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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wales St John the Baptist


The Parish

Wales is a chapelry within the dispersed parish of Laughten en le Morthen in southern Yorkshire. The chapelry forms part of the border with neighbouring Derbyshire. Wales is about 10 miles southeast of the industrial city of Sheffield. The village sits astride the B6059 road which runs south of and parallel to the busy A57 road which links Sheffield to the Nottinghamshire town of Worksop. Wales is a compact village, much grown from industry from its humble origins, built largely along the B6059 and via minor roads to its north and south, the village sits just east of the M1 motorway from London to the northeast. Wales grew from a largely agricultural village through the development of coal mining, its population grew accordingly. Prior to mining the main employer was arable & pastoral agriculture with a mixture of both operating in the area. Wales is located on the western edge of a plateau, at about 110 metres above sea level, land falls away to the west into the valley of the River Rother, a river which is ultimately headed for the North Sea via the Humber Estuary. The chapelry covered a relatively small area of around 1,200 acres and supported around 350 parishioners, although much of this growth postdated this transcript period. In Domesday times Wales was held largely by one Roger of Bully and supported an impressive 40 ploughs as well as a small area of productive woodland.

The Church

St John the Baptist's church is located, not surprisingly, adjacent to Church Street (to its east) which runs southwards from the centre of the village and eventually becomes a lane and then a track. The church is a real curiosity as it is a mixture of two distinct periods, at its heart is Wales' ancient Norman church consisting of the usual design of nave, chancel and western tower. This original building would have served the small agricultural community very well but as Wales began to grow more space was required. In 1897 a whole complete additional nave and southern aisle was bolted on, somewhat incongruously, to the side of the original building making for the church as we see it today. The old church remains as a mere northern aisle to the present nave. The church is hidden away even from Church Street by trees and is accessed by a gravel driveway to the north of the sign which greets you. A local stone wall borders the street and the graveyard is extensive with almost a park-like feel with many mature trees, thankfully once through this screen there are suitable places for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th November 1754 - 26th December 1811 Sheffield Archives - Reference - PR40/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd February 1815 - 24th October 1835 Sheffield Archives - Reference - PR40/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Aston cum Aughton All Saints
Aston cum Aughton All Saints
Todwick St Peter & St Paul
Laughton en le Morthen All Saints
Anston St James
Beighton St Mary, Derbyshire
Anston St James
Killamarsh St Giles, Derbyshire
Harthill All Hallows
Harthill All Hallows

