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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wilby St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Wilby lies in northern Suffolk not too far from its border with neighbouring Norfolk. Wilby is located roughly 2 miles south of the small market town of Stradbroke and sits on the winding B1118 road which heads southeastwards from there towards Framlingham. Wilby is a crossroads settlement, the B1118 performs a set of right angles to bend through the small and compact village. Beyond the village the wider parish has a scatter of farms and cottages across a largely arable landscape. Today farming is the main economic activity and so it was at the time of this transcript, with arable farming the predominant regime, Small streams head northwestwards to drain Wilby parish the short distance to the River Waveney, which forms the county border with Norfolk, here things turn eastwards to eventually reach the North Sea through the Norfolk port of Great Yarmouth. Wilby is sited at around 50 metres above the sea in fairly flat landscape where local heights rarely rise more than 10 metres higher for many a mile. Wilby parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering a little over 1,800 acres it would have supported a population of just over 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Wilby was a tiny place, a holding of Bishop William of Thetford, it could not muster more than a single plough and some small meadows, a tiny place indeed.

The Church

St Mary's church sits on the northern side of the B1118 as its winds its way through the village. The church is essentially a church of the Perpendicular period, that great church-building era of the late 14th and early 15th centuries when the area's woollen production gave great wealth and enabled grateful citizens to lavish theire funds upon a grandiose church. Making extensive use of the local flint the church follows the standard layout of that period with nave and chancel and a western tower. That western tower is the finest piece of St Mary, a tall edifice with buttresses and battlements and fine decorative flushwork around the base. The B1118 is often busier with traffic than one would expect and parking opposite the churchyard on the verge should be down with care. The churchyard has iron rails backed by bordering trees surrounding, impressive wrought iron gates grant entry. Sadly the church sits too close to those trees on its southern side making for a challenge to adequately capture it on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
14th October 1754 - 19th December 1793
Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference -
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 3rd February 1794 - 29th December 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference -
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 19th April 1813 - 16th June 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference -
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stradbroke All Saints
Stradbroke All Saints
Stradbroke All Saints
Horham St Mary
Athelington St Peter
Stradbroke All Saints
Brundish St Lawrence
Worlingworth St Mary
Worlingworth St Mary
Brundish St Lawrence
