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St Twynnell St Gwynog


The Parish

The parish of St Twynnells lies in the extreme south of Pembrokeshire, indeed it forms a small part of Pembrokeshire's Irish Sea coast. There is not much to modern day St Twynnells, just a cluster of properties grouped close to its church, a hamlet rather than a village. St Twynnells is located about 4 miles southwest of the port of Pembroke and sits a half mile north of the B4319 road which connects Pembroke with Castlemartin. At the time of this transcript St Twynnells would have had a rather mixed economy, whilst pastoral farming predominated there was also some employment in limestone quarrying. Today St Twynnells is dominated by the military as it sits on the northern edges of the Castlemartin Artillery Range. St Twynnells is drained westwards by a small stream heading for the sea at nearby Castlemartin. St Twynnells sits on a ridge of limestone, the bedding dipping steeply and almost vertically into the ground, at around 70 metres above the sea; the village stands upon the local high point with commanding views in every direction. St Twynnells parish was fairly typically sized for the area, covering around 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners.

The Church

St Gwynog's church (here we follow Pevsner, other sources give the dedication as St Deinol) sits in a noble position atop the highest local hill and sitting on the eastern side of St Twynnells main junction. The exact age of the church is uncertain, Pevsner places the nave, southern transept and southern porch as being either 13th or 14th centuries. The western tower he dates to a century or so later. The church formerly had a complimenting northern transept but this has been demolished. As is common the church received a major restoration in Victorian time, in this case 1858 resulting in the present building. The church sits elevated above the junction, 5 steps rising to a wooden gateway at the southwestern corner. The churchyard is enclosed by a local limestone wall and is open without undue restriction to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
Registers prior to 1777 have been lost over the years and there are no surviving Bishop's Transcripts as an alternative source, those marriage details have, unfortunately been lost to history.
1 12th November 1774 - 2nd April 1812 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/102/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 10th April 1813 - 16th April 1836 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/102/3
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect - for original register

Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads - for the BTs
The original register is so badly damaged as to have been rejected as a source. The entries supplied here were retrieved from Bishop's Transcripts held as loose leaf folios at the Library of Wales

Monkton St Nicholas
Monkton St Nicholas
Monkton St Nicholas
Warren St Mary
St Petrox St Pedrog
Bosherston St Michael & All Angels
Bosherston St Michael & All Angels

