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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Presteigne St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Presteigne lies in the extreme east of Radnorshire, indeed the town has more in common with adjacent Herefordshire than the mountainous tracts of Radnorshire. Presteigne is a market town, the market being granted in the 14th Century, and the principal place in the county. Its population during the period of the transcript was just above 3000 parishioners. The town is rather off the modern highway systems being located at the meeting of three "B" class roads; it sits close to the River Lugg which becomes one of the major rivers of Herefordshire and empties into the River Wye just below Hereford. The area around Presteigne is dominated by small fields and a majority of pastoral farming. Presteigne lies at 158 metres above sea level but higher ground lies close by, Harley's Hill rises to over 300 metres around a mile west of the town centre. Presteigne was not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book as this was largely restricted to English counties.

The Church

St Andrews church sits close by the River Lugg a few yards north of the main high street of Presteigne. Pevsner is warm in his praise for the building describing it as architecturally the best in Radnorshire. Most of the fabric dates from the 14th & 15th Centuries but there is much evidence for a very early Saxon origin probably 10th or 11th Century. The church was, however, much extended by the Normans and the Perpendicular nave and chancel are clearly of an age. The tower appears rather squat but is rather solid.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th April 1754 - 31st October 1775 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AE/62/9 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 14th December 1775 - 22nd October 1812 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AE/62/10 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number This handwritten register has entries which are crammed into a "stream-of-consciousness" with little use of "white space" to segregate entries, it is, therefore, possible that a few omissions may have occurred
3 3rd March 1813 - 28th February 1837 Herefordshire Archives & Record Centre - Reference - AE/62/11 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Whitton St David
Norton St Andrew
Huntington by Kington St Thomas A Becket, Herefordshire
Huntington by Kington St Thomas A Becket, Herefordshire
Kington St Mary, Herefordshire
Discoed St Michael
Cascob St Michael
Brilley St Mary, Herefordshire
Old Radnor St Stephen
Brilley St Mary, Herefordshire
Brilley St Mary, Herefordshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/01/1754 John PRICE     Eleanor WADELEY    
22/01/1754 John LLOYD     Katherine MILLICHAMP    
23/01/1754 James HOLMES     Elizabeth PYE    
31/01/1754 Thomas BOWEN   Bleddfa Sarah JONES    
04/02/1754 Samuel WILLIAMS     Mary GURNING    
04/02/1754 William TURNER     Mary GRIFFITHS    
12/02/1754 John DUNN     Jane WILLIAMS    
26/02/1754 Thomas BADLAND     Mary POWELL    
1 20/04/1754 Thomas EDWARDS     Mary HUNT    
2 13/05/1754 Richard BRACE     Judith MORGAN    
3 18/05/1754 Robert JONES     Elizabeth DAVIES    
4 06/07/1754 Richard MARSTON   Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Hannah STRANGWARD    
5 14/10/1754 Richard DAVIES     Sarah BEVAN    
6 30/10/1754 Richard BEVAN   Lydbury North, Shropshire Mary CARDAN    
1 07/02/1755 John CARDEN     Mary PERKIN   Norton
2 14/04/1755 Edward GREENLY     Elizabeth GREENLY    
3 09/05/1755 Griffith JENKIN     Mary GITTORS    
4 19/05/1755 Thomas BARBER     Mary BRACE    
5 29/06/1755 Charles EDWARDS     Mary GRIFFITHS    
6 06/07/1755 John DAVIES     Elizabeth RIDGELEY    
7 15/08/1755 Richard BRIDGEWATERS     Jane JONES    
8 07/10/1755 Lemuel PROSSER     Elizabeth Carey HYTE    
9 03/11/1755 William MILLICHAPP     Hannah WINWOOD    
10 28/11/1755 George LAWLEY     Elizabeth EVANS    
1 25/01/1756 Thomas PUGH     Elizabeth RANSOM    
2 24/03/1756 Edward BRIDGWATER     Ann LUCAS    
3 03/05/1756 John TAYLOR     Ann TAYLOR    
4 30/05/1756 Jeremiah DAVIES     Margaret HUNT    
5 14/07/1756 Thomas GITTINS     Mary MORGANS    
6 22/07/1756 Thomas PRICE     Elizabeth JONES    
1 30/01/1757 John FORRESTER     Mary BEBB    
2 31/01/1757 John WOODHOUSE     Mary PRICE    
3 20/02/1757 John WILLIAM   Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Elizabeth HUNT    
4 20/05/1757 Edward CARRELL     Elizabeth PERKINS    
5 21/05/1757 Richard RAWLINGS     Elizabeth PHEASEY    
6 08/06/1757 Jeremiah PYNCH     Susannah MORRIS    
7 07/10/1757 John MERRICK     Margaret KING    
1 31/01/1758 William EVANS     Ann WILLIAMS    
2 06/02/1758 James HOLLINS     Catherine PRICE    
3 09/02/1758 William PUGH     Elizabeth JONES    
4 11/04/1758 James MORGAN     Rachel MILLS    
5 20/04/1758 John TURNER     Ann PYE    
6 15/05/1758 Matthew RICHARDS     Mary LANE    
7 23/05/1758 Allen PARK     Ann HOLLAND    
8 29/05/1758 William BRADLEY     Margaret BADLAND    
9 30/05/1758 Richard JONES     Alice RUSSELL    
10 06/07/1758 Hugh PRICE     Margaret TAYLOR    
11 17/07/1758 Hugh HAYWOOD     Bridget DUGGAN    
8 21/11/1758 Thomas SLEMAN     Hannah SEALEY    
12 11/12/1758 Grove HILL   Leintwardine, Herefordshire Ann LEEK    
1 05/03/1759 Thomas BATHOES     Elizabeth DAVIS    
2 20/03/1759 Edward LEECH     Anne POWELL    
3 17/05/1759 Henry ROBERTS     Elizabeth TURPIN    
4 01/06/1759 John JONES     Abigail CASWELL    
5 19/07/1759 William WILLIAM     Sarah THOMAS    
4 03/08/1759 Aaron DAVIES   Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Esther THOMAS    
6 09/09/1759 John EVANS   Llangurig, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth TURNER    
7 14/10/1759 John MAUND   Lydbury North, Shropshire Elizabeth TURNER    
8 31/10/1759 John FOX     Elizabeth YOUNG   Norton
1 05/05/1760 Evan PRICE     Ann GROVE    
2 13/05/1760 William DAVIS     Elizabeth NICHOLS   Lingen, Herefordshire
3 17/05/1760 Richard JONES     Sarah DAVIES    
4 26/05/1760 Morris DAVIES   Beguildy Margaret WATKINS    
5 30/05/1760 James STEPHENS     Anne HARNOTT    
6 07/10/1760 William ANGELL   Staunton on Arrow, Herefordshire Mary ASHLEY    
7 22/11/1760 John BOOTH     Elizabeth PRICE    
1 02/02/1761 Thomas JONES     Hester REYNOLDS    
2 08/02/1761 John CALDECOTT   Leominster, Herefordshire Alice GRIFFITH    
3 26/02/1761 James DAVIES     Esther WATKINS    
4 25/04/1761 John POWELL   Kington, Herefordshire Mary PERKS    
5 19/05/1761 James BROWN     Mary TAYLOR    
6 11/06/1761 Thomas LEAD     Mary VAUGHAN    
7 22/09/1761 David STEPHENS   Nantmel Anne SMITH    
8 22/10/1761 John ARTHUR     Mary BADLAND    
9 27/12/1761 Thomas FELIX     Margaret LEWIS    
1 06/01/1762 John LILLWALL   Kinsham, Herefordshire Martha WATKINS    
2 31/01/1762 William SEAGER     Elizabeth BEAVAN Widow  
3 21/02/1762 Richard STEPHENS Single   Mary WILSON Single  
4 02/03/1762 John BOOTH     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
5 08/04/1762 David PARRY     Elizabeth SYMONDS   Old Radnor
6 13/04/1762 John WEBB     Margaret MEYRICK    
7 18/04/1762 John HUNT     Jane DUGGAN    
8 19/04/1762 John LEWIS     Elizabeth SMITH   Heyope
