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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Fillongley St Mary & All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Fillongley sits in north central Warwickshire about 7 miles northwest of the city of Coventry. Fillongley is a fairly large village sitting at a crossroads of B roads, the B4102 connecting Nuneaton to Hampton in Arden and the B4098 running from Coventry to Kingsbury. Unusually Fillongley has two former castle site, both with little remaining visible but testament to a strong 13th Norman presence in this area. Most of modern day Fillongley is built along these two roads as well as with some infill between them. The local economy was dominated by farming, mixed arable and pastoral in this area, some quarrying of the local sandstone also took place but mainly for local use in road mending etc. Modern developments have come to the area, the Nuneaton to Birmingham railway line running a couple of miles north through the wider parish whilst to the south a similar distance runs the modern M6 motorway on its way from London to the northwest & Scotland. Fillongley is drained by a small tributary if the River Tame which heads northwestwards to join that river, the latter meets the Trent and after a long cross-country journey the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Fillongley is sited at around 120 metres above the sea, the land rises steadily to the south reaching 170 metres on Burrow Hill at Corley. Fillongley parish was one the larger in its area, covering almost 4,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 1,000 parishioners. In Domesday times Fillongley was shared almost equally by 4 landholders including a Saxon relic, Alsi, collectively their assets could muster 8 ploughs as well as the usual meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Mary & All Saints' church sits towards the south of the village on the eastern side of the B4098 as it heads northwestwards towards the main crossroads. Like many churches there has been major changes over the centuries but detailed analysis by Pevsner identifies a Norman origin for St Mary & All Saints. Of course little remains of that period thabks to later alteration but masonry remains of a Norman Romanesque style within the chancel. That Norman original was clearly rebuilt in the Early English Gothic style of the early half of the 13th century, lancet windows in nave and western tower as well as the southern doorway (since reset) and the rebuilt chancel also date from this period. A second major rebuild occurred in the Perpendicular style of the late 14th century, the topmost stage of the tower, the clerestory and a northern two bay chapel all being in this style. Two main recent restorations have also occurred, that by the Victorians in the 1880s being described as "good" by Pevsner whilst as recently as 1981 an extension was added. The B4098 is relatively wide and a broad pathway sits outside the churchyard permitting considerate parking, a lychgate of 1902 grants entry to a churchyard which mature evergreens dotted about making for a challenge to adequately capture the building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
