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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sedlescombe St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Sedlescombe lies in southeastern Sussex not too far from its border with neighbouring Kent. Sedlescombe is located about 7 miles north of the seaside resort of Hastings and within Sussex's Wealden area. Sedlescombe is a curiously linear village built along the north to south running B2244 which connects Hawkhurst through to the A21 just to the north of Hastings, the village extends for well over a mile along this road. The Weald was an important area for iron extraction and manufacture and besides agriculture this would have provided varied employment for the village. Most signs of that industry have faded today and Sedlescombe is a quiet rural settlement. Sedlescombe is drained eastwards by the River Brede which runs the short distance to reach the English Channel through Rye Harbour. Sedlescombe is sited on a slope descending to the Brede, the upper part of the village around the church being almost 70 metres above the sea whilst the bridge over the Brede, marking the southernmost extent of Sedlescombe is a mere 10 metres. Sedlescombe parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered just over 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 650 parishioners. In Domesday times Sedlescombe was held by one Robert, the Count of Eu, and could offer 8 ploughs, some small meadows and woodland plus 4 swine renders.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church sits towards the northern end of Sedlescombe and on the eastern side of the B2244. The church is very much of two distinct ages which is readily apparent in the texture of the stonework. The earliest remaining portion of the church is the western tower which Pevsner dates to the 14th into the 15th century and places it firmly within the Perpendicular period. The reminder of the church was extensively rebuilt during the Victorian restoration between 1866 & 1874. The exception is the northern arcade which, again Perpendicular in style is also later than the tower, a dated tie-beam n the roof carries a date of 1632 and may indicate the general period of that piece. The church sits in an elevated position above the B2244 and a flight of steps rises to one entrance, a lych gate at the northern end being the main entry to the churchyard. The site has numerous trees which do somewhat restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th April 1754 - 1st March 1778 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference PAR481/1/1/4 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading & some poor handwriting implies a likelihood of a small number of misreads
2 5th October 1778 - 14th December 1812 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference PAR481/1/1/5 Plain unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading & some poor handwriting implies a likelihood of a small number of misreads
3 29th January 1813 - 15th October 1836 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference PAR481/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Ewhurst St James
Ewhurst St James
Ewhurst St James
Whatlington St Mary Magdalene
Brede St George
Udimore St Mary (detached)
Battle St Mary
Battle St Mary
Westfield St John the Baptist
Westfield St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/04/1754 John BURGESS   Guestling Elisabeth SERJANT    
20/07/1754 Henry MARTIN     Mary TUSSELL    
