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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Marksbury St Peter


The Parish

{Parish Description}The parish of Marksbury lies in the north of Somerset not too far from its border with neighbouring Gloucestershire. Marksbury is located about 6 miles southwest of the city of Bath and is a substantial village sitting astride the A39 road which connects Bath with Glastonbury. Marksbury sits in undulating countryside on the northern fringes of the Mendip Hills. Marksbury would have had a mixed economy at the time of this transcript, whilst the majority would have been engaged in pastoral farming, the parish sits on the edges of the North Somerset coalfield and there would have been some mining in the area to employ others. Marksbury is drained to the northwest by small tributaries of the River Chew, this joins the Avon at Keynsham and thence the Bristol Channel through the Avon Gorge. Marksbury is sited at around 120 metres above the sea and local heights on Winsbury & Pendown Hills reach 170 metres within a mile of the village. Parish sizes in this area of Somerset are small and Marksbury was no exception, it covered just over 1,400 acres and would have supported a population of around 330 parishioners. In Domesday times marksbury was held by Glastonbury Abbey and was a relatively small place offering 5 plough as well as small meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Peter's church sits alongside the A39 as its winds through the village. The church's origins lie in the 12th century although little if any of that time remains. Much of the fabric dates from the 15th century and reflects a major rebuild during the main church-building era of the Perpendicular style period. Pevsner is fairly scathing of the building stating that it is "no architectural interest" and describing the pinnacles of the tower as "monstrously big". A somewhat unfair description for what is a fairly standard Perpendicular country church of nave, chancel & western tower. ST Peter's is separated from the busy A39 by a low limestone wall with its main entrance formed by an arched metal gateway. The site is fairly open with few restrictions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd June 1754 - 28th June 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D/P/mkby/2/1/4 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 25th December 1813 - 9th October 1836 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D/P/mkby/2/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Compton Dando St Mary
Compton Dando St Mary
Stanton Prior St Lawrence
Chelwood St Leonard
Stanton Prior St Lawrence
Priston St Luke
Farmborough All Saints
Farmborough All Saints
Farmborough All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/06/1754 Samuel ABBOT   Burnett Hannah BARTLET    
07/11/1754 William LYDE   Bath Martha STONE    
30/03/1755 James FLOWER   Publow Mary SHORE    
29/06/1755 George BROAD     Mary WYAT    
16/09/1756 William BUNN     Hester TAYLOR    
05/06/1757 William SHORE   Corston Elizabeth REED    
21/12/1757 John SYMES     Elizabeth PARSONS    
09/07/1758 John CLARK     Mary BROOKMAN    
07/08/1758 Cornelius SAVAGE     Ann MEAD    
28/01/1759 John HILL     Mary FLOWER    
15/02/1759 James WEAVER     Mary FRIEND    
28/04/1759 William DERSLY     Elizabeth HOLBROOK    
02/10/1759 John BROOKMAN   Compton Dando Ann SHORE    
