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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lurgashall St Laurence


The Parish

The parish of Lurgashall lies in the extreme northwest of Sussex forming part of the border with neighbouring Surrey and it is also has an extensive border with the detached Hampshire parish of Steep, too. Lurgashall is located about 4 miles northeast of the small town of Midhurst and sits a little over a mile west of the A283 road which connects Godalming all the way through to Shoreham on the coast. Lurgashall is a small place, little more than a hamlet grouped around a small square of lanes in the northern Weald of Sussex. The poor soils of this area left it relatively depopulated at the time of this transcript, large parts of Lurgashall parish were described as "waste" in early gazetteers. Today it remains a healthy mixture of farming and remaining tracts of forest and meadow. Lurgashall is drained southwards by a small tributary of the River Rother which is soon joined, after joining the Arun the English Channel is reached to the west of Littlehampton. Lurgashall is sited at around 50 metres above the sea but northern parts of the parish rise on to the greenstone to heights of 280 metres on Black Down. Wealden parishes tend to be large in extent and Lurgashall was typical of that, covering just under 4,900 acres it would have supported a population of just under 800 parishioners. Lurgashall is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book which has sparse coverage of The Weald.

The Church

St Laurence's church sits to the northeast of the main village centre accessed by a long path from the Noah's Ark Inn. The church has ancient origins displayed in the 11th century nave which is tall and unbuttressed, whilst a specific date other than to the century is given the nave may well predate the Conquest. The chancel is later and 13th century showing lancets of the Early English Gothic style whilst the tower, attached to the southeastern corner of the nave, a curious position, is 14th century and Perpendicular in style. Another curious feature is the 16th century addition of a lean-to timber gallery built onto the southern wall of the nave which is believed to have been used as a meeting place and then the village school. Repairs were conducted to the chancel in the 17th century and a more thorough Victorian restoration in the mid 19th century to arrive at today's church. There is ample parking at the car park shared by church & inn, the gates give way to a shady path which runs for a couple of hundred metres, through trees, to the churchyard. Sadly that churchyard has many obstructing trees which severely limit the angles available to the photographer and make for a tricky subject to adequately capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments

1754 - 1776

There are no surviving registers for this period and it is believed no marriages took place
1 14th January 1776 - 24th February 1813 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference - Par130/1/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Poor handwriting and fading throughout this register make it likely that some misreads will be present - there may well be quite a few.
2 24th October 1813- 17th May 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference - Par130/1/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Haslemere St Bartholomew, Surrey