9 12/05/1762 Edward MORGAN     Eleanor STEPHENS   St Marylebone, Middlesex
10 16/05/1762 Richard DAVIS     Ann RUDD    
11 23/05/1762 Robert PHILLIPS   Stoke, Shropshire Elizabeth WILKINS    
12 03/06/1762 William DALE     Sarah HARRIS    
13 08/06/1762 Richard CHESTER     Elizabeth FARMER    
14 01/08/1762 Edward EVANS     Ann DAVIES    
15 01/08/1762 Thomas LEWIS     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
16 30/08/1762 John MORGAN     Elizabeth PUGH    
17 04/09/1762 Edward THOMAS     Mary WILLIAMS    
18 26/09/1762 Evan DAVIES     Anne HANTON    
19 02/11/1762 John ARNETT   Old Radnor Sarah STEPHENS    
20 19/12/1762 John STEPHENS     Bridget TAYLOR    
1 13/02/1763 John PIGGOTT     Mary PYEFINCH    
2 21/02/1763 John MILES   Titley, Herefordshire Margaret DAVIES    
3 05/04/1763 Jeremiah MORGAN     Mary BROWN    
4 24/05/1763 Thomas PRICE     Mary THOMAS    
5 18/06/1763 John STEPHENS     Bridget TAYLER    
6 03/08/1763 Aaron DAVIES Single Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Esther THOMAS    
7 09/08/1763 John MORT   Manchester, Lancashire Jane ARCHIBALD    
8 20/09/1763 Edward BEARCROFT     Elizabeth ROGERS   Newent, Gloucestershire
9 11/12/1763 William POWEL     Ann HUNT    
10 14/12/1763 John WOODFIELD     Margaret WILLIAMS    
1 13/01/1764 Richard BRIDGWATER     Martha MASON   Heyope
2 07/03/1764 John PHILLIPS   Cradley, Herefordshire Elizabeth STAR    
3 01/04/1764 Samuel PRICE     Mary LOYD    
4 16/04/1764 Thomas MILTON   Harberton, Devon Hester JACKSON    
5 15/05/1764 John WATKINS     Martha WILLIAMS    
6 17/05/1764 Thomas DALE     Elizabeth EVANS    
7 20/05/1764 James BEDLAND     Mary SAVAGER    
8 03/06/1764 Thomas ONIONS     Eleanor JONES    
9 11/06/1764 John BEBB     Grace TAYLOR    
10 12/07/1764 John POWELL     Catherine PYE    
11 15/09/1764 Richard POWELL     Mary MARSTON   Clunbury, Shropshire
12 01/10/1764 John PYNCH     Elizabeth WEST    
13 21/11/1764 William JONES   Kington, Herefordshire Elizabeth EDWARDS    
1 06/01/1765 Rowland THOMAS     Diana REYNOLDS    
2 28/01/1765 Benjamin TURFORD     Margaret GRUBB    
3 10/02/1765 William THOMAS   Lingen, Herefordshire Elizabeth RUDD    
4 11/02/1765 William MAYBURY   Brilley, Herefordshire Anne RICKETS    
5 17/05/1765 James GWYNN     Elizabeth JONES    
6 26/07/1765 Richard PARRY     Alice DAVIES    
7 08/08/1765 Edward PYNCH     Martha WATKINS   Kington, Herefordshire
8 12/08/1765 John BRACE     Bridget POWEL    
9 18/09/1765 Richard LINGEN     Mary EDWARDS    
10 23/09/1765 James ROE     Sarah DAVIES    
11 30/09/1765 John PRICE     Jane POWELL    
12 14/11/1765 Edward MORGAN     Mary STANTON    
13 19/11/1765 William WILLIAMS     Melisant OLIVER   Leominster, Herefordshire
14 20/11/1765 Phillip STEPHENS     Eleanor TAYLER    
15 18/12/1765 Thomas JONES     Sarah WILLSON    
1 19/01/1766 John EVERALL     Ann DUGGAN    
2 31/01/1766 John WINTON   Much Birch, Herefordshire Mary EVANS    
3 20/04/1766 Thomas STANTON     Elizabeth BEDFORD    
4 30/04/1766 John BLACK   Kingsland, Herefordshire Elizabeth LUCAS    
5 05/05/1766 Joseph STEPHENS     Hannah MORGAN    
6 06/05/1766 John DAVID   Leominster, Herefordshire Elizabeth MASON    
7 14/05/1766 John COLE     Sarah LEWIS    
8 17/05/1766 William DAVIES     Ann BADLAND    
9 19/05/1766 James OWENS     Mary WILLIAMS    
10 25/05/1766 William STANTON     Margaret BALLS    
11 29/05/1766 James WILLIAMS     Mary JONES    
12 24/07/1766 Matthew RICHARDS     Elizabeth WATERS    
13 15/10/1766 William LEWIS     Mary DAVIES    
14 25/10/1766 Francis TURNER     Bridget MEREDITH    
15 03/11/1766 John WEAVER     Susan FOX    
16 09/11/1766 William JAMES     Mary JONES    
1 30/04/1767 John STANTON     Mary PAGE    
2 04/05/1767 Thomas JONES     Sarah DOWNES    
3 18/05/1767 Edward JONES     Martha PREECE    
4 04/06/1767 Thomas RANSOME     Jane PRICE    
5 05/09/1767 Richard LUTHER     Eleanor GARMELLS    
6 02/12/1767 Benjamin VERNALS Single   Jane MORGAN Single  
7 03/12/1767 William EVANS Widower   Jane JONES Single  
1 16/02/1768 John WOODFIELD     Mary BEAUMONT    
2 02/05/1768 Thomas VAUGHAN   Norton Mary RUDD    
3 17/05/1768 Thomas LEWIS     Ann EVANS    
4 25/07/1768 John HUGHES     Elizabeth THOMAS    
5 03/08/1768 Richard MILLS Widower   Ann HINCKS Single  
7 03/08/1768 William DOWNES Single   Margaret MORRIS Single  
6 14/08/1768 Richard WILLIAM     Eleanor ROGERS Single Knighton
8 11/11/1768 Phillip PAGE Single   Jane HUNT Widow  
10 28/11/1768 Thomas JONES     Margaret POWELL    
9 28/11/1768 David THOMAS     Mary EDWARDS    
1 26/02/1769 William BADLAND     Jane BEDWARD    
2 02/03/1769 Thomas GASHINN     Ann ROLLINS    
3 09/04/1769 William GWILLAM Widower Gladestry Sarah PAYNE Single  
4 17/05/1769 John MARSON     Milborough THOMAS    
5 01/06/1769 John LLOYD     Jane YOUNG    
6 13/06/1769 William MORRIS     Ann FRANCIS    
7 24/06/1769 James JONES     Mary PUGH    
8 26/06/1769 Joseph GUMMEY     Elizabeth PRICE    
9 29/08/1769 Robert JONES     Sarah BEAUMOUNT    
10 03/10/1769 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Mary JONES Single Usk, Monmouthshire
11 15/10/1769 William MORGAN     Mary EVANS Widow Norton
12 20/11/1769 William WEAVER     Ann LLOYD    
1 01/01/1770 Joseph JAMES     Elizabeth RAWLINGS    
2 29/01/1770 Richard OAKLEY Single Aymestrey, Herefordshire Elizabeth JAMES Single  
3 13/02/1770 Thomas MORGAN     Ann THOMAS    
4 26/02/1770 Griffith BUFTON   Knighton Elizabeth JAMES    
5 27/02/1770 Richard CLAYTON   Bleddfa Hester MEYRICK    
6 08/03/1770 William WENT     Elizabeth YOUNG    
7 10/04/1770 John PRICE Single Hay, Breconshire Jane HUGHES Single  
8 07/05/1770 William BEVAN     Susannah CORTE    
9 11/05/1770 David PUGH     Ann LEWIS    
10 20/05/1770 John THOMAS     Ann STEPHENS    
11 04/06/1770 Richard GRIFFIN     Sarah WOODHOUSE    
12 20/07/1770 John MERRICK     Ann VAUGHAN    
13 21/07/1770 James PARKER Widower Titley, Herefordshire Elizabeth EVANS Single  
14 09/08/1770 Richard WILLSON Single   Martha WILLIAMS Single  
15 09/09/1770 Richard JONES     Frances PREECE    
16 29/10/1770 Edward LUCAS   Bucknell, Shropshire Esther MASON    
17 23/11/1770 Thomas STEPHENS     Ann WILLIAMS    
18 01/12/1770 William ARCHIBALD     Joanna WILLIAMS    
1 18/01/1771 John HALL     Sarah MORRIS    
2 21/02/1771 David NORRIS     Susannah POWELL    
3 17/03/1771 Edward EVERALL Single Norton Ann THOMAS Single  
4 12/04/1771 Thomas CLARKE     Esther BADLAND    
5 13/05/1771 Edward TAYLER     Sarah GRIMETT    
6 16/06/1771 Richard SMITH   Pembridge, Herefordshire Alice WINCKBRIDGE    
7 30/07/1771 John WILLIAMS     Jane BADLAND    
8 02/08/1771 Edward EDWARDS     Anne ROBERTS   Eardisland, Herefordshire
9 02/09/1771 John COLE     Ann BAYLIS    
1 13/03/1772 John VAUGHAN     Eleanor POWELL    
2 21/03/1772 Lawrence STEPHENS Single   Martha SMITH Single Alvely, Shropshire
3 23/03/1772 John COOPER     Elizabeth CLARKE    
4 26/03/1772 Thomas WILLSON Single   Ann WEAVER Single  
5 06/05/1772 William MORRIS     Sarah WILLIAMS    
6 17/05/1772 David WATKINS     Ann EVANS    
7 18/05/1772 Thomas STANTON     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
8 21/05/1772 John EDWARDS Widower   Ann JONES Single Bettws y Crwyn, Shropshire
9 09/06/1772 Thomas YAPP     Mary JONES    
10 22/06/1772 David WILLIAMS     Mary EDWARDS Single  
