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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Burton Fleming St Cuthbert


The Parish

The parish of Burton Fleming lies in the eastern part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Burton Fleming is located about 7 miles northwest of the port and seaside resort of Bridlington. A compact village Burton Fleming is located within the Yorkshire Wolds a ridge of chalk upland which runs across the East Riding. Burton Fleming sits in lanes well away from numbered roads, the closest being the B1253 which runs from east to west between Bridlington and Malton and lies some 3 miles south of the village. At the time of this transcript sheep farming on the grassy chalk slopes would have been the principal economic activity although weaving of the resultant wool would have undoubtedly occurred. The area has largely porous chalk underlying but a small brook the Gypsey Race drains eastwards to reach the North Sea through Bridlington. Burton Fleming is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and slopes rise to both north and south of the valley of the Gypsey Race to local heights in the region of 150 metres. Burton Fleming parish was of a fairly typical size for the area, it covered around 3,600 acres and would have supported a population of just over 450 parishioners. In Domesday time Bishop Fleming was held directly by the King and offered just 8 ploughs.

The Church

St Cuthbert's church sits at the heart of the village on a triangular site bordered by two lanes running northwest and northeast out of the village. The church with its massive western tower is a rarity in seemingly being untouched by Victorian restorers. The earliest periods shown today are 13th centuries but there are reused features which are Norman and probably a century earlier. The church shows a normal evolutionary history with additions and modifications from most styles and periods. A low waist height wall surrounds the site and is broken by multiple gateways, the principal one leading up a gentle slope from the junction to a metal gateway. The southern portion of the churchyard is dominated by trees which somewhat restrict the angles at which adequate photographs can be taken.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th November 1754 - 24th May 1798 East Yorkshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE8/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th May 1799 - 24th September 1812 East Yorkshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE8/3 Plain, unruled book, a further composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 29th May 1813 - 12th April 1837 East Yorkshire Archives & Local Studies - Reference - PE8/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Hunmanby All Saints
Hunmanby All Saints
Hunmanby All Saints
Wold Newton All Saints
Thwing All Saints
Grindale St Nicholas
Rudston All Saints
Rudston All Saints
Rudston All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
28/11/1754 Robert ROBINSON   Rowley Frances THOMPSON Single  
04/01/1756 Thomas COCKERIL     Hannah BARUGH Single  
25/04/1757 Thomas STEPHENSON     Ann NESFIELD Single  
15/11/1757 James DRING     Jane MYAS Single Foxholes
