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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Laughton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Laughton lies in central East Sussex about 5 miles east of the market town of Lewes. Laughton is a small and rather dispersed settlement which sits on the B2124, a road which shortens the distance between Lewes and Hailsham connecting A22 & A26. Much of Laughton is spread across the adjacent areas of Laughton Common to the north of that B road. At the time of this transcript Laughton would have been a farming community albeit there was some local quarrying of "Sussex marble" for ornamental stonework. The parish contains parts of the unproductive Wealden sands and also parts of the marshier ground formed by numerous small streams draining slowly westwards into the Glynde Reach (Laughton Levels), each habitat would have been more suited to pastoral farming. Those numerous streams drain the parish westwards, the Glynde Reach joins the Sussex Ouse to the south of Lewes and thence to the English Channel through the port of Newhaven. Laughton is sited between 10 and 30 metres above the sea, the area around the church being lower, land rises gently to the Weald to Laughton's north with local heights rising only to 50 metres or so within a few miles. Laughton parish, like many of the Weald, was fairly large for a southern parish, it covered almost 5,100 acres and would have supported a population of around 800 parishioners. In Domesday time laughton was a much more significant place, among the largest 20% of settlements recorded in that book. Shared between the Count of Eu and Robert of Mortain the parish collectively could offer an impressive 33 ploughs and no fewer than 16 salthouses making for a very wealthy holding.

The Church

All Saints church sits on the southern edge of the village accessed along the narrow Church Lane southwards for almost a half mile from the B2124. The church consists of three main ages of construction. The nave is the earliest portion, its pair of lancet windows betraying its Early English Gothic origins which place it to the 13th century. Both the western tower and the chancel arch are Perpendicular and late 14th or early 15th century in date. The chancel was, however, rebuilt in the late 18th century and is the latest portion of the building. The styling of the chancel is confusing as its fits neither the Perpendicular date of the arch nor the typical style of the 18th century. The church sits behind a low flint wall on the eastern side of Church Lane, there is a small pull-in for parking by the gates. The churchyard has a few scattered trees mostly bordering the site so thus not interfering with photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th September 1754 - 12th November 1809 East Sussex Record Office - Reference - PAR 409/1/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th December 1809 - 16th July 1812 East Sussex Record Office - Reference - PAR 409/1/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 13th February 1813 - 13th November 1836 East Sussex Record Office - Reference - PAR 409/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Framfield St Thomas a Becket
