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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Corley St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Corley lies in central northern Warwickshire about 4 miles northwest of the city of Coventry. Corley is a small and compact village which sits on the B4098 road which heads northwestwards from Coventry towards Tamworth in Staffordshire. Corley has an unusual and ancient location, it sits on an outcrop of resistant Permian desert sandstone which stands high above the Midlands plains, the strategic location carries an ancient Iron Age hill-fort, as well as signal beacons from the Napoleonic Wars and modern transmitter masts. Most of Corley is sited around the crossroads at the heart of the village but some properties are strung along the B4098 in both directions. Modern developments have come to the parish, the modern M6 motorway is carved along the foot of the hill and Corley has donated its name to the service area which lies below it. At the time of this transcript Corley would have been a largely arable farming parish and little has changed beyond a few modern developments as commuters seek rural locations away from Coventry's bustle. Small streams head eastwards to join into the River Anker at Nuneaton, this heads northwestwards joining the Tame and then the Trent on a long journey to the east coast and the North Sea through the Humber Estuary.As mentioned Corley sits atop Burrow Hill, a unique outcrop in this largely low-lying area, the village is sited at between 150 and 180 metres and sits on the highest point for many a mile with extensive views across the Midlands in all directions. Corley parish was on the smaller side for its area, covering just under 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. Equally small in Domesday times, too, held by one Godwin it could muster just 3 ploughs as well as the usual meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits at the main crossroads of the village where Church Lane meets the B4098. Built using that local Permian sandstone it is of ancient origins with the majority of the fabric dating from the 12th century. The nave with aisles and arcades and a central crossing turret are all in the Norman Romanesque style of that century. The chancel comes from the following century and its ashlar facing is distinctively different and with its window tracery showing the style of the Decorated period it clearly represents a medieval partial rebuild. Restorations from the Victorian and modern periods followed with work on the roofs in 1865, the rebuild of the turret maintaining its original stylistic features in 1884 and modern work adding a vestry in 1967 to arrive at today's church. The churchyard sits right at the junction with a narrow pull-in for car parking to the left of the entrance lychgate. The churchyard is extensive and whilst decorated with some trees they are avoidable by the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
31st October 1754 - 5th September 1802
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0250/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 1st April 1803 - 11th October 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0250/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 6th January 1813 - 15th June 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0250/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting in this register may lead to one or two misreads

Fillongley St Mary & All Saints
Fillongley St Mary & All Saints
Astley St Mary
Exhall by Coventry St Giles
Fillongley St Mary & All Saints
Exhall by Coventry St Giles
Allesley All Saints
Allesley All Saints
Coventry St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
31/10/1754 John WEBB Hannah HUMPHRIES Stoneleigh
08/01/1755 William WALTON St Michael, Coventry Lydia BAXTER
21/10/1755 William SMITH Sarah PARKER
16/12/1755 Yustues DAFFON Sarah POWERS
08/07/1756 William GRANGER Esther FARMER
06/06/1757 John BUCKNELL Lydia ARNULL
