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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Anston St James


The Parish

The parish of Anston, anciently a chapelry of Laughton en le Morthen, lies in the extreme south of Yorkshire not too far from the mutual border with both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Anston is located about 6 miles west of the Nottinghamshire market town of Worksop and sits either side of the A57 road which connects Worksop through to Sheffield. Anston has two centres of settlement North Anston & South Anston, formerly known as Chapel Anston & Church Anston, together with the subsidiary settlement of Woodsetts a little over 2 miles to the east. Anston's economy may have had an arable farming element but it was a mixture of quarrying of the local stone, used in the construction of the Houses of Parliament, and manufacture of malt, starch & nails which provided the main income. These industries enabled a considerable spread and today North Anston has merged contiguously with Dinnington to its north. Modern developments quickly followed, the Chesterfield Canal runs through the southern edges of the parish whilt the railway line between Worksop & Sheffield followed a similar line, freight lines also cut through the parish en route to Maltby & Tickhill. Anston is drained southeastwards by the Anston Brook which merges with the River Ryton, the Idle and eventually the Trent to reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. The three settlements are at differing heights, Woodsetts at 60 metres, South Anston at 100 and North Anston at 120 metres, the latter sitting upon the highest ground for some distance. Anston parish was fairly large for a lowland parish, covering close to 4,000 acres it would have supported a population of around 1,100 parishioners. In Domesday times both Anstons were largely held by Roger de Bully with an impressive 41 ploughs as its principal assets along with some woodland.

The Church

St James' church sits within South Anston on the southern side of Sheffield Road and east of the main village crossroads. Whilst the church has a few traces of an early 12th century predecessor the main body of the church dates from the early part of the 14th century, the nave and chancel being in the Decorated style that, according to Pevsner, is no later and c1350. To this Decorated church is attached the bold western tower topped by a spire which are in the Perpendicular style of the latter 14th or early 15th centuries. At the time of the tower's creation a clerestory was also inserted to give better internal lighting. For once Pevsner does not mention a Victorian restoration so if one occurred it was light and sensitive. Whilst Sheffield Road is busy it does permit parking, The church sits well above road height and the site is banked by local red sandstone blocks. The main entrance, where Sheffield Road becomes High Street has a rising tarred pathway to an arched stone lychgate granting entry. The spacious churchyard is open, uncluttered and with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

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21st November 1754 - 3rd December 1812

Sheffield Archives - Reference - PR38/3/1

Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th January 1813 - 1st June 1837 Sheffield Archives - Reference - PR38/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
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Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
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Thorpe Salvin St Peter
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
21/11/1754 John MILNER Widower Dorothy SMITH Single
26/11/1754 Thomas MORTON Alice CROSS Single
03/12/1754 Richard GREAVES Blyth, Nottinghamshire Mary MASLEYN Single
06/01/1755 Samuel DOBB Rotherham Hannah ROGERS
20/01/1755 William WARING Sarah BATTERBY
03/06/1755 Francis ASHBEY Harthill Sarah SYKES
01/09/1755 Joseph DAINE Whitwell, Derbyshire Anne BATTERSBY
28/12/1755 James NELSON Mary WHITEHEAD
01/07/1756 Joseph BENNARD Scrooby, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth NELSON
24/10/1756 Joseph FURNELL Tickhill Sarah TWIBELL
24/11/1756 William ROLLISON Dorothy WOODHEAD
08/09/1757 Jonathan BROMEHEAD Eckington, Derbyshire Sarah IBBORDSON
06/04/1758 George JENKINS Elisabeth STARKEY
20/06/1758 Simeon JENKINS Worksop, Nottinghamshire Sarah TURNER
31/10/1758 William WHITEHEAD Mary COULDWELL
14/12/1758 William GREAVES Sarah BOTER
26/01/1759 Richard TWIBELL Sarah PARKIN
01/02/1759 Benjamin MANGALL Sarah METTAM
20/11/1759 William FOX Todwick Elizabeth WRIGHT
27/11/1759 John CLARK Mary SLACK
07/04/1760 William STORIE Sarah CAWTHORN
22/09/1760 Francis BARKER Phebe NEEVES
16/02/1761 Gervase GREAVES Anne JACKSON
23/03/1761 Jonathan HOLMES Firbeck Elisabeth BROAD
24/09/1761 John COB Sarah PARKIN Whitwell, Derbyshire
24/11/1761 William MICAIAH Elizabeth HET
02/02/1762 Joseph ROGERS Elisabeth WHITEHEAD
20/04/1762 Thomas PARKIN Ann MILNER Todwick
19/10/1762 James MARPLES Mary CATTLE
05/04/1763 Edward SHORT Wales Hannah WRIGHT
16/06/1763 Richard TWIBELL Anne MAJOR Worksop, Nottinghamshire
27/12/1763 Thomas WATSON Mary WHITE
05/03/1764 Samuel MORTON Sarah FOSTARD
13/05/1764 Cornwell TAYLOR Sarah WILD
15/05/1764 John HIGHFIELD Elizabeth JEPSON
06/08/1764 William HOLMES Margaret STORIE
26/10/1764 George HALLUM Harthill Mary BATTERSBY
20/11/1764 John DAY Blyth, Nottinghamshire Elisabeth CLARK
04/01/1765 John WRIGHT Esther WASTENEYS
10/01/1765 George GILL Todwick Elisabeth BIRKINSHAW
29/01/1765 Thomas GLEADALL Hannah WATSON
27/11/1765 John ROBERTS Elisabeth IBBERSON
10/12/1765 Robert HARRIS Martha JEPSON
15/12/1765 John HIRST Sarah BIRKS
26/05/1766 Aaron HALLUM Maltby Mary WASTENEYS
29/07/1766 William ROLLET Gertrude HODGKINSON
02/12/1766 William GASCOIGNE Mary BASHFORD
11/12/1766 William BROWNLOW Mattersey, Nottinghamshire Elisabeth BACON
16/12/1766 William ASHMORE Elisabeth WATSON
04/04/1768 John HAWLEY Ann YATES Firbeck
19/05/1768 Thomas PARKIN Mary STORIE
21/11/1768 James EGLEY Sarah WRIGHT
29/11/1768 Samuel JENKINSON Mary STEVENSON
08/12/1768 Charistopher NAILOR Elisabeth LAMBERT
26/12/1768 Thomas FIMMOND Mary ROBOTTOM
02/01/1769 William WHITEHEAD Alice RODGER
24/01/1769 William PARKIN Anne SINCLAIRE Worksop, Nottinghamshire
24/07/1769 George JINKINSON Widower Elizabeth CROSS Single
30/11/1769 John RICH Single Elizabeth PARKIN Single
14/12/1769 William WHITEHEAD Widower Mary ELLIS Single
21/02/1770 Thomas SHELDON Single Elisabeth RICHARDSON Single West Markham, Nottinghamshire
30/10/1770 John MARSH Single Mary BROAD Single
27/11/1770 Nathanael PARKIN Single Ann WILKINSON Single
