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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Airmyn St David


The Parish

The parish of Airmyn lies in the extreme south of Yorkshire not too far from the border with neighbouring Lincolnshire. Airmyn was a chapelry of Snaith parish until 1728 when granted parochial status. Airmyn is a large village sitting on the southern banks of the River Aire close to its confluence with the Ouse which marks the start of the Humber Estuary. Airmyn is located about 2 miles northwest of the port of Goole and sits a half mile west of the A614 road which connects Goole with Howden. Modern communication also pass through the parish as the modern M62 motorway passes between Airmyn & Goole. With its riverside setting commercial traffic on the navigable waterways was important to Airmyn's economy, the wider land being flat, almost at sea level, and often waterlogged was largely used for pastoral farming. The Aire drains the parish to the nearby Humber Estuary thence to the North Sea. Airmyn is sited at sea level, a levee is needed to protect the village from the river, and land is at or close to that level for many miles. Airmyn parish carved out an area of around 3,500 acres from Snaith parish and would have supported a population of almost 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Airmyn was held by one Ralph Paynel and was a small place offering just 3 ploughs and a small area of woodland.

The Church

St David's church sits at the heart of Airmyn on the eastern side of the High Street. The church has its origins in the 17th century although Pevsner is quick to point out that little remains to convince of that date. He places the appearance of the building to the cusp of 18th into 19th centuries and speculates that any earlier date is masked by that rebuilding. The church is a simple structure of combined nave and chancel with a bellcote at the western end and is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner's account is short. St David sits back from the High Street where a small triangular pull-in allows parking, a simple lychgate grants access to the long walkway leading to the church. Sadly the churchyard has many trees which do somewhat limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th November 1756 - 3rd December 1782 Doncaster Archives - Reference - P66/1/A2 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of the register & also bleedthrough of ink from backing entries make for a trying read and a possibility of a few misreads
2 24th November 1783 - 25th November 1812 Doncaster Archives - Reference - P66/1/B1 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading impacts this register, too, making for a possibility of a few misreads
3 31st May 1813 - 4th January 1837 Doncaster Archives - Reference - P66/1/B2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Drax St Peter & St Paul
Howden St Peter
Howden St Peter
Rawcliffe St James
Hook St Mary
Rawcliffe St James
Snaith St Laurence
Snaith St Laurence
Snaith St Laurence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/11/1756 Richard WILDE     Eleanor PHILIPS    
08/11/1757 Robert HALDENBY   Whitgift Susannah JENNINGS    
24/01/1758 William THOMPSON   Epworth, Lincolnshire Mary ROBERTSON    
18/04/1758 William HORSHILL     Susanna SMITH    