Brundish St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/01/1754 John PIPE Single Susan MILLS Single
14/10/1754 John CORBOLD Single Sary PEARSON Single
04/05/1755 James FISHER Elizabeth CRICKNER
18/05/1755 John BAYLIS Elizabeth CHENNERY
12/06/1755 John ROPER Single Ann FLOWRY Widow
10/10/1756 John HATCHER Sarah COOPER
11/10/1756 Samuel CORNISH Single Elizabeth NOY Single
11/04/1757 Simon GODBOLD Widower Elizabeth CRASEY Single
27/10/1757 William RAY Single Fressingfield Mary SELFE Single
27/11/1757 James CUTTS Single Mary CHITTOCK Single
04/02/1758 William CAPON Single Stradbroke Ann CLOUGHTON Single
30/11/1758 William LENNEY Single Sarah WOOD Widow Woodbridge
06/02/1759 Lionel MAYHEW Widower Mary GODDARD Widow Hoxne
13/02/1759 Robert COATES Single Elizabeth SMITH Single Horham
31/07/1759 Samuel PALLENT Single Aldeburgh Elizabeth COLLETT Single
23/10/1759 George WATLING Single Susan JESSUP Single
10/06/1760 Charles MILLS Widower Grace HAWES Widow
07/04/1761 Thomas RUFFELS Single Mary LOCKWOOD Single
29/10/1761 Charles MILLS Single Sarah CHENERY Widow
12/10/1762 John CATCHPOLE Single Martha BUTCHER Single
20/12/1762 Thomas SMITH Single Mary NOY Single
23/08/1763 Jonathan BERRY Single Sarah CHENERY Single
23/08/1763 William CHENERY Single Susan COLLETT Single
09/09/1763 Evans LOCKWOOD Single Jemima RUMSEY Single
01/11/1763 George DRIVER Widower Margaret SKIRRET Widow
31/01/1764 Samuel WHARLE Single Phillis BEAMONT Single
05/03/1764 John PIKE Single Frances BEAMONT Single
09/10/1764 Simon BALDREY Single Metfield Elizabeth FISHER Single
01/07/1765 James VINCENT Widower Mary MAYHEW Single
07/10/1765 John MALLOWS Single Horham Mary WATLING Single
13/10/1767 Jeremy PIPE Single Elizabeth MARTIN Single
13/10/1767 James PIPE Single Mary PRAT Single
10/11/1767 John WARD Single Alice CORNISH Single
24/11/1767 John VICKARS Single Beccles Elizabeth BEAUMONT Single
17/03/1768 Robert RUMSEY Single Sarah NOY Single
23/10/1768 George KING Single Yoxford Ann MILLS Single
04/01/1769 William SHARMAN Single Occold Mary MAYHEW Single
09/05/1769 William CABORN Horncastle, Lincolnshire Elizabeth SMITH
20/09/1769 Samuel TAYLOR Creeting St Mary Mary PEAK Creeting All Saints
05/03/1771 Thomas ALDUS Single Elizabeth GANT Single
07/08/1771 Joseph WOOLNOUGH Single Ann LEFTLY Single
31/10/1771 John LENNY Single Mary SMITH Single
15/06/1772 William BATLEY Single Frances BAXTER Widow
16/06/1772 Daniel WARD Single Mary WOOLNOUGH Single
24/08/1772 James ANDREWS Single Elisabeth BACON Single
10/11/1772 John Martin DENNY Widower Eye Mary LENNY Single
25/03/1773 John PIPE Single Deborah SANDERS Single Dickleburgh, Norfolk
22/05/1773 Thomas MULLENGER Single Redgrave Susannah WARREN Single
13/07/1773 William COCKERIL Single Ann CULHAM Single
28/09/1773 William WARD Single Uney GIRLING Single
18/10/1773 William ASHFORD Single Earl Soham Honour CULHAM Single
15/11/1773 Samuel SMITH Single Sarah PIPE Single
12/10/1774 Henry PERRY Single Mary FOLKARD Single
18/10/1774 James ANDREWS Widower Sarah LINCOLN Single
27/12/1774 Richard SPARROW Single Elisabeth GOLDSMITH Single
15/01/1775 Nathaniel OSBORNE Single Laxfield Sarah CHITTOCK Single
20/02/1776 John HART Single Mary TODD Single
18/10/1776 John ROPER Single Elizabeth DALINGER Single
18/06/1777 Mark NOBLE Single Horham Sarah LENNY Single
24/07/1777 Charles MILLS Widower Sarah BETTS Single
