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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nottingham St Nicholas


The Parish

The city of Nottingham is one of England's premier Midlands cities and the county town of its own county of Nottinghamshire. Nottingham is located around 125 miles northwest of London and sits largely on the northern banks of one of the country's major rivers, the Trent. Nottingham is divided into 3 parishes of which that of St Nicholas covers the western portion of the city. Nottingham has a long history, founded during Saxon times it became a major administrative centre under the Normans. Their castle dominates the city's skyline and takes advantage of the sandstone cliffs which underlies the city. These cliffs are dotted with caves which led the Saxon's to name the city Snotingham (apparently the place of caverns). AS well as being a major administrative centre Nottingham was the principal market for much of England's East Midlands and with the Industrial Revolution became a major manufacturing centre, a major industry being that of Framework Knitting which dominated the city's economy. The Trent drains the parish to the east, eventually reaching the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. St Nicholas' church stands at around 30 metres above sea level dominated by the castle to its immediate west on a bluff 20 metres higher. St Nicholas parish covered much of the western quarter of the city, a few tens of acres at most, it & St Peter were by far the junior partners in the structure and St Nicholas probably held a population of around 5,500 parishioners by the end of this transcript period. Despite it's size Nottingham is not specifically detailed in Domesday Book although it was undoubtedly a substantial market town by that date.

The Church

St Nicholas' church stands on the eastern side of the dual-carriageway of Maid Marion Way which forms Nottingham's inner ring-road and is very busy with traffic at all times. The original mediaeval church was destroyed during the Civil War and the present building is a replacement of the late 17th century, being built between 1671 & 1682. The building was augmented a century later when aisles were added to accommodate the growing population. In common with many English cities the western parish served the wealthier community of the city (upwind of noxious industries). The building has little in the way of architectural interest for Pevsner who covers its detail in a short paragraph. The church sits directly to the road, its western face separated merely by pavement, there are quite a few trees around its site which restrict somewhat the photographic angles available.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th April 1854 - 29th October 1770 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/2144 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th November 1770 - 29th December 1794 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/2145 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may lead to a few misreads
3 18th January 1795 - 31st December 1812 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/2146 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register - it is nonstandard in having 5 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may lead to a few misreads
4 9th January 1813 - 31st December 1827 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/2148 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
5 3rd January 1828 - 27th June 1837 Nottinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR/2151 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register - it is nonstandard in not following the Rose design, it has 4 entries per page and is not prestamped with the numbering Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Radford St Peter
Nottingham St Mary
Nottingham St Mary
Lenton Holy Trinity
Nottingham St Peter
Wilford St Wilfrid
Nottingham St Mary
Nottingham St Mary

1755 1760 1765 1770 1775 1780 1785 1790 1795 1800 1805 1810 1815 1820 1825 1830 1835

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
10/01/1754 Richard BORTON     Mary GREGORY    
20/01/1754 William FISHER   Rempstone Elizabeth BAGGELEY   Cotgrave
28/01/1754 Thomas BROWN   Plumtree Mary SMITH   Plumtree
02/02/1754 Thomas RICHMOND   Bingham Mary SKINNER   Bingham
02/02/1754 William BALDOCK   Tollerton Sarah SMITH   Cotgrave
09/02/1754 William RASTALL     Mary HUNTER   Thurgarton
10/02/1754 John MOORE     Ann BRIDGEFORD    
17/02/1754 William TAYLOR     Mary PERRY    
24/02/1754 George CHAMBERLIN   Radcliffe On Trent Mary ADAMSON   Keyworth
09/03/1754 John LANSDALE   Basford Sarah WILMOT   Basford
