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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llangolman St Colman


The Parish

The parish of Llangolman lies in the extreme east of Pembrokeshire forming a stretch of the border with neighbouring Carmarthenshire. Llangolman is a small village which lies around 8 miles north of the small market town of Narberth and sits about 2 miles west of the A478 road which connects Narberth with Cardigan. Llangolman has a small centre at Llangoman Common and a scatter of farms across the parish which stands on the banks of the Eastern Afon Cleddau close to the Preseli Hills. The parish had two principal sources of income, the soils were fertile and cereal farming dominated the landscape, in addition the local slate was of good quality and was extensively quarried for roofing. The Eastern Cleddau drains the parish southwards, joins with its western counterpart and reaches the Irish Sea through Milford Haven. Llangolman is sited in hilly countryside, the church and principal settlement of Llangolman Common being at 190 metres, some 60 metres above those properties on the banks of the Eastern Cleddau; land rises steadily northwards, however, into the Preseli range where Foel Feddau tops out at 467 metres. Parishes in the upland north of Pembrokeshire are larger than most, Llangolman parish covered just over 2,900 acres and would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llangolman is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Colman's church sits about a quarter mile south of the crossroads at Llangolman Common on the western side of a narrow and winding lane. Sadly this church is not a medieval relic but a Victorian replacement built in mid 19th century, dates of construction are not mentioned in Pevsner who only credit the repairs of both 1866 & 1899. The church is built in the style of the early English Gothic period, typical of the early 13th century, and uses lancet windows popular in that era. The local Preseli stone gives it a rather dark &forbidding look in dull weather. A simple and small church of nave & chancel topped with a western bellcote. As the lane wanders southwards, it is barely wider than a car, the church appears on the western side and, thankfully, has a large car park so parking is no issue, The church is slightly elevated above road level and the churchyard is banked by local stone walls, a set of gates grants access to an area with no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
20th February 1755 - 22nd August 1812
Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/86/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4entries per page
Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads
The register suffers badly from fading and at least 2 entries are unreadable as a result, sadly there are no corresponding BTs to collect data which is unclear or unreadable making for a certainty of omission and a likelihood of misreads
2 22nd Novermber 1814 - 17th January 1837  Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/86/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading continues to be an issue with this register, but BTs do survive so only accidental misreads may be an issue, hopefully few in number

Llandilo St Tilo
Mynachlog-ddu St Dogmael
Mynachlog-ddu St Dogmael
Llandilo St Tilo
Mynachlog-ddu St Dogmael
Llanycefn St Non
Castelldwyran, Carmarthenshire
Cilymaenllwyd St Phillip & St James, Carmarthenshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 20/02/1755 Elias DAVID Elizabeth THOMAS
2 23/10/1755 John DAVID Cilgerran Martha REES
3 02/11/1756 Roger THOMAS Ann MORGAN Llandilo
4 09/10/1757 Thomas GRIFFITH Mary DAVID
5 27/03/1758 Thomas LEWIS Jane LEWHELLEN
6 25/06/1758 Thomas JAMES Nevern Martha GRIFFITHS
