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Dinnington St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Dinnington lies in the extreme south of Yorkshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Dinnington is something of an ecclesiastical novelty being totally enclosed within the wider parish of Laughton en le Morthen. Dinnington is located about 7 miles northwest of the Nottinghamshire town of Worksop. Dinnington sits about 2 miles north of the A57 road which connects Worksop with the M1 and Sheffield. Today Dinnington is part of an almost continuous area of development which grew up to support coal mining in the area, at the time of this transcript it would have been a separate and small village earning its living largely from agriculture. Dinnington is drained southeastwards by the Anston Brook which joins the River Ryton near Worksop, the Idle near East Retford & the Trent near Gainsborough to eventually reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Dinnington is sited at around 120 metres above the sea on something of a local high spot as land falls away in all directions. By Yorkshire standards Dinnington parish was small, covering just over 1,500 acres, more typical of a southern lowland parish, it would have supported a growing population rising from around 100 to closer to 300 by the end of the transcript period. In Domesday time Dinnington was a thriving settlement, shared by Roger de Bully and William of Warenne, with the former having the lion's share, it could offer a very impressive 43 ploughs as well as the usual meadows & woodlands.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits on the route of the B6060 which forms the main artery of the village and is Church Lane when passing the church, it sits opposite the modern Royal Elephant Inn. Sadly this is not some mediaeval relic but a mid Victorian replacement built to support the growing mining community of the area. First erected in 1868 a northern aisle was added in 1906 and a chancel later still in 1911. The building is clearly of little architectural interest to Pevsner as his account is a mere pair of lines. Sitting on the corner of Church Lane and Laughton Road the church is slightly elevated and banked by a local stone wall. There are trees grouped around both western and eastern ends which do slightly reduce the best angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th November 1755 - 30th December 1811 Sheffield Archives Bishop's Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The original composite register is unfit for either production of for filming, the BTs are of a reasonable quality
2 5th August 1822 - 4th February 1834 Sheffield Archives - Reference - PR117/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Throapham St John
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Anston St James
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/11/1755 William EDGE     Anne SHAW    
07/02/1757 William HIRST     Sarah WATSON    
24/05/1768 Abraham PRESLEY     Catharine HODSON    
25/08/1768 John MERRIL     Hannah JANKENSON    
02/06/1773 Peter HUNWORTH     Jane CUTT    
15/02/1774 Joseph FOGG     Elenor BELL    
04/10/1774 Robert WATSON Single   Mary ADAMS Single  
25/10/1774 William ADAMS Widower   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
01/02/1776 William PRESLEY Single   Mary ROBINSON Single  
18/04/1776 Francis NORBRON Single   Ann CAY Single  
25/06/1776 John THAKER Single   Margaret HAYWOOD Single  
26/06/1780 George DENT Widower   Martha HAWLEY Single  
11/07/1780 William TAYLOR Widower   Mary WRIGHT Single  
18/11/1783 John SIMMONETT Single   Mary COBB Single  
29/11/1785 Alexander CLARKE Single   Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Single  
12/10/1789 Edmund NIXON Single   Hannah BARKER Single  
13/12/1790 James HERRING Single   Fanny SADLER Single  
10/01/1793 George GRAVES Single   Mary CARTLIDGE Single  
18/08/1794 William HIND Widower   Mary BEET Widow Tickhill
23/09/1794 Thomas DAVISON Single   Elizabeth COBB Single  
31/12/1794 John HIGHFIELD Widower Anston Gertrude HIND Single  
15/07/1796 William TAYLOR Widower   Mary FROGGETT Single  
14/06/1799 Joseph HAYWOOD Single   Frances PEARSON Single  
02/06/1804 Barnet HANSON Single   Sarah PARKER Single  
14/07/1806 William JEFFERY Single Barlborough, Derbyshire Hannah MORTON Single  
28/07/1806 Peter TAYLOR Single   Martha HANDLEY Single  
02/02/1808 John PRESTLEY Single   Sarah FISHER Single  
05/12/1808 Peter TAYLOR Widower   Sarah PAWSON Single  
30/12/1811 John HAYWOOD Single   Mary HEY Single  
1 05/08/1822 Charles YATES     Harriet MAKINSON Single  
2 18/08/1822 John HIRST     Sarah HARRIS Widow Anston
3 21/10/1822 John TWIBELL     Mary BRADSHAW    
4 31/03/1823 George MARSDEN   Hayton, Nottinghamshire Mary HURST Single  
5 07/07/1823 Samuel PASHLEY     Ann MERRILL Single  
6 04/04/1825 John SMITH     Elizabeth WELLS Single Maltby
7 19/12/1825 John TROWN     Mary ROBOTTAM Single  
8 24/07/1826 Francis HOGG     Mary Ann SWIFT Single  
9 24/12/1826 John WARING     Mary MAKINSON Single  
10 17/05/1831 George BARTROP   Badsworth Ann KEELING Single  
11 04/09/1831 John JENKENSON     Mary HYDES    
12 29/10/1832 Matthew WALKER     Ann MAKINSON    
13 16/12/1833 William ALSOP     Susanna PRESSLEY    
14 04/02/1834 John BULMER     Elizabeth HOBSON    

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