21/03/1754 Thomas ROPER   Duffield, Derbyshire Sarah CUMBERLAND    
24/03/1754 John CRANE   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth KNOWLES    
13/04/1754 Samuel THORP   St Mary, Nottingham Mary KNUTTON    
18/04/1754 John SMITH   Bilborough Jane ROWSON    
09/05/1754 George BUNYAN   St Mary, Nottingham Mary HAYWOOD    
10/06/1754 Charles CALLCRAFT     Gertrude BAKER    
29/08/1754 Gervase SHARP     Sarah THORP   Knipton, Leicestershire
25/09/1754 Samuel STEVENSON   St Peter, Nottingham Elizabeth BARKER    
05/10/1754 William BRETTNOR     Sarah WAGSTAFF   Shirland, Derbyshire
27/10/1754 John HEROD     Ann SELBY    
01/11/1754 William HUNT     Sarah GREGORY    
18/11/1754 William BARKER     Elizabeth COX   Beeston
26/11/1754 Thomas ORME     Elizabeth STATHERN    
10/12/1754 Micah GEDLING   St Mary, Nottingham Mary JAMES    
21/12/1754 James MODYFORD     Martha COUNT    
25/12/1754 Edward STEVENSON     Martha WHITE   St Mary, Nottingham
23/01/1755 Thomas LEE     Ann MILLINGTON    
09/02/1755 Richard WALKER     Eleanor KETTELBE    
02/03/1755 David OXSPRING     Hannah ENGLAND    
10/04/1755 George BENNETT     Sarah WALKDEN    
07/05/1755 John WILLIS     Mary JACKSON    
10/07/1755 Richard PIMPARTON     Selfany HUDSON    
13/07/1755 Robert ADKIN   Arnold Ann PACEY    
04/08/1755 Richard PHENIX     Elizabeth STRUTT    
02/10/1755 Samuel BRADBURY     Elizabeth WEST    
02/10/1755 William DAVIS     Hannah TRENTHAM    
22/10/1755 Nathaniel STEPHENSON     Ann RADFORD   St Mary, Nottingham
27/10/1755 Michael BOULTER     Sarah HOLLAND    
13/11/1755 John WEBSTER     Martha CROWSHAW    
14/12/1755 John SANDS     Mary MATHER    
15/12/1755 Gabriel STANLEY   St Mary, Nottingham Catherine WILCOCKS    
23/12/1755 Richard WOODHEAD     Ann SOUTHERN    
04/01/1756 Timothy ROBERTS     Ruth HOLLINGSHEAD    
19/01/1756 John SHORE     Amy DANIELS    
20/01/1756 Samuel HARRIS     Frances HOSE    
28/02/1756 Charles SHEPHERD   Greasley Hannah RIDGE    
01/03/1756 Samuel TREWELL     Mary WILDBORE    
16/03/1756 James HOLROYD     Sarah DENNIS    
13/06/1756 Robert HATCHER     Martha HEWKES    
06/07/1756 Paul SILLS     Ruth HOLLAND    
29/07/1756 Edward SAMPSON     Elizabeth FOLDS    
09/08/1756 Charles BRENMALAND     Ann SHIMEL    
17/08/1756 John RADFORD     Mary WATSON   Midhurst, Sussex
26/08/1756 William SEALE   St Werburgh, Derby, Derbyshire Rebecca KNUTTON    
07/10/1756 William DAN     Ann BLANKLEY    
12/10/1756 Thomas SMITH   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth MARTIN    
19/10/1756 Daniel WATTON   St Mary, Nottingham Mary MESSAM    
15/11/1756 Joseph SHAW     Mary BOOTH    
07/12/1756 Isaac PEAT   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah KIRK    
17/01/1757 Arthur ELSE   St Mary, Nottingham Mary TIMMS    
14/02/1757 William ADKINS     Sarah BREAMER    
20/02/1757 Richard HALL     Elizabeth HUTCHINSON    
21/02/1757 Robert JAMES     Frances COLLISHAW    
13/03/1757 Phineas PEAT     Mary ALLEN    
14/03/1757 John FARLOW     Martha TURNER    
20/04/1757 George WOODWARD     Mary NORREL    
21/04/1757 John WATSON   Farnsfield Sarah SHIELDS    
02/05/1757 James BRUIN     Elizabeth BURTON    
03/05/1757 William DIXON   St Mary, Nottingham Mary LUCAS    
04/05/1757 Peter GLOVER     Mary BANES    
03/06/1757 Thomas WILSON     Mary SINGLEHURST   Beeston
20/06/1757 Charles DRURY   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah BETTISON    
07/07/1757 John NIGHTINGALE   St Mary, Nottingham Ann PLACE    
15/08/1757 Thomas FINCH     Jane SCOT    
16/08/1757 Richard MORRIS   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth CLEWS    
03/10/1757 John GRIFFIN   St Mary, Nottingham Ann MORGAN    
06/11/1757 Jonathan BIRCH     Cassandra RICK    
21/12/1757 William SIMPSON     Maria SMEDLEY    
05/02/1758 William MARRIOT     Eleanor FOOTIT    
07/02/1758 Edward FOX     Elizabeth SOARSBY   St Peter, Nottingham
05/03/1758 Robert KIRK     Sarah BECKWITH    
03/05/1758 Ephraim CAMPBELL   St Mary, Nottingham Mary WIDDOWSON    
16/05/1758 William RAWSON     Sarah WHITLOCK    
11/06/1758 William TATHAM     Mary TEBUT    
09/07/1758 Robert SHEAVYN     Ann WATERHOUSE    
19/08/1758 Francis LANGTON     Hannah ELLIOT    
21/08/1758 James WARDLEY     Elizabeth HOWARD    
27/08/1758 Thomas TRENTHAM     Mary CLIFF    
18/09/1758 Ebenezer CHEETHAM     Ann CHEETHAM    
24/10/1758 John FLEMING   St Mary, Nottingham Mary HUGHES    
24/10/1758 John ELNOR     Ann DEVERILL    
28/10/1758 Thomas PEALE     Susannah CAMB    
07/11/1758 George POTTER     Hannah GALLINGWORTH    
09/11/1758 Edward MARSHALL   St Mary, Nottingham Ann EDDECOURT    
19/11/1758 James KERSHAW     Ann RICHARDS    