11 29/06/1772 Robert STEPHENS     Margaret JONES Single Old Radnor
12 13/07/1772 George MASON     Sarah BAYTON    
13 24/08/1772 Thomas WOODFIELD Widower   Mary PAYNE Widow Starnton Upon Arrow
14 26/08/1772 William WILLIAMS Single   Jane PRICE Single  
15 24/11/1772 Benjamin RHEYNOLDS Widower Knill, Herefordshire Elizabeth HAMMONDS Single  
1 12/01/1773 Stansall GRIFFITHS Widower   Alathea PYEFINCH    
2 16/01/1773 Richard HOWELLS Single Staunton on Arrow, Herefordshire Frances JENKINS Single  
3 22/02/1773 Thomas DAVIS     Susannah CHILYE    
4 13/04/1773 John JONES Single Norton Ann OAKELY Single  
5 20/04/1773 William DAVIS     Martha PYE    
6 25/05/1773 Anthony BRAYSHAY Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
7 07/06/1773 Richard WALKER     Susannah MORGAN    
8 08/06/1773 John PRICE     Elizabeth EVANS    
9 19/06/1773 John PRICE Single Byton, Herefordshire Jane BYWATER Single  
10 25/08/1773 Benjamin LUTHER Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single Eye, Herefordshire
11 27/09/1773 Thomas PRICE     Sarah WILLIAMS    
12 16/10/1773 Thomas THOMAS Single   Anne MILLS Single  
13 13/11/1773 Rees LEWIS     Elizabeth PRICE    
16 27/11/1773 William STANTON     Martha WILLIAMS    
14 02/12/1773 Thomas POWELL   Shobdon, Herefordshire Mary EDWARDS    
1 27/01/1774 James ASHLEY Widower   Ann RICHARDS Single Yarpole, Herefordshire
2 01/02/1774 John BIRD Single Kington, Herefordshire Susannah PYEFINCH Single  
3 17/05/1774 Thomas THORLTON     Ann MASON    
4 28/06/1774 Edward MEREDITH   Clun, Shropshire Mary CORNS    
5 13/08/1774 William BOWEN Single   Ann GRIFFITHS Single  
6 16/08/1774 James POWELL Single   Hannah Maria STEPHENS Single  
7 29/08/1774 Erasmus MADOX   Greenwich, Kent Mary CLARKE Widow  
8 05/12/1774 Francis SMITH     Jane LLOYD    
1 11/02/1775 John GRIFFITHS Single   Mary PROBERT Single  
2 23/03/1775 David MORRIS Single   Ann Stephens PRICE Single  
3 10/04/1775 John GREENE     Elizabeth VAUGHAN    
4 13/04/1775 John JONES Single   Ann BRIGHT Single  
5 16/05/1775 William SCARLETT     Ann MACKLOTHLING    
6 21/05/1775 Thomas BAXTER Single   Sarah KINSEY Single  
7 22/05/1775 William JONES Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single Byton, Herefordshire
8 27/05/1775 William WILLIAMS Widower   Mary BRIDGWATER Single  
9 02/06/1775 William DAVIES Single   Sarah DEE Single  
10 10/06/1775 John POSTON Single Leominster, Herefordshire Elizabeth ROLLINS Single  
11 05/07/1775 Walter JONES     Martha EVANS    
12 21/08/1775 Thomas JONES Widower Leominster, Herefordshire Mary WHITCOTT Single  
13 01/10/1775 John JAMES   Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire Anne JENKINS Single  
14 24/10/1775 John WILLIAM Widower   Ann GREEN Single  
15 31/10/1775 Jeremiah POPE     Elizabeth MORGAN    
14/12/1775 Henry GOUGH Single   Mary PRYCE Widow  
19/01/1776 George JENKS Single   Mary WOODFIELD Widow  
24/01/1776 John JONES Single   Catherine EVANS Single  
07/04/1776 Joseph SMITH Single   Jane GRIFFITHS Single  
13/05/1776 George HOWELLS Single   Elizabeth HARCORD Single  
13/05/1776 Thomas POWELL Single   Martha PEARKS Single  
18/06/1776 Thomas JONES Single   Anne Louisa LEECH Single  
07/07/1776 Edward BROWN Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Hannah WATKINS Single  
06/08/1776 William DAVIS Single   Elizabeth TAYLER Single  
04/02/1777 Hugh MORRIS Single Bleddfa Frances BLACKFIELD Single  
10/02/1777 Thomas DALE Single   Mary YOUNG Widow Lingen, Herefordshire
10/02/1777 Morris Pugh DYKES Single   Jane EVANS Single  
17/04/1777 James PRICE Single   Mary DAVIES Single Norton
27/04/1777 Thomas PHILLIPS Single Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire Elizabeth AYRES Single  
06/06/1777 James MATTHEWS Single   Mary PRICE Widow  
12/08/1777 David WEALE Single Herefordshire Patient PORSELL Single  
03/02/1778 William SMITH Single   Mary HUGHES Single  
18/05/1778 James MILLS Single   Ann COLE Single  
01/06/1778 John LEWIS Single   Ann TAYLER Single  
03/06/1778 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Cascob Mary WATKINS Single  
22/06/1778 William THOMAS Single   Mary PRICE Single  
24/08/1778 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Ann ROLLINGS Single  
10/09/1778 Thomas DISWALL Single Eardisland, Herefordshire Alice GRIFFITH Single  
15/02/1779 William YARNOLL Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
23/02/1779 John KNOWLES Single   Elizabeth PREECE Single  
29/04/1779 Henry SOLOMON Single Leominster, Herefordshire Mary RICHARDS Single  
07/05/1779 Thomas NORGRAVE Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
17/05/1779 John JONES Single Eardisley, Herefordshire Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
23/06/1779 Phillip PHILLIPS Single   Sarah JONES Single  
13/07/1779 John BLAYNEY Single   Elizabeth PARKER Widow  
21/07/1779 Francis WENT Single   Elizabeth NORGRAVE Single  
16/09/1779 Rodd PYEFINCH Single   Ann OWEN Single Lingen, Herefordshire
02/10/1779 Thomas CLARKE Single   Elizabeth PYE Single  
17/10/1779 John TURNER Single   Mary INGRAM Single  
02/11/1779 John GOSSE Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
22/12/1779 Thomas JONES Single   Hannah POWELL Single  
21/03/1780 John PRICE Single   Margaret PARKER Single  
27/03/1780 William LEWIS Single   Ann PRICE Single  
28/05/1780 Thomas CLARKE Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
03/06/1780 Hugh DALE Widower   Mary THOMAS Single  
04/06/1780 Arthur PRICE Single   Margaret GREEN Single  
17/07/1780 Samuel MATTHEWS Single   Margaret MARSON Widow  
12/10/1780 Hugh WIMBRIDGE Single   Elizabeth GODWIN Single  
09/01/1781 David JAMES Single   Ann TIPPIN Single  
25/02/1781 John DAVIES Single   Mary PYNCH Single  
25/02/1781 George LAWLEY Single   Elizabeth PYNCH Single  
16/04/1781 Thomas DANIEL Single   Ann SYMPSON Single  
30/04/1781 John JONES Single Llanbister Margaret TYE Widow  
07/05/1781 John GRIFFITHS Single   Ann POWLS Single Llandegley
07/05/1781 Thomas MORGAN Single   Mary MEYRICK Single  
29/05/1781 John VALE Single   Elizabeth WANKLIN Single  
31/05/1781 Thomas STUBBS Single Gladestry Sarah STANTON Single  
31/05/1781 William EVANS Single   Elizabeth LINGEN Single  
06/07/1781 James LLOYD Single   Elizabeth PEGLER Widow  
26/07/1781 James ASHLEY Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
08/10/1781 John DUNN Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
04/11/1781 James WATKINS Single   Susannah BROWN Single  
22/11/1781 Evan MORGAN Single   Susannah MORGAN Single  
11/12/1781 Henry ABLEY Single Knighton Ann SMITH Single  
17/12/1781 Matthew EDWARDS Single   Sarah WINKLING Single  
02/03/1782 Thomas HAMMOND Single   Ann STREET Single  
14/03/1782 John HOLL Single   Elizabeth PUGH Single  
19/03/1782 Thomas NORGRAVE Single   Mary BARBER Single  
16/05/1782 George HARRIS Single Kinsham, Herefordshire Mary BOWEN Single  
10/06/1782 Joseph SUMMERS Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
18/06/1782 Richard JONES Single   Susannah DAVIES Single  
04/07/1782 Joseph PRITCHARD Single   Eleanor VAUGHAN Single  
18/07/1782 Thomas LEA Single Norton Esther CLARKE Widow  
12/12/1782 John GALLIERS Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Ann VAUGHAN Single  
31/12/1782 William GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
14/01/1783 Edward BUFTON Single Byton, Herefordshire Mary MORRIS Single  
