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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Martlesham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Martlesham lies in southeastern Suffolk about 5 miles east of the county town of Ipswich and 2 miles south of Woodbridge. Martlesham sits at the head of its eponymous creek, part of a complex of creeks and channels leading to the Deben Estuary. Martlesham formerly sat on the busy A12 road from Ipswich to Lowestoft but nowadays that road bypasses to Martlesham's west making the village centre a much more peaceful place. Martlesham was once discrete from Ipswich but expansion eastwards through Kesgrave has led to an almost continuous urban area through to Ipswich's centre. World war 2 installations and associated high-tech electronic businesses have flocked to Martlesham Heath industrial area and this is now a centre for such business and employment both within the village and wider through the greater Ipswich area. At the time of this transcript Martlesham's arable economy would have been supplemented by river traffic as well as the bounty of the creeks for fish and shellfish. Martlesham Creek runs for a short mile to join the Deben estuary and thence to the North Sea. Martlesham is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in gentle countryside where local heights reach little more than 30 metres for some distance. Martlesham parish was medium to large in Suffolk terms, covering almost 2,600 acres it would have supported a population of just over 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Martlesham was a small coastal settlement held by one Ranulf, offering 6 ploughs, the usual meadows and woodland but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church sits around 3/4 of a mile east of the village centre on a bluff overlooking Martlesham Creek and reached along Church Lane. The eastern end of the churchyard offers a fine view of the picturesque Deben estuary. The church is a mixture of Decorated & Perpendicular styles indicating a build spreading from 14th into 15th centuries, caution is expressed by authors, however, as there is extensive restoration and rebuild too. A blocked northern doorway and window tracery in the nave are typical of the early 14th century, whilst the western tower is clearly 15th century and Perpendicular in its detail. The chancel, however, was completely rebuilt in 1835 and following subsidence this was repeated in 1905 when a complete replacement eastern wall was needed as well as some formidable buttressing. Church Lane follows the break of slope above the creek, woodland tumbling to the shore on the left, where the lane splits 3 ways take the signed route to the church car park. A pathway leads through screening trees into the churchyard which sadly has many obstructions in the form of mature deciduous and coniferous trees which somewhat restrict the best photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th November 1754 - 13th January 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC37/D/5/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th February 1813 - 27th March 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC37/D/5/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Great Bealings St Mary
Little Bealings All Saints
Woodbridge St Mary
Little Bealings All Saints
Kesgrave All Saints
Brightwell St John the Baptist
Brightwell St John the Baptist
Waldringfield All Saints
Waldringfield All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/11/1754 Isaac CLARK     Mary CHURCHMAN Widow  
30/06/1755 Thomas ROW Single   Elizabeth KNIGHTS Single Kesgrave
25/12/1755 Thomas SHIMMON Widower   Dinah ABBLETT Single  
