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Rawcliffe St James


The Parish

Rawcliffe was a chapelry of the large West Yorkshire parish of Snaith, It is located in the southeastern part of the West Riding of Yorkshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Lincolnshire. Rawcliffe is a large village located about 3 miles west of the port of Goole and sitting astride the A614 road which connects Goole with Snaith. Rawcliffe provided marriage services prior to the introduction of Hardwicke's Act but was unlicensed between 1754 and 1826 when marriages resumed, marriages would have taken place at Snaith in that period. Rawcliffe would have largely earned its living from a mixture of arable and pastoral farming, it sits on the southern banks of the River Aire and the floodplain being fertile would have provided a good living if at the risk of flooding. Much of the area has been drained in modern times and is almost flat for some distance. Modern communications traverse the parish, from earlier times runs the Aire & Calder Navigation whilst more modern development is the M62 motorway which passes just south of Rawcliffe. The Aire drains eastwards to reach the Humber Estuary and thence to the North Sea. Rawcliffe is sited at just 2 metres above sea level and one has to travel many miles before encountering a contour (other than at 0 metres). Rawcliffe chapelry covered an area of over 4,200 acres and its population would have numbered in the region of 1,500 parishioners. In Domesday times Rawcliffe was held directly by King William and whilst not inventoried specifically it was taxed at 2.8 geld units making it a medium sized holding.

The Church

St James' church sits on the southern side of the A614, here Rawcliffe's High Street. The church is a relatively modern building having been erected in 1842, with the stone spire being a later addition. The church uses the lancet style of the Early English Gothic period. Despite its Victorian creation it has been modified on two occasions, not only the spire being added but the chancel of red brick was also added or replaced an earlier version. The building is clearly of little architectural excitement as Pevsner passes over it in a mere handful of lines. St James is sheltered from the road by a row of large trees and surrounded by a railed fence. The church is somewhat hemmed in from the east making the views best from the broader part of the churchyard to the southwest.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th April 1826 - 24th January 1837 Doncaster Archives - Reference - P/60/1/B/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Carlton Juxta Snaith St Mary
Drax St Peter & St Paul
Airmyn St David
Snaith St Laurence
Airmyn St David
Snaith St Laurence
Snaith St Laurence
Snaith St Laurence

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 24/04/1826 James NETTLESHIP     Elizabeth NAILER    
2 28/02/1827 Thomas HUNT     Elizabeth NICHOLSON    
3 17/05/1827 James GOOD     Bessy ROWLAND    
4 18/11/1828 William COGAN   Howden Hannah ROISTON    
5 14/12/1828 John HEBDEN     Mary AMBLER    
6 04/05/1829 Christopher AVERY     Sarah WOOD    
7 09/06/1829 John WATKINSON     Ann AIRDUS    
8 19/10/1829 Edward HARFIELD     Sarah PEASE    
9 23/11/1829 Benjamin HARTLEY     Hannah LEAK    
10 02/08/1830 Thomas LAWRENCE     Hannah JENNINGS    
11 07/02/1831 George STANLEY     Jane PEAS    
12 21/03/1831 Mark CAWOOD     Rebecca LAWRENCE    
13 03/04/1831 John CHAPPELL     Sarah HEPWORTH    
14 06/04/1831 James MIDDLEBROOK   Whitgift Amelia Eliza POPPLEWELL    
15 23/05/1831 William THOMPSON     Ann HEBDEN    
16 14/05/1832 John NELL     Mary HOLMES    
17 16/07/1832 Thomas WHITEHEAD   Hemingbrough Ann GIBSON    
18 25/01/1833 James NEWTON     Mary DAWSON    
19 14/03/1833 Alfred Joseph HODGSON   Snaith Mary BEACHELL    
20 01/07/1833 Joseph HORSFIELD     Mary COWLHAM    
21 16/12/1833 Thomas BROWN     Elizabeth DREWERY    
22 04/02/1834 James LAWSON Widower Wapping, Middlesex Ann WHITTON Single  
23 11/03/1835 John LAWRENCE     Ann COWLAM    
24 01/09/1835 John PLAXTON     Mary COLLEY    
25 24/11/1835 Richard SYKES     Elizabeth STOREY    
26 02/12/1835 John SWEETING   Howden Sarah HARRISON    
27 21/12/1835 Thomas COLGATE     Sarah PLAXTON    
28 07/05/1836 William MEGGETT     Charlotte HARRAM    
29 17/05/1836 John COWLHAM     Elizabeth AUDUS    
30 30/05/1836 Joseph GRAVES     Ann LAMB    
31 24/09/1836 Joseph Bean PEPPER     Charlotte Morley HODGSON    
32 24/01/1837 William BUTERILL   Howden Martha BARKER    

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