francis BELL     Barbara HUTCHINSON   Necastle Upon Tyne
27/05/1758 George CARR     Mary ARMSTRONG    
30/05/1758 George BELL     Mary BLACKBURN    
10/06/1758 Robert STRAFFORD     Jane BAXTER    
22/06/1758 George YARROW     Mary GIBSON    
26/06/1758 William JAMESON   Corbridge Jane ENGLISH    
30/06/1758 Francis STOKOE     Hannah DAVIDSON    
08/08/1758 William ATKINSON     Mary FORTUNE    
10/08/1758 Thomas WILSON   Ryton, Durham Isable STOKOE    
05/10/1758 John TAYLOR     Elizabeth GRAHAM   Haydon Bridge
25/10/1758 Edward MIDDELTON     Hannah DAVISON   Newbrough
16/11/1758 Richard ELLIS     Ann BELL    
23/11/1758 Thomas WALLACE     Mary MATTHEWS    
28/11/1758 Edward DIXON     Hannah NEVIN    
30/11/1758 William ROBSON     Elizabeth ARMSTRONG    
05/12/1758 Thomas MOORE     Mary WRIGHT    
23/12/1758 John HALLOM     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
24/02/1759 Abraham ORD     Frances BROUGHAM   Allendale
27/02/1759 Robert SALMON     Jane HERON    
27/02/1759 Anthony BAXTER     Elizabeth WINTER    
30/04/1759 Robert DIXON     Susannah BELL    
23/05/1759 John GIBSON     Mary BELL    
02/06/1759 William GRAHAM     Ann RICHLEY    
02/06/1759 John DENNING     Elizabeth WHITE    
04/06/1759 William CARR     Ann CHARLTON    
04/06/1759 Stephen LATHAM     Jane TWEDDEL    
07/06/1759 Joseph TODD     Susannah COWING   Haydon Bridge
12/06/1759 John ARMSTRONG     Mary BELL    
05/07/1759 Thomas RAMSAY     Elizabeth RENWICK    
19/07/1759 Francis ARMSTRONG     Jane MAUGHAN   Haydon Bridge
07/08/1759 Cuthbert CORBETT     Ann DIXON    
25/08/1759 James WHITE     Rachel BULMAN    
04/09/1759 George PRODEY     Margaret SMITH    
11/09/1759 Richard BROWN   Corbridge Margaret HERON    
13/09/1759 William NORMAN     Margaret HEWET    
26/09/1759 William TURNBULL     Mary DODS    
11/10/1759 Alexander CUMBEE     Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER    
13/10/1759 Edward WINSHIP     Mary STUDHOLM    
16/10/1759 Thomas BRYDON     Elizabeth BELL    
20/10/1759 William LEADBETTER     Elizabeth ARROWSMITH   Haydon Bridge
22/10/1759 William MORROW     Jane ROBINSON    
13/11/1759 Cuthbert WILKINSON   Ovingham Jane WHITFIELD    
30/11/1759 Thomas BARNFATHER     Ann HEMLEY   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne
24/12/1759 John MACDONALD     Dorothy BROWN    
08/01/1760 John MALLABAR     Mary WILKINSON    
12/01/1760 John BULMAN     Jane COOK    
31/01/1760 John HUDSON     Eleonor MAUGHEN    
11/02/1760 John STOBBART     Jane CORBET    
18/02/1760 William DAWSON     Jane PARKER    
27/02/1760 Andrew BEARD     Margaret LAIDLER    
16/03/1760 Robert BELL     Ann REED    
17/03/1760 Robert GEORGE     Ann WOLTON    
08/04/1760 John CHARLTON     Eleonor WILSON    
08/04/1760 Anthony JAMESON     Mary SMITH    
27/04/1760 John BROWN   St John Lee Mary ROCHESTER    
11/05/1760 George HALL   Allendale Elizabeth WINTER    
12/05/1760 Thomas LIDDEL     Jane WINTER    
13/05/1760 John RICHARDSON     Mary BELL    
29/05/1760 Joseph WARD   Blanchland Jane HARBRIDGE    
05/06/1760 John DAVISON     Margaret HAILE    
23/06/1760 David CHAMBERS     Margaret SMITH    
24/06/1760 Thomas ELLIS     Elizabeth HUBBUCK    
01/07/1760 John CLEMISON     Ann WALTON    
02/07/1760 William ATKINSON     Ann GRAHAM    
08/07/1760 George POTTS     Ann DIXON    
20/07/1760 William ELLIS     Jane CHARLETON    
22/07/1760 William LIVINGSTON     Margaret REWCASTLE    
23/07/1760 William LIDDEL     Elizabeth CUMING    
24/07/1760 Thomas BRACK   Chester Le Street, Durham Isabel CLOUGH    
