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Carlton in Cleveland St Botolph


The Parish

The parish of Carlton in Cleveland lies in northern Yorkshire, indeed it is in the northern part of the North Riding. Carlton in Cleveland is located about 3 miles south of the large village of Stokesley on the northern edge of the North York Moors. Carlton in Cleveland sits about a half mile south of the A172 road which links Stokesley with the busy A19 road (Teesside to the A1 Great North Road). Carlton in Cleveland is a rather small and linear village largely built along a narrow lane which heads southeastwards to the sharp climb onto the North York Moors at Carlton Bank. The area around Carlton in Cleveland would have had two main stems to its economic activity, the area is dominated by pastoral farming and in addition the local hills are a rich source of Alum for which a high demand for labour to extract would have helped boost the economy. The main lane of the village runs largely alongside the appropriately named Alum Beck which drains the parish northwards, The Alum Beck is a tributary of the River Leven which in turn joins the Tees at Yarm and reaches the North Sea through the Tees Estuary. Carlton in Cleveland is sited at around 90 metres above sea level on a gentle slope rising gradually to the sudden scarp face of the North York Moors, local heights of 408 metres being reached on Carlton Bank within 2 miles of St Botolph's church. By northern standards Carlton in Cleveland parish is small covering less than 1,400 acres it is more typical of a southern parish, it would have supported a population of barely 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Carlton in Cleveland was held by one Count Robert of Mortain, it could offer 6 ploughs although it held potential for a further 15.

The Church

St Botolph's church sits on the western side of Carlton in Cleveland's main lane in a rather elevated position above lane & beck. The building is a fairly modern replacement having been built in 1896, it uses a style derived from the Decorated period whilst the square-headed aisle and clerestory windows are a feature. The building is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it in less than a handful of lines. The building is reached from the lane by a sloping tarmac pathway which reaches a wide lych gate, the churchyard is surrounded by a low local stone wall. The site is relatively open with few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th June 1754 - 10th December 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/CTC/1/4
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Entries prior to 1770 are faded which may result in one or two misreads
2 10th November 1814 - 25th June 1836 Borthwick Institute - York Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The register for this period does not survive, BTs were used to retrieve all entries listed here

Rudby All Saints
Rudby All Saints
Stokesley St Peter & St Paul
Faceby St Mary Magdalene
Stokesley St Peter & St Paul
Faceby St Mary Magdalene
Faceby St Mary Magdalene
Whorlton Holy Cross
Bilsdale St Hilda