00/10/1777 Robert GOOVEN Single Laxfield Elizabeth SADD Single
11/10/1777 John BALLARD Single Mary UNDERWOOD Single
05/01/1778 Benjamin CHENERY Single Sarah SHELDRAKE Single
26/05/1778 William CHENERY Single Margaret HAGGITH Single
05/04/1779 Robert BURGES Single Mary CLARK Single
19/09/1779 Charles GIBBS Single Elizabeth MASTERSON Single
28/10/1779 James CHENERY Single Elizabeth MILLS Single
02/01/1780 James LEADER Single Fressingfield Ann CROWFOOT Single
15/05/1780 Joseph CHENERY Single Esther GIBBS Single
26/09/1780 James BROWNE Widower Elizabeth COCKEREL
23/10/1780 William JESSUP Widower Mary CLOUTON Single
07/11/1780 William GANT Widower Mary WALTON Widow
06/03/1781 William STANNARD Widower Sarah COCKREL Single
06/11/1781 John GODBOLT Single Elisabeth BAYLES Single
22/01/1782 Charles BURROWS Single Stradbroke Charlotte CORNISH Single
07/02/1782 John GIBBS Single Ann BICKER Single
12/02/1782 Daniel LOW Single Elizabeth PIPE Single
15/08/1782 Henry BEZANT Single Laxfield Mary LENNY Single
07/01/1783 Thomas ALDOUS Single Ann CHIDOCK Single
08/04/1783 Samuel WARN Stradbroke Mary PIPE Single
11/10/1783 Samuel WRIGHT Single Catharine HUNTON Single
17/02/1784 Samuel WARN Single Elizabeth VINSENT Single
03/10/1784 Thomas BETTS Single Stradbroke Sarah COATES Single
05/11/1784 Samuel CORNISH Single Anna Maria DAMANT Single
30/01/1786 George CLAMP Single Martha PORTCHER Single
02/05/1786 Henry JEFFRIES Single Hoxne Elizabeth COATES Single
25/06/1786 Evens LOCKWOOD Single Anna CHENERY Single
09/07/1786 Robert BARBER Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
04/10/1786 Joseph WEAVERS Single Frances PIPE Single
08/10/1786 Nathaniel RUNACUS Single Worlingworth Catharine BURRIGE Single
24/10/1786 Simon BORRETT Widower Stradbroke Hannah NOTLEY Widow
01/05/1787 Edmund LIST Single Mary HARDEN Single
28/05/1787 Christopher CATMOLE Single Helmingham Martha DALLANGER Single
01/10/1787 William BORRETT Single Elizabeth BEAMONT Single
29/10/1787 Thomas HAWARD Single Thrandeston Dinah DAMANT Single
07/05/1788 Joseph CHENERY Widower Susan LENNY Single
26/01/1789 John BOAST Single Ann MOYS Single
10/05/1789 Robert WETTON Single Horham Mary COATES Single
13/04/1790 Samuel CHITTOCK Single Stradbroke Mary CUNINGHAM Single
05/07/1791 John CHENERY Single Mary GODBOLD Widow
11/10/1791 Stephen ALDOUS Single Sarah GIBBS Single
09/10/1792 John Fisher BALDRY Single Rose WROOTS Single
15/07/1793 James WINK Single Elizabeth PIPE Single
24/09/1793 William WAVORS Single Susan EASTER Widow
19/12/1793 Thomas LOCKWOOD Single Sarah ALDOUS Single
1 03/02/1794 Phineas KINDRED Single Halesworth Elizabeth SEAMAN Single
2 26/05/1794 John CLARKE Single Hoxne Theodosia NOTLEY Single
3 05/01/1795 George ELLET Single Monk Soham Elizabeth WOOLNOUGH Single
4 08/02/1797 George BALES Single Sarah WROOTS Single
5 05/06/1797 William PIPE Single Ann PILKINGTON Single
6 15/08/1797 John BORRETT Widower Mary STRANGE Single
7 28/11/1797 Garnham FISHER Single Wingfield Elizabeth BALDRY Single
8 09/01/1798 Thomas YOUNGS Single Denham By Eye Sarah ANDREWS Single
9 05/07/1798 Richard SPALDING Single Mary VERDON Single
10 20/11/1798 Samuel CULHUM Single Susan PIPE Single
11 23/12/1798 William COLLET Single Dinah LOCKWOOD Single
12 07/03/1799 William FEVYER Single Stradbroke Mary WOOLNOUGH Single