03/10/1756 Samuel DAMMENT Single   Esther CALEY Single  
17/10/1756 William RUSH Single   Hannah GIBSON Single  
19/10/1756 George HENDY Single Kesgrave Mary ROW Single Kesgrave
02/04/1759 John YABURY Single Woodbridge Ann SPALDING Single  
30/09/1759 John WARD Single   Elizabeth PINNER Single Ipswich
11/10/1759 Robert CUTTING Single   Mary NAUNTON Single  
03/03/1760 Thomas INGRAM Single Burgh Susan SMITH Single  
29/12/1760 John BLOMFIELD Single   Mary BUMSTED Single Rushmere
24/05/1761 James CLARK Single Waldringfield Elizabeth GLANFIELD Single  
08/10/1762 George COOK Single   Prudence WHINCOPP Single Bredfield
08/01/1764 William PINNER Single   Sarah COURTNAL Single  
18/06/1764 Peter NUNN Single   Sarah KEEBLE Single  
09/12/1765 Stephen REED     Sarah LOVASS Single  
30/12/1765 Robert BUTCHER Single   Lydia WALLER Widow Woodbridge
01/01/1766 Robert BUTCHER Single   Lydia WALLER Widow Woodbridge
30/12/1766 Tyrell BIRD Single   Sarah GIRLING Single  
05/04/1767 Richard MORSELEY Single Dallinghoo Sarah BALDWIN Single  
13/04/1767 Joseph BREAME Single   Sarah GIBSON Single  
02/06/1768 Robert BRETT Single Bramford Mary GIBSON Single  
27/09/1768 Joseph GAYFORD Widower   Ann CHURCH Single  
09/10/1768 John GLANFIELD Single   Elizabeth SKEET Single  
11/10/1768 William CLARKE Single Westerfield Sarah GLANFIELD Single  
08/11/1768 John FRIATT Single   Elizabeth SUGGATE Single  
13/03/1769 James PEARSON Single   Martha DOWLEY Single  
26/03/1769 Francis GOLDSMITH Single Rendlesham Susannah MOOR Single  
20/08/1769 John DAWKEN Widower   Martha PRECIOUS Single  
22/10/1769 John OWLS Single Woodbridge Esther RANDS Single  
23/10/1769 Francis SEWELL Single Bucklesham Ann HAYLES Single  
23/10/1769 John STEEL Single   Elizabeth MASON    
03/06/1770 Daniel SEARLES Widower Sutton Hannah CATCHPOLE Single  
11/10/1770 William WOBY Single   Virtue JACOB Single Brightwell
18/02/1771 Thomas BRITTON Single   Susan GOODALL Single  
18/02/1771 James FISHER Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
10/10/1771 William GARROD Single   Sarah COVELL Widow  
01/12/1772 John HUNT Single Levington Mary NOCKS    
01/12/1772 Joseph HURLINGTON Widower Playford Hannah SUGGATE Single  
04/02/1773 Thomas MUDD Single   Sarah LORD   Playford
12/10/1773 John GOODALL Single Bucklesham Mary PARKER Single Brightwell
01/11/1773 Thomas DAMMENT Single Waldringfield Bridget HEIFFER Single  
25/12/1773 Samuel FAIRWETHER Single   Esther DAMMANT Widow  
01/03/1775 Gabriel MAN Widower   Elizabeth NEWSON Single  
08/10/1775 John BUCKMAN Single   Mary PEIRSON Single  
13/12/1775 Robert SHIMMON Single Little Bealings Mary LINSTED Single  
07/02/1776 Edward LEWIS Single   Mary DURRANT Single Brightwell
11/11/1776 Robert DICKERSON Single   Elizabeth CATCHPOLE Single  
26/12/1776 Keymer BUGG Single Little Bealings Elizabeth RINGARD Single  
14/01/1777 John SHIMMON Single   Mary MAYER Single  
16/01/1777 James HILL Widower   Hannah RUSH Widow  
25/03/1777 John HARVEY Single   Ann BLACKSELL Single  
08/05/1777 John BEARE Single   Ann COOK    
12/10/1777 Thomas GARROD Single   Amy POOLY Single  
13/10/1778 Robert RICHES Single   Ellen CROSS Single  
17/12/1778 Thomas NAUNTON Single   Martha SAWYER Single  
16/02/1779 John THOMPSON Single Bawdsey Mary KEMP Single  
09/07/1779 John MAYHEW Single   Elizabeth STEPHENSON Single  
12/08/1779 James BROOKE Widower Woodbridge Elizabeth CALVER Single  
11/09/1779 Gregory KIDMAN Widower   Mary ATHEROLD Widow  
12/10/1779 William SEAMMEN Single Dallinghoo Susan ALDIS Single  
04/10/1780 Stephen PETTIT Single   Ann CATCHPOLE Single  
10/10/1780 James OXBORROW Single   Elizabeth THIRTEEN Single Woodbridge
