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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Glynde St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Glynde lies in the south of East Sussex not too far from its English Channel coastline. Glynde is located about 3 miles east of the market town of Lewes and about a mile north of the A27 road which connects Lewes with Eastbourne. Glynde sits in a gap in the chalk downlands at the foot of steeply rising "Mount Caburn". At the time of this transcript Glynde would have been a farming community dominated by sheep rearing on the chalk hills supplemented by cattle in the valley bottom, nowadays it is more noted for the nearby opera house at Glyndebourne. The village of Glynde is rather linear spreading from the A27 up to the boundaries of the estate with the Lewes to Eastbourne rail line forming its notional centre. Glynde is quite a hub for communications as not only the A27, the rail line but also a canal connect the small village to the wider world. The canal replaces much of the small drainage channels which head westwards to reach the nearby River Ouse and the English Channel through Newhaven. Glynde is sited at little more than sea level although the chalk hills rise to almost 150 metres within a half mile. By East Sussex standards Glynde parish was a small one, it covered almost 1,400 acres and would have supported a population of just over 250 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Glynde in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the border of the estate of Glynde Place. The church is an 18th century replacement for the previous medieval building and is rather unusual for a parish church. The building certainly creates mixed feelings, Hussey in 1852 describing it as "in a very bad taste" although perhaps feelings have mellowed over the years. The small and squat oblong box is clearly no replacement for the mediaeval predecessor. Pevsner reserves judgment on the exterior but passes the comment that the interior would be "perfect" were it not for the screen & glass. The church sits on the east side of Lacy's Hill some 25 metres higher than the village and a lychgate grants access. The site is not compromised photographically in any way.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th January 1756 - 2nd November 1811 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR347/1/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th April 1813 - 7th November 1836 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR347/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Ringmer St Mary
Ringmer St Mary
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South Malling St Michael the Archangel
West Firle St Peter
South Malling St Michael the Archangel
Beddingham St Andrew
West Firle St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 20/01/1756 Richard EAGER     Ann ELIOT Single  
2 22/01/1756 William WELLER     Elizabeth POLLARD Widow Alfriston
3 05/04/1756 William CORNWALL Widower   Martha TAYLER Single  
4 21/04/1756 Richard SYMONDS     Elizabeth PAUL Single  
5 16/05/1756 Edward PAUL     Ann TOOTH Widow  
6 19/10/1756 Thomas CRUTTENDEN Widower St Thomas, Lewes Susanna BRACKPOOLE Single  
7 03/04/1757 Edward STREETER   Beddingham Mary PELHAM    
8 24/01/1758 Thomas VINE     Elizabeth COLLINS Single  
9 02/09/1759 Edward SCRIBBENS   Framfield Ann CORNWALL Single  
10 06/11/1759 Joseph INKPEEN   Little Horsted Dinah TAYLOR Single  
11 12/01/1760 Thomas HOWEL     Elizabeth BLANCHETT    
12 22/01/1760 John BURGISS     Emmy DIPLOCK    