1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 12/11/1774 Thomas THOMAS     Ann MASON    
2 20/07/1776 William HARRIES   Monkton Ann JONES Single  
3 21/12/1776 John WATKINS     Jane LOOGIN Single  
4 21/01/1777 Rees JONES     Jane JONES Single  
5 04/10/1777 James VAUGHAN Single Warren Mary JOHN Single  
6 23/01/1779 Richard CLARKE Single Castlemartin Mary THOMAS Single  
7 29/04/1779 Stephen DAVIES   St Mary, Pembroke Mary MARCHANT Single  
8 02/05/1779 Abraham HODGE Single Pwllcrochan Anne WILLIAMS Single  
9 02/10/1779 James DAVIES Single   Jane DAVIES Single  
10 23/10/1779 Henry PROUT Single   Margaret PRIDY Single  
11 18/11/1779 John LOOGIN Single   Ann LEWIS Single  
12 02/07/1780 Joseph HOWELL Single Monkton Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
13 28/10/1780 Griffith HARRY Widower Bosherston Mary PHILIPS Widow  
14 17/11/1781 John THOMAS Single   Margaret HOPLOW Single  
15 05/01/1782 John PHILLIPS   Carew Johanna WILLIAMS Single  
16 12/10/1782 John BRUNNING Single   Anne OWENS Single  
17 12/11/1782 John BARTEN   Castlemartin Anne NICHOLAS Single  
18 10/08/1783 John THOMAS Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
19 18/03/1784 George ROBERTS Single   Martha PHILIPS Single  
20 01/05/1784 John FURLON   Bosherston Margaret JONES Single  
21 17/11/1784 Nicholas BUTLER   Castlemartin Alice RUSSAN Single  
22 27/07/1786 William WILLIAMS     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
23 23/09/1786 Charles CAMPBELL Single Stackpole Elidor Frances BOWLING Single  
24 24/11/1786 John MORGAN Single St Werburgh, Bristol, Gloucestershire Ann BOWLING Single  
25 08/02/1787 William LOWLESS Single   Elizabeth HOOD Widow  
26 06/11/1788 John BAUZEY Single   Elizabeth HUSBAND Single  
27 11/12/1788 James LOWLESS     Jane JONES Single  
28 08/11/1790 James VAUGHAN   Hodgeston Martha DAVIES    
29 06/03/1791 Robert NASH Single St Petrox Jane JAMES Single  
30 29/05/1791 Evan EVANS   Deptford, Kent Jane THOMAS Single  
31 13/05/1792 Thomas SOMERS   Monkton Elizabeth LLEWHELLIN    
32 24/09/1792 Henry ROGERS     Margaret FURLONG    
35 04/10/1792 Henry JONES     Margaret VINAVLE    
28 10/10/1792 John MORGAN     Mary JAMES    
34 24/11/1792 Griffith OWENS     Elizabeth LAWRANCE    
36 13/02/1796 Joseph MORSE     Mary WILKINSON    
37 25/09/1798 Henry MOODY     Jane LONG    
38 10/10/1799 Henry LAVIS Widower   Elizabeth GRIFFITH Widow Castlemartin
39 29/11/1800 John DUBBERLING     Mary JONES    
31/10/1801 James COLLINS   Warren Mary LAURENSE    
12/06/1802 Samuel EVANS     Maria GRIFFITHS    
07/05/1803 John GRIFFITH     Martha MARKER   Monkton
06/10/1803 John LEWIS     Mary THOMAS    
15/11/1804 James JOHN     Elizabeth JONES    
25/04/1805 George SMYTH   St Petrox Mary YOUNG    
08/09/1805 James MACINTIRE     Anne MATHIAS    
02/08/1806 James MATHIAS   Castlemartin Elizabeth JENKINS    
11/10/1806 Thomas WEBB   Bosherston Ann SMYTH    
16/10/1806 George BENNETT Widower Angle Jane MOODY Widow  
21/11/1807 William RAYMOND     Martha THOMAS    
27/07/1808 George HITCHINGS   St Mary, Pembroke Frances THOMAS    
18/09/1808 William WILLIAMS     Jane HOWELLS    
01/10/1808 John LLOYD   Bosherston Jane THOMAS    
27/04/1809 Joseph HITCHINGS   St Mary, Pembroke Elizabeth THOMAS    
11/08/1810 Thomas HITCHINGS Single Bosherston Alice THOMAS Single  
18/09/1810 William ROBERTS Single St Petrox Mary MATHIAS Single  
22/12/1810 James HAWKINS   Bosherston Elizabeth PHILIPPS Single  
02/04/1812 Thomas BRACE   Pwllcrochan Sarah JENKINS Single  
1 10/04/1813 George LEWIS   Warren Anne PHILLIPPS    
2 10/10/1813 James MORGAN   Warren Anne GIBBS    
3 24/11/1813 George GRIFFITHS     Martha THOMAS   Monkton
4 28/11/1813 William DAVIES   St Mary, Pembroke Charlotte WILLIAMS    
5 04/12/1813 James POTTER Single   Susan THOMAS    
6 19/11/1814 Thomas EVANS     Mary DAVIES    
7 26/11/1814 James COOK     Mary EDWARDS    
8 29/04/1815 John JONES Single   Mary PHILLIPS Single  
9 07/10/1815 William JAMES     Anne LLOYD Single  
10 17/10/1815 Isaac HOWELL     Margaret EVANS Single  
11 28/10/1815 William ADAMS   Bosherston Jane WILLIAMS    
12 28/07/1816 Peter WRIGHT   St Petrox Martha DAVIES    
13 02/11/1816 John COOKE     Mary LAWRENCE    
14 23/11/1816 William EYNON     Mary THOMAS    
15 27/08/1818 Thomas BARRY     Maria GRIFFITHS    
16 17/10/1818 John HICKS     Catherine WILLIAMS    
17 17/02/1820 Abraham EVANS   St Petrox Alice WILLIAMS    
18 25/11/1820 William AMSON     Mary BUTLER    
19 03/02/1821 James POWELL   Bosherston Hannah DAVIES    
20 24/07/1821 James DAVIES   Monkton Mariah GRIFFITHS    
21 27/10/1821 William EDWARDS     Ann LEWIS    
22 29/12/1821 Thomas PHELPS   Warren Elizabeth EDWARDS    
23 31/03/1822 Joseph ALLEN     Martha LAWRENCE    
24 11/02/1823 Evan THOMAS Single Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire Priscilla GRIFFITHS Single  
25 27/03/1823 John JAMES     Martha MERRIMAN    
26 09/08/1823 John GRIFFITHS     Ann MERRIMAN    
27 06/09/1823 John SCURLOCK Single   Mary FORTUNE Single  
28 26/03/1825 George MATHIAS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single Cosheston
29 08/10/1825 George JONES Single   Hannah DAVIS Single  
30 12/02/1826 Evan STEPHENS Single   Ellen SMITH Single  
31 27/05/1826 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single Bosherston Ann WILLIAMS Single  
32 17/06/1826 John STEPHENS   Monkton Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
33 05/08/1826 George COLE Single   Margaret LEWIS Single  
34 14/10/1826 Stephen PRICE Single   Jemima STEPHENS Single Monkton
35 27/10/1827 John GRIFFITHS Single Castlemartin Sarah LEWIS Single  
36 03/11/1827 Benjamin WELSH Single St Michael, Pembroke Jane MERRIMAN Single  
37 31/12/1827 Philip THOMAS Widower   Jane GIBBS Widow  
38 16/02/1828 William BROWN Single St Petrox Frances WILLIAMS Single  
39 08/04/1828 Thomas WESTLAKE     Mary MOODY    
40 18/10/1828 John COLE Single   Elizabeth BRACE Single Castlemartin
41 01/11/1828 Thomas THOMAS Single   Ann JAMES Single Monkton
42 26/12/1828 William HALL Single Castlemartin Rebecca EDWARDS Single  
43 01/11/1829 William REES Single   Ann MERRIMAN Single  
44 21/11/1829 William DAVIS Single   Mary RICHARDS Single  
45 16/10/1830 William THOMAS Single Castlemartin Mary BOWEN Single  
46 06/11/1830 Thomas RICHARDS Single   Jane PARCEL Single  
47 31/07/1831 George Bowen Jordan PRICE Single   Ellen OWEN Single Monkton
48 06/10/1831 William THOMAS Single St Mary, Pembroke Frances LOGIN Single  
49 25/03/1832 William BLETHYN Widower Monkton Martha LONG Single  
50 03/11/1832 James HALL Single   Sophia SCOURFIELD Single  
51 17/08/1833 Owen BOWEN Widower   Martha JAMES Widow  
52 26/10/1833 John EDWARDS Single   Hannah SCOURFIELD Single  
53 07/03/1835 George HARRIES Single Monkton Ann LEWIS Single  
54 28/04/1835 James OAKLEY Single   Elizabeth FORTUNE Single  
55 06/06/1835 Daniel JONES Single   Letticiah LEWIS Single  
56 16/04/1836 William JOHN Single   Mary ROGERS Single  

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