27/11/1770 James BELL Single Mary BROOKS Single
18/12/1770 William MARSH Widower Mary BUKSTON Widow
25/12/1770 John WOOLHOUSE Single Mary MANGHAM Single
15/04/1771 Samuel OLDFIELD Worksop, Nottinghamshire Martha GRAVY
21/07/1771 Thomas BATTERSBY Single Mally CLARKE Single
24/09/1771 Samuel PECK Single Ann GREEN Single
09/06/1772 John JOHNSON Single Ann SIMONET Single
28/07/1772 Christopher BARKER Widower Dinnington Ann CAY Widow
04/10/1772 Samuel COLSON Single Rebeckha CLARKE Single Dinnington
22/10/1772 Joseph BARROT Single Tickhill Sarah WATSON Single
03/11/1772 Richard HAMER Single Mary ROBERTS Single
23/11/1772 John BURGES Single Barbary HAYS Single
01/12/1772 John TRIPPET Single Ann WRIGHT Single
28/12/1772 Thomas WATERFIELD Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
12/01/1773 John LEE Single Sarah HOPKINSON Single
15/06/1773 Robert CAY Single Mary ROBERTS Single
27/09/1773 Joseph PASHLEY Widower Ann WRIGHT Single
12/10/1773 George WESBY Single Sarah BELL Single
27/01/1774 William THOMPSON Single Hannah FOSTERD Single
03/02/1774 Charles JEPSON Single Ann PARKIN Single
03/05/1774 John CUCKSON Single Mary HURST Single
22/09/1774 George HANSON Single Elizabeth ROGERS Single
27/10/1774 Hickman BRAT Single Sarah RAMSDALE Single
08/11/1774 John TURNER Single Elizabeth JEPSON Single
21/11/1774 Stephen SMITH Single Hannah GREEN Single Elmton, Derbyshire
27/12/1774 William BATTERSBY Single Mary STANLEY Single
05/01/1775 Henry AINSWORTH Single Dinnington Ann BELK Widow
17/04/1775 Thomas CUTT Single Martha BRAMMAR Single
31/07/1775 John THOMPSON Single Firbeck Elizabeth GREEN Single
24/11/1775 John LAYCOCK Single Sarah NICKLESON Single
04/12/1775 George STEVENSON Single Sarah DEAN Single
12/12/1775 Thomas BATTERSBY Widower Ann WORSLEY Widow
08/01/1776 John BARKER Single Ann GREAVES Single
22/01/1776 Christopher TURNER Single Blyth, Nottinghamshire Ann JEPSON Single
28/03/1776 Thomas PARKIN Widower Ann SCOT Clayworth, Nottinghamshire
08/04/1776 George WEETMAN Single Mary LAWCOCK Single
18/06/1776 James LENTON Single Elizabeth JENKINSON Widow
08/10/1776 John EMPSON Single Mary PARKIN Single
08/04/1777 John GASKIN Single Hannah GREEN Laughton En Le Morthen
29/12/1777 Joseph POGMOOR Widower Braithwell Alice GEE Single
21/04/1778 Jarvis PARKIN Single Mary LAMBERT Single
25/08/1778 Joseph FORD Single Martha SWINDALES Single
21/09/1778 Richard ASHLEY Single Ann GREEN Single
02/10/1778 Robert SMITH Single Mary WHITEHEAD Single
19/03/1779 Thomas HUDSON Widower Jane YATES Widow
11/05/1779 James HERRING Single Maltby Mary SMITH Single
22/06/1779 Richard SHEPLEY Widower Elizabeth WARD Single
17/11/1779 Thomas SMITH Single Hannah MELLORS Single
22/11/1779 Joseph BELK Single Rotherham Ann STOREY Single
23/02/1780 William WOOD Single Grace PICKERIN Single
29/02/1780 Samuel HOLLAND Single Mary BINGHAM Single
27/03/1780 Thomas BRADSHAW Single Elizabeth BLAND Single
28/03/1780 John SHAW Single Mary HOPKINSON Single
17/04/1780 James EGLEY Widower Elizabeth LENTON Single
30/05/1780 Robert SWALLOW Single Jane PARKIN Single
27/11/1780 William WESTBY Single Ann BELL Single
17/04/1781 James LUNN Widower Mary MORTON Widow
15/10/1781 William ROBERTS Single Ann WOOD Single
27/11/1781 John CHAPMAN Single Ruth HODKIN Single
23/07/1782 Joseph PARKIN Single Phebe HUDSON Single