29/09/1754 Thomas EVANS   Battle Mary GLYDE    
29/10/1754 Henry HYLAND     Elisabeth GRACE    
25/06/1755 John HOOK     Ann JARRED    
08/04/1756 Stephen ROBINSON     Ann STUBERFIELD    
20/02/1757 Richard ELDRIDGE     Mary FRENCH    
05/05/1757 John BISHOP     Mary CRUTTENDEN   St Clement, Hastings
13/01/1758 Joshua HISCOCK     Elizabeth GAYTES    
17/04/1758 John STANDEN Widower   Mary GRANTHAM Widow  
05/08/1759 David BEAL Widower Wartling Elizabeth MANSER Single  
02/10/1759 William COOKE     Ann ROOTS    
25/10/1759 Thankfull BUTLER     Ann TERRY   Brede
14/02/1760 William YOUNG Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
10/04/1760 Lenard PETERS   Ore Grace GOLDSMITH    
07/10/1760 Edward HAYLER Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
05/01/1761 Robert THOMAS   Westfield Mary ADES    
09/03/1761 William PUTLAND     Elizabeth WRIGHT    
02/04/1761 George MANTLE     Elizabeth BARNSBY    
22/07/1761 Henry HOOK     Mary FRASHER    
29/07/1761 Edward ADIS     Mary CLOKE    
16/08/1761 Adrian COLDGATE Widower   Betty HARMER Widow  
17/06/1762 John MILLS     Ann WESTON    
09/02/1763 John BROOK     Jane TASSELL    
11/04/1763 Thomas HASSELDIN     Ann JONES    
19/12/1763 Stephen WATSON   Ewhurst Mary GINES    
29/12/1763 Samuel BAKER Widower   Elizabeth HISCOCK Widow  
19/02/1764 William SIMMONDS     Sarah SHARP    
15/09/1764 Richard ELDRIDGE Widower   Elizabeth RUTLEY Single  
10/04/1765 William DAW   Ewhurst Hannah BAKER    
19/08/1765 Barnet EDWARDS Single   Hannah WESTON Single  
25/01/1766 John YORK Single   Mary PIM Single  
05/10/1767 Thomas VIDLER     Mary CARD    
06/10/1768 Christopher THORPE Widower Fairlight Elizabeth MANSER Widow  
10/11/1768 William PARSONS     Sarah CURD    
24/11/1768 Thomas COLBRAN Single   Elizabeth BIRCH Single Battle
18/07/1769 William BISHOP Single   Philadelphia ROBERTS Single  
10/11/1769 James VIGOR   Tillington Susannah SARGENT    
26/12/1769 William INSKIP Single   Ann CHRISFORD Widow  
29/03/1770 Thomas AVERY Single Northiam Zipporah JOHNSON Single  
18/04/1770 William WOOD Single   Lucretia DAVIS Single  
25/11/1770 Thomas KENNARD Single   Emmy REED Single  
12/02/1771 William HOLMAN Single   Ann ELDRIDGE Single  
02/03/1772 James BROWN Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
20/04/1772 Samuel SELMES   Udimore Elizabeth HASSELL    
30/04/1772 Edward LIDE     Mary TANNER    
04/05/1772 William MITTEN     Ann CHESTER    
15/08/1772 William REED     Susan BERNY    
30/09/1772 Thomas RECORD Single Whatlington Ann BUSBRIDGE Single  
24/12/1772 John GIBBS Widower   Elizabeth PANKHURST Single  
13/04/1773 William BENY   Battle Sarah REED    
06/07/1773 Samuel BAKER Single Ewhurst Martha BAKER Single  
07/04/1774 John WENHAM Single   Mary GUTSELL Single  
15/04/1774 George BROOK Single   Ann CHRISFORD Single  
04/07/1774 William SIMS Single Battle Elizabeth BUTLER Single  
26/02/1775 John WESTON Single   Hannah RUSSELL Single  
23/04/1775 John CLOAK Single   Mary HARMER Single  
11/07/1775 John RALPH Single   Elizabeth MORFEY Single  
09/10/1775 Henry WISE Single   Lydia BUTLER Single  
20/11/1775 Thomas POTTER Single Sandhurst, Kent Elizabeth BYERS Single  
26/12/1775 Robert SWIFT Single   Mary HARDS Single  
28/12/1775 Stephen TURNER     Barbara BOWERS    
19/02/1776 Thomas ELDRIDGE Single   Elizabeth HISCOCK Single  
19/08/1776 James VIGOR     Mercy HAYWARD    
15/09/1776 Thomas RUE Single Battle Elizabeth MARTIN Widow  
09/02/1777 Thankfull BUTLER     Mary BLACKMAN    
25/12/1777 Richard MERCER     Mary READE    
