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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wingfield St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Wingfield lies in the extreme north of Suffolk not too far from its border with neighbouring Norfolk. Wingfield is situated about 4 miles south of the Norfolk town of Harleston and a mile north of the B1118 road which connects Diss in Norfolk with Stradbroke. Wingfield is a rather dispersed settlement with most properties lying on a "T" shaped set of lanes to the north of the B1118, Church Road forming the axis of that shape. Wingfield is notable for its 14th century castle, remains of which lies to the northwest of the church, it was given license, granted to the De La Pole family, to crenallate in 1384. Like most Suffolk parishes Wingfield was, and still is, an arable farming community based on the fertile soils and gentle terrain of the county. A small stream drains northeastwards the short distance to join the River Waveney, here forming the county borderm which heads east to reach the North Sea through Great Yarmouth. Wingfield is sited at around 40 metres, as is much of the land hereabouts once away from the Waveney Valley, land gently rises southeastwards to reach almost 60 metres to the southeast of Stradbroke. Wingfield parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering almost 2,500 acres it would have supported close to 650 parishioners. In Domesday times Wingfield was an important settlement in the largest 20% of places recorded in that tome, it was shared largely between Robert Malet and Ely Abbey and could boast an impressive 19 ploughs as awell as extensive meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the eastern side of Church Road opposite the village inn which commemorates the local De La Pole family. It is fair to say that St Andrew is one of the most impressive churches in Suffolk, that family contributing extensively over the centuries to its size and glorification. Pevsner text waxes at length about the detail but suffice it to say the church is a mixture of the Decorated and Perpendicular styles with a long history of additions, modifications and restoration. In the 14th a college of priests was founded by the Wingfield family, Sir John Wingfield who died in 1361 being principal benefactor at that time, and this is usually quoted as a suitable date for the consecration of St Andrew. The western tower and northern chapel are contemporary with that period and St John's minument sits within the chancel. But it is to the De La Pole family and Michael 2nd Earl of Suffolk who died in 1415 that much must be attributed. The lavish southern chapel was undoubtedly funded by his contemporaries. The Perpendicular era brought St Andrew's most noticeable feature the clerestory crossing both nave and chancel as well as the east window of the chancel.Given the glory of the church it is perhaps surprising that the Victorians largely left well alone but no major restoration masks the medieval grandness of St Andrew. Church Road is narrow but a small pull-in sits opposite the De La Pole Arms with room for a car or two, metal gates lead to a path through screening trees. It is fortunate that the impressive view from the south is not obscured by obstacles allowing the full glory to be appreciated and captured by the photographer. 

