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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Whatlington St Mary Magdalene


The Parish

The parish of Whatlington lies in eastern Sussex not too far from its border with neighbouring Kent. Whatlington is located about 8 miles north of the coastal resort of Hastings and sits, in lanes, just over a half mile west of the A21 road which connects Hastings with London. Whatlington is a small village strung out along a lane connecting the A21 through to Battle and spread either side of the River Line with no real defined village centre. Modern developments have come to the parish with the London to Hastings railway line passing through the parish but Whatlington has no station to prompt development. At the time of this transcript Whatlington would have been a mixed farming village like so many in the county. The River Line drains the parish eastwards, joining, in turn, the Brede and the Rother to reach the English Channel through the port of Rye. Whatlington is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and land is gently undulating hereabouts reaching local heights of just over 100 metres en route to Battle. By Sussex standards Whatlington was a relatively small parish, covering a little under 1,300 acres it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Whatlington was a holding of Count Robert of Eu and was an equally small place offering just 5 ploughs as assets.

The Church

St Mary Magdalene's church sits tucked away down a side dead-end lane to the south of the lane leading to Battle. The church is of two distinct ages, the mediaeval portion, the nave & chancel, shows the lancet windows typical of the Early English Gothic period of the 13th century. The steeple and vestry were Victorian additions, part of a general restoration of the 1860, Pevsner is clearly not pleased by these changes, describing the steeple as "unfortunate". Opinions vary and it does make a feature as it matures into the landscape. Parking is not easy at the end of the lane but there is room with care, the churchyard has scattered trees but nothing to interfere with the better photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th January 1755 - 13th October 1812 East Sussex Archives - Reference - PAR507/1/1/3 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th April 1813 - 6th June 1837 East Sussex Archives - Reference - PAR507/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Mountfield All Saints
Salehurst St Mary
Ewhurst St James
Mountfield All Saints
Sedlescombe St John the Baptist
Battle St Mary
Battle St Mary
Battle St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/01/1755 John REEVE     Sarah GORELY    
21/01/1755 William QUAIFE     Sarah STANDEN    
02/04/1755 Benjamin NOAKES     Rebecca NOAKES    
14/10/1755 Richard BOOTS   Salehurst Mercy STANDEN    
14/10/1756 John HARVEY     Katharine TURNER    
26/04/1757 Richard STARR     Elizabeth BARNS    
20/12/1757 Thomas VIRRIL     Mary BUTLINSHIRE    
15/05/1758 Mark MOSS   Ashburnham Sarah HUNTLEY    
23/07/1759 William WIMHURST   Ore Sarah JUPP    
17/08/1761 Thomas HARRISON     Hannah BRETT    
06/04/1763 William DUKE     Mary GUY    
12/06/1764 Stephen RECORD     Sarah QUAIF    
28/12/1764 Thomas TYRREL   Salehurst Mary SIMES    
30/03/1766 Samuel WISSAM     Mary JUPP    
07/02/1768 John SWAINE Widower Rye Mary GUY Single  
29/04/1768 Robert WILSON Single Battle Mary ATWOOD Single  
01/12/1768 Thomas GUY     Mary PILBEAM   Burwash
08/02/1771 Joseph HONNEYSET     Mary WATSON    
16/09/1771 John COOPER     Ann WATERS    
30/10/1771 John DENNET     Elizabeth HUNTLEY    
03/03/1772 George GUY   Sedlescombe Lydia CHADWICK    
