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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wold Newton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Wold Newton lies in southeastern Yorkshire, towards the northeast of the East Riding. As its name suggests Wold Newton sits on the chalk ridge of the Yorkshire Wolds about 6 miles southwest of the seaside resort of Filey. Wold Newton is a small and relatively compact village lying, in lanes, around 2 miles east of the B1249 which connects Driffield with the A64 and onwards to Scarborough. Wold Newton at the time of this transcript, and indeed still today, was a small farming community, today there are more arable fields whereas in the past this would have been largely a pastoral area. Wold Newton sits in the shallow valley of the Gypsy Race which drains eastwards to reach the North Sea through the port of Bridlington. Wold Newton is sited at around 60 metres above the sea and local heights rise within a miles or two to over 150 metres on the chalk ridge of Prior Moor. Wold Newton parish was one of the smaller in this area, it covered around 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of just under 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Wold Newton was shared by the King with one Gilbert of Ghent, a relatively small place not fully detailed but showing around 6 ploughs.

The Church

All Saints' church sits in the gap between Wold Newton's two short northward running lanes which meet just north of the church. Pevsner calls the church "humble but of great interest", the source of much of that interest being the un-restored Norman southern doorway. Dated to the mid-12th century this feature and that of the chancel arch (often the oldest feature of a church) clearly indicate the church has been here for a long time indeed. There are windows indicating a significant reworking during the 14th or 15th centuries but much else dates from the 19th century. The chancel was rebuilt in 1850 and the northern aisle added seven years later resulting in today's building. Wicket gates grant access from both Front & Back Streets to a well-wooded site which crowds the building from both north and south resulting in a difficult subject to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1st July 1757 - 22nd December 1812 East Yorkshire Archives - Reference - PE94/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 30th August 1813 - 15th February 1836 East Yorkshire Archives- Reference - PE94/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Willerby St Peter
Hunmanby All Saints
Hunmanby All Saints
Foxholes St Mary
Burton Fleming St Cuthbert
Thwing All Saints
Thwing All Saints
Thwing All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 01/07/1757 Robert HUTCHINSON   Hunmanby Mary OMBLER Single Thwing
2 17/12/1757 William RINGROSE     Mary LENG    
3 13/05/1759 Richard COLE   Kilham Frances MIDDLETON    
4 23/06/1762 William APPLEBY Widower   Alice SANTON Single  
5 28/06/1762 Francis LEPINGTON Single Hunmanby Ann HUTCHINSON Single  
6 23/11/1762 Thomas RANK     Ann HAKNEY    
7 22/11/1770 John SMITH     Elizabeth DIXON    
8 25/11/1770 Daniel TAYLOR     Sarah WILSON    
9 22/11/1773 Thomas BARKER     Jane HARRINSON    
10 22/11/1774 Hutchinson SIMPSON     Mary DANBY    
11 10/11/1777 Jeremiah INGRAM Single   Elizabeth HACKNEY Single  
12 24/11/1777 Thomas GIBSON Single Great Driffield Mary RALEIGH Single  
13 27/11/1777 Francis WARDIL Single   Susanna IRELAND Single  
14 03/03/1778 Thomas ROWSBY Single Tunstall Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
15 08/03/1779 John BOVILL Widower   Mary EDEN   Thwing
16 20/06/1779 Christopher LAYBOURN Single   Margaret NEWLOVE Single  
17 22/02/1780 William PARK Widower Thwing Elizabeth ANDREW Single  