30th April 1754 - 8th June 1789
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0404/11
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
A scruffy register with poor clerical standards making for a possibility of a few misreads
2 21st June 1790 - 12th November 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0404/12 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 30th January 1813 - 20th June 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0404/13 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Shustoke St Cuthbert
Over Whitacre St Leonard
Arley St Wilfrid
Astley St Mary
Maxstoke St Michael
Astley St Mary
Great Packington St James
Meriden St Lawrence
Allesley All Saints
Corley St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
04/01/1754 James CHESLIN Ansley Mary WHITE
09/01/1754 David HALL Anne WHITE
31/01/1754 William HAMERSLEY Mary RANDALL
1 30/04/1754 John GLOVER Mary ANDERTON
2 20/05/1754 Joseph TEDD Catherine HOW
3 26/07/1754 William WHITE Deborah SMITH
4 01/09/1754 John LEE Stoneleigh Catherine HUBBARD
5 26/10/1754 John WEST Mary SPARKS
6 27/10/1754 Edward BUSBY Mary ARCHER
7 10/02/1755 Richard ADCOCK Widower St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth BETTERIDGE
8 28/02/1755 Thomas COPE Elizabeth SUCKLIN Maxstoke
9 07/07/1755 Henry WRIGHT Mary CLARKE Berkswell
10 13/07/1755 John KEEN Maxstoke Elizabeth ASTON
11 04/08/1755 John BARR Elizabeth STONE
12 10/10/1755 William WARMINGHAM Martha SIMKISS
23/10/1755 John HUBBARD Elizabeth SILVESTER
11/11/1755 John SWINERTON Sarah PRICE
22/08/1756 William BOSWELL Elizabeth LAMB
04/10/1756 Edward BAXTER Katherine BATES
28/10/1756 Thomas HERBERT Elizabeth SCATTERGOOD
03/11/1756 William WALKER Sarah MILLS
12/02/1757 Thomas HOWLETT Bedworth Elizabeth LINNEY
22/02/1757 Jonathan HARRISON Esther HILL
19/05/1757 William HULL Mary NEWMAN
07/07/1757 Francis KIMBERLEY Mary SPARKS
14/10/1758 William SMITH Elizabeth DOWNS
15/10/1758 Charles CHETLAND Shilton Sarah HARBORN
15/04/1759 John MILLES Mary SMART Single
24/06/1759 John GREEN Sarah DAWSON Single
04/09/1759 Samuel BUSBY Bubbenhall Mary BODDINGTON
23/10/1759 Thomas FALCONBRIDGE Mary SMITH
06/01/1760 Edward LINNEY Catherine SCATTERGOOD
19/02/1760 Thomas HOWE Ann AUSTIN Corley
10/04/1760 Sanders LAMBETH Martha WADDAM Astley
23/06/1760 Robert HUTT Mary HAWKSFORD
19/10/1760 William BONAS Over Whitacre Sarah HASTERLEY
22/10/1760 Joseph ASTLEY Astley Dorothy EAGLES
07/11/1760 Edward HARROLD Coleshill Ann MOORWOOD
19/08/1761 John BURTON Mary WEBB Maxstoke
05/10/1761 William JOHNSON Ann WEIGH
06/12/1761 Thomas LEE Mary BALL
10/02/1762 Thomas SWINERTON Mary WATSON
12/04/1762 Thomas WATTON Sarah WHITE
13/04/1762 Benjamin BARRS Ann STANLEY Allesley
04/07/1762 Thomas EAVES Jane HARDING
22/08/1762 Jonathan BARRS Sarah CORBITT
28/10/1762 Moses YATES Sarah WISE
25/11/1762 Thomas FISHER Allesley Elizabeth CORBITT
05/12/1762 Edward KING Elizabeth EDWARDS
16/03/1763 Edward HALL Catherine GOLDBY
10/04/1763 William KIMBERLEY Jane KIMBERLEY
11/10/1763 Thomas SCATTERGOOD Exhall By Coventry Elizabeth SCATTERGOOD
24/10/1763 John WARD Mary HOLMS
09/01/1764 John SPARKS Widower Ann WARD Widow Cubbington
08/02/1764 Thomas BURBIDGE Elizabeth GILBERT
27/02/1764 Simon WHORWOOD Dorothy BRATT