25/10/1772 William THOMSON     Ruth MEPHAM    
24/04/1774 Richard CRUTTENDEN   Sandhurst, Kent Hannah CRUTTENDEN    
16/06/1775 William PALMER   Battle Mary DUKE    
29/02/1776 John DUKE Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
03/04/1777 William SPICE   Sedlescombe Mary CHANDLER    
14/11/1777 Richard PALMER   Battle Mary DUKE    
14/11/1780 Edward RANSOM Single   Eleanor BAKER Single  
29/07/1781 Richard THOMAS Single   Philadelphia PHILCOX Single  
12/10/1781 John ROFE     Sarah BAKER    
09/12/1781 John MOON   Mountfield Elizabeth CARTER    
20/06/1783 William WHATSON   Sedlescombe Susan MILLER    
18/08/1785 Thomas LANSDALE   Bexhill Ann HAYWARD    
16/05/1786 Thomas DAVIS     Mary BAKER    
21/06/1787 Henry HOUNDSELL     Elizabeth WATSON    
26/03/1788 William SPICE     Lucy BAKER    
25/09/1788 John ROBENS     Ann MICHELL    
12/04/1789 Richard BASS   Brightling Sarah WINCHESTER    
05/07/1789 John BAYLEY     Ann WIMSET    
07/02/1790 Richard AUSTEN     Mary FREELAND    
12/04/1790 Thomas BENEY     Mary HARVEY    
19/05/1790 John STONE   Sedlescombe Alley BUMPSTEAD    
13/06/1791 William WHATSON     Elizabeth SEXBY    
24/10/1791 Samuel SELMES     Mary FRIEND    
20/12/1792 William WAGHORNE   Sedlescombe Elizabeth SIMES    
13/12/1793 Edward MILLS Single   Sarah SELMES Single  
22/10/1794 John SIMES Single   Hannah HUNT Single Battle
07/11/1796 John WEBB   Catsfield Sarah HISCOCK    
28/12/1796 William CROFT     Sarah POLHILL    
15/03/1797 Thomas TURNER Single   Whinea MORPHEY Single Brede
20/03/1797 William MARDEN Single Winchelsea Sarah PETERS Single  
06/06/1797 William SIMES Single   Charlotte LUCK Single  
05/02/1798 John CROUCH Single   Barbara NOAKES Single  
07/04/1798 William YOUMENS   Beckley Jane CRISMAS    
25/03/1799 George GUY Single   Philadelphia HERVEY Single  
27/08/1799 George SILVESTER     Hannah SMITH    
17/03/1800 William FOULDS     Hannah FULLER    
25/11/1800 Thomas QUAIFE     Sarah HATWOOD    
28/06/1802 Stephen SARGENT   Westfield Mary TURNER    
19/07/1802 George BENSON     Ann TANTON    
05/11/1802 Robert DURRANT     Jane JEFFERY   Battle
05/12/1802 John HEWS     Margaret VARD    
03/05/1803 John LEE Single Battle Jane SAXBY Single  
18/10/1803 Thomas CHRISMAS   Sedlescombe Eleanor RANSON    
24/12/1804 William DAVIS Single   Frances PARKER Single Mountfield
22/04/1805 Stephen CROUCH     Mary COLLINS    
12/02/1806 Richard PENFOLD Single   Sarah MILLER Single  
27/03/1806 Joshua HISCOCK Single Sedlescombe Philadelphia FREELAND Single  
04/10/1806 Richard BROWN Single Wartling Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
08/11/1806 Thomas RUSSELL Single   Elizabeth FORD Single  
01/10/1807 William THORPE     Ruth ELLIOTT    
19/02/1808 John PAINE Single Sandhurst, Kent Sarah TUTTY    
17/04/1808 Thomas SHOUSMITH     Mary BEENY    
28/03/1809 Thomas HARVEY Single   Sarah SHEWSMITH    
04/04/1809 Samuel SIGGS Single   Mary ADAMS Single  
26/05/1809 William ELLIOTT     Elizabeth Swaine DUKE    
30/07/1809 Thomas CARTER     Jane WILLARD    
16/10/1809 Thomas ROFFE     Sarah FOORD    
27/02/1810 John ANKIN     Elizabeth BARNY    
06/08/1810 William WEAVER Single   Mary GURR Single  
26/11/1810 Samuel QUARTERMAN Single   Sarah BENEY Single  
18/02/1811 Stephen SELMES Single Mountfield Mary LOCK Single  
18/03/1811 John LOVE Single   Sarah ALDERTON Single Mountfield
07/07/1811 Robert JEFFERY Widower Westfield Ann HYLAND Single  
19/08/1812 John FOX Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
13/10/1812 Richard STONE Single   Sarah RELF Single  
1 19/04/1813 Thomas HYLAND Single   Mary HYLAND Single  
2 19/04/1813 John HYLAND Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