25/11/1758 Hosea JOHNSON   St Mary, Nottingham Ruth MORLEY    
26/12/1758 Stephen BROGDALL     Ann SCOT    
19/01/1759 William FRAIN     Ann STENSON    
24/01/1759 John ASHLIN     Elizabeth BERKLEY    
28/01/1759 Oldershaw STEVENSON     Mary HOW   St Mary, Nottingham
29/01/1759 Thomas HORNBUCKLE     Hephzibah WALKER    
08/02/1759 Samuel MOSLEY     Jenny MARTIN    
13/02/1759 John CARTER   Nuthall Sarah BINKS    
25/02/1759 Henry RAY     Elizabeth JOYNES    
25/02/1759 George WRIGLEY     Frances WINDSOR    
12/03/1759 William PARLBY     Elizabeth GOODALL    
16/04/1759 Samuel LAMBERT     Mary RAGG    
29/04/1759 James WOOD   St Mary, Nottingham Fortune COLLETT    
02/05/1759 Samuel WILKINSON     Jane HAYWOOD    
09/05/1759 John HAMILTON     Elizabeth CLAY    
10/05/1759 Parmenas FROST     Sarah BASTOW    
13/05/1759 William TAYLOR   St Mary, Nottingham Martha HATCHER    
17/05/1759 George PARR     Sarah TAYLOR    
23/05/1759 Henry RANDALL     Ann HICKSON   Saxby, Leicestershire
02/06/1759 James RIPTON     Susannah FEATHERSTONE    
11/07/1759 James FROST     Elizabeth WILCOCK    
08/08/1759 John WAGG     Isabel BOOKER    
27/08/1759 William SIMPSON   St Mary, Nottingham Ann BEARDSLEY    
12/09/1759 Thomas HARRIMAN     Elizabeth GARTON   Ockbrook, Derbyshire
22/09/1759 William BOULSBY     Ann LEAVERS   Arnold
01/10/1759 William BRIDGEFORD     Rebecca JENNEY    
02/10/1759 William HOPEWELL     Hannah CLARKE    
06/10/1759 John MILNES     Sarah CRAMPTON    
17/10/1759 Thomas MORETON   St Mary At Hill, City Of London Mary COOPER    
22/10/1759 William LICHFIELD   Duffield, Derbyshire Elizabeth HORNBUCKLE    
05/11/1759 William WYLD     Mary WHATMORE    
12/11/1759 Richard PLACE     Sarah WRIGHT   Newark On Trent
20/11/1759 Samuel NEWHAM   St Peter, Nottingham Mary SMITH    
24/11/1759 John OTWAY     Elizabeth BEETLEY    
27/12/1759 Joseph CLARK     Sarah TOMLINSON    
01/01/1760 William PEAT   St Peter, Nottingham Sarah BROWN    
15/02/1760 William WORLEY     Eleanor SMITH   Wednesbury, Staffordshire
18/03/1760 Joseph HARVEY     Ann WYLD    
24/04/1760 Thomas ELLIOTT     Ann BURTON    
01/06/1760 Henry FAIRCLOTH   St Mary, Nottingham Alice BRIERLEY    
12/06/1760 Thomas WHITE     Mary HOUSLEY    
02/07/1760 Edward BOSTOCK     Martha PEET    
17/07/1760 James KILLINGLEY     Ann WRIGHT   St Mary, Nottingham
21/08/1760 Baker ROBERTS   St Mary, Nottingham Mary CLAY    
23/08/1760 Joseph MORRIS     Elizabeth BRIDGES   St Mary, Nottingham
09/09/1760 Thomas EYRE   St Peter, Nottingham Mary TABB    
10/09/1760 William KNOWLS     Elizabeth BINKS    
22/10/1760 William ROWLAND   Bulwell Jane LEWIN    
03/11/1760 Thomas STORY   St Mary, Nottingham Helen CARRINGTON    
13/11/1760 William PRATT     Rachel WHITECHURCH    
07/12/1760 Joshua WOOLLEY     Ann NOTON    
01/01/1761 Abraham SLINN     Ann SEEDHOUSE    
29/01/1761 David THOMAS   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah KETTLEBAND    
15/02/1761 James YATES     Ann BRADBERY    
23/02/1761 John CLAY     Mary PAWFRIMENT    
21/03/1761 Benjamin BISSELL     Mary WALKER    
18/04/1761 Richard CROMPTON   St Mary, Nottingham Rebecca GADSBY    
13/05/1761 George GREEN   Hucknall Torkard Martha BELFIELD    
13/05/1761 Francis BURTON   Basford Elizabeth ALDRIDGE    
14/05/1761 Matthew HEATH   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah GADSBY    
24/05/1761 William CRAFTS   St Mary, Nottingham Arabella ALLEN    
25/05/1761 Robert FOULDS     Hannah WHITLOCK    
28/05/1761 Henry WILLIAMSON     Mary BAYLER   Basford
02/06/1761 Jonathan WOODWARD     Elizabeth BULLOCK    
03/06/1761 William NEWMAN     Ann PICKSTONE    
21/06/1761 William HEPPER   St Mary, Nottingham Ann STATHAM    
23/07/1761 Henry MAUDSLEY     Ruth STEPHENSON    
02/08/1761 William STOAKS     Margaret BARKER    
07/09/1761 Thomas CAMPIN     Isabella REAVES    
13/09/1761 Richard BIRCH     Jane BLAND    
22/09/1761 John SMITH   St Peter, Nottingham Mary WHEATLEY    
05/10/1761 Benjamin WATERFALL     Sarah FISHER    
20/10/1761 Zacherias LEE     Ann BROWN    
11/11/1761 Thomas COE     Mary CONAWAY    
06/12/1761 George GOODWIN     Hannah REED    
13/12/1761 Samuel EVERINGHAM   St Mary, Nottingham Martha THOMPSON    
23/12/1761 John OSBORN     Mary ORTON    
29/12/1761 John GLASSOP     Ann OSBORN    
07/01/1762 William PRIESTLEY   Birstall, Yorkshire Amelia WOOD    
26/01/1762 William BRYERLEY     Bethiah OLDHAM    
08/02/1762 Thomas BARLEY     Ann KERRY    
23/02/1762 William THOMPSON     Hannah TETLEY    
08/03/1762 James NEWSON     Ann HASLEDINE    
11/04/1762 William BEAUMONT     Dorothy DALBY    
18/04/1762 William GREEN     Lydia BARKER    
02/05/1762 Joseph RADCLIFFE   St Mary, Nottingham Mary CLAYTON    
