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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Berrow St Faith


The Parish

The parish of Berrow lies in the extreme southwest of Worcestershire forming not only part of the border with neighbouring Herefordshire but also with Gloucestershire. Berrow is little more than a hamlet which lies midway between the Herefordshire market town of Ledbury and the Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury, being roughly 7 miles east of the former and west of the latter. Berrow sits a half mile south of the A438 road which connects the two. Berrow is a tiny place, just a cluster of farms with the wider parish having farms and cottages scattered across the land between the hamlet and the southern end of the Malvern Hills. Despite today's rural isolation modern developments have been made, the M50 motorway runs just over a mile to the south of Berrow. The area is a farming landscape but with a varied regime, pastures dominate but there is also cereals and cider orchards too, the local stone of the Malverns is also quarried for local use. Berrow is drained eastwards by a series of small brooks traveling the short distance to the River Severn, here matters turn south to reach the Bristol Channel. Berrow is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in gently undulating land which rises westwards to reach 191 metres on the southern end of the Malvern Hills at Chase End Hill. Berrow parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering close to 2,100 acres it would have supported a population of 500 parishioners. Berrow is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book despite the church showing styles of that period.

The Church

St Faith's church sits at the end of Church Lane, which forms Berrow's main access, it reaches a small triangular green outside what was clearly from its design the former village inn now a private house, from here a tarred path heads south the short distance to the church. From its Norman origins little remains, the northern doorway showing Romanesque styling in its shafts and arch. A scatter of lancet windows also remain from the early 13th century but much else was rebuilt during the late 13th and early 14th centuries. The chancel from this period has Decorated styles in its side windows but a Perpendicular east window, the southern arcade is also from the Perpendicular era. Tudor style windows on the southern aisle show work continuing into the 16th century whilst the Victorians also did their usual restoration in the 1850s to arrive at today's church. Parking by the green is possible, the tarred path leading the short distance to a churchyard which has no obstructions to the photographer. 

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
4th August 1754 - 2nd March 1812
Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service - Reference - 850BERROW/2259/3a
Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th June 1812 - 26th December 1836 Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service - Reference -    850BERROW/2259/3b/ii Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Eastnor St John, Herefordshire
Castlemorton St Gregory
Birtsmorton St Peter & St Paul
Birtsmorton St Peter & St Paul
Eastnor St John, Herefordshire
Bromesberrow St Mary, Gloucestershire
Redmarley D'Abitot St Bartholomew, Gloucestershire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
19/03/1754 John TERRAT
Chaceley Mary COX Single Ledbury, Herefordshire
04/08/1754 Joseph KINGS Single
Sarah PRICE Widow
11/11/1754 William MUSSELL Single
Sarah WEOBLY Widow
20/11/1754 Benjamin PAINTER Single
Anne PUGH Single
31/03/1755 Edward DEE Single
Mary YEOMANS Widow
04/09/1755 John BACH Single
Elizabeth HARTLAND Widow
17/10/1755 Joseph WOOD

Mary BEARD Single Yate, Gloucestershire
28/10/1755 John BISHOP Single
Hannah HILE Single
05/02/1756 Thomas HALE Single
Rebecca PHILLIPS Widow
19/03/1756 John SHAW Single
Mary WELLS Single Leigh, Gloucestershire
29/04/1756 John GREEN Single
Elizabeth PROSSER Single
29/09/1756 Thomas BEALE

Rebecca WELLS Single Leigh, Gloucestershire
14/12/1756 William BERRY Single
Sarah SHAW Single
18/10/1757 Richard FISHER
Pendock Ann CLARKE Widow
08/12/1757 Thomas TRAHERN Single
Mary WHITFORD Single
13/10/1758 James TAYLOR Single
Elizabeth ARNOLD Single Castlemorton
19/10/1758 Richard GUNNELL Single
Mary LEWIS Single
08/02/1759 Benjamin LANE
Birtsmorton Sarah SEIVELL

