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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Binegar Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish of Binegar lies in northeastern central Somerset about 4 miles north of the market town of Shepton Mallet. Binegar is a mid-sized village which sits on, and west of, the A37 road which connects Shepton Mallet through to Bristol. Most properties within the village are built around the junction of the A37 or along the westwards running lane (Station Road) heading for the church. Whilst Binegar was principally an agricultural village it sat on the southern fringe of the Somerset coalfield and some employment would have come from the mines which operated to the east between Binegar and Holcombe. The farming was largely pastoral as Binegar sat on the northern edges of the limestone Mendip Hills with their thin and poor soils being unsuitable for arable cultivation. Modern developments did arrive at Binegar with construction of a railway branch line between Shepton Mallet & Radstock but this has since been closed and all but disappeared. Binegar is drained eastwards by the headwaters of the Mells River which joins firstly the Frome and then the Avon to return back westwards through Bristol to the Avon Gorge and Bristol Channel. Binegar is sited at between 200 & 230 metres above the sea, the western end being higher, land continues to rise onto the Mendips which top out at almost 300 metres on nearby Beacon Hill. Somerset parishes are often small in extent, Binegar was such but was also peculiar in being thin and stretched on a north to south axis, presumably to grant a share of both the limestone country and the lower and slightly richer land to the north. Binegar is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

Holy Trinity church sits at the western end of the rising lane (Station Road in memory of that closed branch line). Sadly the church that sits here is not the venue for the following marriages being a Victorian replacement erected in 1859, the predecessor being removed. The church uses a mixture of styles, the main body being in that of the Early English Gothic whilst the western tower is 14th century Perpendicular. The church was clearly of little architectural interest for Pevsner who's description is short, a mere 3 lines of text outlining the principal features. Station Road is narrow but a pull-in can be found at the western entrance to the churchyard which is surrounded by a post and rail fence. The churchyard has a few trees dotted within, a large one taking the better southeastern aspect does limit the views available to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1769

All marriage registers prior to 1759 are missing and there are no contemporary Bishop's Transcripts
2 17th September 1769 - 18th May 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference D/P/BIN/2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 16th February 1813 - 31st March 1837 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference D/P/BIN/2/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Ston Easton St Mary
Ston Easton St Mary
Midsomer Norton St John the Baptist
Ston Easton St Mary
Emborough St Mary
Midsomer Norton St John the Baptist
Chilcompton St John
Wells St Cuthbert