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
14th October 1755 - 12th October 1812
Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC84/D/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 12th January 1813 - 19th January 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC84/D/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Syleham St Margaret
Syleham St Margaret
Weybread St Andrew
Weybread St Andrew
Syleham St Margaret
Hoxne St Peter & St Paul
Fressingfield St Peter & St Paul
Stradbroke All Saints
Hoxne St Peter & St Paul
Stradbroke All Saints
Stradbroke All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/10/1755 Francis SHELDRAKE Single Mary STANNARD Single
2 14/10/1755 William BEECROFT Single Anne STANNARD Single
3 06/07/1756 Barker COPPER Single Jane JARVIS Single
4 30/08/1756 John WARN Single Susan DOWSON Single
5 23/09/1756 John CLARK Widower Elizabeth CONNOLD
6 23/09/1756 John BROWN Single Sarah BARBER Single
7 14/10/1756 Samuel HARPER Single Brockdish, Norfolk Elizabeth STROULGER
8 21/10/1756 George WARN Single Ruth BEECROFT Single
9 28/10/1757 John LAMBERT Single Eye Agnes FISK Single
10 30/01/1758 Robert GOODRAM Brome Bridget GARDINER
11 17/12/1758 Henry CONNOLD Ann CUPPER
12 02/04/1759 Jonathan HAMBLING Single St Cross South Elmham Frances PAGE
13 30/10/1759 John WYTHE Single Deborah BOAST Single
14 08/01/1760 Cornelius REEVE Single Weybread Elizabeth SMITH Single
15 12/02/1760 Thomas ADAMS Widower Theodosia GOLD Widow
16 09/07/1760 Charles GIPSON Beccles Sarah SKELTON
17 13/07/1760 Thomas SANDERS Widower Ann DICKSON Single
19 10/10/1760 John SMITH Single Mary HART Single
18 20/10/1760 Charles WARREN Single Fressingfield Honor MAYHEW Single
20 02/12/1760 Benjamin WINCE Single Ruth HOWARD Single
21 11/12/1760 David COOKE Single Hoxne Mary MORLEY Single
22 06/01/1761 John CRICKMORE Single Sarah STANNARD Single
23 11/01/1763 Robert JERMY Mendham Mary ALGAR
24 05/04/1763 Samuel WARN Single Elizabeth BLOMFIELD Single
25 19/05/1763 Daniel FILLPOT Single Mary PHARROE Single
26 06/11/1763 Thomas FEAVERYEAR Single Diana BATHER Single
27 10/01/1764 Benjamin WARN Single Elizabeth THALLOW Single
28 18/06/1764 Robert WOODYARD Single Hannah GOODRAM Single
29 12/11/1764 John STRANGE Single Dinah BERRY Single
30 08/04/1765 Henry CARVER Single Fressingfield Martha CUPPER Widow
31 07/05/1765 William PAGE Single Philippa ANDREWS Single
32 25/07/1765 John GODFREY Widower Elizabeth HAMBLING Single
34 02/08/1765 Thomas VINCENT Widower Sarah BRIDGES Single
35 08/02/1767 Joseph JEFFERIES Ireland Sarah DOWSING
36 15/06/1767 John GOSLING Widower Catharine THURLOW Widow
37 22/06/1767 John MOYSE Widower Jane THURLOW Widow
38 14/11/1767 Henry STONE Single Wissett Elizabeth HINDS Single
39 22/12/1767 James JOHNSON Single Rachael BARKER Single
40 29/12/1768 John Rix BIRCH Single Redgrave Mary JESSUP Single
41 17/10/1769 George COOPER Single Frances BOAST Single
42 20/02/1770 Joseph HART Single Metfield Abigail STADE Single
43 15/05/1770 John BOAST Single Sarah DUNN Single
44 06/10/1770 Robert CONNOLD Widower Ann WATS Single
45 11/10/1770 James EVANS Single Rebecca ALDES Single
46 06/11/1770 Roger TAYLOR Widower St Mary, Bungay Lydia CHILVERS Single