27/07/1760 William DUNWIDDIE     Isabel SPOOR    
11/08/1760 Peter KEIR     Elizabeth ROWELL    
11/08/1760 Joseph ROWELL     Jane GORFOOT    
12/08/1760 Francis SCOTT     Ann KIRSOP    
17/08/1760 James GILCHRIST     Ann PAPE    
26/08/1760 Robert DEANS     Jane PORTERS    
08/09/1760 Jonathan DRYDON     Mary WALTON    
07/10/1760 Edward SHIPLEY     Mary PATTERSON   Corbridge
19/11/1760 Anthony HALL     Ann PICKERON    
24/11/1760 James NEWTON     Mary TAYLOR   Slaley
30/11/1760 Thomas LAIDLER     Elizabeth WHITFIELD    
01/12/1760 David ELLIOT     Mary FAIRWEATHER    
03/12/1760 Henry CARR     Elizabeth BAXTER    
13/12/1760 John ROGERS     Catherine PARKER    
18/12/1760 John RAMSAY     Margery STOKELD    
03/02/1761 John ROWLAND     Mary MAKEPEACE    
17/02/1761 John WOODMAS     Christian EALES    
19/02/1761 Thomas WILKIN     Jane LORAIN    
01/03/1761 Matthew CARR     Mary SHARP    
08/04/1761 Hugh WILSON     Mary CHISMAN    
09/05/1761 Isaac HARRISON     Ann STOBBS    
12/05/1761 Michael HALL     Sarah BELL    
19/05/1761 Thomas WOOD     Sarah CHATT    
24/05/1761 William SIMPSON   Tanfield, Durham Elizabeth MIDDELTON    
02/06/1761 William MADGHEN     Margaret DERHAM    
04/06/1761 George LEADBETTER     Elizabeth WHITE    
06/06/1761 John DAWSON   Allendale Susanna FORSTER    
08/06/1761 William HEMLEY     Mary SHARP    
11/07/1761 John ROWLAND     Margaret BELL    
25/07/1761 Ralph JEFFERSON     Dorothy COOK    
28/07/1761 Joseph CHARLTON     Rebecca JOHNSTON    
09/08/1761 John ELLIOT   Chollerton Mary MAUGHEN    
11/08/1761 John FORSTER     Mary STEWARD    
24/08/1761 Benjamin PEILE     Elizabeth JACQUES    
07/09/1761 John PATTERSON     Barbara THOMPSON    
22/09/1761 Matthew LAIDLER     Elizabeth CHICKEN    
22/09/1761 John DAGLISH     Dorothy JOHNSON    
29/09/1761 Jonathan PARKER     Mary BOWMAN    
29/09/1761 Reuben RICHLEY   Medomsley, Durham Eleanor HUNTER    
03/10/1761 Gerard DOBSON     Rebecca HUTCHINSON   St John Lee
06/10/1761 Robert WILSON     Dorothy SWINBURN    
18/10/1761 Edward WAUGH     Mary FRISKEN    
26/10/1761 James JOHNSON     Dorothy LATHAM    
08/11/1761 James RENWICK     Mary WILSON    
09/11/1761 George EMERSON     Mary ELLISON    
17/11/1761 Archibald ELLIOT     Isabel HARDY    
23/11/1761 Philip JEFFERSON     Frances BRYDON    
07/12/1761 Thomas BROWN     Isabel CHICKEN    
07/12/1761 William MORRIL     Margaret MOSSOM    
31/12/1761 Matthew CURREY     Ann HUTCHINSON    
15/02/1762 Richard HILL     Ann TAYLOR    
17/02/1762 Robert WILSON     Eleonor STARKY    
03/03/1762 William TURNER     Ann JOHNSON    
26/04/1762 John RINGROSE     Mary STAMPER    
26/04/1762 Isaac HALSTEAD     Ann MADDER    
11/05/1762 Herbert KEMP     Jane SHIELD    
11/05/1762 George HARDY     Mary HEDLEY    
13/05/1762 Robert BURR     Rebecca HIPPLE    
17/05/1762 Andrew DAVISON     Jane RUSSEL    
20/05/1762 Michael ELLIOT     Mary MILBOURNE    
24/05/1762 Thomas BEWICK     Mary JAMESON   Slaley
27/05/1762 Michael DIXON     Mary THOMPSON   St John Lee
27/05/1762 Thomas KEEAD   Elsdon Margaret PARKER    
29/05/1762 Joseph GEORGE     Elizabeth WHITE    
01/06/1762 Richard ARMSTRONG     Jane TURNBULL    
02/06/1762 William WALKER     Jane PYLE    
03/06/1762 Thomas PARKER     Mary JOHNSON    
07/06/1762 Thomas THIRLWELL   Blanchland Mary HARBRIDGE    
10/06/1762 Robert FORSTER     Isabel THOMPSON    
12/06/1762 Thomas SPARKE     Mary ARMSTRONG    
23/06/1762 George STUDHOLME     Margaret ROCHESTER    
29/06/1762 Thomas CLARK     Martha SPROUNSTON    
12/07/1762 Thomas DIXON     Jane FAIRLAMB    