13 26/06/1799 Robert COCKERILL Mary LENNY
14 31/07/1799 Christopher SMITH Ann LENNY
15 07/08/1799 William GIRLING Mary LOCKWOOD
16 08/10/1799 Thomas CLARK Elizabeth RUMSEY
17 26/12/1799 Stephen MUTIMER Elizabeth CHENERY
18 18/09/1800 William BORRETT Single Elizabeth BORRETT Widow
19 15/10/1800 John RUMSEY Phoebe KEW
20 01/12/1800 Thomas ALDOUS Widower Martha DENNY Widow
21 28/12/1800 James RUMSEY Single Sarah GODBOLD Single
22 16/02/1801 John RUMSEY Single Jemima LOCKWOOD Single
23 25/05/1801 Richard WARREN Single Stradbroke Catharine CHENERY Single
24 08/10/1801 Samuel CLUTTEN Widower Fressingfield Mary WROOTS
25 09/11/1801 Evens LOCKWOOD Widower Ann COLLETT Single
26 22/12/1801 William FOX Single Redenhall, Norfolk Susanna SEAMAN Single
27 12/10/1802 James MARTEN Single Mary CODD Single
28 12/10/1802 James PIPE Single Ann ALDOUS Single Stradbroke
29 02/11/1802 William NEWMAN Single Elizabeth COLLET Single
30 11/11/1802 Henry MOUTEN Single Elizabeth CHENERY Single
31 22/03/1803 William WOODS Stradbroke Anne BALDRY
32 23/08/1803 John WARD Widower Ann PIZEY Single
33 27/09/1803 William SHILDRECK Single Judith HUNT Single
34 18/10/1803 James CHENERY Single Sarah CHENERY Single Stradbroke
35 24/11/1803 William COLLETT Widower Mary GIRLING Widow
36 02/12/1803 Thomas STEARN Single Ann CAPON Single Stradbroke
37 24/07/1804 Robert WILSON Single Ilketshall St John Rachael PIPE Single
38 28/01/1805 John COOPER Single Bedingham, Norfolk Phoebe PIPE Single
39 12/03/1805 John RUNARCAS Single Brundish Elizabeth HAWS Single
40 27/05/1805 Benjamin CHENERY Single Elizabeth FOLKARD Single
41 02/07/1806 Hammond LOCKWOOD Single Elizabeth EVERRET Single
42 12/08/1806 John ROPER Single Susanna GIRLING Single
43 16/06/1807 Philip LOCKWOOD Single Maria BOWMAN Single Stradbroke
44 13/10/1807 Robert LENNY Single Sarah MILLS Single
45 20/10/1807 John CATTERMOLE Single Tabitha TAYLOR Single
46 19/11/1807 John BULTITUDE Single Eleanor FOLKARD Single
47 17/03/1808 William FEVYEAR Widower Elizabeth MUTTIMER Single
48 02/09/1808 Stephen MUTIMER Widower Alice CHITTOCK Single
49 13/12/1808 James ALDOUS Single Martha BROWN Single
50 07/02/1809 John PIPE Single Frances WROOTS Single
51 06/06/1809 William WRIGHT Single Easton Mary DENNY Single
52 15/09/1809 James ROPER Single Elizabeth CORNISH Single
53 15/09/1809 John CORNISH Single Finey ROPER Single
54 15/09/1809 Jonathan CHENERY Single Harriett CORNISH Single
56 12/10/1809 John TAYLOR Single Mary WEAVERS Single
57 26/12/1809 James ALDOUS Single Worlingworth Elizabeth WEAVERS
58 15/11/1810 William LOCKWOOD Single Sarah NOBLE Single
59 03/12/1810 Richard DOWSON Single Mary ROUSE Single
60 16/04/1811 William SAUNDERS Single Harriet ALDOUS Single
61 10/07/1811 Pells WATLING Single Worlingworth Anne LENNEY Single
62 08/08/1811 Syer NOBLE Single Anne STANNARD Single
63 09/06/1812 William DAVY Single Anne MOBBS Single
64 26/10/1812 John FOLKARD Single Harriett PIPE Single
29/12/1812 John CALVER Single Rebecca WEAVERS Single
1 19/04/1813 Jabez BAYLEY Widower St Mary At Stoke, Ipswich Susan DARBY Single
2 18/11/1813 Robert MARTIN Single Hannah REEVE Single
3 14/12/1813 Thomas MUTIMER Single Redlingfield Rhoda CHENERY Single
4 18/01/1814 John PIPE Widower Marianne CHANDLER Single
5 18/05/1814 William BOLLESTON Single Laxfield Mary CHENERY Single
