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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Little Compton St Denis


The Parish

The parish of Little Compton is the most southerly within the county, it forms part of the border with neighbouring Oxfordshire and also with a detached portion of Worcestershire as well as being very close to the border with neighbouring Gloucestershire. Little Compton is situated in the northern Cotswold Hills about 4 miles northwest of the Oxfordshire market town of Chipping Norton. Little Compton sits to the east of the A44 road which links Chipping Norton with Moreton in the Marsh. The area has great natural beauty and "chocolate box" villages arising from the honey-coloured limestone prevalent in the area. The agricultural regime would once have been dominated by pastoral farming within small stonewall enclosed fields, nowadays modern machinery makes arable much more likely. Little Compton sits at the foot of an elongated ridge of land running from southwest to northeast, it is topped by a Roman Road and contains many ancient monuments, a tribute to its long use as a trackway. The drainage from the parish is headed westwards to join the River Evenlode which heads south to join the Thames and eventually, after a long journey, the North Sea. Little Compton is sited at 150 metres above the sea, the ridge to its east rises a further 100 metres. Little Compton parish is of a typical size for the area, it covered around 1,600 acres and would have supported about 300 parishioners. In Domesday times the parish was shared between one Robert of Stafford & a larger portion held by the Abbey of Paris (St Denis being the origin of the church's dedication), the parish held 75 ploughs (an incredibly high number for a parish of its size - perhaps a clerical error?) as well as meadows, woodland and an equally impressive 4 mills. These assets made it a very wealthy place indeed if they can be believed, a world away from today's sleepy village.

The Church

St Denis' church sits in the slight gap of Little Compton between the group of properties on the A44 and the traditional village centre. A narrow lane leads northwards from the village main street. The church is largely a rebuild with the exception of the original 14th century (Pevsner hedges his bets with a query mark) southern tower. The remainder of the church dates from a rebuild of 1863/4 although much of the original materials, including Early English styled windows in the chancel, indicating that the original was probably 13th or 14th centuries. The church sits behind a classic Cotswold slab-topped limestone wall, metal gates grant access to the graveyard. There are a number of trees, in particular along the access lane, and they do restrict the angles from which photography can take place.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st August 1754 - 23rd December 1812 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR72/1/R3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st May 1813 - 12th June 1837 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR72/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Evenlode St Edward, Worcestershire
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Chastleton St Mary the Virgin, Oxfordshire
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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/08/1754 Thomas NEWBURY   Barton On The Heath Mary CHISSNELL    