13 22/01/1760 Samuel KENT     Ann STEPHENS    
14 08/06/1760 Edward PACKHAM Single Isfield Ann GRIMSHIRE Single  
15 05/04/1761 Thomas DAVIES     Mary TISEHURST Widow  
16 29/12/1761 Abraham BUSSEY Single   Elizabeth BARNDEN Single  
17 09/05/1763 John GRIMSHERE   Ringmer Ann FULLER    
18 14/05/1763 William KING   Ringmer Elizabeth BEARD    
19 12/05/1765 John SMITH     Susanna TAYLOR    
20 07/11/1765 William FARNCOMB   Denton Jane BURGESS Widow  
21 11/02/1766 James HOLDER   St Thomas, Lewes Elizabeth HOWELL Widow  
22 28/07/1767 Moses PITT   St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth HAYWARD    
23 08/04/1768 Thomas BARNDEN     Catherine PELHAM    
24 13/09/1768 William TAYLOR     Ann ELPHICK    
25 16/07/1769 David HAILER     Elizabeth TIPPINS    
26 25/12/1769 Thomas SAVAGE     Ann HARMAN    
27 25/01/1770 Joseph HARMER     Mary GOLDSMITH    
28 11/06/1770 Edward VERNON     Lucy BEDWELL    
29 20/12/1770 Richard KIRBY     Mary TAYLOR    
30 23/09/1772 Thomas HERYET     Mary BARBER    
31 08/10/1772 Thomas SAUNDERS     Elizabeth HOOK    
32 18/02/1773 Thomas VINE     Sarah POCOCK    
33 26/02/1773 John WISDOM     Mary POPE    
34 01/03/1773 John JENNER     Jane HARRISON    
35 05/04/1773 Thomas KING     Ann BLACKMAN   St Thomas, Lewes
36 21/06/1775 John ANSELL   West Firle Dorothy DULY    
37 17/07/1775 James WEST     Elizabeth FIELDMAN   St Thomas, Lewes
38 09/10/1776 John TUGWELL   Brighton Susanna CORNWELL    
39 18/10/1776 William BEECH     Elizabeth TEELING    
40 24/11/1776 Abraham TAYLOR     Elizabeth LOYD    
41 04/03/1777 John HOCKHAM Widower All Saints, Lewes Mary BARNDEN Single  
42 22/04/1779 Thomas LENEY Single Hartfield Mary ELLMAN Single  
43 02/11/1779 John ALS   St Peter Cornhill, City Of London Mary GOLD    
44 08/12/1779 Richard CRUNDEN   Ringmer Lydy HARMER Single  
45 01/05/1780 John EDWARDS     Mary DANIEL    
46 11/02/1781 Thomas AVIS     Jemima TUGWELL    
47 20/02/1781 George WOODGATE Single St Thomas, Lewes Ann TICEHURST    
48 30/08/1782 Thomas TURNER     Sarah PECKHAM Single  
49 22/10/1782 William STREETON     Mary TUGWELL Single  
50 27/12/1783 William JONES   St Clement, Hastings Mary TISEHURST    
28/05/1786 David HAYLER Widower   Mary BROWN Widow  
23/12/1786 Benjamin TOWNER     Lucy EAGER    
18/09/1787 Walter STEPHENS   Bishopstone Mary TEELING    
16/10/1787 Richard HUBBARD     Ann KING    
19/10/1788 Richard BACK Single Ringmer Elizabeth TEELING Single  
18/06/1789 William WISDOM Single   Lucy DANIEL Single  
07/03/1791 Thomas HILLTON Single   Charlotte TUGWELL Single  
27/05/1791 John SHARP Single All Saints, Lewes Frances DAVIES Single  
18/07/1791 Abraham BUSSEY   Ringmer Lucy TOWNER Widow  
08/08/1791 John BATCOCK Single   Mary DRAWBRIDGE Single  
12/10/1791 Robert TAYLOR   South Malling Ann NORMAN    
16/01/1792 William BRAYNE   St Anne, Lewes Hannah MORLEY    
15/12/1794 John ELLMAN     Constantia DAVIES   St Thomas, Lewes
25/12/1794 Richard TUGWELL   Rottingdean Martha LUSTED    
02/02/1795 John WISDOM     Philadelphia BURTON    
06/01/1796 John ROOK     Mary BRIDGER    
12/05/1796 Robert TUGWELL     Susanna KILBY    
17/09/1796 Charles LOWER Single Alfriston Susan BARNDEN Single  
04/11/1796 Charles PAYNE Single   Lucy SALVAGE Single  
30/11/1796 John KING Single   Elizabeth WALLS Single  
13/12/1796 Richard STUBBS Single   Barbara BALDY Single  
26/07/1797 William HILTON Single Newhaven Charlotte GORRINGE Single  
26/10/1797 William NEW Single West Firle Mary ALS Single  
07/03/1799 Edward EVITT Single Wivelsfield Harriet ALS Single  