7 11/10/1759 Daniel THOMAS Martha HOWEL
8 05/05/1761 Griffith EVANS Ann GRIFFITHS Widow
9 02/06/1761 Lewis THOMAS Trelech Ar Bettws, Carmarthenshire Sarah JOHN Llandilo
10 01/11/1761 Benjamin JOHN Llandilo Anne WILLIAM
11 01/12/1761 John NICHOLAS Mary LEWIS
12 15/05/1762 Mathias THOMAS Bridell Jane JOHN Llandilo
13 28/04/1763 John SAUNDERS Llawhaden Jane WILLIAM
21/10/1763 David RINALS Mary PHILLIP
23/12/1763 John EDWARD Mynachlog Ddu Margaret BOWEN
24/02/1764 Henry LEWIS Dinah MELCHIOR
17 02/07/1764 John HOWELL Castelldwyran, Carmarthenshire Sarah PHILIPPS Llandilo
18 17/01/1765 John NICHOLAS Llandilo Mary OWEN Single
19 23/11/1767 David JOHN Llanychaer Elinor FRANCIS Single
20 23/01/1768 Daniel THOMAS Martha DAVID Single
27/01/1771 Benjamin REES Ann JOHN
20/05/1772 Thomas REES Bletherston Mary THOMAS
22/04/1773 William YOUNG Mary JOHN
21/10/1775 Lewis EYNON Mary PRICE Single
09/12/1776 David JONES St Mary, Haverfordwest Margaret THOMAS Single
20/01/1778 Thomas WILLIAMS Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire Martha JAMES Single
25/03/1779 Henry YOUNG Elizabeth LEWIS Single Mynachlog Ddu
14/10/1780 William DAVID St Mary, Swansea, Glamorgan Mary DAVID Single
23/12/1780 Richard GIBBIN Llandilo Elizabeth THOMAS Single
17/03/1781 Samuel GIBBIN Elizabeth MELCHIOR Single
25/03/1782 Lewis EYNON Margaret REES Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire
25/04/1782 Gabriel REES Llanglydwen, Carmarthenshire Mary NICHOLAS Single
13/05/1783 David LEWIS Mary THOMAS Single
19/08/1784 John JAMES Castlebythe Martha DAVID Single
19/04/1785 Enoch JOHN Martha EVAN Single
01/07/1785 David PAYNTON Mary EVANS St Mary, Pembroke
10/08/1785 Howell DAVIES Eglwysfair A Churig, Carmarthenshire Martha PROTHEROE Single
07/09/1785 Daniel LEWIS Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Hester JAMES Single
08/09/1785 Thomas OWEN Dorothy TWYNING Single
17/04/1786 John HUGH Mynachlog Ddu Elizabeth JAMES Single
17/10/1786 Thomas DAVID Whitechurch Mary LEWIS Single Llandilo
26/10/1786 David THOMAS Elinor THOMAS Single
04/11/1786 David BOWEN Mary DAVID Single
23/12/1786 Abraham EVANS Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Mary PROTHEROE Single
27/12/1787 John JAMES Mary JOHN Single Llandilo
02/08/1788 David JAMES Widower Joan HARRY Widow
04/11/1788 Thomas PHILLIP Bletherston Anne REES Widow
26/11/1788 William JAMES Margaret BATEMAN Single
06/06/1789 William JOHN Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Margaret THOMAS Single
07/11/1789 Lewis THOMAS Hannah DAVID
23/02/1790 John WILLIAM Nevern Martha MORRIS
15/07/1790 John EVAN Mary DAVID
19/05/1791 Thomas THOMAS Margaret HOWELL
18/02/1792 Daniel DAVID Llandilo Phoebe DAVID
03/11/1792 Griffith JENKINS Castelldwyran, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth EVAN
16/11/1792 William MORRIS Elinor MORRIS
16/11/1792 John EVAN Llansamlet, Glamorgan Esther PHILIPPS Llandilo
31/10/1793 John LEWIS Cilymaenllwyd, Carmarthenshire Phebe LEWIS
20/11/1794 Thomas WILLIAM Mary DAVID
04/10/1795 William MORRIS Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Maria ROBERT
09/11/1795 Theophilus THOMAS Whitechurch Elizabeth LEWIS Llandilo
30/10/1798 William GRIFFITH Mary HOWEL
04/12/1798 Thomas GIBBON Narberth Sarah MORRIS
28/11/1799 Griffith ROWLAND Mynachlog Ddu Martha LEWIS Llandilo
12/12/1799 John EDWARD Mary MORRIS
17/12/1799 Maurice GRIFFITH Sarah THOMAS Single Llandilo
07/06/1801 David THOMAS Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Margaret CORNOCK
30/08/1801 Daniel DAVID Mynachlog Ddu Anne MORGAN
16/03/1802 William PHILLIP Sarah DAVID
26/08/1802 Evan LEWIS Mary PHILIP
27/09/1802 Benjamin GRIFFITH Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Anna JONES
14/10/1802 Nicholas HUDSON Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Anna JAMES