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/02/1754 Matthew CHIPSEY     Martha CROMEY    
15/06/1754 John KINSON     Sarah JENKING   Guisborough
26/12/1754 Philip GOWLAND   Rudby Mary KITCHEN    
01/04/1755 George COMMINS     Miriam ROBINSON    
01/05/1756 John GARBAT   Coxwold Jane KITCHING    
12/06/1756 Thomas WALKER     Joanna BIGGINS    
07/02/1758 William JACKSON     Mary HUTCHINSON   Bilsdale
04/03/1758 James RAMSHAY     Ann CUNNINGHAM    
14/05/1758 William JENKINSON     Mary SHEPHERD    
14/04/1759 Jonathan BELLANBY   Kirklevington Mary JACKSON   Bilsdale
24/05/1759 John WILSON Single   Marjery DENTON Single  
28/05/1759 John COULSON Single   Sarah HUTCHINSON    
08/10/1760 John CHRISTLOW   Osmotherley Alice DUNN    
19/07/1763 John WOOD Widower   Milcah KNAGS Single  
23/07/1763 John HANCOCK Single   Jane GREENWOOD Single  
05/12/1763 Richard ROBINSON     Thomasin TATE    
13/05/1764 John BRADLAW   East Cowton Jane THOMPSON   Osmotherley
11/02/1765 Robert BELL Single   Jane HEWTHWAITE Widow  
07/05/1765 John WARD   Bilsdale Mary HUNTON   Bilsdale
23/11/1765 William TODD Single   Elizabeth ATKINSON Single Bilsdale
05/03/1766 Jonas WILSON Single   Mary BOYD    
02/11/1767 Henry SCOTT   Eston Mary BRODERICK    
28/11/1769 Thomas ROBINSON     Hannah HUMPHREY   Kirkby In Cleveland
07/01/1770 Thomas MAY Single   Sarah YOUNG Single  
11/01/1770 Thomas SMITH     Theophila FRANKLING    
15/04/1771 Anthony RICHARDSON     Levina DOWNEY    
17/08/1771 George GRAHAM   Kirkleatham Ann MARLEY    
29/06/1772 Henry HUTHWAITE     Jane PRISSICK    
02/08/1772 Richard HALL   Yarm Rebecca PRISSICK    
27/04/1773 George LOWTHER     Elizabeth ALDERSON    
19/09/1773 Henry WINN Single Whorlton Jane ALDERSON Single  
16/07/1774 Jonathan POTTER Single Stokesley Elizabeth COCKTON Single  
28/11/1774 William ALDERSON Single   Ann LOWTHER Single  
16/06/1775 Christopher LOWTHER Widower   Margaret HAMMOND Single  
30/11/1775 Samuel KITCHING Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
15/02/1776 Richard JOHNSON Single   Miriam SMITH Single Faceby
07/05/1776 George PRIESTMAN Single Bilsdale Mary THOMPSON Single  
21/01/1777 John CLIBORN Single Stokesley Mary DOUGLASS Single  
24/11/1778 George LOWTHER Widower   Elizabeth ADDISON Single  
07/06/1779 William GREATHEAD Single   Christian PEART Single  
13/06/1779 Edward BOWES     Mary MOON Single  
27/10/1779 John WILSON Single   Dorothy JOHNSON Single  
28/03/1780 Thomas MEDD Single Bilsdale Esther TAYLOR Single  
15/05/1780 Matthew TRENHOLM   High Worsall Elizabeth WORTHY    
13/06/1780 George COWINS Widower   Margaret SCAFE Single  
06/08/1780 John LONGSTAFF Single Kirklevington Margaret REVELEY Single  
26/11/1781 John WRIGHTSON Widower   Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
29/07/1783 Richard HARKER Single Whorlton Mary COVERDALE Single  
15/05/1784 John HEBDEN Single Stokesley Eleanor LONGSTAFF Single  
15/10/1784 Abraham HOLGATE Single   Mary CUST Single  
23/11/1784 William HERRING Single   Elizabeth LEPPINGTON Single  
27/06/1785 John FAIRFOOT Single   Keziah TYRES Single  
05/11/1787 William PEACOCK Widower Eston Dorothy GARNISON Single  
18/11/1788 John ROGERSON Single   Ann MEDHURST Single  
17/02/1789 Stephen COULSON Single Whorlton Sarah THOMPSON Single  
28/12/1789 James CHAMBERS Single Whorlton Hannah YOUNG Single  
18/05/1790 Christopher RAMSDALE Single Great Ayton Mary COVERDALE Single  
23/11/1790 William WALLS Single Whorlton Mary MOODY Widow  
30/10/1791 William EMERSON Single Kirkby In Cleveland Mary DAVISON Widow  
02/05/1792 James ROBINSON Single Whorlton Mary BLACKET Single  
04/02/1794 Thomas WILSON Widower Kirklevington Susannah WHITE Single  
21/04/1794 George HALL Single Stokesley Jane FAIRFOOT Single  
08/07/1794 Matthew WAKE Single   Jane BUTTON Single  
30/04/1795 John DOWSON Single Eston Mary TURNER Single  
16/05/1795 Joseph BLADES Single Faceby Hannah HOG Single  