07/08/1762 William HARLE     Elizabeth ELLERINGTON    
30/08/1762 Robert CUMMIN     Ann CARR    
30/08/1762 David LATTIMER   St John Lee Sarah HOPE    
08/11/1762 Jonathan BLACKBURN     Mary CRAIGE    
07/12/1762 Joseph GIBSON     Ann ROWELL   Corbridge
12/12/1762 Joseph MILER     Catherine CHARLTON    
11/01/1763 Thomas RIDLEY     Margaret STAIR    
16/01/1763 Thomas DAVIDSON     Elizabeth TWEDDEL    
22/01/1763 George SHARP     Jane ROWELL    
07/02/1763 John HUTCHINSON     Mary ELLIOT    
08/02/1763 Henry ARTHUR     Ann ROBINSON    
13/02/1763 John FISHER     Joanna LUMLEY    
23/02/1763 William WOOD     Mary NOBLE    
03/04/1763 George BARTON   Lamesley, Durham Mary STOBBS    
23/04/1763 Ralph ELLERY     Mary CHAT    
27/04/1763 Thomas CLEMISON     Margaret MAUGHAN    
15/05/1763 Thomas BELL   Haltwhistle Jane GREENWELL    
25/05/1763 John HARLE     Mary RITSON    
07/06/1763 George FORSTER     Isabel JOBLIN    
21/06/1763 Thomas ARMSTRONG     Jane VICKERSON   Corbridge
23/06/1763 William RAIN     Jane THOMPSON    
16/07/1763 George HALL     Hannah CURREY    
21/07/1763 Robert MCALL     Catherine HESLOP    
23/07/1763 William CLARK   Newbrough Margaret RAMSAY    
24/07/1763 William HERDMAN     Eleonor WILKIN    
03/09/1763 James TWEDDEL     Hannah LAIDLER    
06/09/1763 William ROBSON     Mary DIXON    
15/09/1763 John MAUGHEN     Ann BELL    
21/09/1763 George OXLEY     Mary STOBBART    
22/09/1763 Joseph FOSTER     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
03/10/1763 Edward TAYLOR     Ann GREEN    
03/10/1763 William MADGHON     Mary WILSON    
17/10/1763 Robert SLATER     Catherine JEMPSON    
31/10/1763 James HORNSBY     Mary KENNEDY    
08/11/1763 Henry OXLEY     Ann DODD    
28/11/1763 Michael POTTS     Dorothy MORRALEE    
10/12/1763 William ROWLAND     Elizabeth BATY    
12/12/1763 James NODDAL     Ann Catherine ERRINGTON    
19/12/1763 William BROWEL     Margaret ANDERSON    
21/12/1763 Joseph DAYLEAS     Isabel LITTLE    
27/12/1763 William BELL     Ann LATHAM    
31/12/1763 William BELL     Charlotte ROBERTS    
02/01/1764 William BELL     Ann TEASDALE    
03/01/1764 Matthew ROBSON     Mary JOHNSON    
04/01/1764 William POTTER     Isabel KELL    
25/01/1764 George BELL     Isabel THOMPSON    
02/02/1764 William RENWICK     Mary TEASDALE    
07/02/1764 Henry ELLIOT   Edmundbyers, Durham Mary THIRLWELL    
16/02/1764 John LIDDLE     Mary FOSTER    
26/02/1764 John LOWREY     Elizabeth BELL    
07/03/1764 Thomas WALL     Catherine MORREY    
15/05/1764 John LIDDEL     Mary BULMAN    
24/05/1764 John WALLIS     Elizabeth GORFOOT    
06/06/1764 Joseph ROUTLICH     Jane LATHAM    
06/06/1764 John FEATHERSTON     Barbara JEFFERSON    
12/06/1764 Edward STOBBS     Mary BROWN    
19/06/1764 John MCDONALD     Isabel WIGHAM    
19/06/1764 Ralph LINSLAH     Elizabeth STEPHENSON    
25/06/1764 James RICHARDSON   Ryton, Durham Ruth LATTIMER    
28/06/1764 Anthony LAIDLER     Mary LAMBERT    
04/07/1764 Thomas RIDLEY     Elizabeth RIDLEY    
12/07/1764 Edmond NICHOLSON     Jane NIXON    
01/08/1764 John LIGHTLEY     Elizabeth LOWREY    
06/08/1764 John HUBBUCK     Margery COULSON    
06/08/1764 Thomas ROBSON     Jane HENDERSON    
14/08/1764 Joseph GREEN     Dorothy BELL    
10/09/1764 John TURNBULL     Mary ROBSON    
11/09/1764 John ROBERTS     Jane CHARLTON    
18/09/1764 Lancelot ROBINSON     Frances CARR    
09/10/1764 Richard JACKSON     Margaret WEDDULL    
11/10/1764 Thomas BENSON     Mary ROWLAND   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne
05/11/1764 James HALL     Mary WILLIS    
13/11/1764 Joseph PEARSON     Grace RIDDLE    
13/11/1764 Fenwick DAWSON     Eleonor SCOTT    
18/11/1764 George TURNBULL     Ann HENDERSON    
08/12/1764 William ATKINSON     Ann ELLIOTT    
26/12/1764 James SHARLOW     Elenor ALLSE    
07/01/1765 Robert ALDER   Allendale Mary LORAINE    
08/01/1765 William LEADBITTER     Elizabeth DODD    
25/01/1765 William BROWN   Corbridge Elizabeth LAMB    
27/01/1765 George ELLISON     Ann ROWLAND    
01/02/1765 William WILSON     Elizabeth BELL    
12/03/1765 John ARMSTRONG     Elizabeth NEWTON    
28/03/1765 Isaac LANGERWOOD   St Nicholas, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hannah HASTINGS    
13/04/1765 John SMITH     Sarah TURNBULL    
12/05/1765 William STOKOE     Jane RIDLEY    
12/05/1765 Simon BURTON     Mary HALL    
13/05/1765 William BENSON     Jane FORSTER   Corbridge
14/05/1765 William HENDERSON     Mary BELL    
16/05/1765 Thomas FORSTER     Ann BELL    
18/05/1765 Thomas SAMSON     Dorothy BELL    
25/05/1765 John KNOT   Warden Ann DAWSON    
09/06/1765 William HILL     Elizabeth SMITH    
30/06/1765 James CRASWELL     Mary JOHNSON    
04/07/1765 Stephen LANGLANDS     Margaret PRUDDAH    
04/07/1765 William COWEN     Margaret BLACKBURN    
06/07/1765 Ralph REDHEAD     Isabel SLATER    
21/07/1765 Thomas YOUNGER     Esther CHISHOLM    
26/07/1765 James SCOTT     Elizabeth JAMSON    
13/08/1765 Christopher MAUGHAM     Ann THOMPSON    
27/08/1765 Thomas DICKINSON     Margaret BAITY    
03/10/1765 Henry LIDDLE     Ann RIDDLE    
07/10/1765 John CHESTER     Mary BEWICK    
20/10/1765 John THOMPSON     Sarah MOOR    
23/10/1765 John THOMPSON     Mary SHOTTON    
06/11/1765 Charles BARNES     Ellen KEMP    
03/12/1765 William WHITFIELD     Catherine ROBSON    
10/12/1765 Nicholas WALKER     Ann BURN    
17/12/1765 William SEABOURN     Elizabeth MORDUE    
22/12/1765 Thomas OLIVER     Margaret LYTLE    
25/12/1765 Stephen FORD     Mary HUTCHINSON    
13/01/1766 John WATSON     Margaret USHER    
09/02/1766 William BIRNEY     Eleanor WILSON    
31/03/1766 Adam FOOT     Jane GIBSON    
07/04/1766 Thomas SHARP     Elizabeth WITTY    
21/04/1766 William COWING     Ann ROBINSON    
28/04/1766 Anthony FORSTER     Isabel SHIPLEY    
06/05/1766 John FORSTER   Corbridge Mary CARR    
07/05/1766 Arnold LEADBITTER     Mary LEADBITTER    
12/05/1766 Peter DIXON     Mary FORSTER    
12/05/1766 John HUNTER     Elizabeth WINTER    
13/05/1766 Anthony BELL     Elizabeth BELL    
13/05/1766 Thomas FORSTER     Jane ARMSTRONG    
16/05/1766 John STORY     Mary LEE    
17/05/1766 William WOOD     Jane MONTGOMERY    
12/06/1766 Bacon William WASTELL   Simonburn Eleonora FEATHERSTON    
17/06/1766 Martin SWINBURN   Slaley Ann SWINBURN    
22/06/1766 Thomas GRAHAM     Mary LIDDLE    
24/06/1766 Matthew HENDERSON     Jane HACKFORD    
26/06/1766 Robert ROBSON     Elizabeth WATSON    
15/07/1766 William ADDISON     Margaret ATKINSON    
21/07/1766 Robert CUMMINS     Sarah BELL    
05/08/1766 Thomas YARROW     Barbara RIDLEY    
05/08/1766 William CLOUGH   Gosport, Hampshire Ann SHIPLEY    
08/09/1766 Cuthbert TEASDALE     Ann WEST   Whitley
24/09/1766 James PILE   Bywell St Andrew Isabel HENDERSON    
28/09/1766 John JONES     Jane GARLAND    
14/10/1766 Edward SCOTT     Jane DIXON    
20/10/1766 John THOROLD   Sunderland, Durham Elizabeth HILL    
09/11/1766 Thomas FENWICK     Ann PETCH    
09/11/1766 William ARMSTRONG     Isabel LOWES    
10/11/1766 Charles MOORE     Jane PRUDDAH    
11/11/1766 William RICHARDSON     Margaret CLARK    