29/07/1758 James COATES   Pontefract Elizabeth KNOWLES    
22/08/1758 William WILSON     Ann LOW    
10/12/1759 Robert SUTTON   Howden Sarah LIGHTFOOT    
09/06/1760 William GRAY   Snaith Ann MASON    
24/06/1760 Thomas JEWITT     Barbara MASON    
24/11/1760 John BATTIE     Eleanor PENROSE    
23/04/1761 Thomas MOULD     Hannah HOOLE   Snaith
26/12/1761 Richard HALL     Elizabeth TUMMANS    
29/06/1762 William CLARK     Eleanor SHIRLOCK    
15/02/1763 Thomas RHODES     Jane HESSAY    
05/06/1763 Abraham ROBINSON     Eleanor HOLIDAY    
02/10/1763 Benjamin GROVE     Ann PICKARD    
28/11/1763 Stephen MORPHET     Elizabeth FLETCHER   Hook
20/12/1763 George IBBOTSON   Hook Anne BRAKES    
20/12/1764 George HOLAH     Hannah LONGHORNE    
15/10/1765 Richard LACY     Hannah SUTTON    
25/11/1765 William PENROSE     Mary SENTHOUSE    
26/11/1765 Thomas THOMPSON   Hook Mary LEGGIT    
17/12/1765 Thomas HARRISON     Kessiah THOMPSON    
03/06/1766 William SWEETEN     Anne CHAPPLE   Crowle, Lincolnshire
25/02/1767 Robert FOUNTAYNE     Jane PEIRSON    
03/03/1767 Joseph LAMBERT     Anne RODWELL    
03/03/1767 John LUSTY     Mary LONGHORNE    
26/03/1767 John MATTHEWS     Sarah NELL    
17/12/1767 John JEVES     Catherine WAUDE   Snaith
07/03/1768 Benjamin FARNWORTH     Hannah LACEY    
18/04/1768 John WHITLAM   Whitgift Jane MARSHALL    
12/07/1768 Joseph NELSON     Mary HILL    
06/09/1768 John EGREMONT   Whitgift Margaret GODFREY    
05/10/1768 Jeremiah RIGSDALE     Mary DUCKELS    
20/11/1768 John YOUNG     Anne HUTCHINSON    
23/11/1768 Thomas BURNETT     Eleanor MEDLEY    
23/10/1769 Thomas JACKSON     Eleanor ROBINSON    
27/11/1769 Timothy SMITH     Elizabeth ROBINSON    
23/01/1770 Robert DYNELEY   Middlesex Barbara BIRT    
07/03/1770 James BLAYDS   Leeds Sarah BIRT    
28/05/1770 Robert ELLIS     Sarah KERCHINSON    
19/08/1770 William TURGOOSE   Sturton Le Steeple, Nottinghamshire Sarah HALL   Hook
26/11/1771 Richard RIPLAH     Jane THOMPSON    
03/12/1771 John MAUD     Mary ACKERS    
16/12/1771 Joseph SNOW   Howden Sarah WATSON    
14/09/1772 John NICHOLSON     Ann REVEL    
20/10/1772 Isaac REVEL     Mary WHITAKER    
08/02/1773 John CHESTER     Elizabeth MASON    
02/03/1773 Thomas CLAYBURN     Mary MOOT    
16/03/1773 John HUTCHINSON     Ann WILSON    
12/06/1773 James BLACKBURN     Susanna Thompson HOLMES    
15/06/1773 John ROW     Elizabeth SIDDLE    
03/01/1774 John LONGHORN     Mary PASHLEY    
08/02/1774 Thomas ELLIOT     Margaret PEASE    
21/02/1774 William BROADBENT   East Ardsley Ann WOOD   Snaith
29/03/1774 William TOWNEND     Hannah MOAT    
07/04/1774 Joseph HARRISON     Sarah HALDENBY    
12/01/1775 Thomas PLAYFORTH     Sarah SHORE    
28/03/1775 Jarvis MIDDLETON     Ann LONGHORN    
16/05/1775 James BINKS     Mary VAUX    
09/06/1775 John CHRISTY     Hannah SMITH    
06/09/1775 Marmaduke SCUTT     Hannah JEPSON    
23/11/1775 William RAWOOD     Sarah HALL    
02/04/1776 Thomas FISHER     Mary THOMPSON    
12/08/1776 Enoch COWPER     Jane HORSEL    
23/11/1776 John PRICE   St Fagans, Glamorgan Jane BIRT    
24/03/1777 John BROWN     Elizabeth SUTTON Single  
29/05/1777 Peter DUNCAN     Susannah SUTTON Single  
07/09/1777 Francis TAYLOR   Holy Trinity, Hull Arabella GODMOND Single  
28/11/1777 William DRAKE     Margaret ELLIOT    
28/11/1777 William DRAKE     Margaret ELIS    
29/09/1778 John JACKSON     Sarah JACKSON    
