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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rudby All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Rudby lies in the extreme north of Yorkshire, indeed in the extreme north of the North Riding, not too far from its border with County Durham. Rudby is located about 7 miles south of the large industrial town of Middlesborough. Rudby parish contained not just the village of Rudby, situated on the northern banks of the River Leven but also the chapelries of East Rounton and Middleton on Leven which both have their separate pages within this project. The township of Hutton Rudby, immediately across the Leven, formed that largest area of population. Rudby sits in lanes about 2 miles east of the busy A19 dual carriageway which connects Teeside with the A1 (Great North Road). Whilst Rudby's economy would largely have been based upon arable farming, the presence of the Leven, swift & fast flowing, enabled a spinning mill employing many of the parish to be established. Today this is a quiet rural area albeit Hutton Rudby has expanded southwestwards with modern developments as a commuter centre for nearby Teeside. The Leven drains the parish northwards to soon join the Tees close to Yarm and thence into the North Sea through the Tees Estuary. Rudby is sited at between 40 metres above the sea (close by the church) to over 70 metres in the higher reaches of Hutton Rudby, the Leven being incised deeply into its channel. Local heights also top out at around 70 metres in the fore-plain of the nearby North Yorkshire Moors. Rudby parish was extensive as are many in northern Britain, it covered (including the above mentioned chapelries) around 6,600 acres and would have supported a population in the region of 1,200 parishioners. In Domesday times Rudby was held by Count Robert of Mortain, Rudby & Hutton Rudby were separately recorded each offering just 8 ploughs.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the northern banks of the Leven just north of the road crossing (Ruddy Bank). The church shows features of various ages, the earliest features being displayed by the chancel where lancet windows of the Early English Gothic can be found, these place the origins back as far as the early 13th century. Of the 14th century comes the southern arcade whilst the tower and much of the nave are Perpendicular in style and probably late 14th or early 15th century. The church is unusual in its layout in having the tower in the southern position and forming the porch from its lower stage. The church sits on the eastern side of Ruddy Bank protected by a low local stone wall, a small pull-in area permits parking for a car or two. Entry is via an attractive lychgate, the church is roughly triangular and once through the bordering trees has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th April 1754 - 2nd July 1781 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/HTR/1/8 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 9th November 1781 - 28th December 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/HTR/1/9 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 9th March 1813 - 18th June 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/HTR/1/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number A short period of poor handwriting at the latter end of this period may result in one or two misreads

Crathorne All Saints
Kirklevington St Martin
Middleton on Leven St Cuthbert
Seamer in Cleveland St Martin
East Rounton St Lawrence
Seamer in Cleveland St Martin
Stokesley St Peter & St Paul
East Hartlsey St Oswald
Ingleby Arncliffe All Saints
Whorlton Holy Cross
Carlton in Cleveland St Botolph
Faceby St Mary Magdalene

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 16/04/1754 James YOUNG Single   Dinah NICOLSON Single  
3 08/05/1754 John JACKSON     Eleanor NELSON    
4 22/07/1754 John MITCHESON Single   Sarah JACKSON Single  
9 29/04/1755 James PROUD Single   Mary ROBINSON Single Kirklevington
11 08/05/1755 John BELL     Jane BAITMAN Single  
12 20/05/1755 Joseph MEDCALF Widower   Jane LOWTHER Single  
10/06/1755 William SMITH   Seamer In Cleveland Jane HUNTER    
16/07/1755 Thomas WHORLTON Widower   Mary ROASTTHORN Single  
25/11/1755 Richard OLD     Elizabeth BURTON    
01/03/1756 William ROBINSON Widower   Mary ROBSON Single West Rounton
04/05/1756 William HARRISON   Newton Jane FOSTER    
27/05/1756 John SMITH     Hannah ROBINSON    
29/06/1756 Robert SEAMOR     Mary ARNET    
27/07/1756 David SANDERSON Single   Elizabeth SANDERSON Single  
14/08/1756 Thomas SAYER     Jane GRIEVES    
24/08/1756 Giles ALDERSON Single   Rachel HILL Single  
03/02/1757 Joseph YOUNG Single   Margaret DOWSON Single  
28/03/1757 William APPLETON     Jane POTTER   Kirkleatham
07/05/1757 Ralph ELGIE Single Ormesby Eleanor TAYLOR Single  