East Hoathly
East Hoathly
Ringmer St Mary
East Hoathly
Glynde St Mary
West Firle St Peter
West Firle St Peter
Ripe St John the Baptist
Ripe St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/03/1754 John MERCHANT   Edburton Elizabeth ADAMS   Edburton
1 12/09/1754 John JONES     Barbara SMITH    
2 26/09/1754 Thomas EASTONE Widower   Elizabeth STREDWICK Widow  
3 03/01/1755 William BURGES     Mary TUT    
4 30/03/1755 George COLVEL     Catharine GOVER    
5 04/05/1755 Thomas DARBY     Elizabeth BUTTLER    
6 06/05/1755 Samuel WINTER   Seaford Mary HARNS    
7 24/05/1755 Thomas KITCHINAM   Buxted Anne BURGIS    
8 22/06/1755 Francis PARISH   Chiddingley Elizabeth GURR    
9 05/10/1755 William GOWER     Mary RABSON    
10 30/04/1756 William GURR     Ann GOLDSMITH   Chalvington
11 16/05/1756 John COUSINS     Mary GOLDSMITH    
12 08/11/1756 Arthur PINYON     Ann SNATT    
13 24/01/1757 Thomas MANNINGTON   Westfield Afra CHADOCK    
14 28/02/1757 George HYLAND Widower   Ann DURRANT Single  
15 13/04/1757 John HUGGET   Heathfield Sarah GURR    
16 01/01/1759 William PAGE     Sarah HELMSLY    
02/07/1759 John TOWNSHEND     Mary FRENCH   Arlington
11/07/1759 Humphrey STREETER     Sarah GREEN    
10/06/1760 Robert JARRET Single Heathfield Sarah FLOAT Single  
17/06/1760 James TRILL Single East Hoathly Lucy MOTT Single  
17/10/1760 George RANGER Single   Ann STERNES Single  
04/06/1761 George ALCORN     Elizabeth BYFIELD    
01/12/1761 George ALCORN     Mary RACKBOATH    
13/04/1762 John COWLSTICK     Sarah BURGES    
08/04/1763 Thomas RANGER Single   Sarah DABSON Single  
12/02/1764 Joseph HARMER   Ripe Ann BURFIELD    
25/04/1764 John GOLDSMITH     Mary TOWNSEND    
05/07/1764 Francis PARRIS     Ann HEAD    
08/08/1764 John WHEELER   Chiddingley Ann INKPEN    
25/09/1764 John HASTINGS Single Rodmell Sarah WALLER Single  
27/02/1765 John PAGE     Sarah DINE    
09/04/1765 Samuel DOLLAWAY   East Hoathly Catherine PAGE    
24/04/1765 Thomas PAGE     Mary HEMSLEY    
21/07/1765 Samuel HAMMON     Mary BURFIELD    
11/08/1765 Samuel WEEKS   Herstmonceux Sarah INKPEN    
11/11/1765 William GOLDSMITH     Mary HENTY    
25/12/1765 Isaac GOLD     Mary BRAZIER    
30/06/1766 John INKPEN     Sarah GLADMAN    
11/08/1766 Griffith THOMAS     Elizabeth PAGE    
26/10/1766 John WHITBOURN     Mary GOLD    
21/12/1766 Richard STEVENS     Elizabeth ZIAMSON    
27/01/1767 William GRAVETT     Mary THUNDER    
10/04/1767 Edward INKPEN     Ann FENALL    
20/04/1767 John HART     Elizabeth DURRANT    
26/04/1767 Thomas TAYLOR     Mary FLOTT    
27/04/1767 Joseph GUNTER     Elizabeth TURNER    
05/11/1768 Thomas DARBY     Ann FIELDER    
17/11/1768 William GALLOP     Mary MOTT    
04/06/1769 James BARBER   Ringmer Elisabeth GOLDSMITH    
21/09/1769 John MARTIN Single   Sarah GOLDSMITH Single  
10/10/1769 John SIMONS   All Saints, Lewes Mary GOLDSMITH    
18/02/1770 Joseph PETERS Single   Jane PETERS    
30/08/1770 Edward WICKESON   Framfield Elizabeth TAYLOR    
16/09/1770 George TRELFER   St Thomas, Lewes Mary DUMBRELL    
26/12/1770 Francis RICH   East Hoathly Ann BANKS    
06/04/1771 William GOWER     Mary ALLCORN    