12/11/1782 George WOODHEAD Single Elizabeth ROGER Single
25/03/1783 Joseph WASTENEYS Single Mary JEPSON Single
15/04/1783 George GLEADALE Single Mary HOWSON Single
28/11/1783 John HALL Widower Harthill Sarah HARRIS Single
01/12/1783 William HEATHCOAT Single Ann CUTT Single
22/12/1783 John DANBY Single Ann MILLNS Single
13/04/1784 Robert WHARIN Single Ann WHITEHEAD Single
01/06/1784 William MAWKIN Single Carlton In Lindrick, Nottinghamshire Sarah GREEN Single
28/03/1785 Samuel HAGUE Single Hannah BILLERSBY Single
26/04/1785 John BRADLEY Widower Laughton En Le Morthen Hannah BOALER Widow
23/08/1785 John CLAYTON Single Mary MORTON Single
20/11/1785 John STACYE Widower Todwick Sarah COWTHORNE Widow
22/11/1785 Joseph BLAND Single Grace SAXTON Single
28/02/1786 Jeremiah ROGERS Single Millecent LISTER Single Harthill
25/05/1786 John FOSTER Single Mary GLEADALL Single
03/07/1786 John WASTENEYS Widower Frances CARTLEDGE Single Harthill
11/09/1786 Thomas LONGDIN Single Elizabeth SEENYERS Widow
26/11/1786 Samuel WHITAKER Single Rotherham Martha BRADLEY Single
25/10/1787 Nathaniel MIRFIN Single Wales Ann PARKIN Widow
03/12/1787 George SIKES Single Mary TOMPKIN Single
28/01/1788 William OSSOP Single Hannah JACKSON Single
16/06/1788 Thomas PARKER Single Ann COBB Single
14/10/1788 John HALL Single Jane COWPERTHWAITE Single
01/01/1789 George CLARKSON Widower Hannah CAY Widow
17/02/1789 Peter THOMPSON Widower Doncaster Margaret DEWING Single
24/02/1789 Joseph BERRY Single Ann LISTER Single
18/08/1789 Samuel MACKEW Single Elizabeth FORD Single
21/09/1789 Joseph BETTS Single Margaret WHITEHEAD Single
12/10/1789 Benjamin SKELTON Single Elizabeth BAGSHAW Single
13/04/1790 John GASKIN Widower Hannah WOODWARD Single
24/04/1790 William ARMSTRONG Single Elenor BURTON Single West Drayton, Nottinghamshire
18/07/1790 Thomas ROWBOTTOM Single Mary BATTERSBY Single
29/03/1791 Thomas RENSHAW Widower Sarah SHARPE Widow Wadworth
26/04/1791 Joseph SARGAN Single Ann WHITEHEAD Single
28/06/1791 Samuel HAIGH Widower Sarah STEAR Single
23/11/1791 Thomas WARD Single Mary PASHLEY Single
15/12/1791 John GLEADALL Single Jane BENNETT Single Treeton
08/04/1792 Timothy FITZACLAH Margaret STORY
23/05/1792 Peter HALL Single Sheffield Ann STOCKS Single
06/06/1792 Henry WIDOUS Single Rotherham Sarah JACKSON Single
20/08/1792 Joseph PEARSON Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Hannah TWIGG Single
08/11/1792 Jeremiah WHITEHEAD Sheffield Ann NEWTON
31/12/1792 Joseph OUTRAM Ollerton, Nottinghamshire Ann BOWRIN
07/02/1793 John ROGERS Single Mary HAWLEY Single
12/02/1793 Joseph HOBSON Single Aston Cum Aughton Elizabeth TURNER Single
02/04/1793 William HARRIS Single Elizabeth SAVAGE Single
27/05/1793 William GRANT Single Babworth, Nottinghamshire Christiana BENNETT Single
19/08/1793 John WOOLHOUSE Widower Mabell GEE Single
25/08/1793 Joseph HEWES Single Barlborough, Derbyshire Ann NAILER Single
26/08/1793 John BEESTON Single Elizabeth MILLER Single
04/09/1793 George WELLS Widower Elizabeth RICH Single
16/09/1793 William WOOLIN Single Sheffield Mary STOCKS Single
19/09/1793 George BAXTER Single Millecent BARKER Single
29/10/1793 Thomas HOGG Widower Mary ARTHUR Single
01/12/1793 Peter CADMAN Single Sheffield Hannah STANILAND Single
27/01/1794 Joseph KELK Single Elizabeth WOOLHOUSE Single
10/02/1794 Samuel BARBER Staveley, Derbyshire Mary GREAVES Single