Ashwick St James
Ashwick St James

1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 17/09/1769 Edward HOBBS Widower Mary BREWER Widow
2 24/12/1769 James BUCKLAND Single Sarah STOCK Single
3 01/01/1770 John JARVIS Single Sarah PEARCE Single
5 02/09/1772 Thomas TAYLOR Penelope PITTMAN
4 02/11/1772 Fortune FORD Mary HOSKINS
6 13/11/1772 Richard PIERCE Elizabeth JAMES
7 14/12/1772 John FORD Betty DICKS
8 06/09/1773 William BURR Hannah SNOOK
9 20/06/1774 William NICHOLAS Martha HODGES
10 13/09/1774 Francis NICHOLAS Betty WOLFORD
11 24/10/1774 Richard SHEPPARD Widower Ann OSBORN Single
12 03/09/1775 John BURR Single Bridget THATCHER Single
13 25/12/1775 William BUCKLAND Wrington Mary DOSS
14 27/12/1775 Phillip HOSKINS Widower Shepton Mallet Susanna JAMES Single
15 22/01/1776 John PARSONS Widower Martha PIPE Single
16 19/05/1776 George BURR Jane LEWIS
17 10/06/1776 William DICKS Sarah KINGSON
18 15/09/1776 Thomas MOORE Ann HUISH Single Chilcompton
19 30/06/1777 George NICHOLAS Maria CHEESEMAN
20 12/10/1777 William STOCK Betty PEARCE Chewton Mendip
21 03/12/1777 Samuel BRYANT Midsomer Norton Mary STOCK
22 16/02/1778 Henry HUISH Single Leah DOSS Single
23 25/05/1778 William TUCKER Single Rachel DOSS Single
24 01/02/1779 Richard GOULD Single Ston Easton Mary NORRIS
25 28/02/1779 Abraham WEBB Single St Mary, Taunton Grace PHILLIS
26 03/05/1779 Thomas NORRIS Single Betty THORN Single
27 03/04/1780 Richard SHEPPARD Widower Mary THORN Single
28 26/06/1780 William HISCOX Mary NICHOLAS
29 18/12/1780 Thomas SIMONS Martha CLARE Widow
30 09/01/1781 William BULL Shepton Mallet Ann BATT Single
31 05/03/1781 George COURT Single Ann SOLOMON Single
32 14/01/1782 George GAIT Single Betty SELWAY Single
33 04/02/1782 William PADFIELD Single Betty BARNS Single
34 21/04/1782 Alexander BATTLE Single Mary HALL Single Stratton On The Foss
35 18/10/1784 William DUDDEN Single Elizabeth MOORE Single
36 10/01/1785 John HODGES Single Ann DOWLING Single
37 13/06/1785 Joseph BURR Single Ann HEEL Single
38 06/11/1785 James PERRY Single Mary GROVE Single
39 06/02/1786 William EVANCE Widower Mary GOOLD
40 27/02/1786 Reuben ANSTEE Single Paulton Honor WEBB Single
41 04/12/1786 James BUCK Single Mary WALLEN Single
42 19/03/1787 Thomas JAMES Single Emborough Sarah JAMES Single
43 04/12/1787 George PARFITT Single Pilton Mary DANDO Single
44 25/12/1787 Roger GOOLD Single Jane BLANNING Single
45 21/01/1788 John SPENCER Single Ston Easton Mary COURT Single
46 12/06/1788 William DURBIN Single Litton Martha MAGGS Single
47 15/09/1788 Thomas STURRIGE Single Midsomer Norton Phillis GRIFFIN Single
48 15/12/1788 Joseph HEAL Martha BUCK
50 07/01/1790 James BROOKS St Cuthbert, Wells Honor ANSTEY
51 19/01/1790 Isaac AMOS Ann WOOLLARD
52 26/07/1790 Samuel PIERCE Single Jane HALL
53 07/03/1791 William JAMES Hannah BISHOP
54 14/09/1791 Charles SELWAY Leah OSBORN
55 26/12/1791 John JAMES St Cuthbert, Wells Mary SAGE
56 03/05/1792 Francis NICHOLAS Single Dorothy SHEPPARD Single
57 23/07/1792 George GOOLD Single Abigail CHAMBERLAIN Single
58 26/07/1792 John THORN Edith SHEPPARD
59 24/11/1792 John SALMON Chilcompton Ann JAMES
60 05/02/1793 John PIERCE Mary DIX
61 14/10/1793 Jonathan SOMERS Martha THORN
62 13/03/1794 Benjamin WATSON Ston Easton Mary JAMES
63 21/04/1794 John HARRIS Susannah WEEKS