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/11/1754 Anthony BILLAM     Hannah JONES Single  
2 12/12/1754 Thomas SIMPSON   Treeton Elisabeth PARKIN Single  
3 28/04/1755 Matthew FOWLER     Sarah CLARK Single  
4 01/06/1756 John HEPWORTH     Elisabeth WHITE Single  
5 03/10/1756 John COOK   Treeton Anne CLARKE Single  
6 17/02/1757 John MURFIN     Anne HAIGH Single Anston
8 04/02/1760 Robert FOX     Mary WARD Single  
10 03/06/1760 Joseph WRIGHT   Beighton, Derbyshire Mary SUDDEBOY    
9 29/06/1760 Francis WALKER     Sarah SPENCER Single  
11 30/06/1760 Thomas JOHNSON   Sheffield Jane TURNER    
12 23/07/1760 William HEPWORTH     Elizabeth ROGERS    
13 01/01/1761 John WOODHEAD   Whitwell, Derbyshire Sarah BILLAM Single  
14 28/12/1761 George WARD     Gertrude JACKSON    
15 28/06/1762 Paul CROFTS     Frances SIKES    
16 01/11/1762 John HALL   Beighton, Derbyshire Hannah BILLAM    
17 06/02/1763 Peter BARWICK     Charlotte SMITH    
18 06/11/1763 Robert BARKER     Ann HARDY Single  
19 16/07/1764 George INGALL     Sarah BELK Single Harthill
20 27/12/1764 Jonathan DAKIN   Handsworth Mary FIRTH Single  
21 03/02/1765 John ALLISON   Whitwell, Derbyshire Mary WATSON    
22 12/02/1766 Henry INGALL     Mary MURFIN Single  
23 26/08/1766 John MORTON   Anston Mary WAINWRIGHT Single  
24 28/01/1767 Joseph GREEN     Mary KITCHEN Single  
25 26/10/1767 Thomas TOMLINSON   Treeton Ann PRIESTLEY Single  
26 25/12/1767 John MERRIL     Ann INGALL Single  
27 03/04/1768 William STORY     Mary DAWSON Single  
28 26/12/1769 John CLARKE     Hannah BELFIT    
29 01/10/1770 John DAWSON     Mary HEBBARD Single  
30 26/11/1770 Thomas WATSON     Jane HEWETT    
31 14/01/1771 Francis SMITH     Mary MURFIN Single  
32 19/04/1772 George KEYWORTH   Whiston Mary MAKIN Single  
33 11/05/1772 James WHITEHEAD     Hannah DENT Single  
34 11/05/1773 Samuel HORNSHAW     Jane JOHNSON Single  
35 16/08/1773 John SELLARS     Dorothy WHITFIELD Single  
36 14/10/1773 Richard MARRIOT   Worksop, Nottinghamshire Mary SHARMAN    
37 23/11/1773 Abraham ELSE   Treeton Sarah DARLING Single  
38 20/12/1773 Anthony ALLIN     Mary HOBSON Single  
39 23/05/1774 Joseph THOMPSON     Sarah REVENTON Single  
40 10/10/1774 John BARKER   Eckington, Derbyshire Sarah SHEPLEY Single  
41 01/11/1774 John NORMAN   Harthill Elizabeth MALINDER Single  
42 13/12/1774 William PLANT     Elizabeth PAWSON Single  
43 12/01/1775 Joseph MARSH     Mary MALLENDER Single  
09/06/1775 Samuel HAIGH   Killamarsh, Derbyshire Elenor BETTONY Single  
25/03/1776 John WILSON     Hannah ASHMORE Single  
09/09/1776 John WHITE     Catharine GREAVES Single  
18/11/1776 Thomas SMITH     Elizabeth DENT Single  
12/05/1777 George DENT     Mary SMITH    
18/05/1777 William JOHNSON     Ann HOBSON    
01/01/1778 William SWINDIN Single Sheffield Ann MIRFIN Single  
14/02/1778 Jonathan WILSON Single   Mary SHEPLEY Single  
07/03/1779 George STEVENSON   Derbyshire Mary CLARKE Single  
13/09/1779 John KING Single   Mary HOLIWELL Single  
23/03/1780 John HARRIS Single   Hannah HEATH Single  
02/07/1780 George WHITE     Mary CHAPMAN    
28/09/1780 Joseph HALL Single   Ann THOMPSON    
21/01/1781 Benjamin BRAMMALL   Killamarsh, Derbyshire Mary HUTCHINSON    
19/07/1781 Charles GASCOIGNE   City Of London Martha WHITAKER    
25/09/1781 William WHITFIELD     Hannah MOODY Single  
18/06/1782 Thomas LAYCOCK   Aston Cum Aughton Ann SMITH    
16/09/1783 John CLARKE     Ann SCHOLES    
22/11/1784 Joseph ROGERS   Worksop, Nottinghamshire Ann CHRYCHE    
27/12/1784 William EPWORTH     Mary PASHLEY Single  
08/02/1785 Christopher JACKSON     Hannah SIMPSON Single  
04/04/1785 Henry KAY   Aston Cum Aughton Elizabeth DAVY Single  
16/05/1785 George HOBSON   Todwick Elizabeth NORTON    
01/04/1788 William BELLAMY Single   Elizabeth INGAL Single  
25/11/1790 Hugh CHALLENER Single   Elizabeth WAINWRIGHT Single  