09/06/1794 John WHITEHEAD Elizabeth HAWLEY Single
20/10/1794 Mark PATTISON Single Ann PARKIN Single
22/10/1794 Samuel ROBERTS Single Sheffield Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
25/11/1794 William JEPSON Single Elizabeth CUTT Single
04/12/1794 Joseph WOODHEAD Single Ann TURNER Single
08/12/1794 John PARKIN Single Ann WOODHEAD Single
29/12/1794 Thomas SCOUFIELD Single Sarah BUCK Single
13/01/1795 Job TOWNSEND Single Barnsley Ann PARKIN Single
16/02/1795 Thomas WATKINSON Single Ann WARD Single
21/04/1795 Samuel JENKINSON Single Mary LOCKWOOD Single
28/04/1795 Samuel WALKER Single Elizabeth OATES Single
21/05/1795 James TWIBELL Single Thorpe Salvin Phoebe PARKIN Single
13/10/1795 Thomas WRIGHT Single Hannah STOCKS Single
23/11/1795 William TUDSBURY Single Mary RICHARDS Widow
23/12/1795 George ROGERS Single Sarah HAWLEY Single
05/01/1796 William CHAMPION Single Handsworth Ann TURNER Single
19/01/1796 William SWANN Single Laughton En Le Morthen Sarah WARING Single
16/05/1796 William WARING Widower Mary MIRFIN Single
21/06/1796 George CANT Single Elizabeth HORNSHAW Single
04/05/1797 Robert CUTT Single Esther HALLAM Single
22/05/1797 Joseph SAVAGE Single Ann GREGORY Single
12/09/1797 Samuel PASHLEY Single Hannah CARTLIDGE Single
31/10/1797 Thomas GUNBY Single Mary MOSS Single
25/01/1798 William LILFORD Single Elizabeth PARKIN Single
02/04/1798 Mark ALLISON Single Sheffield Elizabeth DAVY Single
03/05/1798 George PARKIN Single Betty WHITEHEAD Single
28/05/1798 Thomas RICHARDS Single Throapham Sarah JEPSON Single
26/07/1798 Joseph WOODHEAD Single Rotherham Ann HAWLEY Single
27/09/1798 John GLOSSOP Single Harthill Mary TWIBELL Single
15/10/1798 John BEESTON Widower Ann WHARING Single
23/10/1798 George Augustus Stack GRANTHAM Single Norton, Derbyshire Ann THOMPSON Single
06/12/1798 Benjamin BIRKETT Single Whiston Mary ROGERS Widow
10/12/1798 Stephen STOREY Single Sarah WHITE Single
24/12/1798 William SMITH Single Aston Cum Aughton Ann SCOUFIELD Single
27/12/1798 Charles BENNIT Single Sarah WEST Single
02/01/1799 Joseph GREEN Widower Wales Elizabeth WILKINSON Widow
26/03/1799 Samuel SHARP Single Mary MIERS Single
15/04/1799 George PASHLY Single Esther BENNET Single
14/05/1799 Robert TAYLOR Widower Babworth, Nottinghamshire Sarah PARKIN Single
19/08/1799 John FARNSWORTH Widower Treeton Elizabeth GEE Single
18/12/1799 William EGLEY Single Sarah JOHNSON Single
18/12/1799 James WHITEHEAD Single Ann CLARKE Single
22/12/1800 James BELL Single Mary WILSON Single
03/03/1801 William BROWN Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth BATTERSBY Single
08/12/1801 Thomas BELL Single Sarah COULSON Widow Worksop, Nottinghamshire
21/01/1802 John FOULDS Single Ann Pitt PARKIN Single
15/02/1802 Thomas CUTT Single Rosamond CUCKSON Single
01/03/1802 Charles BATTERSBY Single Ann ROWBOTTOM Single
28/06/1802 George WELLS Widower Elizabeth HURST Widow
02/08/1802 John HALL Widower Mary WASTON Single
16/11/1802 Peter LUNN Single Ann PARKIN Single
25/11/1802 Thomas BATTERSBY Single Martha GOODLAD Single
10/03/1803 Samuel PARKIN Single Elizabeth KENNIWELL Widow Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
11/04/1803 John MALLENDER Single Ann WOODWARD Single
20/09/1803 John THOMPSON Single Deborah STEAR Single
29/11/1803 Thomas KAY Single Hannah KAY Single
15/12/1803 Henry IBOTSON Widower Elizabeth COTTON Single