15/04/1764 William WILCOX Ryton On Dunsmore Ann CUDD
07/05/1764 Joseph FOX Sarah ASHBY
05/11/1764 John PAGG Elizabeth LOVAT
17/12/1764 John OWEN Arley Catherine KELSEY
15/01/1765 William BIRKIN Elizabeth KIMBERLEY
04/02/1765 William SMITH Mary BELCHER
16/02/1765 William PALMER Jane ROOE
01/11/1765 Samuel VALE St Michael, Coventry Mary CARR
02/05/1766 Joseph CORBET Elizabeth HACKET Astley
22/09/1766 Richard GREEN St Michael, Coventry Ann WILSON
05/11/1766 Thomas LINNEY Elizabeth KING
13/11/1766 William CLARK Nuneaton Mary LOVAT
30/11/1766 Robert WRIGHT Ann BRUMIDGE
17/09/1767 John DIVET Arley Mary HASTERLEY
04/11/1767 Thomas BARBER Barston Mary TEDD
04/12/1767 William ENSOR Stockingford Catharine RANDALL
08/12/1767 John HILL Meriden Mary THOMPSON
19/05/1768 Edward SCATTERGOOD Mary EDWARDS
26/05/1768 John EDWARDS Mary OVERTON
03/09/1768 John KING Mary CORBET Over Whitacre
12/09/1768 Charles RANDALL Sarah HANLEY
19/09/1768 Haddon SMITH Elizabeth HASTERLEY
07/11/1768 William CALLINGTON Ann CHAPLIN
27/03/1769 Richard FOOT Ann HUBERT
26/05/1769 William HUBERT Mary TOWNSEND Holy Trinity, Coventry
19/06/1769 Isaac SPARKS Sarah ARNETT Walsgrave On Sowe
24/09/1769 William SHEFFIELD Elizabeth HOW
12/10/1769 John SMITH Ann HILL
16/10/1769 John HOPKINS Ann SLATER
01/11/1769 John HEIGH Mary LOVAT
28/11/1769 John HARRIS Lydia LUDFORD
29/12/1769 Edward MILLS Ann GREEN
18/01/1770 Edward WESTON Elizabeth OWEN Over Whitacre
27/04/1770 Jonathan SMALLEY Maxstoke Mary DONES
31/05/1770 John DOWNES Sarah CORBET
26/06/1770 John WATSON Mary SCATTERGOOD
08/10/1770 John FALCONBRIDGE Mary ENSOR Maxstoke
01/04/1771 John WHORWOOD Ann FAWKS
23/04/1771 Richard BURBIDGE Ruth WISE
06/05/1771 Joseph PIERS Kenilworth Mary MILLWOOD
18/06/1771 George FALCONBRIDGE Lucy LEEK
17/09/1771 Thomas ANDERSON Elizabeth CURE
15/10/1771 George TAYLOR Elizabeth SWAIN Single Bedworth
13/11/1771 William HARPUR Catharine MILLS
14/11/1771 Thomas MATTHEWS Elizabeth HARRIS
11/12/1771 Joseph TAYLOR Sarah BENNET
03/06/1772 Thomas TURNER St Mary, Warwick Sarah ALLEN
12/10/1772 Joseph HOPKINS Mary SMITH
20/04/1773 William MILES Shustoke Elizabeth BAKER
22/04/1773 Richard SMITH Hunningham Susannah HEYWOOD
16/06/1773 William HASTILOW Ann WHEELEY St Michael, Coventry
05/07/1773 John SPARKS Mary EVANS
01/09/1773 William DOWNES Ann GOLLEY
24/10/1773 William SHORT Aston Katharine HALL
26/12/1773 Joseph CORBET Ann SEDGELY
26/05/1774 Joseph CORBET Hannah GOLDBY
27/05/1774 Richard BUTLER Eleanor BROOKS
05/09/1774 Edward CHESHIRE Ann HOLMES Holy Trinity, Coventry
20/10/1774 John STONE Ann BENNET
20/10/1774 Thomas FAIRFIELD Chilvers Coton Elizabeth PALMER
27/10/1774 John SUCKLIN Sarah CROSS
17/11/1774 Edward HASTILOW Nether Whitacre Elizabeth HAMMESLY
27/12/1774 James WHITE Frances SPARKS
25/05/1775 Thomas IRELAND Mary SHEFFIELD
30/05/1775 James SWIFT Elizabeth BIRKIN
29/06/1775 Edward WILKS Berkswell Elizabeth SPARKS
05/07/1775 William SMITH Mary GODDARD
23/04/1776 John SCATTERGOOD Elizabeth BRYAN
27/08/1776 John LOVET Mary WATSON
09/11/1776 Thomas HOLLAND Elizabeth WALLIS
11/02/1777 William LIGGINS Foleshill Deborah WHITE
14/02/1777 Joseph VICE Coleshill Katharine HASTILOW
31/03/1777 John HUSLEBY Ann GOLDBY
03/04/1777 Joseph ROGERS Sarah WEBB
15/07/1777 John CROSS Hannah SMITH