25/11/1766 Henry ROBSON     Ann LITTLE    
22/12/1766 John GYLL     Ann GRAHAM    
28/12/1766 Robert ROBSON   Simonburn Mary PRUDDAH    
31/12/1766 Edward DIXON     Jane DODD    
11/01/1767 Edward PRUDDAH     Mary BELL    
11/01/1767 Edward CRASWELL     Margery BESFORD    
27/01/1767 Hugh MACLEAN     Hannah WHARTON    
02/03/1767 William DAVISON     Elizabeth ROBSON    
10/03/1767 Herbert KEMP     Isabel FELTON    
31/03/1767 Robert COXON   Simonburn Ann MAUGHAM    
07/04/1767 Henry HENDERSON     Jane BATY    
17/05/1767 Lancelot NEWTON     Jane ROBSON    
20/05/1767 Edward FORSTER     Mary DAGLISH    
21/05/1767 William WILKINSON   Allendale Elizabeth ARMSTRONG    
09/06/1767 Edward SHIPLEY     Elizabeth LEE    
11/06/1767 George HAMMOND     Isabel ENGLISH    
20/06/1767 Thomas AKEN     Elizabeth ELLIOT    
07/07/1767 Robert JOHNSON     Ann CLARK    
18/07/1767 John ETHERINGTON     Margaret TRUMBALL    
03/08/1767 William MORRAH     Mary HARDY    
13/08/1767 Robert RENWICK     Isabel BELL    
02/09/1767 John NEWTON     Elizabeth LIDDLE    
06/09/1767 Thomas PAPE     Jane OLIVER    
25/09/1767 Thomas GIBSON   Warden Elizabeth RAVEN    
27/09/1767 Ralph DODD     Jane SPOUR    
18/10/1767 Robert WINTER     Catherine WINTER    
18/10/1767 Joseph SCOTT     Ann BOYD    
19/10/1767 David DIXON     Mary DAVISON    
20/10/1767 Robert FAIRWEATHER     Ann SMITH   Simonburn
22/10/1767 Edward CROOK   Whittonstall Margaret REED    
12/11/1767 John ORD     Margaret ARMSTRONG    
16/11/1767 Christopher CARNS     Ann HALL    
02/12/1767 John BROWN     Elizabeth DIXON    
03/12/1767 William THOMPSON     Mary FORSTER    
06/12/1767 John JOHNSON   Blanchland Jane ARMSTRONG    
25/12/1767 Robert CHARLTON     Margaret CHAMBERS    
02/01/1768 Thomas BLACKET     Ann ROWLAND    
31/01/1768 Ralph JEFFERSON     Mary HUTCHINSON    
02/02/1768 William BROWN   Simonburn Isabel BOWERY    
09/02/1768 William TELFER     Sarah WILSON    
11/02/1768 William LITTLE     Ann CARR    
17/03/1768 James SINNEMENT     Barbara LAWSON    
25/04/1768 Joseph TAYLOR     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
07/05/1768 Sloughtor CLARKE     Honour ANDREWS    
11/05/1768 John LOWDON     Jane FORSTER    
16/05/1768 John ENGLISH     Mary WILSON    
17/05/1768 Philip MILLER     Barbara FORSTER   Hartburn
17/05/1768 Matthew COOK     Elizabeth HOGARTH   Corbridge
23/05/1768 Richard ROBINSON     Margaret CROSIER    
26/05/1768 John FRISKIN     Alice MACKAY    
20/06/1768 John MORTON   Gateshead, Durham Margaret GIBSON    
04/07/1768 John THIRLWELL     Ann TURNER    
26/07/1768 George OGLEBY     Mary PURVIS    
31/07/1768 John HOPPER     Theodosia SWINBURN    
08/08/1768 John ARMSTRONG     Ann REWCASTLE    
29/08/1768 George HEMSLEY     Frances BELL    
05/09/1768 Richard HETHERINGTON     Ann MASTERMAN    
06/10/1768 William HENDERSON     Eleanor RENTON    
09/10/1768 John DONCKON     Ann ELLIOT    
11/10/1768 Henry TURNER     Ann MUDD    
17/10/1768 John BLAKELOCK     Jane JACKSON    
23/10/1768 James COTT     Alice THOMPSON    
16/11/1768 Peter BELL     Sarah THOMPSON    
17/11/1768 William LIDDLE     Mary ENGLISH    
21/11/1768 John WILSON     Ann STOREY    
25/12/1768 William ROBERTS     Mary MACKCLARY    
26/12/1768 Robert ROBSON     Ann DOUGLAS    
25/01/1769 Joseph SWINBURN     Mary FORSTER   Haydon Bridge
06/02/1769 Charles TAYLOR     Catherine MOOR    
14/02/1769 George HEMLEY     Ann BELL    
15/02/1769 James HUSE   Sunderland, Durham Jane RIDDLE    
28/02/1769 Ralph LITTLE     Mary RIDLEY    