26/06/1757 Isaac SUTHREN Single   Mary YARKER Single  
20/10/1757 Gilbert WALKER   Whorlton Mary OVINGTON    
30/11/1757 Ralf STOCKDALE     Mary FOSWICK    
22/01/1758 William STOCKDALE Single Gisburn Dorothy GOWLING Single  
28/03/1758 Thomas HILL Widower   Elizabeth WARE Single  
17/04/1758 Timothy WILSON   Egglescliffe, Durham Mary BAITEMAN    
16/05/1758 Robert WALKER   Norton, Durham Ann WAUGH    
05/09/1758 William APPLETON   Hilton Mary SANDERSON    
23/11/1758 William HARRISON     Eleanor EDEN    
15/01/1759 John PASSMAN Widower   Mary BELL Single  
17/04/1759 Ralf JORDISON Widower Guisborough Mary WHELDON Single  
17/05/1759 John PROUD     Elizabeth TREWHIT    
22/05/1759 John THOMPSON Single Crathorne Mary SANDERSON Single  
29/05/1759 John HORNSBY     Thamar RICHARDSON    
24/07/1759 George SANDERSON     Elizabeth HORNSBY    
08/11/1759 Edward PEACOCK     Alice RAIN    
02/12/1759 Thomas HUMPHREY     Sarah HORSBROUGH    
18/12/1759 William WILLINGS     Sarah BURTON    
10/02/1760 William BOON     Jane DRYDALE    
27/05/1760 Matthew WEIGHILL   East Harlsey Rachel APPLETON Single  
16/08/1760 John HARRISON Single   Elizabeth BULMER Single  
08/10/1760 Roger SIMPSON     Susanna BROWN    
25/11/1760 William CARTER     Susanna WHORLTON    
16/12/1760 Richard GILDER     Elizabeth DOUGLAS    
20/01/1761 Thomas RICHARDSON     Ann YOUNG    
10/02/1761 Nicholas WRIGHT     Susanna BAITEMAN    
23/03/1761 Richard RICHARDSON   Marton Prudence LAWSON    
08/04/1761 William CHAPMAN     Sarah WOOD    
05/05/1761 Thomas THOMPSON   Stokesley Hannah STOCKDALE    
15/05/1761 Thomas THOMPSON   Kelloe, Durham Isabel WILSON    
16/05/1761 John TAYLOR     Jane SIDGWICK    
21/05/1761 George WHORLTON     Eve SALKELD   Stockton On Tees, Durham
03/06/1761 John HUGIL     Ann BELL   Whorlton
27/06/1761 Thomas BULLERY     Mary HUNTER   Marton
26/07/1761 John CARTER     Ann SIGGESWORTH    
21/11/1761 Jonathan TAYLOR     Sarah TRAINHOLM   Whorlton
21/01/1762 John TAYLOR     Mary BOAN    
22/04/1762 John WATSON     Ann DOBBIN    
16/11/1762 John PROUD     Katherine JACKSON   Stainton
05/05/1763 William STAINTHORPE   Whorlton Mary TUNSDALE    
16/05/1763 Edward TRAINHOLM   Welbury Elizabeth ELCOAT    
29/05/1763 Thomas STONEHOUSE     Margaret SUGGIT   Stokesley
05/07/1763 Charles DIXON     Susanna COATES    
15/11/1763 Thomas SEAMER     Jane COOK    
06/03/1764 William COOCK     Rachel WHORLTON    
20/03/1764 Thomas WHORLTON     Elizabeth PEACOCK    
24/04/1764 John DRYDALE     Mary RAY    
30/04/1764 George MERRYWEATHER Single Yarm Susanna SUGGIT Widow  
13/05/1764 William MOOR   Kirkby In Cleveland Sarah NORMAN    
15/05/1764 Robert STAINTHORP     Margaret WILCHINSON    
24/05/1764 John MEWBURN   Eston Martha APPLETON    
05/06/1764 Thomas PEARSON   Great Smeaton Alice HUTCHINSON    
16/06/1764 Joseph DALKIN     Rachel RAIN    
08/07/1764 Thomas PEACOCK     Jane RAIN    
20/08/1764 Thomas HUNTER   Yarm Esther HUNNEMAN    
24/08/1764 John HILDRETH     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
03/12/1764 John SANDERSON   Kirklevington Mary KENDALL    
24/01/1765 George WEALLANS   Yarm Mary ALLANBY    
17/02/1765 John BELL     Deborah PEACOCK    
23/04/1765 John RICHARDSON Widower Sedgefield, Durham Mary FLINTOFF Single  
13/05/1765 William GENINS     Katharine MAY   Middleton St George, Durham
13/05/1765 Charles JUST   Stainton Isabel MURRAY    
13/05/1765 William ROBINSON     Ann LOWTHER    
13/05/1765 Joseph TATE   Appleton Wiske Elizabeth FLINTOFF    
14/05/1765 John CUST     Margaret ELDER    
08/10/1765 James PEARSON     Jane CATCHASIDES    
09/04/1766 Michael EAGLESTON     Elizabeth CLARKE    
27/06/1766 John COVERDALE     Elizabeth NODDINS    
09/09/1766 Thomas FURNABY     Ann WHORLTON    
28/09/1766 John WALKER     Elizabeth REED    
10/10/1766 Richard HARLAND     Jane HURTHWAITE    
28/11/1766 Matthew POWELL   East Harlsey Elisabeth ROBINSON    
1 29/04/1767 George COATS   Hilton Ann NELSON    
2 12/05/1767 William ANGISS Single Great Smeaton Mary STOCKDALE Single  
3 12/05/1767 Thomas LOWTHER Single Ingleby Arncliffe Mary TAYLOR Single  
4 24/11/1767 John HARRISON Single   Elizabeth TEWER Single  
5 08/12/1767 Thomas LIDDLE Single   Elizabeth HONEYMAN Single  
6 26/01/1768 John SMITH Single   Elizabeth HUGIL Single  
7 19/02/1768 John BARKER Widower   Ann BARTON Single  
8 31/10/1768 Samuel GREATRIX Single   Ann STAINTHORPE Single  
14 02/05/1769 William FLINTOFF   Stainton Margaret NELSON    
15 06/05/1769 Henry DINSLEY     Ann GOWLAND Single  
16 13/05/1769 Robert BACON Single Ormesby Mary COATS Single  
17 15/05/1769 John SKINNER   Easington Near Guisborough Susannah TAYLOR Single  
18 15/05/1769 Alexander SIMPSON Single Wilton Mary LAVERICK Single  
22 23/05/1769 John DOUGLAS Single Northallerton Jane HOLMES Single  