03/03/1761 Thomas SPECK   Hunmanby Jane SPECK    
29/10/1763 Edward BRATHWAITE     Elizabeth HOPPER    
22/09/1764 Richard HOPPER     Mary WARD    
20/05/1765 William EGLESTON     Margret SHIPTON    
24/06/1765 William COULTAS     Elizabeth GARDENER    
30/12/1766 Thomas SAWDON     Frances MALLORY    
14/02/1767 John APPLEBY     Mary RIBY Single  
23/10/1767 Thomas MAJOR   Bridlington Mary MILNER    
25/10/1768 Thomas TINDAL   Kilham Ann SPECK Single  
10/10/1769 John MALLORY     Mary SAWDON    
05/12/1769 John REDSHAW     Jane STEPHENSON   Carnaby
24/03/1770 William DICKINSON     Elizabeth LOWSAN    
27/03/1770 John GARTON   Boynton Mary LOWSAN    
20/10/1770 William DICKSON     Elizabeth SPECK    
21/01/1771 Robert LOWSAN   Kirkburn Mary BRATHWATE    
21/05/1771 George TURNER     Ruth HALL    
23/11/1771 William PORRETT     Elizabeth CONNISTONE    
25/08/1772 James BARUGH     Elizabeth MALORY    
09/08/1773 Valentine BARKER   Nafferton Esther SPECK    
09/12/1773 Francis GARDINER Single Kilham Ann MILNER Single  
03/02/1774 George SAWDON Single   Dorothy SAWDON Single  
15/11/1774 William SPECK     Mary BINNINGTON    
05/06/1775 Francis COCKERILL     Elizabeth SOLTAN    
14/05/1776 William WARKUP     Rachel JARRET   Flamborough
03/06/1776 George BRAITHWAITE     Elizabeth MALLERY    
29/05/1777 John HARDY   Bridlington Hannah COCKERILL    
22/07/1777 Thomas SPECK     Elliner RIBY    
18/08/1777 John HANCE     Mary BOSS    
27/11/1777 William LINSEY     Isabel CHEW    
06/12/1777 George RIBY   Bridlington Elizabeth HALL    
30/12/1778 Thomas COCKERILL     Jane COOPER    
08/02/1779 John WARDEL   Scarborough Hannah ELVIDGE    
25/09/1780 Ralph SAWDON     Addy RAILAH    
27/11/1780 Robert ROBINSON     Isabel PICKERING    
28/11/1780 Cowling WRIGHT     Barbara CHEW    
17/04/1781 William WHITFIELD     Ann BARKER    
28/12/1783 John GRAY     Ellener WARDILL    
27/04/1784 John MARSHALL   Kilham Mary ELVIDGE    
24/10/1784 Francis RIBY     Mary GRAY    
08/10/1785 Richard SAWDON     Jane JORDAN   Boynton
09/07/1786 George BRAITHWAITE Widower   Jane BUEL Single  
14/11/1786 Francis NESFIELD Single   Rebecca MILNER Single  
26/12/1786 John JOHNSON Single Hunmanby Elizabeth EGGLESTON Single  
24/11/1788 John BOTTERIL Single   Elizabeth LEPPINGTON Single  
12/01/1789 Edward WARDELL Single   Ann MAJOR Single  
14/07/1789 Richard HEADSPEAK Single   Mary JOHNSON    
15/09/1789 Robert ROBINSON Widower   Mary HANCE Widow  
25/02/1790 John WRIGLESWORTH Single Hunmanby Ann EGGLESTON Single  
24/06/1790 James BRANKLEY Single Humbleton Ann BARON Single  
13/12/1790 John EZARD Single   Mary LINSLEY Single  
16/05/1791 William JORDAN Single Bridlington Mary RIBY Single  
14/11/1791 Richard EDMOND Widower   Ann GARDINER Widow  
29/06/1793 William WATSON Single   Elizabeth BRAITHWAITE Single  
14/10/1793 Francis LONDESBROUGH     Susanna IRELAND    
29/10/1793 John MILNER     Ann BROWN Single  
09/12/1794 James CAPE Single   Martha MILNER Single  
23/06/1795 Thomas MAJOR Single   Mary BRAITHWAITE Single  
10/08/1795 Christopher WALLER Single Hunmanby Mary MOOR Single  
10/11/1795 George BESWICK Single   Ann LINDSEY Single  
23/11/1795 George APPLEBY Single   Hannah MAINPRIZE Single  
26/05/1796 Robert MAJOR Single   Jane WHARRAM Single  