18/03/1769 Robert ELLERINGTON   Slaley Jane THOMPSON    
31/03/1769 Andrew RICHARDSON     Issabel MAINE    
04/04/1769 Robert ANDERSON     Mary MURDER    
12/04/1769 James KEMP     Eleanor TURNBULL    
18/04/1769 Lancelot ROWLAND     Elizabeth SPRUNSTONE    
24/04/1769 John WALKER   Jarrow, Durham Christian PILE    
30/04/1769 Robert THORBURN     Mary TAYLOR    
02/05/1769 Francis WRAY     Jane FAIRLAMB    
16/05/1769 Thomas SWINBURN     Margaret HEMLEY    
01/06/1769 William LATTIMORE     Elizabeth LIDDLE    
01/06/1769 Joseph PAPE     Frances ROGERS    
03/06/1769 James RAMSAY     Ann MAUGHAN   Kirkwhelpington
11/06/1769 William LEADBITTER     Margaret WHITE   Simonburn
22/06/1769 William NOBLE     Dorothy LEE    
27/06/1769 Thomas HILL     Sarah BATES    
01/08/1769 John BELL     Ann PANTOUPE    
08/08/1769 Thomas LOWTHION     Eleanor LAIDLER    
08/08/1769 Robert BLAND     Jane RICHARDSON    
10/08/1769 John POTTS     Dorothy BEWICK    
23/08/1769 Isaac LANGERWOOD     Mary PARKER    
26/08/1769 Richard TEASDALE     Ann STEEL    
10/09/1769 Joseph WILSON     Elizabeth ROBSON    
17/09/1769 Thomas WILKINSON     Ann TRUEMAN    
18/09/1769 Robert COOK     Ann POTTS    
15/10/1769 John AISTON     Elizabeth BROWN    
16/10/1769 James NICHOLS   Bishopwearmouth, Durham Margaret LITTLE    
30/10/1769 William GLADSON     Jane CUMMIN    
08/11/1769 Robert DUNBAR     Jane BELL    
09/11/1769 John ROBSON     Sarah SPARK    
11/11/1769 Nicholas WALKER   Allendale Hannah LITTLE    
20/11/1769 Cuthbert ELLIOT     Ann WOODNESS    
26/11/1769 Robert GORDON     Mary PORCH    
28/11/1769 Matthew BAPTIST     Ann BROWN    
30/11/1769 Charles PEAT     Susannah JOHNSON    
10/12/1769 Isaac NEWTON     Ann ATKINSON    
13/12/1769 William SCOTT     Margaret WINTER    
01/01/1770 James CANSFIELD     Margaret BELL    
27/01/1770 George HUDSON     Elizabeth WOLFE    
11/02/1770 Michael BELL     Jane CARTER    
13/02/1770 Robert SPOOR     Ann RIDLEY    
25/02/1770 Francis DOBSON     Dorothy THOMPSON    
05/03/1770 William BURN     Ann HAWDEN    
12/03/1770 William CUMMINS     Harriet REEBURN    
18/03/1770 George LEE     Ann LATHIM    
11/04/1770 John RIDLEY     Mary HOGARTH    
12/04/1770 Robert LAIDLEY     Jane FOGOE    
18/04/1770 John WINTER     Jane OXFORD    
15/05/1770 William LAWSON   Heddon On The Wall Susannah ANGUS    
28/05/1770 Thomas RAWLIN     Mary BELL    
06/06/1770 Ralph LEADBITTER     Isabel TAYLOR    
04/07/1770 John BROWN     Ann BLENKINSOP    
04/07/1770 Edmund JOHNSON     Isabel STOREY    
07/07/1770 Edward KIRBY     Mary DIXON    
11/07/1770 John SIVEL     Jane CHARLTON    
17/07/1770 William DITCHBURN     Mary ATKINSON    
26/07/1770 John ARMSTRONG     Mary PEARSON    
13/08/1770 John MORPETH   Corbridge Mary TAYLOR    
22/08/1770 Thomas HALL     Mary STOKOE   Corbridge
26/08/1770 George TURNBULL     Sarah GRAHAM    
30/09/1770 George MITCHELL     Margaret STEPHENSON    
04/10/1770 Cuthbert CROSIER     Elizabeth CARR    
09/10/1770 John BELL     Jane LAMBERT    
08/11/1770 Robert ROBSON     Martha COCK    
13/11/1770 John LIDDLE     Margaret MAUGHAN    
27/11/1770 Anthony OLIVER     Mary USHER    
10/12/1770 John STOBBART     Isabel JOHNSON    
16/12/1770 Edward WHITLEY   Tynemouth Isabel ATKINSON    
23/12/1770 Daniel MCLAREN     Mary HUTCHINSON    
25/12/1770 William ROGERS     Jane PARKER    
26/12/1770 James DUNN     Sarah WRIGHT    
01/01/1771 John WOOD     Eleanor BACON    
16/02/1771 William DOBSON     Ann BROWN    
06/03/1771 Robert TRUEMAN     Mary COATES    
26/03/1771 George PEARS     Barbara FEWSTER    