17/02/1783 John LATHER Single   Ann BROOM Single  
30/03/1783 John HOLL Widower   Mary BODY Widow  
08/07/1783 Richard EVERALL Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
12/07/1783 William LLOYD Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
25/08/1783 John GITTORS Single   Catharine HAMMONDS Single  
02/10/1783 John GODWIN Single   Ann THOMAS Widow  
12/10/1783 Thomas FREEMAN Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
13/10/1783 William DUNN Single   Mary POWELL Single  
19/10/1783 William BOULTER Single   Mary WANCHLING Single  
27/10/1783 Edward WELLINGS Single Kinsham, Herefordshire Hannah Maria WATKINS Single  
03/11/1783 John COLE Widower   Mary JONES Single  
07/12/1783 James CURRAN Single   Sabra GRIFFITHS Single  
07/12/1783 Thomas WILLSON Widower   Elizabeth THOMAS Widow Norton
17/12/1783 William JONES Single   Barbara EVANS Single  
28/12/1783 John FORRESTER Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
06/01/1784 Thomas DAVIES Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Widow  
14/05/1784 Joseph DALE Widower   Bridget RUSBATCH Widow Bleddfa
18/05/1784 Evan MORRIS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
27/05/1784 Thomas ABEL Single   Hannah BOULTER Single  
07/06/1784 William POWELL Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
09/06/1784 John BADLAND Widower   Margaret POWELL Single  
16/06/1784 Roger PRICE Single   Margaret POPE Single  
04/07/1784 John PEARCE Single   Ann HUGHES Single  
15/07/1784 Thomas King MERRICK Single   Cassandra STANTON Single  
29/07/1784 John POWELL Widower   Ann WILDING Widow  
27/09/1784 Stephen RHODERICK Single   Martha BOWEN Single  
17/10/1784 Samuel POWELL Single   Hannah POWELL Single  
06/11/1784 Thomas MORRIS Single   Jane JAKES Single  
29/11/1784 John FAWCETT Single   Alice JENKINS Single  
29/11/1784 Richard PEARCE Widower   Mary KNIGHT Single  
09/12/1784 John JONES Single   Margaret CLARK Single  
01/01/1785 Thomas BOULTER Single   Susannah MORRIS Widow  
03/04/1785 William DALE Widower   Elizabeth BOWLER Single  
27/04/1785 John PHILLIPS Single   Margaret WATKINS Single  
19/05/1785 John BOWEN Single   Susannah WALL Single  
19/05/1785 Cristopher BANKS Single Ribbesford, Worcestershire Mary PIGGOTT Single  
21/05/1785 Richard PUGH Single   Mary PROBERT Single  
30/05/1785 Edward PYE Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
31/05/1785 John MEREDITH Widower   Elizabeth MEYRICK Single  
11/06/1785 John WEBB Widower   Sarah RUDD Widow  
30/06/1785 Richard GODWIN Single   Eleanor JOSEPH Single  
24/07/1785 Thomas GRIFFITHS Single   Ann DUNN Single  
12/08/1785 Thomas THOMAS Single   Sarah WEST Single  
18/09/1785 Richard CORNS Single   Mary HOWELLS Single  
18/10/1785 John TAYLER Single   Elizabeth WOOSEY Single  
01/11/1785 John HOLL Single   Margaret JONES Single  
04/11/1785 Richard MARSTON Single   Ann CLARKE Single  
09/12/1785 William HARPUR Widower   Susannah BOULTER Single  
10/12/1785 William WEAVER Single   Ann TURNER Single  
15/12/1785 Richard BROWN Single   Hannah DAVIES Single  
23/12/1785 Edward MASON Single   Ann MORGAN Single  
03/02/1786 John DAVIS Single Norton Ruth WOODHOUSE Widow  
14/02/1786 Samuel EVANS Single Beguildy Margaret DAVIES Single  
12/03/1786 Robert PRICE Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
17/04/1786 John ROGERS Single   Margaret MORGAN Single  
17/05/1786 Michael FOX Single   Sarah LEWIS Single  
16/07/1786 Thomas DALE Widower   Elizabeth GRIFFITHS Single Old Radnor
08/11/1786 John WILLIAMS Single Cadoxton Juxta Neath, Glamorgan Maria MORGAN Single  
30/11/1786 William GRIFFITHS Single   Ann PARRY Single  
15/01/1787 William OVERTON Widower Whitechapel, Middlesex Eliza JENKINS Single  
28/05/1787 Jeremiah LEWIS Single   Ann WATKINS Single  
24/12/1787 Thomas SMITH Single Lyonshall, Herefordshire Mary BOWLER Single  
05/01/1788 Joseph GAMMEY Widower   Gwenn LOVETT Single  
17/05/1788 James WANKLING Single   Ann PRICE Single  
03/07/1788 James MEREDITH Single Stanton Lacy, Shropshire Sarah GWILT Single  
16/07/1788 Edward MASON Widower   Jane NORGRAVE Single  
24/10/1788 George DAVIES Single   Mary OWENS Single  
24/04/1789 John DAVIS Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
03/05/1789 John BLEWIS Single New Radnor Ann MORGAN Single  
05/05/1789 Edward PRICE Single   Sarah CHANDLER Single  
06/06/1789 James PRICE Single   Mary LUTHER Single  
12/07/1789 Richard JONES Single   Mary BROWN Single  
19/07/1789 David MIDDLETON Single   Millborough WILLIAMS Single  
06/09/1789 Edward Morgan OWENS Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
23/10/1789 William JONES Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single  
29/10/1789 Richard LUCAS Single Dilwyn, Herefordshire Elizabeth BLAINEY Widow  
22/11/1789 William ALFORD Single   Elizabeth JENKINS Single  
03/12/1789 Richard JOSEPH Single   Ann CARDEN Single  
22/12/1789 John Taylor STEPHENS Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary PYEFINCH Single  
24/12/1789 William CORBETT Single Kinsham, Herefordshire Margaret WEBB Single  
29/01/1790 John STOKES Single Old Radnor Margaret BRADLEY Single  
12/04/1790 Thomas HASWELL Single   Mary POWELL Single  
13/05/1790 William WILLIAMS Widower   Mary COWDELL Single  
30/09/1790 Thomas LEWIS Single   Elizabeth GRIFFITHS Single  
07/10/1790 William PHILLIPS Single   Hannah PUGH Single  
21/10/1790 Charles JAMES Single Kington, Herefordshire Susanna PIGGOTT Single  
03/11/1790 Stephen PUGH Single   Mary PRICE Single  
23/12/1790 Richard BATE Single New Radnor Jane Isabella MORT Single  
11/04/1791 Thomas STANTON Single   Catherine DAVIES Single  
13/06/1791 James WILLIAMS Single   Catherine WANKLIN Single  
07/07/1791 Edward JONES Single Old Radnor Charlotte SAMPSON Single  
09/04/1792 William BEVAN Widower   Elizabeth LEWIS Widow  
16/07/1792 John HOLLINGE Single   Ann BOULTER Single  
14/08/1792 William HOLL Single   Ann CURSON Single Llanvihangel Crucorney, Monmouthshire
02/12/1792 Samuel YOUNG Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
03/12/1792 Thomas DALE Widower   Bridget DALE Widow  
03/02/1793 Jeremiah PINCH Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
27/05/1793 Thomas FAKENER Widower   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
09/06/1793 Evan DAVIES Single   Susanna WALKER Single  
05/07/1793 Thomas DAVIS Single   Mary MATHEWS Widow  
18/08/1793 John HOWELLS Single   Ann PHILLIPS Single  
19/09/1793 Richard MORGAN Single   Louisa GREEN Widow  
17/12/1793 William DAVIES Single   Mary HERVIN Single  
23/02/1794 Richard MATTHEWS Single Norton Charlotte EVERALL Single  
12/05/1794 John POWELL Single Knill, Herefordshire Mary STOKES Single  
19/05/1794 John MORRIS Single   Jane JONES Single  
03/06/1794 William JAMES Single Kington, Herefordshire Charlotte DALE Single  
08/06/1794 Richard LEWDIN Widower   Mary DALE Single  
17/07/1794 James BIRCH Single   Elinor WILLIAMS Single  
24/07/1794 John MORRIS Single   Margaret JONES Single  
31/07/1794 William DAVIES Single   Rebecca JONES Single  
30/09/1794 Thomas JONES Single Old Radnor Elizabeth PROBART Single  
09/02/1795 John DAVIES Single Old Radnor Mary MEREDITH Single  
09/03/1795 Thomas TOMKINS Single   Charlotte PYE Single  
19/04/1795 James PRICE Single   Frances JONES Single  