24/07/1777 Samuel ASHFORTH Mary BAKER
12/10/1777 William CRANER Elizabeth LEES
09/02/1778 John SPARKS Elizabeth PHILIPS Maxstoke
26/02/1778 Joseph ARCHER Ann STONE
03/03/1778 William BAKER Hannah WHITE
23/04/1778 Richard SMITH Mary CARTER
30/04/1778 Thomas JACKSON Allesley Deborah EBDELL
10/08/1778 John SHAKESPEAR Arley Sarah CORBET
22/09/1778 Thomas GEORGE Sarah ALLEN
04/11/1778 John PROCTOR Sarah WEIGH
01/02/1779 John PRIDMORE Ansty Martha WHITE
09/02/1779 John VARDELL Sarah MILLS
11/02/1779 Thomas SPARKS Catharine GARNER
09/05/1779 John HERITAGE Ann FREEMAN
28/10/1779 George SPARKS Mary GARNER
25/11/1779 Thomas JUDD Ann SILK
08/02/1780 William TOWNSEND Foleshill Elizabeth GARNER
26/03/1780 John SWINNERTON Catharine FOWKE Astley
21/05/1780 John SMART Sarah BUNN Curdworth
01/12/1780 William GLOVER West Bromwich, Staffordshire Mary FOX
19/12/1780 Thomas SQUELCH Chilvers Coton Mary DOWNES
24/04/1781 John ADCOCK Mary MOGGS
01/07/1781 John PALLAT Ann MORRIS
09/09/1781 Joseph CLARIDGE Catharine CASHMORE
15/10/1781 Thomas BARRS Ann CHETLIN
27/10/1781 John ASHBY Ann ARNOLD
01/04/1782 Joseph CASH Ann ALLEN Shustoke
14/04/1782 Thomas HAMMOND Ann HASTILOW
22/04/1782 Thomas SPENCER Shustoke Lydia HUBBARD
22/04/1782 John LEE Elizabeth WALTON
18/07/1782 Thomas CRANER Mary ALLEN
08/08/1782 Joseph DAGLEY Chilvers Coton Elizabeth CASWELL
11/10/1782 John DIBBLE Susannah CASHMORE
17/10/1782 Joseph SMITH Sarah USEN
08/11/1782 Thomas IRELAND Ann DOWNES
21/11/1782 Edward BAKER Ann ANSON
12/07/1783 Joseph BRIGHTON Rebeccah BROOKS
12/01/1784 Edward ASHBY Mary ANDERTON
27/01/1784 William HIGGISON Meriden Mary SMART Widow
22/04/1784 Thomas LEFEVER Folksworth, Huntingdonshire Susannah PREEST
16/08/1784 Nathaniel WEST Mary BARRS
25/01/1785 Edward SCATTERGOOD Catherine BIRD Corley
28/03/1785 John TURNER Mary BINDLEY
12/04/1785 John WEST Ann IRELAND
26/05/1785 Thomas WOOD Bedworth Abigail OUGHTONE
18/06/1785 Thomas HOWE Sarah CLIFFORD
04/07/1785 Edward HASLEHAM Hannah WEBB
12/10/1785 James HARTIFF Dorothy TYSOE
16/11/1785 George PALER St Mary, Warwick Margaret GORRARD
08/12/1785 William HOPKINS Rebeccah QUINNEY
29/12/1785 Thomas SMITH Sarah GARNER
25/04/1786 William MATTHEWS Elizabeth LEWIS
24/10/1786 William FOX Mary LARRENCE
02/01/1787 Thomas GOLDBY Elizabeth WEBB
17/04/1787 Joseph MEIGH Elizabeth SCATTERGOOD
04/10/1787 Benjamin KIMBERLEY St Martin, Birmingham Ann GARNER
21/10/1787 Roger JOHNSON Mary PICKERING
05/11/1787 Richard TERRY Ann SCATTERGOOD Holy Trinity, Coventry
25/01/1788 John EBURNE St John, Coventry Frances SHAKESPEAR
20/04/1788 Joseph SPARKS Kenilworth Sarah LEE
01/06/1788 William FRENCH Elizabeth TAYLOR
14/10/1788 Samuel PAIN Sarah WILSON
30/11/1788 Luke ASHBY Egginton, Derbyshire Frances LAKIN
04/12/1788 Charles RANDALL Ann HUET
11/12/1788 John LATTEMORE Ann FARR
01/01/1789 Thomas JEACOCK Bubbenhall Mary HARRIS
07/01/1789 Edward BAKER Arley Sarah SHAKESPEAR Widow
28/02/1789 Samuel DOCKER Meriden Ann PALLET
21/05/1789 Edward SWINNERTON Mary PERRY
25/05/1789 Thomas GREMAN Elizabeth DAVIES
08/06/1789 Samuel HUSTLEBY St Mary, Warwick Sarah BARTLAM
3 21/06/1790 Thomas LEE Sarah BIGGS
1 20/07/1790 John MEIGH Elizabeth CROSS
2 10/09/1790 Richard FRENCH Elizabeth HOW
4 11/10/1790 John HERITAGE Ann MILLS