19/07/1779 William KERSEY   Blacktoft Hannah JOHNSON    
31/08/1779 William DEAN     Ann STONES    
23/11/1779 Robert FIELDER     Elizabeth CHATTERTON    
27/11/1779 George DOBSON   Howden Ann WATSON    
28/05/1781 Thomas BURNET     Hannah TURGUS    
16/07/1781 Joseph OSSET     Mary PEAS    
21/05/1782 George ATKINSON     Hannah BARROWCLIFF    
08/08/1782 John LONGHORN     Sarah HUNT    
07/10/1782 Richard HORSEY   Rawcliffe Hannah CHRISTIE    
03/12/1782 William BOYD     Sarah JUDER   Howden
24/11/1783 Robert CARR     Catherine MARGRAVE    
25/11/1783 Isaac CHAFFER     Ann WHAPLATE    
25/05/1784 William LONGHORN     Elizabeth GILLIOT    
08/06/1784 George SPECK     Elizabeth SHIPSTON    
28/06/1784 Richard WILDE     Ann OLIVER    
29/06/1784 John PHILIPS     Frances WAPLATE    
10/01/1785 William WADE     Mary GLEADOW    
28/07/1785 Joseph OSSET     Anne SIMPSON    
14/08/1785 Joseph FOX     Hannah WOOD    
20/12/1785 Thomas RAWOOD   Hook Elizabeth LONGHORN    
25/12/1785 John ARMITAGE     Eleanor PEARSON   Carlton Juxta Snaith
28/11/1786 John JACKSON   Eastrington Ann GREEN    
11/01/1787 Jacob WELLS   Misterton, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth BRISKHAM    
23/01/1787 Timothy GILLEARD     Mary WILDE    
26/03/1787 Richard WILD     Sarah STONES    
26/03/1787 John LUSBY     Anne BELL    
30/08/1787 John SYKES     Susanna SAXON    
22/04/1788 William LONGHORN     Anne WADE    
15/12/1788 William BEILBY     Rebecca COATES    
16/06/1789 Richard FOX     Mary BIRKENSHIRE    
07/12/1789 Johnson BROWN     Mary TAYLOR    
07/03/1790 John ADAMSON   Selby Anne GLEADALL    
18/08/1790 Robert SLATER     Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
23/11/1790 George WILSON     Margaret SWAILS    
10/01/1791 Thomas BRAMLEY     Jane WOODHEAD    
16/01/1791 James HOPKINSON     Mary HORSEL    
22/11/1791 Robert GARRAT     Anne WILSON    
21/02/1792 Robert POOLE     Mary GODMOND    
21/06/1792 John BEDALE     Elizabeth EMERSON    
22/08/1792 William MASKAL     Ann FOX    
31/10/1792 John REVEL     Elizabeth PHILIPS    
27/11/1792 Thomas HUNTINGTON     Eleanor PARKIN    
31/03/1793 John HARRISON   Riccall Anne LANGFIELD    
09/04/1793 John BEAN     Hannah WINDOWS    
05/08/1794 Thomas COWTHARD   Crowle, Lincolnshire Mary GERVASS    
23/11/1794 Charles WILSON     Ann TILL    
02/12/1794 John JACKSON     Mary HARAM    
06/01/1795 Thomas BURNETT     Hannah YOUNG    
12/04/1795 William RHODES   Wirksworth, Derbyshire Mary NORRIS   York
19/05/1795 Robert GREGORY     Ann CUNNIWORTH    
20/08/1795 Thomas THOMPSON     Hannah TOWNEND    
24/11/1795 Barnet SLATER   Brayton Elizabeth SMITH   Howden
03/10/1796 Joseph PARKIN     Sarah BURN    
04/10/1796 George MORFITT     Hannah REED    
24/11/1796 Thomas ORNSLOW     Sarah RAPER   Hook
11/07/1797 Thomas HINSLEY   Howden Ann BURNETT    
20/07/1797 John SIMPSON     Sarah SWAILES    
04/09/1797 John BUCHANAN     Ann EMLEY    
28/11/1797 George ELLIN     Jane SWEETING    
13/05/1798 John ARNOLD   Eastrington Jane BURNETT    
31/07/1798 Thomas GREEN   Howden Betty FARNSWORTH    
06/10/1798 Joseph FOX     Elizabeth GREEN    
08/11/1798 William BATTERS   Howden Margaret HODGSON Widow  
22/01/1799 Thomas RAWOOD     Sarah WILSON    
12/02/1799 Smithson THOMPSON   Hook Margaret SMITH    
05/11/1799 John HARRISON     Maria STOKER    
09/12/1799 Richard PETTY   Pontefract Mary CLABROUGH    