47 10/10/1771 Arthur TURRELL Single Elizabeth COCKERELL Single
48 13/10/1772 Richard ALDIS Single Mary LEFLY Single
49 13/10/1772 Robert BRIDGES Single Hoxne Elizabeth FOLKARD Single
50 17/11/1772 Benjamin COTTON Single Weybread Ann PRETTYMAN Single
51 15/03/1773 Thomas LAPER Brockdish, Norfolk Frances CRICKMORE
52 23/01/1774 John LEE Single Stansfield Elizabeth HILL Single
53 04/04/1774 Thomas WARREN Widower Margaret PULEY Single
54 08/12/1774 Thomas CLARK Single Elizabeth HAMMOND Single
55 31/08/1775 John SMITH Single Mary BEECRAFT Single
56 07/12/1775 Robert JOHNSON Single Elizabeth CHILVERS Single
57 28/12/1775 George ROBINSON St Stephen, Ipswich Sarah JEFFERIES Single
58 07/10/1776 James DRANE Single Ann CHITTOCK Single
59 18/10/1776 Samuel FRESTON Single Redenhall, Norfolk Sarah PAGE
60 10/02/1777 Thomas ALDOUS Single Stradbroke Elizabeth HOLLAND Single
61 12/03/1777 John CURTIS Single Elizabeth RIVETT Single
62 10/04/1777 Ezra EDWARDS Single Wangford By Southwold Susanna CLARKE Single
63 15/11/1777 Thomas MATHEWS Widower Elizabeth GIBBINS Single
64 07/09/1778 George BOAST Widower Pulham Market, Norfolk Martha LIDAMAR Single
65 02/10/1778 Robert DUNNET Single Stradbroke Margaret MASON Single
66 02/10/1778 Jonathan MESSERSON Single Denton, Norfolk Lydia FOLKARD Single
67 05/02/1779 Barzillai HURRY Single Catharine WARN Single
68 11/10/1779 William PARKER Single Mary ALDIS
69 23/11/1779 Thomas ROUS Single Frances SCALES Single
70 30/11/1779 John THURLOW Single Cosby FEAVERYEAR Single
71 28/12/1779 Thomas STIGALL Single Yoxford Elizabeth CLEAR Single
72 01/06/1780 James KNIGHTS Single Martha CONNOLD Single
73 05/08/1780 John ELVIN Single Hoxne Agnis PEARL Single
74 04/09/1780 John ASTEN Single Weybread Elizabeth BALDRY
75 04/09/1780 George ASTEN Single Weybread Elizabeth ALGAR
75 19/09/1780 Nicholas BURLEY Single Stradbroke Elizabeth MUTIMER Single
76 12/10/1780 Jeremiah BAXTER Single Mary SCUTTS Single
77 12/10/1780 David SEWEL Single Mary BARBER Single
78 15/02/1781 John PEARL Hoxne Amy THURSTON
79 04/09/1781 Jonathan SPURLING Elizabeth COOKE
80 07/09/1781 John CLARKE Single Ann CLARKE
81 02/10/1781 James BARBER Single Catharine BOND Single Syleham
82 10/10/1781 Robert RUNARKIS Single Elizabeth PAGE
83 16/10/1781 Joseph STIMPSON Single Margaret SPURLING Single
84 05/11/1781 Robert BURGES Widower Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
85 22/11/1781 Robert GARROD Single Stradbroke Mary THURSTON Single
86 17/04/1782 Henry DENNY Single Linstead Parva Barbara ROSE Single
87 30/04/1782 Benjamin WARN Single Susanna COOK Single
88 18/08/1782 William BOTWRIGHT Single Reydon Martha COOPER
88 07/11/1782 William RAINER Single Weybread Elizabeth WARN Single
89 05/12/1782 James WATSON Single Anna CONNOLD Single
90 17/02/1783 John RIVETT Single Hannah ROSE Single
1 01/01/1784 James QUINTON Single Needham, Norfolk Esther CLARKE Single
3 27/02/1784 James FRENCH Single Redenhall, Norfolk Sarah COTTON Single
2 20/06/1784 Christopher BURLEY Single Sarah THEOBALD Widow Thornham Magna
4 11/10/1784 Henry CORNISH Single Elizabeth CHANDLER Single
5 25/11/1784 George WARN Single Lucy EMMES Single
6 23/12/1784 Stephen LOWES Single Frances LONG Single
7 20/01/1785 John STANNARD Widower Elizabeth GARROD Widow
8 28/01/1785 Henry CONNOLD Single Susanna LOCK Single