22 16/07/1769 Thomas COWELL Single Eryholme Elizabeth BUTENSBY Single  
23 06/08/1769 John ELAND     Esther WILLES    
24 10/08/1769 John HORSBROUGH Single   Hannah TUNSTALL Single  
25 23/11/1769 John BARGATE     Anne MARSHALL    
26 23/01/1770 William BELL   North Otterington Mary BAKER    
27 06/02/1770 John FISHER Single   Tabitha BAITEMAN Single  
32 07/05/1770 Nathaniel EELES   Ingleby Arncliffe Ada SANDERSON    
31 12/05/1770 William COATES     Elizabeth TUNDSDALE    
33 15/05/1770 George WALKER   Appleton Wiske Mary BARNET    
29 20/05/1770 Joseph SMITH     Mary INGLEDEW    
34 26/06/1770 Thomas PICKERING Single   Eleanor SMITH Single  
35 01/01/1771 William EASBY Single   Eleanor BAINBRIDGE Single  
36 04/01/1771 William MOODY Widower   Isabel APPLETON Widow Stokesley
37 04/04/1771 Thomas DALE Single High Worsall Ann SMITH Single  
38 14/05/1771 James STAINTHORPE     Rebeccah SIDEWICK Single  
39 14/05/1771 Thomas SIDGEWICK Widower   Margaret LIGHTFOOT    
40 06/07/1771 William ORTON Single   Elizabeth CUST Single  
41 28/07/1771 John STOCKTON Single   Ann ROBINSON Single Great Ayton
41 28/07/1771 John STOCKDALE Single   Ann ROBINSON Single Great Ayton
43 30/07/1771 Robert TRENHOLM Single   Rebeccah TAYLOR Single  
44 08/09/1771 William PRINCE Single Egglescliffe, Durham Margaret CLEMMET Single  
45 25/12/1771 John FENNY     Ann WHORLTON Single  
47 03/03/1772 Thomas PASSMAN Single   Margaret COATES Single  
50 25/04/1772 Charles HUMBLE Single Middleton St George, Durham Elizabeth BOWES Single  
51 07/05/1772 Thomas CUMMING   Well Mary THOMPSON    
52 07/06/1772 David DOWNEY     Margaret PICKERING   Stokesley
53 26/07/1772 Joseph SMITH     Margaret CHAPMAN    
54 01/10/1772 Matthew APPLETON     Mary EASBY   Ingleby Greenhow
55 19/11/1772 John WARD     Frances APPLETON    
56 25/12/1772 John CHAPELOW     Hannah DAWKIN   Stainton
57 18/01/1773 John ROBINSON   Crathorne Ann SANDERSON    
58 13/03/1773 John BURDON     Eleanor HESLOP    
59 28/03/1773 John TWEDALE     Ann PYBURN    
60 06/05/1773 James APPLETON     Eleanor SANDERSON    
61 11/05/1773 Joseph BAINBRIDGE     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
63 23/05/1773 Francis DIXON   Croft Margaret BURD    
64 14/06/1773 James FOXCROFT     Margaret SMITH    
65 27/07/1773 John BUNGY   St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah JOHNSON    
66 06/09/1773 Thomas PATTISON     Mary TAYLOR    
67 21/09/1773 William BLENKEY     Emma ROBINSON    
1 01/08/1774 Thomas BAGE     Ann SIDGSWICK    
2 24/10/1774 John RUSSELL Single Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire Catharine CARY Single  
3 23/11/1774 Robert BEWICK     Ann DENT    
4 30/11/1774 Henry HALL   Thornton Steward Mary LOWTHER    
5 05/12/1774 John FORSTER     Catharine BULLOCK    
6 02/02/1775 John BAGE     Elizabeth SHORT    
7 25/04/1775 John BUNTING     Ann ALKER    
8 06/05/1775 John NELSON     Isabel APPLETON    
9 10/05/1775 Richard WOOD     Mary TAYLOR    
10 15/05/1775 Simon GOWLAND     Grace TAYLOR    
11 21/05/1775 Robert MOON   Carleton In Cleveland Jane ABLESON    
12 23/05/1775 Thomas CODLING     Ann BAINBRIDGE    
13 28/05/1775 James SAYER     Dorathy LOWTHER    
14 14/10/1775 Joseph CHAPMAN     Alice SEAMOR    
15 07/11/1775 George WHORLTON     Rachel INGLEDEW    
16 01/12/1775 Thomas HALL     Sarah MONROE    
17 05/12/1775 Solomon FERNIE     Ann RAWSON    
18 06/02/1776 William ELAND     Ann CODLING    
19 15/02/1776 John BARKER     Elizabeth BAKER    
20 23/04/1776 Edward BAXTER   Seamer In Cleveland Dorothy COVERDALE    
21 14/05/1776 William PAPE     Mary WALKER    
22 09/07/1776 John SMITH   Great Stainton, Durham Elizabeth THOMPSON    
23 15/08/1776 John GOLDSBROUGH     Ann TOWERS    
24 11/09/1777 Thomas WHORLTON     Mary BLAKELOCK    
25 19/11/1777 Adam HOULESTON   Helmsley Margaret CHAPMAN Single  
26 08/02/1778 John STARTFORD   Carleton In Cleveland Mary ABLESON    
27 10/03/1778 Joseph VAY   Crathorne Hannah SIDGESWICK    
28 12/05/1778 William OVINGTON   Marton Elizabeth WOOD   East Rounton
29 12/05/1778 Thomas SIDGESWICK     Sarah TAYLOR    
30 16/06/1778 Robert JOWSEY   Crathorne Margaret FLINTOFF    
31 14/07/1778 William SMITH     Mary BEWICK    
32 20/09/1778 Michael NODDINS     Susannah SAYER    
33 21/11/1778 John ATKINSON   Crathorne Mary JAMES    
34 23/11/1778 Isaac RICHARDSON     Ann TAYLOR    
35 03/12/1778 Richard SIMPSON     Mary PROUD    
36 04/01/1779 William PASSMAN   Whorlton Elizabeth USHER    
37 17/02/1779 Thomas INGLEDOW     Ann CUST    
38 05/03/1779 John PAPE     Ann TUNSTAL    
39 01/06/1779 Thomas HONEYMAN     Mary SEAMOR    
40 14/06/1779 William KELL     Jane ARMSTRONG    
41 02/07/1779 James DAVISON Single   Catherine PROUD Widow  
42 17/07/1779 Robert CALVERT     Jane JACKSON    
43 26/09/1779 John GADDAS     Margaret BARNET    
44 31/10/1779 Robert CODLING     Hannah BARKER    