23/01/1778 James MILLS     Ann LEGG    
01/03/1778 David NOAKS     Mary BEVES    
01/03/1778 Thomas FREEMAN     Elizabeth LINGHAM    
05/10/1778 Joseph MERCER Single   Mary COOK Single  
27/10/1778 John WINSER Single Tenterden, Kent Mary BAKER Single  
05/04/1779 Samuel THOMSON Single Burwash Mary CROUCH Single  
10/04/1779 Henry HENLEY Single Brede Elizabeth HAYWARD Single  
02/11/1779 Samuel BAKER Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
27/03/1780 William SKINNER Single Brede Martha EVANS Single  
23/04/1781 Thomas BODLE Single Westfield Elizabeth GIBBS Single  
01/05/1781 Samuel FIRMINGER Single Brede Elizabeth BUMSTED Single  
14/05/1781 Edward BUTLER Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
22/12/1781 James DAW   Salehurst Elizabeth HOOK    
13/04/1782 John EVERIST   Salehurst Ann BIRCH    
03/03/1783 William LEADBETER Single   Mary ELDRIDGE Single  
15/04/1785 Robert SPEARS     Elizabeth MORRIS    
29/04/1785 Thomas DEUDNEY     Mary ADES    
24/03/1786 Robert SELLENS     Mary CARY    
15/08/1786 William DELVES   Crowhurst Ann BISHOP    
16/10/1786 John MATE     Susan REED    
22/11/1786 John CLARKE     Mary LONGLEY    
06/05/1787 William CORNFORD   Wartling Mary HAILES    
01/09/1787 Stephen SPILSTED     Elizabeth BLUNDELL    
11/01/1788 William ELDRIDGE     Ann MORRIS    
05/02/1788 Nicholas SLATER   Battle Jane DENNET    
03/04/1788 Benjamin MORRIS   Battle Mary MANSER    
12/05/1788 John HARVEY     Sarah DAWES    
12/05/1788 Edward ELDRIDGE     Phoebe HOOK    
21/08/1788 Edward YOUNG     Mary HUNESETT   Whatlington
27/10/1788 Stephen HARLEDEN     Elizabeth MABB    
24/11/1788 Simon HAWKINS     Mary PHILMORE    
15/01/1789 George CARRICK   Hawkhurst, Kent Fanny MORRIS    
16/01/1789 Samuel SMITH   Bodiam Hannah BAKER    
16/06/1789 Thomas COOK     Mary APPS    
13/07/1789 John DURRANT   Whatlington Elizabeth EDWARDS    
11/01/1790 Thomas CRISFORD     Lucy COOK    
27/03/1790 Thomas PONT     Sarah HASLEDEN    
12/04/1790 Thomas JARRET   Brede Sarah POOLEY    
07/06/1790 Thomas FULLER     Jane BURGIS    
14/01/1791 James WEAVER     Mary BEENEY    
07/04/1791 Thomas SELLENS     Elizabeth NOAKES    
26/04/1791 Henry HOOK     Sarah AUSTEN    
06/11/1791 James CAREY   Brede Mary MITCHEL    
14/01/1792 Joseph CATT     Mary SIMES    
24/06/1792 James SARGANT   Whatlington Ann PANKHURST    
23/07/1792 William LUXFORD   Ewhurst Mary SHARPE    
20/08/1792 Edward HASELDEN   Salehurst Elizabeth FULLER    
12/11/1792 Richard MERCER     Adeline APPS    
04/01/1793 Thomas WALLIS     Ann TREE    
20/03/1793 William BARRETT     Martha JOTT    
08/01/1794 Samuel COOK     Sarah MORRIS    
05/06/1794 Richard EDWARDS     Mary RIDLY    
04/11/1794 Samuel COUSENS     Elizabeth MORRIS    
02/02/1795 Thomas HYLAND   Brede Mary SAXBY    
12/02/1795 Thomas ELDRIDGE     Ann TURNER    
02/03/1795 William MORRIS     Mary BALLARD    
07/04/1795 Henry SELMES     Elizabeth MILLS    
19/04/1795 Thomas HOLMES     Mary DENNETT    
19/08/1795 William CHAPPELL   Seal, Kent Elizabeth SINDEN    
20/09/1795 William EABRAMS     Mary STAPELY    
16/02/1796 Joseph DAVIS     Elizabeth MOSELY    
01/10/1796 Michael ELDRIDGE   Battle Mary MANTLE    
26/10/1796 Henry HAYLER     Elizabeth STAPELY    
08/11/1796 Henry COOK     Mary PEEN    
29/12/1796 William CHAPMAN     Mary MORRIS    
23/02/1797 Richard WEST     Elizabeth HAYLER    
05/06/1797 James ELDRIDGE     Mary VIDLER    
10/04/1798 Walter MASON     Frances BISHOP    
08/10/1798 James MEDHURST     Mary TURNER    
22/10/1798 Joseph TICEHURST     Mary MUNK    