15/12/1803 William ELLSE Single Elizabeth TURNER Single
26/03/1804 William REDFURNE Single Ann RICH Single
03/04/1804 Thomas THIRLWALL Single Sheffield Hannah WOODHEAD Single
06/08/1804 William BATTY Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Fanny ABRAHAM Single
06/09/1804 John ROWBOTTOM Single Thorpe Salvin Susanna PARKIN Single
14/11/1804 George FOX Single Eckington, Derbyshire Mary GREEN Single
26/11/1804 George GLEADLES Widower Sarah GOODLAD Widow Ravenfield
26/11/1804 Joseph BENNETT Single Elizabeth GEES Single
24/12/1804 George HICKLING Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Martha BATTERSBY Single
15/04/1805 Garvis PARKIN Single Sarah LAYCOCK Single
29/05/1805 William ROLLINSON Widower Mary EGLEY Widow
20/06/1805 George SMITH Single Sheffield Mary Markland CHAPPELL Single
13/08/1805 James AIREY Single Sarah WATSON Single
03/09/1805 John CHAMBERS Single Ann JORD Single
23/09/1805 William THORPE Single Wadworth Ann WATSON Single
23/09/1805 John CROSLEY Single Doncaster Ann CLAYTON Single
27/11/1805 George BEESTON Single Dinnington Mary JACKSON Single
02/01/1806 William BARLOW Widower Elizabeth LONGDEN Widow
24/02/1806 David CHAMPION Single Elizabeth LAW Single
27/11/1806 Jonathan ELEY Single Millecent BATTERSBY Single
01/12/1806 John BURTON Single Elizabeth SKELTON Single
25/12/1806 John HURST Sheffield Christiana WATSON Single
16/02/1807 John OSSOP Single Martha HIND Single
30/07/1807 Joseph WOODHEAD Single Mary ELGIE Single Dinnington
07/08/1807 Samuel BOOTH Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Ann GIRBY Single
24/12/1807 Thomas HASTINGS Single Elizabeth NORRIS Widow
26/12/1807 Joshua HEPWORTH Single Doncaster Sarah LISTER Single
31/12/1807 Robert TURNER Single Sarah GOODLAD Single
11/07/1808 John RICH Widower Elizabeth DARWENT Single
25/08/1808 John CLAYPHAN Single Elizabeth MONTY Single
08/09/1808 Robert LONGDEN Single Mary DRUERY Single
23/11/1808 John ROE Single Throapham Sarah WRAGG Single
24/11/1808 George HIBBERD Single Hannah HOLMES Single
12/12/1808 John LINDLY Single Mary MARPLES Single
17/12/1808 John BENNET Single Clowne, Derbyshire Ann STOREY Single
02/01/1809 James WYATT Single Doncaster Hannah RIDGE Single
19/06/1809 Thomas EDGE Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth FLETCHER Single
11/06/1810 John FIELD Single Treeton Rebecca TAYLOR Single
27/11/1810 Henry MIRFIN Single Mary WATSON Single
18/02/1811 William CHUMBLEY Single Jemima SMITH Single
08/07/1811 James FLETCHER Widower Sarah SPOONER Single
28/11/1811 Thomas KAY Single Sarah WRIGHT Single
19/12/1811 George ROGERS Single Ann WHARIN Single
20/01/1812 Joseph ANCLIFFF Single Sarah TURNER Single
16/09/1812 Thomas CULLABINE Widower Mary HOGG Widow
20/10/1812 Thomas CARTER Widower Elizabeth SCOUFIELD Single
28/11/1812 Nathaniel NAYLOR Single Emma HUGHS Single Harthill
28/11/1812 Thomas MEMMOTT Single Aston Cum Aughton Sarah WILDON Single
03/12/1812 Samuel JORD Single Millecent SMITH Single
1 18/01/1813 Joshua ALLISON Widower Thorpe Salvin Hannah GASKIN Widow
2 04/02/1813 Robert BURNETT Single Elizabeth PARKIN Single
3 01/03/1813 John NEWBERRY Single Ann TALCON Single
4 27/05/1813 John WOODHEAD Single Ann WHITEHEAD Single
5 23/09/1813 John BERREY Single Mary WHARING Single
6 13/12/1813 Gerard LOCKWOOD Single Ann HANNAH Single