04/05/1762 Thomas HARRISON   St Peter, Nottingham Hannah FINCH    
29/05/1762 Henry GREEN     Sarah TRENTHAM    
31/05/1762 Thomas SMITH     Mary WOOD    
04/06/1762 William WESSON     Sarah SANDS    
13/06/1762 Francis REEK   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah BATEMAN    
02/08/1762 John TURNER     Mary BENNETT    
03/08/1762 John GREEN     Hannah GLASSOP    
13/09/1762 Richard SCOTT     Elizabeth CLARKE   Clifton
03/10/1762 John WESSON   St Mary, Nottingham Hannah SANDOM    
04/10/1762 William OLIVER   St Mary, Nottingham Ursula IRELAND    
22/10/1762 George MIRAN     Elizabeth MAYES   St Mary, Nottingham
11/11/1762 Edward RAWSON   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth GREEN    
15/11/1762 Joseph WOODWARD     Elizabeth EGGINTON    
22/11/1762 William MARTIN   St Gabriel, City Of London Elizabeth GALPINE    
27/12/1762 Joseph PARNHAM     Ann DAY    
31/01/1763 John WILSON     Mary HANFORD    
05/02/1763 John SMALLEY     Mary REYNOLD    
06/02/1763 Edward NORMAN     Hannah Ball WILSON    
10/02/1763 Matthew LEE   Basford Elizabeth GODBER    
12/02/1763 Joseph GOODWIN     Grace HOLMES    
20/03/1763 John BAGE     Elizabeth WYLD    
25/04/1763 William MUSSON     Hannah FOWELL    
28/04/1763 Nathanael OWEN     Martha KILLINGLEY    
16/05/1763 Simeon WINDELL     Mary SELBY    
17/05/1763 Joseph JOHNSON     Hannah PODMORE   St Mary, Nottingham
29/05/1763 William SCRIMSHIRE     Mary WESSON   St Mary Le Bow, City Of London
16/06/1763 John EYESE     Sarah BAGNALL    
26/07/1763 James HILL     Sarah COOPER    
01/08/1763 John HOLLIS   Arnold Arabella STOKES    
07/08/1763 John LEAKE     Mary WRIGHT    
14/08/1763 James ROBINSON     Elizabeth SLACK    
16/08/1763 William PRATT     Martha DODD    
28/08/1763 Linney TREAKER     Elizabeth STOCKS    
12/09/1763 John STENSON     Hannah KEELING    
25/09/1763 Richard DUDLEY     Elizabeth FINCH    
16/10/1763 William BAILLIE   St Peter, Nottingham Hannah HILL    
25/10/1763 John STANLEY   St Mary, Nottingham Hannah HEATH    
29/10/1763 Sylvester LAWRENCE     Sarah HART    
03/11/1763 John MILLINTON     Dorothy BAGNALL    
07/11/1763 Isaac MUGLISTON   St Peter, Nottingham Ann WHEATLEY    
13/11/1763 Joseph FOGG     Elizabeth TRENTHAM    
30/11/1763 Francis RAINSDON   St Peter, Nottingham Martha FLINDERS    
10/01/1764 James BRIGGS     Ruth MERRIN    
06/02/1764 Edward HARRISON     Mary STOCKS    
19/02/1764 Henry HOUGH     Sarah HASLAM    
20/02/1764 Jonathan BROWN     Sarah KNIGHTON    
27/02/1764 Robert CHAMBERS     Mary GLOVER    
05/03/1764 William HARDY     Sarah LAMB    
05/03/1764 Thomas WELLBANK   St Mary, Nottingham Mary WHITEHEAD    
25/03/1764 Robert LEESON     Lucy WEST    
14/04/1764 John YOUNG     Mary BARNES    
07/05/1764 Thomas ROBINSON     Mary WYLD    
01/07/1764 Samuel SHAW     Mary DAVIS    
17/07/1764 Edward WEAVER     Ann CONDE    
06/08/1764 John ENGLAND     Ann WESSON    
07/08/1764 James TOWE     Elizabeth BROWN    
20/08/1764 Joseph MATHER     Jane LOWD    
24/08/1764 William BROWN     Sarah BORROWS   St Mary, Nottingham
03/09/1764 George HOLROYDE   St Mary, Nottingham Ann LAMBERT    
03/09/1764 Isaac WARD     Mary HENTON    
09/10/1764 Benjamin KENT     Ellen GREVES    
15/10/1764 Michael KAYES   St Mary, Nottingham Hannah SANDS    
25/10/1764 John INGHAM     Elizabeth MARRIOT    
29/10/1764 Thomas CHAPPELL     Elizabeth SALES    
29/10/1764 Charles NIXSON   Strelley Elizabeth LIMB    
03/11/1764 Joseph WOODWARD     Winifred COOPER   St Mary, Nottingham
30/11/1764 Andrew HUNTER     Helen BAUMFORD    
28/01/1765 Joshua WORSNAM     Mary MEW    
22/03/1765 George BOND     Mary WARRICK    
25/03/1765 William BECKWITH     Elizabeth WARDLEY    
15/04/1765 Charles SNELL     Elizabeth MILLS    
12/05/1765 Benjamin GLEW     Ann THOMPSON    
13/05/1765 Thomas NIXON   Nuthall Peggy FARNWORTH    
19/05/1765 John ELLIS     Susannah BROWN    
27/05/1765 John BARKER   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth BILLINGS    
29/05/1765 Thomas HINDE   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah ROEBUCK    
18/06/1765 John CROSSLAND     Sarah BILLINGS    
11/07/1765 George MORLEY     Hannah CARTER    
05/08/1765 William CLAYTON     Mary HAZLEDINE    
12/08/1765 Samuel WARD     Mary HARRIS    
12/08/1765 Thomas BENTLEY     Sarah CROWSHAW    
19/08/1765 John OXSPRING     Rebecca CUTS    
30/09/1765 Edward IRELAND     Margaret CLAY    
10/10/1765 Thomas TOYNES     Mary BRADFORD    
20/11/1765 Benjamin HOLMES     Catharine COX    
21/11/1765 Thomas FOX     Esther DADDEY   St Peter, Nottingham
03/12/1765 William SHELTON     Elizabeth RIPPON   All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire
09/12/1765 John CLAYTON     Phoebe EGLESHAW    
10/12/1765 John CONDUIT   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth WHEAT    
22/12/1765 Samuel CLARKSTONE     Ann READ    
29/12/1765 Edward FLETCHER     Elizabeth OLDFIELD    
17/01/1766 Richard HAMPSON   Welford, Northamptonshire Susannah BAKER    
25/01/1766 Henry BROWN     Elizabeth PIDCOCK    
09/03/1766 John BROWN     Ann VICKERS    
20/04/1766 Thomas SHORE   Basford Elizabeth PYWIGER    
30/04/1766 John CARVER     Elizabeth WEBSTER    
10/05/1766 Thomas POLLARD     Mary THORNTON    
19/05/1766 John GEALL     Dorothy HIGHAM    
09/06/1766 William PARKER     Martha SMITH    
15/06/1766 Thomas PRESTON   Tithby Mary PARR    
26/06/1766 Henry OSGATHORPE     Jane LEESON    
07/07/1766 George JOHNSON     Margaret LAMBERT    
08/07/1766 Samuel GREAVES   Sheffield, Yorkshire Frances RAWSON    
08/07/1766 Joseph TURNER     Hannah SPURR    
07/09/1766 John KIRK     Margaret UFTON    
07/09/1766 William COTES     Sarah BRIERLEY    
16/09/1766 William PILLING     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
07/10/1766 Nathanael NEED     Ann ROBINSON   St Mary, Nottingham
12/10/1766 George HODGKIN     Mary TOWNSHEND    
29/10/1766 John IRELAND     Thomasin RAGG    
05/11/1766 Richard HARRISON     Sarah FOWLER    
01/12/1766 Edward KING     Hannah TOW    
02/12/1766 William BLORE     Elizabeth MARTIN    
10/12/1766 Joseph WHITCHURCH     Elizabeth WESSON    
28/12/1766 William KEETLEY     Mellicent PARNUM    
13/01/1767 Thomas BURROWS   St Peter, Nottingham Dorothy SHAW    
20/01/1767 William WAGSTAFF     Mary KIRKBY    
20/02/1767 John MEW     Mary WARD    
02/03/1767 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth WESSON    
02/04/1767 John BRYERS     Sarah KING    
28/04/1767 Edward SMITH     Jane LACEY    
29/04/1767 John LAYCOCK     Sarah THORP   St Peter, Nottingham
07/06/1767 John GORDAN     Elenor COOK    
07/07/1767 Baguley Joshua WOOLLEY     Ann WILKINSON    
23/07/1767 Richard JOYNES     Elizabeth GLEW    
12/08/1767 Matthew WHITLOCK     Ann SANDS    
09/11/1767 John HALL     Elizabeth BURTON    
08/12/1767 William HANSBURY   West Bridgford Hannah HOPWELL    
21/12/1767 George WOOD     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
24/12/1767 William HALL     Mary TOWLE    
24/12/1767 Nathan GLASSOP     Mary CLARK    
29/12/1767 Nathaniel PEAT     Elizabeth STOAKS    
21/01/1768 Thomas CLARK     Mary WILLIAMSON    
11/02/1768 Joseph HALL     Catherina STANDLEY    
14/02/1768 John BRECKNOCK     Ann BARTLETT    
16/02/1768 Thomas HUNTINGTON     Elizabeth WYLDBORE    
24/02/1768 William MARTIN     Mary BUTLER    
18/03/1768 John MORRIS   St Mary, Nottingham Catherine TAYLOR    
04/04/1768 William COWLY     Mary SHELDON    
21/05/1768 James SHELTON     Ann BROOKS    
06/07/1768 James PEACH     Mary FRANCIS    
10/07/1768 John WHEATLEY     Alice BLAND   Alfreton, Derbyshire
08/08/1768 John CLAYWORTH     Elizabeth HUNT    
09/08/1768 Ralph CANTRELL     Alice REDWOOD    
10/08/1768 John SAMPSON     Ann SCOTT    
18/09/1768 Jonah GARDENER   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah STANHOPE    
22/09/1768 Edward LINNELL     Maria WARD    
02/10/1768 John BOTTISON     Mary TAYLOR    
24/10/1768 Francis TUPMAN     Elizabeth DEABILL    
14/11/1768 William TALBOT     Mary JOHNSON    
24/11/1768 John WORSTLER     Mary WOODCOCK    
10/01/1769 John BAGE   Ollerton Sarah CLAYTON    
12/01/1769 William BINNEY     Catharine FLETCHER    
05/02/1769 Thomas REYNER     Mary POLLARD   West Bridgford
19/03/1769 George GOODWIN     Elizabeth SHAW    
02/04/1769 William SNELL     Ann THOMPSON    
16/04/1769 William CHAMBERLAIN   Ruskington, Lincolnshire Catharine KING    
30/04/1769 Thomas TIMMS     Martha DEAN    
01/05/1769 William STENSON     Hannah FENTON    
10/05/1769 Matthias WILLCOTT     Ann RAVEN    
13/05/1769 James PARSON     Ann KING   St Mary, Nottingham
18/05/1769 William PIDCOCK     Mary ELSE    
21/05/1769 William SPENCER     Mary BIRTLES   St Mary, Nottingham
23/05/1769 William WILSON   St Mary, Nottingham Mercie ANNOBLE    
04/06/1769 Edward WOODWARD     Mary RAWSON    
06/06/1769 John LOYD     Frances CARTWRIGHT    
17/06/1769 Joseph COOK     Dorcas JOHNSON    
27/06/1769 Richard BARSBY     Elizabeth RAYNER    
03/07/1769 George COUPE   Cuckney Mary NAYLER    
09/07/1769 Thomas BALEY   Shelford Margaret SYSTON    
03/08/1769 Nathaniel STEVENSON     Elizabeth WESSON   St Peter, Nottingham
07/08/1769 Thomas BAKER     Jane PAULE    
05/09/1769 William HARDY     Mary BROWN    
18/09/1769 John NEAL     Mary ELLSON    
25/09/1769 Samuel TAYLOR     Elizabeth SAMSON    
18/10/1769 William COLLINGTON     Sarah BRADLEY    
