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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chastleton St Mary the Virgin


The Parish

The parish of Chastleton lies in the extreme west of Oxfordshire, indeed it forms a part of the border with both neighbouring Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & Warwickshire in a confusing meeting of counties. Chastleton is located about 5 miles northwest of the market town of Chipping Norton and sits a mile west of the A44 road which connects Chipping Norton with Moreton in the Marsh. Despite Chastleton's small size today it has a long history, to the southeast of the village lies Chastleton Barrow which is presumed to be Iron Age whilst this obscure small village was the site of a bloody battle in 1016 between English & Danish forces whence the latter, under Canute, suffered a heavy defeat. Today Chastleton is a small and sleepy farming village in rolling countryside. At the time of this transcript a mixed farming regime of both sheep rearing and arable farming would have predominated, today arable has gained the majority of the fields with the help of modern machinery. Chastleton is drained westwards by small tributaries of the nearby River Evenlode, this river heads southeastwards to join the Thames to the northeast of Oxford and thence through the capital to the North Sea. Chastleton is sited on a sloping site, the lower parts close 150 metres above the sea, the upper parts, by the church, closer to 180 metres; the landscape is rolling and rises steadily to the east to local heights of almost 250 metres on Rollright Downs. Chastleton parish was relatively small for its area, covering barely 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of just over 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Chastleton was shared between no fewer than 4 landholders, albeit the holdings of Henry de Ferrers and Winchcombe Abbey were described as "waste", the remainder, shared between a Saxon (Aelfric) and Bishop Odo of Bayeux could offer, collectively, 15 ploughs, extensive meadows, pastures & woodland together with a mill.

