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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Bealings St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Great Bealings lies in southeastern Suffolk about 2 miles west of the port of Woodbridge. Great Bealings is a rather dispersed settlement with no real village centre which sits, in lanes, around a mile south of the B1079 road which connects Woodbridge with Debenham. Great Bealings sits on the northern banks of the River Fynn, a feeder for the Deben Estuary, its neighbour Little Bealings sits on the opposite banks. Like many in Suffolk Great Bealings was a farming community, the riverine setting providing some variation from the usual arable cultivation by providing rich pastures on its floodplain. The Fynn drains the parish eastwards the short distance to Woodbridge and the Deben estuary, thence to the North Sea. Great Bealings is sited at between 5 and 20 metres above the sea, the area around the church being slightly higher; the landscape is gently rolling with local heights rising to around 40 metres with a few miles. Great Bealings parish was small, as are many in this area, it covered just under 1,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Great Bealings was held chiefly by one Hervey de Bourges, a small place of just 4 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary's church sits away from most properties on the southern side of the lane heading towards Culpho (Boot Street). The church's earliest origins lie in the 13th century albeit little remains of that period, the western window being dated to 1330. Most remaining fabric is 15th century, dating evidence mentions the full dedication as being 1523 and much of the work to complete the church must have been in the 50 years prior. The church tower was supported by bequests in wills datable to the 15th century and the northern porch has evidence dating it to 1505 when red brick was fashionable a a building material. An extensive 19th century restoration saw the almost complete rebuilding of the chancel as well as the southern wall of the nave rendering much dating details untraceable. The church sits away from its lane, a footpath commencing opposite the war memorial leads across the field to it. The church is tightly enclosed within its churchyard to both west and east and this does somewhat restrict the best angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st October 1754 - 23rd July 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC31/D/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th January 1813 - 10th January 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC31/D/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Culpho St Botolph
Grundisburgh St Mary
Hasketon St Andrew
Hasketon St Andrew
Playford St Mary
Woodbridge St Mary
Martlesham St Mary
Little Bealings All Saints
Little Bealings All Saints
Martlesham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/10/1754 Isaac OSBORN Single Little Bealings Mary CURTIS Single Little Bealings
2 31/12/1754 Nathaniel TURTEL Single Little Bealings Elizabeth WARD Single Little Bealings
3 03/11/1755 Robert COOK Single Little Bealings Anne KIRK Single Little Bealings
4 10/11/1755 John WYTHE Single Little Bealings Martha GLADDING Single Little Bealings
5 01/09/1756 Robert WARNER Single   Choice READE Single  
6 19/12/1757 Alexander ROW Single   Jane SIMPSON Single  
7 19/07/1759 Daniel DAINES Single Falkenham Mary KERSEY Single  