18 28/05/1781 Henry LEYBOURN Single Nafferton Jane MITCHINSON Single  
19 27/11/1781 John DEALE Single Ganton Lucy PARK Single  
20 23/11/1784 Roger BELL Single   Ann SMITH Single  
21 08/07/1785 Richard MEAD Single Foxholes Elizabeth POSTELL Single  
22 26/09/1785 John EDWARDS Widower   Mary NORTH Widow  
23 10/12/1785 Peter BARON   Skipsea Rebecca PARK Single  
24 20/12/1785 William RINGROSE Single   Eleanor PARK Single  
25 21/03/1786 John SMITH Single Pickering Mary PARK Single  
26 23/04/1789 Francis READ Single   Hannah APPLEBY Single  
27 07/12/1789 John IRELAND Single   Mary SAWDON Single  
28 28/12/1790 Thomas RANK Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
29 29/11/1793 James FOSTER Single   Jane REED Single  
30 25/02/1794 William HUTCHINGSON Single   Margaret HOLLIDAY Single Willerby
31 01/05/1794 Joseph NEWLOVE Single   Ann BROWN Single Bridlington
32 09/08/1795 Richard FISHER   Harpham Mary EDWARDS Widow  
33 21/12/1801 Joseph FOX Single   Catherine MILNER Single  
34 21/08/1802 William STEPHENSON Widower Foxholes Hannah READ Widow  
35 27/09/1802 John HARRISON Single   Ann MILNER Single  
36 22/11/1802 William RINGROSE Widower   Jane IRELAND Single  
37 24/11/1802 Joseph COWTON Single   Ann KELL Single  
38 19/07/1803 Stephen COULSON Single   Elizabeth BENNISON Single Thwing
39 02/06/1806 Robert CHAMPLEY Single Willerby Mary BELL Single  
40 11/10/1806 George STEPHENSON Single   Mary WARD Single Thwing
41 30/12/1806 John IRELAND Widower   Susannah FOSTER Single  
41 24/11/1807 John FISHER Single   Mary MILNER Single  
42 25/11/1807 John MILNER Single   Hannah PRATT Single  
43 14/01/1809 John SOUTHWICK Single   Ellis SUGARS Widow  
44 04/11/1809 Mark ELVIDGE Single   Jane RIPLEY Single  
45 17/02/1812 Thomas BELL Single   Mary JORDAN Single  
46 12/10/1812 Robert SOAKELL Single   Anne IRELAND Widow  
46 24/11/1812 Mark GREAME Single   Esther BROWN Single  
47 28/11/1812 John WILSON Single   Mary GRICE Single  
48 22/12/1812 John SUMMERS Single   Anne RANK Single  
1 30/08/1813 John BROWN Single Foxholes Jane OXTOBY Single  
2 24/11/1813 William LAWTY Single   Hannah SIMPSON Single Hunmanby
3 03/11/1814 John TENNISON Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
4 29/11/1814 George STORK   Flamborough Anne SUGARS Single  
5 06/04/1816 Edward REASTON Single Carnaby Elizabeth GIBSON Single  
6 12/05/1816 John BROWN     Anne FORDEN    
7 27/10/1816 William BULMER     Mary BELL    
8 10/03/1817 William RANK Single   Margaret JEWILL Single  
9 19/05/1817 John PENNOCK Single Foxholes Marianna NEWLOVE Single  
10 14/08/1817 George WATSON Single   Elizabeth HALL Single  
11 13/04/1818 Richard HARSON Single   Ruth ROBINSON Single  
12 24/11/1818 Richard EZARD Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
13 24/11/1819 George BRIAN Single   Anne BRYON Single  
14 23/01/1821 William REED Single Mappleton Mary DUKE Single  
15 26/11/1821 Richard HORSLEY Single   Margaret WALKER Single  
16 07/09/1823 Edward GREENAP     Hannah EDMOND   Hunmanby
17 30/09/1826 William SUGARS     Ann JOHNSON    
18 31/01/1828 Thomas JEMISON Single   Sarah LAWTY Widow  
19 04/02/1828 Thomas SPECK Single   Jane WATSON Single  
20 28/01/1832 Thomas SCALBY     Anne ELVIGE    
21 26/01/1833 George SHARP     Elizabeth LUND    
22 23/02/1833 John WOODALL Single Foxholes Mary WILSON    
23 29/04/1833 Thomas FOX     Mary STUBBS    
24 09/06/1834 James WILLIAMSON Widower Leeds Louisa RHODES Single  
25 18/04/1835 Richard STEPHENSON     Mary STEPHENSON    
26 01/02/1836 George BIRD     Rachel ROBSON    
27 06/02/1836 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth WILSON    
28 15/02/1836 Robert GIBB     Hannah BANKS    

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