29/04/1799 Thomas JONES   Battle Elizabeth PHILCOX    
24/10/1799 Jonathan MILLER     Hannah COLLYER    
11/03/1800 William WARE     Esther HARVEY    
14/04/1800 John YORK     Mary SWIFT    
12/05/1800 Thomas BAKER     Elizabeth SWIFT    
08/06/1801 Thomas HOADLEY Single   Harriett BODLE    
09/06/1801 Stephen CATT     Elizabeth HOOK    
01/09/1801 William KNIGHT Single   Dorothy BROOK Single  
16/12/1801 Thomas FAIRHALL Single Beckley Maria ROOTS Single  
05/01/1802 David DYATT Single   Philly BROOK Single  
21/03/1802 John EDWARDS Single   Mary BROWN Single  
19/04/1802 Thomas REED Single   Mary SELMNS Single  
24/05/1802 William FOSTER Single   Hetty NOAKES Single  
01/07/1802 William HITCHINS     Maria HARVEY    
04/08/1802 William STAPLEY     Mary GLOVER    
18/10/1802 Richard HENRITT     Frances BUMSTEAD    
22/10/1802 Harry HARROD   Udimore Hannah OFFENS    
11/01/1803 Robert WESTON Single   Sarah WELFARE Single  
13/04/1803 William SHOWBRIDGE Single   Philly PIPER Single  
28/08/1803 William COLLINS     Sarah COLLINS    
28/08/1803 Stephen SWADLING     Lydia STAPLEY    
05/10/1803 John BANKAM     Mary ALFREE    
19/10/1803 William ROSS     Lucy BOVIS    
23/04/1804 John FRANCH   Beckley Mary HEROD    
21/06/1804 Benjamin HARENS Single   Sophia Caroline BERENS Single  
10/01/1805 John FINDLAY     Elizabeth DUKE    
16/01/1805 John HAYWARD Single Hollington Jane ELDRIDGE Single  
20/02/1805 John VIDLER Single   Charlotte STAPLEY Single  
11/03/1805 William HYLAND Widower   Susannah MILLS Single  
17/04/1805 David WAIT Single   Mary HOLMAN Single  
12/09/1805 James BUTLER Single   Mary FIELD Single  
19/11/1805 Samson HARRIS Single   Mercy APPS Single  
29/11/1805 Robert GLOVER Widower   Hannah BOLTON Widow  
15/02/1806 Charles SMITH Single   Mary CRAMP Single  
20/03/1806 John FOORD Single   Philadelphia GIBBS Single  
09/07/1806 Robert BUTLER Single   Sarah STACESE Single  
01/10/1806 William COOK Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Widow  
15/10/1806 Henry SIMES Single Whatlington Elizabeth WESTON Single  
05/03/1807 George BAKER Single   Elizabeth CORNS Single  
19/03/1807 William JENKINS Single   Esther ELDRIDGE Single  
26/08/1807 William GOODSELL Single   Susan CROUCH Single  
06/01/1808 John CATT Single   Mary ELDRIDGE Single  
06/06/1808 Samuel TICEHURST Single   Mary MILHAM Single  
13/08/1808 William BRYANT Single   Mary KEMP Single  
07/11/1808 John WATSON Single   Mary STAPLEY Widow  
02/12/1808 John KEMP Single   Dorothy MILHAM Single  
26/12/1808 Edmund HILDER Single   Ann JARMAN Single  
04/05/1809 William TAYLOR Single Battle Judith TAYLOR Widow  
13/10/1809 Stephen WILLETT Single Goudhurst, Kent Elizabeth DENNET Single  
29/11/1809 Joseph LLOYD Single   Sarah THOMPSON Widow  
16/12/1809 William FRENCH Single   Elizabeth GLOVER Single  
27/03/1810 John ROBERTS Single   Hannah WRIGHT Widow  
29/05/1810 Robert LADEMORE Single   Sarah MAPLYNTON Single  
29/07/1810 William ROBERTS Single   Jane CROSSLEY Widow  
27/08/1810 Richard SMITH Single   Hannah BRYANT Single  
03/12/1810 Thomas EVEREST     Mary Ann SINDON    
25/02/1811 George BOOTH Single Northiam Jane SARGENT Single  
16/04/1811 Charles GUY Single   Fanny CARRICK Single  
10/07/1811 Richard LUCK Single   Elizabeth BARROW Single  
12/08/1811 William MANTING Single   Mary ROBERTS Widow  
19/01/1812 Edward HOLT Single   Susannah FRY Single  
14/12/1812 Spencer WESTON Single Brighton Ann ADES Single  
1 29/01/1813 John CATT Single   Frances ELDRIDGE Single  
2 26/07/1813 James PHILLIPS Single   Sarah MAN Single  