8 01/11/1761 John MALLOWES Single   Sarah ALDHAM Single  
9 05/12/1762 James BRUNDAL Single   Sarah COOK Single  
10 13/12/1763 William BURROUGHS Single   Ann TYE Single  
11 07/10/1764 William THIRKETTLE Single   Barbara AMIS Single  
12 13/10/1765 John COOPER Single   Sarah HARWOOD Single  
13 07/01/1766 James CHRISSWELL Widower Grundisburgh Elizabeth CHITTOCK Single  
14 01/07/1766 John LINSTEAD Widower Sutton Mary ALDEN Single  
15 15/07/1766 Thomas SPORLE   Brightwell Elizabeth ROWLING Single  
16 24/08/1766 George MORRIS Single   Catherine ROBERTS Single  
17 13/10/1766 Daniel SHEPHERD Single   Alicia DENNINGTON Single  
18 10/11/1767 Joseph CRISP Single   Lois SMITH Single  
19 31/08/1769 Samuel PULEY Single   Elizabeth MOYES Single  
20 09/10/1769 Samuel DAVY Single   Ann GIBSON Single  
21 25/12/1769 Samuel ALDOUS Single   Hannah CARTER Single  
22 08/02/1770 Daniel DEWELL Single Woodbridge Susannah MALSTER Widow  
23 29/01/1771 Thomas HERVEY Single Easton Elizabeth OLDEN Single  
24 02/02/1773 John HUTSON Single   Jane SHRIBB Single  
25 10/08/1773 John CARR Single Woodbridge Hannah YORK Single  
26 12/10/1773 George KERSEY Single   Elizabeth HUTSON Single  
27 07/03/1774 John BLOMFIELD Single   Mary DENINGTON Single  
28 08/05/1774 James FRANCIS Single Trimley St Mary Lydia HERVEY Single  
29 27/06/1774 Thomas GOODWIN Single   Susan DENNINGTON Single  
30 23/10/1774 Henry MILES Single   Sarah KELL Single  
31 31/10/1775 William GARDNER Single   Sarah YORK Single  
32 30/09/1776 John NEWSON Single St Martin, Tuddenham Hannah ELLET Single  
33 26/11/1776 Thomas FISKE Single   Sarah DAY Single  
34 11/10/1777 Charles BUMSTEAD Single Rushmere St Andrew Mary BANYARD Single  
35 18/11/1777 Benjamin BRODISTRY Single   Sarah ABLETT Single  
36 14/10/1779 William TILLETT Single Hasketon Naomi SIMMONDS Single  
37 20/11/1780 William JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth SHELDRAKE Single  
38 23/01/1781 John COOK Widower Hasketon Sarah GARDNER Widow  
39 19/03/1781 James BLOMFIELD Single Witnesham Mary POOLEY Single  
40 03/06/1781 John RATTLE Single Woodbridge Sarah MALLOWS Single  
41 10/06/1782 George KERSEY Widower   Mary FELGATE Widow Woodbridge
42 25/03/1783 William HOCKLEY Single   Sarah NUSON Single  
43 10/10/1783 William HAILE Single   Mary SCRIVENER Single  
44 13/10/1783 Thomas FARROW Widower   Lucy BREADSTREY Single  
45 24/11/1785 Edward PAYNE Single   Pleasance WOODS Single  
46 13/12/1785 Charles COCKRELL Widower   Martha PEIRSONS Single  
47 07/08/1786 Henry HOUCHIN Single   Sarah SHELDRAKE Single  
48 11/10/1787 James KNIGHTS Single Tunstall Hannah BROWN Single  
49 15/11/1787 Robert PRETYMAN Single St Mary At Stoke, Ipswich Mary SUGGATE Single  
50 04/12/1788 James GALL Single Melton Ann STROWGER Single  
51 17/11/1789 Jeremiah HEARD Single   Maria ELY Single Dedham, Essex
52 11/03/1790 William BLOOMFIELD Single   Mary CRISP Single  
53 15/07/1790 Robert BLOOMFIELD Single   Elizabeth LAUD Single  
54 12/10/1790 John RUSH Single Frating, Essex Martha HOWES Single  
55 31/05/1792 George MILLS Single   Mary LANKESTER Single  
56 05/07/1792 Henry LEEK Single Belstead Hannah BUCKLE Single  
57 04/10/1792 Samuel MAYS Single Clopton Peggy DUNNETT Single  
58 01/01/1793 Charles MANN Single Dedham, Essex Mary PRATT Single  
59 05/02/1793 Robert DUNNET Single Alderton Elizabeth GIBBS Single  
60 16/04/1793 Robert GRAY Single Woodbridge Sarah ROGERS Single  
61 08/10/1793 Thomas GRASS Single Sutton Phyllis BRUNNING Single  