18/02/1760 George WARD     Hannah LANSDOWN    
05/01/1761 John KING     Sarah HOLBROOK    
27/04/1761 Thomas CURREL   Dundry Hannah STONE Single  
12/05/1761 John HOLLY   Camely Ann BROOKMAN    
18/04/1762 William PRIOR     Ann HELE    
10/07/1762 Samuel DAVIS     Hannah GOODWIN Single  
10/08/1762 Henry COURT     Mary BROAD Widow  
08/02/1763 James HILL     Mary WEAVER    
11/07/1763 John HAWKINS   Twerton Sarah LANDSDOWN    
18/09/1763 Caleb MITCHELL     Mary EVANS    
28/11/1763 John READ   Farmborough Mary BOULTER Single  
14/02/1765 Richard ETHERTON Single   Anne PHILLIPS Single  
21/02/1765 Charles WOOD Widower   Mary FURNELL Single Chelwood
06/05/1765 Thomas BROWNING Widower Cold Aston, Gloucestershire Mary DENSLEY Single  
12/01/1766 William WEEKS     Esther HOLBROOK    
19/06/1766 James COX   Chelwood Martha TUDOR Single  
23/02/1767 Thomas DENSLEIGH     Catharine MOXHAM    
24/12/1767 William TAYLOR     Betty HOLBROOK    
19/09/1768 John LANSDOWN     Mary COX    
09/03/1769 William PERFECT     Martha FIFOOT    
11/04/1769 John CULVERHOUSE   North Bradley, Wiltshire Sarah VOWLS    
25/09/1769 John COTTERIL     Ann HOLBROOK Single  
24/12/1769 William TYLEY     Sarah CHANCELOR    
12/07/1770 Anthony WARR Single Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Mary ADAMS Single  
16/04/1771 Richard LANSDOWN     Sarah SMITH    
21/04/1771 James BRIGGS   Farmborough Betty BEDWILL    
20/05/1771 Richard FRIEND     Mary GREEN    
29/05/1771 William BOWLES   Stanton Prior Mary REED    
17/09/1771 William HOLDSTOCK Single St Michael, Bath Ann TUDOR    
24/12/1771 Joseph HOLBROOK     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
30/12/1771 William SIMONS   Clutton Sarah HARDWIDGE    
30/04/1772 William PRICE   St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex Ann ADAMS    
05/04/1774 John STRIDE   City Of London Hester ADAMS    
20/06/1774 William MOXHAM   Pensford Betty HISCOX    
07/08/1775 William MOXHAM Widower   Elizabeth CANTILL    
09/01/1776 Joseph WILTON   North Stoke Betty READ    
22/04/1776 James LOYD     Sarah SHORE    
05/08/1776 Francis PALMER     Sarah FISHER    
16/02/1777 John SCOTT Single Huish Episcopi Hannah FRIEND    
13/04/1777 James HAZELL     Hester SHORE    
23/11/1777 Joseph THOMAS   Pensford Sarah FRIEND    
02/03/1778 Thomas Richmond HILL     Hannah BARNS    
26/07/1779 Richard HINGE Single   Mary PARKER Single  
31/10/1780 George GRIMSTEED     Mary ASTINGS    
25/12/1780 William BOLTER     Anne PARSONS    
13/09/1781 Aaron WILCOX     Esther HANCOCK    
03/10/1781 William TIPPARY   Stanton Prior Sarah HALL    
05/09/1782 George BROAD     Betty BOULTER    
09/06/1783 Joseph HOLBROOK     Martha PALMER    
01/09/1783 Walter PRIOR     Mary TAYLOR    
20/04/1784 Joseph PAIN     Mary PALMER    
30/05/1784 Job VOWLS     Betty COLE    
02/01/1785 Richard COPLING     Ann HILL    
28/03/1785 Joab CANTLE     Rose MAGGS    
19/04/1785 John COALES     Catharine SIMS    
17/04/1786 George WALL     Bethiah CLEASE    
20/04/1786 Thomas KELSON   Farmborough Mary BOULTER    
26/03/1787 James FILER     Sarah BROWN    
13/10/1788 William SHORE     Susannah COALE    
23/07/1789 William COLES     Elizabeth PALMER    
28/12/1790 Paul PEARCE     Ann MARCHANT    
02/03/1791 George KELSON   Farmborough Sarah BOULTER    
15/06/1791 Thomas BLENMAN     Susannah WEAVER    
13/02/1792 George GOULD     Ann HOLBROOK    