26/03/1771 John ROBSON     Isabel BELL    
12/05/1771 Francis ARMSTRONG     Jane TAYLOR    
13/05/1771 Joseph CARR     Margaret WATSON    
14/05/1771 Thomas HUNTER     Ann BROWN    
14/05/1771 William CARTER     Elizabeth HARRISON    
20/05/1771 John HUNTER     Elizabeth WHITFIELD    
21/05/1771 Lionel ROBSON     Mary MAKEPEACE    
26/05/1771 Thomas HUTCHINSON     Isabel BROWN    
09/06/1771 James WILKINSON   Ovingham Hannah WALTON    
10/06/1771 Thomas KELL     Mary BLACKBURN    
15/06/1771 Edward BEARPARK     Elizabeth KEANLEYSIDE    
15/06/1771 John JOBLIN     Mary ARMSTRONG    
16/06/1771 George LATHIM     Elizabeth STOBBART    
14/07/1771 William BATES   Corbridge Margaret JOHNSON    
22/07/1771 John Digby PRESTON     Mary STANFORD    
28/07/1771 Joshua HUDSON   Gosforth Jane CARR    
30/07/1771 John DEMPSTER     Catherine HASTEY    
13/08/1771 Wilson HAMMERTON   Whitley Jane MOLL    
15/08/1771 John CHICKEN     Alice MARLEY    
04/09/1771 John CUTTER     Ann AVERY    
09/09/1771 George ROWELL     Hannah NEVAN    
23/10/1771 George FENWICK     Jane WATSON    
10/11/1771 Thomas USHER     Mary CHARLTON    
20/11/1771 John FORRESTER     Jane SIMN    
27/11/1771 John SNOWBALL     Elizabeth CRAIG    
28/11/1771 George URWIN     Margaret TURNER    
16/12/1771 Ralph ROBSON     Mary LOTHARD    
22/12/1771 John STEPHENSON     Ann DAVISON    
23/12/1771 Matthew BAPTIST     Margaret OXLEY    
01/01/1772 Robert HEDLEY     Catherine DODD    
18/01/1772 George ELLET     Dorothy BELL    
27/01/1772 Mark TRUEMAN     Mary STEPHENSON    
30/01/1772 John ERRINGTON     Mary KELL    
01/02/1772 James RUTHERFORD     Ann BLAIR    
08/02/1772 William ENGLISH     Ann ELLIOT    
13/02/1772 William FINLAY     Hannah SPENCE    
11/05/1772 Robert WATSON     Ann DICKINSON    
13/05/1772 John BOWERY     Elizabeth BLACKBURN    
14/05/1772 Robert PELLINS     Marey HALTWHISTEL    
16/05/1772 Thomas DAVISON   All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne Mary DENHAM    
17/05/1772 William THOMPSON     Elizabeth DAVISON    
18/05/1772 Anthony HALL     Isabel SNOWBALL    
19/05/1772 Joseph ELLIOT     Jane CINNAMON    
25/07/1772 Joseph WALTON     Sarah KIPLIN    
19/08/1772 John KIRBY     Jane WRAY    
27/08/1772 Robert HEMLEY     Margaret TRUEMAN    
29/08/1772 James GLENDINNING     Dorothy WAUGH   Corbridge
17/09/1772 William WILSON     Catherine LOWES    
11/10/1772 John HALL     Sarah LAND    
15/10/1772 Thomas WALES     Alice BELL   Warden
28/10/1772 John HESLOPP     Elenor OLIVANT    
30/11/1772 Lionel ROBSON     Catherine LAMBERT    
07/12/1772 William TRUEMAN     Mary LITTLE    
18/12/1772 Thomas LOWRY     Ann BURN    
19/12/1772 Charles ATKINSON     Ann USHER    
26/12/1772 George FORSTER     Mary RIDLEY    
14/01/1773 Joseph SMITH     Elizabeth PARKER    
18/01/1773 Richard SHIRLOW     Mary CARLTON    
25/01/1773 Robert BELL     Elanor PANTOUN    
04/02/1773 William ELLIS     Ann ARMSTRONG    
24/03/1773 Robert CRAIGS     Jane CLARK    
29/04/1773 William BURNETT     Mary HARDY    
04/05/1773 John DODD   Knaresdale Elizabeth TAYLOR    
10/05/1773 John WHITE     Dorothy DOBSON    
11/05/1773 William TURNBULL   Haltwhistle Alice TURNBULL    
13/05/1773 Joseph JAMESON     Mary ELLIOTT    
15/05/1773 Thomas LAIDLER   Whitley Elizabeth LAIDLER    
17/05/1773 Thomas DAVISON     Elizabeth MELVIN    
20/05/1773 Utrick ROBINSON     Hannah THOMPSON    
29/05/1773 John HYMERS     Mary BROWN    
03/06/1773 Michael NEWTON     Elizabeth ROBSON    
07/06/1773 William BURNUP     Elizabeth DAWSON    