62 15/10/1793 Joseph WEBB Single Playford Row COOK Single  
63 22/10/1793 Luke GRAYSTONE Single   Ann REYNOLDS Single  
64 14/02/1797 Daniel BUTTON Single   Mary COOPER Single  
65 29/10/1797 John FITCH Single Woodbridge Diana HAMMOND Single  
66 19/11/1797 Henry SMITH Single   Mary SHELDRAKE Single  
67 23/01/1798 William LEWIS Single   Easter GIBBS Single  
68 23/04/1798 Robert BIRD Single   Jemima DUN Single  
69 31/12/1798 John ROBINSON Widower   Margaret SADLER Single  
70 21/01/1799 Edmund HAMMOND Widower   Rebecca RYE Single  
71 24/02/1799 John BLOCK Widower   Frances THURMUD Widow  
72 12/03/1799 James SMITH Single   Anne MAN Single  
73 24/07/1799 John MOLDEN Single Grundisburgh Frances BANDYARD Widow  
74 01/12/1801 James BEDDINGFIELD Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
75 14/06/1802 John STARLING Single   Anne ADAMS Single  
76 20/07/1802 John WHITEMAN Widower   Sarah COOPER Single  
77 12/10/1802 John BRETT Single   Mary FINCH Single  
78 25/11/1802 Samuel WORLIDGE Widower   Teperance CURTIS Single  
79 18/01/1803 John MORTON Single   Mary TOPPLE Single  
80 04/09/1803 James PAINE Single   Rachel CLOWTON Single  
05/12/1803 Thomas GREEN Single   Susan BURCHAM Single  
14/05/1805 William LANKASTER Single Nacton Martha WALNE Single  
30/07/1805 Charles WARNER Widower Trimley St Mary Lydia TOPPLE Single  
15/11/1805 William GIBBS Widower   Mary COATES Widow  
09/02/1806 William BARKER Widower   Martha COCKEREL Widow  
26/02/1807 Robert CRASER Single   Ann ROLTON Single  
11/05/1807 John PAIN Widower   Elizabeth BULL Widow  
20/08/1808 Jonathan MANNING Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
12/09/1808 William BRUNDLEY Widower   Esther GINGER Widow  
12/10/1808 Charles GARRARD Single   Mary HORTON Single  
28/08/1809 Augustus Simon FRAZER Single Woodbridge Emma LYNN Single  
22/09/1809 John AKEN Single Staple, Kent Rachel PAYNE Widow  
05/12/1809 Richard MARJORAM Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
26/12/1809 Richard THURMOOD Single   Elizabeth RAWLING Single  
12/10/1810 Robert PRITTY Single   Lydia BRIDGES Single  
26/11/1810 James NOBLE Widower   Margaret ROBINSON Widow  
04/08/1811 William STEVENS Single   Rosetta SPALL Single  
28/11/1811 John HELM Single   Hannah PRYKE Single  
28/06/1812 William BARBER Single   Christian SPALL Single  
23/07/1812 William BARRETT Single   Mary STEARN Single  
1 11/01/1813 James CLIFT Single   Mary COOK Single  
2 11/04/1813 William COOK Single Woodbridge Elizabeth GUNNELL Single  
3 03/08/1813 William BARBER Widower   Sophia MAY Single  
4 07/10/1813 Thomas HEARD Single Takeley, Essex Maria HEARD Single  
5 12/10/1813 Samuel BACON Single   Mary BLOWERS Single  
6 21/03/1814 Nathaniel WELTON Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
7 03/10/1814 Adam PELLINGTON Single   Sarah PISSEY Single  
8 17/01/1815 James NORTON Single   Elizabeth MARCHANT Single  
9 12/04/1815 William SHEMING Single   Susan FOREMAN Single  
10 08/07/1815 Choice JESSUP Widower   Lucy CATCHPOLE Widow  
11 11/09/1815 Charles MANN Single   Eleanor KNIGHTS Single  
12 28/11/1815 Thomas DENNANT Single   Hannah DOWNING Single  
13 17/10/1816 Robert REEVE     Susannah FULLER   Chelmondiston
14 14/01/1817 Isaac POTKINS Single   Esther DUNNETT Single  
15 24/02/1817 Lionel MILLER Single Woodbridge Mary BLOOMFIELD Single  
16 16/10/1817 Charles MANN Widower   Margaret MALDEN Single  
17 10/11/1817 Michael REEVE Single   Esther LEWIS Single  