18/04/1759 William SYMONDS Single Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Mary LOWE Single
23/04/1759 John CLARKE Widower Pendock Elizabeth BEALE Single
12/09/1759 Thomas MATTHEWS Single
Anne DAVIES Single
00/10/1759 William LANE Single Castlemorton Elizabeth BOULTER Single
30/10/1759 William SMITH Single
Mary CLINTON Widow
29/11/1759 John CLARKE Single
Mary WEOBLY Single
20/10/1760 Thomas SHAW Single
Elizabeth ALLDWELL Single
24/02/1761 John JONES Single
Elizabeth SHINN Single
14/09/1761 William LITTLE Single
Rebecca RIGGS Single
24/09/1761 John ROPEAR Single
Eleanor TAYLOR Single
19/10/1761 George COTTRELL Single
Susannah TOMBS Single
18/11/1761 Thomas VAUGHAN Single
Judith LYSSIMAN Single
31/12/1761 William SOUTH Single
Mary FARMER Single
02/02/1762 Richard SHIN Single
Jane WOOD Single
02/07/1762 William BOULTER Single
Mary WODLEY Single
29/10/1762 Thomas GRUBB Widower
Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single
13/06/1763 Thomas SYMONDS Single Birtsmorton Betty TRIGG Single
26/06/1763 Thomas SHEEN Widower
Elizabeth MERRIT Single Forthampton, Gloucestershire
02/07/1763 Benjamin TUFFLY Single
Elizabeth WHEELER Widow
30/10/1763 Peter SIMMONS Single
Elizabeth GWILLIAMS Single
12/04/1764 Thomas WEBB Single
Mary COX Single
07/06/1764 William LAYTON Single Eastnor, Herefordshire Elizabeth RUSSEL Single
10/07/1764 Daniel FARMER Single
Susannah STOCK Single
27/12/1764 William JONES Widower Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire Elizabeth SHINN Single
14/02/1765 Thomas HUSSEY Single Upton Upon Severn Mary JACKMAN Single
09/04/1765 William WINNEY Single Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Anne BISHOP Single
11/09/1765 John TOMPKINS Widower Horfield, Gloucestershire Anne ROOK Widow
10/02/1767 Joseph FARMER Single
Eleanor DAVIS Single
04/03/1767 John PARKER Single
Susannah BURROP Widow Eastnor, Herefordshire
09/07/1767 Benjamin TREHERNE Widower Ledbury, Herefordshire Elizabeth LEAK Single
02/11/1767 Edward GUMMERRY

Elizabeth MILES

28/06/1768 Benjamin LYES Widower
Mary HABUT Single
28/11/1768 Richard WEBB Single
Sarah SPARROW Single
03/10/1769 John CARTER Single Birtsmorton Anne BLACKWAY Single
23/10/1769 Henry BARNES Widower Longdon Margaret BEALE Widow
08/12/1769 Thomas SHIN Single
Hester EVE Single Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire
01/10/1770 John GODIN Single
Susannah COTTRILL Widow
23/10/1770 John COOPER Single
Winefred MAYFIELD Single
21/11/1770 James GIBBINS Single
Sarah BOWEN Single
04/12/1770 William WEBB Single
Margarett DAVIS Single
14/05/1771 Thomas HAYWARD Single
Sarah PRICE Single
06/08/1771 Benjamin HEATH Single
Elizabeth LAMBERT Single
01/09/1772 Edward TRAVEL Single
Elizabeth GLOVER Single
08/06/1773 John YEOMANS Single
Anne WADLEY Single
14/02/1774 Edward DEE Widower
Hester WOOD Single
02/01/1775 John BURCHLEY Single
15/01/1775 Robert REYALL Single
Elizabeth SHAW Widow
02/06/1775 Jonas POWELL Single Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Anne SHEEN Single
31/10/1775 Richard SHIN Widower
Martha NETHERTON Single
30/05/1776 Edmund TOMLINS Single Upton Upon Severn Elizabeth STOCK Single
06/10/1776 Robert BICK Single
Mary LAMBOTH Single
10/10/1776 William OAKLEY Single
Ann HUGHES Single
31/01/1777 William COCKSHUT Single Dymock, Gloucestershire Ann WOOD Single
08/10/1777 Thomas BALL Single Great Malvern Martha BOWEN Single
06/01/1778 George STRATHFORD Single Twyning, Gloucestershire Mary WOOD Single
23/02/1778 William HODGES


26/01/1779 John BIRCHLEY Widower
Ann PAYNTON Single
28/04/1779 Richard HOULDEY Single
Esther DEE Widow
29/09/1779 Thomas PUTHERUS