05/11/1769 John WIGLEY     Sarah RICHARDS    
06/11/1769 William LOVERSUCH     Esther OSBORN    
23/11/1769 William COOPER     Elizabeth TURNER    
27/11/1769 James BRACKEN     Mary OGLE    
28/11/1769 Francis WASH     Elizabeth LAND    
04/12/1769 Joseph Fisher CHOULERTON     Mary MARSHALL    
13/12/1769 Andrew GREEN     Sarah HOLMES    
28/01/1770 Benjamin CULLEN     Sarah STANDLEY    
26/02/1770 John GADSBY     Ann MARRIOTT   Bramcote
26/02/1770 Thomas HARRIS     Elizabeth SPENCER    
11/03/1770 Joseph PICKARD     Elizabeth NAYLOR   St Mary, Nottingham
26/03/1770 John RICHARDS     Mary ALEYNE    
16/04/1770 Thomas LEAMIN   Kneeton Elizabeth CLARK    
22/05/1770 George TAYLOR   Pentrich, Derbyshire Elizabeth WYLD    
02/07/1770 Edward CLIFTON     Mary BLAG   Thrumpton
20/07/1770 Theophilus JONES     Hannah BAYLIE    
02/08/1770 Stephen GODWIN     Alice Page KELHAM    
04/09/1770 John WOOD     Sarah MARSHALL    
22/09/1770 Isaac ROSS     Hannah HOLFORT    
22/10/1770 William GUY   St Mary, Nottingham Mary SMITH    
29/10/1770 Joseph PEGG     Frances ATKINSON    
16/11/1770 Charles CHEETHAM     Ann HALL    
24/12/1770 Edmund GOODALL   St Mary, Nottingham Mary INGLESANT    
25/12/1770 William SMITH   Tithby Hannah RIDGE    
27/12/1770 Joseph DEABELL   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth BRADLEY    
03/01/1771 Francis BECK   Wollaton Susanna WAGSTAFFE    
28/01/1771 Thomas BARRETT   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth COOKE    
01/04/1771 Simon CLARKE   St Mary, Nottingham Mary WOOD    
25/04/1771 John ADAMS     Mary CLAYTON   St Mary, Nottingham
27/04/1771 Joseph SHAW   Wollaton Martha TAYLOR    
30/04/1771 Thomas BROWN     Sarah KEETLEY    
08/05/1771 Samuel CANT     Martha OSBORN    
20/05/1771 John HICKTON     Ann SEEDHOUSE    
26/05/1771 William JOHNSON     Rebecca STANDALL    
06/06/1771 Matthew RAWORTH     Amy JACKSON    
13/06/1771 John MARTIN     Anne WHITE    
20/06/1771 William STEAD   St Botolph Aldgate, City Of London Ann STEAD    
14/07/1771 John JOHNSON   Wollaton Anne WINTERBOTHAM    
01/08/1771 Joseph SPENCER   St Mary, Nottingham Frances HUGHES    
12/08/1771 Thomas Greaves WATSON     Mary ALLGATE    
15/08/1771 William HEATH   St Mary, Nottingham Dorothy JEFFS    
03/09/1771 John WARD     Anne GREEN    
16/09/1771 John WRIGHT     Elizabeth LEE    
02/10/1771 John COMERY     Sarah HUDSON    
06/10/1771 John CHESHIRE     Hannah LAWRENCE    
08/10/1771 John RICKARDS     Mary THOMPSON    
12/11/1771 John STEPHENSON   St Peter, Nottingham Anne KELLEY    
14/11/1771 John SANDS   Greasley Sarah SWANN    
24/11/1771 George EDEN     Sarah JILLBORN    
05/12/1771 Smith COLLINS     Martha THOMPSON    
05/02/1772 Samuel YOUNG     Sarah WARD    
09/02/1772 Richard CRESWELL   St Mary, Nottingham Anne HOLMES    
18/02/1772 John ROE     Rebekah OXSPRING    
23/02/1772 George WHITE     Mary ROEBUCK    
09/03/1772 John WATSON     Catherenah PECK    
26/03/1772 John PENISTON   Wilford Elizabeth BRIGG    
19/04/1772 James SHITE   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah CARN    
20/04/1772 John AYRE     Anne WILSON    
21/04/1772 Thomas WEBSTER     Anne RAWSON    
24/04/1772 Thomas HOOKSTALL   St Mary, Nottingham Ann HAMILTON    
11/05/1772 William RHODES   Hucknall Torkard Martha OSCROFT    
25/05/1772 John WOOLLEY     Mary ALLCOCK    
21/06/1772 Robert HOULDGATE     Sarah ROBSON    
05/09/1772 John TOON     Barbara WALKER    
08/09/1772 George HASSARD     Sarah EARL    
14/09/1772 James BOOM     Sarah HILL    
28/09/1772 Enoch SIMMONS     Hannah WARRINER    
07/10/1772 Robert SHELDON     Mary BENNETT    
11/10/1772 Francis ARCHER   St Mary, Nottingham Anne TETLEY    
02/11/1772 John BOWER   Ilkeston, Derbyshire Sarah SINFIELD    
09/11/1772 John SMITH     Mary TROUT    
23/12/1772 William LUPTON     Mary DIAMOND    
25/12/1772 Thomas PEACH     Mary ELLIOT    
25/12/1772 Thomas HIGHINS     Mary BURTON    
30/12/1772 Richard BARNETT     Elizabeth HIGINBOTTOM    
13/01/1773 Joseph CLARK     Anne BURTON    
14/01/1773 John PALMER     Anne KINNY    
26/01/1773 George PRATT   St Peter, Nottingham Anne THRONE    
27/01/1773 John BATES     Anne COLLINGTON    
31/01/1773 Eliezer PORTER     Mary TAYLOR   St Mary, Nottingham
04/02/1773 John GILSON   St Peter, Nottingham Mary WOOD    
20/02/1773 Thomas TRUMAN     Mary RAWSON    
22/02/1773 Peter SHOCKLOCK     Jane SAVIDGE    
22/02/1773 William MOORE   Chesterfield, Derbyshire Hannah HAYES    
14/03/1773 John BARNS   Heanor, Derbyshire Anne HAWLLEY    
12/04/1773 William LUMLEY     Sarah BACON    
26/04/1773 Joseph HALL   St Mary, Nottingham Jane EATON    
02/06/1773 Richard GOODMAN     Mary ROW    