6 31/05/1814 Francis GODDARD Single Elizabeth STANNARD Single
7 02/08/1814 Simon WILSON Single Horham Sarah JEFFRIES Single
8 24/10/1814 John GOODCHILD Single Abigal NOBS Single
10 08/11/1814 Thomas ALDUS Single Mary KEABLE Single
9 08/11/1814 Edmund HONEBUL Single Stradbroke Anne GIRLING Single
11 10/01/1815 William FLINT Sarah ALDOUS
12 17/05/1815 Richard HASELL Single Susan CORNISH Widow
13 09/05/1816 Lathan CRACKNELL Single Redlingfield Martha BOLTON Single
14 15/10/1816 George CORNISH Single Mary SMITH Single
15 14/11/1816 Samuel DRIVER Single Ubbeston Elizabeth REEVE Single
16 28/01/1817 Joseph WEAVERS Widower Martha MILLS Single
17 02/05/1817 Robert COCKERELL Widower Anne KNEVETT Single
18 21/10/1817 Thomas GODBOLD Single Stradbroke Rachel COOK Single
19 06/11/1817 Obadiah NOBBS Single Anna STANNARD Single
20 12/03/1818 Evans LOCKWOOD Single Elizabeth ROUS Single
21 18/05/1818 Samuel CHIPPERFIELD Single Cratfield Lucy BEVENTON Single
22 20/08/1818 Noah HALLOCK Single Elizabeth CALVER Single
22 20/08/1818 Noah HADDOCK Single Elizabeth CALVER Single
23 15/06/1819 James COPPING Single Maria SIMPSON Widow
24 07/07/1819 Christopher ANDREWS Single Mary PIPE Single
25 24/08/1819 James BURLEIGH Single Margaret FISHER Single
26 04/10/1819 Thomas SMITH Single Stradbroke Lydia GEORGE Widow
27 19/10/1819 William MOBBS Single Elizabeth POLLARD Single
28 20/01/1820 Samuel MEEN Single Billingford By Diss, Norfolk Mary COPPING Single
29 01/02/1820 Edward GODDARD Single Charlotte FEAVEYEAR Single
30 22/03/1820 James MOUSER Single Brundish Hannah BICKER Single
31 22/05/1820 Thomas MOULTON Single Elizabeth DENNEY Single
32 07/08/1820 Samuel COPPING Single Martha WARN Single
33 25/09/1820 Richard JOHNSON Single Hannah CHANDLER Single
34 13/10/1820 John BALDWIN Single Sarah RUNNACLES Single
35 28/11/1820 John LING Single Thorndon Susan POTTER Single
36 24/05/1821 George GARDINER Single Tannington Mary FLATMAN Widow
37 10/08/1821 James MANBY Single Heveningham Susan BICKERS Single
38 14/09/1821 Thomas BLOOMFIELD Single Stradbroke Sarah CHANDLER Single
39 13/05/1822 Robert ALLEN Single Brundish Hannah WEAVERS Single
40 15/10/1822 Thomas JOHNSON Single Elizabeth WATLING Single
41 21/10/1822 Lewis BOLTON Single Bedfield Elizabeth CHENERY Single
42 02/12/1822 Roger HARDING Single Esther PIPE Single
43 12/12/1822 William STANNARD Single Rhoda VINCENT Widow
44 25/04/1823 George GOSTLING Single Hoxne Susan CONNEL Single
45 04/08/1823 Henry COPPEN Single Ann SMITH Single
46 13/10/1823 Stephen MUTIMER Single Hannah GARDNER Single
47 11/11/1823 Nathan COOK Single Hepzibah LOCKWOOD Single
48 20/11/1823 William MEEN Single Stradbroke Elizabeth COPPEN Single
49 20/04/1824 John EVANS Single St Bartholomew The Great, City Of London Mary LOCKWOOD Single
50 09/08/1824 Frederick CODD Widower Barrow Hannah CHENERY Single
51 19/11/1824 William FISKE Single Charlotte GODDARD Widow
52 15/03/1825 James ANDREWS Widower Maria CHURCHYARD Single
53 01/06/1825 William BOTWRIGHT Single Mary MANSER Single
54 09/11/1825 Elijah COOK Mary Ann BALDRY
55 27/12/1825 William GRENNARD Single Stonham Aspal Mary SCALES Single
56 07/03/1826 Charles ENGLISH Single Horham Mary READ Single
57 16/05/1826 James MOYES Single Horham Mary MARTIN Single
58 19/09/1826 Jeremiah PIPE Emma POLLARD
59 09/10/1826 Simon WILSON Widower Mary RUNNACLES Single