12/09/1757 George REYNOLDS Jane DOWNS
24/04/1759 Benjamin HAWKES Holy Trinity, Coventry Margaret AWSON
26/06/1759 Charles DOWNS Ann CRANER Holy Trinity, Coventry
26/12/1759 Thomas JENKS Mary HENSEL
14/01/1760 John REEVES Mary TOWNSEND
1 30/09/1760 George LEE Hannah HERRIMEN
2 14/10/1760 Arthur SEDGELEY Elizabeth LUCAS Fillongley
3 21/10/1760 John CORBET Chilvers Coton Mary KEAT
5 22/06/1761 Nathaniel READ St Michael, Coventry Mary HEATH
6 19/09/1761 Thomas LYNES Catharine STANLEY
7 14/10/1761 John CATTELL Holy Trinity, Coventry Martha FLEET
8 21/11/1761 Samuel TURNER Mary HERRIMAN
24/04/1762 John BUCKNELL Ann BROWNE Fillongley
20/12/1762 Samuel DANKS Mary SMITH
28/06/1763 John BARTON Elizabeth WELLS
12/09/1763 Samuel MOGGS Mary FAUCONBRIDGE
08/10/1764 Thomas WYKES Elizabeth BARTON
06/05/1765 John MILLARD Rose DAVIS
29/10/1765 William RUSSEL Ann BRINKLEY
21/11/1765 Thomas HAWKSFORD Ann MILLIS
21/05/1767 John WETHERS Elizabeth HAWKINGS Kingsbury
19/11/1767 Abraham ENSOR Maxstoke Mary KIMBERLY
30/05/1768 John HAWKSFORD Patience FAIRFIELD
15/11/1768 Thomas KING Mary WESTON
29/08/1769 William PROOF Mary WARD
27/11/1769 Daniel WYKES Hannah PROOF
08/10/1770 Francis MARTIN Ann TOWNSEND
14/10/1771 William WAINWRIGHT Mary EVENES
17/10/1771 Henry ELLIS Berkswell Mary DAFFERN
07/11/1771 James HINKS Widower Sarah HAWKSFORD
11/02/1772 Henry LOYD Elizabeth WYKES Widow
11/05/1772 Thomas LESSON Widower Hannah MORTIBOYS St Michael, Coventry
20/05/1772 Thomas DOWNES Widower Fillongley Elizabeth REDLY
05/11/1772 John OUGHTON Elizabeth BEAILL
04/12/1772 Thomas GINKS Widower Elizabeth SQUELCH Widow Bedworth
01/06/1773 William PROOF Widower Mary HAWKSFORD
01/03/1774 William BIDDLE Single Holy Trinity, Coventry Mary HEAN Single
20/09/1774 John BUTCHER Single Deborah SMART Single
12/10/1774 Thomas DOWNS Single Ann SMITH Single
14/10/1775 Nathanael COX Mary LOVEGROVE
20/11/1775 Thomas SIMONDS Mary HUDSON
07/05/1776 Thomas STEAN Katharine ARNOLD
08/06/1776 William DUNNING Wolvey Elizabeth OUGHTON
21/09/1776 William WEST Widower Allesley Elizabeth FRENCH
30/10/1777 John WAGGSTER Catherine COTTRILL St Michael, Coventry
24/02/1778 John WASTELL Single Mary SMITH Single
13/01/1780 William BIDDLE Widower Jane HAWKSFORD Single
01/08/1780 George GINKS Elizabeth PEGGE St Michael, Coventry
18/05/1781 Daniel SREAD Sarah WEST
20/01/1782 Thomas LEE Mary WAREING
16/10/1782 Edward PARKINSON Thurlaston, Leicestershire Martha HOLBECKE
21/02/1783 Daniel HYDE Single Allesley Mary WASTELL Widow
08/04/1783 William CAMWELL St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth GIBSON
11/10/1783 Thomas MILLHOUSE Jane JEWIS
20/10/1783 Thomas ELLIOT Elizabeth TURNER
07/04/1785 Thomas BERKIN Mary FRENCH
06/06/1786 Thomas HARBAN Mary TUNNYCLIFT
16/01/1787 Richard HARRIS Mary HAWKESFORD
20/02/1787 Thomas SMITH Mary HARBER
19/08/1787 George TOLLEY Elizabeth HUDSON
17/04/1788 Thomas GARNER Fillongley Mary MOGGS
07/08/1788 Thomas HABURN St Michael, Coventry Ann NEWBOLD
04/05/1789 John SMITH Ann HARVEY
11/10/1789 William SMITH Elizabeth CLARKE
31/12/1789 William PROOF Widower Jane HAWKESFORD Single
27/04/1790 Joel WHALE Mary HARBER
08/08/1790 William PETERS Mary DERINGTON
28/09/1790 John LYNES Ann SALISBURY Higham On The Hill, Leicestershire
11/10/1790 John BUCKNILL Mary SWIFT
11/11/1790 James BRADFORD St Michael, Coventry Hannah NEWBOLD
23/11/1790 William GRANGER Elizabeth HARBER
23/11/1790 George OLDHAM St Michael, Coventry Mary BEARDMOORE
28/12/1790 Thomas HARBER Katherine CONNOR
26/01/1791 Joseph BUSBEY Hannah WILLEY
30/03/1791 William KING Meriden Frances BODDINGTON
12/11/1791 Joseph FRENCH Sarah HAWKESFORD
12/12/1791 Samuel COP Elizabeth CHESHIRE
30/01/1792 Samuel DUTTON Mary BARTON
02/04/1792 Richard ROBINSON Elizabeth ROBINSON
10/07/1792 John WAGSTAFFE Ansley Elizabeth CLARK
31/07/1792 Thomas HARBER Catherine PARKER
14/11/1792 Samuel MOGGS Mary BODDINGTON
08/12/1792 William HINKS Elizabeth SPENCER
07/03/1793 Thomas TERRY Martha GOODE
07/05/1793 Thomas WYKES Mary TOPP
14/11/1793 Thomas HARBAN Frances WATSON Fillongley