9 01/02/1785 Thomas DADE Single Weybread Sarah BARBER Single
10 11/10/1785 William SEAGON Single Mendham Mary MOSS Single
11 28/10/1785 John MOYSE Single Elizabeth WATSON
12 08/11/1785 John WARNE Single Ann SHELDRAKE Single
13 29/01/1786 William STANNARD Single Ubbeston Alice WIGHTING
14 21/02/1786 John SPINK Single Brockdish, Norfolk Sarah SHELDRAKE Single
15 27/06/1786 Samuel ROSE Single Mary PARISH
16 08/08/1786 Samuel MOBBS Single Mary WARD Single
17 30/10/1786 David SMITH Single Mary MARJORYM Single
18 01/01/1787 John SHELDRAKE Single Mary BROWSE Single
19 02/01/1787 James MARTIN Single Stradbroke Ann PAGE Single
20 27/07/1787 John KNIGHTS Single Keziah SMITH Single
21 09/10/1787 Charles HOWES Single Lydia HARVEY Single
22 30/10/1787 Francis PAYNE Widower Ann CONNOLD Widow
23 07/11/1787 William BURCHAM Widower St Michael Cornhill, City Of London Susan PRETTYMAN Single
24 05/04/1788 Robert SNELL Single Lydia MOYSE Single
25 12/05/1788 George BARBER Single Weybread Elizabeth BROWNE Single
26 12/05/1789 John WATLING Widower Susan NESLING Single
27 12/05/1789 Noah CHATTON Single Mary Maria RANT Single
28 06/04/1790 Thomas THURSTON Widower Rebecca WOOLTERTON Widow
29 24/05/1790 William BOOTMAN Single Hannah PAGE Single Weybread
30 12/10/1790 Benjamin SAYER Single Cratfield Elizabeth RICHES Single
31 18/11/1790 Auther TURRELL Widower Martha BOTWRIGHT Single
32 13/06/1791 James FEAVERYEAR Single Elizabeth ELLIS Single
33 17/10/1791 John BALDRY Single Susanna BURGESS Single
34 22/11/1791 George CORNISH Single Elizabeth CARD Single
35 06/03/1792 Samuel MORTIMORE Single Southolt Cleopatra BARBER Single
36 10/07/1792 Samuel BUTCHER Single Martha MUSK Single
37 31/07/1792 James COOPER Single Fressingfield Rose DENMARK Single
38 25/10/1793 Robert ROSE Widower Martha FREND Single
39 18/02/1794 James CHENERY Single Mary DUNN Single
40 10/10/1794 John EVENS Single Sarah DURRENT Single
41 12/10/1794 Barzillai HURRY Widower Lydia BATHO Single
42 28/10/1794 Edward DOVE Single Mary ALDOUS Single
43 15/04/1795 John FEAVERYEAR Widower Lucy BASSENT Single
44 10/10/1796 Adam RIESBOROUGH Single Stradbroke Mary BARKER Single
45 10/10/1796 Stephen SELF Single Elizabeth ETHERIDGE Single
46 18/10/1796 Samuel MOYSE Single Susan CONNELL Single
47 12/06/1797 David FEAVERYEAR Single Frances LAST Single
48 03/08/1797 Charles LEFTLEY Single Matilda WARN Single
49 26/10/1797 Stephen BLOMFIELD Single Mary COOPPER Single
50 07/11/1797 James ETHERIDGE Single Mary SELF Single
51 26/12/1797 Thomas HOLMES Single Eye Mary CURTIS Single
52 15/03/1798 William DALE Single Esther HAMMONT Single
53 24/07/1798 Joseph WARN Single Kerenhappuch ETHERIDGE Single
54 20/10/1798 John SCRUTTON Single Mahalia FEAVERYEAR Single
55 17/11/1798 Anthony MITCHELS Single Dinah WARN Single
56 30/12/1798 William Fransome HART Single Sarah BARBER Widow
57 18/01/1799 Barker COOPER Single Hannah FEAVERYEAR Single
58 04/04/1799 Jonathan HUNTING Single Charlotte WARD Single
59 18/11/1799 Francis MUSK Single Mary BRIGGS Single
60 20/12/1799 William CHANDLER Single Susanna FRANCES Single
61 08/04/1800 Edmund KEEBLE Single Mary WRIGHT Single Fressingfield
62 02/05/1800 Edward CHAPMAN Widower Sarah BURGESS Single
63 09/10/1800 William DRANE Single Margaret DANBY Single
64 11/10/1800 George THROWER Single Sarah HARPER Single