31/05/1771 Stephen STAINES     Barbara RICE    
20/08/1771 Thomas BAKER   Waldron Susanna WYATT    
14/10/1772 Thomas BURFIELD     Ann GOWER    
16/12/1772 Samuel COLLINGHAM   South Malling Mary RICHARDSON    
04/01/1773 Arthur PINION     Elisabeth Manser GRANT    
23/05/1773 George TAYLOR     Elisabeth PARSONS    
14/10/1773 Thomas FENNAL     Susannah FEARALL    
01/01/1774 John STEVENS     Mary COOK    
17/02/1774 John GLADMAN     Mary MARTIN    
20/06/1775 Richard SHARPE Single   Mary SAXBY Single  
27/08/1776 George FITNESS   Maresfield Sarah STONE Single  
23/10/1776 Joseph BACK     Mary GOAD Single  
24/03/1777 William PRICE     Hannah BRAIZER    
27/06/1777 Edward MARTIN     Elizabeth GIBBS    
20/04/1778 Thomas FARRANT   Framfield Mary COLLINS    
23/04/1778 Henry ELLIS     Sarah SWETMAN    
24/08/1778 John THORNICROFT     Mary YOUNG    
30/08/1778 Daniel NOVICE     Abigail FLOTE    
28/02/1779 Thomas MERCHANT     Phebe ROSEAR    
04/04/1779 Francis CRAMP   Littlehampton Lydya COLEMAN    
12/10/1779 John STEPNEY Single   Susanna VINE Single  
06/12/1779 George PARSONS Single   Ann BURTON Single  
06/04/1780 James KINGSMAN     Elizabeth YOUNG    
11/06/1780 William DERBY Single   Ann HUDSON Single  
23/08/1781 Henry GUR Single   Maria RANGER Single  
17/09/1781 Joseph GOLDSMITH Single St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth THUNDER Single  
24/09/1781 William PAGE Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
17/11/1781 Richard THUNDER Single   Sarah RELF Single  
18/12/1781 Joseph MORRIS Single St Michael, Lewes Ann SHOESMITH Single  
01/01/1782 Henry WHAPHAM Single   Mary CRUNDEN Single  
05/04/1782 John ARNALL Single   Sarah GALLUP Single  
05/04/1782 Henry ELLISS Single Alciston Ann ARNALL Single  
10/05/1782 Isaac RUSSEL Single Frant Mary STEPNEY Single  
16/02/1783 John KNIGHT Single   Betty LEE Single  
24/11/1783 Thomas BURFIELD Single Brighton Philadelphia HANIOT Single  
13/01/1784 William LEE Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
19/03/1784 William FUNNEL Single   Anne PAIN Single  
24/10/1784 Richard STEVENS Widower   Elizabeth BILLS Single  
29/11/1784 Henry BATLEY   St Sepulchre, City Of London Audrey LASHMAR    
03/01/1785 James SIMMONS Single East Hoathly Sibella GRAVEL Single  
03/04/1785 Thomas BURFIELD Single   Sarah ARNOLD Single  
10/04/1785 George HYLAND Single Ripe Mary ARNOLD Single  
14/08/1785 Daniel FINCH Single   Lydia BARNS Single  
26/08/1785 Samuel GIBS Single   Philadelphia FUNNEL Single  
13/09/1785 John FULLER Single   Ann DINE Widow  
30/10/1785 Thomas DARBY Single   Hannah HAMMON Single  
29/12/1785 William GURR Single   Mary HEAD Single  
104 26/07/1786 Edward HORNES Single   Elizabeth SUSANS Single  
105 23/08/1786 John LINFIELD Single Battle Winifred ACKHURST Single  
106 04/10/1786 Thomas ROBERTS     Susanna PARIS    
107 30/10/1786 Edward ROBERTS Single   Charlotte ROSEN Single  
108 18/11/1786 William PAGE Widower   Sarah TOMSET Widow  
109 25/04/1787 Benjamin COLEMAN Single   Sarah INKPIN Single  
110 25/04/1787 John CUCKNEY Single Hailsham Ruth HENTY Single  
111 22/06/1787 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth PINNION Single  