The Church

St Mary the Virgin's church sits at the southeastern corner of the village on the northern side of the village lane leading to the A44. There are three distinct ages to the church, the earliest of the late 12th century. The best example of this period is the southern arcade. Much else was changed during a major rebuild of the 14th century in which the arcade was extended by a further two bays, the chancel rebuilt and the aisle widened. Much of the windows also date from the Decorated and early Perpendicular periods. In 1689 the present porch & southwestern tower, dated by inscription, were rebuilt. A further major restoration took place during the Victorian era in this case in the late 1870s to result in today's building. The lane is narrow but there are wide verges in places to park, the church is surrounded by a low local stone wall and largely screened from the road by trees. Wooden gateways grant access to a site where the church is curiously squeezed into the northeastern corner making images acquired from outside more pleasing.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th June 1756 - 27th May 1811 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR60/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th October 1814 - 26th April 1837 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR60/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/06/1756 William PRATT     Mary JOHNSON Single  
29/08/1756 Henery BUTTLER     Sarah SUTTON Single  
10/10/1758 James HALLIFAX Widower Ewell, Surrey Ellen FOTHERGILL Widow  
24/10/1758 William DAVIS     Martha DAVIS Single  
25/11/1758 William HARRIS     Mary DAVIS Single  
01/11/1759 Nathan DURHAM     Mary SLATTER Single  
12/10/1760 Thomas HARRIS   Long Compton, Warwickshire Martha HICKS Single  
27/07/1762 William AVERIS     Ann NEWMAN Single  
01/03/1764 John CASTLE     Mary EDGINGTON Single  
16/10/1764 John DURHAM     Elizabeth HERITAGE Single  
25/11/1764 Samuel BANWELL Widower   Hannah HAYWARD Single  
29/07/1765 George NEWMAN     Mary WILLIAMS Single  
20/04/1767 John NEWMAN     Sarah WELLS Single  
10/06/1767 William HARBIDGE     Martha DAVIS Widow  
16/08/1767 William HODGKINS   Broadwell, Gloucestershire Anne KIBBLE Single  
13/09/1767 William ROGERS     Mary WYTON Single  
14/09/1767 Thomas NEVIL     Mary HAYWARD Single  
23/10/1767 Charles EDEN     Mary FODREY Single  
30/10/1768 John WHEELER     Elizabeth HAYWARD Single  
22/01/1770 William PERRIN   Rousham Sarah HOWS Single  
31/01/1770 Robert SOUTHBY   Appleton, Berkshire Anne WILLIAMS Single  
02/02/1771 John CARE   Little Rollright Johannah BOLTER Single  
03/06/1772 John BARTLETT     Mary GREGORY Single  
22/07/1772 Thomas ROOK   Evenlode, Worcestershire Hannah BRACE Single  
03/11/1774 Richard FIELD   Fifield Mary GARDNER Single  
03/03/1776 John WILLIAMS     Anne PITHAM    
22/04/1776 Edward KNIBBS   Chipping Norton Anne WYTON Single  
26/08/1776 Thomas TAYLOR     Esther BROWNE Single  
02/03/1777 Joseph MATHEWS     Hannah FALKNER Single Blockley, Worcestershire
26/01/1778 William BISHOP     Deborah WATSON    
15/10/1778 John LANE     Sarah CLARK    
25/07/1779 James PANTIN   Charlbury Mary PITON    
23/10/1779 William CARPENTER   Oddington, Gloucestershire Elizabeth WALKER    
28/10/1779 Edward WELLS     Elizabeth BREAKSPEAR    
08/08/1780 Joseph GREENING   Sherborne, Gloucestershire Elizabeth LEATHERLAND Single  
24/09/1780 William AVERICE     Hannah WYTON    
22/08/1782 William MASON   Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
03/10/1782 Thomas BARTLETT     Mary CAUDLE    
15/07/1783 George GARDNER     Anne SMITH    
15/10/1783 Robert BLACKFORD Single Blockley, Worcestershire Elizabeth SHEEPWAY    
29/12/1783 Robert CAMBRAY   Icomb, Gloucestershire Sarah BRICKNELL    
10/05/1784 Thomas GILL   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Lucy PITHAM    
22/01/1787 John MAYO Widower   Ann FIELD Single  
10/04/1787 Robert DUDLEY Single   Mary HARWOOD Single  
08/05/1787 George NEWMAN Single   Elizabeth BANWELL Single  
16/10/1787 Thomas BALDWIN   Little Compton, Warwickshire Sarah NEWMAN    
29/01/1788 William GARDNER Single Oxhill, Warwickshire Sarah HARBIDGE Single  
24/03/1788 Robert LYNE Single Rendcombe, Gloucestershire Rachel DAVIS Single  
10/05/1788 Thomas RIMELL Single Pebworth, Gloucestershire Hannah BANWELL Single  
22/09/1788 John ROUSE   Little Compton, Warwickshire Mary HALL    
14/10/1788 Robert GARDNER     Hannah BARTLETT    
10/11/1788 Richard DAVIS Single   Mary BRICKNELL Single  
16/04/1789 Thomas HITCHMAN Single Cornwell Mary ASSOP Single  
16/11/1789 John WATSON Widower Evenlode, Worcestershire Mary NEAL Single  
17/10/1790 John SADLER     Ann RACE    
03/10/1791 William HAYNES     Ellen DAVIS    
24/10/1791 John CASTLE     Mary WARING    
02/02/1792 Thomas WYTON Single   Mary ROSE Single  
09/04/1792 Samuel ASHFIELD   Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Sarah DURHAM Single  