45 23/11/1779 John CONDIE   Houghton Le Spring, Durham Margaret LANGLEY    
46 27/11/1779 Roger GOWLAND     Hannah BALLER    
47 13/05/1780 John PATTISON   Appleton Wiske Diana DAVISON    
48 16/05/1780 William BRECKIN   Northallerton Ann HARLAND    
49 20/11/1780 John KITCHIN     Isabella BIRD   Whorlton
23/11/1780 Richard RAMSELL     Ann ARMSTRONG    
51 25/11/1780 William RUSSELL     Dorothy CARLINE    
30/01/1781 Ralph OSMOTHERLEY Single   Margaret ROBINSON Single Northallerton
22/02/1781 Simon SIDGESWICK Single   Mary HUNTER Single  
24/02/1781 John SIDGWICK Single   Mary STARFORD Widow  
02/07/1781 Thomas BRADFORTH Single Stainton Ann LAKIN Single  
09/11/1781 William HONEYMAN Single   Jane WHORLTON Single  
17/11/1781 John HUTTON Single   Mary CUST Single  
27/11/1781 Edward WALKER Single   Eleanor POTTS Single Stockton On Tees, Durham
02/02/1782 John HOW Single Whorlton Ann KAY Single  
23/04/1782 John GARBUTT Single Marton Margaret WOOD Single  
15/05/1782 Jonathan HARDBOTTLE Single   Ann KITCHING Single Stokesley
22/06/1782 Joseph MARSHEL     Elizabeth WATSON Single  
25/08/1782 William WEBSTER     Ann KITCHEN Single  
04/09/1782 Benjamin David SUGGITT     Jane NICHOLSON Single  
12/11/1782 Matthew KEY     Hannah SMITH Single  
03/02/1783 Thomas MAYBANKS     Mary JENT Single  
25/02/1783 Samuel HEBRON     Mary BAINBRIDGE Single  
06/04/1783 John LAMB Single   Mary PASSMAN Single  
21/04/1783 John GRICEWOOD Single Carleton In Cleveland Esther BAINBRIDGE Single  
26/05/1783 James BOWMER Single   Elizabeth HUNTER Single  
27/05/1783 Reuben BAINBRIDGE Single   Susannah BEWICK Single  
03/06/1783 John IMESON Single Whorlton Elizabeth BELL Single  
21/07/1783 John SADLER Single   Sarah BEWICK Single  
10/08/1783 George GOWLAND Single   Mary WALLS Single  
11/11/1783 Edward MEYNELL Single   Martha HARRISON Single  
10/02/1784 Joshua MORLEY Single   Rebecca BONE Single  
06/04/1784 Thomas CUST Single   Margaret APPLEBY Single  
14/05/1784 John GALILEE Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
07/06/1784 Thomas EDWARDS     Mary WARING    
18/07/1784 John BRADLEY Single   Susanna OLD Single  
05/09/1784 James GREVESON Single   Kezia JENKINS Single  
20/09/1784 Thomas SKIN Single Osmotherley Jane COUPLING Single  
17/11/1784 John MILLOR Single   Frances DARLEY Single  
23/11/1784 Thomas KAY Single   Ann BURN Single  
15/01/1785 Jonathan TAYLOR Widower   Hannah COATS Widow  
10/04/1785 Robert MOSS Single Stockton On Tees, Durham Epitha LAMB Single  
16/05/1785 John FENNEY Single Sockburn, Durham Ann BELL Single  
17/05/1785 John WHITEHOUSE Single Stokesley Elizabeth GARFORTH Single  
30/05/1785 Robert PATTINSON Single   Jane BELL Single  
07/06/1785 James INGLEDEW Single   Mary BAGE Single  
21/07/1785 Michael GILL Single   Barbara HARRISON Single  
29/08/1785 William RAIN Widower   Dinah GRUNDEE Widow  
13/09/1785 John TAYLOR Single   Hannah WALLS Single  
16/09/1785 Robert DAWSON Single Ingleby Arncliffe Mary ROBINSON Single  
23/11/1785 Edward LAW Single   Elizabeth GENT Single  
29/12/1785 Henry RAIN Single   Mary STANNACK Single  
15/02/1786 Thomas ELLOT Single   Eleanor HUGHS Single  
20/02/1786 John OVINGTON Widower   Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
13/05/1786 John APPLETON Single   Ann PHILIPS Single Seamer In Cleveland
23/05/1786 Francis STAINTHORPE Single   Jane KENDALL Single  
15/06/1786 Francis HALL Single Crathorne Ann JOWSEY Single  
23/11/1786 John FENWICK Widower Stainton Elizabeth GELSON Single  
28/11/1786 Christopher POLLARD Single Thirsk Ann TAYLOR Single  
16/12/1786 William PREST Single   Barbara INGRAM Single  
29/01/1787 Christopher SLEIGH Single   Mary HILDRETH Single  
15/03/1787 Joseph SIMPSON Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
08/04/1787 John BRAITHWAITE Single   Christiana JACKSON Single  
20/05/1787 Jonathan FLOUNDERS Single   Jane SAYER Single  
09/07/1787 Matthew WARD Single Guisborough Ann ELDER Single  
21/07/1787 John FAWCETT Single Carleton In Cleveland Susannah COVERDALE Single  
04/11/1787 William WEATHERILL Single   Anna Mary BAINBRIDGE Single  
23/11/1787 James BELL Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
03/12/1787 John BULLMAN Single   Ann RIDLEY Single  
10/03/1788 William DAVISON Single   Mary ARMSTRONG Single  
11/03/1788 Oliver JACKSON Single   Jane CLARK Single  
24/03/1788 William PEACOCK Single   Elizabeth ENGLISH Single  
24/03/1788 Thomas WILKINSON Single Appleton Wiske Hannah HEAVISIDE Single  
24/11/1788 John SIDGWICK Single   Mary HOW Single  
01/12/1788 John RICHARDSON Single   Martha SANDERSON Single  
05/12/1788 John ARMSTRONG Single   Susannah TUNSTALL Widow  
19/01/1789 William BROWN Single Yarm Mary SUTHREN Single  
31/03/1789 William WHITFIELD Single St Michael Le Belfry, York Isabella HIRD Single  
18/05/1789 Nathaniel SMITHSON Single   Alice WARDEL Single  