5 12/10/1790 Joseph SIDWELL Rebecah SMITH
6 17/11/1790 Joseph ASTN Shoreditch, Middlesex Hannah BINLEY
7 27/12/1790 Solomon OVERTON Mary MEIGH
8 03/03/1791 Benjamin HAYNES Aston Sarah CLARKE
9 22/05/1791 Samuel HAMMESLY Widower Mary INGRAM Widow
10 24/05/1791 Abraham OUGHTON Mary WEST Widow
11 15/08/1791 Thomas CARLES Sarah HANCOCK
12 21/08/1791 Joseph KIMBERLEY Catharina MOTTRAM
13 13/10/1791 William MANDER Hannah WEBB
14 21/11/1791 Thomas HAMMESLY Tamar PALLET
15 06/12/1791 John HUTT Ann PAGE
16 14/02/1792 Robert HUTT Catharine SCATTERGOOD
17 12/08/1792 Daniel HAMMESLY Sarah THOMPSON
18 11/10/1792 John GLASCOT Mary FOX
19 23/10/1792 John BUDD Catharine LOOM
20 25/12/1792 George COMANDER Ann TODD
21 22/01/1793 Hatton SMITH Mary PROCTOR
22 13/02/1793 Josiah MOGGS Susannah WATSON
23 03/04/1793 William GARNER Elizabeth GOLDBY Widow
24 26/08/1793 Thomas GILBERT Sarah CARTER
25 23/09/1793 William ENSER Mary HOLLIER
26 24/09/1793 William PAGE Deborah LOOM
27 23/12/1793 John HAYES Elizabeth CLEEVER
28 03/06/1794 Charles NEWLAND Single Anne ORTON Single
29 15/09/1794 Thomas SHAKESPEAR Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
30 23/09/1794 John DOWNS Mary AUGHT
31 14/10/1794 John TIMMS Lydia GRAMAN
32 14/10/1794 John HOPKINS Hannah LOOM
33 21/10/1794 William MATTHEWS Hannah NICALS
34 13/11/1794 John FORD Shustoke Mary PAGE
35 04/05/1795 William RANDAL Elizabeth LUCAS
36 26/08/1795 Thomas GILBERT Widower Ann LATIMORE Widow
37 13/10/1795 Joseph WORWOOD Cathrine PITMAN Berkswell
38 15/12/1795 Nathaniel BUDD Hannah HARPER
39 04/01/1796 Charles EAVES Single Mary SMITH Widow
40 17/10/1796 William DODD Elizabeth WALL
41 31/10/1797 Thomas ELTON Single Norton Juxta Twycross, Leicestershire Mary WEST Single
42 21/11/1797 Charles NEWLAND St Michael, Coventry Mary STONE
43 10/01/1798 John BUTTLER Single St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth SWIFT
44 05/06/1798 Edward LOOMS Monks Kirby Elizabeth JOHNSON
45 06/11/1798 John SMART Widower Ann HUTT Widow
46 02/04/1799 John SCATTERGOOD Single Mary SHELTON Single
47 28/05/1799 James BUGGINS Single Sarah BIDDULPH Single
48 09/06/1799 George MATHEWS Ann HOWS
49 27/06/1799 William SMITH Single Great Packington Sarah BALLARD Single
50 12/09/1799 George BLYTHE Ann MOORE
51 30/12/1799 Samuel TURNER Catherine ALLENT
52 01/05/1800 William SCATTERGOOD Mary GLOVER
53 05/10/1800 Joseph GOODE Maxstoke Mary PALMER
54 15/10/1800 John HOW Cathrine SMITH Widow
55 05/01/1801 Zacheriah JAQUES Baxterley Mary Mariah NALOR
56 28/01/1801 George GARNER Single Ann PEARSON Single
57 13/04/1801 William DOCKER Allesley Elizabeth ALLEN
58 14/06/1801 Thomas FORD Mancetter Eleanor PAGE
59 26/01/1802 Charles GILBERT Single Sophia ROGERS Single
60 11/05/1802 William PROOF Single Corley Elizabeth SPARKES Single
61 20/07/1802 William FRENCH Widower Ann SCATTERGOOD Single
62 15/02/1803 John ALLEN Single Mary SMART Single
63 15/03/1803 John SAMMONS Astley Sarah LOOM
64 03/10/1803 William GLOVER Widower Hannah SUTTON Single
65 01/11/1803 Isaac PEARSON Single Ann MEIGH Single
66 29/11/1803 Samuel BROWN Single Mary WEBB Single
67 27/12/1803 Edward LINNEY Single Mary ALLEN Single
68 17/04/1804 Joseph TOON Single Shustoke Sarah DOWNS Single