18/05/1795 Samuel BEAVAN Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Sarah PITCHFORD Single  
24/05/1795 Michael BULL Single   Mary OWENS Single  
25/05/1795 George ABEL Single   Catharine DAVIES Single  
12/06/1795 Thomas SIRRELL Widower   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
22/06/1795 Thomas SPRUSON Single   Ann MORGAN Single  
15/11/1795 Thomas STEPHENS Single   Isabella STANTON Single  
20/12/1795 Thomas BOULTER Single   Sarah STANTON Single  
31/12/1795 William WILLIAMS Widower   Mary PINCHES Single  
18/04/1796 Edward BIRD Single   Mary JONES Single  
09/05/1796 Richard JONES Single   Margaret MORRIS Single  
26/05/1796 Hugh WATKINS Single Old Radnor Mary CLARK Single  
31/05/1796 William BISHOP Single   Violet WILLIAMS Single Knill, Herefordshire
17/10/1796 Charles PHILLIPS Single   Anne PARRY Single  
01/11/1796 John DAVIES Single   Mary BLACK Single  
30/11/1796 John EVANS Single   Mary MORGANS Single  
29/12/1796 John GRIFFITHS Single   Mary STEPHENS Single  
30/01/1797 William SMITH Single   Mary MOYLE Single  
13/02/1797 Joseph DAVIES Single   Sarah COLE Single  
14/02/1797 John WILLIAMS Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
16/02/1797 John EVANS Single Old Radnor Elizabeth DALE Single  
06/04/1797 James PYEFINCH Single   Margaret PINCH Single  
17/04/1797 John POWELL Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
04/06/1797 James JONES Single   Anne MARSON Single  
14/06/1797 John BREEZE Single   Elizabeth BOWEN Single  
24/06/1797 Phillip JONES Single   Margaret BOWDLER Single Leominster, Herefordshire
09/07/1797 John PYNCH Single   Elizabeth BOOTH Single  
06/08/1797 Edward EVANS Single   Mary HAMMOND Single  
21/08/1797 William PYEFINCH Single Norton Sarah PRICE Single  
08/09/1797 Silvanus HOWELLS Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
08/02/1798 Edward YELD Single Pembridge, Herefordshire Anne GALLIERS Single  
25/03/1798 Samuel GREENWAY Single   Charlotte MATTHEWS Widow  
29/03/1798 Thomas STEPHENS Single   Rebecca MORGAN Single  
17/05/1798 John THOMAS Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
18/05/1798 John FRANCIS Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
18/05/1798 Richard JONES Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
12/06/1798 John HARRIS Single   Ursula PUGH Single  
21/06/1798 John CHEESE Single   Sarah GREEN Single  
30/08/1798 Thomas PRICE Widower   Ann HOLL Widow  
16/12/1798 Joseph WILLIAMS Single   Anne BOWEN Widow  
31/12/1798 John STOKES Widower   Isabella WATKINS Single  
01/01/1799 John PRICE Single   Elizabeth COLE Single  
03/02/1799 Thomas BEAVAN Single   Hannah HAWBERRY Single  
21/04/1799 William POWELL Single   Mary RANSOME Single  
09/05/1799 James EVANS Single   Ann STEPHENS Single  
27/05/1799 George PRICE Single   Mary PUGH Single  
20/10/1799 Samuel CRUMP Single   Sarah BORE Single  
21/10/1799 William WATKINS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
09/12/1799 John DAVIS Single   Mary SMITH Widow  
09/12/1799 Edward ARDIKE Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
31/03/1800 John CURRON Single   Eleanor BAKER Single  
05/06/1800 Thomas CARTER Single   Isabella DANIEL Single Kington, Herefordshire
07/08/1800 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
14/09/1800 William MASON Widower   Elizabeth CLEATOR Single  
11/03/1801 William LEWIS Single   Ann CLARK Single  
26/03/1801 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth BEAVAN Single  
04/08/1801 Richard BRIDGWATER Single   Jane WILLIAMS Single  
10/08/1801 John BOULTER Single   Mary NORGROVE Widow  
16/11/1801 Edward WEBB Single Titley, Herefordshire Mary EDWARDS Single  
24/02/1802 Edward WOODHOUSE Single Kington, Herefordshire Hannah POWELL Widow  
29/03/1802 David JONES Single   Martha STANTON Single  
29/03/1802 William PRICE Single   Ann LEWIS Single  
19/04/1802 Thomas SMOUT Single   Mary JONES Single  
12/05/1802 James CLINTON Single Pembridge, Herefordshire Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
24/05/1802 John HARRIS Widower   Mary BADLAND Single  
25/06/1802 John MORRIS Single   Elizabeth MILLS Single  
01/07/1802 William BROMAGE Single Kington, Herefordshire Sarah STEPHENS    
12/07/1802 Meredith THOMAS     Anne PERKS    
13/07/1802 William MORGANS Single   Jane DAVIS Single  
27/09/1802 Richard EVANS Single   Mary POWEL   Knill, Herefordshire
27/02/1803 William BROWN Single   Mary MEDLICOTT Single  
12/04/1803 Thomas FOX Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
17/04/1803 John POWEL Single   Allida JOHNSON Single  
28/04/1803 Edward EVANS Single   Eleanor LEWIS Single  
06/05/1803 Samuel STEPHENS Single   Anne HARRIES Single  
15/05/1803 Benjamin REYNOLDS Single Knill, Herefordshire Ann MORAN Single  
21/05/1803 Edward JONES Single   Elizabeth MORGAN    
23/05/1803 Richard EVANS Single   Anne BATE Widow  
02/06/1803 John WALKER Single   Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
08/06/1803 John BLACK Single   Anne PRITCHARD Single  
09/06/1803 John DOWNS Single   Anne DAVIS Single  
13/06/1803 Thomas PINCH Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
27/06/1803 Thomas CHANDLER Single   Sarah BOWEN Single  
27/06/1803 Thomas PRICE Widower   Eleanor GRIFFITHS Single  
16/07/1803 Richard JENKINS Single   Elizabeth PERKS Single  
24/07/1803 William COOK Single Titley, Herefordshire Ann PRICE Single  
04/08/1803 James HUGHES     Mary PRICE    
08/08/1803 John MATTHEWS     Elizabeth WEAVER    
31/08/1803 John POWELL Single   Martha HOLL Single Llanfihangel Nant Melan
03/09/1803 Thomas BEAVAN Single   Sarah BEAVAN Single  
13/10/1803 James ROGERS Single   Jane JONES Single  
18/10/1803 Robert RUSSELL Single   Anna Maria GROMOUS Single  
23/10/1803 Michael LEECH Single   Ann WATKINS    
03/11/1803 David DAVIS Single   Mary GODWIN Single  
06/01/1804 John BADLAND Single   Anne BEDWARD Single Norton
06/01/1804 John TAYLOR Single   Ann TURNER Single  
10/01/1804 John SAUNDERS     Mary JONES    
04/02/1804 William DAVIS Widower   Mary WEBB Widow  
19/03/1804 James ROBERTS Single   Anne MORGAN Single  
02/04/1804 John EVANS Widower   Elizabeth HOOPER Single  
15/04/1804 William STANTON Single   Mary PINCH Single  
03/05/1804 William PRICE Single Kington, Herefordshire Frances POWELL Single  
13/05/1804 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Charlotte DUKES Single  
22/05/1804 Richard MASKELL Widower Kinnersley, Herefordshire Margaret BOWEN Single  
27/05/1804 James DAVIES Single   Elizabeth HIGGINS Single  
21/06/1804 Robert MEREDITH Single   Mary MEREDITH Single  
19/07/1804 Thomas EVANS Single Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Sarah EVANS Single  
24/07/1804 William EVANS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
19/08/1804 Richard Smith COOKE Widower   Charlotte JONES Single  
01/10/1804 John TOOTH Single   Mary Anne PRICE Single  
10/12/1804 William EDWARDS Single Clyro Susanna WILLIAMS    
15/12/1804 William GARROWAY Single   Alice OWEN Single  
21/02/1805 William EDWARDS Widower   Margaret DAVIS Single  
28/03/1805 William JONES     Mary PAYNE    
08/04/1805 Meredith PRICE     Esther WALKER    
23/05/1805 Thomas STEPHENS Single   Ann HARPER Single  
26/12/1805 Thomas PRICE Widower   Arabella ROGERS Single  
29/01/1806 John POWELL Single   Margaret STANTON Single  
03/02/1806 James HUGHES Single   Mary WATKINS Single  