Elizabeth PRICKET

30/11/1779 Richard KENNITT


03/01/1780 Joshua DREW


07/05/1780 Thomas YARNOLD


18/10/1780 Giles HALFERT Single Hartpury, Gloucestershire Hannah WOOD Single
21/02/1781 Vincent DENLEY Widower Staunton By Newent, Gloucestershire Elizabeth NEWTON

24/08/1781 Benjamin JONES
Eastnor, Herefordshire Elizabeth PREECE

29/01/1782 Joseph HARRIS Single
Mary WOOD Single
30/04/1782 William HUMPHREYS Single Birtsmorton Ann MORRIS Single
11/02/1783 William FREEMAN Single
Lucy BOWEN Single
22/04/1783 William BEDFORD Single Herefordshire Sarah PYEFINCH Single
20/08/1783 George PRITCHARD Single
Sarah FARLEY Single
30/09/1783 Thomas HILL Single
Dianah LAMBERT Single
13/10/1783 Samuel HOLFORD Single
Ann NEWMAN Single
21/10/1783 John STEPHENS Single
Elizabeth SUMERFIELD Single
23/12/1783 Stephen WADLEY Widower
Elizabeth VOLER Widow Ripple
00/00/1785 William MORGAN Single
Betty BOWEN Single
24/01/1785 William CLARKE Single Pendock Susannah STOCK Single
08/06/1786 William BROOKS Widower Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire Elizabeth THACKWELL Single
08/07/1786 James CALE Single
Sarah GIBBONS Widow
31/08/1786 William YATES Widower
Ann FORSE Widow
31/12/1786 John LANE Single Chaceley Mary BOWEN Single
29/01/1788 William WADLEY Single
22/10/1788 John PHILLIPS Single
Mary DAVIS Single
22/10/1788 Thomas GARNE Widower Forthampton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth DAVIS Widow
29/10/1788 Thomas PEWTRISS Widower Pendock Mary MATTHEWS Single
29/12/1788 John HALL Single
Ann MAUDES Single
23/06/1789 John FARMER Single
Elizabeth SURMAN Single
11/08/1790 William FISHER Single
Elizabeth WEBB Single
07/02/1791 Joseph JANES Single
Mary SMITH Single
13/06/1791 William SHEEN Single Pendock Mary STOCK Single
24/10/1791 William SINDERBEE Single
Elizabeth NEWMAN Single
24/05/1792 John WOOD Single Newent, Gloucestershire Margaret THACKWELL Single
05/11/1792 William SIMMONDS Single Mathon Mary HUNT Single
15/11/1792 John COOK Single Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Nancy SHEEN Single
11/03/1793 William BARNES Widower Stanton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
10/10/1793 Francis ALLARD Single
Mary COOPER Single
05/11/1793 Charles SMITH Single
Elizabeth BACCHUS Single
03/07/1794 James DAVIS Single Stanton, Gloucestershire Sarah STOCK Single
28/07/1794 Joseph BEALE Single Pendock Sarah GOODWIN Single
15/10/1794 John SIBBON Single
Betty PILLY Single
09/06/1795 Samuel JONES Single Birtsmorton Mary GREEN Single
25/08/1795 Edward CLEMANS Single
Ann SMITH Single
15/06/1796 Francis HALLARD Widower
Mary MILES Single
20/06/1796 William YOUNG Single
Ann HAYWARD Single
01/11/1796 Edward CALE Single
Mary WARNER Single
23/11/1796 Thomas CORBIT Widower
Elizabeth PURTHEROS Widow
30/01/1797 Richard TYLER Single
Mary YOUNG Single
01/02/1797 Thomas SHEEN Single

18/06/1797 Thomas WEBB Single
Amey HAY Single
22/11/1797 Daniel BRYAN Single
Mary FARMER Single
01/11/1798 Thomas WANKLING Single

01/11/1798 William MORRIS Single
Elizabeth WHEELER Single
21/11/1798 Thomas GIBBINS


29/10/1799 George MORGAN Single Newent, Gloucestershire Elizabeth HAYS Single
10/12/1799 William LYES


17/05/1800 Joseph HILL Single

26/10/1800 William HAYWARD Single
Mary MORGAN Single
17/02/1801 William GRIFFITHS Single
Sarah BAMFORD Single
20/02/1801 Richard LIDIARD Single
Mary HAYES Single
31/12/1801 Richard BARTLETT Single
Sarah MORGAN Single
01/03/1802 Thomas HAYWARD Single
Margaret WEBB Single
01/05/1802 Thomas BIRD