69 29/07/1804 Thomas PROOF Single Corley Sarah TOWNSHEND Single
70 13/10/1804 William FISHER Single Ann TURNER Single
71 15/10/1804 Edward WARMINGHAM Widower Sarah BELCHER Single
72 08/11/1804 Thomas NAISH Mary GRAMAN Single
73 22/11/1804 John PICKERING Single Mary WALL Single Meriden
74 11/12/1804 John PARKS Berkswell Ann ALLEN
75 10/06/1805 John SCATTERGOOD Ann FRENCH
76 14/11/1805 Richard FRENCH Widower Mary PROCTOR Single
77 21/11/1805 John HAMMANS Widower Astley Elizabeth MATHEWS Widow
78 30/12/1805 Thomas BENNETT Single Lydia WEST Single
79 09/04/1806 Thomas BICKLEY Single Whittington, Staffordshire Catherine SPARKES Single
80 10/04/1806 William CLARKE Single Eleanor WARING Single
81 14/04/1806 George LAYBOURNE Single Allesley Catharine GLOVER
82 30/09/1806 John DAWSON Single Letitia ROGERS Single
83 16/11/1806 Joseph PARKER Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Martha TOWNSHEND Single
84 02/04/1807 Joseph SMITH Single Holy Trinity, Coventry Hannah BAKER Single
85 12/05/1807 Thomas EGINTON Single Holy Trinity, Coventry Elizabeth STONE Single
86 06/09/1807 John CLARKE Single St Philip, Birmingham Elizabeth CHESHIRE Single
87 15/10/1807 John THOMPSON Elizabeth MATHEWS
88 16/10/1807 Patrick SIMSON Single Elizabeth Wrigley FERREBEE Single
89 26/11/1807 John SHAKESPEAR Single St Michael, Coventry Elizabeth BALLARD Single
90 08/04/1808 Thomas SQUELCH Widower Mary BARRS Single
91 08/06/1808 Thomas JOHNSON Single Ann KELSEY Single
92 06/10/1808 William WRIGHT Single Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire Ann PETTIFORE Single
93 03/03/1809 Joseph HAWKESFORD Single Holy Trinity, Coventry Sarah CASHMORE Single
94 03/04/1809 Joseph CROSS Single Corley Sarah LARGE Single
95 26/06/1809 Thomas GRUBB Single Elizabeth TOWNSHEND Single
96 25/09/1809 Thomas GILBERT Widower Elizabeth WATSON Single
97 17/10/1809 John SMART Single Elizabeth WILSON Single
98 25/10/1809 George BOOTH Single Exhall By Coventry Elizabeth BAKER Single
99 12/12/1809 Jonadab Bordesley SMITH Corley Mary WHITE
100 18/07/1810 Joseph HUBBARD Single Mary SCATTERGOOD
101 06/11/1810 William BAKER Single Elizabeth BAKER Single
102 06/11/1810 William HOLLAND Single Ann ADCOCK Single
103 19/03/1811 John HANDLEY Single Aston Mary WATSON Single
104 10/09/1811 Thomas BAKER Single Susannah MAGGS Widow
105 13/10/1811 Henry GOAD Single Elizabeth ISON Single
106 14/10/1811 William HARBUT Single Yardley, Worcestershire Catherine BUTLER
107 18/11/1811 James SNAPE Single Mary SMITH Single
108 20/01/1812 Thomas IZON Mancetter Maria FAULKS
109 30/03/1812 Joseph ADCOCK Widower Coleshill Catherine DUNN Widow
110 29/05/1812 Thomas SHREAD Single Frances IBBOTSON Single
111 09/08/1812 Thomas HARRIS Single Hannah BANKS Single
112 12/11/1812 John WESTON Single Over Whitacre Sarah EAGLE Single
1 30/01/1813 John WILLIAMS Single Mary FRENCH
2 19/04/1813 Joseph GIBBS Ann MILLS Holy Trinity, Coventry
3 06/07/1813 Joseph SMITH Single Allesley Mary BRADBURY Single
4 05/10/1813 William LAUD Maxstoke Ann BAKER Single
5 30/11/1813 Edward BAKER Single Sophia WARDEN Single
6 07/12/1813 Bartholomew ASTINS Single Jane HEWITT Single
7 28/12/1813 John BIDDLE Single Nether Whitacre Mary STEAN Single
8 07/04/1814 George TAYLOR Single Chilvers Coton Sarah WARDEN Single