3 22/09/1813 Robert FISHER Single   Mary FULLER Single  
4 04/10/1813 Walter HOLLANDS Single   Jane SINDON Single  
5 22/12/1813 William BONES Single   Charlotte CHAPMAN Single  
6 25/03/1814 William PIPER Single   Mary DEARING Single  
7 06/05/1814 John SMITH Widower   Elizabeth ATKINS Widow  
8 09/05/1814 Philip BUTLER Single   Cordelia CRISFORD Single  
9 29/05/1814 John SANDLES Single   Ann PHIPPS Single  
10 17/07/1814 Stephen SPICE Single   Mary FAIRHALL Single  
11 18/07/1814 Stephen EVEREST Single   Ann CROUCH Single  
12 29/10/1814 Samuel BEECHING Widower Bexhill Ann Lucas DEUDNEY Single  
13 22/11/1814 Edward ELDRIDGE Single   Mary GIBBS Single  
14 21/01/1815 William NICHOLLS Widower   Judith OFFENS Single  
15 19/04/1815 James SELLENS Single   Sophia HUNTLEY Single  
16 27/04/1815 Thomas RICHARDSON Single Ewhurst Charlotte BUTLER Single  
17 10/05/1815 Walter SELLENS Single   Benney EVERSFIELD Widow  
18 26/05/1815 Joseph BRYANT Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
19 22/08/1815 Thomas LUDLAM Single   Mary Ann FREELAND Single  
20 06/11/1815 Joseph CRAIG Single   Philadelphia YEAPS Widow  
21 05/02/1816 James SPEARS Single   Ann GUTSELL Single  
22 02/03/1816 Samuel FISHER Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
23 16/04/1816 Thomas NEWICK Single   Sarah KEMP Single  
24 11/04/1817 William SMITH Single   Philadelphia BRYANT Single  
25 22/10/1817 John WITHERDEN Single Rolvenden, Kent Philadelphia CRISFORD Single  
26 22/03/1818 William MERCER Single   Mary JARRAT Single  
27 26/03/1818 Henry SPEAR Single   Frances MILHAM Single Westfield
28 07/06/1818 William SPILSTED Single   Elizabeth SELLENS Single  
29 23/10/1818 Thomas GAYNES Single Westfield Mary BOURNE Single  
30 22/11/1818 James PANKHURST Single   Mary ELDRIDGE Single  
31 12/04/1819 Thomas TAYLOR Single Cranbrook, Kent Charlotte ADES Single  
32 12/04/1819 John CRISFORD Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
33 21/05/1819 Barnabas TAYLOR Single   Hannah KEEBLE Widow  
34 18/11/1819 Jesse Lovell DAVIS Single Guestling Rebecca CRISFORD Single  
35 24/12/1819 Samuel COOK Single   Polly ELDRIDGE Single  
36 06/04/1820 John ELDRIDGE Widower   Philadelphia GOODSALL Single  
37 12/04/1820 Thomas ROLLASON Single   Hannah KEMP Single  
38 15/04/1820 William STREETER Single   Gilead HESELDEN Single  
39 18/04/1820 William FRENCH Single Penhurst Sarah STONE Single  
40 24/07/1820 Jesse PARKS Single   Jane BAYLEY Single  
41 02/08/1820 John HYLAND Single Ewhurst Jane FREELAND Single  
42 13/08/1820 Timothy POTTER Single Battle Sarah BAYLEY Single  
43 25/09/1820 Edward AVANN Single   Ann PANKHURST Single  
45 10/03/1821 William WYBOURN Single   Philadelphia REED Single  
44 25/12/1821 James WATSON Single   Hannah MARTIN Single  
46 03/01/1822 Thomas TICHBON Single   Philadelphia HICKS Single  
47 19/02/1822 William RUSSELL Single   Susan ELDRIDGE Single  
48 21/10/1822 George GUY Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
49 13/11/1822 William SARGENT Single   Mary WOOD Single  
50 16/03/1823 Frederick REED Single   Ann REED Single  
51 16/06/1823 Stephen SPILSTED Widower   Elizabeth FOORD Widow  
52 18/08/1823 George PLAYFORD   Beckley Hannah HARROD    
53 17/10/1823 James GIBBS Single   Emma DAVIS Single  
54 22/10/1823 Henry OSBOURN Single   Jane TOMSETT Single  
55 20/11/1823 Henry JONES Single Salehurst Ann BLACKMAN Single  
56 20/02/1824 George TOLHURST Single Westfield Honour HICKS Single  
57 07/06/1824 Thomas HOOK Single   Harriet REED Single  