Ann YOUNG Single
04/05/1802 Richard CLOWDEY
Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Sarah POWELL

06/05/1802 James DAVIS
Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Sarah PRICE

09/05/1802 John SANDERS
St Andrew, Droitwich Ann CLEWS Single
07/06/1802 George BROTHERIDGE


22/07/1802 Joseph DANNIAL
Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire Sarah WILLIAMS

20/02/1803 Joseph COX Single Eastnor, Herefordshire Mary BOULTER Widow
21/02/1803 John CLIFFORD Single
Sarah BLACKWAY Single
12/04/1803 Jonathan WILLIAMS

Ann CLARE Single
05/05/1803 John Merrott STEPHENS Single Gloucestershire Anna WEBB Single
13/06/1803 James THOMAS Single Ledbury, Herefordshire Charlotte BISH Single
27/06/1803 John COX
Pendock Mary HOULDEY

14/07/1803 John COLLEY


11/10/1803 Richard SHEEN Widower
Nansey WHEELER Widow
29/11/1803 Samuel MAYEL Single
Elizabeth DANCE

05/12/1803 Peter KENDRICK Widower
Nancy COOK Widow
13/02/1804 James WILLIAMS Single
Hester DEE Single
21/04/1804 Philip JONES Single
Esther WARREN Single
03/06/1804 Benjamin HUGHES Single
Hannah VAUGHAN Single
01/07/1804 Charles PULLUN Single
Mary CALE Single
29/01/1805 Samuel HALFORD


19/05/1805 Thomas PREECE


29/10/1805 John COX Widower
Elizabeth LEWIS Single
28/04/1806 Joseph WEBB

Mary EDWARDS Single
30/06/1806 Thomas EVANS Single
Frances FLEETWOOD Single
07/10/1806 William PHILLIPS


03/07/1808 Joseph CLIFFORD


12/09/1808 Joseph TOMBS


31/10/1808 Joshua DREW

Esther PHILLIPS Single
00/00/1809 John WHITE Single
Judith COOKE Widow
25/04/1809 John FIRKINS


03/10/1809 Thomas WEBB Widower
07/12/1809 William GOODMAN Single
Martha BAGGETT Single
20/11/1810 Joseph ANDREWS

Elizabeth BUNN

17/06/1811 John CLEWS


26/11/1811 Richard SOMERS


09/12/1811 William WADLEY


00/00/1812 Charles VANN


02/03/1812 John WHITTLE
Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Sarah CLEWS Widow
1 28/06/1812 William HARTLEY Single Rockfield, Monmouthshire Judith THACKWELL Single
2 23/10/1813 George BUNN Single
Sarah CHILD Single
3 21/03/1814 James SEYMOUR
Forthampton, Gloucestershire Comfort BERROW Single
4 14/10/1814 William BRETTALL