7 04/08/1814 Joseph CROWTHER Single Sheffield Mary WHITEHEAD Single
8 24/10/1814 Benjamin BRAMMER Single Letitia CROFTS Single
9 13/03/1815 John CHAPPELL Single Sarah WATSON Single
10 15/05/1815 William MASDIN Single Carlton In Lindrick, Nottinghamshire Eleanor LISTER Single
11 15/05/1815 Samuel WALKER Single Elizabeth THORPE Single
12 29/06/1815 George JORD Single Ann COUSINS Single Harthill
13 10/06/1816 John CLARKSON Single Grace OATES Single
14 24/12/1816 Charles ANCLIFF Single Ollerton, Nottinghamshire Charlotte JACKSON Single
15 23/01/1817 Charles HIGHFIELD Single Elizabeth BELL Single
16 09/02/1817 William SORBY Single Elizabeth SLAGG Eckington, Derbyshire
17 22/02/1817 Robert WOODHEAD Single Mary BLAND
18 26/02/1817 Thomas HAGUE Single Sarah HILL Single
19 25/03/1817 John ROGERS Single Sarah ROGERS
20 19/05/1817 Andrew PROCTOR Single Sarah GARNER Single
21 27/11/1817 William FISHER Single Hester NORBURN Single
22 31/12/1817 James PARKIN Treeton Hannah ROGERS
23 16/02/1818 George WELLS Single Mary EGLY Single
24 05/03/1818 Samuel WIDDOWSON Single Mary CUTT Single
25 12/03/1818 William CLARK Single Ann BENNET Single
26 20/07/1818 William MALLENDER Single Frances HAGUE
27 28/07/1818 John CALLANDINE Single Sarah BALMFORTH Single Sheffield
28 03/08/1818 William SANDWICH Ann GUEST
29 03/08/1818 Septimus ANCLIFF Elizabeth STORY
30 31/08/1818 John ALLISON Throapham Sarah WALKER
31 07/12/1818 William PARAMORE Hannah BENNET
32 11/01/1819 William JOHNSON Mary GLEADLE Single
33 21/01/1819 George TAYLOR Mary JENKINSON Single
34 25/01/1819 William STAVELEY Jane BOWER Single
35 04/02/1819 Samuel WHITEHEAD Widower Phebe SMITH Single
36 06/09/1819 William PALETHORP Leah JACKSON Single
37 23/10/1819 John EDDISON Single Worksop, Nottinghamshire Matilda MARSH Single
38 28/12/1819 William HALL Ann MUNK Single
39 01/01/1820 Robert WHARIN Maria BATTERSBY Single
40 23/03/1820 William WOOD Single Sheffield Mary MIRFIN Single
41 10/06/1820 James COLTON Elizabeth STANNIFORTH
42 06/02/1821 Joseph MORTON Elizabeth INNOCENT Single
43 02/03/1821 George MAY Dinnington Sarah HAYWOOD Single
44 23/07/1821 Richard BROWN Margaret ALSOP Single
45 28/11/1821 William COOK Rebecca TWIG
46 28/01/1822 Lawrance HOLLINGWORTH Bolton Upon Dearne Ann JOHNSON Single
47 21/02/1822 William MALLINDER Widower Elizabeth LIDSTER Widow
48 25/02/1822 John WOOLHOUSE Widower Mary SPUR Single
49 17/06/1822 Charles BENNETT Mary WELLS
50 09/06/1823 James AWDASS Sheffield Elizabeth HOBSON Single
51 12/08/1823 John WHITEHEAD Sarah CLARKE Single
52 29/09/1823 William PRESLEY Mary STOREY Single
53 02/12/1823 William JACKSON Mary TURTON Single
54 26/12/1823 William ALSOP Hannah BARK Single
55 19/07/1824 John PASHLEY Sarah MORTON Single
56 16/11/1824 Samuel Carnelley HIRST Widower Elizabeth ROSE Single
57 25/11/1824 Charles YATES Sarah ALLOT Single
58 28/12/1824 Peter PENNINGTON Sarah BATTERSBY Single
59 13/01/1825 George WILKES Thorpe Salvin Frances LOCKWOOD Single
60 06/06/1825 Thomas WOODHEAD Ann PARKER
61 17/10/1825 Richard RAYNOR Sarah STATON Single
62 17/10/1825 John MAUGHAM Martha STOREY Single
63 06/02/1826 George HERING Widower Mary JONSON Widow
64 10/07/1826 John YOUNG Mary WOODHEAD Single
65 03/08/1826 Humphrey BOOTH Elizabeth WOODHEAD Single
66 25/12/1826 James FARHAM Mary SMITH Single
67 01/01/1827 William WARING Sarah THORP Single