3 16/09/1813 Tilden BANNISTER Single   Susanna HARMER Single  
4 11/12/1814 William SAXBY Single   Anne SMITH Single  
5 28/03/1815 Edward ELDRIDGE Single   Sarah CRUMP Single  
6 01/04/1815 William PARKER Single   Jane RANSOM Single  
7 02/04/1815 Samuel SELMES Single   Philadelphia EMANUEL Single  
8 02/05/1815 Edward HOOK Single   Elizabeth BURGESS Single  
9 25/07/1815 James SELMES Single   Elizabeth FOORD Single  
10 08/09/1815 William SMITH Single Salehurst Mary OVERY Single  
11 08/01/1816 William VENIS Single   Mary BARDEN Single Westfield
12 20/01/1817 John LAURENCE Single   Mary Anne DEADMAN Single  
13 12/02/1817 William ROLFE Single   Frances MERCHANT Single  
14 07/04/1817 John BENEY Single   Sarah BETTS Widow  
15 28/02/1818 William DAVIS Widower   Anne GARDINER Single  
16 23/03/1818 Stephen YOUNG Single   Elizabeth BUTLER Single Sedlescombe
17 28/09/1818 Richard AUSTEN Single   Hannah BENEY Single  
18 29/10/1818 James ROFE Single   Mary SELMES Single  
19 29/03/1819 John HISCOCK Single   Mary SINDEN Single  
20 27/12/1819 Robert STUBBLEFIELD Single   Hannah SHOESMITH Single  
21 22/01/1820 Henry SMITH Single Mountfield Mary SIMES Single  
22 01/04/1820 Samuel WATSON Single   Sarah ELDRIDGE Single  
23 04/04/1820 William TAYLOR Single   Mary BALDAY Single  
24 26/04/1821 James GANDER Single   Maria GARDINER Single  
25 26/11/1821 James HOUNSELL Single   Mary HOUNSELL Single  
26 11/04/1823 George DALY Single   Mary Major BOXER Single  
27 16/04/1823 Thomas SELLENS Single Sedlescombe Philly GUY Single  
28 18/10/1824 William FREELAND     Mary GARDENNER    
29 12/03/1825 Henry HOAD Single   Sarah MORRIS Single  
30 02/04/1826 Henry BAILEY Single   Anne ELDRIDGE Single  
31 15/07/1826 Samuel GOODSELL Single   Maria TAYLOR Single  
32 27/08/1827 Obadian Orange LEMON Single Battle Charlotte DAWS Single  
33 27/08/1827 William BRAY Single Winchelsea Eliza DAWS Single  
34 16/09/1827 Edward PIGNALL Widower   Elizabeth PUTLAND Widow  
35 11/05/1828 James GUY Single   Frances TURNER Single  
36 26/01/1829 George DOWLING Single   Elizabeth READE Single  
37 05/10/1829 George KEMP Single   Frances DELVES Single  
38 18/01/1830 Joseph MARTIN Single   Elizabeth GLYDE Single Salehurst
39 27/11/1830 Thomas CHRISTMAS Single   Martha GOODSOUL Single  
40 08/01/1831 William TAYLOR Single   Harriet KEMP Single  
41 17/01/1831 Moses LUCK Single Mountfield Mary Ann HILDER Single  
42 03/04/1831 Thomas BLUNDEN Single   Mary BENEY Single  
43 17/10/1831 William SIMES Single   Sarah ELLIOTT Widow  
44 01/07/1832 Spencer RICHARDSON Single St Mary, Hastings Elizabeth COOK Single  
45 20/11/1832 William WATERS Single   Sarah SELMES Single  
46 08/12/1832 Evenden HISCOCK Single   Charlotte BURGESS Single  
47 31/12/1832 James BEACH Single   Ann BELTON Single Mountfield
48 25/01/1833 Newlan MARTIN Single   Margaret BAKER Single  
49 06/04/1833 William FRENCH Single   Eliza HARVEY Single  
50 25/05/1833 Arthur JEMPSON Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
51 22/06/1833 William BAILEY Single   Mary LUSTED Single Mountfield
52 25/10/1833 Samuel LUCK Single Benenden, Kent Mary ADAMS Single  
53 04/01/1834 George BENGE Single   Harriet MILLS Single  
54 04/11/1834 Stephen SMITH Single Battle Eliza DAVIS Single  
55 19/02/1835 Henry SIMES Single Westfield Jane Catharine WRIGHT Single  
56 25/12/1835 Henry COLLINS Single   Sarah BLACKMAN Widow  
56 25/12/1835 Henry COLLINS Single   Sarah TILBURY Widow  
57 05/04/1836 Henry ELDRIDGE Single   Mary GUY Single  
58 28/04/1836 Richard SMITH Single   Eliza SIMES Single  
59 06/06/1837 Samuel SELMES Single   Susan MILLS Single  

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