25/03/1806 George ROGERS Single   Harriet BOURDIER    
30/07/1806 Richard COLLIER Single   Hester MAUND Single  
20/08/1806 John DAVIS Widower   Jane BEETLE Single  
30/08/1806 Robert WALL Single Aymestrey, Herefordshire Lydia MATTHEWS Single  
06/10/1806 William PERKS Single   Susanna WILLIAMS    
01/01/1807 John BAYLIS Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
27/02/1807 Thomas TURNER Single   Martha JONES Single  
26/04/1807 Hugh NEWILL Widower   Grace TAYLOR Single  
25/05/1807 John SMITH Single   Ann COOK Widow  
21/06/1807 John Hunt DAVIES Single   Ann Drew PRICE Single  
28/06/1807 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary JONES Single  
29/06/1807 Edward STANTON Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
05/07/1807 John DAVIES Single   Elizabeth LORD Single  
09/07/1807 William WATKINS Single   Elizabeth ABEL Single  
15/08/1807 Hugh STEPHENS Single   Sarah HERRIOT Single  
05/11/1807 Edward Lee JAMES Single   Ann SMITH Single  
02/12/1807 Rice PUGH Single   Anne HOWELLS Widow  
18/01/1808 Thomas VAUGHAN Single   Malbrough OWENS Single  
03/02/1808 Edward BOWEN Single   Anne DAVID Single  
21/02/1808 John MORGAN Single   Susanna GRIFFITH Single  
24/03/1808 Edward EVANS Single   Susanna COLE Single  
24/04/1808 Thomas EDWARDS Single Old Radnor Mary THORNTON Single  
05/05/1808 Thomas ROBERTS Single Old Radnor Mary PUGH Single  
17/05/1808 William BEAVAN     Jane WENT    
19/05/1808 Stephen WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth GITTOIS Single  
26/05/1808 William POWELL Single   Catherine EDWARDS Single  
30/05/1808 John STANTON Single   Martha BEVEN Single  
31/05/1808 James WANKLIN Single   Bridget DUGGAN Single  
06/06/1808 Edward THORLTON Single   Maria BOLTON Single  
08/06/1808 John VAUGHAN Single   Jane BOWEN Single  
09/06/1808 John Stuart EDWARDS Single   Amelia JAMES Single  
12/06/1808 Henry HOOPPER Single   Elizabeth WATKINS Single  
01/07/1808 Edward MILNER Single   Mary HESCOTT Single  
02/09/1808 Robert DAVID Widower   Anne ASTLEY Single  
29/09/1808 William REYNOLDS Widower   Bridget PINCH Single  
07/10/1808 Henry BULLOCK Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
02/01/1809 John Woosey WHITTEL     Mary MEYRICK    
03/05/1809 John WATKINS Single   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
05/06/1809 Job JASON Single   Elizabeth GRIFFITH Single  
03/08/1809 John LAWLEY     Elizabeth ROGERS    
10/08/1809 John DAVIES Single   Peggy STEPHENS Single  
19/08/1809 William GRIFFITHS Single Whitton Ann MILWARD Single  
07/12/1809 James DAVIS     Elizabeth POWELL   Pembridge, Herefordshire
29/12/1809 James HAMER Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
15/01/1810 William JONES Single Old Radnor Anne WILLIAMS Single  
30/01/1810 John LOYD     Mary MILLS    
25/02/1810 Daniel JONES Single Builth, Breconshire Margaret DAVIES Single  
13/05/1810 John WEAVER     Esther BURCH    
19/05/1810 Thomas COLE     Sarah DAVIES    
02/07/1810 Owen EVANS Single Kington, Herefordshire Sarah MASON Single  
20/08/1810 Hugh EVANS     Ann COOKSEY    
04/09/1810 Jeremiah DAVIES Single   Anne LANGFORD Single Shropshire
28/09/1810 William BADLAND Widower   Ann POWELL Widow  
01/10/1810 James DAVIS Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
04/12/1810 John ALTMAN Single   Rebecca TURNER Single  
30/03/1811 Phillip MORRIS Single   Jane LEWIS Single Clun, Shropshire
07/04/1811 John JONES Single   Mary BODENHAM Single  
07/05/1811 Samuel MEREDITH Single   Sarah BUFTON Single  
15/05/1811 James CHILDS Single   Eleanor EVANS Widow  
16/06/1811 John THOMAS Single   Martha BYNON Single  
15/07/1811 John MORGAN Single   Elizabeth PORSTONS Single  
18/08/1811 William EVANS Single Clyro Ann COOKE Single  
22/08/1811 Thomas LAGGAR Single   Eleanor WAGSTAFF Widow  
21/09/1811 Thomas PRICE Single Staunton on Arrow, Herefordshire Ann CASSON Single  
05/10/1811 William TAYLOR Single   Mary FREYWRNE Single  
03/12/1811 Robert PHILLIPS Single   Harriet DAVIES Single  
10/12/1811 John GRIFFITHS Single   Ruth LUCAS Single  
22/12/1811 William EVANS Single   Mary COOPER Single  
24/12/1811 John LEWIS Single   Jane ROBERTS Widow  
28/01/1812 Thomas PRICE Widower   Mary WILLIAMS Widow  
03/02/1812 Richard PRICE Single Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire Elizabeth MASON Single  
04/03/1812 Daniel PRICE Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
05/04/1812 John Jenkins BYWATER Single   Elizabeth INGRAM Single  
04/05/1812 John MATTHEWS Single   Elinor ABLEY Single  
07/05/1812 James MORGAN Single   Elizabeth PARTRIDGE Single Titley, Herefordshire
10/05/1812 Reece LLOYD Single   Anne LLOYD Single  
21/05/1812 John MILLER Single   Elizabeth BENGOUGH Single  
05/06/1812 Richard ADDESS Single   Leah WELLINGS Single  
09/06/1812 Edward MITTON Single   Nancy MEREDITH Single  
22/07/1812 William MORGAN Single   Mary WATKINS Single  
16/08/1812 John FORESTER Single   Mary EVANS Single  
08/10/1812 James EDWARDS Widower   Mary DAVIES Widow  
22/10/1812 Thomas RIDGDALE Single   Ann BADLAND Single  
1 03/03/1813 Edward MELLS Single   Amelia POWELL Single  
2 15/04/1813 Thomas Blashfield YOUNG Single   Elizabeth PALFREY Single  
3 19/04/1813 John Crofton WALL Single   Harriet GRIFFITHS Single  
4 13/05/1813 John DUNN Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
5 17/05/1813 Richard SMITH Single   Deborah REYNOLDS Single  
7 13/06/1813 William GITTORS Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
6 17/06/1813 Richard EVANS Widower   Mary PRICE Single  
8 29/08/1813 William GRUBB Single   Ann DUNN Single  
9 25/10/1813 William WATKINS Single   Ann MOTLEY Widow  
10 30/12/1813 James JONES Single   Mary BRACE Single  
11 03/02/1814 James BEVAN Single   Ann JONES Single  
12 09/02/1814 Thomas POWELL Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
13 11/02/1814 Thomas JONES Single   Martha HAWKINS Widow  
15 21/03/1814 John BROWN Single   Hannah THOMAS Single  
16 10/04/1814 John PRICE Single   Ann HODDELL Single  
17 05/05/1814 John RIDGLE Single   Sarah HARPER Single  
18 09/05/1814 William WILLIAMS Single   Milbrow DAVIES Single  
19 16/05/1814 John JONES Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary Ann WHITALL Single  
20 17/07/1814 John ARCHER Single Llangunllo Ann WILLIAMS Single  
21 04/08/1814 William Evans PAYTER Single   Sarah HALL Single  
22 04/08/1814 Stephen ENCRAFT Widower   Ann ROE Single  
23 30/10/1814 Evan EVANS Single   Maria GODWIN Single  
24 31/10/1814 Thomas WHISTON Single   Mary PUGH Single  
25 01/11/1814 Robert PHILLIPS Single   Mary PARKER Single  
26 06/11/1814 John WILLIAMS Widower Kington, Herefordshire Mary PRICE Widow  
27 17/11/1814 John POWELL Single   Ann ROGERS Single  
28 15/12/1814 Thomas DUGGAN Single Old Radnor Ann STEPHENS Single  
29 17/12/1814 Humphry BULLARD Single Islington, Middlesex Anne ROBINSON Single  
30 17/01/1815 David PRICE Single   Sarah DAVIS Single  
31 19/02/1815 James HUGHES Widower   Ann SIMSON Single  
32 05/03/1815 Thomas BROWN Single Ryton, Shropshire Hannah MATTHEWS Single  
33 27/03/1815 Edward COOPER Single   Elizabeth BURGWYN Single  
34 09/04/1815 George Hugh DYKES Single   Mary PRICE Single  
35 20/04/1815 Hugh WIMBRIDGE Single   Eliza EVANS Single  
36 02/05/1815 Joseph EVANS Single   Mary OWENS Single  