02/01/1791 John WINDLE   Treeton Ann TURNER Single  
20/02/1791 Abraham WAINWRIGHT Single   Elizabeth FARREN Single  
10/05/1791 John HURST     Gertrude WARD Single  
19/09/1791 Thomas BILLAM     Sarah BROADHEAD Single  
18/01/1792 William WILSON Single   Abigail BARKER Single  
19/04/1792 Christopher ATKIN Single   Rebeckah VARLEY Single  
30/06/1793 George SYKES Single Sheffield Elizabeth KITCHEN Single  
07/07/1793 William WHITFIELD Widower   Charlotte HODSKIN Single  
08/09/1794 John STENTON Single   Elizabeth PAWSON Single  
19/01/1795 Thomas ROSE Single   Abigail CARR Single  
30/11/1795 John BILLAM     Mary STEWARD    
01/03/1796 Henry SIMPSON Single   Elizabeth SIMPSON Single  
11/04/1796 Nicholas LISTER Single Sheffield Ann BILLAM Single  
16/05/1796 William FISHER Single   Sarah SPEIGHT Single  
12/08/1797 Ignatius HIDES Single Clowne, Derbyshire Elizabeth BARKER Single  
26/11/1797 Robert BARKER     Mary BEECH    
11/01/1798 John HURST Widower   Ann PAWSON Single  
05/02/1798 William STOREY Single   Mary RENSHAW Single  
28/11/1798 Robert BARKER Widower   Sarah NEWTON Single Treeton
27/06/1800 Thomas MARRIOTT Single Adwick Le Street Elizabeth GREEN Single  
31/08/1800 William STOREY Widower   Elizabeth GLADALL Single  
16/12/1800 Joseph DUCKENFIELD Single   Ann SAVAGE Single  
23/07/1801 Joseph THOMPSON Single Anston Elizabeth BAYLEY Single  
02/03/1802 Joseph BOOTH Single   Cordelia INGALL Single  
21/06/1802 George DENTON Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
24/11/1802 George STANIFORTH Single Todwick Mellicent NORTH Single  
29/11/1802 Richard WILLIS Widower Braithwell Hannah TURNER Single  
04/07/1803 Samuel PEGG   Northampton, Northamptonshire Esther DENT Single  
14/01/1804 John SHARMAN Single Clowne, Derbyshire Ann BARKER Single  
01/07/1804 Samuel STEPHENSON     Ann KITCHEN Single  
12/11/1804 Henry MIRFIN     Barbara SENNIONS Single  
09/06/1805 Thomas WALKER     Hannah BARLOW Single  
04/11/1805 William MIRFIN     Mary DENT Single  
18/08/1806 Joseph HILL   Whitewell, Lancashire Elizabeth SMITH Single  
28/09/1808 William BELK     Elizabeth THOMPSON Widow  
28/11/1808 William SHIRTCLIFF   Worksop, Nottinghamshire Ann HAYWOOD Single  
12/12/1808 William PAWSON     Hannah HALLADAY Single  
28/08/1809 Paul GOLDSBER     Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
26/12/1811 George WIDDESON Widower   Hannah PASHLEY Single  
1 23/02/1815 Jonathan MARSHALL     Ann WADKIN    
2 27/03/1815 Lubin PEAT     Elizabeth KITCHEN    
3 14/07/1816 Joseph USHOLER     Elizabeth GOULDSBER    
4 11/09/1817 John MIRFIN     Ann PRIESTLY    
5 03/11/1817 Joseph MERRIL     Hannah HITCHING    
6 20/12/1818 Joseph RODGERS     Frances GLOSSOP    
7 09/05/1819 George ELLIOT     Ann ELY   Treeton
8 26/05/1819 Thomas Aneas MAWE     Ellen FRECKLETON    
9 08/07/1819 William WAISTNIDGE   Aston Cum Aughton Mary BRADLEY    
10 03/08/1820 Joseph MIRFIN     Martha SHILLITO   Treeton
11 11/06/1821 George STENTON     Hannah CLAYTON    
12 24/08/1821 William BELK     Mary PLUMPTON   Treeton
13 29/12/1823 Robert RAWSON   Sheffield Ann BYWATER    
14 24/11/1824 Andrew WIDDOWSON   Harthill Elizabeth KITCHING    
15 18/09/1826 John MARTIN     Sarah SCOTT    
16 21/04/1828 William BENNETT Single Eckington, Derbyshire Mary WALKER Single  
17 28/09/1828 John WOODHEAD Single Anston Elizabeth BOOTH Single  
18 12/01/1829 William WHITAKER   Thrybergh Sarah Ann GASCOIGNE    
19 01/03/1829 Joseph SMITHSON     Hannah MERRIL    
20 16/11/1829 John STEVISON   Beighton, Derbyshire Ann KITCHEN    
21 12/10/1830 John FROGGATT     Anne SOUTHWELL    
22 01/12/1831 Francis PRESSLEY     Harriet MIRFIN Single  
23 26/08/1832 Samuel STEVENSON     Mary BRADLEY    
24 24/10/1835 George WRIGHT Single Anston Susanna WRIGHT Single  

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