Haslemere St Bartholomew, Surrey
Chiddingfold St Mary, Surrey
Chiddingfold St Mary, Surrey
Steep All Saints, Hampshire
Selham St James
Lodsworth St Peter
North Chapel St John the Baptist
Lodsworth St Peter
Tillington All Hallows
Tillington All Hallows

1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
3 14/01/1776 Thomas LUFF Single Hannah SAUNDERS Single
4 10/04/1776 William BOXALL Single Mary CHILD Single
5 29/07/1776 Anthony CHILD Widower Mary KEARN Widow
6 06/04/1777 Edmund POWELL Hannah BOXALL Single
30/06/1778 John PENFOLD Frances BOXALL Single
27/08/1778 Edward ETHERINGTON Widower Catherine LEWIS Single Midhurst
18/10/1778 Richard MILES Single Ann RANDAL Single
16/11/1778 Peter KARN Single Sarah BOXALL Single
03/12/1778 John PANNELL Single Chiddingfold, Surrey Mary SYMONDS Single
28/01/1779 Thomas BOXALL Single Lodsworth Sarah REGENT Single
23/05/1779 Caleb WITHOREL Single Chiddingfold, Surrey Mary NASH Single
15/08/1779 William RANDAL Single North Chapel Ann TRIBE Single
06/02/1780 Thomas COMBES Widower Elizabeth NIGHTINGALE Single Linchmere
26/06/1780 William DALTON Single Sarah DURRANT Single
15/04/1781 William SAUNDERS Single Ann TRIBE
21/05/1781 James PARKER Single Ann BENTLY Single
21/10/1781 Richard WEST Single Sarah DUKE Single
19/05/1782 William MATHEWS Ann BOXAL
10/02/1783 Henry SHOTTER Single Judith TRIBE Single
01/06/1783 Joseph MOSLY Single Midhurst Sarah CHILD Single
19/06/1783 John HOUNSOME Single Margaret BOXALL Single
02/03/1784 John RAPLEY Single North Chapel Ann LICKFIELD Single
11/01/1785 George BALCHIN Single Elizabeth CARREL Single
01/02/1785 William MILLS Widower North Chapel Elizabeth TRUSSEL Single
05/06/1785 Thomas GEENOR Single North Chapel Ann POOLLIN Single
23/11/1785 John ETHERINGTON Single Sarah TRUSLER Single
21/03/1786 John STEVENS Single Elizabeth MOORE Single
02/07/1786 Thomas MILLS Single Eastbourne Charlotte TRIBE Single
27/08/1786 Edward NEWMAN Single North Chapel Elizabeth KINGSHOLT Single
05/10/1786 Richard CHALLEN Widower Kirdford Jane KEEN Widow
18/04/1787 Thomas MATHEWS Single Ann YEEDE Single
24/04/1787 William ETHERINGTON Single Elizabeth YEEDE Single
29/05/1787 John POTTER Single Elizabeth HERRINGTON Single
11/10/1787 Thomas TOMSON Jane VANS
11/10/1787 John LEE Sarah VANS
12/11/1787 Richard BOXALL Single Fittleworth Margaret LICKFOLD
20/12/1787 James FOSTER Godalming, Surrey Mary HOLDEN
10/01/1788 John KITCHETT Single Jane ANDREW Single
13/06/1788 William GOODNER Single Ann WELLS Single
13/10/1788 Robert LUFF Margrett TRIBE
29/01/1789 John BULLBECK Single Sarah CHALLIN Single
03/06/1789 Henry KINGGETT Single Hannah TRUSLER Single
12/07/1789 William TICKNOR Judith KITCHEL Single
17/08/1789 Thomas HILL Jane FOSTER
08/10/1789 Henry TRIBE Single Ann LAUNDER Single
17/01/1790 Christopher CARVER Ann VANS
30/05/1790 Charles COART Single Ann NEWMAN Single
12/10/1790 William PUTTICK Single North Chapel Jane NEWMAN Widow
14/10/1790 Ralph CHALWYN Ann MADGWICK
13/12/1790 Meshech GARDINER Single Patience PERRY Single
12/01/1791 James FURLONGER North Chapel Susannah LICKFOLD
03/03/1791 Richard RAPSON Single Elizabeth TRIBE Single
11/10/1791 Thomas TRIBE Single Ann KINGSHOTT Single
21/02/1792 William RASWELL Charlotte BOXALL
04/11/1792 John WARE Hannah VANNS
19/04/1793 Richard BOXALL Petworth Catherine AYLING
14/05/1793 William CHALLEN Widower Mary AYLING Single
30/07/1793 Joseph BAGEANT Single Sarah HILL Single