16/06/1796 John STEPHENSON Single   Mary MALTBY Single  
03/03/1797 John MINITHORPE Single   Mary WOOD Single  
28/11/1797 Richard WHITING Single   Elizabeth CROSS Single  
04/01/1798 Robert ARTLEY Single   Mary MAJOR Single  
24/05/1798 John ROGERS Widower Foston On The Wolds Mary UPPLEBY Widow  
11/05/1799 John BOTTRILL Widower   Jane HOLLIDAY Single  
25/11/1799 Reaston DENTON     Jane BRAITHWAITE Widow  
25/06/1800 Robert ROBINSON Widower   Ruth WALKER Single  
23/10/1800 William DALBY   Bridlington Martha COCKERILL    
25/06/1801 William ROBINSON     Charlotte DUNN Single  
05/10/1801 John AGARS     Catherine RUSSEL Single  
30/11/1801 Thomas ATKINSON Single   Rachel MALTBY Single  
06/05/1802 John MAJOR Single   Mary ATKINSON Single  
17/06/1802 Samuel MARTIN Single   Sarah PENNACK Single  
25/11/1802 Robert COWTON Single   Ann GRONDALE Single  
29/11/1802 George RUDDOCK Single St Nicholas, Beverley Alice WHITWILL Single  
14/03/1803 Matthew LYON Single Carnaby Ann MALLORY Single  
04/01/1804 George BRAITHWAITE Single Rudston Jane BROWN Single  
05/05/1804 Matthew THORNTON Widower   Jane TAYLOR Single  
14/05/1804 Thomas WHARRAM Single Weaverthorpe Elizabeth MAJOR Single  
04/07/1804 Thomas FLINTON Single Rudston Christiana BURTON Single  
02/12/1804 Robert LAMPLOUGH Single Langton Sarah WHARRAM Single  
16/11/1805 Thomas CLARK Widower Hunmanby Dorothy SAWDON Widow  
24/11/1806 William BOTT Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single Burton Agnes
06/05/1807 William COULSON Widower Hovingham Jane BOTTRILL Widow  
23/08/1807 John WHARRAM Single Fridaythorpe Rebecca MAJOR Single  
29/09/1807 Richard SAWDON Single   Tamar WOOD Single  
24/12/1807 John COULSON Single Hunmanby Jane TINDILL Single  
20/10/1808 Ephraim ELLYARD Single   Frances BOTT Single  
13/12/1808 Stephen PUDSEY Single   Elizabeth GARDINER Single  
01/04/1809 John LAWSON Single Foxholes Mary SAWDON Single  
27/05/1809 John COULSON Single   Rachel HEADSPECK Single  
26/12/1809 William MAJOR Single Weaverthorpe Faith WHARRAM Single  
01/04/1810 James CATTERICK Single   Isabella FIELDS Single  
25/06/1810 Thomas THOMPSON Single   Hannah DIXON Single  
01/10/1810 John TOMPKINS Single Burton Agnes Ann HEADSPECK Single  
21/11/1810 John EZARD Widower   Ann MILNER Widow  
24/09/1812 Francis BOOTH   Great Driffield Elizabeth NEWSOM Single  
1 29/05/1813 William WHARRAM     Mary NESFIELD    
2 24/11/1813 John GIBSON     Elizabeth MARSHALL    
3 07/01/1815 Philip FISHER     Mary FOSTER    
4 23/11/1816 John VAUX   Huggate Ann SCOT    
5 04/05/1818 Francis EZARD Single   Elizabeth BULMER Single  
6 24/11/1818 William LISTER Single   Sarah MILNER Single  
7 30/11/1818 Thomas MILNER Single   Eleanor LISTER Single  
8 30/08/1820 George GIBSON Single   Hannah HUNTLEY Single  
9 03/09/1820 Richard BAKER Single   Mary MOORFOOT Single  
10 04/04/1821 George EZARD Single   Hannah HEWIT Single  
11 22/10/1821 Vickerman COULTAS Single   Mary GRAY Single  
12 12/11/1821 John BAILEY Single   Hannah EPSOM Single  
13 23/04/1822 Thomas APPLEBY Single   Mary BULMER Single  
14 20/05/1822 Francis EZARD Single   Rebecca BULMER Single  
15 29/07/1822 Matthew WATSON Single   Ann CROSS Single  
16 21/10/1822 Robert CLIFFORD Single   Ann BELL Single  