09/04/1792 William PERKINS     Martha MITCHELL    
24/01/1793 William WALL     Elizabeth FRIEND    
27/05/1793 James HINGE     Sarah SUTTON    
14/07/1794 George MILLARD     Ann PARFITT    
19/04/1795 Samuel WYATT     Sarah WEAVER    
30/04/1795 John TYLEY     Jane SMITH    
11/10/1796 Benjamin NOWELL   Monkton Combe Ann FLOWER    
28/04/1797 Thomas COUNSELL   St Cuthbert, Wells Elizabeth BULL    
05/06/1797 Samuel PARFIT     Jane WEBB    
16/04/1800 Benjamin READ     Jane BROOKS    
08/10/1800 George WEAVER     Dinah CARTER    
15/06/1802 James WEAVER     Judith COX    
02/09/1802 Alexander WYATT   Compton Dando Jane MOXHAM    
09/09/1802 William WEEKS     Judith LANSDOWN    
14/02/1804 Mathew PARFIT     Sarah HILL    
29/02/1804 Thomas BAILEY     Elizabeth COOK    
25/05/1807 Thomas JEANES Widower   Ann MAGGS Single  
16/05/1808 Francis HOLBROOK Single   Mary NEAL Single Newton St Loe
23/04/1809 Alexander PALMER Single   Elizabeth COTTEREL Single  
02/12/1809 Thomas WILLIAMS   St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth NOBLE Single  
13/08/1810 William NEDHAM Widower   Marianne BAKER Single  
27/12/1810 Richard HUSON Single Ottery St Mary, Devon Frances Elizabeth BAKER Single  
09/01/1811 William Boudenell BARTER Widower Timsbury Grace WEBB Single  
26/02/1811 William HEAL Single   Sarah Mary MOXHAM Single  
27/03/1811 William HEADWELL Widower Farmborough Anne Butler WARD Single  
28/06/1812 Charles HANNEY Single   Hannah BRANCH Single  
1 25/12/1813 John HOPGOOD     Elizabeth SHORE Single  
2 31/03/1814 John PALMER Single   Judith ABRAHAM Single Chew Magna
3 05/05/1814 William FEAR Single Stanton Drew Sarah ABRAHAM Single  
4 31/07/1814 William FREIND     Mary DRURY Single  
5 08/07/1815 Thomas BRANCH     Sarah FILER    
6 18/09/1815 Thomas STADDOW Single   Lucy SUTTON Single  
7 23/03/1816 Henry FREED Single Bathwick Ann KEET    
8 30/12/1816 Samuel PAYNE Single   Sarah HORDER Single Farmborough
9 06/03/1817 Richard NASH Single Chewstoke Sarah Button WARD Single  
10 22/06/1818 William SHORE Widower Farmborough Martha PERKINS Widow  
11 11/06/1820 John TIMEWELL Single Abbey, Bath Mary Ann SHORE Single  
12 09/06/1822 Samuel RICKETTS Single   Fanny WEAVER Single  
13 22/09/1822 Robert COOMBS Single   Martha JEFFREYS Single  
14 07/06/1825 John Wright ANDREWS Single St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Hester BOULTER Single  
15 07/02/1826 John YARD Single Timsbury Rebeccah PURNELL Single  
16 08/10/1826 William FRANCIS Single Walcot Mary POW Single  
17 02/09/1827 Charles HANNY Widower   Hannah ROGERS Single  
18 14/09/1828 John ELLOT Single   Mary SHORE Single  
19 01/01/1829 John KIDDER Single St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middlesex Ann RAINES Single  
20 19/04/1829 William PRIOR Single   Hannah BEES Single  
21 24/12/1829 Thomas WALL Single Timsbury Keziah HEAL Single  
22 19/04/1830 Joseph BAILEY Single   Mary PICKFORD Single  
23 03/05/1830 Isaac EMERY Single Walcot Ann PARFITT Single  
24 22/08/1830 Charles BAILEY Single   Sarah KING Single  
28 12/12/1833 Thomas LITTLE Single   Sarah VEAL Single  
29 30/12/1833 George FRIEND Widower   Elizabeth FRIEND Widow  
30 20/03/1834 Bailey Symes ANDREWS Single   Martha BOULTER Single  
31 22/06/1835 James BIRD   Paulton Susanna HOLBROOK    
32 09/10/1836 James HANNEY     Elizabeth CARTER    

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