64 29/12/1794 James WILLS Mary PIERCE
65 20/03/1795 Richard SHEPPARD Sarah BAKER
66 13/03/1797 Richard SLOCOMB Chelwood Elizabeth EDWARDS
67 27/04/1797 George GOOLD Ann HARRIS
68 16/05/1797 James PARSONS Ann JARVIS
69 20/11/1797 Thomas GOULD Midsomer Norton Martha THORNE
70 10/03/1798 William CARTER Ann WHITE
71 07/05/1798 James CHAPMAN Ann FIELD
72 09/07/1798 Richard SNOOK Jane HEAL
73 25/05/1800 George EYLES Single Ann FORD Single
74 09/03/1801 George HEAL Single Hannah BUCK Single
75 13/04/1801 Thomas CHAPMAN Ashwick Mary BUDGET
76 09/06/1801 Edward NORMAN Elizabeth GART
77 03/02/1802 Joseph VILES Priscilla BURR
78 23/06/1802 William MARTON Amy HEALE
79 02/08/1802 John TOLLAFIELD Single St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire Elizabeth SMALE Single
80 02/09/1802 William RAYNES Single Martha NORRIS Single
81 11/05/1803 James TUSON Widower Frances BUET Widow St Andrew, Wells
82 03/10/1803 Uriah DIX Single Jane HILL Single
83 12/12/1803 William DIX Widower Hannah BENDAL Widow
84 09/01/1804 John TARGET Single Evercreech Hannah YOUNG Single
85 09/02/1804 John PARSONS Single Midsomer Norton Mary HIPPISLEY Single
86 19/03/1804 William THORN Single Phebe MOON Single
87 16/04/1804 Robert DIX Single Ann HARTFORD Single
88 23/04/1804 Robert SHEPPARD Single Sarah PORTER Single
89 25/02/1805 William HIPPISLEY Single Sarah DEANE Single St Cuthbert, Wells
90 04/07/1805 James SPRING Single Chilcompton Ann PARSONS Single
91 26/12/1805 Edward STOKES Single St Cuthbert, Wells Jane STOKES Single
92 14/01/1807 George CATCOTT St Cuthbert, Wells Hannah JAMES
93 22/06/1807 Edward DIX Single Hannah STOCK Widow
94 18/08/1807 John Day GREENHILL Single Midsomer Norton Catherine Maria BOVET Single
95 09/02/1808 James GANE Widower Chilcompton Mary WITCOMBE Single
96 25/02/1808 William WATT Widower Walcot Elizabeth WITCOMBE Single
97 13/06/1808 Thomas MARCHANT Single Chilcompton Mary PARFITT Single
98 17/07/1808 Charles ROBERTS Single Mary GOULD Single
99 01/08/1808 Thomas HISCOX Single Betty THORN Single
100 05/09/1808 Edward DUNFORD Chilcompton Jane PARSONS
101 12/12/1808 Charles BAKER Single St Cuthbert, Wells Sarah PEARCE Single
102 10/04/1809 David ELFORD Single Ston Easton Priscilla SNOOK Single
103 25/04/1809 Samuel COLLINS Widower Sarah ROBERTS Single Ston Easton
104 07/08/1809 Thomas WEBB Widower Melksham, Wiltshire Amy Clement SIMS Widow
105 23/10/1809 William HISCOX Widower Elizabeth HEWISH Single
106 14/05/1810 Charles BRIANT Widower Martha PARSONS Widow
107 29/05/1810 Henry PARSONS Mary HEARSE
108 04/06/1810 Francis NICHOLAS Betty WOODDROOF
109 09/07/1810 John SELWAY Martha HEAL
110 15/04/1811 Joseph Chapman KERTON Elizabeth FERRY
111 20/06/1811 Farnham FLOWER Single Chilcompton Louisa TUSON Single
112 09/04/1812 George YOUNG Single Rebekah GOULD Single
113 18/05/1812 Isaac JAMES Susanna YOUNG
1 16/02/1813 William ROSSITER Widower Elizabeth DIX Single
2 31/05/1813 Thomas HISCOX Mary PARFITT
3 07/06/1813 Thomas SAVAGE Chilcompton Martha CHAPMAN
4 21/03/1814 John SHEPPARD Single Mary MANSBRIDGE Single
5 18/04/1814 George GINGELL Single Jane WELSH Single
6 12/09/1814 John PIERCE Single Elizabeth APLIN Single
7 30/10/1814 James MAGGS Single Mary PERKINS Single
8 07/12/1814 Robert COOK Single Croscombe Elizabeth ANSTEE Single
9 06/02/1815 Benjamin PARSONS Ashwick Betsey YOUNG