14/07/1789 Thomas CURR Single   Hannah STOREY Single  
29/07/1789 Robert BRIGHAM Single   Elizabeth BEAN Single  
18/09/1789 Thomas RICHARDSON Single   Sarah WHORLTON Single  
14/11/1789 George WHORLTON Widower   Jemima THOMPSON Single  
28/11/1789 Richard WILLINGS Single   Jane KELLEY Single  
26/12/1789 William HUGILL Single Bilsdale Mary BARKER Single  
16/02/1790 John WOOD Single   Elizabeth COLDBREATH Single  
08/05/1790 Robert RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth BOUSFIELD Single Whorlton
13/05/1790 Simon LISTER   Westerdale Sarah DOUGLASS Single  
29/05/1790 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Jane BONE Single  
31/05/1790 John MOTHERSDALE Single Felixkirk Dorothy SEAMOOR Single  
24/08/1790 William TYREMAN Single   Dorothy LAZENBY Single  
20/10/1790 John SEAMOOR Single   Mary JOWSEY Single  
30/12/1790 George SANDERSON Single   Jane RUSSELL Single  
11/01/1791 Thomas ARMSTRONG Single   Elizabeth RIPLEY Single  
31/01/1791 Joseph DALKIN Single   Jane BARKER Single  
12/02/1791 George WALKER Single   Sarah SADLER Single  
07/03/1791 John BAGE Widower   Elizabeth COATS Single  
10/04/1791 Jonathan ELAND Single   Esther GRICEWOOD Widow  
16/05/1791 William DAWSON Single Kirkby In Cleveland Mary CUST Single  
04/06/1791 Simon SIDGWICK Widower   Sarah LINCOLN Single  
21/06/1791 John HOW Widower   Margaret FARNABY Single  
09/01/1792 Isaac WHORLTON Single   Susannah CARTER Single  
29/10/1792 Anthony OATS Single   Elisabeth SANDERSON Single  
04/12/1792 George BURTON Single   Ann SANDERSON Single  
08/12/1792 Nathaniel JACKSON Single   Magdalen ROBINSON Single  
21/01/1793 Thomas SHAW Single   Ann CARTER Single  
22/01/1793 Thomas HARPLEY Widower   Patience LEWES Single  
24/01/1793 John MILBOURN Single   Mary FAWCETT Single  
09/07/1793 Thomas ARNOLD Widower   Ruth SIDGWICK Single  
06/01/1794 John HEPTON Single   Elizabeth KEASLEY Single  
25/02/1794 John TOMPSON Single Stokesley Ann KEARSLEY Single  
11/03/1794 Arthur DEBRON Single Norton Margaret DOUGLASS Single  
11/03/1794 George CHAPMAN Single   Sarah CHAMPNEY Single  
27/05/1794 William GARTH Single   Sarah STURDY Single  
17/08/1794 Robert SCAIF Single   Mary CHARLTON   Crathorne
17/08/1794 Thomas APPLETON Single   Eleanor COLE Single Seamer In Cleveland
01/02/1795 Joseph WILES Widower   Anne FENNEY Widow  
25/02/1795 Thomas BURFELL     Elizabeth DINSLEY Single  
16/05/1795 George SWALWELL Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
20/07/1795 Oliver JACKSON Single   Jane DALKIN Single Whorlton
09/08/1795 William MOOR Single   Elizabeth SAYER Single  
03/11/1795 Christopher SLEIGH Widower   Elizabeth ATKINSON Single  
01/12/1795 Matthew ORTON Single Seamer In Cleveland Elizabeth FLOUNDERS Single  
28/12/1795 Francis ROBERTS Single Coxwold Sarah COOKE Single  
23/03/1796 Robert REED Single   Mary FLINTOFFE Single  
30/04/1796 John BURLISTON Single   Ann SNOWDEN Single Eston
05/05/1796 William STOCKBURN Single Darlington, Durham Ann SMICKERSGILL Single  
12/05/1796 John BINKS Single Stokesley Hannah REAMMER Single  
09/06/1796 Philip GOWLAND Widower   Mary GOWLAND Widow  
22/11/1796 William BANKS Single Great Ayton Mary APPLEBY Single  
22/01/1797 William BARKER Single   Elizabeth WHORLTON Single  
05/06/1797 Ralph STAINSBY   Yarm Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
03/09/1797 David WHORLTON Single   Elizabeth BUSBY Single  
07/12/1797 William SURTEES Single   Eden DODDS Single  
26/11/1798 Robert FARMS Single   Margaret HUTCHINSON Single  
07/07/1799 John COLDBECK Single   Catherine CLAYDON Single  
17/07/1799 William MILNER Single   Rachel NORTH Single  
19/09/1799 Luke RAY Single Leeds Alice COLDBECK Single  
09/04/1800 Edmund TAYLOR Single   Ann SMITH Single  
14/07/1800 George NICHOLSON Single Danby Hannah CODLING Single  
26/07/1800 Michael JACKSON Single   Margaret ROBINSON Single  
24/11/1800 Robert STAINTHORP Single   Mary CARTER Single  
24/11/1800 Robert WILSON Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
30/11/1801 Robert ARMSTRONG Single Carleton In Cleveland Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Single  
27/05/1802 James WILLIAMSON Single   Jane HUTHWAITE Single  
18/07/1802 Thomas MILESTONE Single   Martha TAYLOR Single  
23/11/1802 John CARTER Single Stainton Elizabeth CASS Single  
25/11/1802 William WATSON Single Norton Mary TOMPSON Single  
03/12/1802 Joseph DRYDALE Single   Jane LIGHTONESS Single  
02/01/1803 John GOULDSBROUGH Single   Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
04/04/1803 Rodger BOWES Widower Hornby Ann FARNABY Single  
26/06/1803 William SMITH Single   Mary RIDSDALE Single  
08/08/1803 William TAYLORSON Single   Sarah JEFFERSON Single  
01/09/1803 Richard REED Single   Ann LAMB Single  
26/03/1804 Jonathan TAYLOR Single   Dinah REED Single  
20/05/1804 David STAINTHORPE Single   Eleanor WRIGHT Single  