24/01/1796 William CHAPMAN Single Old Byland Jane LOFTUS Single  
21/05/1796 Ralph SELBY Widower Great Ayton Mary BARKER Single  
26/11/1796 Stephen RICHARDSON Single   Jane RAMSDALE Single  
11/02/1797 Joseph GALES Single Whorlton Jane CLARKE Single  
21/03/1797 Richard ROBINSON Widower   Frances JACKSON Single  
19/04/1798 George WILEY Single   Thomasin JOHNSON Single  
23/06/1798 William HUNTON Single   Elizabeth ALMOND Single  
20/03/1799 Edward HUDSPITH Single Kirkby In Cleveland Ann HUNTON Single  
14/05/1799 James HUNTER Single Kirklevington Mary LOWTHER Single  
14/04/1800 William ALDERSON Single Northallerton Ann RAPER Single  
01/06/1801 John SCOTT Single   Sarah RAMSDALE Single  
02/03/1802 Henry WINN Widower   Ann SHARP Single  
14/06/1802 George HUNTER Single Whorlton Ann THOMPSON Single  
25/06/1802 Stephen BLENKEY Single Kirklevington Elizabeth GILL Single  
04/06/1803 George HUNTON Widower   Ann WILLIAMSON Single  
12/05/1806 Nicholas WILSON Single   Mary GILL Single  
17/05/1806 John COWENS Widower   Sarah HOWGILL Single  
20/05/1806 Samuel KITCHEN Single   Margary ROWE Single  
25/08/1807 Thomas GILL Single   Cecilia CLOSE Single Kirkby In Cleveland
24/10/1807 Thomas PRIESTMAN Single Bilsdale Mary RICHARDSON Single  
09/08/1808 Richard GILL Single Stainton Jane GIBSON Single  
01/11/1808 William SHAW Single Northallerton Mary PEACOCK Single  
26/06/1809 William LISTER Widower Kirkbymoorside Jane LENG Single  
10/12/1812 Moses HOLGATE Single   Ann GILL Single  
1 01/11/1814 Thomas ECCLES Single   Elizabeth GIBSON Single  
2 12/12/1814 William PEACOCK Single   Ann OTES Single  
3 09/11/1815 John HOLGATE Single   Ann ECCLES Single  
4 21/05/1816 Johnson WILSON Single   Ann BELL Single  
5 12/08/1816 Richard DOUGLASS Widower   Mary DAWSON Widow  
7 03/09/1816 Charles GIBSON     Elizabeth SMURFIT    
8 03/09/1816 William ABRAM     Mary CALVERT    
6 02/11/1816 David PORTER Single Marrick Mary ROBSON Widow  
9 20/01/1817 Thomas WRIGHTSON Single   Elizabeth MIDDLETON Single  
10 25/11/1817 William LAWTHERS Single   Elizabeth REED Single  
11 30/12/1817 William GARBUTT Single Bilsdale Elizabeth GARBUTT Single  
12 23/02/1819 Henry WALKER Single   Mary SMITHSON Single Stokesley
13 08/01/1820 Robert BENNESON Single Whitby Elizabeth JEFFELS Single  
14 04/06/1820 James ECCLES Single   Margaret SMITH Single  
15 14/08/1820 George WALKER Single   Elizabeth KITCHING Single  
16 20/05/1822 Thomas CLARK Widower   Hannah HOLT Single  
17 10/04/1823 William WATTS Widower   Hannah GIBSON Single  
18 01/03/1824 James LENG     Jane DALBY    
19 15/05/1824 Thomas RAMSDALE     Elizabeth COATES    
20 26/10/1824 William ROBINSON   Stockton On Tees, Durham Mary GARBUTT    
21 26/04/1825 Robert JOHNSON   Stokesley Mary APPLETON    
22 03/05/1825 John SMURFITT     Sarah LENG    
23 21/08/1826 John LENG     Rachel THOMPSON    
24 25/11/1826 Thomas DOWSON     Elizabeth SCURROW    
25 07/05/1827 Christopher RAMSDALE     Elizabeth BULMER   Stokesley
26 22/05/1827 Joseph SMITH     Dorithy THOMPSON    
27 20/05/1828 John RODGERS     Mary ROBINSON   Whorlton
28 12/08/1828 John STEPHENSON   Faceby Elizabeth THOMPSON    
29 15/08/1829 John MERREYLEES   Stockton On Tees, Durham Catherine SIMPSON    
30 10/10/1829 John WOOD     Ann WRIGHTSON    
31 22/05/1830 Richard RANEY   Rudby Hannah WATTS Single  
32 09/09/1830 Modd SCARTH     Jane DUNN    
33 27/10/1831 William PASSMAN     Elizabeth MARLEY    
34 18/06/1832 Edward GOLDSBROUGH     Ann LINCOLN   Rudby
35 23/11/1832 Richard GARBUTT     Martha ALLAN    
36 01/04/1833 Thomas WAKE     Jane THOMPSON    
37 02/05/1833 John BLACKBURN   Faceby Margaret KITCHING    
38 26/12/1833 William SMITH     Emma WYNN    
39 30/05/1835 Thomas GILL     Sarah THOMPSON    
40 22/09/1835 Richard JOHNSON   Whorlton Isabella THOMPSON    
41 25/06/1836 Thomas STOTT     Mary HALLGATE    

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