2 06/07/1755 William COTTEREL Widower   Mary HOBBS    
3 17/11/1755 Jonathan JORDING Single   Elizabeth RISHALL Single  
4 25/10/1756 William JORDEN Single   Mary WHITING Single Chastleton, Oxfordshire
5 14/09/1757 Edward DODGE Single   Mary FIELD Single  
6 04/10/1758 William BROWN Single   Elizabeth PAINTON Single  
7 17/08/1759 Abraham WILLIAMS Widower   Mary GEADON Single  
8 10/09/1759 William PARDENTON Single Chastleton, Oxfordshire Ann COWLEY Single  
9 21/01/1760 William MARLES Single Longborough, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BOWLES Single  
10 17/06/1760 John RUSHEL Single   Hannah HARRIS Single  
11 26/07/1762 Richard SHURLY Single   Sarah RISHALL Single Evenlode, Worcestershire
12 10/12/1762 John WALKER Single   Elizabeth NEWMAN Single  
13 06/05/1765 William MACE Single   Mary LYNE Single  
14 20/10/1765 Edward RUSHALL Single   Elizabeth DURHAM Single  
15 02/09/1766 William HAYWARD Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
16 01/12/1766 Edward MACE Single   Sarah COWLEY Single  
17 08/12/1766 John HOBBS Single   Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
18 20/04/1768 Robert LYNE Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
19 09/07/1768 John RUSHALL Widower   Catherine COWLEY Single  
20 09/10/1768 William BARTLETT Single Little Tew, Oxfordshire Elizabeth GARNER Single  
21 03/11/1768 Robert DURHAM Single   Hannah LINE Single  
22 29/11/1768 Giles HANDY Single   Ann SAUNDERS Single  
23 10/04/1769 Richard HARDIMAN Single   Mary CURTIS Single  
24 19/03/1770 William WHITING Single   Mary SOUTHERN Single  
25 21/11/1770 Thomas RUSHALL Single   Ann PAXFORD Single  
26 29/04/1771 John HARRIS Widower   Hannah KYTE Single Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire
27 08/06/1771 Robert BLOXHAM Single Todenham, Gloucestershire Jane BARTLET    
28 02/03/1772 Richard HILL Single   Ann BARTLETT Single  
29 23/03/1772 William LYNE Single   Elizabeth EDGINGTON Single Salford, Oxfordshire
30 08/11/1772 John LYNE Single   Elizabeth NORTH Single  
31 30/11/1772 John TUBB Single   Hannah SOUTHAM Single  
32 10/10/1774 William RUSSEL Single   Sarah WOODWARD Single  
33 01/07/1775 John LYNE Single   Betty CURTIS Single Colesbourne, Gloucestershire
34 23/08/1775 William PARTINGTON Widower   Mary HAYWARD Single  
35 11/11/1775 John LOYD Widower   Sarah SHIRLEY Single  
36 18/11/1775 Thomas PHIPPS Single   Mary HARDIMAN Widow  
37 09/09/1776 Charles MARSHAL Single   Mary SLATTER Single  
38 25/11/1776 Robert TIDMARSH Single   Hannah BEAL Single  
39 23/05/1777 John BENNETT Single   Jane BLOXHAM Widow  
41 05/01/1778 Thomas HAINS Single Little Rollright, Oxfordshire Elizabeth BALDWIN Single  
42 15/01/1778 Richard HAINS Single Blockley, Worcestershire Sarah BOMFORT Single  
43 08/11/1779 William STURDY Widower Spelsbury, Oxfordshire Mary PATRICK Single  
44 17/01/1780 Thomas WHITING Single Chastleton, Oxfordshire Margaret BUMFORD Single  
45 01/06/1780 Michael MORLEY Single Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Mary KYTE Single  
46 24/10/1780 Richard BEAL     Elizabeth SOUTHAN    
47 20/11/1780 Peter BARTLET Single   Elizabeth HAYWARD Single  
48 09/07/1781 John DURHAM Single   Ann SHIRLEY Single  
49 30/10/1781 Thomas SHIRLEY Widower   Martha YOUNG Widow Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
50 02/04/1783 George WIDOWS Single   Alice LEATHERLAND Single  