30/01/1800 Richard WOOD Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
28/11/1800 Joseph ALS Single   Harriott DAVIES Single Beddingham
09/02/1801 James NORMAN     Elizabeth FARLEY   Beddingham
19/06/1801 William TUGWELL Widower Brighton Parnel POTTER    
05/10/1801 John THORPE   Brighton Philley TUGWELL    
06/04/1802 James BAKER   Ringmer Amelia BOTTING    
11/09/1802 Henry PEERLESS     Martha KING    
19/04/1803 Henry WELLER Single   Jane JARVIS Single  
05/11/1804 William GORRINGE     Sarah THATCHER    
18/03/1807 John WICKS   St Michael, Lewes Lucy BUCKMAN    
10/04/1807 William MARTIN     Caroline BARNDEN    
25/03/1808 William ELLIS     Mary BANKS    
25/07/1812 William KNIGHT   West Firle Susanna EAGER    
24/10/1812 James PIPER     Lucy TURNER   Ringmer
02/11/1812 Jesse TURNER Widower   Sarah CURD Single  
1 17/04/1813 John WALLER     Esther MEASLY    
2 26/05/1813 James GOLDSMITH     Elizabeth HOATH    
3 24/07/1813 Richard TRIGWELL Single West Firle Ann ERSSEY Single  
4 29/05/1814 Thomas STREETER   Maresfield Philadelphia AVIS    
5 22/10/1814 Stephen LUSTED     Maria SKINNER    
6 31/12/1817 Thomas DEDMAN   Beddingham Hester EAGER    
7 04/09/1818 John WISDOM   Brighton Mary STANFORD    
8 24/09/1819 Joseph BEACH Single   Jane PRISSMAL Single  
9 04/01/1820 George BRYANT   Ringmer Ann PONTINE    
10 22/05/1820 Richard TAYLOR Single   Susanna Mahala Hephzibah TINSLAY    
11 07/04/1821 Richard BECK Widower   Sarah BUSS Single  
12 04/12/1821 Elias TAYLOR Widower   Ann WALTERS Widow  
13 17/07/1822 William BAKER Single   Mary TURNER Single  
14 25/07/1822 Jonas COOTER Single St Mary At Hill, City Of London Harriet EAGER Single  
15 14/12/1822 Edward ELPHICK Widower   Elizabeth HARMER Single  
16 21/03/1823 George RICHARDSON   Little Horsted Mary BAKER    
17 01/05/1824 George EADE     Elizabeth EAGER    
18 20/10/1826 William TOWNSEND   St John The Baptist, Lewes Charity TURNER    
19 25/02/1827 William BROWN   South Malling Eleanor EAGER    
20 11/06/1827 James SINNOCK Single St John Sub Castro, Lewes Sarah EAGER    
21 31/07/1827 William EAGER     Frances WENHAM    
22 12/08/1828 John Henry COTTERELL   Mansell Gamage, Herefordshire Pyne Jessy BRAND    
23 08/11/1828 George RICHARDSON   South Malling Mary FOORD    
24 01/06/1829 Charles BUNTING   St Thomas, Lewes Sarah FRENCH    
25 08/08/1829 Samuel CORNWELL     Elizabeth PEERLESS    
26 20/02/1830 Isaac Wickison COMBER Single Brighton Frances GORRINGE Single  
27 08/04/1830 William FARLEY Single   Harriet BURTENSHAW   Plumpton
28 01/05/1830 William DIPLOCK Single   Bett TAYLOR Single  
29 30/10/1830 John CORNFORD Single West Firle Rebecca LONG Single  
30 21/11/1830 Arthur James BAKER     Sophia WESTON    
31 16/01/1832 Thomas COSHAM     Susannah TAYLOR    
32 03/06/1832 Thomas STEVENS     Caroline FORD    
33 23/06/1832 William Frederick MARCHANT     Barbara PIPER    
34 05/10/1833 William DIPLOCK   Barcombe Martha EADE    
35 28/12/1833 William WOOD     Sarah Ann TURNER    
36 24/05/1834 Joseph DIPLOCK Single Barcombe Mary EDES Single  
37 26/02/1835 David FORD     Barbara EAGER    
38 02/03/1835 William JONES   Gloucester, Gloucestershire Harriett ELLMAN    
39 09/05/1835 Walter WELLER     Jane CORNWELL    
40 25/12/1835 Joseph TAYLOR     Susanna TURNER    
41 04/02/1836 Thomas White SCUTT Single St Michael, Lewes Catherine Ann ELLMAN Single  
42 23/06/1836 John PAYNE     Ann MARKWICK    
43 04/07/1836 James EAGER     Ann TAYLOR    
44 10/09/1836 Leonard PAGE     Susanna DAVIES    
45 07/10/1836 Spencer DICKER     Sarah WELLER    

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