112 10/10/1787 William STEVENS Single West Firle Lucy HYLANDS Single  
113 31/10/1787 James GEERE Single   Ann DARBY Widow  
114 13/07/1788 William HUGGET Single Ringmer Elizabeth PAYN Single  
115 08/01/1789 John MOTT Single   Mary STEVENS Single Ringmer
116 11/04/1789 William HOLLANDS Single West Firle Ann WINTER Single  
117 30/09/1789 James FUNNELL Single Ripe Lucy DELVES Single  
118 10/10/1789 Thomas BURFIELD Widower   Elizabeth GOLDSMITH Single  
119 21/10/1789 Edward HUGGETT Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
120 07/12/1789 John PLUMB Single   Mary RIDGWAY Single  
121 29/12/1790 William GOAD Single   Hannah PLUMB Single  
122 20/04/1791 David WENHAM Single   Susanna ELDRIGE Single  
123 28/05/1791 Samuel GOWER Single   Mary FULLER Single  
124 03/11/1791 John TURNER Single   Ephphetha PAGE Single  
125 07/11/1791 John JENNER Widower   Charity PINION Single  
126 09/07/1792 Richard FUNNELL Single Ripe Elizabeth INKPIN Single  
127 16/07/1792 Joseph THUNDER Single   Lucy SHELLY Single  
128 12/02/1793 Henry BEXHILL Single Chiddingley Harriot GOAD Single  
21/07/1793 Stephen SHOESMITH Single   Lucy WILLARD Single Ringmer
129 03/12/1793 William GOLDSMITH Single   Elizabeth TOMSET Single  
130 12/07/1794 Thomas LENNARD Single   Martha LAMBERT Single  
131 24/07/1794 John JAY Widower   Abigail COLEMAN Single  
18/11/1794 Henry WEAVERS Single   Jane PLUM Single  
132 19/10/1795 James HILDER Single   Mary DOLLIDGE Single  
133 11/04/1796 Richard BALCOMB Single   Harriet SHOESMITH Single  
134 10/07/1796 John SHOESMITH Single   Mary BODY    
22/10/1796 Joseph LANGRIDGE   Fletching Albemia PINION    
135 26/12/1796 John GOWER     Rosamond BARTON    
136 03/04/1797 Stephen STARNES Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single West Firle
137 18/08/1797 Richard PELLING Single Chiddingley Mary SHOESMITH    
138 02/09/1797 Edward GLIDD Single Chiddingley Charlotte PLUMB Single  
139 30/04/1798 George BARTHOLOMEW   Stanmer Susanna STANNES    
140 13/06/1798 Benjamin HARRISON   East Hoathly Elizabeth SUSANN Widow  
141 28/10/1798 Thomas SHOESMITH     Dinah NOVICE    
142 15/02/1799 James RANGER Single   Elizabeth BAKER    
143 28/02/1799 James HOLMAN   Framfield Mary THATCHER    
144 11/10/1799 William GLADMAN     Ann STRATER    
145 22/10/1799 Thomas WHITBOURNE Single   Mary PAGE Single  
146 24/12/1799 Richard LANGRIDGE     Sarah PINION    
147 05/05/1800 Richard CALLIWAY     Ann HILANDS    
148 28/06/1800 Henry HILANDS     Sarah TAYLOR    
149 23/08/1800 John HEAVERS     Hannah MEPHAM    
150 28/03/1801 David DUMBRILL     Sarah ELLIS    
151 16/05/1801 Thomas DARBY     Frances YOUNG    
152 30/06/1801 Stephen MARTIN     Mary MARTIN   Ewell, Surrey
153 01/10/1801 William WATERS     Ann GURR    
154 28/12/1801 John BRIDGER     Sophia ELLIS    
157 00/00/1802 John PENNEL Single   Sarah SUSANS Single  
155 02/02/1802 Edward WALTER     Fanny FUNNELL    
156 20/04/1802 Joseph HILANDS     Alice PROGER    
158 17/08/1802 John MARCHANT     Mary BARHAM    
159 13/09/1802 Samuel JENNER     Elizabeth HICKMUR    
160 26/09/1802 William TICEHURST   Battle Ann CLARK    
161 21/02/1803 Henry TOMPSET     Sarah OLIVER    
162 11/04/1803 Thomas TAYLOR     Sarah BURGESS    