02/11/1804 James WAKE Widower   Isabella OLD Single  
12/12/1804 Richard JOWSEY Single   Jane LAMB Single  
10/03/1805 Robert COLE Single   Martha COLE Single  
19/03/1805 John DOUGLASS Single   Sarah BEWICK Single  
17/04/1805 Richard RANEY Single Sutton Upon Derwent Jane SMITH Single  
13/05/1805 Henry DINSLEY Single   Ann PASSMAN Single  
30/05/1805 William RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
29/07/1805 John LINFOOT Single   Jane RICHARDSON Single  
11/12/1805 Anthony WARWICK   Wootton, Lincolnshire Ann CHAPMAN Single  
17/04/1806 John ROWNTREE Single   Margaret COATES Single  
19/06/1806 Robert NIGHTINGALE Single   Mary DAWSON Single  
08/10/1806 Robert COOKE Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
01/12/1806 William MATSON Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
03/12/1806 Edward THOMPSON Single Seamer In Cleveland Mary BARUGH Single  
18/01/1807 Robert CODLING Single   Ann PATTINSON Single  
24/03/1807 James ELAND Single   Mary SMITH Single  
08/05/1807 Robert ARMSTRONG Single   Elizabeth LEARMONT Single  
21/05/1807 Charles KINGSTONE Single   Mary PASSMAN Single  
13/06/1807 Benjamin SIDGWICK Single   Ruth WIND Single  
15/08/1807 William GRUNDY Single   Mary COLE Single  
20/08/1807 John WILES Single   Jane HANSELL Single  
24/11/1807 Mark EDEN Single Whorlton Mary FLOUNDERS Single  
09/12/1807 William GOULDSBROUGH Single   Sophia ARMSTRONG Single  
22/12/1807 Jonathan HEBDEN Single Husthwaite Ann GILL Single  
28/12/1807 Thomas GRAHAM Single   Hannah HONEYMAN Single  
28/12/1807 Nathaniel JACKSON Widower   Mary BAGE Widow  
28/01/1808 Philip GOWLAND Single   Elizabeth GOWLAND Single  
04/06/1808 Michael CARR   Stockton On Tees, Durham Elizabeth ELAND Single  
23/01/1809 John WEBSTER Single   Mary BUTTERWICK Widow  
31/01/1809 Thomas CODLING Widower   Ann BAGE Single  
13/06/1809 John COOKE Single   Jane WAKE Single  
06/08/1809 Robert WHORLTON Single   Jane LAWSON Single  
22/08/1809 Robert JOHNSON Single Carleton In Cleveland Mary MITCHINSON Single  
23/11/1809 Thomas HALL Single   Ann SHIELDS Single  
13/12/1809 William JACKSON   Guisborough Margaret GREGGS Single  
17/05/1810 Robert NORMAN Single   Eleanor CATCHASIDE Single  
12/06/1810 Edmund TAYLOR Widower   Martha ELAND Single  
25/10/1810 William WELBANK Single   Margaret PHILIPS Single  
11/02/1811 George BEWICK Single   Elizabeth KAY Single  
12/02/1811 William SWANN Single   Prudence MARLEY   Great Ayton
17/03/1811 John ROBSON Single   Susannah DRYDALE Widow  
14/05/1811 John CALVERT Single Carleton In Cleveland Elizabeth APPLETON Single  
30/05/1811 Thomas ELLIOT Single   Ann HOW Single  
30/05/1811 John RICHARDSON Widower   Hannah TAYLOR Single  
23/09/1811 John KAY Single   Mary QUANBROUGH Single  
21/10/1811 James HARRISON Single   Elizabeth HUTTON Single  
18/11/1811 Reuben BAINBRIDGE Single   Mary MEYNELL Single  
30/12/1811 Thomas ROBINSON Single Crathorne Hannah LAMB Single  
22/01/1812 John SIDGWICK Single   Sarah STRATFORD Single  
11/02/1812 Thomas CODLING Widower   Mary MORTIMORE   Lythe
28/04/1812 James WILSON Single Appleton Wiske Mary SCOTT Single  
16/06/1812 William HALL Single Crathorne Hannah KAY Single  
29/09/1812 Thomas HAMMOND Single Carleton In Cleveland Anna RICHARDSON Single  
24/11/1812 William SIDGWICK Single   Isabella MYRER Single  
28/12/1812 Thomas SIDGWICK Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
1 09/03/1813 John SIDGWICK Single   Mary STAINTHORPE Single  
2 08/04/1813 William SIMPSON   Stainton Elizabeth BRIGHAM    
3 24/05/1813 George LAWSON Single   Hannah RICHARDSON Widow  
4 25/10/1813 Thomas GILL Single   Jane DRYDALE Single  
5 18/12/1813 Robert OATES Single   Mary BRAITHWAITE Single  
6 14/05/1814 Matthew INGLEDEW Single   Ann BELWOOD Single Crathorne
7 23/07/1814 George GRABHAM Single South Cowton Agnes INGLEDEW Single  
8 03/08/1814 Richard JOHNSON Single   Mary AYTON Single  
10 22/08/1814 Robert DRYDALE Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
9 22/08/1814 Robert SALVIN     Elizabeth PATTINSON Single  
11 15/11/1814 Simeon BURDEN Single   Jane ROWLAND Single  
12 22/05/1815 James SIDGWICK Single   Sarah MILBOURN Single  
13 21/06/1815 Thomas MELLANBY Single Felixkirk Elizabeth FARNABY Widow  
14 13/07/1815 John HUTTON Single   Jane SHOUT Single  
15 18/07/1815 Major SHOUT Single   Ann WHORLTON Single  
16 02/09/1815 George DAVIDSON Single   Ann BAGE Single  
17 30/10/1815 Robert HONEYMAN Single   Isabella BRAITHWAITE Single  
18 12/12/1815 Robert GOULDSBROUGH Single   Susannah SMITH Single  
19 08/02/1816 Benjamin NICKALSON Single Whorlton Mary SEAMOR Single  
20 13/03/1816 James WRIGHT Single Carleton In Cleveland Susannah JOHNSON Single  
22 14/05/1816 Robert GLOVER   Hilton Jane BARKER    
23 10/06/1816 Joseph BUTTERWICK Single   Hannah RICHARDSON Single  