9 17/05/1814 Edward SWINNERTON Single Anne SMITH Single
10 16/05/1815 Joseph ASHBY Single Mary WEST Single
11 12/10/1815 John CLARKE Single Ann ELLIOTT Single
12 16/10/1815 George DAVIS Single Arley Mary HOPKINS Single
13 19/10/1815 William SMITH Single Hannah HALL Single Nuneaton
14 17/02/1816 James JAFCOTT Single Jane RANDLE Single
15 02/09/1816 John DOWNS Widower Elizabeth HOPKINS Widow
16 08/04/1817 Thomas HATTON Mary MOOR
17 23/11/1817 John KIMBERLEY Single Sarah SHREAD Single
18 22/05/1818 Thomas GILLET Corley Ann WEST
19 15/10/1818 Samuel BOWN Single Aston Upon Trent, Derbyshire Sarah BEASLEY Single
20 26/01/1819 Samuel LARGE Single Meriden Mary PAYNE Single
21 08/02/1819 George CRANER Single Elizabeth WEST Single
22 29/06/1819 John SHARMAN Single Stockton Sarah BELLAMY Single
23 14/10/1819 Francis TAYLOR Meriden Mary TAYLOR Single
24 17/10/1819 William WHITE Widower Elizabeth SUCKLING Single
25 20/10/1819 Joseph WALE Single Mary TANSER Single
26 10/07/1820 Thomas MANGER Single Ann KNIGHT Widow
27 07/08/1820 Joseph WAKELIN Single Berkswell Mary SMITH Single
28 09/10/1820 John DODWELL Single Yardley, Worcestershire Mary ADCOCK Single
29 17/10/1820 James CLAY Single Nuneaton Elizabeth WARDEN Single
30 24/10/1820 Thomas WEST Single Ann MEIGH Single
31 05/12/1820 William SIMMONDS Single Ann DOWNES Single
32 03/12/1822 William SMITH Single Mary MEIGH Single
33 27/02/1823 James CHATTAWAY Single Aston Catherine HOPKINS Single
34 10/03/1823 Abraham WALLIS Single Castle Bromwich Catherine WEST Single
35 01/05/1823 John FAULCONBRIDGE Single Mary DOWNS Single
36 30/05/1823 Thomas TORBITT Single Mary EAVES Single
37 05/06/1823 John FAULKS Single Sarah FRENCH Single
38 25/06/1823 Thomas Smith PROCTOR Single Corley Maria KELSEY Single
39 28/06/1823 Frederick ISON Widower Mancetter Hannah LANCASTER Single
40 11/09/1823 Edward BROMWICH Single Mary Ann STONE Single
41 23/10/1823 John HARBAN Single Ann BOLOUS Single
42 30/10/1823 Samuel MARTIN Sarah INSLEY
43 12/02/1824 George MEIGH Sarah WEBB
44 13/04/1824 Charles BICKNELL Holy Trinity, Coventry Jane WARDEN
45 27/09/1824 James GEE Mary FENNELL
46 02/11/1824 John EAVES Anna Maria EAVES
47 04/04/1825 William TAYLOR Ann GENDERS
48 19/04/1825 Thomas GENDERS Hannah MEIGH
49 09/06/1825 John PAGE Hatton Mary BELLAMY
50 28/06/1825 Thomas BENNET Hannah ROBINS
51 07/08/1825 Eli KNIGHT Maxstoke Hannah WEST
52 13/09/1825 Edward HUSLEBY Sarah GILBERT
53 03/11/1825 Joseph CASH Mary WHITE
54 07/11/1825 William ARNETT Elizabeth TAYLOR
55 14/11/1825 Thomas FRANKLING Maxstoke Justinah YARDLEY
56 12/10/1826 Richard LANE Allesley Hannah WARD
57 19/10/1826 James WILLIAMS Single Ann WARING Single Hellidon, Northamptonshire
58 29/12/1826 William ROBERTS Single Lower Shuckburgh Sophia TORBITT Single
59 22/02/1827 Samuel DOWNS Single Lucy PARKER Single St Michael, Coventry
60 16/04/1827 John WILSON Single Coleshill Lydia WEST Single
61 06/06/1827 William BARRS Single Sarah POWELL Single
62 17/07/1827 William WARDEN Single Claybrooke, Leicestershire Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE Single
63 03/01/1828 Thomas CRANER Single Elizabeth ASHFORD Single
64 05/06/1828 Nathaniel WOODFIELD Single Mary ASHFORD Single
65 08/06/1828 William ELLIS Single Ann JEFFREY Single