08/11/1803 John ADAMS Wiston Mary THOMAS
22/02/1804 Maurice MORRIS Elizabeth PHILIP Llandilo
30/11/1805 Thomas LLEWHELLEN Llanycefn Mary MORRIS
11/08/1807 Benjamin GRIFFITH Sarah JOHN
13/02/1808 John PHILIP Mynachlog Ddu Anne JOHN
08/11/1808 John THOMAS Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Maria PROTHEROE
21/02/1809 Edward YOUNG Elizabeth YOUNG
04/07/1809 Griffith PHILIP Sarah EVANS
08/08/1809 John LLOYD Henrys Moat Martha DAVIES
26/10/1809 John JAMES Cilymaenllwyd, Carmarthenshire Sarah WILLIAM
24/02/1810 Daniel JAMES Llanycefn Phoebe PARRY
05/07/1810 Evan MORRIS Bletherston Sarah NICHOLAS
28/03/1811 Thomas JAMES Mynachlog Ddu Martha BOWEN
05/05/1811 Stephen REES Sarah THOMAS
21/05/1811 John THOMAS Mynachlog Ddu Esther REES Llandilo
10/11/1811 Rees PHILIP Maria MORGAN Mynachlog Ddu
28/12/1811 Stephen REES Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Anna REES
22/08/1812 John BOWEN Anne LEWIS
1 22/11/1814 Daniel REES Mynachlog Ddu Elizabeth DAVID
2 22/09/1815 William LEWIS Llandilo Martha GRIFFITH
3 30/11/1815 Morgan JOHN Little Newcastle Ann DAVID
4 09/12/1815 David DAVIES Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Miriam DAVIES
5 30/01/1816 Daniel GRIFFITH Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Mary DAVID Widow
6 21/12/1816 Thomas JAMES Mynachlog Ddu Maria LEWIS
7 20/12/1817 Morris DAVID Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Ann WILLIAM
8 05/08/1818 Henry THOMAS Margaret MORRIS
10 07/10/1819 William DAVIES Maenclochog Esther RHODERICK Single
11 29/01/1820 James JAMES Mary JOHN Single
12 25/06/1820 John LEWIS Mary PHILLIP
13 07/11/1820 Daniel EDWARDS Single Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Mariah REES Single
14 30/12/1820 William JOHN Single Llanycefn Bridget PROTHROE Single
15 08/09/1821 James JAMES Single Mynachlog Ddu Phoebe HARRY Single
16 01/11/1821 D L DAVID Single Esther MORRIS Single
17 19/02/1822 John OWEN Mynachlog Ddu Catherine DAVIES Widow
18 24/11/1822 David DAVIES Martha LEWIS
19 20/12/1823 William EVANS Whitechurch Elizabeth PROTHEROE
20 27/01/1824 Job GRIFFITH Single Maenclochog Mary JAMES Single
21 05/06/1824 Benjamin THOMAS Llanycefn Martha PROTHEROE Single
22 12/04/1825 Morris MORRIS Phoebe GRIFFITH
23 21/05/1825 Daniel EYNON Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Rachel THOMAS
24 15/10/1825 Benjamin PHILLIP Margaret LEWIS
25 22/12/1825 George WILLIAMS Single Little Newcastle Mary GRIFFITH Single
28 11/04/1829 William JAMES Single Frances GILBY Single
26 20/08/1829 Stephen EVANS Single Jane ROWLAND Single
27 23/10/1829 Abel THOMAS Single Sarah MORGAN Single Llanycefn
29 05/01/1830 Daniel EVANS Single Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Ciceley GRIFFITH Single
30 09/03/1830 John JOHN Widower Margaret MORRIS Single
31 22/10/1830 Thomas JOHN Single Elizabeth HERBERT Single
32 04/08/1832 Maurice JENKINS " Cilymaenllwyd, Carmarthenshire" Sarah EVAN
33 18/10/1832 Stephen NICHOLAS Single Ann MORGANS Single Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire
34 29/12/1832 David DAVID Sophia DAVID
35 08/01/1833 Griffith PHILLIPS Single Cardiff, Glamorgan Martha GRIFFITH Single
36 07/10/1834 James DAVIES Llanfyrnach Catherine GRIFFITH
37 18/01/1835 John JONES Margaret JOHN
38 10/02/1835 William EVAN Widower Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Martha NICHOLAS
39 23/06/1835 Lewis PROTHEROE Widower Elizabeth THOMAS Single
40 16/08/1835 Henry JOHN Anne GRIFFITHS
41 02/06/1836 John PHILLIPS Single Cenarth, Carmarthenshire Sarah Maria GRIFFITHS Single
42 15/11/1836 Thomas HOWELL Llandilo Elizabeth JOHN
43 22/11/1836 Evan THOMAS Llanycefn Mary BOWEN
44 17/01/1837 Griffith BOWEN Widower Llanycefn Rachel THOMAS

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