10 21/11/1815 Isaac HORLER Sarah ROSSITER
11 04/12/1815 George PARSONS Elizabeth BUCK
12 18/12/1815 George SHEPPARD Mary NICHOLAS
13 01/01/1816 Francis NICHOLAS Anne HOLDER
14 15/04/1816 John PIERCE Widower Charlotte PIERCE Single
15 28/05/1816 William SHINGLES Single Mary HARVEY Single Lyme Regis, Dorset
16 05/06/1816 John JONES Widower Susanna HORLER Single
17 05/10/1816 Thomas BLACKFORD Single Warminster, Wiltshire Hannah HIPPISLEY Single
18 25/05/1817 William PRATTENT Single Mary YOUNG
19 10/08/1817 James GOOLD Single Emborough Anna PERREY Single
20 19/04/1818 Jasper PORTER Single Ashwick Sarah PERREY
21 05/05/1818 William FRAREY Single Sarah CHARD Single Emborough
22 31/08/1818 George SHEPPARD Single Sarah CATLEY Single
23 06/09/1818 James PARSONS Widower Midsomer Norton Susannah JAMES Single
24 12/04/1819 James WELSH Widower Martha NORMAN Widow
25 23/08/1819 James SHEPPARD Single Jane THORNE Single
26 04/09/1820 Seth CHARD Single Chilcompton Betty DORS Single
27 12/02/1821 John DORS Single Mary FRAPPELL Single
28 22/02/1821 Henry ROBBINS Single Ston Easton Sarah ALSBURY Single
29 26/02/1821 James YOUNG Single Martha HUISH Single
30 30/04/1821 Thomas SHEPPARD Single Mary PERREY Single
31 06/05/1821 James THORN Single Anne DIX Single
32 21/08/1822 Charles NAPPER Single Mary DIX Single
33 18/11/1822 Joseph POPE Single Chewton Mendip Mary THORN Single
34 29/05/1823 George JAMES Single Ann THORN Single
35 29/09/1823 Thomas PEARCE Single Mary CHEESEMAN Widow
36 15/10/1823 Thomas CHARD Single Emborough Anne TERRY Single
37 11/11/1824 Benjamin PIERCE Single Emborough Jemima PIERCE Single
38 22/08/1825 Thomas BENNETT Single Emborough Martha PIERCE Single
39 31/10/1825 Edward PERKINS Single Hesther WILKINS Single
40 03/11/1825 William SELWAY Single Anne YOUNG Single
41 13/03/1826 Josiah MOON Single Anne AMOS Single
42 12/06/1826 John HOLDER Single Sarah GILES Single
43 10/05/1827 William COLES Single Babington Anne Coombs LANE Single
44 31/10/1827 Jacob POWELL Single Ruth THORN Single
45 21/04/1828 Edward SHEPPARD Single Mary DREW Single
46 20/05/1828 Benjamin MEEKS Single Jane BARTER Single
47 31/08/1828 William MARTON Single Elizabeth ALLEN Single
48 27/09/1828 Isaac MOON Single Ashwick Elizabeth AMES Single
49 30/11/1828 George NEAL Single Mary Anne BARTER Single
50 25/12/1828 William STOCK Single Mary HEAL Single
51 26/01/1829 William PIERCE Single Anne PERRY Single
52 01/03/1829 Robert BRICE Single Ann HEAL Single
53 25/03/1829 Richard CHARD Single Mary Anne PORTER Single
54 14/06/1830 John TUCKER Widower St Cuthbert, Wells Anne PIERCE Single
55 29/11/1830 George PARFITT Single Shepton Mallet Mary TAYLOR Single
56 05/09/1831 Luke EMERY Single Charity PIERCE Single
57 12/09/1831 William JAMES Widower Mary BATT Single
58 30/07/1832 Gregory Stock CHAPMAN Single Betsey PORCH Single
59 25/12/1832 Edward STOCK Maria HEAL
60 08/09/1833 Henry PARKER Single Hull, Yorkshire Mary Eyre JONES Single
61 14/08/1834 Uriah BATTLE Single Eliza PIERCE Single
62 17/08/1834 William VARTER Single Emborough Hesther HAWKINS Single
63 03/09/1834 William Jolliffe GREGORY Widower Kingsweston Charity REYNOLDS Single
64 01/02/1836 Henry TARGET Single Mary Anne DAVIS Single
65 31/03/1837 George PIERCE Single Sarah STOCK Single

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