51 07/11/1783 William PATRICK Single   Jane DODGE Single  
52 07/11/1783 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth JORDAN Single  
53 24/11/1783 Thomas LYNE Single   Ann BROWN Single  
54 17/01/1785 Richard GOULD Widower   Sarah PATRICK Single  
55 28/02/1785 Henry ROSE Single   Elizabeth SLATTER Single  
56 13/09/1785 James MACE Single   Mary PIGOT Widow  
57 02/05/1786 William READ Single Sarsden, Oxfordshire Mary MACE Single  
58 02/05/1786 Jonathan JORDAN Single   Ann PARDINGTON Single  
59 29/05/1786 John BEAL Widower   Mary BEAL Widow  
60 22/06/1786 Thomas PARTINGTON Single   Mary JORDAN Single  
61 26/09/1786 James FAWDRY Single Salford, Oxfordshire Elizabeth SHIRLEY Single  
63 27/01/1787 Richard FLETCHER Single   Ann COOPER Single  
62 31/10/1787 Zachary COXHEAD Widower   Susanna PATRICK Widow  
64 04/02/1789 Richard BOMFORD Single   Frances BALDWIN Single  
65 02/12/1790 John BRIAN Single   Ann LYNE Widow  
66 26/05/1791 William PARDINGTON Single   Elizabeth RUSHALL Single  
67 29/09/1791 Thomas LAWRANCE Single   Charlotte PIGOT Single  
68 19/10/1791 Robert BREAKSPEARE Single Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Ann CURTIS    
69 03/10/1792 William MACE Single   Anne FARTHING Single Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire
70 03/12/1792 John STOW Single Chadlington, Oxfordshire Mary JORDAN Single  
71 21/01/1793 Samuel LAMB Single   Margaret DIXON Single  
72 26/11/1793 John BALDWIN Single   Mary BUTLER Single  
73 17/02/1795 Robert PARDINGTON Single   Mary RUSSELL Single  
74 13/07/1795 William BALLARD Single   Elizabeth PATRICK Single  
75 29/08/1795 Edmund DASSET Widower   Elizabeth WHEELER Single  
76 07/10/1795 James DANCEY Single   Ann BROWN Single  
77 12/09/1796 Robert JORDAN Single   Deborah HOLTOM Single  
78 15/02/1797 William MARSHALL Single   Mary PHILIPPS Single  
79 24/10/1797 William JEEMES Single   Sarah WHEELER Single  
80 29/05/1798 Peter BARTLETT Widower   Sarah DODGE Single  
81 04/10/1798 John TOMBS Single North Cerney, Gloucestershire Anne LYNE Single  
82 28/10/1799 John WARD     Ann BALDWIN    
83 11/11/1799 John COXHEAD     Sarah MACE    
84 03/03/1802 Thomas JILKES   Great Rollwright, Oxfordshire Catharine WILLIAMS Single  
85 28/07/1802 Robert LYNE     Mary ROGERS   Evenlode, Worcestershire
86 13/10/1802 Thomas WHEELER   Chastleton, Oxfordshire Elizabeth RUSHALL    
87 08/11/1802 Thomas HAYNES     Ann COLEMAN    
88 15/11/1802 William DYER   Wolford Elizabeth TUBB    
89 12/10/1803 Francis MACE   Todenham, Gloucestershire Elizabeth MARSHALL    
90 24/11/1803 Charles MARSHALL     Jane GREEN    
91 24/11/1803 John JAQUES     Ann LLOYD    
92 27/01/1804 James MACE     Sarah LLOYD    
93 25/04/1805 William WHEELER Single   Elizabeth BALDWIN Single  
94 22/07/1811 Samuel ROBERSON   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Jane LYNE    
95 18/11/1811 William THORNIT   Sutton Under Brailes Ann WHEELER    
97 19/05/1812 Edward MACE     Elizabeth PARDINGTON    
98 23/06/1812 Joseph SILVER   Enstone, Oxfordshire Ann WIDDOWS    
96 23/12/1812 Samuel WARMINGTON   Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Martha WHEELER    
1 01/05/1813 John GARDNER   Chastleton, Oxfordshire Hannah BARTLETT    
2 13/10/1813 John MACE     Charlotte WARD    
3 25/10/1813 Giles SWICH     Ann WALKER    
4 01/01/1814 William NEWMAN   Adelstrop, Gloucestershire Jane FORD    
6 10/11/1814 John WILLIAMS     Keziah HASSAN    