60 09/10/1826 James Aldous DENNEY Single Mary GOODCHILD Single
61 23/07/1827 John PRESS Anne TODD
62 30/07/1827 Richard PLUMMER Elizabeth GROOM Widow
63 09/10/1827 Charles SENDALL Anne ALDOUS Single
64 16/04/1828 John CLARKE Single Harriett SPAULD Single
65 17/07/1828 William WOOLNOUGH Single Susan MARTIN Single
66 13/10/1828 Elisha EMMS Single Matilda HOWARD Single
67 13/10/1828 John MUTIMER Single Bathsheba BROWN Single
68 06/11/1828 William FEAVYOUR Single Elizabeth HASEL Widow
69 11/02/1829 William PIPE Single Maria LIST Single
70 16/03/1829 Henry ALDOUS Widower Mary BUCKNEM Single
71 09/06/1829 Abraham CUNNINGHAM Single Elizabeth ROUS Single
72 15/06/1829 David HARVEY Single Jane CARVER Single
73 03/08/1829 Thomas STERN Single Aramata PENDLE Single
74 05/10/1829 George COPPING Single Mary COCKEREL Single
75 14/10/1829 Daniel FEAVYOUR Single Mary NESLING Single
76 21/10/1829 Elisha COOK Single Lucy DOWSON Single
77 04/11/1829 Philip RUMSEY Mary Ann JAMES
78 27/11/1829 Hezekiah LOCKWOOD Single Ann COLLETT Single
79 31/12/1829 William MOTHERSOLE Single Palgrave Mary Ann BRYANT Single
80 08/02/1830 Philip RUMSEY Lettice BORRETT
81 14/10/1830 David ROW Single Hoxne Harriet PRICE Single
82 29/03/1831 John TAYLOR Single Dickleburgh, Norfolk Ann MANSER Single
83 23/05/1831 Lewes GROOM Single Susan GIBBS Single
84 18/10/1831 Robert STAMMERS Single Phyllis RODWELL Single
85 03/01/1832 Christopher SMITH Widower Esther FEVIOUR Single
86 12/01/1832 James WITHAM Single Weybread Jemima CANNELL Single
87 11/07/1832 Edward FEVERYEAR Single Hannah BOTWRIGHT Single
88 16/10/1832 John CATTERMOLE Single Ann DAWSON Single
89 04/11/1832 Robert CUNNINGHAM Single Yoxford Ann GARRARD Single
90 17/03/1833 Thomas READ Single Horham Sarah SILSBY Single
91 02/05/1833 John THORNDIKE Widower Horham Jane LOCKWOOD Widow
92 29/05/1833 James RUMSEY Single Sarah JAMES Widow
93 15/10/1833 John RUMSEY Single Hannah CRACKNELL Single
94 11/02/1834 John BUTCHER Single Maria WOOLNER Single
95 27/05/1834 Samuel ROPER Single Framlingham Charlotte COOK Single
96 16/06/1834 George SPARROW Single Mary CRACKNELL Single
97 14/07/1834 Thomas PIPE Single Brundish Mary BALLARD Single
98 26/08/1834 Sier NOBLE Widower Tannington Martha BOTWRIGHT Single
99 23/09/1834 George RUMSBY Single Mary Ann SHULVER Single
100 13/10/1834 John TAYLOR Single Elizabeth POLL Single
101 21/10/1834 Edward BROCK Single Bedfield Caroline CHENERY Single
102 06/01/1835 James HITCHCOCK Widower Heigham, Norfolk Charlotte BORRETT Single
103 06/01/1835 James KERRIDGE Widower Dennington Judith BORRETT Single
104 12/10/1835 Thomas STOREY Single Tannington Sarah THROWER Single
105 14/10/1835 Michael MUTIMER Single Frances TAYLOR Single
106 10/12/1835 George SHELDRICK Single Horham Rosetta PLANT Single
107 28/12/1835 George STEVENSON Single Framlingham Mary STANNARD Single
108 12/09/1836 John GOODCHILD Widower Mary ALDOUS Single
109 12/10/1836 John ALDOUS Single Sarah WILSON Single
110 12/10/1836 George GOODCHILD Single Mary BORRETT Single
111 18/10/1836 James LOCKWOOD Single Hannah STANNARD Single
112 29/10/1836 George ATKINS Single Phoebe RUMSEY Single
113 06/01/1837 William PLANT Single Eliza WILSON Single
114 16/06/1837 James PEDGRIFT Single Jane FOX Single

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