12/10/1780 William MAN Single Waldringfield Sarah LAMBETH Single Waldringfield
19/03/1781 Robert BLOMFIELD Widower Hemley Hannah CALVER Single  
24/05/1781 John RIDLEY Single Woodbridge Sarah WALFORD Single  
04/07/1781 John PACK     Sarah JOHNSON Single  
07/10/1781 John HAYLE Single   Mary HENDY Single  
08/07/1782 James WISSEY Single   Frances TWAITS Single  
24/10/1782 Edward ALLEN Single   Martha SKEET Single  
26/12/1782 John WARNER Single Kirton Hannah LINSTED    
26/12/1782 William KEYMER Single Falkenham Susannah LINSTED Single  
06/01/1783 Abraham PAYNE Single   Sarah BURWARD Widow  
28/01/1783 William HURNARD Single   Lydia CHAPMAN Single  
08/04/1783 John CUTTING Single   Mary WALFORD Single  
06/07/1783 Robert KENT Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
19/08/1783 Philip CATCHPOLE Single   Elizabeth DICKERSON Single  
16/09/1783 Robert DICKERSON Widower   Prudence LORD Widow  
16/10/1783 John THURMOND Single   Frances KNAPPIT Single  
10/11/1783 William WARNER Single   Sarah POOLEY Single  
13/11/1783 Mark CHAPLIN Single   Sarah KELL Single  
28/09/1784 John ARA Single Hemley Sarah CLARKE Single Waldringfield
12/10/1784 John BURGS Single Waldringfield Mary WOOD Single  
10/12/1784 John ASHWELL Widower Bucklesham Mary MOORE Widow  
11/10/1785 George KING     Mary BLOMFIELD    
10/05/1786 John SHIMMON Widower   Dinah TARBUTT Single  
30/05/1786 James KNAPETT Single   Ann KING Widow  
27/08/1786 Robert HILL Single   Mary BICKERS Single  
10/10/1786 Henry ROUSE Widower Hemley Mary BROWN Single  
28/05/1787 William BUSH Single Playford Sarah TILLBOROUGH Single  
22/07/1787 Robert PETTITT Single Melton Amy SHIMMING Single  
07/10/1787 Baley SPARROW Single Brandeston Ama OXBROUGH Single  
06/11/1787 Thomas INGRAM Widower   Elizabeth MARSH Widow  
09/04/1788 John SMITH Single   Elizabeth PINNER Single  
17/06/1788 John WARNER Single   Sarah SAGE Single  
08/10/1788 George BARBER Single   Margaret BROOKE Single  
12/10/1788 Philip CURTIS Single Pettistree Ann WEATHERSON Single Waldringfield
10/11/1789 John MARSH Single   Margaret FORMAN Widow  
14/12/1789 Samuel BEST Single Parham Mary SCARLETT Single  
15/12/1789 William OWLS Single   Patience JERRY Single  
25/12/1789 Richard WHITMAN Single Waldringfield Sarah LEMAN Single  
01/05/1790 William MARVEN Widower   Sarah WIGGEN Widow  
21/11/1790 William PINNER Widower   Mary CHURCHYARD Single  
20/02/1791 William LILLISTONE Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
31/07/1791 William NICHOLS Single Kesgrave Elizabeth BLOCK Single  
03/01/1792 John WARD Single   Elizabeth MAYS Single  
27/02/1792 Thomas ROUS Single   Mary MEALING Single  
04/10/1792 John HUBBARD Widower   Ruth GOLDSMITH Widow  
09/10/1792 Daniel LAMBERT Single Kesgrave Abigail BLOMFIELD Single  
18/10/1792 George BARBER Widower   Ann BREWINGTON Single  
30/10/1792 Stephen PEARSON Single   Mary BURTON Single  
15/11/1792 Simon DRANE Single   Sarah LEWIS Single  
14/10/1793 James COLTHROP Single   Elizabeth SCARLET Single  
28/01/1794 Francis FOX Single   Susannah BROOM Single  
17/02/1794 Jacob BENNETT Single   Sarah BENNETT Single  
17/02/1794 Robert BRUNDELL Single Rushmere Amy SPENDERLOW Single  
12/10/1795 Samuel ROBERSON Widower Waldringfield Martha NICHOLS Widow  
05/04/1796 James TURNER Single   Mary FOX Single  
13/09/1796 John GLANFIELD Single   Jane BUTCHER Single Darsham
01/12/1796 Henry Edwin SOUTHWELL Single Saxmundham Margaret GLANFIELD Single  
20/04/1797 William HALL Single   Sarah TALBOT Single  
14/09/1797 Edmund BARKER Single Debenham Letitia BACKETT Single  
01/10/1797 Robert ROUNDACRE Single   Mary DOWNING Single  
09/08/1798 Nathaniel BRADCOCK Widower   Ann BRIENTON Single  