10/02/1794 John HARRISON   Chipping Norton Maria BARTLET    
28/09/1794 Samuel BANWELL Single   Martha SIMS Single  
09/03/1795 William COGHILL   Long Compton, Warwickshire Mary KEANE    
18/05/1795 John DURHAM   Shipton Under Wychwood Elizabeth HERBERT    
27/07/1795 James WHYTON     Martha ILLES    
15/11/1796 John MILES     Hannah ASUP    
05/12/1796 William BERRY   Blockley, Worcestershire Ann DAVIS    
20/07/1797 William FORD     Mary WHEELER    
10/07/1798 George NEWMAN Widower   Mary FIGGET Single  
07/08/1798 James BARTLETT     Sarah CASTLE    
10/10/1798 Thomas PITHAM     Ann NOTT    
05/02/1799 Richard HANDS   Quinton, Gloucestershire Sarah EDEN    
13/10/1800 Thomas BARTLET Single   Caroline HALL Single  
22/12/1800 William BARTLET Single   Ann WATTS Single  
12/10/1801 William BARTLET Single   Ann WHEELER Single  
05/05/1802 Thomas SEDGLEY   Oddington, Gloucestershire Dinah EVRIS    
28/10/1802 Thomas HODGSKINS   Broadwell, Gloucestershire Mary KEAR    
31/05/1803 Charles KIGHT   Lechlade, Gloucestershire Mary VENWELL    
08/09/1803 James MACE     Molly BARTLETT    
20/10/1803 William PADLEY   Chipping Norton Mary GIBBONS    
10/11/1803 John CHAMBERLAIN   Barcheston, Warwickshire Emey TIDMARSH    
05/01/1804 Robert CLEMENS   Salford Mary BARTLET    
03/07/1804 Richard BARTLETT Widower   Ann MAYO Widow  
03/07/1804 John NEVEL     Nelly FIELD   Todenham, Gloucestershire
28/10/1805 John MAYO     Sarah BARTLET    
30/04/1807 William CAREY   Cropthorne, Worcestershire Mary JEFFRIES Widow  
21/05/1807 Samuel HARRIS   Hook Norton Susanna BARTLET    
10/10/1808 William YOUNG     Caroline BARTLET Widow  
11/10/1808 William GARDINER     Elizabeth FIELD    
13/10/1808 John BARTLET     Elizabeth ACOCKS    
20/02/1809 John PHILLIPS   Enstone Ann DAVIS    
07/08/1809 Jonathan STOLLARD   Bourton On The Hill, Gloucestershire Mary GILL    
12/10/1809 John JAMES   Adlestrop, Gloucestershire Elizabeth ELDRIDGE    
16/10/1809 Richard HOBBES     Susanna CLARK    
27/12/1810 George HINE   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BARTLETT    
27/05/1811 James HALL     Esther SMITH    
1 18/10/1814 William GRIMES     Rose SKEYSBROOK    
2 08/04/1815 James MACE   Little Compton, Warwickshire Elizabeth BARTLETT    
3 13/11/1815 Joseph CASTLE     Mary Ann BARTLETT    
4 17/12/1815 John HOOPER   Barton On The Heath, Warwickshire Mary COOPER    
5 04/11/1816 Robert KEAN     Ann SADLER    
6 23/10/1817 George BEAL     Hannah TAYLOR    
7 12/01/1818 Robert REEVES     Sarah STOKES    
8 28/04/1818 James COTTON     Phoebe CASTLE    
9 22/02/1819 John NASH   Didbrook, Gloucestershire Mary WYTON    
10 25/07/1820 Robert DUDLEY     Editha BLOXHAM    
11 10/05/1821 Richard MARCHAL     Elizabeth CAREY    
12 29/01/1822 William SAUL   Tredington, Worcestershire Martha HOPE    
13 26/11/1822 Richard ATWOOD Single Tredington, Worcestershire Elizabeth CASTELL Single  
14 03/06/1823 Lot NEWMAN Single   Rachel BARTLETT Single  
15 21/10/1823 Thomas JACKES Single   Mary MASTERS Single  
16 19/04/1824 George THORNTON Widower Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BARTLETT Single  
17 10/06/1824 William BIGGERSTAFF Single   Charlotte MILES Single  
18 12/10/1824 Henry ROUSE Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
19 01/09/1825 Thomas WHEATY Single Barcheston, Warwickshire Elizabeth HARBIDGE Single  
20 19/01/1826 James BARFORD Single Abthorpe, Northamptonshire Rachel DAVIS Single  
21 28/01/1828 Joseph COLLINS Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
22 19/10/1829 Thomas HARRIS Single   Susannah GREEN Single Adlestrop, Gloucestershire
23 26/10/1829 Joseph SEARCH Single Chipping Norton Mary MOSS Single  
24 07/01/1830 Edward PARSONS Single Chipping Norton Ann GARDINER Single  
25 15/02/1830 James WHITING     Mary WEBB   Preston On Stour, Gloucestershire
26 21/02/1832 Peter CLEMENTS   Hook Norton Hannah NEWMAN    
27 06/03/1832 Edward RUTHALL   Hanborough Hannah GARDNER    
28 11/06/1832 Stephen BARTLETT Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
29 11/06/1832 Robert TITMARSH Single Little Compton, Warwickshire Catharine BARTLETT Single  
30 06/11/1832 Thomas CASTLE Single   Hannah LARDNER Single  
31 11/04/1833 Thomas BIGGERSTAFF   St Aldate, Oxford Sophia MILES    
32 07/05/1833 George GARDNER Single   Elizabeth WYTON Single  
33 15/02/1834 Thomas JOLLEFF   Shelve, Shropshire Ann HARBIDGE    
34 22/05/1834 Thomas Vavasour DURELL   Pyrton Harriet ADAMS    
35 12/07/1834 James BAYLISS   Evenlode, Worcestershire Mary Freeman BRAGGINGTON    
36 27/10/1834 Richard BARTLETT     Mary Nevill RYMALL    
37 14/10/1835 Joseph LAW   Chipping Norton Ann GARDNER    
38 02/02/1837 Joseph TILOR     Charlotte KINGZETT    
39 27/02/1837 Daniel WEBB   Long Compton, Warwickshire Martha SLATTER    
40 26/04/1837 Joseph BARTLETT     Mary DUDLEY    

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