37 25/05/1815 William BAKER Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
38 07/06/1815 Roger WILLIAMS Single   Easter WATKINS Single  
39 11/06/1815 James Clark WATKINS Single   Elizabeth STEEL Single  
40 18/06/1815 James Bull MEREDITH Single   Hannah TOMPKINS Single  
41 20/06/1815 John BROWNE Single   Mary Ann MEREDITH Single  
42 14/07/1815 William MORGAN Widower Kington, Herefordshire Ann POWELL Widow  
43 31/07/1815 John PUGH Single   Margaret STANTON Single  
44 17/09/1815 John DAVIES Single   Susan EDWARDS Widow  
45 24/09/1815 William BITCHIN Single   Maria JOHNSON Single Norton
46 25/02/1816 William MORTON Single Pembridge, Herefordshire Elizabeth CHAMBERS Single  
47 07/04/1816 William JONES Single   Anne BAKER Single  
48 28/04/1816 Joseph STANGFORD   Aymestrey, Herefordshire Mary DAVIES    
49 29/08/1816 John ROGERS Single Wentnor, Shropshire Mary Ann BODENHAM Single  
50 15/11/1816 William JAMES   St Andrew Holborn, City of London Catherine BODENHAM Single  
51 21/08/1817 Edward JONES Single   Ann PUGH Single  
52 02/09/1817 Thomas HALL Single   Sarah BOWEN Single  
53 12/11/1817 William BIDWARD Single   Hannah MIDDLETON Single Montgomery, Montgomeryshire
54 10/12/1817 Evan GRIFFITHS Single Llanddewi Ystradenny Margaret MILES Single  
55 30/12/1817 Thomas COWDELL Single Knighton Martha BUFTON Single  
56 28/05/1818 William WENT     Charlotte COOPER Single  
57 13/09/1818 David POSELL     Elizabeth PEARCE    
58 27/09/1818 John LAWLEY Widower   Mary EVANS Single  
59 10/10/1818 George Bywater JONES     Mary Anne Elizabeth JONES Widow Lingen, Herefordshire
60 01/12/1818 John FREEMAN Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
61 10/12/1818 William BOULTER Single   Elizabeth VAUGHAN Single  
62 21/12/1818 Richard STREET Single   Esther WILLIAMS Single  
63 26/01/1819 Thomas KNOWLES     Martha EDWARDS    
64 28/01/1819 Llewellyn DAVIES     Ann STANTON    
65 13/05/1819 Thomas HALL     Margaret EDWARDS    
66 29/05/1819 Thomas TURNER Single   Sarah CLARK Single  
67 04/07/1819 William BOWEN Single   Mary ROGERS Single  
68 17/08/1819 Edward BIRD Single   Anne BOWEN Single  
69 18/08/1819 James MORRIS Single   Hannah ABLEY Single  
70 06/09/1819 Evan DAVIES Single   Frances MORRIS Single  
71 10/10/1819 Thomas HILL Single   Martha JOSEPH Single  
72 26/10/1819 Philip Turner JAMES Single St Peter, Hereford, Herefordshire Frances Gertrude BODENHAM Single  
73 17/11/1819 Thomas BIRCH Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single New Radnor
74 25/11/1819 Thomas COOPER Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
75 30/11/1819 Allen CLARK Single   Anne HOWELS Single  
76 02/12/1819 George PRICE Widower   Elizabeth HOLL Widow  
77 02/12/1819 Thomas HOOPER Single   Elizabeth MILNER Single  
78 16/01/1820 James BROWN Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
79 30/01/1820 Richard OWENS Single   Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
80 26/03/1820 John MORRIS Single   Margaret MORRIS Single  
81 20/04/1820 John PRICE Single   Hannah DAVIES Single  
82 23/04/1820 Edward JONES Single   Mary BROWNE Single  
83 04/05/1820 John WENT Single   Hannah EDWARDS Single  
84 22/05/1820 John PRICE Single Lingen, Herefordshire Mary MAINWARLING Single  
85 03/07/1820 William MEYRICK Single   Elizabeth STEPHENS Single  
86 04/07/1820 Thomas JONES Single   Rebecca EVANS Single  
87 17/07/1820 John ROGERS Single   Rachel STOKES Single  
88 24/10/1820 Jonah HIGGS Single   Sarah JONES Single  
89 02/11/1820 James GOTSELL   Byton, Herefordshire Joice JONES    
90 28/12/1820 Richard MORGAN Single   Anne VALE Single  
91 29/01/1821 Samuel PUGH Single   Mary PINCHES Single  
92 11/04/1821 William PROSSER Single Brilley, Herefordshire Margaret JONES Single  
93 16/04/1821 William ROBERTS Single   Susanna PINCHES Single  
94 08/05/1821 James PRICE Single   Mary LAWLEY Single  
95 08/05/1821 Richard VAUGHAN Single   Margaret BOULTHER Single  
96 17/06/1821 Thomas SMITH Single   Mary ARTHUR Single  
97 25/06/1821 James JONES Single   Margaret JONES Single  
98 03/07/1821 William DAVIS Widower   Mary HALL Single  
99 10/07/1821 Thomas POWELL Widower   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
100 06/10/1821 Aaron ROGERS     Mary Anne MORGAN    
101 18/11/1821 Edward GITTENS     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
102 18/11/1821 John SMITH     Margaret ARTHUR    
103 28/03/1822 Richard NICHOLS Single Kington, Herefordshire Margaret DAVIES Single  
104 24/07/1822 John DAVIS     Elizabeth ROBERT    
105 23/09/1822 William YOUNG     Jenifer JONES    
106 08/05/1823 John DAVIS     Mary PRICE    
107 12/05/1823 William CORBET Single   Eleanor HUDSON Single  
108 05/06/1823 John DAVIES Single   Catherine STEPHENS Single  
109 12/06/1823 John MORGAN Single   Sarah DAVIES Single  
110 23/10/1823 John STEPHENS Single   Anne MORRIS Single  
111 30/10/1823 Samuel THOMAS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
112 30/11/1823 John GRIFFITHS Single   Alice JONES Single  
113 11/12/1823 Thomas ROLLINGS Widower   Jane Davies PUGH Single  
114 14/12/1823 William LILLWALL Widower   Sarah GRIFFITHS Single  
115 22/04/1824 John INGRAM Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary Anne WALKER Single  
116 29/04/1824 Joseph JONES Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
117 06/05/1824 John BRACE Widower   Sally MATTHEWS Widow  
118 03/06/1824 John JONES Single   Susanna DAVIES Single  
119 01/07/1824 Edward LOWE Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary EDWARDS    
120 28/07/1824 Benjamin THOMAS Single   Harriet Frances MEYRICK Single  
121 03/08/1824 Hilo MATTHEWS Single Mordiford, Herefordshire Ruth BOWEN Single  
122 09/08/1824 William MONNINGTON Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
123 19/08/1824 John JONES Single   Hannah THORNTON Single  
124 09/12/1824 Joseph EDWARDS Single   Mary POPE Single  
125 03/01/1825 David WEAVER Single   Charlotte PERRIN Widow  
126 29/01/1825 William PHILLIPS Single   Eleanor GRIFFITHS Single Pembridge, Herefordshire
127 17/03/1825 Thomas LEWIS Single St Pancras, Middlesex Elizabeth MEYRICK Single  
128 25/04/1825 John CARWARDEN Single   Anne SCUDAMORE Single  
129 26/04/1825 Samuel HARRIS Single   Martha MEREDITH Single  
130 12/05/1825 William JONES Single Knighton Anne PRICE Single  
131 21/06/1825 John EVANS Single Kington, Herefordshire Jane LEWIS Single  
132 16/08/1825 George THICKENS Single   Jemima OWENS    
133 18/08/1825 John WEAVER Single   Ruth GRIFFITHS Widow  
134 17/11/1825 Benjamin WILLIAMS Single   Anne THOMAS Single  
135 12/01/1826 John WEAVER Single   Jane BRIDGEWATERS Single  
136 16/02/1826 James ROGERS Single   Frances PRICE Single  
137 19/02/1826 Thomas GRIFFITHS Widower   Eleanor JONES    
138 25/04/1826 Thomas OWENS Single Pembridge, Herefordshire Mary THOMAS Single  
139 29/05/1826 Joseph BUTLER Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
140 08/06/1826 Richard CHILDS Single Ludlow, Shropshire Anne STEPHENS Single  
141 28/09/1826 John BYWATER Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
142 12/11/1826 Richard ANDRESS Single Lucton, Herefordshire Anne WILLIAMS Single  
143 21/12/1826 Benjamin PRICE Single   Letitia DAVIES Single  
144 27/03/1827 John HALL Single Knighton Mary GOODWIN Single  
145 02/04/1827 James GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