30/09/1798 William BLOCK Widower   Margaret DOCKINS Widow  
30/09/1799 Robert NOY Single   Elizabeth PURL Single  
27/11/1800 James SAWYER Widower   Elizabeth PURSSONS Widow  
28/04/1801 James KING Single Gosbeck Elizabeth HOVELL Single  
30/04/1801 James BROOK Single   Rebecca MARSHALL Single St Margaret, Ipswich
22/06/1802 William LORD Widower   Ann FARWEATHER Single  
21/12/1802 John BLOMFIELD Single   Elizabeth SHIMMON Single  
01/04/1803 John HULLES Single   Ann BLONDEVILLE Single  
18/09/1803 Stephen PETTIT Widower   Hannah GURLING Widow  
10/12/1803 James BUSH Single St Lawrence, Ipswich Ann Palmer GROOM Single  
31/01/1804 William DELLER Single   Lydia GOLDSMITH Single  
14/06/1804 John LORD Single   Frances MEADOWS Single  
23/10/1804 Samuel CALVER Single   Harriot BUGG Single  
11/11/1804 Caleb CURTIS Single   Mary KENT Single  
10/03/1805 John BALDRY Single   Charlotte MILLS Single  
06/09/1805 William FOREMAN Single Shenfield, Essex Jane SIMPSON Widow  
30/09/1806 William HOVELL Single   Mary WELCH Single  
12/03/1807 George WHITE Single   Sarah BLOWERS Single  
18/05/1807 George CODD Single Blythburgh Sarah FAIRWEATHER Single  
21/07/1807 Francis DEWELL Single   Letitia CURTIS Single Rushmere
29/12/1807 James ADAMS Single Woodbridge Elizabeth BURGES Single  
12/10/1808 Charles HASELWOOD Single   Amy MURRELL Single  
13/02/1809 Thomas MUTIMER Single   Susannah HUNNARD Single  
23/02/1809 Edward WELTON Single   Mary GALL Single  
13/11/1810 John HILL Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
25/12/1810 Thurston MOOR Single   Ann SMITH Single  
07/01/1811 John RAMSEY Single   Susanna WRIGHT Single  
17/02/1811 James CANHAM Single   Ann COOK Single  
14/10/1811 William HUNNARD Single   Hannah ABLITT Single  
13/01/1812 John RAMSEY Single   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
1 08/02/1813 William GROOM Single   Mary Ann BENEWITH Single  
2 17/05/1813 James TALBOT Single Newbourn Mary TALBOT Single  
3 11/07/1813 James PINNER Single Woodbridge Martha BANYARD Single  
4 27/03/1814 William SUGGET Single   Jemima HILL Single  
5 13/05/1814 Leonard BURTON   Woodbridge Sarah GROSS Single  
6 31/10/1814 Daniel PAYNE Single   Elizabeth CLOUTING Single  
8 00/00/1815 Mark RUNNACLES Single Hollesley Mary BENHAM Single  
7 02/01/1815 George SPURLING Single   Elizabeth WARDE Single  
11 22/07/1815 John FINCH Single St Matthew, Ipswich Lucy NUNN Single  
9 31/10/1815 Charles RAMPLING Single   Susanna SAMPSON Single  
10 05/12/1815 John CLARKE Single   Lydia SMITH Single  
13 01/02/1816 James KNAPPETT Single   Jemima AYLWARD Single Polstead
14 09/11/1816 Samuel RATTLE Single Weston Martha HILL Single  
15 17/12/1816 William COOK Single   Maria CANHAM Single  
16 14/02/1817 Richard RAMSEY Single   Mary REYNOLDS Single  
17 24/06/1817 Edward ELLENGER Widower Melton Mary ASTON Single  
18 13/11/1817 Henry BURGES Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
19 13/01/1818 John HUBBARD Single   Rody HOUCHEL Single  
20 19/01/1818 Samuel HALL Single   Hannah BAKER Single  
21 27/07/1818 John BARBER Single   Maria MARSH Single  
22 12/10/1818 Henry JAY Single   Mary Ann BRIGHTON Single  
25 14/11/1820 John RAMSAY Widower   Susanna Adams LIDDAMORE Single Woodbridge
26 03/12/1820 John BURRELL Single   Martha RAMSAY Single  
27 24/12/1820 Thomas KENT Single   Sophia READ Single  
28 04/01/1821 Samuel BENHAM Single   Mary LAMB Single  
29 12/07/1821 Robert MARKHAM Single Newbourn Harriet ROUSE Single  
30 31/07/1821 John MADERSON Single   Mary BLOMFIELD Single  
31 03/10/1821 John LODER Single Woodbridge Maria STANTON Single  
34 30/01/1822 James HILL Single   Lydia GREEN Single  