65 04/06/1801 Samuel WARN Widower Sarah BOAST Single
66 11/06/1801 Robert BUMPSTEAD Single Stradbroke Mary KERRY Single
67 05/10/1801 William NORMAN Single Elizabeth WARN Single
68 08/12/1801 Robert DAYE Single Charlotte GOSLING Single
69 05/01/1802 George SMITH Single Cratfield Frances WHITMORE Widow
70 19/04/1802 James HARPER Single Mary OLDEN Single
71 12/09/1802 Robert SHIMMON Single Anne TALBOT Single Hoxne
72 07/10/1802 Henry CATLING Single Charlotte BARBER Widow
73 12/10/1802 Nicholas BURLEY Widower Syleham Jemima TAYLOR Single
74 02/11/1802 William ELLIOT Single Phoebe CUTTING Single
75 19/04/1803 Edward DAYE Single Mary BLOMFIELD Single
76 14/06/1803 Robert AGGAS Widower Earsham, Norfolk Rebecca TAYLOR Single
77 22/09/1803 Samuel BULLARD Single Hoxne Martha TYRRELL Widow
78 22/09/1803 John TRICKER Single Ann GARROOD Single
79 17/10/1803 Absalom FEAVERYEAR Single Mary COLTRAP Single
80 06/12/1803 Thomas ETHERIDGE Single Fressingfield Harriott COTTON Single
81 07/02/1804 Thomas LAST Single Snape Ann BURROWS Single
82 03/05/1804 Thomas BURGESS Single Laxfield Sarah WARD Single
83 28/07/1804 Daniel MARJORAM Single Hannah POLLARD Single
84 05/10/1804 John CLARKE Single Bridget PENN Single Redenhall, Norfolk
85 15/10/1804 James TALBOTT Single Stradbroke Susanna FOLGER Single
86 12/11/1804 Robinson CHAPLIN Single Mary CHILVERS Single
87 02/06/1805 Buxton ANDREWS Single Fressingfield Lydia DANBY Single
88 29/10/1805 Francis DENMARK Widower Martha ROSE Widow
89 13/11/1806 William CRISP Single Mary NEWSON Single
90 26/05/1807 William HASELL Single Wilby Elizabeth WYTHE Single
91 18/02/1808 James HART Single Fressingfield Sarah MOBBS Single
92 07/04/1808 John DURRANT Single Sarah DAVIES Single
93 07/08/1808 George LEGGATE Single Hoxne Maria BUNN Widow
94 16/11/1808 Robert TAYLOR Single Anne PALMER
95 06/12/1808 Samuel CALVER Widower Beccles Anna TOVELL Single
96 24/10/1809 Samuel CHENERY Single Jane BRUNDISH Single
97 28/01/1810 John HUGGINS Single Hannah GARDINER Single
98 18/04/1810 James WATSON Single Dorothy WARNE Single
99 11/03/1811 Charles GODBOLD Single Wenhaston Maria ALDOUS Single
100 04/07/1811 Samuel CATLING Single Sarah GIRLING Single Stradbroke
101 11/07/1811 James WARNE Single Hannah CHAPLIN Single
102 10/10/1811 William RIVETT Widower Mary BOREHAM Widow
103 10/10/1811 Joshua MASON Single Mary ROSE Single
104 19/11/1811 Robert EDWARDS Widower Stradbroke Elizabeth NORMAN Widow
105 24/01/1812 Robert DUNNETT Widower Mary MUTIMER Single
106 18/05/1812 William STYGALL Single Hannah GIRLING Single
107 12/10/1812 John FLEGG Single Elizabeth CHANDLER Single
1 12/01/1813 John BUTTON Single Denton, Norfolk Ann COOKE Single
2 22/02/1813 John SPALL Single Elizabeth LARTER Single
3 24/09/1813 Giles BORRETT Single Stradbroke Phoebe CLARKE Single
4 28/10/1813 John BORRETT Single Sarah GOLDSMITH Single Redenhall, Norfolk
5 27/12/1813 William FRANKS Single Eye Mary MULLINER Single
6 27/01/1814 Alexander Rufus MARSDEN Widower Ufford Priscilla CHANDLER Single
7 15/08/1814 William MARJORAM Widower Syleham Margaret FANDAM Widow
8 04/09/1814 John KNIGHTS Single Mary Ann FISHER
9 27/10/1814 Samuel CHANDLER Single Laxfield Elizabeth OWLES Single
10 16/12/1814 Daniel BLOMFIELD Single Flixton Elizabeth SPALL Single
11 07/08/1815 William EMONY Single Alicia EAMES Single