26/09/1793 William CHALWIN Widower Mary MADGWICK Widow
10/10/1793 Edward HILTON Single Linchmere Sarah BOXALL Single
05/11/1793 Richard COMBES Single Sarah STEVENS Single
27/02/1794 Thomas COOPER Single Catherine KITCHEL
24/04/1794 Thomas HOUNDSHAM Widower Ann HUMPHREYS Single
18/05/1794 William DEARLING Jane AYLING
22/07/1794 Daniel PULLEN Single Phoebe HEWSON Single
22/07/1794 Thomas TICKNOR Single Hesther TRIBE Single
18/11/1794 John VANNS Elizabeth HOLDEN
21/01/1795 Thomas COURTENAGE Single Sarah ENTICKNAP Single
17/02/1795 Thomas BOXALL Single Olivia BOAKER Single
23/04/1795 John WEEKS Single Linch Mary ENTICKNAP
14/05/1795 John STILLAWAY Single Ann DEVENISH Single
21/07/1795 William LAUNDER Single Ann FERNDALE Single
40 03/03/1796 William TAYLOR North Chapel Mary LICKFOLD Single
41 28/04/1796 Henry POULTER Single Dunsfold, Surrey Margaret BOXALL
42 15/05/1796 William STANDEN Kirdford Ann CHALLEN
43 26/05/1796 William BOOKER Single Ann STREET Widow
44 22/06/1796 Henry CHILES Elizabeth DENYER
45 10/10/1796 John HUMPHREYS Single Mary BOXALL Single
46 04/12/1796 Henry HANKINS Widower Amy BENTLEY Single
47 27/02/1797 John RANDALL Single Catherine KITCHELL Single
48 01/08/1797 Henry TRIBE Single Charlotte TICKNOR Single
49 04/09/1798 Edmund JAMES Sarah CHALCROFT Single
50 02/10/1798 John COURTENAGE Widower Mercy HOWICK Widow
51 23/11/1798 Matthew BULLEN Hannah WHITE
52 21/07/1799 William BROOKER Single Ann JOHNSON
53 14/09/1799 Owen QUELCH Dunsfold, Surrey Elizabeth HUGHES
54 12/05/1800 Thomas HILL Single Elizabeth CHALLEN Single
55 23/06/1800 Edward LUFF Single Catherine RANDALL Widow
56 03/07/1800 Richard BOXALL Sarah DENYER
57 17/07/1800 James CARTER Single Ann CHILD Single
58 11/12/1800 George PAYNE Jane ENTICKNAP
59 20/01/1801 Henry WESTON Single Mary TAYLOR Widow
60 13/05/1801 James TICKNOR Single Elizabeth PIERCE Single
61 01/06/1801 William HOLDEN Single Jane TICKNOR
62 04/09/1801 John TRIBE Jane ENTICKNAP Single
63 18/11/1801 James SHEAR Single Elizabeth ETICKER
64 01/01/1802 William EASTWOOD Elizabeth RAPSON
12/01/1802 John LICKFOLD Mary CHALLEN
11/02/1802 William CHITTY Hannah ENTICKNAP
17/06/1802 Joseph BAIJENT Ann BOXALL
13/05/1803 Henry SANDERS Charlotte CAPLIN
02/10/1803 William JAMAN Sarah KITCHELL
06/10/1803 William KNIGHT Lodsworth Ann LICKFOLD
29/11/1803 William READE Ann ENTICKNAP
09/05/1804 Thomas THARE Sarah HURNSUM
29/07/1804 James SHEET Brighton Hannah ENTICNAP
11/06/1805 James CANNER Elizabeth BOXALL
16/01/1806 Thomas WEST Mary GENNER
28/05/1806 Charles COVER Catherine HILL
04/11/1806 James HEARCEY Frances CHALLEN
18/11/1806 Joseph BILLINGTON Elizabeth BOXAL
01/01/1807 Thomas STOVOLD Hannah BOXAL
29/05/1807 Robert CHALWIN Elizabeth CAPLING
06/06/1807 Edward HOLDING Single Jane BULLEN Single
12/07/1807 Henry BARNS North Chapel Elizabeth QUINNEL
16/02/1808 Charles ENTICKNAP Mary KNIGHT Petworth
13/03/1808 William VARNDEL Jane ELLIOT
02/05/1808 Richard PULLING Ann BUSS
12/05/1808 William ENTICKNAP Elizabeth TREGOOSE
07/06/1808 William SHOTTER Ann KITCHELL
14/06/1808 Henry HUMPHREYS Elizabeth PRYER
12/07/1808 Charles FENTON Sarah HOLDEN
28/08/1808 Richard BOOKER Mary TICKNER
01/10/1808 Thomas POLLINGTON Petworth Mary KITCHELL
07/02/1809 Thomas HILL Lucy COLLIER
13/04/1809 John STILLWELL Dorothy LUFF
22/06/1809 John TREGOOSE Sarah TANDAL
26/07/1809 Henry CHILD Single Catherine STANDING
04/09/1809 William CLARK Sarah PANNELL