19/06/1773 John HALL     Anne THEOBLE    
06/07/1773 James SHEAVINGTON     Sarah OLDERSHAW   Ilkeston, Derbyshire
03/08/1773 John ADKIN   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth YATES    
13/08/1773 William BARRATT     Lucy MEW    
09/09/1773 Richard SIMNIS     Esther COATES    
15/09/1773 William LACY Widower St Mary, Nottingham Ann HUTCHINSON    
19/09/1773 Benjamin HENSON     Mary CARNELL    
26/09/1773 John WESSON     Mary OSBORN    
29/09/1773 James THORP     Sarah WOOD   St Mary, Nottingham
04/10/1773 John LEWIS     Mary SNELL    
15/11/1773 William HUDSON     Elizabeth HARRISON    
16/11/1773 William VERNON     Catherine WILLIS    
27/12/1773 Solomon BAKER     Mary JILLBORN    
04/01/1774 Richard TURTON     Elizabeth ROBERTS    
09/01/1774 Joseph HUNT     Mary RADFORD    
23/01/1774 George BEASTON   Alfreton, Derbyshire Margaret HOLWELL    
06/02/1774 Thomas LAUGHTON     Hannah KING    
07/02/1774 George NASH     Rebina Brilliana SUTTON   St Mary, Nottingham
15/02/1774 Charles HARTLEY     Sarah WARD    
11/04/1774 Henry HOLLINS   St Mary, Nottingham Hannah Maria OLDKNOW    
11/04/1774 Richard RICHARDS     Sarah WARRICK    
16/05/1774 George BARKER   West Bridgford Ann MORRIS    
18/06/1774 Edward CROSBY     Mary BLOUNT    
24/07/1774 Thomas LITTLEWOOD   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah POTTER    
24/07/1774 Thomas BRAMLEY     Mary POTTER    
01/08/1774 William WILLIS     Elizabeth HENTWISTLE    
07/08/1774 Thomas AULTON   St Mary, Nottingham Millicent ARNOLD    
09/08/1774 Joseph WHITTAKER   St Peter, Nottingham Ann TURNER    
16/08/1774 Thomas BELSHAW     Elizabeth WOODWARD    
22/08/1774 Richard BREES     Martha SHETON    
03/09/1774 William GARRATT     Elizabeth WALKER    
04/09/1774 William WHEATLEY     Elizabeth NEWTON    
06/09/1774 Samuel WOOD     Elizabeth BROWN    
13/09/1774 William BRAMMER     Mary BILLINGS    
18/09/1774 Thomas PARKINSON     Mary SCOTT    
02/10/1774 Thomas MAYFIELD   St Mary, Nottingham Mary YOUNG    
16/10/1774 Edward CALCROFT     Mary THUMBS    
12/11/1774 John SHROWSBY     Elizabeth WELLS    
14/11/1774 James UDELL   Trowell Jane WOOD    
04/12/1774 Francis BEESON   St Peter, Nottingham Elizabeth SHIPLEY    
12/12/1774 George LONSDALE     Elizabeth FUKES    
12/12/1774 William MOWSON   Trowell Mary HAZELDINE    
18/12/1774 William BUDD     Ann ADAMS    
20/12/1774 William BARNS   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth SHAWCROFT    
24/12/1774 William ROE     Sarah GINNEVER    
26/12/1774 Joseph BRADBERRY     Ann HICKSON    
09/01/1775 Charles BROTHERHOOD     Mary KIRKLAND   Basford
18/01/1775 Stephen PICKARD   St Mary, Nottingham Rachel SMITH    
30/01/1775 Thomas DEXTER     Mary BORROWS    
02/02/1775 James SALT     Mary RICHARDS    
16/04/1775 John HALLETT     Mary PLANT    
23/04/1775 John BURTON     Ruth LANGTON    
31/05/1775 Joseph WALLACE     Margaret COX   St Mary, Nottingham
26/06/1775 Thomas BIGGS   Pedmore, Worcestershire Theodosia HESKETH    
01/07/1775 Robert HUNT   Heanor, Derbyshire Elizabeth CARTER    
02/07/1775 John GOODALL     Sarah WHITE   St Peter, Nottingham
23/07/1775 George THORPE     Catherine BINNEY    
01/08/1775 John WALSH   St Margaret, Leicester, Leicestershire Mary ROBINSON    
15/08/1775 Samuel BEARDSLEY     Mary MERRYMAN    
20/08/1775 Thomas HEDDERLY     Sarah STORER    
06/09/1775 Henry COE   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth EVANS    
21/09/1775 Edward WEBSTER     Sarah WHITE    
02/10/1775 Daniel KNIGHT     Elizabeth HANDBURY    
02/10/1775 Thomas HUNTER     Mary TOMKIN    
03/10/1775 Samuel PARKER   Balderton Hannah PARKER    
06/10/1775 John HEAP     Elizabeth REDSHAW    
11/10/1775 Joseph BEARDSLEY     Sarah HARRISON    
30/10/1775 Arthur HYAM   St Mary, Nottingham Ann HENSON    
31/10/1775 Nicholas BELLAMY     Ann BOSTOCK    
19/11/1775 Robert GREGORY   St Mary, Nottingham Sarah FLINT    
09/12/1775 Richard JOYNES     Sarah GODDARD   St Peter, Nottingham
10/12/1775 Ready LEDWITH   All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire Mary COCKS    
10/12/1775 Henry ELLIS     Hannah LAKE    
12/12/1775 Thomas LEESON     Ann DAWSON   Basford
25/12/1775 Joseph CARTWRIGHT     Mary LAYTON    
26/12/1775 Thomas BARNS     Sarah BAMFORD    
02/01/1776 Thomas MOSS     Hannah TOMLINSON    
22/01/1776 Thomas MATTHEWS     Ann MORTON    
09/02/1776 John COWLAM     Mary BROWN    
24/02/1776 William MARTIN     Ann BUTLER    
27/02/1776 John WILSON     Mary LEE    
26/03/1776 Thomas BOWLER     Martha NEED    
08/04/1776 Richard SMITH     Mary WHEATMAN    
11/04/1776 Thomas CHAMBERS     Millicent LACEY    
14/04/1776 Thomas SHAW     Mary TOWNSEND    