24 01/12/1816 Barnabas SPENCE     Margaret TAYLOR    
25 07/04/1817 Robert FENNEY     Hannah WALLS    
26 01/05/1817 William ROWNTREE   Seamer In Cleveland Constance BARUGH    
27 29/10/1817 John JACKSON     Jane MARSHALL   St Nicholas, Durham, Durham
28 10/11/1817 Ralph CHARLTON     Sarah SIDGWICK    
29 30/11/1817 Charles HALL Single Whorlton Mary TAYLOR Single  
30 24/12/1817 William GASCOIGNE   Wath Upon Dearne Mary LECKENBY    
31 08/01/1818 Ralph WATSON   Stokesley Isabella BRIGHAM    
32 02/06/1818 William JOWSEY     Mary Ann SPENCER    
33 02/06/1818 John RICHARDSON     Elizabeth MITCHINSON    
34 07/06/1818 William HANSELL     Jane MENNELL    
35 13/08/1818 John BAINBRIDGE Single   Ann KAY Single  
36 03/09/1818 James INGLEDEW Widower   Esther TWEDLE Widow  
37 22/09/1818 Thomas WEBSTER Single   Mary DRYDALE Widow  
38 18/01/1819 Matthew PRINGLE Single   Isabella HINDMARSH   St John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
39 20/02/1819 John LEE     Ann STOTHILL    
40 22/02/1819 Richard SIMPSON     Ann LEE   West Rounton
41 07/03/1819 Edward DAVISON Single   Sarah LAMB Single  
42 05/05/1819 William SEAMER     Margaret FIDLER   Kirkleatham
43 08/06/1819 John BELL     Mary FLOUNDERS    
44 17/08/1819 Thomas HONEYMAN     Ann WHORLTON    
45 07/10/1819 John KAY     Susannah BAINBRIDGE    
46 07/10/1819 Robert CHARLTON     Mary MILBORN    
47 17/10/1819 William USHER     Elizabeth SHEPHARD    
48 13/12/1819 George HARKER     Mary MELLONBY    
49 22/04/1820 William SIDGWICK     Mary SIDGWICK    
50 03/05/1820 Nicholas CROSBY     Harriet LAMB    
51 24/07/1820 Richard SOUTER     Mary DAKING    
52 30/10/1820 Robert RAMSHAW     Mary HART Single  
53 07/12/1820 Robert SIMPSON   West Acklam Mary BRIGHAM    
54 05/02/1821 George PABRON     Jane LEE    
55 01/04/1821 William CARTER     Hannah STAINDROP Single  
56 17/06/1821 John WHORLTON     Margaret HOWE    
57 10/07/1821 Michael GILL     Mary DALKING    
58 27/12/1821 Thomas WILES     Ann STAINTHORPE    
59 10/02/1822 George FRYER     Isabella LAWSON    
60 16/05/1822 William RICHARDSON     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
61 12/08/1822 William EASBY     Mary SPENCE    
62 08/10/1822 Robert RICHARDSON     Margaret WILES    
63 20/10/1822 Thomas CHARLTON     Mary HARPLEY    
64 20/11/1822 Thomas BAINBRIDGE     Ann ORTON    
65 08/12/1822 Ralph DALKING     Jane GARBUT    
66 26/12/1822 Stephen FAWCETT   Thirsk Elizabeth DAVIDSON    
67 19/05/1823 Robert PEACOCK     Alice INGLEDEW    
68 20/05/1823 John MILBURN   Ingleby Greenhow Ann HAWKINS    
69 08/06/1823 Thomas SEYMOUR     Ann RICHARDSON    
70 17/08/1823 Joseph CRADDOCK   Carleton In Cleveland Elizabeth BOLTON    
71 13/09/1823 William MEYNELL     Eleanor MOSS    
72 07/10/1823 Thomas SIMPSON     Jane SIDGWICK    
73 09/12/1823 James HOOD     Martha MEYNELL    
74 25/12/1823 William SMITH     Ann GRAY   Appleton Wiske
75 02/02/1824 Edward BURNSIDES     Elizabeth SWAILES    
76 09/02/1824 Thomas BAGE     Sarah HOWE    
77 11/04/1824 John BAINBRIDGE     Mary WILSON    
78 01/08/1824 Jacob HONEYMAN     Mary SADLER    
79 17/08/1824 Thomas SPECK     Elizabeth PEARSON    
80 07/09/1824 John DE PUTRON     Sarah ELAND    
81 11/04/1825 William WAKE     Elizabeth BUSFIELD    
82 21/04/1825 Richard SHEPHERD Single   Ann BRIGHAM Single  
83 03/05/1825 Stephen WRIGHTSON Single   Ann PALLISER Single  
84 16/05/1825 William HEBBRON     Mary SMITH    
85 16/05/1825 William CODLING     Elizabeth HANSELL    
86 21/06/1825 Jackson RICHARDSON   Kirklevington Margaret WARD    
87 12/07/1825 Edward Scarlet ALLISON     Mary RICHARDSON    
88 14/07/1825 George SIDGWICK     Mary JOWSEY    
89 01/10/1825 John HONEYMAN     Elizabeth WHORLTON    
90 27/10/1825 Robert WARD     Jane FLOUNDERS    
91 27/11/1825 William SADLER     Elizabeth EMMERSON   Stokesley
92 03/01/1826 George ALLISON     Margaret INGLEDEW    
93 11/03/1826 Robert ARMSTRONG     Margaret WILES    
94 15/03/1826 John ARCHER   St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Ann FLOUNDERS    
95 18/05/1826 Thomas PICKERING   Kirklevington Elizabeth LINCOLN    
96 01/07/1826 Thomas RANEY     Mary STAINTHORPE    
97 13/07/1826 Anthony WILES     Margaret ALDERSON    
98 29/07/1826 Joseph BARKER     Ann OATES    
99 03/08/1826 Joseph SKELTON   Ingleby Greenhow Elizabeth CATCHASIDE    
100 10/08/1826 Robert PRESTON     Sarah SIDGWICK    
101 07/10/1826 George SANDERSON     Ann GOLDSBROUGH    
102 26/10/1826 William BROADS     Anne SANDERSON    
103 10/12/1826 James HURWORTH   Gilling East Elizabeth SALVIN    
104 24/02/1827 George TAYLOR     Mary BURTON    
105 14/05/1827 William MITCHISON     Mary MITCHISON    
106 17/08/1827 John OATES     Jane STAINTHORPE    
107 20/08/1827 Paul OATES     Sarah STORER    
108 08/09/1827 William CAPE     Ann SWAILS    
109 24/11/1827 Benjamin TREWHITT   Darlington, Durham Ann BLENKEY    