146 13/05/1827 William JONES Single   Anne BOWEN Single  
147 14/05/1827 Benjamin REVY Single Bromfield, Shropshire Bridget MONNINGTON Single  
148 07/06/1827 James DAVIES Single   Barbarellen BOUNDES Single  
149 17/06/1827 William BAKER Widower   Mary MAINWARING Single Michaelchurch on Arrow
150 28/06/1827 Thomas MOORE Single Monkland, Herefordshire Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
151 05/08/1827 Joseph GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
152 09/08/1827 James PRITCHARD   Richards Castle, Shropshire Anne EVANS    
153 29/09/1827 Joseph MORGAN Single Kingsland, Herefordshire Harriet ELLIS Single  
154 09/10/1827 William DAVIS Single Old Radnor Jane LEWIS Single  
155 09/10/1827 Thomas REECE Single   Anne MORRIS Single  
156 18/10/1827 Samuel YOUNG Single   Mary PINCHES Single  
157 20/11/1827 James WALKER Single Leominster, Herefordshire Hannah PRICE Single  
158 22/11/1827 George ANDERSON Widower Leominster, Herefordshire Mary TOMKINS Single  
159 24/01/1828 William EDWARDS Widower   Susan ARTHUR Single  
160 25/03/1828 William Henry HARRISON Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Eliza Fanny BRADLEY Single  
161 15/04/1828 William HARPER Widower Aymestrey, Herefordshire Elizabeth STRANGWARD Widow  
162 15/04/1828 Thomas Westwood STRANGWARD Single   Jane HARPER Single Aymestrey, Herefordshire
163 20/04/1828 John MEREDITH Single   Sarah JENKINS Single  
164 19/05/1828 John KNILL Single Lingen, Herefordshire Elizabeth BOWEN Single  
165 08/06/1828 William POWELL Single   Mary MORGAN Single Knighton
166 07/08/1828 Edward RIDGLEY Single   Mary HARRIS Widow  
167 18/08/1828 William FRAYLOR Single   Anne BOWEN Single  
168 21/10/1828 Richard DAVIES Single   Catherine PUGH Single  
169 02/12/1828 Samuel EVANS Single   Sophia PHILLIPS Single  
170 20/04/1829 Richard STOKES Single   Harriett JONES Single  
171 02/06/1829 William WEAVER     Sarah JONES Single  
172 18/06/1829 Thomas JONES     Anne ABEL    
173 19/07/1829 Richard JAMES Single   Harriet PRICE Single  
174 18/09/1829 John DAVIS     Frances EVANS    
175 19/11/1829 John WILLIAMS Single   Jane LOVEAD Single  
176 31/12/1829 Thomas LILLEY Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary EVANS Single  
177 20/02/1830 John OWENS Single   Hannah STEPHENS Single Knill, Herefordshire
178 30/04/1830 Thomas Stanton STEPHENS Single   Mary JONES Single  
179 02/05/1830 Thomas DAVIES     Mary RICE    
180 17/05/1830 William BEAVAN Single Bucknell, Shropshire Sarah HOGGINS Single  
181 24/05/1830 Francis JONES Single   Mary MORRIS Single  
182 27/05/1830 James JENKINS Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
183 12/07/1830 James ABELL Widower   Margaret LEWIS Single  
184 27/09/1830 William CALDICOT Single Leominster, Herefordshire Emma PUGH Single  
185 10/11/1830 Anthony LEECH Single   Mary PHEASANT Widow  
186 30/11/1830 William JONES Single   Sarah MEYRICK Single  
187 19/12/1830 William PHILLIPS Widower   Elizabeth POWELL Single  
188 05/04/1831 Edward BRADLEY Single Norton Jane EVANS Single  
189 02/05/1831 Richard MILES Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Hannah HOOPER Single  
190 05/06/1831 John LANGFORD Single   Anne OWENS    
191 16/06/1831 Edward HAINES Single   Jane WANKLING Single  
192 21/06/1831 William STANCER Single   Mary POWELL Single  
193 24/07/1831 William REYNOLDS     Elinor LEWIS    
194 09/08/1831 John POWELL Single   Anne MEYRICK Single  
195 12/08/1831 William PRICE Single   Margaret TUDOR Widow Old Radnor
196 25/08/1831 John WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth THOMAS    
197 12/12/1831 Richard LEWIS Widower Kington, Herefordshire Margaret HUGHES Single  
198 21/02/1832 John STEDMAN Single Ludlow, Shropshire Elizabeth STEPHENS Single  
199 10/04/1832 Thomas COTTON Single   Margarette Stanton STEPHENS    
200 05/06/1832 James DAVIES Single Builth, Breconshire Sarah NEWELL    
201 05/06/1832 John REYNOLDS     Jemima WHITTAL    
202 10/09/1832 Richard JAMES Single   Mary EVANS Single  
203 17/12/1832 Edward JONES Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
204 27/01/1833 John Elias TRIMBY Single   Maria DAVIES Single  
205 09/04/1833 William HARRISON Single   Sarah DAVIES Single  
206 02/05/1833 William CALDICOTT Single   Sarah ROGERS Single  
207 06/06/1833 Edward William JONES Single   Eliza REECE Single  
208 10/07/1833 John MORGAN     Elizabeth LANGLEY    
209 21/07/1833 William MORGANS Single Byton, Herefordshire Anne TUDOR Single  
210 22/07/1833 David HARPER Single   Rebecca HARTSHORN Single  
211 23/07/1833 Richard STEPHENS Single   Margaret EVERALL Widow  
212 29/10/1833 Richard BRADLEY     Eliza WATKINS    
213 28/11/1833 John WALKER Single   Mary STEPHENS Single  
214 19/12/1833 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary PUGH Single  
215 24/12/1833 Thomas DAVIES Single   Eliza PRICE Single  
216 23/01/1834 Thomas MELLEN Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
217 24/03/1834 John WILLIAMS     Esther WILLIAMS    
218 13/05/1834 Thomas MAINWARING     Sarah WEAVER    
219 21/05/1834 John SAWYER Single   Elizabeth CORBET Single  
220 03/07/1834 Thomas THIRLWELL   Kington, Herefordshire Jane MORRIS    
221 22/08/1834 David WATKINS     Mary THOMAS    
222 11/12/1834 Thomas DYKE Widower   Susanna EVANS Widow  
223 05/02/1835 Thomas MORGAN     Mary PRICE    
224 07/05/1835 James GOUGH Single Pembridge, Herefordshire Mary YELD Single  
225 11/06/1835 Matthias LOWE Single Aymestrey, Herefordshire Esther WILLIAMS Single  
226 16/06/1835 William EVANS Widower   Elizabeth DUNN Single  
227 04/08/1835 Richard BORE Single   Sarah COLE Single  
228 23/08/1835 William BATTHEWS Single   Eliza HOLDER Single  
229 01/09/1835 Thomas HIGGINSON     Jane PRICE    
230 05/09/1835 Joseph EDWARDS     Anne THORLTON    
231 12/10/1835 John JONES Widower   Anne BADLAND Single  
232 13/10/1835 Edward PRICE Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
233 29/10/1835 Richard EDWARDS     Maria JONES    
234 12/11/1835 James DAVIES Widower   Eleanor GOODWIN Single  
235 25/01/1836 William EVANS     Mary Anne PRICE    
236 21/02/1836 Richard PRICE     Mary LANGFORD    
237 29/03/1836 Thomas SMYTH     Mary MILLS    
238 07/04/1836 John Caesar HAWKINS Single Radipole, Dorset Louisa Georgiana Letitia RICKETTS Single  
239 19/04/1836 William CARTER Widower   Mary PRICE Widow  
240 29/05/1836 Richard MITTON Single   Hannah BAKER Single  
241 02/06/1836 John JAMES Single   Eliza Frances PHILLIPS Single  
242 01/07/1836 Edward HARDWICK Single   Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single Kington, Herefordshire
243 23/08/1836 Samuel PINCHES Single Stanton Lacy, Shropshire Mary PRICE Single  
244 02/11/1836 Evan Thomas JAMES Single   Elizabeth YAPP Single  
245 17/11/1836 John PRICE Single   Sarah PRICE Single  
246 01/12/1836 William NASH Single Canon Pyon, Herefordshire Sarah JONES Single  
247 05/12/1836 Edward MORRIS Single   Frances MORRIS Single  
248 08/12/1836 Edward THOMAS Single   Elizabeth MANTLE    
249 26/12/1836 John MORTON Single   Anne CAMBRIDGE Single  
250 07/01/1837 Thomas JONES Single   Sarah HIGGS Single  
251 19/01/1837 William MATTHEWS Single   Amelia TAYLOR Single  
252 28/02/1837 James GARRAWAY Single   Anne DAVIES Single  

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