12 07/09/1815 Benjamin HARPER Single Weybread Sarah BAXTER Single
13 12/10/1815 Robert CARVER Single Halesworth Sarah CARVER Single
14 21/11/1815 William Henry KING Single Earsham, Norfolk Lucy BRITON Single
16 12/01/1816 William OWLES Single Dorothy CHANDLER Single
17 11/03/1816 Benjamin EDWARDS Single Susan FEAVERYEAR Single
18 21/05/1816 Edward READ Single Laxfield Mary MOBBS Single
19 07/10/1816 James RICHES Widower Mary UPCRAFT Single
22 03/01/1817 William WRIGHT Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Susan CHANDLER Single
23 04/11/1817 Samuel MORTIMER Single Letty WARN Single
24 25/11/1817 Anthony MUTIMER Single Kezia RIVETT Single
25 27/01/1818 Christopher GRICE Widower Phoebe SPARROW Single
26 13/07/1818 William LEFTLY Single Caroline HOLMES Single
27 25/08/1818 Jacob MUTIMER Single Phoebe BURLEY Single
28 25/11/1818 James Wells GOBBETT Single Rachel CHAPMAN Single
29 29/12/1818 Bilby FARROW Single Stradbroke Mary Ann DOVE Single
31 26/01/1819 William COCKERELL Single Stradbroke Mary DUNNETT Widow
32 10/03/1819 William GARDINER Single Sarah BERRY Single
33 22/04/1819 John KERRY Single Sarah SHEARING Single
34 13/05/1819 Robert MOBBS Single Mary FEAVEARYEAR Single
35 10/06/1819 James FRISTON Single Mary QUINTON Single
36 25/10/1819 Samuel NEWMAN Single Sarah WARD Single
37 04/11/1819 George ABLETT Single Sarah SPORLE Single
38 21/12/1819 John SHELDRAKE Single Sarah SMITH Single
39 25/12/1819 Henry HUNTON Single Elizabeth WARN Single
40 07/02/1820 Philip SMITH Single Phoebe ROSE Single
41 29/06/1820 Thomas LINES Widower Elizabeth QUINTON Single
42 31/07/1820 Joshua MASON Widower Naomi MORTIMER Single
43 12/10/1820 Samuel CHENERY Widower Mary Ann WARREN Widow
44 09/11/1820 Henry SPALL Single Ann WARN Widow
45 08/11/1821 Elisha BARBER Single Hannah BILNEY Single
46 15/11/1821 John CLARK Widower Elizabeth ALDOUS Widow
47 02/04/1822 Luke BURROWS Single Diss, Norfolk Maria CUPPER Single
48 15/10/1822 James MASTERSON Single Dinah BAXTER Single
49 05/11/1822 Benjamin BRIDGES Widower Stradbroke Mary Ann WARREN Single
50 19/11/1822 Benjamin BATLEY Single Sarah PINSON Single
51 15/04/1823 Abraham GIRLING Single Susan STEVENSON Single
52 25/12/1823 Richard WARREN Single Mundham, Norfolk Charity ROSE Single
53 14/01/1824 Henry CORNISH Single Worlingworth Rebecca OWLES Single
54 01/03/1824 George THROWER Single Lucy FOULGER Single
55 24/03/1824 Robert LAPER Single Syleham Pricilla LEFTLY Single
56 21/04/1824 Lewis CHAPLIN Single Maria BLOOMFIELD Single Weybread
57 11/05/1824 William PRECIOUS Single Susanna NOLLOTH Single
58 25/10/1824 James WARN Widower Elizabeth ROUS Single
59 05/04/1825 William GREEN Single Syleham Dinah CATERMOLE Single
60 19/04/1825 Allen PRECIOUS Single Harriet CLUTTEN Single
61 20/04/1825 Gibson Harper SCACE Single Cratfield Rebecca HART Single
62 20/06/1825 Jonathan MOBBS Widower Sarah CHAMBERS Single
63 28/07/1825 Joseph Hiott HODGKIN Single Boxford Lucy SHERRING Single
64 30/01/1826 Joseph CHILVER Widower Sarah RICHES Single
65 25/04/1826 Absolom FEAVEAYEAR Single Elizabeth CRISP Single
66 16/05/1826 Horrace WARN Single Elizabeth THREDGALL Single
67 06/07/1826 George CHAPLIN Single Priscilla JEFFRIES Single Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk
68 13/07/1826 John MOYSE Single Ann GOBBETT Single Brockdish, Norfolk