66 13/09/1828 George HALL Single Monks Kirby Hannah TELLITS Single
67 16/10/1828 Joseph LIGGINS Allesley Elizabeth OSBORNE Single
68 04/11/1828 William BRADNOCK Single Ann TALBUT Single
69 25/02/1829 Charles PARKES Single Ansley Catherine LAMBETH Single
70 02/03/1829 David SWAIN Single Mary MORRIS Single
71 18/06/1829 William MILLS Single Catherine FRENCH Single
72 25/06/1829 William THICKINS Single Ashley, Staffordshire Ann BROOKS Single
73 02/11/1829 John MOSS Widower Mary CHESHIRE Single
74 25/11/1829 Charles Joseph Laurent LEFEVRE Single St Michael, Coventry Jane FOSTER Single
75 31/12/1829 John CLARRIDGE Single Ann DANKS Single
76 22/02/1830 John PAIN Single Meriden Mary FAULKS Single
77 08/04/1830 Joseph DORMER Single Ann CRANER Single
78 04/05/1830 William WEBB Widower Mary ASHFORD Single
79 13/05/1830 Joseph COLLIDGE Allesley Ann HEWITT
80 10/06/1830 Benjamin WOOD Single Claybrooke, Leicestershire Mary WARDEN Single
81 10/08/1830 Joseph MATTHEWS Single Elizabeth BISHOP Single
82 02/12/1830 Isaac PEARSON Single Sarah WATSON Single
83 06/07/1831 William DOCKER Single St George, Birmingham Elizabeth Smith SHAKESPEARE Single
84 10/11/1831 Benjamin TORBITT Single Elizabeth HOLLAND Single
85 15/01/1832 Thomas LABON Single Hannah STAIN Single
86 31/05/1832 Thomas HAYWARD Widower Sutton Coldfield Honoria HOLBECKE Single
87 09/10/1832 Thomas WHITE Single Catherine COX Single Sibson, Leicestershire
88 11/10/1832 Richard TORBITT Single Dinah SMITH Single
89 29/10/1832 Joseph ROWLEY Single Susannah SCATTERGOOD Single
90 25/12/1832 Richard GRAYMAN Single Selina MILLER Single Maxstoke
91 14/02/1833 John BREARLEY Single Maria WATSON Single
92 11/04/1833 William DICKINSON Single Ann JOHNSON Single
93 29/04/1833 Thomas WEST Widower Sarah GOLD Widow
94 11/08/1833 Charles HILL Single Elizabeth FOODE Single Foleshill
95 08/10/1833 Hector MACQUARIE Single Coventry Margaret SIMSON Single
96 31/10/1833 Joseph HAYWOOD Single Sarah ROADS Single
97 23/12/1833 Thomas DODD Single Jane WILLIAMS Single
98 06/05/1834 Joseph RIGG Widower Holy Trinity, Coventry Margaret EAGLE Widow
99 03/08/1834 Joseph POOLE Single Martha KNIGHT Single
100 01/09/1834 John GILBERT Widower Susannah DODD Single
101 09/10/1834 John CRANER Single Emily CHILLWELL Single
102 14/10/1834 Richard MUSSON Single Ann FOARD Single
103 21/06/1835 William JEFFS Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
104 10/09/1835 Thomas TAYLOR Single Hannah TOWNSHEND Single
105 06/10/1835 Richard SCATTERGOOD Eleanor ASHBY
106 25/12/1835 Thomas MILLARD Single Eliza SIMMS Single
107 06/01/1836 Thomas GILBERT Single Mary Anne COX Single
108 26/04/1836 Charles BETTS Single Allesley Ann THORN Single
109 01/08/1836 Thomas BLACK Single Phoebe CASHMORE Single
110 28/08/1836 William MILLS Single Corley Sarah HAYWOOD Widow
111 26/01/1837 Samuel HEATH Single Frankton Charlotte THICKINS Single
112 31/01/1837 Francis MOORE Single Hinckley, Leicestershire Sarah PEARSON Widow
113 02/02/1837 William GILBERT Single Letitia NEWCOMB Single
114 06/02/1837 Thomas HUBBARD Single Charlotte WILLER Single
115 23/04/1837 John SMITH Widower Maxstoke Sarah WOODFIELD Single
116 20/06/1837 John MILLINGTON Mary MARLOW

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