7 09/03/1815 Thomas STEPHENS   Sherborne, Gloucestershire Mary Ann BOARD    
8 13/05/1815 Humphry TUGWELL   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Ann MACE    
9 27/07/1815 Edward BARTLETT     Sarah BAUGHAN    
10 31/07/1815 Samuel MOBLEY     Eleanor WYTON    
11 15/10/1816 William SHEPHERD     Ann LYNE    
12 06/11/1816 Joseph SALE   Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Mary GREEN    
13 20/10/1817 James LARGE   Evenlode, Worcestershire Sarah HARRIS    
14 08/01/1818 Thomas BROOKS   Evenlode, Worcestershire Sarah DAVIS    
15 23/02/1818 Henry GILLET   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Hannah PATRICK    
16 28/10/1818 William GREEN   Wolford Mary FORD    
17 28/10/1818 John LEECH     Rachel FORD    
18 13/09/1819 William BEALE   Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Jane PATRICK    
19 01/12/1819 Joseph HUDSON   Sezincote, Gloucestershire Rachel JORDEN    
20 07/12/1819 Thomas BUTLER   Bloxham, Oxfordshire Sarah MARSHALL    
21 07/12/1819 Richard BEALE     Elizabeth JAMES    
22 17/05/1820 John HAINS   Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire Ann MEDCROFT    
23 22/10/1821 William COWLEY     Ann BUMFORD    
24 17/12/1821 Thomas TOOLEY   Bloxham, Oxfordshire Rebecca JOURDAN    
25 21/01/1822 Robert THORNTON   Salford, Oxfordshire Hannah ARCHER    
26 16/02/1822 John POUNCET   Salford, Oxfordshire Maria BARTLETT    
27 03/12/1822 John BAYLIS   Blockley, Worcestershire Hannah MACE    
28 10/04/1823 Thomas BARFORD   Abthorpe, Northamptonshire Anne DAVIS    
29 15/04/1823 Joseph GREENING     Elizabeth WHEELER    
30 11/06/1823 William GILSON   Barton On The Heath Keziah BARTLETT    
31 06/11/1823 George HOLTON   Upper Swell, Gloucestershire Hannah COWLEY    
32 09/08/1824 John EDGINTON Single Wolford Elizabeth BAMFORD Single  
33 08/12/1825 James BARTLETT Single   Hannah EDEN Single  
34 11/10/1826 Richard MARSHALL Widower   Ann MARNS Single  
35 13/11/1826 Thomas CLARK Single Ross, Herefordshire Elizabeth GOFFE Single  
36 26/02/1827 William SCORCH Single   Frances STANBRIDGE Single  
37 23/04/1827 Joseph BOMFORD Single Chastleton, Oxfordshire Ann WHEELER Single  
38 14/05/1827 Thomas BRYAN Single   Hannah PATTRICK Single  
39 29/11/1827 Nathan DURHAM Single   Achsah BARTLETT    
40 10/04/1828 William WALKER Single   Jane TIDMARSH Single  
41 15/05/1828 James MARSHALL Single   Susannah DAVIS   Wolford
42 26/05/1828 John BOSCOT   Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Sarah JORDEN    
43 29/09/1828 Thomas BETTS Single Evenlode, Worcestershire Ann TIDMARSH Single  
44 28/11/1828 John BOWERMAN Single Kidlington, Oxfordshire Maria BENFIELD Single  
45 03/08/1830 Benjamin GREEN Single   Mary Ann SPICER Single Blockley, Worcestershire
46 20/12/1830 John IVINGS Single   Sarah RAM Single  
47 27/12/1830 William WALKER Single Broadwell, Gloucestershire Hannah FORD Single  
48 30/07/1832 Charles STICKLEY     Ann JORDEN    
49 08/08/1832 John STANBRIDGE     Jane PARTINGTON    
50 25/10/1832 James WILLIAMS     Sarah WHEELER    
51 08/04/1833 Joseph SURCH     Jane LETHERLONG    
52 29/05/1834 Nathaniel DURHAM     Hannah Ann WHEELER    
53 19/06/1834 John WHEELER     Leah SLATTER    
54 15/09/1834 Thomas SELBY     Sarah Ann MACE    
55 20/04/1835 William EDEN     Mary MACE    
56 31/10/1836 Jonathan RYMAN     Hannah BUMFORD    
57 12/06/1837 William STANBRIDGE     Eliza PARTINGTON    

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