18 24/11/1817 Robert HOCKLEY Single   Hannah COOK Single  
19 09/06/1818 Christopher KIDDELL Single Dedham, Essex Ann WELHAM Single  
20 24/11/1818 William FOULGER Single   Susannah BEADON Widow  
21 02/02/1819 John SKINNER Single   Mary LUCOCK Single  
22 03/12/1819 Philip COATES Single   Mary OFFORD Single  
23 07/12/1819 Isaac REYNOLDS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
24 09/10/1820 George SHEPPARD Single   Ann MICKLEBURGH Single  
25 13/10/1820 Robert HILL Single Walton Mary RATTLE Single  
26 28/10/1820 Richard FOULGER Single   Sarah SUGGATE Single  
27 13/11/1820 John SMEE Single Nacton Christian JOHNSON Single  
28 04/12/1820 James HORLING Single Leiston Rebecca BLOOMFIELD Single  
29 02/10/1821 John SPARROW Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Widow  
30 25/07/1822 William CHILDS Widower St Stephen, Ipswich Harriet BURCH Single  
31 24/12/1822 Daniel BLOOMFIELD Single Grundisburgh Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD Single  
32 24/12/1822 James CARR Single   Susan NICHOLLS Single  
33 25/12/1822 Edward CARR Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
34 27/07/1824 Levi SHELDRAKE Single   Charlotte SUGGATE Single  
35 07/03/1825 Thomas MALLETT Single   Rebekah BRAHAM Widow  
36 07/06/1825 Frederick LOOM Single Woodbridge Mary SMITH Widow  
37 13/09/1825 James ADAMS Single   Hannah MARTIN Single  
38 21/02/1826 Jonathan MARTIN Single   Susan ARTHEROL Single  
39 28/02/1826 John HAYWOOD Single   Mahalah CAPON Single  
40 30/07/1826 James SUGGATE Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
41 29/08/1826 James ROSE Widower Burgh Martha BARKER Widow  
42 23/11/1826 Jeremiah LEGGET Single   Mary Ann BURCH Single  
43 05/02/1828 Pussin Hassard NURSEY Single Rede Catharine Head MEADOWS Single  
44 01/01/1829 William DUNNETT Single   Hannah LEGGATE Single  
45 10/08/1829 William WALNE Single   Hannah ROBINSON Single  
46 16/08/1829 David SPINK Single   Sophia MULLETT Single  
47 26/11/1829 James HAWES Single   Emily CATCHPOLE Single  
48 27/12/1829 James SHELDRAKE Single   Eliza MAN Single  
49 16/06/1830 Charles PAGLAR   Battersea, Surrey Anna GINGER    
50 31/08/1830 George NORTH   St Matthew, Ipswich Ellen GINGER    
51 14/10/1830 Samuel ADAMS   Grundisburgh Susannah FOX    
52 18/10/1830 John BUTCHER     Sarah FULLER    
53 09/12/1830 Rolla ROUSE Single Hasketon Elizabeth Jane MEADOWS Single  
54 03/01/1831 William HEAD     Susan BLOMFIELD   Playford
55 07/02/1831 William HINES Single   Harriet YOUNGMAN Single  
56 10/06/1831 George FUNNELL   Haughley Louisa WALTON    
57 07/11/1831 James BALDRY   Leiston Mary GARROD    
58 12/03/1832 John BISHOP Single Monewden Martha BOON Single  
59 12/10/1832 George MARTIN Single   Ruth SMY Single  
60 01/01/1833 Joseph WOOD Single   Mary Ann KERSEY Single  
61 01/03/1834 Jonathan PAYNE Single Grundisburgh Mary Anne FOREMAN Single  
62 01/07/1834 William HUDSON Single   Mary Anne PAGE Single  
63 29/09/1834 George KERSEY Single   Lydia LEGGETT Single  
64 27/10/1834 Samuel WOODS Single   Elizabeth MOOR Single  
65 31/12/1834 Charles GODDARD Single   Sarah PAGE Single  
66 01/01/1835 Daniel BOON Single Brandeston Lydia BARBER Single  
67 08/03/1836 James NICHOLLS Single   Jane MARCHANT Single  
68 20/04/1836 John SMITH Single Burgh Sophia GINGER Single  
69 07/11/1836 John EARNSHAW Single   Sophia GARROD Single  
70 10/01/1837 James HUPTON Widower   Martha MARTIN Single  

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