17 31/10/1822 Francis TOWSE Widower   Mary DOLPHIN Single  
18 16/11/1822 Alexander COLLIN Single Burton Agnes Susanna WRIGHT Single  
19 06/05/1823 John WINTER Single   Eleanor APPLEBY Single  
20 31/05/1823 Francis BELL Single Kilham Martha SALTON Single  
21 26/02/1824 Richard MILNER Single   Mary WHARRAM Single  
22 25/03/1824 George SMITH Single   Rebecca NESFIELD Single  
23 20/04/1824 Robert POTTER Single Foston On The Wolds Frances HEADSPECK Single  
24 12/10/1824 John LINSKILL Single   Rebecca WHARRAM Widow  
25 04/12/1824 Richard MILNER Single Burton Agnes Ann MILNER Single  
26 20/01/1827 Marmaduke HOGGARD Single   Mary AGARS Single  
27 30/01/1827 William MALLORY Single   Mary HARRISON Single  
28 07/04/1827 John ELVIDGE Single Butterwick Mary SAWDEN Single  
29 28/05/1827 George WILSON Single Nafferton Jane GRAY Single  
30 11/10/1827 Thomas ARTLEY Single   Lydia LOWNSBOROUGH Single  
31 25/10/1827 William Monkman STAVELEY Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
32 10/03/1828 Thomas LETTRINGTON Widower Kilham Elizabeth STEPHENSON Single  
33 15/03/1828 Moses CLARK Single   Ann PASHBY Single  
34 21/06/1828 Robert SALVIDGE Single   Sarah STEPHENSON Single  
35 15/01/1829 William SAWDEN Single   Elizabeth NESFIELD Single  
36 16/02/1829 Thomas CROSS Single Hunmanby Ella SIMPSON Single  
37 17/11/1829 George BESWICK Single   Elizabeth NICHOLSON Single  
38 19/11/1829 James PERCY Single West Heslerton Grace SINGLETON Single  
39 13/02/1830 John IDLE Single Hunmanby Jane AGARS Single  
40 22/02/1830 James SALTON Single Thwing Rebecca BANKS Single  
41 22/04/1830 William COATES Single   Dinah BODDY Single  
42 26/04/1830 William SIMPSON Single   Mary Ann BELL    
43 22/06/1830 Francis BURTON Single   Ann BESWICK Single  
44 19/07/1830 Joel HACKNER Widower   Elizabeth DUKES Single  
45 16/11/1830 John ARMSTRONG Single   Jane HUDSON Single  
46 08/02/1831 William NESFIELD Single   Mary ARTLEY Single  
47 02/05/1832 William HALL Single   Eliza BRIGHAM Single  
48 12/12/1832 John MATTISON Single   Mary APPLEBY Single  
49 29/12/1832 Robert VEARY Single   Ellen SPENCER Single Reighton
50 18/05/1833 Thomas HEADLEY Single   Hannah WATT Single  
51 03/06/1833 John Richard HALLIDAY Single Wold Newton Sarah MAJOR Single  
52 10/08/1833 Gideon HALL Widower   Sarah STEPHENSON Single  
53 21/10/1833 John COATES     Ann DUKES Single  
54 04/10/1834 Boys COOPER     Ann KIRBY Single  
55 18/12/1834 John AGARS     Hannah GREY    
56 31/01/1835 George HALL Single Hunmanby Ann FLINTON Single  
57 30/05/1835 John APPLEBY Single   Harriet AGARS Single  
58 01/08/1835 John ARTLEY Single   Bessy Ann APPLEBY Single  
59 01/08/1835 Mark ELVIDGE Single   Catherine ROBINSON Single  
60 02/01/1836 John NICHOLSON Single Ruston Parva Ann PUDSEY    
61 05/03/1836 William SCRIVENER Single   Hannah VICKERMAN Single  
62 09/04/1836 John PASHBY Single   Mary DUCK Single  
63 17/10/1836 Richard LOWISH Single West Heslerton Mary Ann HALL Single  
64 25/02/1837 John BROWN Single   Jane APPLEBY Single  
65 04/03/1837 Richard COULTAS Single Rudston Sarah LINSHILL Single  
66 12/04/1837 William ARTLEY Single   Harriet APPLEBY Single  

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