35 28/07/1822 James WOODS Single   Mary AMAS Single  
36 02/12/1822 James RAMSEY Single   Hannah CHAPMAN Single  
37 24/12/1822 James KNAPPETT Widower   Mary FAIRWEATHER Single  
40 07/01/1823 Robert DOVE Single   Charlotte BALDRY Single  
41 13/10/1823 Samuel BARBER Single   Mary RUNNACLES Single  
42 20/10/1823 John WARD Single   Elizabeth SCOPES Single  
43 11/05/1824 John ASTEN Single Orford Mary SAWYER Single  
44 25/05/1824 Shadrach BOSTON Single   Keziah DICKERSON Single  
45 22/06/1824 William SAWYER Single   Maria ASTEN Single  
46 19/07/1824 William SKEET Single   Mary Ann BARBER Single  
47 09/08/1824 John SMITH Widower   Mary SMITH Widow  
49 15/07/1825 William BANYARD Single   Maria REEVE Single  
50 26/07/1825 Henry BURGES Widower Little Bealings Charlotte LEAK Single  
51 22/09/1825 William MILLS Single   Hannah COOPER Single  
52 17/08/1826 Thomas ROUSE Single   Mary BUTTON Single Waldringfield
53 23/11/1826 Isaac HILL Single   Sarah POTKINS Single  
54 11/12/1826 William ABLETT Single Burgh Elizabeth BARBER Single  
55 11/12/1826 Jonathan RIBBANS Single Rushmere Eve GOODALL Single  
56 03/05/1827 John SYER Single   Rebecca MILLS Single  
57 04/05/1827 John SMYTH Single Woodbridge Mary MAYS Single  
58 22/10/1827 James BARBER Single   Harriet BARBER Single Woodbridge
59 12/11/1827 Robert STAGG Single Debenham Lydia SMITH Single  
61 29/02/1828 Robert ELY Single   Elizabeth DUNNETT Single  
62 11/03/1828 William BRETT Single   Jane RICHES Single  
63 30/04/1828 William Frederick DRANE Single Akenham Margaret DUNNETT Single  
64 03/03/1829 Robert ATKINS Single   Elizabeth KERRIDGE Single  
65 20/07/1829 John DAVERSON Single   Martha DURRANT Single  
66 19/08/1829 John LUMKIN Single Theberton Susan BARRELL Single  
67 17/09/1829 Abraham ASTEN Single   Mary Ann AVEY Single Woodbridge
68 13/11/1829 David GOULT Single Newbourn Sarah Ann BRIGHTON Single  
70 07/02/1830 John CATCHPOLE Single   Elizabeth WILDING Widow  
71 24/04/1830 Ezekiel BUTTON Single   Lucy BROOKES Single  
72 01/06/1830 Thomas ELY Single   Jemima PATERNOSTER Single  
73 12/10/1830 John RICHES Single Walton Sarah BRETT Single  
74 06/12/1831 John BANYARD Single   Eliza ADAMS Single  
75 19/12/1831 James PIPER Single   Prudence Charlotte COOK Single  
76 18/01/1832 James LEWIS Single   Maria GOREHAM Single  
77 25/04/1832 James WORDE Single   Lucy BROWN Single  
78 27/05/1832 Samuel LORDE Single   Mary Ann COOK Single  
79 08/10/1832 Robert RUNNICLES Single   Eliza SMITH Single  
80 12/10/1832 William HOUCHELL Single   Frances ELY Single  
81 01/11/1832 Robert GOLDACRE Single Woodbridge Deborah GARROD Single  
82 09/11/1832 John Smallman GARROD Single Chelmondiston Emma GARROD Single  
83 29/11/1832 John SCOGINS Single   Elizabeth PACKARD Single  
84 30/12/1832 William TIBBENHAM Single Rendlesham Amy POLLARD Single  
85 25/06/1833 James ADAMS     Hannah BANYARD    
86 26/08/1833 William Richard RUMBLE Widower St Clement, Ipswich Mary SHEPPARD Single  
87 11/10/1833 John DURRENT Single   Sarah ADAMS Single  
88 30/09/1834 James WOODLEY Single   Anne RAMSEY Single  
89 09/10/1834 Thomas ASHFORD Single   Deborah GODDARD Single  
90 23/10/1834 John SCOGGINS Single   Mary Anne HAZLETIN Single  
91 04/11/1834 George GIRT Single Hasketon Charlotte GODFREY Single  
92 06/11/1834 Samuel ATKINS Single   Rebeckah SAGE Single  
93 16/08/1835 John BRETT Single   Eliza RICHES    
94 09/10/1836 Edmund BRETT Single   Lucy MANN Single  
95 17/11/1836 Robert BARBER Single   Mary RAMPLING Single  
96 09/03/1837 Charles RAMPLING Widower   Joanna HILL Single  
97 27/03/1837 William MADERSON Single Great Bealings Hannah PATERNOSTER Single  

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