28/04/1776 Edmund HOLDING     Catharine CHAMPION    
05/05/1776 William HARRISON     Elizabeth GLEW    
26/05/1776 Timothy BRIGGS     Sarah KETTELBAND    
14/06/1776 John WEBSTER   Newark On Trent Sarah SMITH    
30/06/1776 John BUTLER     Ann HACKSHAW    
08/07/1776 William ALLEN     Ann HURST    
21/07/1776 William SHELTON     Elizabeth BUTLER    
13/09/1776 Samuel ELLIS     Mary WARD    
22/09/1776 William BENNETT     Mary WHITTAKER    
02/10/1776 George FLETCHER     Ann BATES    
04/10/1776 Joseph PICK     Ann HALL    
04/10/1776 Thomas BARKER     Hannah MAYFIELD    
05/10/1776 Samuel ROWLAND     Ann TRHAWL    
06/10/1776 Joseph Hemus CRISP     Mary LUCAS    
07/10/1776 Samuel CLARKE     Elizabeth CONSTANTINE    
21/10/1776 William BEARDSELL   Worksop Ann STOCKS    
03/11/1776 Joseph HALL     Mary SHELTON    
18/11/1776 Henry CONDUIT     Hannah COLLINGTON    
24/11/1776 James SKEVINGTON     Sarah TROWEL    
01/12/1776 William ELLIOTT     Eleanor ROGERS    
01/12/1776 William TRUSS     Hannah GREAVES    
09/12/1776 James STEVENSON     Elizabeth COLLINGTON    
18/12/1776 Thomas STOCKS     Hannah INGLESANT    
22/12/1776 John DAVIS     Eleanor BIGGLEY    
22/12/1776 Richard DAY   St Peter, Nottingham Mary TURTON    
29/12/1776 Zacherias LEE     Elizabeth SMITH    
19/01/1777 George VEASEY     Mary MARTON    
21/01/1777 Francis REVELL     Elizabeth TOMLINSON    
02/02/1777 Thomas PIDCOCK     Frances RICHISSON    
11/02/1777 James DRIVER     Mary STANLEY    
31/03/1777 John EARL     Mary PECK    
10/04/1777 Robert STOCKS     Jane SANDS    
14/04/1777 John KEMP     Mary WATKINSON    
22/04/1777 John SEVERN   St Mary, Nottingham Ann GADSBY    
29/04/1777 William BOAME     Elizabeth BROWN    
09/06/1777 Barnabas MERCER     Wat JOHNSON    
16/06/1777 John JEFCOTT   St Mary, Nottingham Penelope HANSON    
19/06/1777 Edward RAYNOR     Betty STRAY    
05/07/1777 Thomas NICKALSON   Hatfield, Yorkshire Mary BRONSON    
05/08/1777 William PARKER     Elizabeth NIXON    
19/08/1777 Samuel MARSHALL     Mary LEE    
01/09/1777 John CHRISTIAN   Basford Ann ELSE    
09/09/1777 William ELSE   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth LEE    
02/10/1777 Joseph KNIGHT     Hannah HOOLEY    
06/10/1777 William BEECROFT     Mary HIDE    
23/10/1777 James CRISP     Mary Ann ADAMS    
03/11/1777 John HOPEWELL     Mary COOPER    
03/11/1777 William COPE     Mary BIRD    
16/11/1777 William WOOD   St Peter, Nottingham Elizabeth WHITTAKER    
25/12/1777 Richard CHADWICK     Elizabeth REDGATE    
01/01/1778 William ELKIN   St Peter, Derby, Derbyshire Frances THACKER    
01/01/1778 Thomas ADAMS     Ann CLAYTON    
02/01/1778 Samuel WHINGATES     Ann BOWLER    
08/01/1778 Edward BONNINGTON     Elizabeth BATES    
13/01/1778 William BAXTER     Martha LUCAS    
26/02/1778 Edward COWLAM     Sarah CARRINGTON    
09/03/1778 Michael SNOWDIN   Whissendine, Rutland Eunice RICHARDSON    
19/04/1778 William RICHARDSON     Tacey WRIGHT    
20/04/1778 Joseph BOWLEY     Elizabeth NEEDHAM    
21/04/1778 George GOODWIN     Susanna GELSTROP    
10/05/1778 Christopher BUXTON     Sarah CANNON    
10/06/1778 George WRAGG     Barbary NEWBERRY    
16/07/1778 Matthias SANDERSON   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth TRUSWELL    
11/08/1778 Joshua FOTHERGILL     Elizabeth WRIGHT   St Peter, Nottingham
30/08/1778 James SHIPMAN     Ann OXSPRING    
10/09/1778 William CUTTS   St Mary, Nottingham Elizabeth MOSES    
13/09/1778 John HOLDIN   St Peter, Nottingham Susanna LORIMAN    
09/11/1778 Robert CARTWRIGHT     Lucy BATEMAN    
12/11/1778 Paul HARDY     Elizabeth WATERFUL    
18/11/1778 Gilbert BROWN     Mary HOLLAND    
22/11/1778 Joseph POINTER     Frances FLEMING    
14/12/1778 Joseph TAYLOR     Chresty WILCOCK    
04/01/1779 Thomas ROLLISON     Mary WILSON    
31/01/1779 Charles BOOKER     Sarah SELBY    
11/02/1779 John CULLIS   Mansfield Mary ASHMORE    
08/03/1779 Richard PRICE   St Peter, Nottingham Frances HALLAM    
30/05/1779 John WARD     Sarah BULMER    
18/07/1779 Joseph SAVAGE   St Mary, Nottingham Alice BLIGHTON    
18/07/1779 Thomas BEARLEY     Dorothy ROSE    
19/07/1779 Richard WILLES     Millicent RAYNOR    
08/08/1779 Benjamin MINNION     Grace DUNN    
09/08/1779 John DAYKIN     Jane SMITH    
19/08/1779 Samuel RUSSELL     Hannah JOHNSON    
13/09/1779 William GRANGE     Jane MACKNEALE    
15/09/1779 Benjamin ROBINSON     Anne ALLENBOROUGH    
16/09/1779 Thomas COOPER     Elizabeth STAPLE    
18/09/1779 William MEE     Sarah SPEED    
07/10/1779 John BURROW     Mary DODD    
09/10/1779 Richard MERRIMAN     Ann ASHILL    
30/12/1779 Charles ALLIN     Rebekah DEAN    

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