Elizabeth SHEEN

5 07/11/1814 John DANCE


6 14/11/1814 Richard PARREY

Esther JONES

7 17/11/1814 Samuel SHEEN


8 17/08/1815 Joseph WEEKFIELD


9 18/09/1815 William BENNET


10 30/01/1816 Joseph WILLIAMS

Elizabeth JEYNS

11 12/02/1816 John MORRIS

Elizabeth SHINN

12 25/07/1816 Moses LAMBERT

Sarah BUNN

13 19/12/1816 John WEBB


14 15/03/1817 Isaac SEYMOUR Single Forthampton, Gloucestershire Harriet BUNN Single
15 01/09/1817 James POWELL Single
Elizabeth LAMBERT Single
16 01/01/1818 Thomas BUNN Single
Ann REENS Single
17 22/04/1818 Michael YEOMANS Single
Mary MEEK Single
18 23/05/1818 James BROMAGE Single
Mary BEALE Single
19 21/09/1818 John WILLIS Single
Mary WHEELER Single
20 05/10/1818 Thomas LEWIS Single
Elizabeth CARLESS Single
21 25/10/1819 James MAYSEY Single
Frances LAMBERT Single
22 11/01/1820 James ALSOP Single
Elizabeth HAY Single
23 03/04/1820 John GOATMAN Single
Margaret CRISP Single
24 01/11/1820 James SHINN Single
Maria LOVERIDGE Single
25 14/12/1820 William TYLER Single
Elizabeth WOOD Single
26 29/01/1821 John MORRIS Single
Sarah SHUTER Single
27 17/05/1821 Thomas SURILL Single
Elizabeth CLARKE Single
28 12/11/1821 Joseph DEVEREAUX Single
Elizabeth KNIGHT Single
29 31/12/1822 John HOFFIELD Widower Castlemorton Nancy LAMBERT Single
30 01/01/1823 John JAYNES Single
Sarah SLADE Single
31 02/01/1823 Joseph CHILDS Single
Elizabeth SINDERBURY Single
32 03/02/1823 Moses SHAW
Eldersfield Elizabeth BARNES Single
33 17/11/1823 Thomas JAYNES Single
Mary TYLER Single
34 31/12/1823 Thomas WEAVER Single
Hannah HUGHES Widow
35 02/03/1824 James BULLINGHAM Single Upton Upon Severn Anne BERROW Single
36 03/05/1824 James MOORE Single
Jane HAWKER Widow
37 17/06/1824 Stephen THACKWELL Single
Susannah CLARKE Single
38 29/07/1824 Thomas GODSALL Single Tarrington, Herefordshire Mary Ann POOLE Single
39 21/09/1824 Abraham CHILTON Single
40 02/05/1825 Joseph KIRKHAM Single
Priscilla DIXON Single
41 03/10/1825 Aaron SUMMERS Widower
Ann SEABORN Single
42 05/10/1825 John DANCE Single
Frances SHEEN Single
43 09/11/1825 Samuel JONES Widower
Anne SHUTER Single
44 14/12/1825 James POWELL Single
Elizabeth CLEMENTS Single
45 24/12/1825 William ATTWOOD Single
Anne SHEEN Single
46 01/05/1826 John DEVEREAUX Widower
Ann COLE Single
47 31/05/1826 Arthur YARNOLD Single Ledbury, Herefordshire Hester STEPHENS Single
48 05/09/1827 Joseph MORSE
Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Elizabeth PREDDY

49 09/04/1828 Samuel DEVEREAUX Single
Sarah GOOD Single
50 09/06/1828 Thomas KNIGHT Single
Hannah SINDERBURY Single
51 17/11/1828 Joseph JEYNES Widower
Elizabeth DAVIS Single
52 19/01/1829 David JONES Single
Sophia SINDERBURY Single
53 04/07/1829 Henry MORSE Single
Elizabeth HILL Single Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire
54 29/07/1829 William HURCUM Single
Mary WILLIAMS Single
55 05/10/1829 William BIRT Single
Ann CRISP Single
56 22/02/1830 James LAWRENCE Single
Esther BARROW Single
57 08/12/1830 Samuel INGLES Single
Mary Ann HODGES Single
58 27/01/1831 William SMITH


59 03/11/1831 Joshua DREW Single
Hannah WILLIAMS Single
60 27/12/1831 William SKIPP Single
Mary DANCE Single
61 11/01/1832 Henry HUNT Single Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Ann SMITH Single
62 28/06/1832 Thomas WEAVER Widower
Hannah BRYAN Single
63 06/08/1832 James PRICE Single
Ann PERKINS Single
65 07/09/1832 John COX Single
Elizabeth LAMBERT Single
64 10/09/1832 John DANCE Single
Hannah PRITCHARD Single
66 13/09/1833 Samuel SEBERN Single
Mary STANTON Single
67 10/04/1834 Richard YOUNG Single
Hannah SUMMERS Single
68 21/07/1834 William PEMBERS Single
Ann BRYAN Single
69 26/10/1834 William WEBB Single
Sarah HUGHES Single
70 11/06/1835 Thomas LANE Widower
Elizabeth BRITTLE Widow
71 30/07/1835 Charles FOWLER Single Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Blanche STEPHENS Single
72 13/09/1835 Joseph GOODE Single
73 26/09/1835 Samuel WHITE Single
Harriet DANCE Single
74 01/11/1835 Daniel WORSLEY Single
75 04/04/1836 George HODGES Single
Jane HUNT Single
76 18/06/1836 Joseph HILL Single
Kezia SYMONS Single
77 07/11/1836 Hathabiah EDWARDS Widower
Elizabeth MOSS Single
78 26/12/1836 Richard JONES Single
Hannah KIRBY Single

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