21/11/1809 John VARNDELL Petworth Hannah KINSHOTT
11/02/1810 Henry SHOTTER Ann HUMPHREYS
24/04/1810 James LUFF Martha BULBECK
21/06/1810 John BULBECK Widower Susan MATTHEWS Haslemere, Surrey
11/07/1811 Thomas MARSHALL Chiddingfold, Surrey Elizabeth HOUNDSOME
29/08/1811 Edmund BONIFACE Aldingbourne Mary Charman CHATWIN
26/09/1811 William NEWMAN North Chapel Ann GILBURT
20/11/1811 John CAPLING Jane BOOKER
25/12/1811 William BOXALL Rebecca RASWELL
30/01/1812 Thomas STANDING Mary BAIGENT
06/02/1812 John TRUSLER Single Jane CHILD Single
31/03/1812 John LAMBERT Single Ann COMBS
16/04/1812 James BARNES North Chapel Charlotte HOLDEN
29/11/1812 James KITCHEL Catherine COMBS
24/02/1813 Thomas HULL Fernhurst Ann CHILD
1 24/10/1813 William TREAGUS Single Elizabeth QUENELL Single
2 26/10/1813 Henry BOXALL Single Hannah HOUNDSOM Single
3 07/12/1813 Thomas STOVOLD Ann TRIBE
4 31/05/1814 Thomas WAKEFORD North Chapel Mary BOXALL
5 16/09/1814 Henry CHALWIN Single Ruth BUDD Single
6 02/10/1814 Richard TANNER Jane BATCHELOR
7 20/10/1814 Joseph MOORE Single Ann RAPSON Single
9 21/11/1814 Nathan MORLEY Sarah KINGSETT
10 25/12/1814 James STANDING Kirdford Elizabeth LUFF
11 18/07/1815 Thomas GUNNER Sarah LUFF
12 10/10/1815 William CAPLING Elizabeth DENYER
13 17/10/1815 James ENTICKNAP Margaret NEWMAN
14 03/12/1815 Edward DENYER Emiline LUFF
15 18/07/1816 Stephen COX Jane COURTNEGE
16 05/11/1816 William JENNER Sarah COURTNEGE
17 26/11/1816 William TICKNER Sarah BOXAL
18 08/04/1817 Edward BOXALL Charlotte RASSELL
19 08/04/1817 William RAPWELL Charlotte STANDING
20 17/04/1817 Henry HOLDEN Elizabeth LUFF
21 30/04/1817 Thomas MILTON Jane DAVIS
22 27/05/1817 John SANDERS Sarah BRIDGER
23 02/10/1817 John BAIGENT Elizabeth KITCHEL
24 02/12/1817 Jesse PENFOLD Jane TRIBE
25 24/03/1818 George HOLDING Elizabeth HEARSEY
26 24/03/1818 Anthony CHILD St James, Westminster, Middlesex Hannah LUFF
27 03/06/1818 George KING Harriot Matilda YALDWYN Lodsworth
28 16/11/1818 John BRIDGER Maria KNIGHT
29 13/05/1819 William ADSETT Charlotte HEARSEY
30 30/05/1819 John GARLAND Elizabeth RAPSON
31 31/05/1819 George WELLAND Mary HUMPHREYS
32 02/10/1819 Thomas GIBBS Martha WAKEFORD
33 10/01/1820 William BATCHELOR Single Elizabeth MILLS Single
34 16/03/1820 William ETHERINGTON Single Elizabeth TICKNER Single
35 03/07/1820 William COMBES Single Sarah LUFF Single
36 25/12/1820 Thomas YOUNG Single Sarah CHILD Single
37 01/01/1821 William VARNDEL Single Sarah BOOKER Single
38 03/05/1821 William HARDY Haslemere, Surrey Mary CAPLIN
39 12/06/1821 John STENING Single Tillington Sarah HOLDEN Single
40 23/10/1821 William HUNT Single Jane BROOKER Single
41 27/10/1821 Thomas UPFOLD Single Mary Anne HEATH Single
42 04/03/1823 John FRY Single Kirdford Elizabeth WAKEFORD Single
43 21/04/1823 William LANDER Single Frances KINGSETT Single
44 21/05/1823 William BULLEN Single Hannah QUENELL Single
45 22/05/1823 James Meers HAMMOND Single Camberwell, Surrey Eliza KING Single
46 05/07/1823 Thomas COURTENEDGE Single Clara CHILDS Widow
47 28/10/1823 William BOOKER Single Charlotte VARNDEL Single
48 22/04/1824 Edward LANDER Single Jane STEVENS Single
49 14/10/1824 John HUNT Single Mary BROOKER Single
50 16/10/1824 William HUMPHREY Single Elizabeth HILL Single North Chapel
51 04/11/1824 Michael MILLS Single Ann HUMPHREY Single
52 13/10/1825 Samuel EDWARDS Single Sarah LUFF Single Lodsworth
53 20/10/1825 James TAYLOR Single North Chapel Sarah WAKEFORD Single