163 22/04/1803 Nicholas CHATFIELD   Chiddingley Mary BRISTOW    
164 14/11/1803 John ROWE     Mary BLACKMAN    
165 09/12/1803 John CREACY     Ann HARIOTT    
01/06/1804 Robert STEVENS Single Framfield Ann GEERING Single  
17/07/1804 Edward BABCOCK Single   Hannah WENHAM Single  
30/10/1804 Matthew MARTIN Single   Sarah MORRIS Single  
06/11/1804 William MEAGER Widower   Susan INKPIN Widow  
06/12/1804 Samuel GUY Single   Barbara STARNES Single  
14/04/1805 John SHOESMITH Single   Elizabeth STEVENS Single  
09/09/1805 William HYLANDS Widower   Mary REED Single  
06/10/1805 John CARTER Single   Susan TOMSET    
10/10/1805 Henry WATERS Single Ripe Elizabeth ARNOLD Single  
11/10/1805 Luke FORD     Susannah INKPEN    
03/06/1806 Robert PATTENDEN Widower   Ann BLACKFORD Widow  
09/07/1806 Thomas KENWOOD Widower   Dinah NOVIS Widow Framfield
24/09/1806 Samuel GIBBS Single   Mary STARNES Single  
18/10/1806 William NICHOLAS   West Firle Deborah CARPENTER    
10/11/1806 Samuel FAIRALL     Mary BARTHOLOMEW    
05/02/1807 William SHOESMITH Single Arlington Elizabeth CARPENTER Single  
14/02/1807 Luke BADCOCK     Elizabeth INKPIN    
18/04/1807 Robert FUNNEL     Elizabeth LENNARD    
18/08/1807 George SKIPP   Brighton Hannah BUTLER    
19/10/1807 John DAVEY     Susan WOOD    
12/11/1807 Henry WHAPHAM Widower   Mary EWEN   Ripe
11/04/1808 William FUNNELL     Ann FUNNELL    
01/08/1808 Thomas WRENN Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
16/10/1808 John ARNALL Single   Sarah GEARING Single  
20/01/1809 James GATES   St John, Lewes Hannah GLADMAN    
16/04/1809 Robert BACK   Ringmer Mary JENNER    
03/08/1809 William BUTLER     Phebe HUGGETT    
02/09/1809 Thomas GEALL   Ripe Elizabeth FUNNEL    
06/09/1809 Thomas WILLIAMSON     Charlotte BLACKMAN    
12/11/1809 Stephen GIBBS     Mary COLDICUT    
1 09/12/1809 Thomas DICKER     Sarah STARNES    
2 20/12/1809 William STEPNEY Single   Catherine FRENCH Single  
3 19/08/1810 William FRENCH     Mary Anne DURRANT    
4 08/10/1810 John FENNELL Single   Susannah ROBERTS Single  
5 27/12/1810 Henry AKEHURST     Frances PAGE    
6 28/01/1811 Jeremiah SHOESMITH     Mary BUTLER    
7 22/04/1811 Richard STEPNEY     Elizabeth WINTON    
8 06/06/1811 Samuel CARTER Single Eastbourne Dianah STEPNEY    
9 21/09/1811 Samuel JONES     Philadelphia WEAVER   Ripe
06/04/1812 David JONES Single   Elizabeth WHITBOURN Single  
5 16/07/1812 Stephen BRAY Single Herstmonceux Elizabeth CROWHURST Single  
1 13/02/1813 John PEARCE     Elizabeth FINCH    
2 13/02/1813 Thomas FUNNEL     Sarah FINCH    
3 29/03/1813 Edward STARNES     Hannah CLARKE    
4 15/06/1813 Richard BALCOMBE     Harriet FORD    
5 15/11/1813 Joseph BARBER   Ringmer Harriot ARNOLD    
6 26/11/1813 Robert MOORE Single   Mary Anne ROWE Single  
7 19/06/1814 George GRAINGER     Sarah ARNALL    
8 10/08/1814 John HUGGETT     Sarah Ann SKINNER   Edenbridge, Kent
9 19/09/1814 Henry FINNEL     Sarah FRENCH    
10 28/11/1814 Thomas JONES     Frances FINCH    
11 12/12/1814 John OVIATT   Lymington, Hampshire Martha HICKS    
12 12/04/1815 James DAVY     Philly CARPENTER    
13 05/08/1815 Richard RANGER     Mary Ann PAGE    
14 11/10/1815 Henry REED     Jane GANDER    