06/05/1800 William BARKER     Mary HARRISON    
26/11/1800 Thomas COWTHARD     Sarah SMITH    
16/12/1800 William BROWNBRIDGE     Sarah LONGHORN    
01/01/1801 Richard TOWNEND     Elizabeth EZELWOOD    
14/04/1801 George WRIGHT   Fishlake Elizabeth KELSEY    
28/06/1802 George SWEETING     Mary ENGLAND    
05/10/1802 William ANSON     Mary MICKELWITE    
13/09/1803 Jonathan STOAKER     Susanna KENISON    
25/10/1803 Joseph BEAUMONT   Whitgift Ann HUTCHINSON    
28/11/1803 Robert CARTER     Hannah BROOKS    
17/04/1804 Thomas DUCKLES Widower Hook Ann GOULTON    
05/11/1804 Thomas POTTER   Rawcliffe Elizabeth PIGUS    
27/11/1804 Robert WOODHEAD     Ann TATE    
04/12/1804 John HUTCHINSON     Fanny WILSON    
04/02/1805 William TURGOOSE     Rebecca CURTIS Single  
02/12/1805 Samuel ROBINSON   Hook Betty HORTIMAN Single  
20/01/1806 Robert LAMB     Polly HUTCHINSON Single  
17/02/1806 Thomas FIELDER     Sarah HAIRSINE Widow Howden
21/04/1806 Matthew YOUNG     Eleanor WARD Single  
15/05/1806 Joseph WOOLLAS   North Cave Ann SMITH Single  
25/11/1806 John BURNET     Hannah NELSON Single  
25/01/1807 Thomas TAYLOR   Howden Susannah VIEWET    
17/06/1807 Thomas RODGERS     Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
14/09/1807 William STOANE     Jane WATSON Single  
22/09/1807 William TUMMINS     Ellen PLATS Single  
25/11/1807 Stephen BARNET     Hannah BEAMAN Single  
26/11/1807 Mark WETHERILL     Ann PHILIPS Single  
01/12/1807 John CLARK     Elizabeth SYKES Single  
15/12/1807 Benjamin BOOTHROYD   Whitgift Abigail HARRISON    
15/12/1807 George SYKES     Jane HARRISON    
19/07/1808 John CRACKELS     Mary OSSITT    
20/12/1808 William DEAN     Martha PROCTOR Single  
22/05/1809 George BOTHERHOID     Elizabeth LAPISH    
11/07/1809 George SMITH Single   Hannah NICHOLSON Single  
28/08/1810 Joseph CARR     Sarah SMITH    
04/09/1810 John CHANTRY     Sarah COUPER Single  
29/07/1811 William DUDDING     Mary WARD Single  
30/07/1811 Thomas MOODY     Hannah WAINMAN Single  
10/08/1811 Thomas BURNET     Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
02/12/1811 William SIMPSON   North Cave Sarah ASHFORTH Single Howden
13/01/1812 John TYSON     Elizabeth JUSTICE Single  
14/01/1812 Richard LONGHORN     Mary WILD Single  
12/05/1812 Mark COOPER   Thirsk Isabel RAYNER    
25/11/1812 Robert FIELDER   Eastrington Mary WHOLES    
1 31/05/1813 John HEMINBROUGH   Howden Mary ABBEY    
2 08/08/1813 James COATES     Ann BATEMAN    
3 07/11/1813 William MASKILL     Sarah LAWRENCE    
4 24/11/1813 John PATRICK     Sarah BECK    
5 29/11/1813 William COOK     Rebecca LONGHORN    
6 01/12/1813 Charles TABRAH     Elizabeth DOBSON    
7 04/01/1814 John JACKSON     Elizabeth FOX    
8 08/01/1814 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth CURTIS    
9 17/04/1814 George DOBSON     Alice FOX    
10 05/09/1814 Thomas TOMLINSON   Selby Nanny CARR    
13 06/03/1815 George ELLIN     Sarah CRAIG    
14 25/06/1815 Thomas WILSON     Sarah OUSTOBY    
15 06/08/1815 John MAUD     Mary NORMAN    
16 30/01/1816 Richard CARR   Snaith Ann SWEETING    
19 27/01/1817 Joseph MARSHALL     Sarah BOYD    
20 25/02/1817 William HOLMES     Elizabeth GOULDEN   Howden
21 27/11/1817 John HORD   Howden Elizabeth JACKSON    
22 01/12/1817 Benjamin DOBSON     Jane MANNERS    
23 02/12/1817 William TRIFFITT     Sarah PHILIPS    