54 30/03/1826 James JOHNSON Single Sarah HUNT Single
55 09/06/1826 Joseph KINGSHOTT Single Elizabeth CHILD Single
56 11/03/1827 Thomas PEARSON Single Petworth Charlotte VANNS Single
57 01/04/1827 William FISH Single Martha MACKERALL Single
58 10/10/1827 William COMBES Single Elizabeth TRIBE Single
59 17/10/1827 William CLARK Single Sarah LUFF Single
60 17/01/1828 James BENHAM Single Mary BOOKER Single
61 07/02/1828 John BAXTER Single Hascombe, Surrey Jane CHALWIN Single
62 12/04/1828 John BOLDEN Single Mary BANGER Single
63 20/04/1829 George SADLER Single Charlotte ETHERINGTON Single
64 09/05/1829 James SHOTTER Single Mary Ann WEST Single
65 06/09/1829 James BOOKER Single Sarah DEARLING Single
66 17/10/1829 William KEPPELL Single Hannah KINGSHOTT Single
67 27/10/1829 James FISH Single North Chapel Martha CAPLIN Single
68 20/11/1829 William LUFF Single Eliza DENYER Single
69 05/01/1830 Thomas CHANDLER Single Mary VANS Single
70 18/02/1830 James BARNES Single Elizabeth VANNS Single
71 24/07/1830 William HOLDEN Single Mary CHALWIN Single
72 20/11/1830 James STEMMENS Single Elizabeth LEGGETT Single
73 20/11/1830 Thomas LEGGETT Single Eliza CHILD Single
74 14/04/1831 Thomas Joseph SIMMONDS Single Ann CHALWIN Single
75 22/04/1831 George CHALWIN Single Sarah STANDING Single
76 28/08/1831 Henry BAIGENT Single Hannah HERSEY Single
77 08/10/1831 Benjamin BROOKER Single Mary HOUNSOM Single
78 08/10/1831 John CARVER Single Jane CHILD Single
79 31/10/1831 William PERRIN Single Windlesham, Surrey Ann KEEN Single
80 21/11/1831 John DUDMAN Single Jane CHILD Single
81 21/11/1831 William BROOKER Single Mary ADSET Single
82 31/01/1832 John BROOKER Single Frances ETHERINGTON Single
83 13/06/1832 Noah HILL Single Sarah LUFF Single
84 07/10/1832 Daniel DEARLING Single Charlotte HUMPHREY Single
85 20/01/1833 Frederick SMITHERS Single Ann SHOTTER Single
86 21/05/1833 William PULLING Single Harriott HUMPHREY Single
87 29/06/1833 Peter PULLEN Single Maria BUDD Single
88 06/07/1833 Henry FISH Single Ann BUDD Single
89 18/07/1833 Edward HALL Single Charlotte HOWICK Single
90 09/01/1834 Henry STEPTOE Single Harriot BULBECK Single
91 13/09/1834 Thomas CAPLIN Single Clara CHILD Single
92 11/10/1834 Robert ARCHER Single Sarah TREAGAS Single
93 11/10/1834 John CHALWIN Single Maria DUDMAN Single
94 12/10/1834 Peter PUTTICK Single Frances SMITH Single
95 10/01/1835 George ADSET Single Louisa BROOKER Single
96 07/02/1835 Robert KINGSHOTT Single Eliza RASSELL Single
97 02/03/1835 Henry ENTICKNAP Single Sarah RAPSON Single
98 11/07/1835 George SANDERS Single Jane CHANDLER Single
99 09/09/1835 George PUTTICK Single Mary BULBECK Single
100 29/10/1835 William ETHERINGTON Single Jane HOLDEN Single
101 19/12/1835 James LUFF Single Ann SANDERS Single
102 26/12/1835 Henry ADSET Single Catherine CHILD Single
103 11/02/1836 James DUDMAN Single Elizabeth KITCHELL Single
104 05/03/1836 George REVES Single Mary HUMPHREY Single
105 09/07/1836 William BOXALL Single Sarah CHANDLER Single
106 07/08/1836 William LANDER Widower Martha HERSEY Single
107 17/11/1836 Henry TAMAN Single Lucy BROOKER Single
108 06/01/1837 Anthony HEATHER Widower Elizabeth BARBER Single
109 28/01/1837 Henry BOXALL Single Mary CHALLEN Single
110 04/03/1837 Stephen KINGSHOTT Single Mary BOXALL Single
111 19/03/1837 William LUFF Single Maria HILL Single
112 17/05/1837 James BALL Single Sarah FENTON Single

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