15 03/11/1815 Henry CRISS   Mountfield Winny WHITEMAN    
16 10/03/1816 John WREN Single   Sarah HEMSLEY Single  
17 09/04/1816 John NOVIS Widower   Elizabeth PETTET Widow  
18 30/04/1816 James PAGE Single   Anna Mary KINGMAN Single  
19 15/05/1816 James GUY     Elizabeth NOAKES    
20 27/05/1816 James BRADLEY     Mary JONES    
21 10/06/1816 Thomas GUY     Mary BARNS    
23 11/09/1816 John BURFIELD     Rebecca ELPHICK    
24 17/09/1816 Samuel GUY     Hannah WESTON    
22 19/11/1816 John GOLDSMITH     Sophia SMITH    
25 22/08/1817 John PAGE Single   Ann MOCKFORD Single  
26 27/09/1817 Jacob STARNES     Elizabeth GUY    
27 14/11/1817 Samuel CASTLEDINE Single   Hannah JONES Single  
28 02/08/1818 Thomas KENNERD Widower   Elizabeth BUSTER Widow  
29 23/08/1818 Thomas RANGER Single   Susanna STEPHENS Single  
30 15/11/1818 Thomas BARBER Single   Keziah ARNALL Single  
31 28/04/1819 John BOXHILL     Mary TAYLOR    
32 03/05/1819 Samuel HOWELL Single   Mary WALKER Single  
33 05/05/1819 Robert PORTOS   All Saints, Hastings Rebecca PENNELS    
34 16/05/1819 Joseph IMMS Widower   Mary DIVALL Widow  
35 19/06/1819 James DALVES Single   Sarah GOAD Single  
36 28/08/1819 Herry STEPNEY Single   Hannah WILKINSON Single  
37 14/09/1819 Henry GIBBS   St John Sub Castro, Lewes Elizabeth RENNELLS    
38 16/10/1819 William GOAD     Philadelphia DELVES   Framfield
39 09/11/1819 Jesse HILDER     Hannah BAILY    
40 20/11/1819 James FARENDEN     Sarah PIPER    
41 28/12/1819 John SIMMONS Single Chalvington Elizabeth FUNNEL Single  
42 12/02/1820 Samuel STEPNEY     Louisa BUTCHER    
43 19/02/1820 William WEST     Mary FARRANT    
44 27/06/1820 Peter HUTSON     Martha PAGE    
45 09/09/1820 John DURRANT     Mary FOWLER    
46 19/10/1820 Thomas GUY   Chiddingley Barbara FUNNELL    
47 02/12/1820 Henry FINCH     Elizabeth RANGER    
48 15/01/1821 Joseph COLLINGS     Mary KENWARD    
49 26/04/1821 Richard DAVY     Naomi FOWLER Single  
50 07/05/1821 Thomas PIERCE     Susannah FUNNEL Single  
51 22/06/1822 John FLINT   Portslade Ann GOAD Single  
52 28/07/1822 Henry AUCUTT     Caroline EDWARDS Single  
53 04/08/1822 William BALCOMB   Ripe Mary BALCOMB    
54 25/08/1822 Edmund GREENWOOD     Sall DARBY Single  
55 23/02/1823 Richard BALCOMBE   Ripe Ruth COLEMAN Single  
56 18/05/1823 William ARNALL Single   Elizabeth BARBER Single  
57 07/09/1823 Henry HICKS   Ticehurst Amelia ELPHICK Single  
58 21/12/1823 Henry BUTLER     Avice CROWHURST Single  
59 23/02/1824 Charles CHAPMAN     Mary GREENWOOD Single  
60 07/06/1824 Henry EASTWOOD     Harriot SKINNER Single  
61 18/08/1824 John GOLDSMITH   Hellingly Frances STEPHEN Single  
62 12/09/1824 James WHITBOURN     Sophia COX   East Hoathly
63 24/04/1825 Thomas TOMSETT Single   Lydia PAGE Single  
64 07/08/1825 William BAKER   Maresfield Susannah GOLDSMITH    
65 14/08/1825 Stephen STANFORD     Ann Maria WEAVERS    
66 08/04/1826 Thomas FUNNELL Widower   Harriot HOPE Single  
67 11/07/1826 Anthony VINCETT Single Northiam Caroline SHOESMITH Single  
68 12/04/1827 James KINGMAN Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
69 29/04/1827 Henry HALL Single   Harriot TURNER Single East Hoathly