110 08/12/1827 Thomas ROBINSON     Ann STAINTHORPE    
111 16/12/1827 William HEDLEY     Alice BEST    
112 03/03/1828 James STARLING     Elizabeth JOWSEY   Acklam
113 04/04/1828 William HERRINGTON     Alice CHARLTON    
114 14/04/1828 John INGLEDEW     Margaret COOK    
115 02/06/1828 William ROBINSON     Sarah TAYLOR    
116 30/06/1828 John JACKSON     Jane SEYMOUR    
117 18/08/1828 William ALLISON     Margaret CUNNINGHAM    
118 29/11/1828 William PATTISON     Jane GRUNDY    
119 14/05/1829 John AINSLEY     Hannah DAVISON    
120 23/05/1829 William WALKER   Birkby Mary WALKER    
121 11/06/1829 William BARKER     Mary BELL    
122 16/06/1829 Francis STAINTHORPE     Ann SEAMER    
123 18/07/1829 John STAINTHORPE     Mary OATES    
124 23/08/1829 Matthew RICHARDSON     Mary PRINCE    
125 21/10/1829 John HOWE     Sarah WHORLTON    
126 13/05/1830 William LONSDALE     Dorothy ELLIS    
127 15/06/1830 Thomas INGLEDEW Single   Margaret DRYDALE Single  
128 21/11/1830 Thomas BIGGINS Single   Ann SEYMOUR Single  
129 24/11/1830 William PURVIS Single   Mary STARLING Single  
130 29/11/1830 John BOSOMWORTH Single   Susannah KIRTON Single  
131 09/12/1830 Robert CHARLTON Widower   Hannah HATON Single  
132 19/12/1830 Edward HANSELL Single Kirklevington Margaret SURTEES Single  
133 01/01/1831 Thomas GROUNDY Single   Hannah FURNABY Single  
134 03/01/1831 John PATTON Single Marske In Cleveland Elizabeth MELLANBY Single  
135 10/02/1831 William FARNABY Single   Violet BURNESIDE Single  
136 13/05/1831 William HENDERSON     Jane HARDY Single  
137 21/07/1831 William BAINBRIDGE Single   Mary DRYDLE Single  
138 02/08/1831 Thomas LINCOLN     Jane JONES Single  
139 08/11/1831 Robert WASTEL     Elizabeth ELAND Single  
140 27/11/1831 Nicholas JACKSON     Elizabeth STERLING Widow  
141 27/12/1831 John SMITH   Egglescliffe, Durham Elizabeth SIMPSON Single  
142 28/01/1832 John HAMMOND   Eston Jane CHARLTON Single  
143 25/02/1832 John MOON Single Osmotherley Maria CATTERSON Single  
144 17/03/1832 William DOUGLASS     Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
145 24/03/1832 Ralph CHARLTON     Jane WARE   Stockton On Tees, Durham
146 14/05/1832 Thomas BLAIR   Middleton On Leven Ann HERDREW   Middleton On Leven
147 07/06/1832 Reuben RICHARD     Anne ATKINSON Single  
148 13/09/1832 Richard PEACOCK Single   Jane SCOTT Single Stockton On Tees, Durham
149 30/12/1832 George July CROSSLAND Single   Mary PASSMAN Single  
150 31/12/1832 Stephen HALL Single   Alis HOLLEY Widow  
151 29/01/1833 Archibald STEELE Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
152 23/02/1833 George ILEE     Ann MILLER    
153 16/03/1833 William BOVILLE   Middleton On Leven Adah RICHARDSON    
154 16/05/1833 Thomas ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
155 21/05/1833 James AUCHENCLOSS Single Scotland Sarah SIDGWICK Single  
156 25/06/1833 John EDON Single   Ann COOK Single  
157 12/09/1833 William JACKSON Widower   Mary FAWCETT Single  
158 14/10/1833 John JOWSEY Single   Elizabeth SIDGWICK Single  
159 20/12/1833 George SCOTSON Widower   Alice GRAY Single Darlington, Durham
160 26/12/1833 William SMITH Single Middleton On Leven Maria SAUNDERSON Single Long Newton, Durham
161 27/12/1833 William GOLDSBOROUGH Single   Jane GRANGE Single  
164 00/00/1834 Thomas FORSTER Single Great Ayton Jane SMITH Single Middleton On Leven
162 01/05/1834 James DRYDALE Single Egglescliffe, Durham Anne TWEDDLE Single  
163 14/05/1834 Thomas PEART Single Middleton On Leven Mary SUGGIT Single Middleton On Leven
165 29/11/1834 Thomas ALDERSON Single Kirklevington Elizabeth SANDERSON    
166 13/12/1834 Robert DIXON Single   Emma WOOD Single  
167 30/03/1835 William WHORLTON Widower   Anne KEMP Single  
168 11/05/1835 John HERRING Widower Northallerton Elizabeth BROWN Single  
169 19/05/1835 John DOUGLASS Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
170 27/09/1835 Thomas SADLER Single   Anne BARKER Single  
171 19/11/1835 Peter CARTER   Middleton On Leven Ann KITCHING   Middleton On Leven
172 25/11/1835 Thomas LENG Single   Elizabeth FLOUNDERS Single  
173 30/11/1835 Robert CALVERT   Eston Catharine SLIGHTHOLME    
174 26/12/1835 Marshall MYERS Single   Margaret DUGLASS Single  
175 20/08/1836 Thomas CHAPMAN Single   Elizabeth WEBSTER Single  
176 10/09/1836 George LAWSON Single Middleton On Leven Elizabeth WALKER Single  
177 06/10/1836 John ELLIOTT Single   Elizabeth MOON Single Kirkby In Cleveland
178 01/11/1836 Edward GASCOIGNE Single Hurworth, Durham Ann GOLDSBOROUGH Single  
179 20/02/1837 William SPENCE     Sarah SNOWBALL    
180 07/03/1837 John SMITH Single   Sarah TAYLOR    
181 11/05/1837 William JACKSON Single Middleton On Leven Anne RANEY Single  
182 18/06/1837 Charles MACLEAN Single Whorlton Jane COOK Single  

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