68 15/01/1827 John HAWKE Maltby Mary LAYCOCK Single
70 24/06/1827 George GREEN Mary CADMAN Single
71 22/08/1827 Thomas BROWN Sarah PARKIN Single
72 08/10/1827 Thomas STOREY Ann FOX Single
73 15/10/1827 John FROGGATT Barlborough, Derbyshire Mary TRAVIS Single
74 04/11/1827 William GABBITESS Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Single
75 05/12/1827 John HURD Maria HABIGAM Single
76 09/12/1827 Matthew HAYES Warsop, Nottinghamshire Elizabeth PARKIN Single
77 17/12/1827 Joseph STORY Sarah ALSOP Single
78 31/12/1827 Thomas COUSINS Todwick Mary HIGHFIELD Single
79 28/01/1828 William WRIGHT Elizabeth WRIGHT Single
80 07/02/1828 Robert STEPHENSON Elizabeth HOLMES Single
81 11/03/1828 John JINKS Rebecca WAGSTAFF Single
82 24/03/1828 James MALLINDER Mary STARKEY Single
83 08/04/1828 John MARSDEN Haworth Elizabeth WELLS Single
84 12/06/1828 Charles WRIGHT Anne SYKES Single
85 01/09/1828 William GREAVES Maltby Anne JOHNSON
86 07/10/1828 Thomas DORN Amelia FORD Widow
87 24/11/1828 William CLARKSON Mary WARD
88 23/12/1828 William LAW Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Single
89 19/11/1829 William WHARIN Ann BARTON
90 18/01/1830 Christopher FORSTER Ann SPURR
91 22/01/1830 John JOHNSON Elizabeth ANTCLIFF
92 25/02/1830 Thomas BATTERSBY Anne MIRFIN Single
93 25/03/1830 John JACKSON Hannah MOODY Todwick
94 03/05/1830 William CROOK Jane FEATHERSTONE
95 29/11/1830 George LISTER Esther JOHNSON
96 28/12/1830 William NICHOLSON Sheffield Ann HURD
97 10/01/1831 George COOK Elizabeth TWIGG
98 31/01/1831 John KENYON Brodsworth Maria MARSDEN
99 07/05/1831 Henry CASE Liverpool, Lancashire Mary GASCOIGNE
100 26/11/1831 James EMSON Sarah BATTERSBY Single
101 12/12/1831 George SEWELL Charlotte SCAFE
102 22/05/1832 Gerard LOCKWOOD Mary TUESON Carlton In Lindrick, Nottinghamshire
103 18/06/1832 John ROSE Sarah GEE
104 23/07/1832 George ALLCROFT Mary DUKES
105 26/11/1832 John WALKER Martha SCAFE
106 04/12/1832 William VICKERS Mary TURNER Single
107 10/12/1832 George BINGHAM Sarah FLETCHER
108 28/01/1833 Samuel BELL Mary HESSEY
109 24/03/1833 Thomas ROWBOTTAM Rachael MOORE Single
110 15/07/1833 John HARKER Mary GRAUT
111 22/07/1833 Thomas WHITWORTH Ann ALSOP
112 24/09/1833 Henry BARTON Mary LISTER
113 16/12/1833 George EDGE Sarah SMITH
114 20/07/1834 William STOREY Hannah ALSOP
115 07/08/1834 Edward WYRILL Farlington Mary WOODHEAD Single
117 10/11/1834 George Edward RILOT Charlotte GUEST
118 16/12/1834 Samuel PEARSON Harthill Ann TAYLOR Single
119 25/12/1834 William ROWBOTTAM Ann CHAMPION
120 16/03/1835 Jeremiah CHAMBERS Sarah JOHNSON Widow Whitwell, Derbyshire
121 06/09/1835 Henry ROWBOTTAM Eliza CHAMPION
122 14/09/1835 Michael CLUSKY Mary ALSOP
123 21/09/1835 William WALKER Killamarsh, Derbyshire Harriot THORP
124 13/12/1835 William PAWSON Susanna REYNOLDS
125 21/12/1835 James THOMPSON Mary MALENDER Widow
126 25/12/1835 William HINKS Margaret GEE
127 31/12/1835 George FLOWER Charlotte MARSDEN
128 21/03/1836 John HAYES Sarah NORMAN Single
129 18/05/1836 Robert DAWS Barlborough, Derbyshire Sarah STOREY Single
130 21/07/1836 Thomas KIRKBY Harthill Mary JOHNSON Single
131 23/08/1836 Jeremiah WHITEHEAD Sarah PRESLEY Dinnington
132 07/09/1836 Joseph TURNER Rebecca SMITH
133 28/02/1837 James AIREY Mary TURNER Single
134 01/06/1837 Robert HUDSON Anne WOODHEAD

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