70 20/11/1827 William PEARCE Single   Ann Elizabeth FUNNELL Single  
71 26/11/1827 Edwin BRIDGER Single   Harriott STANFORD Single  
72 16/12/1827 Thomas RUSSELL Single   Susannah KNIGHTS Single  
73 04/04/1828 William FUNNELL Single   Louisa FRENCH Single  
74 08/09/1828 John PENNELS Single   Diana STEPNEY Single  
75 28/09/1828 Robert HIGHAM Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
76 02/11/1828 Isaac STARNES Single   Sarah KNIGHT Single  
77 02/04/1829 John ROW Single Arlington Ann MORRIS Single  
78 15/12/1829 Thomas GLADMAN Single   Frances RICHARDSON Single  
79 13/04/1830 John HAMMOND Single   Elizabeth BABCOCK Single  
80 04/07/1830 William FULLER Single   Jane WOODGATE Single  
81 08/08/1830 George JONES Single   Harriott PARKER Single Buxted
82 17/10/1830 Jonathan FINCH Single   Maria FOARD Single  
83 13/02/1831 William FARRANT Single   Mary TULLEY Single  
84 15/05/1831 John WILKINSON Single   Phillis PAGE Single  
85 05/10/1831 James FUNNELL Single   Ann WILKINSON Single  
86 11/10/1831 George MOORE Single   Barbara GOLDSMITH Single  
87 19/10/1831 John TOMSETT Single   Mary FUNNELL Single  
88 18/12/1831 Jonathan PAGE Single   Fanny HENTY Single  
89 06/04/1832 John WALLS Single Falmer Elizabeth REED Single  
90 15/04/1832 Thomas FUNNELL Single Chiddingley Frances FENNELL Single  
91 13/05/1832 Thomas BROOKER Single Brighton Sarah ARNALL Single  
92 13/10/1832 Edward JONES     Hannah GUY   Hellingly
93 25/11/1832 Matthew LUSTED Single Hellingly Mary Ann COBHAM Single  
94 12/12/1832 Francis NAILLARD   Heathfield Ann FUNNELL    
95 06/01/1833 William PACKHAM Single Chailey Elizabeth PINNION    
96 01/08/1833 John DUMSTONE Single   Mary LAMBERT Single  
97 01/02/1834 David DAVEY Single   Anne ROSER Single  
98 06/07/1834 George FUNNELL Single   Harriett PAGE Single  
99 24/08/1834 John BRIGGS Single   Sarah FUNNELL Single  
100 13/09/1834 William HONEYSETT Single East Hoathly Jane TURNER Single  
101 12/10/1834 John BABCOCK Single   Ann STEVENS Single  
102 17/10/1834 Edward INKPIN Single   Barbara BURGESS Single  
103 10/11/1834 Thomas RICH Widower   Elizabeth GOULDSMITH Widow  
104 11/11/1834 Robert PENFOLD Single   Philadelphia BRAZELL Single  
105 15/11/1834 James JONES Single   Jane DARBY Widow  
106 15/12/1834 William GUMBRELL Single   Ruth COATS Single  
107 11/03/1835 George Tompsett HARRIS Single Seaford Elizabeth SHOOSMITH    
108 23/03/1835 John BONIFACE Widower   Caroline COSSHAM Single  
109 24/03/1835 Richard TWAITS Single Newick Mary INKPIN Single  
110 11/07/1835 Frayton FUNNELL Single   Elizabeth ARNALL Single  
111 21/10/1835 Thomas HOLMDEN Widower Edenbridge, Kent Harriett SHOOSMITH Single  
112 26/10/1835 James ELLIS Single   Mary PAGE Single  
113 01/11/1835 William ELLIS Single   Susan INKPEN Single  
114 23/01/1836 Thomas MARCHANT Single   Sarah FINCH Single  
115 18/06/1836 Peter ARNALL Single   Sophia ROSER Single  
116 06/08/1836 Charles BRADLEY Single   Harriett TOMPSETT Single  
117 22/10/1836 Samuel ELLIS Single   Matilda BARROW Single  
118 22/10/1836 Charles TOMSETT Single   Hannah ANSCOMB Single  
119 13/11/1836 Thomas FUNNELL Single   Elizabeth HUGGETT Single  

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