13/07/1773 William BROWN     Elizabeth GRAHAM    
25/07/1773 Stephen LANGLANDS     Susannah PARKHILL    
07/08/1773 Samuel MACLEARY     Mary MASON    
08/08/1773 Thomas RICHARDSON     Sarah KEENLISIDE    
14/08/1773 Robert WINTER     Dorothy COOK    
28/08/1773 William NICHOLSON     Elizabeth BLACKLOCK    
29/08/1773 James SMITH     Christian ELLIOT    
09/09/1773 William ELLIOT     Ann PEARSON    
09/09/1773 George ARMSTRONG     Margaret TRUEMAN    
09/09/1773 Edward LAMBERT     Frances STOKOE    
19/09/1773 William USHER     Ann LAWSON    
23/09/1773 John BAXTER     Mary FOGOE    
30/09/1773 Robert PETTIGREW     Mary ATKINSON    
02/10/1773 Joseph HALL     Mary JOHNSON    
27/10/1773 Thomas DICKINSON     Mary WALTON    
16/11/1773 James ALLEN   Rothbury Mary ROLLIN    
16/11/1773 Joseph WOODMAS     Emma JACKSON    
25/11/1773 Thomas MILES     Isabel CHESTERS    
29/11/1773 Robert LITTLE     Jane MARTIN    
01/12/1773 William GRAY     Mary WRAY    
06/12/1773 Stephen BRISCOE     Eleanor JURIN    
10/12/1773 Peter GRANT     Jane SCOTT    
13/12/1773 James DUNWIDDY     Mary TURNBULL    
20/12/1773 William COWLE     Barbara FORSTER    
22/12/1773 James CHARLTON     Ann MASON    
25/12/1773 Joseph BENNET     Hannah HOLYDAY    
29/12/1773 William SMITH     Ann ARMSTRONG    
01/01/1774 Leonard DOBSON     Catharine TURNBULL    
13/02/1774 Thomas WEIR     Catharine GARFOOT    
28/02/1774 John AYDON     Elizabeth DICKINSON    
06/03/1774 John GANISTER     Mary GORDON    
20/03/1774 John THOMPSON     Esther WALTON    
22/03/1774 John CHARLTON     Margery CHISHOLME    
27/03/1774 William CHISHOLME     Mabel HUNTER    
29/03/1774 Richard BULMAN     Mary BLAND    
02/04/1774 John GARGRAVE   Lanchester, Durham Jane RIDLEY    
04/04/1774 Samuel PATTISON     Ann THOMPSON    
08/05/1774 John CARR   Slaley Sarah KIRKLEY    
16/05/1774 William OLIVANT     Hannah LATIMORE    
17/05/1774 John ARMSTRONG     Hannah LAWSON    
21/05/1774 Matthew DODD   Warden Elizabeth DAVISON    
24/05/1774 Thomas BOYD     Mary WAUGH    
09/06/1774 Thomas ROBSON     Ann ANDERSON    
20/06/1774 Thomas SPITE     Elizabeth GARLAND    
23/06/1774 William PEARSON     Elizabeth MAGNAY    
25/06/1774 James BELL     Jane STEPHENSON    
25/06/1774 Jonathan RIDLEY   Allendale Betty RELPH    
27/06/1774 Jonathan LORD     Ann REED    
04/07/1774 Francis BELL     Ann SCOTT    
18/07/1774 Robert HANSON     Eleanor MERWICK    
24/07/1774 Robert SMITH   Bywell St Andrew Mary KENT    
26/07/1774 John REED     Catharine SCOTT    
05/08/1774 William TRUEMAN     Isabel KIRSOPP    
20/08/1774 James HOWARD   Haltwhistle Mary SMITH    
23/08/1774 John WAGGIT     Mary ELLISON    
06/09/1774 John ROWLAND     Eleanor BURNEY    
10/09/1774 Henry BOYD     Mary TOWNLEY   Warden
19/09/1774 William PROUD     Catharine MAUGHAN    
26/09/1774 Robert CONKWITTON     Isabel NEAL    
26/10/1774 John CHARLTON     Mary HARLE    
08/11/1774 Robert WHITFIELD     Isabel BROWN    
13/11/1774 William MORRIS     Ann RIDLEY    
17/11/1774 John DRYDON     Ann LAWSON    
23/11/1774 Robert GLENDINNING     Rachel JOHNSON    
01/12/1774 Thomas CROZIER     Margaret MARSHALL    
05/12/1774 Thomas MORPETH     Ann BELL    
06/12/1774 William JAMESON     Margery THOMPSON    
07/12/1774 Henry ANGUS   Whitley Elizabeth TEASDALE    
07/12/1774 Ambrose MADDISON     Jane CARR    
13/12/1774 John DAWSON     Ann WILKINSON   Stamfordham
21/12/1774 Walter BATEY     Elizabeth RIDLEY    
31/12/1774 Joseph RIDLEY     Ann STEPHENSON    

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