25 12/01/1818 Thomas MIDDLETON     Betty GARRATT    
26 25/02/1818 Joseph DUCKLES   Howden Mary DAVISON    
27 16/07/1818 John KNIGHT   Camberwell, Surrey Ann SMITH    
28 30/11/1818 Richard HUNTINGTON     Sarah FIELDER    
31 19/04/1819 James FOSTER     Hannah WILD    
34 13/03/1820 George HOLIDAY     Martha GREGORY    
35 09/05/1820 Charles BROOKE     Mary BOSSEY    
36 16/07/1820 John LENBY   Bubwith Mary WILSON    
37 15/10/1820 John BROWN   Ellerton Tabitha HAIRSINE    
38 27/11/1820 Thomas BRAMHAM     Sarah THOMPSON    
39 20/12/1820 John HARRISON   Snaith Hannah GARRATT    
40 05/02/1821 John BINNINGTON     Nancy GARRATT    
41 05/07/1821 John MORLEY   Topcliffe Dorothy DELLS    
42 12/07/1821 William IBBOTSON   Hook Mary Ann SMITH    
43 30/07/1821 Septimus HANSON     Sarah COAKILL   Bubwith
44 22/11/1821 Daniel JACKSON     Mary JACKSON    
46 02/05/1822 William BENSKILL   Rawcliffe Elizabeth GOATSON    
47 03/12/1822 Joseph ELLIS     Mary TOWNSEND   Howden
49 01/12/1823 Andrew BEVERLEY   Bubwith Elizabeth BELLERBY    
50 03/12/1823 John HIMSWORTH     Ann ROBINSON    
51 16/12/1823 John REVEL     Isabella MOXON    
52 22/01/1824 John WILKINSON   Selby Jane CARR    
53 02/12/1824 Thomas TATE   Drax Ann HUNTINGTON    
54 28/12/1824 George FOX     Ann PROCTOR   Hook
55 28/12/1824 James MORFITT     Hannah FIELDER    
56 18/07/1825 William PROCTOR     Ann ELLIS    
57 28/09/1825 George LIDSTER     Elizabeth GREENFIELD    
58 12/12/1825 John CHAPPELL   Hook Mary GREENFIELD    
59 06/08/1826 Samuel HART     Elizabeth FIELDER    
60 30/11/1826 William HILL     Hannah BARNIT    
61 16/04/1827 Robert PLOW   Whitgift Sarah MASKILL    
62 26/11/1827 Peter HEWSON     Mary LILLIMAN    
63 21/04/1828 Thomas MOUNTAIN   Selby Emma FOX    
64 04/12/1828 John NICHOLSON     Martha ATKIN    
65 18/12/1828 George ARMITAGE     Hannah GOWTHORP    
66 06/07/1829 Edward SANDERSON     Hannah GOWTREY    
67 05/09/1829 John PROCTOR   Hook Rebecca HART    
68 31/10/1829 Robert ROSINDALE     Ellen COCKSHOW    
69 27/10/1830 Henry PEASE   Drax Mary Ann UMPLEBY    
70 11/01/1831 John JOHNSON     Hannah EMPSON    
71 05/04/1831 William JAMES   Howden Hannah WILTON    
72 18/04/1831 George WEST   Aughton Hannah BURNET    
73 22/11/1831 Richard ELLEN     Ann POOL    
74 26/12/1831 John HUTCHINSON     Sarah FOX    
75 16/04/1832 Robert GREGORY     Elizabeth HOLLAND    
76 24/04/1832 Jeremiah THORPE     Elizabeth HALL    
77 31/06/1832 John ATKINSON   Howden Hannah TOMLINSON    
78 01/09/1832 James DEALTRY   Hook Mary Ann WOODHEAD    
79 29/11/1832 Thomas SYKES     Mariah PATTRICK    
80 22/09/1833 Richard SHEPHERD     Dinah WILSON    
81 07/10/1833 Henry MORFITT     Ann RANDS    
82 30/12/1833 John WETHERELL     Catharine FELL   Howden
83 31/12/1833 George BILLINGTON   Hook Mary HANSON    
84 08/05/1834 William TAITE   St Helen, York Ann UMPLEBY    
85 11/05/1834 Thomas BRIGGS   Hemingbrough Sarah DOWNEY    
86 01/01/1835 James HICKSON   Howden Elizabeth WETHERELL    
87 20/04/1835 John LAND   Hook Rosanna HARGRAVE    
88 28/05/1835 Richard FOX     Hannah BARNET    
89 11/06/1835 Nathaniel WETHEREL     Sarah THOMPSON   Hook
90 01/12/1835 George COOK     Hannah BUTTLE    
91 05/10/1836 Benjamin GRAVES   Snaith Mary DENBY    
92 04/01/1837 George HEMINGWAY     Mary DEAN    

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