69 04/06/1827 Barker CUPPER Single Naomi CHANDLER Single
70 25/06/1827 George OWLES Bungay Mary OWLES
71 30/07/1827 David LEFTLEY Widower Phoebe HARPUR Widow
72 05/02/1828 James EASEY Widower Dunwich Rebecca DUNNELL Single
73 08/02/1828 James WARD Widower Lydia BETTS
74 19/02/1828 John TYE Single Jane CUPPER Single
75 15/09/1828 Isaac WITHERLY Widower Martha VINCENT Single
76 13/10/1828 Drane CHITTOCK Single Mary LARTER Single
77 14/10/1828 William HILLING Single Elizabeth THROWER Single
78 25/11/1828 John AYLWARD Single Elizabeth WINGFIELD Single
79 20/04/1829 Henry BRIGGS Single Frances CHITTOCK Single
80 08/06/1829 John POTTER Single Stradbroke Susan POTTER Single
81 25/08/1829 James WINGFIELD Single Frances AYLWARD Single
82 20/10/1829 Samuel MOYSE Single Phoebe BORRETT Single
83 16/11/1829 William SMITH Single Metfield Charlotte REVELL Single
84 21/01/1830 Charles Pestell HARRIS Single St Andrew The Great, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Sophia Elizabeth SUMPTER Single
85 15/04/1830 Noah FEAVEARYEAR Single Mary Ann NOLLOTH Single
86 03/08/1830 Samuel PRICKWOOD Widower Harriet WARN Single
87 14/10/1830 Joshua CROSS Widower Needham, Norfolk Elizabeth Ann VINCENT Single
88 14/10/1830 William FEAVEARYEAR Single Martha SELF Single
89 16/02/1831 Charles WARNE Single Harriet FULCHER Single
90 23/02/1831 John WINGFIELD Widower Sophiah ROSE Single
91 18/04/1831 Cyrus LEFTLY Single Priscilla MORTIMER Single
92 24/05/1831 Daniel BLOMFIELD Single Rebecca BOWEN Single
93 20/06/1831 William WARD Bloomsbury, Middlesex Mary Anne HALIFAX Single
94 06/09/1831 William THROWER Single Susanna MOYSE Single
95 26/09/1831 John BOND Single Catherine WESTGATE Single
96 11/10/1831 George BLOOMFIELD Single Matilda THORNTON Single
97 19/11/1831 Francis PAGE Single Sarah Ann VINCENT Single
98 20/12/1831 William SPALL Single Rachel GOBBETT Single
99 12/07/1832 Thomas SOWTER Single Mary GOBBETT Single
100 19/11/1832 Thomas SPALL Single Mary Ann FOX Single
101 25/12/1832 Joseph WARREN Widower Martha WINGFIELD Single
102 14/03/1833 William CATLING Single Matilda TAYLOR Single
103 28/06/1833 Charles Bohun SMYTH Widower Alfriston, Sussex Harriet Cotton SUMPTER Single
104 01/07/1833 William DAVY Widower Mary BOOTMAN Single
105 28/10/1833 James THREDGALL Single Anne GRICE Single
106 29/10/1833 Henry WATSON Single Susanna SIMPSON Single
107 31/10/1833 Abraham MUSK Single Stradbroke Harriett PRICE Single
108 20/05/1834 Henry CUTTEN Single Sarah BOWEN Single
109 16/06/1834 James Willemite ROBERTSON Single Susanna HURRY Single
110 13/10/1834 William BRIGHTON Single Catherine COCK Single
111 14/10/1834 George HUNT Single Dennington Mary Anne BLOMFIELD Single
112 30/12/1834 Robert WRIGHT Widower Elizabeth ALGAR Widow
114 11/10/1835 Thomas MASON Single Rebeccah LEFTLEY Single
115 19/11/1835 George FLEGG Single Mary Anne VINCENT Single
116 27/11/1835 Charles CHILVERS Single Pulham St Mary, Norfolk Anne LINES Single
117 01/12/1835 James DURRANT Single Lydia STANFORD Single
118 15/08/1836 Joseph WARN Widower Cleopatra MORTIMER Single
119 25/10/1836 Robert MUTIMER Single Ellen NOTLEY Single
120 19/12/1836 Jonathan HART St Marylebone, Middlesex Harriott PITTS
121 19/01/1837 John DURRANT Single Hannah STANFORD Single

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