58 13/07/1824 Samuel BAILEY Single   Philly PLAYFORD Single  
59 08/10/1824 Daniel PARKS Single   Sarah HOOK Single  
60 11/10/1824 Samuel BOOTH Single   Rebakah CLAPSON Single  
61 10/11/1824 George WISE Single   Sarah ROBERTS Single  
62 11/12/1824 William DAVIS Single   Mary SELMES Single Mountfield
63 25/12/1824 James PARKS Single   Harriet CROUCH Single  
64 01/01/1825 Stephen SELMES Single   Rebekah PLAYFORT Single  
65 06/01/1825 Thomas WATSON Single   Harriet FREELAND Single  
66 14/02/1825 Thomas TICEHURST Single   Eliza BLACKMAN Single  
67 14/02/1825 Stephen TURNER Single   Charlotte ELDRIDGE Single  
68 16/03/1825 Jesse HYLAND Single   Maria FREELAND Single  
69 01/05/1825 James CROUCH Single   Ann MATTHEWS Single  
70 23/05/1825 William STACE Single   Esther FREEMAN Single  
71 05/06/1825 Thomas WILLARD Single   Hannah REED Single  
72 31/07/1825 James SINDON Widower   Sarah SARGENT Widow  
73 14/08/1825 William DENNET Single   Harriet FOOTS Single  
74 04/12/1825 William STACE Single   Sophia OFFENS Single  
75 26/03/1826 William STARR Single   Sophia GIBBS Single  
76 06/08/1826 Thomas PARSONS Single   Philadelphia BAKER Widow  
77 14/10/1826 William PARKS Single   Catherine GREENFIELD Single  
78 21/10/1826 Daniel PARKS Widower   Eliza HARRIS Single  
79 23/10/1826 Spencer POLHILL Single   Mary Ann HAYLER Single  
80 09/04/1827 John HARMER Single Ewhurst Mary BOLTON Single  
81 05/05/1827 Thomas GODIN Single Ewhurst Winifred MILHAM Single  
82 22/07/1827 John GOLDBY Single   Mary SALMON Single  
83 02/09/1827 Levi CROUCH Single   Eliza EGGINS Single  
84 04/11/1827 William REED Single   Mary MORRIS Widow  
85 12/11/1827 George MANDEL Single   Hannah REED Single  
86 23/11/1827 Spencer FREELAND Single   Mary Ann CALLOW Single  
87 30/12/1827 Henry WILLAND Single   Martha REED Single  
88 05/01/1828 William CAREY Single   Mary Ann DANN Single  
89 03/08/1828 Richard HAILER Single   Eliza GIBBS Single  
90 08/02/1830 William HAILER Single   Jane Ann POLHILL Single  
91 22/04/1830 Tilden ELDRIDGE Single   Sarah MABBOT Single St Mary, Hastings
92 05/02/1831 Edgar ELDRIDGE Single   Mary Ann CATT Single  
93 02/05/1831 James HYLAND Single   Mary NOAKES Single  
94 12/05/1831 Thomas Hissman HUGHES Single Chard, Somerset Betty Linor MERCER Single  
95 05/11/1831 William AUSTIN Single   Ann FRANKS Single  
96 19/12/1831 William WILLARD Single   Elizabeth REED Single  
97 30/04/1832 Aaron ELDRIDGE Single   Ann Maria HYLAND Single  
98 21/11/1832 James BYNER Single   Caroline POOLEY Single Whatlington
99 21/11/1832 William HYLAND Single   Elizabeth JEMPSON Single  
100 24/11/1832 William BLUNDELL Single Salehurst Mary AUSTIN Single  
101 08/12/1832 John NEVE Single Crowhurst Eliza ELDRIDGE Single  
102 09/04/1833 Joseph ELDRIDGE Single   Hannah HYLAND Single Ewhurst
103 10/06/1833 Richard VOUSLEY Single Rolvenden, Kent Charlotte CAREY Single  
104 28/03/1834 Thomas MUNK Single   Sarah BOOTH Single  
105 29/06/1834 Thomas GIBBS Single   Jane Ann GILLOT Widow  
106 18/09/1834 George NOAKES Single   Eliza DAVIS Single  
107 25/11/1834 William HILL Widower St Clement, Hastings Maria WILLARD Single  
108 30/12/1834 John Eldridge WHITING Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
109 28/03/1836 Tilden TOLHURST Single   Harriet VENISS Single  
110 24/06/1836 William CHAPMAN Single   Sarah ELDRIDGE Widow  
111 14/10/1836 James EGGINS Single Ewhurst Eleanor APPS Single  
112 15/10/1836 Robert CATT Single   Caroline CRITTENDEN Single  

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