03/11/1794 John MILLS Katherine HARBER
11/11/1794 John SQUELCH Ann CROSS
17/02/1795 William BODDINGTON Lydia WEST Fillongley
04/05/1795 William SHEA Elizabeth SWIFT
03/08/1795 Roger WHITING Single Mary KELSEY Astley
17/11/1795 Edward BARKER Single Anne OUGHTON
25/04/1797 John NEWBOLD Single Martha TOMPSON St Michael, Coventry
07/12/1797 William SPARKES Maxstoke Martha BENTON
20/12/1797 Thomas ALLEN Elizabeth TAILOR
11/10/1798 Thomas ELLIOTT Ann SMITH
02/04/1799 Thomas CURRALL Elizabeth CASHMORE Fillongley
12/04/1799 Samuel CAMWELL Mary LEE Widow Fillongley
10/10/1799 Samuel Downs KENNEL Fillongley Frances WHITMORE
17/10/1799 Samuel ASHBOURNE Widower Bulkington Elizabeth WHITING Single
21/10/1799 Thomas GLOVER Mary BERKIN Widow
04/12/1801 Charles SUCKLING Elizabeth WISE
04/02/1802 Joseph TAYLOR Elizabeth WEBB
18/03/1802 Francis BOSS Hampton In Arden Ann HARBER
25/03/1802 Thomas WRIGHT Single Arley Susanna MOGGS Single
07/04/1802 Henry WISE Single Sarah HIORNS Single Wolston
05/09/1802 Richard DEWES Single St Michael, Coventry Ann TOPP Single
1 01/04/1803 James CONERVEY Single Foleshill Elizabeth HARPER Single
2 17/12/1804 Thomas BUNNEY Shustoke Hannah HAWKSFORD
3 24/12/1804 John PICK Sarah BRAMWICH
4 19/02/1805 Joseph WOOLEY Single Barston Sophia GARLICK Widow
5 21/04/1806 Richard CROFTS Widower Bedworth Catherine WAXTON Widow
6 21/05/1806 William WELLER Widower Catherine DANKS
7 09/04/1807 Thomas DOWNES Elizabeth FARNDON
8 03/09/1807 Samuel REVE Maria TRANTER
10 07/10/1807 Daniel WHADCOCK Widower Chilvers Coton Catherine STONE
9 12/10/1807 Thomas HOWE Elizabeth CRANER
11 21/11/1807 Thomas HEANS Allesley Mary HARRIS
12 16/04/1809 George GINKS Frances WISE
13 13/08/1809 John SAMONS Single Mary SHREAD Single
14 09/10/1809 William MORRIS Single Arley Ann MARTIN Single
15 07/10/1810 Richard CROFTS Widower Sarah CHATTAWAY Widow
16 12/03/1811 William RANDLE Chilvers Coton Hannah BARKER
17 26/03/1811 Thomas SMITH Single Astley Hannah TOPP Single
18 09/04/1811 Thomas TOPP Single Sarah AWSON Single
19 09/06/1811 Joseph COX Widower Wolston Ann TOWNSEND Single
20 11/10/1812 Richard MILLER Elizabeth BUCKNELL
1 06/01/1813 William JOHNSON Single Hinckley, Leicestershire Mary Ann BEECROFT Single
2 02/01/1816 George JONES Widower Catherine GOULD Single
3 03/02/1818 Samuel MOGGS Single Elizabeth PROOF Widow
4 15/11/1819 John WISE Single Hannah BUSBY Single
5 20/11/1820 Samuel FAULKINBRIDGE Single Ann ALLEN Single
7 23/11/1820 Thomas MASON Single Fillongley Anne HARRIS Widow
8 15/01/1822 Joseph FAULKONBRIDGE Single Mary BARTON Single
9 28/08/1822 George CROCKFORD Single Maria SMITH Single
10 29/08/1822 Abraham LORD Single Ann BRAMWICH Single
12 30/12/1823 Joshua BROWN Single Whittington, Staffordshire Ann WASHBOND Single
13 11/01/1824 John EARL Widower St Michael, Coventry Mary SMITH Single
14 31/08/1824 Thomas GREENWAY Single Elizabeth BURTON Single
15 12/05/1825 James SMITH Elizabeth CRAZE
16 03/10/1826 James WEBB Single Mary PRICE Single
17 16/04/1827 Thomas WOODFIELD Newbold On Avon Sarah HORSER
18 21/04/1829 Joseph STAIR Arley Hannah BARTON
19 15/10/1829 William HEDGEMAN Eliza HAMMERSLEY
21 13/05/1830 William ELLINGHAM St Michael, Coventry Mary HANKS
22 13/05/1830 William SMITH Great Packington Catherine SHAKESPEARE
23 13/08/1831 Isaac FAULKENBRIDGE Catherine BARTON
24 27/02/1832 John ELLARD Frances CLAY
25 12/06/1832 John ALLEN Single Elizabeth BODDINGTON Single
26 02/07/1832 John KITE Leamington Priors Mary FREEMAN
27 22/11/1832 Henry SADLER St Michael, Coventry Mary Ann PROOF
28 15/09/1833 James STRONG Elizabeth BALISS
29 19/09/1833 Thomas MASON Widower Ann SMITH Single
30 07/10/1833 William SHEFFIELD Single Elizabeth WALE Single
31 16/12/1833 John MARTIN Mary HEIGH
32 21/01/1834 Joseph WEST Allesley Ann DOWNES
33 06/08/1834 Edward BARTON Mary WASTILL
34 14/10/1834 John PITCHER Ann LISSAMEE
35 29/01/1835 John FRENCH Sarah STONEY
36 22/06/1835 William TOMSON Ruth HOW
37 15/06/1837 Edward HOBDAY Elizabeth GARNER

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